Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 28, 1907 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 28, 1907
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si I VOL. IX. >"o. IVi. Whole So. CiU. sq: FiGES. IOL .C KAJiSAS, SEPTEMBEK. 28, 1907^8ATUKDAY EVEJflXG. SIX PAGES. PBICE TWO CEHTS, OR SUICIDE? MISS JfclY SAPP OF MOR.VX FOUM» DEAD niTlI THROAT CTT. MYSTERY SURROUNDS THE AFFAIR XO CAlSt IS KXOWX FOB SUICIDE —EYiBEXCE POIMS TO MUBDEB. Strange Man Seen Xear Home—Dead Wonuin u Sister of Mrs. Kex Bonliis of This lit}. Word rcadu-il Ida at this afternoon thai Ihc. ofTiCfrs at .Moraii wcve lookiiii; for a tramji who visited .si-veral hoiisi-.s \\\vvo vcsicrday. and prew abusSvi" wlieii r<'fitst-d a nie-»l. He visited tlie Sapp lioiiie in tho even- Slionly after :^even ucloelt last iiinlit Mr. and .Mr.-, .lolwi Sa|ii> and llieir dauRliier. .Miss .May. were slttiiit; it: the liuiiie in Morati talkiiii; over tlie little happi'niii;:s of the day as was their eiisteiii in the eveninfj. The daughter wa.-i in Iii-r iisual elieerfn' dis)ioisilioii and took ii::rl !n the eon- vcrsation. There was. imrhini: Mraime or nnn.^iual in her uianner us she aro.-^c from her <'aair and sieiiped out o-.i tile bnek porcli. Tills was about ~:'2'>. .\ moment later, Iionie on the quie: evening air. came to the ears of the parents the iilereini; cry of their dautihtef from the bael'. yard. •'.Mother: Mother:" .Mrs. Suijp jumped up from, hi-r s-eat and rushed out OR th. porch in answer to the a.-'onizius cah l-yins tiear a pouliry yard a short dis tance ffoin the porch Mrs. Sapp found her du-n.-Iiier dead witli throat cut fv'jni ijar to eiir and blood gnslifni' from l>r nomids. Near the body w::.- a l)]oml-»:aiii<-d razor. Terrorized Ipy the a»ful sii;hl .Mrs. Sapp beKan to scieatu. Two men passiup; by. heard her vpice and jnshed to the scene They found .Mrs. Sapp overcome wit!) t:rief and the daughter lyin^ dead in a pool of biood. Thev imnsediately aroused tlie neighborhood and Hit town was in a state of excitement iu a short time. Suieide or .Hurder.' .\n iuvostisatlon was at oute iiisti- tutod. Coroner Reid. Conuiy -Vttorne- Carl Peterson and Pberirf UolHnger •*«Te tailed 'rtrnv Iota. - Thfyl. -et o-' at oiice for the scene and spent a eooe part of the niclit . ii \esiipaiili;; th» death. From tlie_ \- y nrst the cas" apjieared mysterM 'm- Was ii stiicld^ or murder'.' .\li;ic;n;ii ilie olhcers and friends bpe;.i all last uipht and thir niornini: it Uii> yet i>een discovere" whether .Mi.-s M;!y Sapji took her owr life or was mnidi-re;!. The evideuct today Eoon )>ointed to murder. \o (atise for Sniclde. The family and frk'iids are uiiabh to lind any reason wiiy Miss Sap! should take her life. Sise appeared f be a."! happy as usual. In the hotnr and to her friends sb*- was e<uisenial and apparently 'hecrful. M no ttm. lias i-he been found i.iorose or mi' atichollj. S<.i far as is known Mi.- Saiip had li'it an <> icmy in the worl ! Hence the e\ i'Jei;ej ol suieiile i:- no' very stron;;. On the i)tln-r liaiid Tieie i.- evidenrI'ointinf: to nnirder. The razor wit' which the deed d 'liif. iay with it slightly crimsoned edu-- ;.t least fif teen -fet-t awrij. Iiid the mnrderii throw the razor away afier commil lin.c the t.-rrible deed or^to cive thi idea of sMj <-ide7 .Miss Saiip alfai li::'l two b!if;hl cuts, one on each hand. H;'" li;iir was down and her clotliiiijr par ti:i.lly disjirranged ;IP it tiii;:ht haiM'e" in a St rufip',e. A trace (•f blood tor a distauce of hcvera! fei't was found near the i'ouitry yard ^howin.^; that ^he had writhed aboiii aii 'M- the dee'." was conimiited or had bt-ii drau.u.'il abo'.lt. The cut. e .K 'vtjdiii:; ear to .•av and'v.hicli caused her di-aili. thf physician says, riius from ri^iit to left. Aliss Sapj) was rJKlit handed. The doctor .'