Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 28, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 28, 1907
Page 2
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M M ltiM<rtoM AUnCnitj EtUbfitiieil 186^. ^ li AtliiGt. MBLVIN FRONK, AMt Ojllhltr. $1,200,000 GOMiip of Sodety 1 !^. .-.or«, WIlHim Cniiuain will bo home I ^ ^* I fi-oii} E/mppilft (his (n-cning after a °,l^lPP0y wUt* dflSSi A large and beautiful assortment just received. Will be glad to show you. Sewall, 1h« Jeweler 104 North Washington. extended visit. + <- <• L < UiSB BesH Huiulltoii iind MI HK (>oae- Taj-lbr were Riiests of CUanule trlenda Wedueeday evening and ai- ttBded a club dauce. ;' + + + . Mra J. ;K. Turner is entertaining | I bftf many frlendK loU.iy at ilie nil'-j Itbery parlors on West Madison. Tliere ( >S afe a large, number of Imported na'-; —i n ... - • — ,5| ter? hftta on display.^ io.u.ti... Tlaie will be a meeting each *•• * * wook and a program on each occasion. Dwigfat B. Mer'arfy itn <l Miss Ks-i "i hr meniber.s of the club arc: Misses S lell» Blxler of lola. spent Sunday in |.-|,„.c„re Jtoot Katherlne Dennis. .Nina I t0wn, the guosiK of Mr. and Mrs. Kborj p,j,n,,.. Mav Hrluham. Kvclyn How- f-Ii-Odell.—Ne6sho Kall« Post. i l„„j (;rMCo Hall. Virginia Doggett and i • * '.Miible Ileatt.v. r rMr. and Mrs. T. M. Slack of lola; <« * + ^•^fere entertained ai tea last Friday j- Hetwecn fiftv and sixlv ladies, niem- ;|e,TenlBgby Mr. and'Mis. D. Kent.—Ne-ii„.,.8 ut tbc \V. C. T. f. and ihclr •;r Mho Falls Post. ' I fiicnds were charmingly entertained Miss Ola Patterson entertained a tfw friend* last Evening at her home with aff InTbiHiial "at home" yesterday HI (he home of .Mrs. Abner Wood, 201 •Nurth Sycamore streol. The occasion li ^Llf 'm^'"*'' ^y•.v^ one of the happiest the union has -£fl ' ^'ij!" ^F^""' '"I over enjoyed and a brief program l ^^f.t ,li ^.r''''"V,''"?-iix ^f!^ to the .pleasure of the day The ^0tg the summerLa-ftftrpe. Whist „.,„p, ^^.^^ presented by Mrs. Willis «lid those as her subject "The I'ress." .Mrs. Willis (old of the first American newspapers and the iniluencc of the ni'Klern press both beneficial and det- rson. .Messrs. wenaeii ,;„,,, „p, „,.sument8 concerning B Ireeman. Dr. Trow- , newspapers as reading mat- 'att .M < olTey , ,„^. ^^,1 „e„^ratlon were es- was played, at three tables and refresh i'; ments were serv*!: VTMse present ;^wete: Mlsaes .Mabel Uavls.-Lois Wils son, Gertrude .Majtin. Addyo (Jault --and Ota Patterson. .Messrs. Wendell 'SMjilUps. Claude s bridge, Alton Pat.tprson Und Mr. and Mt^.herb(|rt Martin. ,,,.pi:,i|y forceful. Miss Margaret , - j" . , • I'ransle sang a solo and after a short V Miss Lora Cooper has letuined from „i,..i,„.„„ the members were serv- K two weeks visit with rehMivcs in elaborate luncheon In I Parsons. i A group of girls w^io -;tn music, literature 'and rjnct at the homo of .Miss S last evening and orKauized I which : <<!<ir.scs. During the afternoon there wci -i- four new members received. .Mrs. re Iuteresie.1 jjason. .Mrs. Wm. lloulen, Mrs. I'ree- «:omjK>sitionH ,„.,„ j,„j Ke.iUh, and the hostess, [May Mrlsliain ^ \V(jod, was assisted by Mrs. Bu- evetJinK and orKauized a .'Mb ,,.,„^ \„.„ ^^„p„ j„.„ Ueigele and wm^koown OS the l.ur:dlcp ,.;,,„., ^ood in entertaining. Buskirk. Alice .McCali. Velma Sleeper, ElM lillduer and Alfa Duncan. » • •» >)iisk Carrie Priboth gave an etabor ate Illustration of the newest fall mod els In headgear at her hilllinery par lors yesterday. The hats were ar ranged on prettily decorated tables each table containing liats of one color. Tile wi.idows were draped In white and green velvet Interspersed with growing plants. The displa.v casi 's were draped with velvets In the n< XV purities, brown and greens, witii I handsome foliage and plumes in elTec- I tivo groupings. The colors shown range from the ten shades of leather used for street or tailored wear to the pastel shades for evening wear. There were numerous friends of Miss Pri both and her assistants present nrei'.ter part of the afternoon and ev eniiig. + • * Mrs. .1. K. Turner besan the season of fall and winter millinery sales ye.