The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on October 3, 1996 · Page 9
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 9

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 3, 1996
Page 9
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THE SALINA JOURNAL Almanac THURSDAY, OCTOBER 3, 1996 B3 JOYCE JILLSON Creators Syndicate ' Inc. HOROSCOPES • ARIES (March 21-April 19). Projects succeed when a former adversary intervenes. A convenient solution to a scheduling problem is right at your fingertips. Sacrifice for a lover and you will both gain. • TAURUS (April 20-May 20). Knowledge is power at meetings, especially when used in conjunction with your quick wit. Pace yourself in a new love relationship. Forgo immediate rewards for greater ones yet to come. • GEMINI (May 21-June 21). An adventurous A attitude attracts attention of a Cancer or Taurus love interest. ' Financial dealings require a second look and possibly professional advice. Luck comes through the written word. • CANCER (June 22-July 22). Confer with your lover regarding a decision to relocate. Rediscover your love for musical or athletic talent through video or film. A career move is best made quickly and with one hundred percent commitment. • LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Telling a co-worker your —4 innermost secrets will take the relationship In a brand new direction. Contracts are better than expected and should be entered into Immediately. Fellow Leo has a suggestion In the area of fashion. • TODAY'S BIRTHDAY (October 3). It's a year of advancement on the career front, though you may feel for a short while that you are going backward. Sometimes, it takes a small loss to get you moving on more lucrative roads. By the end of this month, you are remunerated for your talents. In November, you meet a love while appreciating art, music and other aesthetics. Exert your creativity in December and make a windfall. Best signs for love are Taurus and Aquarius. • VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Travel plans arise out of work-related project. A current love needs more time alone. A business proposal seems farfetched but, upon closer inspection, is quite solid. It's time to take domestic matters into your own hands. • LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). A second chance to regain your lover's affection comes via a friend's assistance. Money arrives in from a variety of sources. Choose creativity over security. Your instinct is correct about a neighbor's intentions. Let Leo be. • SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). Your emotional well-being is more important than business considerations. Reassure a love with words. Raises come .from work done outside of the office or at an alternate location. Try not to cross an elder. • SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). The key to success with a business investment Is keeping in close contact with partners. An alternative to your usual leisure activity is proposed by a mate or friend. Join a group or class -- there is luck in numbers. • CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). Ideas on policies or structure at work will be heard with an open mind. Use social contacts to create a dynamite business partnership. A setback with a relative's health Is only temporary. Work your talents. • AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). Frank discussion with your employer leads you to advancement. Trust a Scorpio or Libra with valuable personal information. A lover comes through for you when you thought it was over. Mystical people are drawn to you. • PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). Your position in a social circle is elevated with a little help from a beauty or fashion makeover. Your skills to persuade are incredible. A rare opportunity to visit an old flame opens itself up to you via the mail. HOROSCOPES • Call COMMUNITY line Category 7827 WEATHER Kansas today PEOPLE 63 45 LOW Today, sunny and mild.'High 63. Southeast wind 10 to 15 mph. Tonight, clear and not as cold. Low around 45. 7:10 p.m. . 7:29 a.m. Today's Sunset Tomorrow's Sunrise Extended forecast T • ^••wi:. ? 4mr.r, r±rfr *zs ti imsJtittti&E^t+'Wmt f^M^2S£Sms, ^\^l^m-m^S^ TS3SSBat Lajffi ^i?