Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 8, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 8, 1908
Page 4
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i I TJIf lOLA l>AILY BEGISTEB. THIRSnAY ETEXrVfi. OCTOBER K T9na. Dm IBHSTEI .F.SCOTT. ttitarM ikt iola. Kaneas, Poalofflce, a« Be'cond-Clasa Matter. 4iT«rtlsUig Rates Made Known on iv I AppUcafion. j 8UB8CRIFTI0X BATES. Jj Carrier In loia, Oss^CItj, LanrM* I vllle or LaHaf^ I'hie Week .' 10 cent* dne Month 44 cenu One Yea^ $5.00 By MalL Omt jear Inside connty tS>00 •ae year! ontslde connty fiM Ibree Months, In advance....... 11.00 One Month, In advance; ....44 •FFICIIL FAFEIt, CITY OJ' BISSET. Telephone t. . . 18 Business Office - - - - . . 18 Editorial Room - - - - - - 222 IIEPIBLICAN TJt KEY. I For Pri'SideiJt of the i 'tiitnd Stales WILLIAM 11. 'I'AFT of .Ohiij. • l''i>r Vice PicsldiMit JA .MICS S. SUKIIMAN of New York. STATE TICKET. Kor Governor W. U. STlJims of I .,!iwrpiic<-. For Liviirenant Oovirimr \V. J. FlTZCiKltALD of Dodge Cll.v. For Sccrelurv of Sialv CI IAS. 1-:.: DK.NTO.S : of Attipii. 1 For Auditor JAftlES M. NATION i ! of Krio. \ Por Trciisiiicr I AfARK TILLY of IndcpciidfUii'. For Attorney Genciiil ^ F. S. JACKSON of Kiirekii. For Superintendent Public Iiistriiciion E. t. FA IRC MIL D ! of Ellsworth. For Siiperintendeut In.surance C. \V. BARNES Osage Cit.». "or Stale Primer jT. A. McNEAL of Topekn. For R. R. Conmiihs^ioiicr* f GEO. W. KANAVEL ! i i F. J. RYAN I C. A. RYKEI:. ! For United Sfate-'i Si-nuioi i J. L. HRisrow ; of Saiinn.. For ConJ;ruK.sin;iii : CHAS. F. SCOTT of iola. 1 For Judge ThirtJ-soveiitli DistrU-l OSCAIfc ForHT- I of iola. For Slate SMsaiur i-'RANK'TRAVIS i of iola. C 01 M:Y TICKET. Kor Rciiresciitai.ivc \V. T. WATSON IPnr Ciiiintv Clerl; I U.K. crLIJEIlTSON, [For TreasuKi r.C. ACSIIKKMAN For ResiHler of Mfd.. It. L. THOMPSON. For County Atii>rii(> III. A. KWI .NG. Fur Prolmtii Jinlt:e J, IJ. S.MITM. For Sheriff c o. IIOLLI.S'<:KI;. For Sn »i«rlntoiidoiii of Sdiodl^ MKS MArUK FINSTON. For' Stirvc.\ Hill. I'. I'ALSTUINi: For Clerk of Coiiri . C. K. Alt.V.Mi^ I'or Coron' r R. O. CHKI.STIAN For Coninilsslouer. Seeoinl IMstiMi T. J. ANDERSON. For Couinilssloner, Tliinl l>i. tii't C. A. FRONK. TO BE AT WICHITA OCT. 13. j The Southwestisrn Kansas Republican :Editoriai Association Date. •\Vachita.' Oct.- 8.—The .Sontliwust Kansas Republican Editoral AsKoeia- tion will hold its semi-annual meetitiK ou October 13. A Kood programme has been prepared. Among the prominent bpea|{ers will bo Congressiuaii Madieon and Murdoek. ex-Governor Stanley, Mayor Graham, JoiSepn L. Bristow, "y^'. R. Slubbs and others. Besides this the citizens of Wichita, through tlje officers of the Peerless Prophets jubilee will give a royal time. . -A. press' committee has been apiioint- ed which includes the leadiii- rei)re- sentatlvcs of the newspapers of Wich- Ita. ttttoltual . truly iencjicisil Ittj^nvc Mjurc am t»U to MfftoxX the MAmolonp, vnicn must depenci uUi> rtntficiQl effects; oJiwi^S .Bo Co. mxLY - .w BUILT-IN SEATS. Inexpeniiiv* rurnithing<i For the Com* "fortable Cozy Corner. BuUt-ia .