-iierday by an Informal opening of the establlshinent to her many ens- loiuers. The display windows wen decorated in feriis. foliage and bow.- of Dresden ribbon among which some • elaborate hats were placed. The mod >ls shown range In size from the tr^e mushroom gatnsborongh to ih •jque of fur or velvet. A large iiiim •cr of ladles attended and enojyed iceiiig the handsome coinbliiatlous of <oU)V and style which is always no Icol in .Mrs. Turner's creations. • •:• * . .Mrs. .\ I I B M. Winslow has gone l< her home in Kansas City after a visit vith her friend. .Mrs. C. .M. Cole. • • •:• Mrs. C. .M. Cole uave a iiio>t delight- 'ul mnsicnl afienioon yesterday tn ntrodufe her suesls .Mrs. .Xila VIns 'ow of Kansas Cily. who has Jusi •ctiirneil from an Cwteudrtl time of •;t«<iy in Kuvope. Mrs. Winslow is a lupil of itandolpli Kin« while in her uM-.ip city and I.< a most entertalninc ind accomiillslied pianist. The friend tf her hostess were favoi 'O 'l with iro-.ip of beautiful numbers and others i{ the coniiiany gave Iniproniptn se 'ections. The afternooh was closed by 1 liincheon in courses. Mrs. Cole 's ft.vited Kue .sts were. Mrs. .Vda It. Win- •ilow. Mrs. W. T. Watson. .Miss Hes-> \Iil!cr, .Miss Agnes Reardon. Mrs. .John (dy There! "Where are you going?" ^ "Goitg afiif* a sack of !#• l^ttnt Floiir. My wife |.^^w6n't use anything else." 'ilH- iievt jn«<-ilni; will be on October 111', v.itb .Mrs. II. II. .Ione<. .Mrs. .lones i.- ihi- vice president who Is in tdiarge of (he union's alTaIrs at the Me(liodls) chiiicli and in acordaiire with a late i;!liii« iif the socloiy. will direct tlie r.iri'tJuK. The nanies of delegates who are to attend the slate convention will be known next ueek. I .;, .Miss Cracc Hall save an Informa' I'Tiily lor the HoHU Knot club ye.ster- il.iv and entertained eleven guests with an i>oiir at needlework and a luncliedn Till' uticsis wore misses I.^tlie W< SM I: ill. .Mar.-r tTtntimt: • W89ll! Btck,- -.5X0: Ic.jMd. Mable Heatly. Blanche Van REMEMBER! In looking for high grade .lewel- ry. Cut Class, or Hand Painted Cliiuaware, sco J.W .COFrEY &SON Kscloslve .lowelcrs. K«st Side. BIG Tuesday Morning, 8:30. We have about 8000 yards fine Swiss Embroidery flouncing and Insertion Bands to offer at an exceptional saving in price- If any one article of merchandise appeals to the eye more than another, it certainly is embroideries * In these lots yon will find rich Swiss flouncings and bands worth double4he^->rice asked during this sale. If you wish best selections ba sure and be on time. Sale beginsprompty at 8:30. Contains fine Swiss Flounc- iags and bands up to fl,00 a 3afd. Choice of lie lot— Lot 2 Coutaius fina-Swiss ISiubroid- eries;tfiid bands that formerly sold op to 75c a yard. Also a lot Sne cdrset covj em- bioidefies, choice of tLe lot, 39c Lot. 3 Contains Swiss Eoabroidctics and bands that foinicrJy sold up to 4'»c a yard. Choice of the bt, Let« Contains Hamburg Embroideries up to 20o yard Cboice of the lot, We have just received a careinlly selected line of fftfnsAi* Importmtl Fnnoh Ohhimm \ large variety of single |)leccs and sets, inclading a beautiful lino of Plates In ex- (|ulsiic colorings. See our window. McKEiL BROTHERS. rwc/nmrm. Devlin. .Mrs. \. V. I.,emasters, Jfrs. O. r. halirange and .Miss Lora Coojicr, * -r • Uev. and .Mrs. S. S. Ullscher were cordially and informally welcomed t(. be social life of their pastorate last rveaing by a recc|)tlon ai the Presby- .(.rlati church. The guests which nuni- 'lereii two hundred, were received b: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Asplnall, .Mr. ano .Mrs. Frank Kiddle, .Mr. and Mrs. A \'. l.rmasters. .Mrs. 11. .