^k&!ss5?g Showers T-storms Rain Flurries Snow Ice Sunny Pt. Cloudy Cloud) • TODAY: Warmer. Partly cloudy West and sunny east. Highs mainly in the 60s. • TONIGHTS Partly cloudy west and mostly clear east. Lows in the 40s. • FRIDAY: Partly cloudy west and mostly sunny east. Highs in the 5 70s west and south and'60s, ; northeast. • SATURDAY: Dry, Lows in the 40$ to ; around 50. Highs in the 70s. • SUNDAY: Dry. Lows in the 50s except some 40s in the northwest. Highs mid-70s east to lower 80s west. U.S. today Salina yesterday TEMPERATURES V Yesterday Normal Record (Year High 63 77 97/1938,63 Low .53 ' 51 ' 33/1906 • High and low to 6 p.m 60s COLD WARM STATIONARY » "Si 0 1996 AccuWealher, Inc. Pressure H L E3 E3 I HIGH LOW SHOWERS RAIN T-STORMS FLURRIES SNOW ICE SUNNY PT. CLOUDY CLOUDY PRECIPITATION 24-hour to 6 p.m. October to date ,, . None Kansas yesterday : None* HI LO PREC -2,41 ' Belleville ,63 47 U.S. today •*"» «l«k&j» ' , , * • > *' OO OQ / 4 1 rtOume . , , . •fcj.w" Chanu t e •aqe year throuqh October 26.94 cohcbrdla raaevear ' •' - £8.95 D °d9 eC| ty, rage year r,o.w,» , Em|J » oria . DA ,' '' ' Garden City JLY WEATHER* Call COMMUNITY lina > • i:H-f:M'M Category 9494 KXNSAg ROAD CONDITION^ HOf LINE ',' - ' , n ' 1-800-585-7623 1 Provided bvf the Kansas Hfanwav Patrol 3oodland Hutohlnson .awrence Manhattan ' 'Ittsbura Salina FoDeka • ' Wichita 65 61 60 61. 65 60 56 . 63 62 63 .72 62 • 64 60 . 49 53 48 51 49 53 43 52 55 51 -55 53 51 54 Anchorage Atlanta Boston' Chicago Dallas-B Worth Denver Kansas City Las Vegas Los Angeles • New York City • Oklahoma City Omaha Orlando Phoenix San Francisco HI 44 72 58 56 73 64 58 91 82 60 66 59 . 88 96 70 LO 27 64 52 35 57 41 37 62 63 55' 47 32 73: 72 55 OTLK Cldy, Cldy Cir Clr Clr Cldy Clr. Clr Clr Cldy .Cldy Clr Rain Cldy Clr PACING Pacino starstruck by legend NEW YORK — Al Pacino was like a starstruck schoolgirl when he met Richard Burton backstage during a 1980s Broadway revival of "Camelot." Pacino said his idol asked him for his number and suggested they have dinner. "I loved his voice, his presence. ... He was charming," Pacino said. "I was so flustered, I gave him my autograph." It is King Richard, not King Arthur, that has Pacino's interest now. He produced, directed and starred, with Alec Baldwin and Winona Ryder in "Looking for Richard," a documentary about the craft of acting and Shakespeare's "Richard III." Richard III "is one of the greatest villains of all time," Pacino said in the latest Time Out New York magazine. "Violence was a way of life then, just as it is now." Weiland 'excited' after rehab LOS ANGELES — Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland says he is ready to hit the road after a summer in drug rehab. Weiland, 28, and band- mates Dean and Robert DeLeo and Eric Kretz plan a six-week U.S. tour beginning Nov. 4 in Los Angeles. "I feel like a young kid," Weiland said Monday in an interview on the Westwood One radio network. "I'm really excited." Weiland completed treatment about a month ago and moved into a halfway house in the city. He must meet a nightly curfew. The singer was ordered into the treatment center after his 1995 arrest on cocaine and heroin possession charges. The group was forced to cancel a summer tour while Weiland received treatment. "We did what we had to do and things are coming around," Weiland said. Torme starts rehabilitation LOS ANGELES — Mel Torme, recover-, ing from a stroke, is out of intensive care, a spokesman for the singer said Wednesday. The 71-year-old Torme, called the Velvet Fog for his smooth voice, suffered a stroke Aug. 8 that caused slurred speech and weakness on his left side. He developed pneumonia and had a partially collapsed lung. Eight days into rehabilitation, he developed a gastrointestinal illness and was admitted to intensive care Sept. 18 at a Los Angeles hospital, said Rob Wilcox, the" singer's publicist. Now he's out, back at work on rehabilitation. "Mr. Torme's sensory and mind conditions are 100 percent," Wilcox said. From Wire Service Reports WEILAND MOVIES * Bad ** Fair *** Good **** Excellent * Prlmetlme & Seniors $3.50 OtherTlmes $5.50 INDEPENDENCE DAY PG13 ('5:00)-7:35 Central • 2 hours 20 min. FIRST KID PG ** (*5:15)-7:20 Central • 1 hour 41 mln. FLY AWAY HOME PG (•5:05)-7:25 Central • 1 hour 47 min. FIRST WIVES CLUB PG ** (•5:10)-7:30 Central • 1 hour 43 min. TIN CUP R *** (•5:00)-7:30 Mid-State • 2 hours 10 mln. LAST MAN STANDING R * (•5:05)-7:25 Mid-State • 1 hour 42 min. EXTREME MEASURES R *** (•5:00)-7:30 Sunset • 1 hour 57 min. ALASKA PG *** (•5:05)-7:25 Sunset • 1 hour 50 min. V ADVICE Parents should simply close door on slobby kids Dear Ann Landers: A while back, you printed a letter from a mother whp said she was tired of'yelling at her kids to pick up after themselves and was at her