The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on January 19, 1963 · Page 8
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 8

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 19, 1963
Page 8
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THE OTTAWA HERALD Saturday, January 19, 1963 First Come Darin, Dee; Then Heston And Loren TWO IN LOVE — Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin star as young lovers in "If A Man Answers", showing Sunday through Wednesday, Jan. 20-23, at Ottawa's Plaza Theater. Romance - comedy the first >art of the week and historical drama the latter part, with top stars in both, will provide enter- ainment for movie fans of all ages at Ottawa's Plaza Theater next week. The young people's favorites, Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin, lead the cast in "If A Man Answers," opening Sunday, Jan. 20. 'El Cid," which opens Thursday, Jan. 24, stars Charlton Hes:on and Sophia Loren. Both movies are in color. "If A Man Answers" is adapted from Winifred Wolfe's best- selling novel about the daughter of a French mother and Bostonian father whose life is filled with problems of love. First she lias to trap the man she wants :o marry, then figure out how to keep his interest. Sandra is the daughter, Bobby Darin her beloved, Micheline Presle, French actress, the mother and John Lund the said father. "El Cid" is set in llth century Spain with Heston playing Rodrigo Diaz de Bivar, the warrior- hero better known as El Cid. Sophia is the fiery and proud Castilian nobelwoman who first loved, then hated, then loved again the warrior. A triple-bill treat for auto racing fans ends tonight (Saturday) at the Plaza. Included are "Drive A Crooked Road," with Mickey Rooney, "Born to Speed" and 'Devil on Wheels." FIGHT FOR CITY - Charlton Heston (left), in title role in "El Cid" battles Christopher Rhodes for possession of city in historical drama opening Thursday, Jan. 24, at Ottawa's Plaza Theater. Sa turda y-Sunda y TV Highlights Saturday Evening This evening on the "Gun- smoke" show, Marshal Matt Dillon gets something of a surprise. This old fellow named Cotter dies, ya' see, and he leaves an envelope for Marshal Dillon to deliver to his daughter — Cotter's daughter, that is. Her name is Clarey Cotter. Well, Marshal Dillon finds Clarey and he finds that Clarey is — well, Clarey is "different" ya' might say. Channels 5 and 13 at 9 p.m. Earlier, the Jackie Gleason show will be a re-run, at 6:30 on Channels 5 and 13. On the "Mr. Smith" show, Buster Keaton will appear as a guy who found a way to produce thousands of mink a week. He does it by feeding them Abigail's Mid- dlin's stew. It causes quite a stir in Washington, Channel 9, 7:30 p.m. Sunday Evening The Ed Sullivan Show has a likely sound for good entertainment this evening at 7 on Channels 5 and 13. Guests will be the McGuire Sisters, who do a right fair job of singing; Ben Blue, who does a right fair job of being funny; Georgia Brown, co-star of the Broadway musical "Oliver!"; Sergio Franchi, Italian tenor; some