\. Bwing, am' Mrs. William Uavis who prcsenteil belli to !lev. and Mrs. lliischer. Thr parlors and auditorium of the church nere handsomely trimmed with palms erns and boquets of garden liowert iiid there was mandolin and guitai nii.'^ic throiicbont the evening. .Mrs •V. .\. Donnell presided at the puncl lowl and a bevy of young women from .be Kiideavor society served ices an "akcs. Uev. and .Mrs. lliischer hav< leeii in lola some time but this Is th' ;ii!-t affair in which the ha^ initcd to welcome them to llreir ncv •loiue. so that (he occasion was a ver.> It 'ci '.sant one JKjth for the guests anc' pjiioi lainers. •:• •> •:• event which will Ije read about with a great deal of interest by all Anii'ii .an girls Is Miss Rthel Koose •eli'.^ Inlioductloii Into ofRcial societ.v It W aslilngton. Since the marriage of Miss Alice to Congressman I»ngs worib. .Mrs. Iloosevelt has been pre iiaring for the debut which Is to occur In .lanuary so that the younger daiigh er may have the advantage of a first ' appearnce at the White house .Miss iloosevelt Is said to be a ver.' 'harming young woman and her associates promise to obey her commands with no little alarcllv. The "coining out" will probably be a bal' It AVblch the members of the cabluei mil their wives will be present. • * •> .Mrs. S. h. I.,athr()|i. of Iowa, ha •onir 10 sixnd the winter with be •'V,i. t)r. l.,athrop. • -f + Today at high noon .Mr .s. Attb Wriulit of Aimiista. sister of Prof. L 15. Wishard. of this city, and .Mr. V (i. Holmes were niarri<ul. The cere- nioiiy was read .-ii (be home of Prof and .Mis. I, 11. Wishard. the Hev. .1 M. Mason of the Kivsi Melhodis church filliriatiin;. The house wat Iirettily dec orated in ferns for the occasion and there were no quests. thJ brides father. J. fl .Wishard. and th« brother and sister being the only witnesses. At one o'clock there wa. in elaborate wedding breakfast, the tab'.e being beautifully trimmed with :i pi'iifiislon of carnations and .southern sniila.\. After a few days' visii here .Mr. and .Mrs. Holmes will return o .Vii^usta where they are to reside The many friends of the family will unit" in wishing them every happiness. r. B. t 'hnrck. Sabbath school at 9:45. Preaching at 11 a. ni. Women's yearly meeting at 7::to Y. P. C. L'. Tuesday ut 7:,30 p. m. Mid-week prayer meeting Wednes lay at I'.'M p. m. O. U. .MIS.VMOKE. Pastor. Last lola .lleibodlst Churcli. Sunday school at a. m. Sermon at 11 a. m. CI^ss meeting at 12 m. ICpworth league ut 7 p. m. Sermon by Rev. Curry at S p. m. A. M. 1IAR,KNESS. Pastor The Reformed Churrli. .Morning service at 11 a. ni. The larvest Home service Is postponed mill ne.\t Sunday. Kvcning service at 7 p. ui. Sunday school at H.lo a. m. .\ cordial invitation and a heart Aelcome. LOUIS C. HARXISH, I'aslor. Lanyon Center. Sunday school rally al ;! p. m. fol owed by short sermon. L. C. liAKMSIl. Little Hulldcrs Chapel. Sunday school at 3 p. m. Preaching by the pastor. Rev. S. Ullscher. at I o'clock. All friends he chapel are invited. Choral Builders society al 7::iO p. m .Mothers meeting Wednesday p. m MRS. E. N. JONl-:S, Supt. IMH'H FARDONKP A VRlPPLt'. Iciiieiicj to « .Slek €'oni Jet Who .Stole Mblle on Parole. Toiieka, ivas., Seiit. l'8.—Onille W Finch of Carden City was pardoned from the Kansas penitentiary yesterday by (fovernor lloch. Finch Is ripple. Mc was first convicted of shootiiiK a man. and received a sentence of one year for manslaughter While out on (larole he stole some hides and was si-ni to the penitentiary for three to live years for that. He •IS tuberculosis and Is very weak. His Iiareiiis proniised to give hlin [iropcr care if the governor would release hini. Baptist Clinreb. Sunday school at 9:45 a. iii. .Morning service ut 11 a. m. It. P. P. ii. at 7 p. m. Kvening service at S |i. m. Mv. .loseph .Matthew Schcrnian, •onverted Jew. will speak Ijotli tiiorn ng and evening, i^e Is a talented man villi a message that will be e.