-a.vihat it would have been more natural if iliss Sapp coniiiittted suicide tc; cut'from the left side to the ri.iihf. That Stmiige .Man. -Snother thins that adds to the niur- Uei; theory is that several people havi sedn aMlrange man walking: up and down the alley at the r.:ir of the Sam holise. He was said to hav.- been without hat and to have sn.-aked along as if to avoid oeiiig seen. In addition to tliis the razor which was found has no' be <Mi identified as ,o!)e belonj;i.':s lo the Sapp home. .Mr •, Sapp's razor was 1:1 'ts usual place after llie I'l.irder. In view of this evidence it wa.- till- general opinion at Moraii today n-jon tliai .Mit-; Sapp ha<l been murderedi Hoidintr siu liii|ue>t. This afternoon •'••roaer Keid am) County .Attorney I'^'tir.soii are conducting an imiuesr. A number of wii- iiesses have been suiniitoiied and the myster.v will be solved If possible. The followiuK comiiosed the coroners jury Wjir Rumble. Krank .Messingcr. .Ilm .Xripstron;:. W. W. Wilson. Frank •i'ounK and Kd Lucey. Exclleiiiftit I'reiulU ill Muran. The deaili of Mibis Suii|) has creaiei a Kreat deal of excitement in .Mornn toda>:. The streets were crowded w'WIi little knots of meu dIbcnssinK tiie hoi rible affair. KeellnK is ver.v intense and citizens are eager to ferret the matter to the Ixitioni. Mi8i> Sapp is well known in lola She is a sister of Mrs. Rex Bowlue and fre4]uent )y %-isited ber. While not inclined to so ont much in a social way she was very well kuow-n and bad a boat of friends. Her friends and rela- tfves are diocltfld over tbe death. At one time JUss Sapp attended the Iota Iiish Bdioal. fOM vw aboot 27 years THE MABKETS. K:insas SIty, Sept. I'S.—Cattle, receipts IMO. Siead.v. Unchanged. Hogs—Receipts 2.000. Steady: bulk of sales <(;.irif«ti..;ri: heavy lO.IO^C.i'O: packers $(;.ir,(fi<;.35; pigs and light 16.20^0.3.-,. Sheep—Receipts ",00t>. Steady. Unchanged. old and very attractive in aiipearance. This niorniUB a man from Benedict was in town with a blood hound on his way home after an unsuccessful attempt to get the scent of the murderer if it was murder. So many people had visited the scene of the death, however, that the hhxid hound was of no avail. The funeral services of .Miss Sapp are to be held tomorrow at two o'clock from the Pre«bytej-ian church with IJov. McArtbur in chai-ge. Int ,f .rmeat will take place In tlie Morau cemetery. An Old Case Berhed. An incident in connection 'nlth the 5app family which jis-alleged to have l-.appeiK .d about twelve years ago has been r.^vived at Jloran today which might jiosibly be connected with the niysterious death. It \s said that while the Sapp family lived at W>alnut Crove about twelve yi.irs ago, Miss Sapii recelv.'.l two notes of an insult- li .g naiiire. It was not known who wrote them, hut a man was arrested and the mutter went into the federal i-oiirts. It was later dropped. The Kans;is City Star and other hi; Mip.'rs have idiotograpiier.s and reporters on the ground this afiomoon tak- ')!; pictures and covering the story. The public, inclndltig the rei4>rtei-s. was barred from the n.Hjm wh'.fo the nijue .st is being h?!d. SIES EDITOR FOB LIBEL. Luther Itiirlmuli Has .^norii to a IVar- rant for Frensont (Hder of Frl>co. Sail Francisco. 2'>.—Fieniont Older. iiiaiia!:iii,^ editor ol the San Francisco IJuUetiu. and prouiUiently ;onnect.d with the fnift |)rosecution, was arrested in this city ; etcrday eve- iiinu on warrants issued in I.os An- vtek -s tiiid sworn to I.y Liillier Dur- bank who chargi.-I O! ler with crimin- J1 libel. Older wa.s 'arrested on the sire;'t and taken in nii auioDiohile to RedivwMl City, w|;er<- a counectio-. ; pliTc- ed ill char .Se. of ofllcers from that city. At Santa Barbara. two o'clock this looming he was taken off the train l,y tlu' sheriff and tal'.f^n into the super rr court, where.habeas corpus proceed were begun for his release. The ("j'se (ansiuir Cn'iinieiil. I^s Angeles. Sept. I 'S. —The attempt •0 take Okier to I.os .