-^eatK nrc atteithouphij are often a great iniprovcineni In th« appe.nranii- of B room, and ihey h» sneecs.yfully njauaged If one keeps In miiifl the principles upon \rhiclj archl- tcftiiro stand.<:. Separate se.-iif.<! nn rarel.v as effective as those -that ar« ffalionary. though It must be ndmilfed (hat comfort goes oftcner Tvllh the former fhan It docs with the latter. Any kind of n seat, whether It Is tin atlar-hed part of the rOom oi' a mova- bl*^ piece of furniture, fshould be com- fcirlnble to sit In first of a:l, and tlion ntlention sl'ouhl be given to its iiphol elerlfig. Comfort e;in be .orhieved onl.v by the use of sjirings or very soft luxurious eushiony, and whf-re fhc wat Is large t!ic cushion.^ should It* plentiful. Dirt' collects ou Ihc seal |wirt more than it does on the buck n^d side.«. Therefore it is a good idc.i to have the seat cushion removable, sr that It can ibc cleaned and aired fre- quenlly and the cushion reversed occa slonally. : ! It Is not nh\-ays agreeable li> have n window cut in over a seat of this kluil on account of drafts. If there (s an.' i -rack thri >ii ;;h which a ci.jd wind car lind Its wa.v, then It Is siire to strikr <lisai :rcciibly agiiiiisl tl«,' in-cU or shotlltlery of one enjoying the com forls of the .Keal. The effect of .'i niii «li)W, espwially a mullitmetl one. U W pleasant, however, to allow the draf fcatni:o a great deal or ciuisidcr .'itloii. It is 'the hoiisewife who Inis Icarneil by esperlencof about the dust :nid tli- cold .Tir th:rt; go with this iharni;t!. bit or furulsbjng who voles .-iwiinst Jl another lime' But whether there i;; a window or not—and if there l.« it shonhl swiua hut histead uotli iiig .•should lie;|ilaced above tlje scat t Interfere ^Ith^ one's leuniTig back When picturcH.' sftclvos and ^>tlic.r ornaments o<-cup.v places that -by rigln belong to the pcr .<oii In the seat, tliei. NEW YORK S^ORE To the Front* Again with a Rousing FRIDAY AND SATURDAY t rHOLSTEBEl) IX Aj;i!A'K.II.OrB. til.' ono Kveal cliarni ol" lli.- li'unginK plii'-o is loht. It has ccab«'il to be tcni foitalile. Thcri! is an endle.<s variiMv of tn expcii-ihe fitrnlsliliigM thiit look Mi'h air! do uot lirliit; a p:iiig io the I MIII<^C wile'..; hciirl wlicji they l«'i;ln to .-!io;v the citci t.-i of hitn .-^lilKc aiid ii>:i>:" I'n -toiiiic Is llic :t 'iilillc |i;i|- CMclli -nci- l<ii rl.iiii Kiliil!