\tremel nterestlng. W. il. OARFIBl.,iJ. Pastor. First .Wethodlst Churcli. S'.iiiday school at 'J:ir, a. m. I'reacliing by the pastor at II a .in .Iiinlor League at :! p. ui. Kpworth League at. »i:oO p. m. At 7::i0 Rev. Harkness of the K. 'ola M. E. church will give "In H ?teps." using his stcreoptlcon view To all of these services a cordial In vltailon is extended the public. REV. .1. M. MASON. Pastor. SL. JOIIDN Chiircli. I'liure will be two masses as usual Ml Sunday at S and 10:30 a. m. Sunday school at L':,30 p. m. Vesiiers at 7:30 j). m. K. C. and fair meeting at 1 |i. in. First Chnrcb of Chrht, .Scleiitlxtl Sanday school at 10 a. ni." Church .service at II a. in. Subjei Ciireallty.' All services an; held in C. K.. ha I III) East Jackson avenue. The Jialf s a.-ed as a reading room from 2 to I p ni. each week day. The |iubli s (ordlally Invited to the .services and .•cadliig room . .MRS. EMMA E. .\UAMS. First Reader SFK( lAL (•llniores Sr.XDAY Close Here Mirht. .M(>IIT KILI Tomorrow A (.'IIAMJ DUKE D£A1». Kchitiu's of Frederick of Baden Were Present. Cuiistaiice. Grand Duchcy of Hadcu. Sci't. 28.—Grand Dulce Frederick of Baden, died today of an Intcstlaai In flammntion. At the bedside were Grand I>nchess. Princess IX)uiBe of Prussia Grand Duke Frederick of Baden Prince Max of Baden, brother of the Grand Duke, Crown Princess of Sweden and others. PL,VCE IS STILL OPEX. Farrelly ind Doster llentfoned to FiU Tax ConuidssloB Tarancr. Topeka. Sept. 28.—Governor Hoch did not appoint a tax commissioner last night to succeed Judge Humphrey who died recently. Talk abont the state house is that Hugh Farrelly. of Chanute, or Judge Frank Doster. of Tojieka, will get the place. EXAMI>'ATIO> FOB TARBIEBS. run Serrkf EumlDatton to Be Held OS SStli of Octoliw. Word was received In lola today I to the effect that a Clerk-Carrier Civil [Service would be held in lola on the , t6th of October. Tbe> examination ,18 made necessary on account of to many of the city carriers going into fither work. J. L. Brady, is a^ present tbe only snbstitute for that sarrice. The Gilniore. stock company will lo;o their engagement at the llrand tomorrow night. Last night this com pany showed at the Grand and will alto show there tonight and tomorrow night, il being too cool in the Air dome. A special bill is to be put on tomorrow night. Tills company has presented some, very clover plays henj during their engas-'omfnt. Beginning Monday night the Robinson stock company will open at the Grand for -m indefinite |>nrlod. but will yield •o the big shows booU«'a Tor the season. MAY NOT CO.HPLETE C'tlXTRACT Coiinrllnipn Feur South >Vulnut Paving Trouble Will I>r»g Along Some members of the council are -oiiiewl:at alarmed lest the South Wal 'lilt strj'ot citrblni: controversy inler fire with the comiip.'ion of the paving •ontracts this winter. Should the mat- •er drsK along in the courts. Mr. Gll- fillfcu cannot go ahead with the work- in South Walnut or the part under I'sijuto. The mandamus proceedings ti comitsl the city to iirocc^d with the work will be heard Tuesday. SEE LAND lolu Caitltalists and Harr}' Tboniuson YVill Go to Louisiana. Harry Thompson, the local real estate dealer and land agent, leaves nest "Tuesday wita a delegation oi about fifteen Allen county capitalists Sbrcveport Is known as tbe center of land in that section of the country. Shrcevport is known as the center of the big southern gas bell and many lola people are interested in that section, j The Io)a delegation lis to meet e 'arge delegation of Nevada. Mo., pe^. jle and the whole crowd will go dawn together. The lola people who will gc are William Allen Smith. D. P. XorUi- rup, A. E. English. J. R. Cline, Earl :;hastaln. Al Ahrams, D. R. Inge of Veosho Falls. John Elmer and ifagb Cottey. J. McNaulty, AI Stewart. A. a llartln, J, D. Mann. (Seorge Fry. Josh Butler and Harry Tbompaon. Try • WaBtA4lBlk»B«tMcr- eUABB SAYS.