\i:g<d<s and 'he niethod.-: t .mpioyed have created a tre- -.len.loii.'* sei;s,'itioii here on account -.f Older' ccnnt'ction with the praft ••I 'osecntion. Older has b-eii workiii£{ with llei:r.v. Spreckeis. Liiiigdon and Murits. ill th,. jircseriirion of bribe tak- >rs. ami through a vigorous ccuirsf. 'li:! paper "na.<^ incurred th<* enmity of •ill the indicted on ?F. Brown is a de- t. ciivc engaged in the ilefcne of T. Ford, now on trial for bribery. HE SERVED WINE Ohio \y. i: T. r. Helpe4 Defeat Fairbanks iu Election of Chnrrli Delegates Columbus, Sept. Vic2 President I'airbanks was defeated yesterday for lay delegate from Indiana to the quaC- riennial conference of tha Methodist Episcopal church to be held in Baltimore ne.\t May. Seven dtl<^ate.j v.ere elected. Tha Vice President not himself a ciindidate but his name was urged by hie rriends who assumed his eleci-on would follow by ac- i:aination. Instead of this it was bitterly opiKjsed by the radical temperance element in tho conference-, •Rho took tho ground '.hat electing him would be equivalent to condoulii;; what th;^y regard as an offense against tcmi.prauce. The alleged offense having been the serving of cocktails and wines at ;i dinner to President Roosevelt In the Fairbanks home 011 last llemorial day. THE WEATHEB. Forecast for Kansas—GeneraUj^ fair tonight and Sunday; rising teKfera* tore. Data recorded at lotail offitfe. U. S. Weather Bureau, yesterday, today and a year ago. - 2 p. ni 4 p. m. ... |€ p. m 8 p. Ill 10 1). m 12 midnight .. Max. Temp. .. Mlu. Temp. ... Preclp. 7 p. m. a. m. -I a. in. 6 a. m. .. S a. ni. . 10 a. 111. 12 noon Frecip. 7 UETItOlT IX FIBST PLAtE. I 'TIi- Iu The Aiiierieun Leuirue Bare Is Brolieu by PiiiladeliihlaN Defeat. PlUladelphla. Sept. 28.—The Phlla- deiphia-Uetroit game clieduled for this I'fteincon has been dez-lnred off oit account of rain. Philadelphia. Pa.. Seid. 2S.—In one of till remarkable hall games ever played Detrlot hurled the Alli- 'etlc.i out of first place heie yesterday afternoon, winning by the score of .'• 'o -1. while twenty-live thousand hys- tericiil fans cheered and shrieked as the tide of battle saw^yed back and forth. .Vol until the last man was out in the ninth inning was the contest over. Tft'ice Detroit seemed to have I coinniaiiding letid and twice the .Vth- 'etlcs rallied and closed uii tlie gap. Two of the greatest twirlers in the loiiiury. Donovan and Flank, weaken- 'ns under, the terrilic strain of the "latile. were battered al! over the lot. the Tiger faring worst, though he won the game. The aits were fourteen for the .\thletics tind nine for Detroit, but the Tigers showed siiiierh nerve iu many close places and pulled out. Uain Dela}pd Second Series. Rain began falling at noon and the prosiMJCis are that the second game tlf '.he series between Philadelphia and Detroit will not be played today. was made wijhjhc souiji boundJl^i .<c„,.-^r ' tHrtJirW 'I/t VGLt tor Los Angeles on which he was plac- «£1 A.MEBK.AX I/t AOll. Yesterday. •Yr. Aso 70 74 .CG 75 GO 71 ."6 GC :>l G4 .-.0 61 so 75 50 52 T 0 Today. Yr. Ago .-.0 60 4S 6S -16 6U IS 62 r.s 66 OS 69 0 0 MYSTERY IS UNSOLVED Oiliccrs .Still itelieve .Man iu Stole MittheH Auto. tirej- !«lu .Men Si'ein to Favor Iptlcs. the .\th- .SOFl DRINK '•POIStJN StirAD." riinnist Uill Feed Y"Uiig Men^ .siuda Fountain Products. on Washinston. Sejit. 2S.—A new "pois- ^ frquad." i.s to he crea'.ed by Dr. W.lej. the chief chemist of the de- !.-.rini'"nt of agriculture, for the pur- .o;c of del -rtiiiiiiug the wliolesomuess .-jcalled soft drinks. Ti-e injuir:-" is the.