< of lo'iiiiv. r.if_ l <iiini» p;ii ticiil;il ly a 'lil Im- lhii !|J ii .niii nlii'h at" f "M |i !ii 'd I'l tin' rlillll/ Iii-rloil. A tv\. I.I'll ot iipfli n,i ''-li fabilc thill.l-i lii'itit: ii-.d f'li iir t'lliii and cii!-hloii l"ps Ii.i- I.MKr BM "iir'' ot'cnlng'-. throtmii v. liiM :i ''<'' orcil liniii;: Wlii'ti I':". i,r;le- rl.ll I'. for liiinciiiK ai a 'vn-lt.v. i"i li'iiu',: n'"''l'"l. h'li for iii' mi"" p'irpo.s"<; a snlisfiiiiliul loinrli'inr >•( tills Uiud 111- pn.viil. il. .\rias cloth if. aUvu;,^ in f;ivor c>ii :i'- cunt Tit its ;;o'«l wearing «iua!!llc.-:. the variety of color.-! it coii;c-. In aii^l it-i gi'iieitill.v go'i'l i'!ie<'t uiJii aliiio-i a'ly style of furniture. It c:i:i ty ti-cd either plain or dceoniicil \\]:U co:;c-' iii'i-flleuork. with aiipli'iiM- or «iili Btenciliiij:.' .\u.v one of tIie.-<' n-eai iiienls will t>e higlily satisfactory. Schooling For a Princeos. I! is siiptilicant that even the I'dn- ce^-! of Wales i-; a believer in the al- v;i:jla:.'es of cliisb room edilci!t!"ij ;i" i >v:>r again.'st the olil tutorial methods coiiiiiK 'uly einpiloyed in the cilucaliun of royalty. Tiie l*rincc-:s of Wales 1 H-- lievcs that girls should h:ivu e\ery ailvanlace of tnoderii education and so is considering' sending lier daiigiiter, lie,' Princess Mary, to .school. Princess .Maty, who is a clever little nee<llewoiiU'ii and is already 'very well ailvitiiced in her studies for a child of lier age. would iindouiiiedly tiud "Ics- 'sons" far more interesting if she hail classmates of her own age |i> coiu|)ete with. It Is therefore by no {iieans tin- liUely that sli.e will l)e wntito school, siiys Iloiiie Notes. Of I'oiirse in that <'ase ^he would have her private suit of rooms and her own governesH |u attendance, but her lessons would l»e .taken villi the uilier jiniills, and she would be treated Its one of thum. Just as Prince Ed- vaM. England's future king, is ul prescml oiiij- one of tbu luaiiy eudeld at t)slionie.; • Tongu* Twiitars. Try to Ml} lhe^e senleiicei yuii.Uly: Sl\ lhlcli-;thlsile slicks. Two tli"i| toads irletl Io trot Io 'JoU- bitry. I tilvo Ori'mes Jim's great gilt gig whip. ; , Stdct. strong Stephen Stringer snared •llckly six iliickly silky nuakes. She stood at tbc door of Mrs. SmitJ>'.-> fned fish sauce abop tn tUe Strand wvtcomius blm In. 4 Our Ne "|c7 York buyers Having cornorecl tliis luammotli purchase oi 50 samijle Suits at 6Sc oh the Dollar. This purchase represents the very latest models and newest fabrics, each Suit is an individual ~~' style, no two alike and in tho ' ' ' most i:)opuiar shades— liOn- doin smoke,green, blue, black and brown. These samples consist of ladies' and nr^sses* models. Regular prices on these samples were $25 00, $27,50 and $30.00. We will sell these tomorrow and Saturday, your choice for : V, In order that our out oi town customers may aviul themselves of the great bargain sale it v/ill be continued for Friday and Saturday. dOOD UMieal <f.