wits' end. Please run it again. My wife needs help. — A Tired Dad in Indiana Dear Dad: Here's the letter. I hope it serves the purpose. ANN LANDERS Creators Syndicate Inc. Dear Ann Landers: I am a single parent who works full time. I have two bright and talented daughters, ages 14 and 12. ^ The bedroom they share looks like a cyclone hit it. I am tired of yelling at them to straighten up the room. Their clothes are on the floor, on doorknobs, over the backs of chairs — everywhere. The beds are never made. Papers that are two weeks old are strewn all over, along with soft-drink cans, orange peels, you name it. The girls look so neat and nice when they go out, no one would suspect that their room is a pig sty. I've announced that I will not buy them another piece of clothing until they learn how to take care of the things that they have. I also have threatened to stop their allowance. They couldn't care less. One day, I decided to quit fussing and see how long it took for them to get tired of the mess. It didn't work. Their clothes literally covered every inch of the floor. You couldn't tell what color the carpet was. It didn't bother them in the least. They just walked over everything and went on with their routine. Please tell me what I can do before I go crazy. — Wigged Out in Colo. Spgs. Dear Wigged Out: You can't do a thing about the slobs, but you CAN do something about yourself. TV TONIGHT Shut the door of the pig sty and vow never to go in there until they leave for college, marriage or a career, whichever comes first. Tell them where the sheets and pillowcases are, and inform them that they can get fresh ones if and when they want to. The same goes for the towels. My plan may not get them to clean up their room, but it will reduce your blood pressure and promote peace, which is more important than an orderly room. Dear Ann Landers: This is in response to Judge Huntington, who did not approve of your comments about our messed-up judicial system. Please don't back down. You are right. I left an abusive husband and took our three children. Judges, lawyers and psychologists all said the kids had to visit their father even though it was made clear in the depositions that he had molested them. Because I didn't force the children to visit their father, I was found in contempt of court. When my teen-age son molested my daughter, I humbled myself and asked his father for financial help so the boy could get counseling. His father ignored me. I forgave my son twice, but the third time, I reported him. Social Services is now moving to find me an unfit mother because I "don't understand my son's problems." It is important to point out something about these so-called standard bearers of our culture. Numerous degrees with letters after a name is no substitute for decency or common sense. Thank you, Ann, for your advocacy and sanity. — Virginia Mom Dear Va. Mom: Your letter was one of many applauding my comments on nutty judges. They did my heart good. I hope you have a good lawyer and that all your children are receiving counseling. Thanks to all who wrote. Best bets • 3:07 and 7:11 p.m. — "Major League Baseball Playoffs," National League playoff on ESPN, Salina cable channel 38 — San Diego at Atlanta (3:07 p.m.), and NL playoff on Fox, Salina cable channels 4 & 7, Atlanta at Los Angeles (7:11 p.m.) • 8 and 9 p.m. — "Mystery!,"PBS, Salina cable channels 2 (8 p.m.) & 8 (9 p.m.). Season premiere. The series opehs its 17th season with "Oliver's Travels,' the quest by a laid-off university professor to meet a famous crossword puzzle compiler whom Oliver discovers has disappeared. Part 1 of 4. • 8 p.m. — "Movie Magic," Discovery, Salina cable channel 52. Season premiere. How computer graphics, pyrotechnics and large models simulated citywide destruction in the film "Independence Day." • 0 p.m. — "ER," NBC, Salina cable channels 3 & 13. Carter's hypochondriac neighbor keeps him up all night, making him late for work; Dr. Greene and Dr. Lewis compare blind date horror stories. e House 7319 Friends 3195 O Diagnosis Murder 36715 We the People 52715 Q Major League Baseball Playoffs Divisional Round Game 2 - Teams to Ba Announced. 874406 o Wild Am. 8116 Nature 9947 High Incident 81845 High Incident 81241 Diagnosis Murder 63609 m m m m 7:00 7:30 Sunflower Single Guy 96 8:00 8:30 9:00 Mystery! 86609 Seinfeld 9593 [Suddenly 8628|ER 7609 9:30 Young 60845 Arts 53067 Major League Baseball Playoffs Divisional Round Game 2 •• Teams to Be Announced. 