- result of a rt- lue-t from the war department fe; ii.'ormaiion regarding the different .arivtles of serated drinks tl;at are :olf1 a' army canteens. Dr Wil. y will select a class of • out;-' men upon whom he will cx- perunent wiih the drinks usually sold a; ^oda fouutaiiis and in potv bottles to determine the eff.:'cts. whether de kJerious or otherwise. TO I.WESTIGATE LIMBEB TRUST. Federal tJraud Jorj Will Befrin Work .Nest Week. SI.. Pan'. .'^lirl. L'S.—The federal .-r;:!]d jui'v will nc^•..^vc•'k begin an investigation Ol trie so-called lumber iiu.^' which is 'luder.-.iood to have iis h<-ad<iuarters in .Minneapolis. Fifty vvitl)e^sfs have, it is rejMirted. been •lumnioneJ 10 testify betore tlie grand iur.v. Ci,.\LJ<»K Peters Returned last night Horn Kaiisas City where Dr. Hill per foiiii.-d an operallov for api).MiJltllis. ill'. Peiers tuade. a hospital record Tor I eliig able to leave the hospital In the bhonesi time after the operailou was performed. The oparation was pe^ form*.I a week ago yesterday and iu fcur days he w-as able to sit up in bed and was weJl enough to return home last ni^t. ilr. Peters is sUli very w ?ak but is gradually regaiains bis strengtb. i TiierL- is (|u'.te a littlt? locu'£'i maulfesled in tin.' .\mericau leagu.'' race. WJiile Detroit Is nf*" one ;-'an:-.' it; the L'ad in the standing, the betting :.ere is with the .'itliletics. owing to il '.eir strong piichiiV-: staff. T.i.' fact that Schmidt. wi;o for:iierIy playe! v.ith the Springfield, .Mo.. .Missouri \ alley lea.siK^team: and "Red" Downs «:!«> 'I formtj' Wes'.orii association star Krc play-ng rilh Delroil, ha:- ;uade tlia.t team many friends h'.-re. HAMMOND .llHVDISlHAKtiED. Fnalile lo Agree as to Defendants Saultj After Si.\ Honrs DelHierulion. New York. Sept. 2S. —Testimony in •he case of .lames i:. Hammond, founder of the Hammond Typewriter com')an\. wliose sanity is being inquired 'nto, was concluded last nlghl. The hiry 1.1 ing unable to agree after being lut si.\ hours it was discharged. MOTOKMAX HILLED IX MRLtk. Cellisiuu on an Ohio E/iTtrlc Hoad Also Injures SL\. Toiedo. O.. Sept. 25". —In a collision on the Toledo and Fort Clinton Klec- tric railroad today .Motormaii Nuel- aiaii was killed and a conductor and a half dozoii others Injured. MISS MABV BLBDETTE DEAD. Sister of Boberi J. Vurdette Died in (,'biraso. Chicago. Sept. 28.— .Miss -Mary G. .J. Hiirdeiie. and well known iu le- J. Uurdelte. and well know iiin religious and iiiission.iry circles, died here '.UBI night. .Mlhough lilt' officers have, not rested a iiiomeiit in ilielr search, the mystery of Dr. I'. S. .Mltclsells stolen auto- i.'.obtle is still unsolved. What Infor- matloii has been received since yoster- day, conlli'ms if not adds to the idea that the man wliom the olDcers have .-usplcioned from the Hi'st. I.s the guilty parly. Policeuian .lobn P. Creed iias scicured information which almost convinces the officers that the Woodson county suspect stole the automobile. Mr. Creed has discovered that tliis man has bought two maps, one o' the state of Kansas and the other cf Mis.iouri. ' It is Ibe tiifflry that ho secured tho maps to pick out. a route cf escape. In addition to this Mr. Creed has called on the man's wife who is ill this community, and interviewed her. She was asked whcxe he was but shj said that she did not know unless he was off on a drunk. The facL that he wa's here the day before the machine was stolen, and has not ^been seen sinuce, certaiuly do;-s not clear away the suspicion that he is the man. It will not he diflicult for officers to idonllfy him as Mr. Creed has learnCt: th.if ho had bis uajuo tattooed 011 one of his arms. This information will he sent (o tlie pfficers; over the state. I'lider sheriff Boatr'ght has been in communication with the over this section of the country, but ha.s been unable to learn anything that T .'ill I;'ad to the recovery of the auto- i..