acrobats; and a French instrumental group. At 8:30 on Channel 9 Edie Adams' third special of the season may be seen. Her program this evening will have a Latin- American flavor. At 9 on Channel 4, Dinah Shore will present a special which will feature the piano. On the show will be Liberace, Ray Charles, Peter Nero and Big Tiny Little (remember him ' on the Welk Show?) Plan Addition At Muehlebach KANSAS CITY (AP)-A $4 million convention center will be added to the Muehlebach Hotel, which has about 800 guest rooms. Alfred R. Goldstein of New York, president of the hotel firm, said work will start about April 1 on a six-story structure that will include a ballroom seating 1,400 persons for dinner and about 1,800 for meetings. Trie addition will be on the site of the old Orpheum Theater south of the hotel. I AUTO PARTS, INC. NOBLEWOMAN - Sophia Loren plays Spanish nobelwoman who loves, hates and loves "El Cid" in historical drama. Kansas Feeds More Cattle TOPEKA (AP)-A record 392, 000 head of cattle were on feet for slaughter market in Kansas Jan. 1, 1963, the Federal-State Crop and Livestock Reportin; Service reported. This was 13 per cent above the previous high of 347,000 on feec a year earlier. This year's total includes 242, 000 being fed in farm feedlot and 150,000 in commercial feed lots. £hanue) 4, NBC Saturday 1:00 4—Movie, To Be Announced 1:18 13—Industry OB Farad* 1:30 9-13—Challenge Golf 2:30 4—Sports International 5-13—Blng Crosby Oolf 9—Wide World of Sports 13—Pro Bowlers 3:30 5—Sports Spectacular 13—Film Feature 4:00 4—Bowling 9—Phil Silvers 13—Industry on Parade 4:15 13—Kansas Afield 4:30 4—King of Diamonds 9—Aquanauts 13—Amateur Hour 5:00 4—MCKccver and the Colonel 5—Password 13—Serenaders 8:30 4—Two Faces West 5—Bowling 9—Checkmate 13—Your Question Please 5:45 13—News 6:00 4-5—News, Weather, Sports 13—Sportsman Friend 6:25 5—Speak Dp 4—Comment 6:30 4—Sam Benedict 9—Gallant Men 5-13—Jackie Gleason 7:30 5-13—Defenders 4—Joey Bishop 9—Mr. Smith 8:00 4—Movie, "Woman's World" 9—Lawrence Welk 8:30 5-13—Have Gun, Will Travel 9:00 5-13—Gunsm oke 9—Boxing, Rodrlquez-Giambria 9:45 9—Make that Spare 10:00 5—News, Weather 9—Movie, "The Giant Behemoth" 13—News. Weather, Sports 10:13 4—Movie, "Sweet Smell of Sucess' 5—Movie, "Right Cross' 1 10:30 13—Naked City 11:30 9—TV Hour of Stars 13—Movie, "Panama Flo' 1 13:00 4—Wrestling 13:25 5—Movie, "Panama Hattle 1 ' 12:30 9—Almanac Newsreel 13:35 9—Faith of Our Times. • Television Programs Channel 5-13, CBS Channel 9, ABO Sunday 7:50 9—Call to Worship 7:55 0—Almanac Newsroel «:OV 5—Christophers 9—Gosepl Favorite* 13—Oral Roberts 1:31) 4- Sacred Heart 5—Light Time 13—Gospel Pavofltei 1:45 4—Chrostophers 5—Ask a Priest • :00 4- Industrj on Parade fi—Lamp Unto My Feet 9—Silent Service 4—Americans al Work 9:30 4—Faith For Today 5.13—Look Dp and Live B—Alakazan 10:00 4—To Be Announced 5-13—Camera Three »—My Friend Fllcka I0.