802154 Moloney 12135 148 Hours 32999 Parks & Rec. Baton & Dance Recital 39777 IComunlty Friends [Single Guy Nature 23203 [Mystery! 30785~ 10:00 News 7673512 Simpsons News 7841086 Late Show 10:30 Previews Tonight Show Extra 97067 Poetry-Trusser51086 News 11661 Patrol 37609 Business RpL Movie *** "Under Siege" (1992) Steven Seagal. 54339 News 7761574 Movie *** "Under Siege" (1992) Steven Seagal. 78777 News 6226845 Moloney 92357 Seinfeld Sudden-Susan ER 776425 48 Hours 72593 Movie "Cincinnati Kid" Cont'd Movie "The King of Marvin Gardens" (1972) 278S777 Roseanne News 6244241 News 8596067 Nlghtline Late Show Tonight Show "Apprenticeship" 36238680 Movie Cont'd Movie "Susie 0" (1996) 2192965 Blondle I Avonlea 524785 Michael Bolton Movie "Criminal Hearts" (1995) 955338 Movie *** "Angus" (1995)9522970 Movie * * "Just Cause" (1995) 8274425 Movie "Don Juan DeMarco" (CC) 66510609 Movie "Mallrats" 6994864 Movie "Hiding Out" Cont'd [Movie "Silent Trigger" (1996) (CC) 466796 Ghost-Dark. Movie **» "Renaissance Man" (1994) (CC) 6959661 Bedtime News 227609 llnslde Politics Picket Fences 2772203 Our House 9352574 Highway to Heaven 393241 Larry King Live 314609 World Today 394845, Miami Vice 2781951 Color 7723203 Color 7527406 Feast 2980999 Nature Conn. Rescue 911379661 'A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court" (1949) 729777 Inside the NFL (CC) 124048 Sherman Oaks Latino-Festival Full Frontal Nature of Things 9381086 700 Club 399425 "Poison Ivy II: Lily" 88333048 Sports 484067 Moneyllne Picket Fences 2771574 Crisis Points 9351845 Three Stooges 392512 Movie "The Uninvited" (1944) 4146241 81627898 Life of Minnie Pearl 113425 Movie ** "The Experts" (1989) John Travolta. 2042135 m Phis Week In NASCAR 8369991 Cycle World (R) 612319 College Football Mississippi vs. Tennessee. From Memphis, Tenn. (Live) (CC) 226135 flotoworld{Showdown In Miami: Stanley Cup Finals Gm. 4 -• Avalanche at Panthers 5390390 Uovie * * * "The Outlaw Josey Wales" (1976) Clint Eastwood, Chief Dan George. 41162 Movie * * * "Harry and the Hendersons" (1987) John lithgow. 895086 |Hovle "batteries not Included" 440519S Movie * * * "Smokey and the Bandit" (1977) 4732628 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 Prime Time Country 199845 News 482067 time Time 552067 9:00 9:30 Dance 627203 Yol 397067 Dream On I Dr. Kate Pro. Motorsports Hour (R) 825883 10:00 10:30 Dallas 112 Singled Out Politically Inc. Ren & Stimpy Dally 3020574 Triathlon: Int'l Union 828970 Sportscenter(CC) 115390 NHL 9934970 ; Stalking* 32262 Movie * * "Smokey and the Bandit II" .egends fro Be Announced 8870154 Movie "Death Wish 4: The Crackdown" (1987) 708777 Unsolved Mysteries 306715 Politics |EqualTlme Rivera Live 8469319 Our Century 8795715 Wild Discovery 754203 Medical Detect Trauma-ER Happy Days Happy Days Biography 789399 7297999 Press Box Press Box Press Box I Press Box News 8272 Movie "The Conviction of Kitty Dodds" (1993)386951 Trial Story 8771135 Movie 220661 [Next Step Secrets-Pyromd 117241 Lucy 228203 I Munsters Ancient Mysteries 765319 UnReal351883 Maria 49319 Canaveral de Paslones 137406 Inside Frasler(R) 796375 Jonny Quest iFllntstones Gossip 823390 News 842 Bugs 1768628 Tom and Jerry Charles Grodin 8472883 Wlseguy 837628 Living 687393 (Mysteries America After Hours 6475970 Court TV Prime Time Justice Time Traveler 783715 Next Step CaseoftheUFOs(R)1 Medical Detect Mary Rhoda562 Mysteries of the Bible 778883 Law «, Order 771970 Comlcvlew 454319 Blenvenldos 49883 Talk Soup Speed Racer Night Stand Super Friends Taxi 848241 Instant Justice Beyond 2000 TraumKR Odd Couple Talk 263154 Thea 249574 Noticlero Unl. Stern 803796 Rocky-Bullwln P.lmpacto Stem 889116 Cartoon Ptar* I PBS, Bunker Hill I NBC, Wichita I Fox, WIchita-Sallna | CBS, Topeka I Access 6, Salina I Fox, Kansas City PBS, Wichita O ABC, Kansas City ED ABC, Wichita ID Prevue O CBS, Wichita ID NBC, Kansas City |Q Encore IB Disney I Weather Channel I Clnemax I Start I Education Access j Government ACCOM I HBO j Showtime CNN Headline News C-Span Honw Shopping Network QVC f/X Ody»eey Family Channel American Movie Classics Nashville Network Country Music TV MTV B3VH1 Q Comedy Central EB Prime Sport* Network BD WON, Chicago 69 ESPN EB Cabl* Health Club QB ESPN2 EB Lifetime ED USA Network EB C-Span 2 Q| TNT m CNBC EB WTBS, Atlanta ED Court TV EB Prime Sports Showcase 69 MSNBC TVI _ Discovery O The Learryna Channel Mind Extension Nickelodeon Arts & Entertainment BET BD Unlvlelon BBKTOSalina Marketplace 01 El Cartoon Network Food Channel Newsport .0 Request

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