<obile or ihe apprehension of the thief. ( The fake reports to the effect that the thief had been captured still flourish. Last night It wtis reported that the aiitcniobile and thief had bef« Ii.iinil at iJariiesviile. Word from t!;ere denies the report. This morning it was reported that the thief and n ;acliin3 liad been found at Ottawa. The Ottawa officere did have a man hiid malicine under enrvelllaiicc, but the machine did not have the righi iiiiniher and the man proved to ho tho owner of the machine. Dr. Mitchell is still in Kansas City working on the case hut has thus far salncd no information of value. ATHLETES IN K. G. Auiiricans Foremost flub .Hen Foui- peting In Truck and Field Meet. Kansas Ct .v. Sept. 2.<.—Twenty of America's foremost aihletcs. representing st .veral of •lie Inrgi'sl aihlei- ic clubs in the country, together with over a hitiKlred track and ticld men of lesser importance, will compete here ''•'s afternoon in the public play- l.ijunds track and Held mt-et. Many of the participants are holders of tin; worlds records. The Irish -American Athletic club and Uie New York Ath- Utic club will ba represented by a crack team of eight men. Chicago sends five and the Olympic Athletic club of San Francisco two. one of whom will be Ralph Rose, the greatest velgbt man in the •world. Thei Missouri University will sand ten men and-Battery B of the Missouri Nation- POSTPONE GUP GAME Delayed Keeuuse 01 Deutb of Miss •Sajip, Sisler-in-l.air of Bex Bowin.s. Tlie championship game of tennis wli'ch was to have been phiyed this afternoon has been postponed Indefinitely on r.ccouut of the tragic death of MUs Sapp. sister-in-law of Rex Lowlus. <jno of the members of th-.'. winners In the tennis tournament. It Is iiupossible to sa\ at this lime jutt v.heu tile blu game will be played. Bowiiis and Stover WL-ie succ(.ssful ycsterda..- afternoon in defeating Brew sler and Owens in the finals of the tha tennis tournament. was for thf. thre>; best out of five. Bowlus and Stover succeeded In taking the first three seiK by the following scores: G 4. 6 2 and 60. Bowlus and Stover by defeating Owen and Brewster provad that they the best players of th-') tournament and as so will represent the .Alien county tennis club In the Cham- ploufablp game to <leelde the possession of the Championship cup. The contest In singles started off tcday. Curtis is playing Fagu(v Brad<n won from Baker by default. Slov- ed won from Ralston of jtoran by ile- fnult. Upton and Finney are playing today. Turner is playing Jones of Morau. Hurlock lost to Doman by default and Taylor lost to Ross by de fault. Olson and McDonald ara playing Jones and Wfaarton in tlie consolation doablea tMe sfterooon. THE BIG FOUR IN PORT SgrADROX OF BEAR AUMIB.VL DAYTOX EXTEBS GOLDEX «.VTE. AFTER A 36,000-MiLE CRUISE SAX FBAXCISCO OBEETS FIB,ST DIVLSIOX OF PACIFIC FLEET. Huge White nud BuiY Fightiuif Machines Cheered by Thousands as Tiicy Steam I'p tbe Bay. San Francisco. Sept. 2S.—Tlie first division of the Pacific tlet.t. advanco guard of the American navy which 1:: to nssemblo la Pacific coast waters by order of the president, steamed througli the Golden Gate at sunrise this morning. The "Big Four" armor cd cruisers passed the Heads In file formation, led by the fiagship, AVest Virginia, flying at her masthead the two starred flag of the commander of tlie fk'et. Rear Admiral James H. Dayton. Five hundred yards to tho rear came, the Colorado, followed at a like distance by tlie Maryland and tbe Pennsylvania. The arrival of the four big sister ships marked the end of a 3G.00O mile trip, which began at Xcw- port. R. I. last Sepetmber. The squadron was sighted outside, the Heads at' daybreak, steaming at half speed out of a coast fog. By bring ir.g lii.s shipb to anchor off tho c -mr front a few minutes before S o'clocic Admiral Dayton fulfilled his