>l>.ino.iilHl lltishtls. rorii -.',•>l.'i,iMi0.lilii> Itnsliels anil Otilo 7f>*.»,l«1.<H«» Hnshel*. GRAIN (\Vj:sIlili:^l"iIl. 0( I V 'l;!!' •I'W'i '. ••>' cii;o ie|>iivi iT';«jl I'lil.iv .-l.:>I I'l- ciiiri 1 Hiji on Dciii'lir 1 7. (cii;: I'l-::!-; "h I e. Ill . Iiiijil I'l'.'li '.r ;il tt.i- |llil|r;ilr.l |l III t'll .!• . I' il' |i>!.- Ill 1: .if'l :i ;-t\ ••. •Ml .n • i • :• |d vllin! vlii'.i'' ii.illi'-iiii d ;i .-..'.' ;i ii:;f».iioo ii'i'liil <.l| V.i ( I'l ''iir allfv .ilji." ( :|)'0^'I'l.-iii'• •.', i o I-•• 1 -'iii. 111. ;i, i:< tr.i.ii'iit: sii- \\ re :i\ 1 r;u*i:i'j I \* In I rlie • v.'l I'- l|l< ' .ill' !l( i|> iii'iriii'ii' -if :ii:i'iilii'ie ci>ip ,.l|i<,it i-jiii-d ti'il.'i ;liie iiiiii ••iiiili \i^> - I.. ;>;'.i»'.ns' i < i<;'.t<tli .v -.i fWi'ilK r I, ' ," :ji:i| ;» iii; .v...!i ;.ili l-ii-.-i- I'll OcK'ii";! i ••! 1 lo' .if ••r:':^'' V ii-ld ot ;i-.iin'.'.; •.>lii,r ;;• ;i(f,..i.i.-i il ti"il i-.-.iiiii..ic i-: • ill I!'-'", iiiiii .1 ••i: r iiii'iiiji- qi !lii tit'l |ii I "1! li'ill'.; iiil-in-' till- i.iiil r^iiiiiiti:- of I', mill iii i:iii7 ii!:<l iii|ii|iiv ill > in I'.iiu .'md •(.-."•ear ii.'ir;ii;i' i.r •-'•'.i- !«LLK<;i: IMfKSIl»KNTS Ml .MKKI S| pcriiiii'iident FafndiiM (alls a ( mi- I'l renee for NevI Meek. i . jjTo];r. OI'. S.—Vcr ;iiii ;:i;.-i.' in e»jf.iii!i.-hi!i.:r clii.-cr jmiidlier n- ii|,lioil.i l)rt»eeli I he. \ .i 1 ioii s ciilliuc^ o|! ihc s.f.ti" and the >;;Ht' scliixii dc- jii niiiiliu -• I I '1.11 III 11'' 'ti- .1 ' Iiiiii,li''0 ;ii 111-; I.; ' : i A DEUClOUSinoniing beveriige-T-a tleiighl- ful accompaniment to iunch- con or djr .n-i'—rich, Ira- granl; exliilarating— OLD GOLDEN COFFEE it 11 always "juil right;" lull strength will never "off" la»tc or ncss. OLD ['^f5r~l--.."ji'• • GOLDEN uan ^1 f-^-"'" unuftial blend which- tcvft.AU V.,,, ,| ... . t .1 I-.- 1' V. • 1 Oil. . ; :i; < ',i''; r; ,. ; .1 ;r, ,(• . r:: .. ul ! <)•: • • • • I-. -I '• !•' ,11111 Ti „-::i.. ;;• •.•< . :• 'vi i I'l-,- ':'!tii-'i' '1 '..'I , I :• :r;;"-i -nf -ii^I.:i-iii'! i'iii':f. • I (I 'l',i' t •. - 'h:r M 'IJI ; scii. rf I 'll 1.1 -rit: -hi.i:).l IClliilUi 'I IT i- l;ii'.' I'ali.;' ;|:' 'i> ••.ll i-t-ift-:;*' I Ti'. ;iiii'- .1 ;:•.•"'•.. i I",- iri|Mc:''iir - iiil!'\' i::..i : ."--."..lii 1..- :i'I .i|il (;l :r> lii'- ^niii i.:' I.'" il- iirll ili 'i !li-( l;iiii a!"l iruli..-' I Ki!. "i -'.i!''i;-- .ll.ll ei)Ii:li;'ill! •'.•- ;i;.il ll?;.! rrl- '••;-•'- .--liiiii:!! i '.il .ii'i lii.l.- fsr:' I'' ilil^ iiiiiililii.i! .\li<it;.":' iii:i '.I .11!' -11 '.leri ih • ••ii -.-i 'i|i \\}'.' I..