-:ifl 4—Bible Answers 5—Inquiry 9— Wonderama 13—This Is The Life 11:00 4—This Is the Life 5—Profile 13—Big Picture, Army 11:30 4—Film Feature 5-13—Washington Report 9—Movie, "Pride of the Marines" 12:00 Noon 4—All-Star Golf 5—Championship Bridge 13—Challenge Golf 12::iO 5—Lone Ranger 1:00 4--Unannounced' movie 6—Movie, ''Right Cross' »—Open End 13—Championship bridge 1:30 13—Sports Spectacular S::tO 4—Wild Kingdom 3:00 4—Everglades 5-13—Disarmament Interview 9—Yours for the Asking 3:30 4—Insight B—Alumni fun 4:00 4 —Sports Cavalcade B—Sing Crosby Ooll •—Major Adams 13—Biography, Gandhi <:BO 13—Bin§ Crosby Golf *:00 4—Meet the Press 9—Wyatt Earp 5:30 4—Men Into' Space 5--News, Weather B—Rlverboat 13—Password 5:45 S— Hot Stove League «:00 4—News, weather, sports 5-13—Lassie 6:26 4—Comment 1:30 4—Walt Disney 5-13—Dennis The Menace B—Jetsons (Cartoons) 1:00 5-IS Ed Sullivan B—Movie, "Cast A Long Shadow" 7:30 4—Car 54 «:00 4-13—Bonanza 5—Real McCoys 8:30 5—O. E. True 9—Here's Edie 9:00 4—Dinah Shore 5-13—Candid Camera 9—Voice of Firestone »:30 5-13—What's My Line 9—Movie, "King Richard and the Crusaders" 10:00 4-5-13—News 10,15 4—Movie, "The Steel Trap" 5—Third Man 13—News, Weather ::<U 13—All Star Wrestling 10:45 5—Movie, "Task Force" 11 :SO 9—TV Hour of Stars 13—Movie, "The Big Gamble" 12:30 B—News 12:40 9—Almanac Newsr°el 13:45 9—Faith for Our Times Monday 5:55 4— Daily Word 6:00 4 — Continental Classroom, Physics 13 — Continental Classroom, Government 6:35 5 — Light Time 6:80 4 — Operation Alphabet 13— College of the Air 6:40 5— Ask A Priest Air B — Farm Fact* 7:00 4 — Today 5— College of the 13— Rush Hour 7:30 5— Moment ol Meditation 7:35 5 — Cartoonland 7:45 5 — King and Odie 7:50 9— Call to Worship 7:55 9 — News 8:00 5-13 — Captain Kangeroo 9 — Columbia Lectures 8:30 9 — Deputy and Felix 9:00 * — Say When 5 — Jack La Lanne 9 — Romper Room 13 — Calendar »:25 4— News 9:30 4— Play Vour Hunc» 5-13 — I Love Lucy 9 — Divorce Court 10:00 4— Price Is Right 5-13 — McCoys III :30 4 — Concentration 5.13— Pete and Gladys 9— Day In Court 10:55 9— News 11:00 4 — First Impression 5-13— love of Life 9 — Jane Wyman 1] :25 5-13— News 11:30 4 — Truth or Consequences 9 Yours For a Song 5-13 — Search For Tomorrow 11:45 5-13— Guiding Light 11 :55 4— News 13:00 Noon 4 — Cartoons 6-13— News, Weather 9 — Ernie Ford 12:10 5 — Speak Dp 13:15 5 — Sports 13— Farm Report 12:20 4— Local News, Market 5 — Local Interview 12:. 10 4 — Accent B — Father Knows Best 5-13 — As The World Turns 1:00 4— Merv Griffin DON'T LET COLD WEATHER STALL YOUR CAR LIKE THIS: • Dead Battery • Poor Cable • Faulty Ignition Connection M T' S*L. * Frozen Gas Line No Tire Chains • No Anti-Freeze See Johnson and Golden For Quality Auto Parts STAY ALIVE!! Have that faulty exhaust System Fixed. 124 W. 2nd CH 2-5420 Butler's 6-13—Password §—Movie, "Escape Me Never* 1I3« 6-13—Rout* Party 1:56 4—New* 1:00 4—Loretta Young 5-13—To Tell The Truth 2:29 5-13—News B—News 1:30 4—Best of Groucho •—Seven Key* 6-13—Millionaire $:oo 4—Match Game B—Queen For a Day 5-13—Secret Storm 3:25 4—News 3:30 4—Make Room For Daddy 9—Who Do You Trust 5-13—Edge of Night 4:00 4 —Fun time 5—Cousin Ken's Karnlval 8—Torey and Friends 13—News. Weather 1:15 13—Turban's Land at Magie 4:30 9—Mickey Mouse Club »:00 4—Sea Hunt B—Huckleberry Hound 13—Yogi Bear 5:15 5—Whlrlyblrds 8:30 4—Dragnet 9—Rebel 13—Camera Corner 5:45 5—News 13—sporu — De» Nelson 5:65 13—Weather «:00 4-5-9-13—NeWi 6:10 4—Sports — Merle Harmoi 5-9—Weather B.