promise by wireless the night b(.fore to "Arrive some time in the early forenoon. Thousands of people anticipating the event, were gathered along the* water front and on the hilltops command- lug a view of the bay. Oblivious of the fas: that they could not be distinguished from tlie decks tboy signaled a welcome, to the huge white and buff .fighting machines by v>avins hats and bandkeroluefs: a£'j as fleecy- puffs of Fmoke rose and drifted from the mouths of tbe six- pounder saluting guns ot the West Virginia, they chr^^red. San Francisco never greeted a home tiound fleet with finer weather. The light fog outside the Heads lifted and blew awa.v as thf. cru'sers emerged into Golden Gate at G o'clock. .\s th? squadron passed in under tho guns of Fort Mason aud Fort Baker, tlie fkigship fired a salute. Passing Goat Island, the West Vir ginia took on a momentary holiday dre >6S by running up successive strings cf brighth colored signal flags, which answered from the naval traiiiina station ahere. Fairyboats crowded to the rails with early moruing commuters, salute'd the squadron by triple blasts of their wiilstles. the admirals ship responding In kind. Oiiposite Xorth Beach the cruisers slowf.d down to allow Chief Quaran- tin? Officer Hobdy to come aboard. In quick succession tho West Virginia. Colorado. JIaryland, aud Pennsylvani.i subinited their health certificates and were given clean Wlls and allowed to proceed to their anchorage a mils fur tl:er on. passing some of the other cruisers of the fleet on the way. . Mar Helii Ship Subsidy. Admiral" Swinburne put off from his fiagship. tho cruiser Charleston, as soon as th? W^»st Virginia moored. On board the. latter iessel the rails were manned and the banti struck up a lively air as Admiral Swinburne stepjie.i onto the quarterdeck to greet tha commander-in-chief of the fleet. The bii'.i formailiy over, the two admirals shook bands warmly and at once retired for an official conference relatlvu to the departure from this port of the cruisers California. Charleston and ft. Ixiuis for target prlctice at Magdalena Bay. Captain J. B. ]kIilton, commanding the. West Virginia received a score of newspaper men who had been waiting in launches for an hour to come aboard. .\t 1 o'clock this afternoon a joint committee of about loO men prominent in political, business and social life of San Francisco and nearby cities boarded the Wast Virginia to greet acd welcome Admiral Deyton and the officers of the fleet. United States Sfrnator Perkins made a brief formal address of welcome. San Francisco .and California are keenly alive to the importance of the arrival of Admiral Dayton's squadron 8s signalizing the coming mobilization in tbeee waters of the greater part of tbs American na'vy. It is' resarded as an olBcIal notification to the woiid tbat tbe ce|itnl;^gOTanDjrat-|«Mor nJzes as never before the huge growth of tbe industrial and commercial Ufa oi tbe West and tbe vast play iu secur ibg and maintaining for the country at large a fair share of the trade of the Orient. It is predicted further that tbe assembling of sixteen battleships and ten or twelve cruisers in California, Oregon and Wiashington waters w;ill do much to secure r.i congress the enactment of the long deferred ship subsidy bill, for the lack of which American commerce is carried largely in foreign bottoms. Two Out of ('ontmissioD. Vallejo. Cal., Seiit. 28-—Ordere were received at the, Mare island navy yard this morning to place the cruisers Cin- cinnatti and Raleigh out of commission These vessel^ arrived from the Asiatic station during tlie past month and are in ncied of extensive repairs. Their crews will be transferred to the cruiser California, which is now gliort of men and any surplus will he received on the South Dakota, expected he-re f.