- :iii 'i.i'il I 'l -.'.'i! !'-ii - l:ii;iiii .•>!.ii.' SM |,ii ml.'^iii l":'!i' child V i.i i.|'-ii ilvi-. i !i .-rii ^iivii Willi n 'r.Milii.' i;f -'-.I- ;!;:ii'-- P'i .i"l. iirl.i^ iJi'illillll. in: 'III :i I l .i '-l; i.f rill- ri.lii- iimi; scliniils. l'>-<i \ I'l .ii'.:.- in ;!ic ^ 'v"il! lilc .il il I .'».! c-. :ii'.'l ..• ;;,c •.le .'cnii;; HEBREWS TO HELP PreniUe #2UI>.IH») !> a KirM ( unlriliu- liioi l« !Iie S»r*:'a Mar Ihol in (asp of lle.»lililjcv. always "juil right; lull | b, smooth ami fialatihlc, • ; icvec a BUKBP-ilum ol J'-^ istcnrflal- '....—^ . coffee Gouanew t,;' new to you. y j ^liit'^^— Qntooro—ata Tone BROS.. 033 Mcinoa, 3 |;.U'!iiilc .''JeiMa. KH-< S—Kilii, IVt- ir I il.-- ii'in i.t 'il lie.e the armc tnatii'iivci.V till! tin;; i.i ilu Heivnn •'lll.llli'l ll .lr, 'llC.-Ii MlIl .l'.H'I'.i d II" ll»-.ll v.nli ilie I'll'-. Ill I --I-.;.Mi i.lliru ha^' I •'Il <-i .i ii-li' ! 'ill l!i»- t'llncil'al M|II;III' i.l' the iil> fm' il'.e eiilisinieni 111 \i>iiiiirei'r- 'l ii<- lie- In. III Itilui lull- IlilM- 11 Iul IIHlt lll 'l Liv ; iiii "'iii ihiii .11 tf.e' i':!! Ill w i:' •!lii > Mill ^M:i•l ii .ii' $jii<i 111111 .1.- il lii,; . 'Hii 1 li'Mi iuii III :i i>.' I Ini 'il 'till' kiiveriiiiicni :II!I I M'.-''Il clli 'l i'>; ic liiile III l!ii' ^;:.;:iall'^r > i-i Il;| iter i 'l iii.iJ.v^ ..:::l;l.^l \ isii iu- 1 li .ii i -;u > •;- i-.>-..<ii u;' : !u MuM^iii - i-; lU'l !rci.'' i'l .--ei .'iM'; il .i- !•! ( !i |iif.l i.i 'i' •.li:'!-.- I I '".I ••••.x .1' • ; I' I Z"-i>viii:i. Till.- .- 1 ;i r : 1 mil'iiileil l .>i.' wiU pnnc lit';il '•• '11" tiiiiire e; Si'i \ I.i. ^^e•.e|•.•^! *•( the Harmony ."oun^ JTolkH attciKied the party at .Mi. Boer- bl'^'r .-i j-anfila} iiisht I-11,' .. . . .11: I '.'. 1 n.:-. y.-- • - I.''• S' ;i . • '.I M' It.I •l.illi- :• TM"' !• !l":i ' **''• \.>r."ii;ni i;.'.':^i|;i';i <"|.i-;! iin -l T'l i •••..-•\ Ml', i.. .1 r;-!.- T-:-; .M:. Iiiv. '..ij r^-vrr.".! rfi"I" •.'..•"•: V. 11 jl 'il" i' 'lii'li' ' It'.:':)'-.- ;• lii- i.nor'v nf iat'- Si'-- i.i.ii ' . iii-i '.1111:1- ::••:• !;r'-. I'-.- I •:. I 'h:!. .l.-i'-I s"!i Ki:i'i; I'-- " iiii'! \V :!1 >*i'--.v.i:!' i.-.i-.'.. --.n: ;,ij-'- •,' ••ill' .-'-nii:^ I11-' i to !'-• 11 T;. i::!lliOr.'-. C.-'i f'iiiii'i I 'M ' j.eii.f- t'-:ini s ;.i;'ir .:.i\ to .>ii- llarl.M :!:i 'I !'-ni:,'!ir niiiii'".' hi'i.^'- 1'! tlie > iiii'- j',11' DOCTOR PRESCRIBE IT *. >l«dirif:i- Ihut Appc;tl> • to I'lusj. • riiiM» —'! Iii'j Uecniriiire IN Valiie. Dr. -I. y. K!inl> of Mlanla, La., leIN the Irulh aiiioit Vinid. '•' :i: • T;'I''I'*^ •1.: -.iV: i. r • T . IT- ; ;i v'(>'---.t •;) I'l.'- ti -111:- I'.nr r ;..-';,--rs or , l.'.r.-rnc'-, ••;'- iv.v '•• irt'---' II,.': !!. |i: ;iT>i'i:.!-'i! i'il- ' :•••:• tn •!,.! .M,. of ih- il-r :;i'-:i v^-iiVh ':-i.