- We have long had a reputation in this locality of filling prcicripiions with the highest quality goods that could be secured, and in filling tbcin in a way which met with tlic approval of the entire medical professioD. The same caretui work will te continued in the future. The same high quality goods will be usedcthat have been used in the past. We solicit your patronage W. t. Grabb, T»loithono 476 Pfosorltitlon Druggiut PRIfFESSlONALMRECTORY • ' • • \y. H. ANDERSON, Attorney-at-Law. Notary and Stenographer In Office. Phone 455. i • ; • • * u H. A. Ewing, S. A. Card. O. R. Oard * EWIAG, OARD & GAHD, . • Lawyers. o Practice in all OourtR. *" W. Madison. Phona 9Sf. * • • • DR. aicUlLLEN, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Diseaa- cs and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Offlco 32, Res, 232. Office in Mrs, Turner's BIdg., West Madison. • • • • • • • • • Phone 687. Res. 701. • ,DR. 0. L. COX, * Bye, Ear, Nosn and Throat. • Spectacles Properly Fitted, • Office A, O. U, W, Bidg, • * • • • 3fflce Phone 1083. DR. R. O. CHRISTIAN. I'hjRiciaii and Surgeon. RiHinis 7 and 8. Evans BldK- Phone 551. lola, Kana. • DR. EDITH S. UAIGII. • Office and Residence over Bur- • rell's Drug Store! • Office Hours—10 to 12 a. m., 2 • to 4 I), m., 7 to 8 evedingB, • Sundays by Appointment. • • • • • * • Practice Limited to Surgery. • r. If. MARTIN, l(i N. Buckeye. Phone 576, • • • • • • « . » • • • Ph..iie Fuller BIdg. • DR. (.'l-VS.N, • SpKlallsL Bye. Ear, Nose and Throat * Glasses Furnished. • Office Tel. 231. Res. Tel. 2,'M14, * 0. W. SIIADWHK, M. D. (•enerni Practice. • Obstetrics and dK -^eases of child- * rcn a specialty. • Office over Slnyer's lirnrery. • Hours: 'J (»> I- a. in., 2 to 4 and • 7 to 8 p. ra. • DR. W. R. UEJLMUN. • • Physlcfar & Surgeon. • • Office N. E. Corner of Square, • • Over K. C. Plumbing Co/a Store. *. • Res. Tel 38. Office Tei; 502. • DR. \u TOZER, • Tola Infirmary^ 203 E. Jackson, ^^^c use X-Ray, Violet- Rays, ^tatlc, fJalvanIc and Faradis Electricity with vibratory stimulation in nervous and Chronic diseases. Phone 386. Res. Tel. IDS. Office Tel. 103. DR. J. R. PEPPER. Dentist. Is i>ermanently located over E. (.;. McClain'.^ Clothing Store, and is prniiared to do all kinds of itp-io-date dental work. Evening work by appoln/incnt. Office Phone 'ill. DR. LETI J. NEW.SOJfE. Special attention given to the treatment of Disease of Women and Children. Office~.'W5 South Walnnl St. * * • DR. A. G. KOCH. Surgeon. Office over Post 0.11' n. Oi'tirc Phone St8. Resldenee Phone M. P. L. Lathrop, Mrs. Bessie 0. Lathrrip. OSTEOPATHIC ;PHYSICIANS. Special attention:given to Diseases of Women and Children, Over ICast Side llardWarc. Olfi'-e 'Phone. .Main 408. .L I., BAKMES, Attorneyrnt-LBW. . 110 V.'oxt .Madison, lola, Kansni. Wonum's Is to lore children, and nq hom« can l)e completely happy'with­ out them, jet tbe ordeal through which tbe expectant mother must pass usually is so full of sufferings, danjror and fear that she looks forward to tbe critical hour with apprehension and dread. Mother's Friend, uy itis penetrating and soothing properties, allays nausea, nci ^vousness, and all unpleasant feelings, and so prepares the system for th« ordeal that she passes throug^h the event safely and with but little suffering, as numbers have testified and said, "it is worth its weight in gold." Si. 00 per bottle of druggists. Book containing valuable iafofrriafjon maild frrr. THE BliADnilO RIGULATUR CO.. Atiaata. C«, The Junior DVpartment Store Mo9i Oomplotm Slonk «f Oi'9pB Papef Oo0da • , tmlotmm I

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