-om the Union Iron Works to be commissioned. The S;. l.oiiis will come here for coal and piovi.sions, and will rejoin the ships now at Stin Francisco. Centnl West Feeils Fleet. Wasbiugton, Sept. 2S.-p-The Centrar West will receive some substantial ben?fils after all through the transfer of the. American fleet from the- -Vtlan- tic to the Pacific. It will require millions of pounds of provisions to feed the 1 .^,000 men on the trip, and nio«t of these provisions must couie fioni the X^entral West. The. government has asked for bids for 1.200,000 pounds of flour, 1.000,000 tjounds of fresh beef, frozen: SOO.OOO pounds of potatoes; 300.000 pounds of smoked ham: 200 .000 "pounds of fined p?as: 150 .000 pounds of salt pork: 110.000 pounds of oatmeal; 100.000 liound's each of rice, onions, lard, mutton, combeef and ice: Gl.OOO iiounds of nie-al: 30 .000 pounds of tiirley: 50,000 pounds each of pear.s. tinned lima beans, stringed beans, tinned bacon and ham: 30 .000 pounds each of sauer kraut, evaporated apples and peaches: '?50 ,000 pounds each of keg pickles, veal and jiork loin, all Westira pro_ ducts. ' ~ TO COXTIXUE BOYCOTT LIST. V. F. of L. Denies '^liiteul lo Injure" Proscribi-d Firms. , Washington. Sept. 2>.—That th- American Federation of Lai.or wir continue to publish its boycott list 1111 less preventc/i by the courts was siie :lflcally set forth Is the answer of th • •^"ederation lo the complaint of the Buck Stove and Range Coiui); ny ask ing for an injunction against such publications, which was filed in tlu supreme court of the United State, today. The answer aunounce-s (hat it is th." Inteutlou of the Federation, "to con inu(,. to adhere to the constitution, rules and rogiilatioiiT" of the Ane-rican ''"ederation of Labor concerning tli- •lUblication of the coniplaiuanis' npiic' 'u the *we do not patronize' list of th.- federation unless prevented b.v.dii. •irocess of law." The Federation denies any pur .^^KJS' ^1 intimidating anyone, but it adJijii.- t has given its a',)provaI to ceriain boycotts. It is denied, however, ihat he purpose of tlie 'don't patronize" ist is lo injure or destroy the basi ncss of the Buck company or to >ro vent the. sale or shipment of its Ji'ro acts by the disiributim of a circular of the Federatloti of which tlie com •any makes the complaint. Indeed, it s declared that the Federation had no knowledge of this circular prio>« its issuance. - SCHEBMEBUORX TIEWS SITE. President of Humboldt Portland Pleaded With Prospectji. (Humboldt Herald.! E. B. Schermerhorn. president o The Humboldt Portland Cement cbm- .»any was in Humboldt Tuesday 01 business connected with the company. Ht^ went over tlie grounds of the pjant ind was favorably imprer'sed with the •irosiMJcts. Mr. Schermerhorn is ;connected With the Fre.lonia Cement plant and Is enthusiastic over tliet cement outlook. He stated that the directors of the HumboldtJ Portland would have i- meeting October 3rd in which the matter of construction would be taken Into coiiisideration. He says ever>'- thlng ii favorable for atartiug construction soon. : Mr. Scbermertaom Is president o: tbe state board of control and IsVkepi busy o\erseein3 tbe nine inatitiftidrr^ under Ita controL Each tnstituti must b^ visited monthly and every i mate seen by the board. DID HE QUALIFY IT? REEORT TH.VT EXEMIES MAX f FOBCE PRESIDEXT TO BUN. EXPECT mim STATEMENT XECESSIT.VTED BY BE5EWAL OF THIBDiTEBM AGITATION. Every' Mail jto Wblte House Cootalns . Letters Urging^ BeconsldemtloB'of , Decision to Bespect Precedent Washington. Sept. 2S.