-16 4—Huntley-Brlnkley Newt 4—News 8—News 5—Sports 13—Walter Cron kite 6.35 5—Speak-Up 6:30 4—It's A Man's World 5-13—To Tell The Truth 9—Dakotas 7:00 5-13—I've Got A Secret 7:30 4—Saints and Sinners 5-13—Lucille Ball B—Rifleman 8:00 9—Stoney Burke 5-13—Danny Thomas 8:30 4—Biography — Spain's Franco 5-13—Andy Griffith 9:00 4—Brlnkley's Journal 5—Loretta Young 9-13—Ben Casey 9:30 4—Chet Huntley 5 Spor'Mnar's Friend 10:00 4-5—News 9-13—News 10:10 4—Weather 5—Weather 9—Weather 10:15 4—Johnny Carson 5—Movie, "Arkansas Traveler" 9—Steve Mien 13—Weather 10:20 13—Sports 10:30 13—Lifeline 10:35 13—Untouchables liM 13—Ptttr Ouan 11:45 B—Mao From Chocls* U:M *:OS 4—Movie, ''Female Junge" 1:10 5—Speak Up 1:15 5—Movie, "Act of Violence" •—New« *:30 9—Almanac Newsreel •—Faith of our Times 1:30 4—Dally Word WITHOUT LESSONS! OVERTURE CONSOLE CHORD ORGAN You'll be thrilled with the tone, looks and versatility 'of Apollo Overture (Model 772). • 41 FULL SIZE PIANO KEYS • 72 CHORDS • ELECTRIC VIBRATO • THREE VOICES • FOOT PEDAL VOLUME CONTROL • IN MAHOGANY, WALNUT FINISHES pay only $25.00 down Your Mi/s/'c Man . . . of Ottawa RoUer Rink Public Sessions Wed. and Fri. 7:30 to 10:00 Sat. nights 8:00 to 11:00 Private Parties CH 2-9704 Mon., Tues. and Thurs. Sun. Matinee: 1:00 to 3:00 Children 12 and under KEEN TV SERVICE 114 & Main CH CH 2-4700 £ HURRY! ENDS TONIGHT ™ Box Office Opens 7:00 p.m. No. 1 — Shown 7:30 Only DRIVE A CROOKED ROAD Itlfrtm A COLUMBIA PICTURE IcrtM PUT to MAKE EOWMDS . ftoActd to JONIE TAPS • Direct* to RICHMD MINI No. 2 — Shown 9:00 Only BORN TO SPEED TWO BIG BLAZING HITS- ROAR ACROSS THE SCREEN! AGIMMTARPmmtatiM DEVILoN WHEELS! No. 3 — Shown 10:15 Only Starts TOMORROW BOX OFFICE OPENS 1:30 P.M. Shown 2:15 — 4:30 — 6:45 — 9:00 ANSWERS A Univeisal-lnternjlional Picture in [uimtn ENJOY "50 YARD LINE" THRILLS FROM THE GRIDIRON CLASSICS OF THE YEAR! A UNIVERSAL-INTERNATIONAL RELEASE ATIHEEUPOFA Now, from the world's largest tractor-maker, comes the world's simplest, most practical shift on-the-go . . . Multi-Power transmission! Lets you gear down or speed up—right on-the-go—as easy as you switch on a light. And does it smoothly, effortlessly, without any clashing jolt. With 12 forward speeds to choose from—all different, and all in direct gear drive— every task becomes easier, fuel costs drop and you feel more refreshed at the end of the day! Come in and see Multi-Power demonstrated. See for yourself the outstanding advantages it gives you on the MF 35 and MF 50— diesel and gas—and the MF 65 gasoline model. Or on the new MF 65 Dieselmatic . . . the first fully automated tractor, with the new M-F Direct Injection Diesel engine. Come in or call today! YOUR MASSEY-FERGUSON DEALER Ottawa Farm Imp. Co., Ine, South Hi way 59 — Where Farming Begins

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