- ''i'l:'" .1 un Ihi wa^'V 1:-.''/!;. ."Mill t •: ;'.:•' :i !:iliii !"-r <>!' -itii'T Mi'.iil'i"-^;!!!' 'II?-.;- 'II ll',- t =a::) y' ::i' .\!c; iiKUis ,11 • :ii -•i.ili.i! It hill I i' . -> V." i!a\e U - ;i" - ll'-. lioi h.-^ \i\ Iiin: ti'iie to lead Ih'.' Kt I'liiLicai. 1, iiiil L'OoK Y :i 'l "ti! ;ii.-i> i:').i'-'-' '!:*• -!'| i--' •'1 lak-- a riili- iii X'v.c \Vri,;;!'.t ai-rn- l.l::i;i- tin; te iiri;- t^i: -^^-.u-vvA ;ii, ;r ^^:.s a I'-v. \Vi '-i... auo. ••| »i ,i !il p.-i-i.;,- •!> !, ,i>-,' •:- -' i -. - lieXc lie- li;i ---l Mili.lii'le i "il ill I I'l. i-:'i lilii 'Ii. •.-•.i' !)••-• -,Ji -.1 .',.;. ;-. li-.iJ'i.-l I .-Iii:'i r iili.l '!; I-:!-.:!'!- -11-,; • 1 i .!ii,.\ii ll' iil .-'iiril .i- !i 'ii :iv i> ViM'C •'I :u !'.i-.- Vinu! ll-. ii:; ;i! ;ii! :ci . iiini t'.iiil r I.i - i -;:i |;'.i cu-u'.i..^. i -.i:-. '.!r,':rj. .1 lii,:i;.!.:- 'j;.;.!;!^ -i-i.- ' .11 .; '•; l.-iiVc ii-tt Viiii 'i li! ir.<ii,'- 1 .1 !!l'Ik'.-l:"!i. Ii:.i:-;i. .-.i ::,l.,iti .il; .il.ij In- 1'J:;.'II'S uliii liH\(' .111 ;i ,ijn.';:ie .1. :.- .->:i .i .i:!:i i-ml ',,-. iln '.vii uiih -..iimliil !.-i.:^- I l..r ..• .il-,' !.-)iiiii! '. I -.1' \- • ' ' it ';i I' II 1 • '.'- .* : 1'* ,! t...l!.-l.- V::.i.: 1; . 'V, • : ,.I ' ll i 'r- '••• ' ' ^' !'p'-ii • i i; I "ll i,i^.| M' ; • I'll '..1 ..- ;.i, • . . , 1 ... .\ ,,'ti . i.;r <li'.\ II , • I •• • . - ,' ' K I ' I :;•! -, I 111 • ,:.;i- ' ,'i - .1 1-' . .1 11. '.••< :,!'.il ll-,...i .11. «l l':i .1 .''•' - V:,.'.! I- i:;i'-.. ' ."I ri..-- .'ill. ii'» '..iii.' iKiiI 1 ..-:<,' Ml -ll"',! I ..M( i ll ir ;,i ."-i . •• .-. l-;- .-. i: '' .. :vi'. [.' i>, K ;iii .-.i. Til'- iiitH.-'criit:. hi'"- alr .'cuU v-i't I.lit i.iiire than a iiiillion i ainjiai^;!! Iiiitions. and as a rciiii!% the people are fislrly tnnihling over each other to get to the polls atnl vote ifce Ucm- ocr.itte ticket. lire '!i>aiivii!!ti '.2" I 'f heiii.; ;i ciMl!- •\:n>: ti.ii- Hl-t-siileia .-..-siiis ti.> '.Lat • •HI hiuc to L-ii iii-c:;'jrch OI: Sduday •.^!J| ther yoli Aan' •.•i> or i:o.f. We '.|'!.-ii v.i -.r .r-:- ••.':i' \'l I 'li |i::i'•:• name w a— J K. llui;.-'- !i; r(.,..-i;;i (."iiiTii! V.U K >V1>. Ill !«. NOT 11 !. Deuiutiat 1^ I'l! I>'!t» I'liila) —."»a»si lie >c;(r Kelt liellcr. •> itnn. !... 11,- ! i. ' -'nor ani 'I ti.'- '."iivt .\. v, ,, dt'ii'! .1- !:• •r';;i''k,i ,. !.,i: .-,lv;;is of I';" :i-'. ll! ,•; \.'a !H .Mr 111 ll)- soii.- r -eirlv exiieO' ; •' "litn: ! ; 1 r 111 k • u : I' .:'a-C -I,'-;:::• iiir; ym.-.t l>;;;-i;i.; hv: V, l,-;i;':i tr;i%- i:;:.. -viiit'-n :i:;ii:lj :,, •- r.i' (•;'; -'i!; nn -•• . ; I'V-rOnd. M- '.v': 'i •. '•' i.r-ii''.n ::ii:l abl'" •..•i-..,- -,,n '' '•••:'• 'n:.-jtic .l;.?" aii-'l ••. V M'-' ;i';;i,i.' .'. 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