—That Robert P. Porter. \yho was director of the United States census in 1S90, aind is now the representative of the London Times here, recentl .v talked with President Roosevelt • j^wnit the third term question, and ob^ined from tbe executive a reiteration'vof bis original statement on the auljlect, with the exception that in thlsT Instance the president Is said to hav« made a quail* tying declaration to the effect that "his enemies might fen'ce him to do -iomething that he docs not wish to' do." was repeated here today. i The fact that his inteniew wds held between President Roosevelt and Correspondent P(/rter does not come from Mr. Porter himself, but from, some one who knew of the interview and was informed of its terms by Mr. Porter. i^H As a result of renewed agitation during the past^few days. President Roosevelt will doubtless be practically under the necessity of making some- further statemeilt regarding the third term question. - Tbe only comment obtainable at the WSite house is that-, every mail brings -many letters from admirers of the president in every sec* " tiou of the cpuntrj-hirgipg him to ttim '•• his back on;precedent and accept »n- .. other nomination. * , ' ^ The essence of almost every,- com« ; niunication of this kind, and th^ ^Vfyc . ments by the visitors at the >Wilf#house. is that if the president really desires to gee bis policies carri'* through congress and in the fonu law. he. must keep at tbe helm hi self letters from advocates of.t^e thiid term movement are Inviriablyv answered by Secretary Ltieb, wiio .telui the corresjjondents that the president;: has not clianged hia mind since rfrr' rttm «i«>- tbe-«^inal declaration at t]i &£»|H I close of last-general election day. iiUK' -he would not run again. Sedretiaoar Loeir.-; letters end by quoting th^ presf "^1 dents statement. ^1 m GET STA.MPS FROM ABK.VXSAS, "] Oklahoma 's international Revenue C«l' lertlon Taken From Kanaas. . Washington. Sept. 2S.—John G. Cat^ pers. commissioner of internal revenue .las decided to add the intern^ revenue collection district of Oklabo*: ma anil Indian Tet;rItory to the district of Arltansas.-This will take it away from Kansas^Uo which it has been assigned for many years. Several reasons j^rc given for the change. One of tlie,:n is that the stamp office: at Fort Smith. Ark., la_ directly on the border of tho two' stattN and is much more convenient tor the people of the two teiritories than any i)oint in Kansas. The stam]^ ; office in Kansas at Leavenworth, \tf- 150 miles atvay. For the fiscal year ending Jone^O, 150G, the total collections for tiie. Kansas district were $303,147.48. Otf this amount^ $78,900 came from Okto-: homa and $12,200. from Indian Terri- • te>ry. leaving 238.939 for Kansas. The' collections fpr Arkansas in the same period wej-e: $125,046.05. An analyshr of the collections from Oklahoma and Indian Territory shows that $30,004| was received fom the stamp tax oa leer and $20,000 on spirits. W. G. T. U. GET BUST start Petition Aindnst Sunday Anusf^ nients. The officers of the W. C. T. U. aiJQ ' today preparing a petition to present to the pastors of the diSerent:chnrch«g , cf the city for circulation in the coQp gre-«ation tomorrow protesting against ^ Sunday amusements. These petitloiK will be presented to the councU »t • 'their meeting when the Sunday amu«a ment ordinance. Is to come up. i • A MARRIAGE licenss was issueil to^ day to O. G. Holme^and Mrs. Attle V^Wght of Augusta, Has. Mrs. Wirlght ig a sister of Prof. L. H. Wlshaird t)f tWs city. V A GOOI> RECORD IX EGU LAYING.^ Cuttage (;roVo Heii IfakeM Other HeiS^*^ llitttle ^0 Keep Cp. t—^ • (HUmlxjIdt Herald.) Mrs. R. S. Foster;Of Cottage Orore township has a hen-^hat has all cotn- nntltors put on the shelf as far as itf'., •n« eggs Is'concerned. Last Mon^y' lust to pass away the time.she I»(4 -«n eg? which measured six indies tAv -Ircumference one way 1>T eifdit Inchte-'^ P the other way. She did not •awn tjfc-J^ think much)of It either althouAs^^*' neeined to have scruples agalni^ ~-—--^ day work md did not lay her qnota on tbf day betore.

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