Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 27, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 27, 1907
Page 6
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1 ? — .TMt lOMi Piar BEfllSTBK. St? EVglfiyft 8EPTBOBB JMtt7. mt NEWS ITEMS 618 CITY pACeHTf B OF XB. AND MRS. FALL HAS A BBOSEX ABM. 0.6. RHiNEHART BADLY INJURED STBUCK BY \ HAY DERRICK WHILE WOBKIXU ON FARM. H^'iirrant* Have Been Usuei for Youug Men on Cbarge of Dhturblnif ; Feace. Wd Sot Kmn Arm Wus Urobi-n. It was not kuown until ye»teiil;i> that the Btnaii Uaugbter of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Ball broke hor left arm Tuesday night when she fell on tlie slooe sidewalk. Yc.sierday wiicn 11 pained her so much she WUH taken to a physician who made the examination and pionounred it lirukeu. li will be very much worse than an ordinary break because the Injured arm was not attended to at once. Thf ITV tle child is a great deal better today, however. Wamotii for DiMurbintr the Feai-e. Warrants were issued yesterday afternoon for some younjr men who live in the country adjoinins this city on the charge of disturbins; tiie peace, ft will i>e impossible to serve the wa> rants, however, until these young nieti return to this city. The warrants are now in the bauds of the officers and wlU be served as soon as the offenders appear in the city. Moved in Town. Jacob Myers yesterday moved his residence from west La (lratine to South McRea street. Mr. Myers says that he would very much raiber live m the city. He has lived in ihe La Grange addition to Gas City tor a num ber of months. Mr. Rhiuebart Hurt C. G. Rhlnehart was very scrionsly injured late yesterday afiernopn when he was struck by a fallin?: hay derrick. His left foot was very severely mashed and- his back sprained. He was working with other men in the field on his farm three and one-ha!l miles south of this city when the derrick fell. His little sou was standiim near when the derrick fell and just escaped being struck also. Ret. D. M. Campbell Mill Help. Rev. D. M. Campbell, pasior of th< local Methodist Episcopal church, will have charge of the devotional se^vIce^^ Of the Ottawa district conference of the Methodist Episcopal church, which is to convene iu La Harpe on October 7th. Many other Gas City people wil' be In attendance at the different SOP- sions of the conference. Manna! Tralnlnir TiiMe^ Arrive. . The manual training tables arrived this morning from Pittsburjr. Kansa.'--. after-an unfortunate delay of several weeks. The tables wil! be installed Immediately and the department will be made ready for the openins of this department on next Monday luorninu Every effort will be made now to m>^' the work in order to make up inr the "delay. Personals. • Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Tanner left :hf- morning for Nevada. Mo-., where the' will visit relaitves for several day«. W. H. Harper of Hartford. Kansas, was in the city yesterday-visiting relatives and' friends. R. O. Orberson of Hroiison was in the city yesterday on business. m 'Will Be AT THE To-morrow, Saturday, we will inaugurate our first "SATURDAY CHILDREN'S DAY" with many special bargains ior the School Children. Parents should read our ads and attend the "Saturday Children's Day Sales each week. Come to-morrbw, bring the little folks along and let us fix them out. Special Saturday Cliildreu's Day Sale of Junior and Child Ten's Coats C''".T!NCT;CTi .Hmnf ;s New .^tyles, uev, materials, now in. Special prices for Saturday. Children's Coats at— $2.98, $3.98, $4.98, $5.98. $7.98, $iO Junior Coats at— $4.98, S5.98, S7.98, $8.50. $10. $12, $15 Children's "M" Waists, the best waist made for the price, sizes 2 to 14. Saturday Children's Day price, 15c or 'J for Child reus Hose Supporters, all sizes, black and white, regular price 10c, Saturday Children's Day price, per pair, Children's White Knit VesLs and Fauts, sizes 18 to ,21, Satuiday Children's Day price, . to Id All Silk Plaid Ribbon No 00 for the hair, regular price 25c, Saturday Children's Day price, per yard IS©: Children's Lawn Handkerchiefs, Saturday Children's Day price, 0 for Children's 'Boston Terrier' School Hftsc, sizes 0 to t)i, Saturday Children's Day price, o pairs for 39o Children's White l^nion Suits, sizes 2 to 0, Saturday Children's Day per suit. Children's 'Round Ticket' School.^ Ftockings, excellent quality acd fine sib, sizes 0 to 10, Saturday Childrens Day price 25c, or 1 pair for 90o Children's DougolaKid, button or lace, single or Welt soles, School ^hoes, Saturday, Children's Day, H 1-2 to 12 $1.35 12 to 2 ... S1,SO Children's *^chool Shoes in light weight Box Calf, Welt sole, Saturday Children's Day, 8 1-2 to 12 $1.35 12 to 2 $1,50 CHILDREN'S DAY IN OUR MILLINERY DEPARTMENT, Soft felt stitched bats in white, red, brown, navy, Saturuay, each 29G Children's "Cheyenne" Hats In navy, red, brown, Saturday, each, $i,oo received a complete line of -'Fluffy Ruffle" eilects in red, navy, brown. Saturday, $2.95.$3.85 y$4.98 Children's "Cheyenne" Ilal-s, broad silk band, iu all colors. Saturday, $1.SO Caps with viiors, in any shade, Saturday Cliililrcn-s Day price, cacli QUAIL AT GOUBT YARll ..f Hun(»TS J>el!irlit Vi>il<il ( nurt lio^l^(' J.awn Tdilii}. PUT 0>- WILD WEST SHOW. J «lm WUson, Colored. Fir«l His "Weepon" st Booker's Pfacp. John ^VilBon, colored, pulled off o wad West sho-w in A. H. BooliCf> place on South Jeffprson street yester day afternoon. Made enthuslast'c by freguent nips from a lonp, dark bottle he is bald to have fired several Bhoti= from an ancient revolver. The color ed genUemen present took refuge under chairs, counters and tables until the smoke cleared away. The pollcf •ft-ere phoned for acd "Wilson taken into custody. He at first denied th< charge but later plead guilty, ife got $5. TO RECOVER S2,600 CoDBty Attorney Brlups iJuit on Jplntists' Bonds. County Attorney Peterson today filed salts in district court agam&t Dick Craig et al, L. D. Montgomerj- et al, and Henry Lyons et al, to rcvnover 1x>njd given for their" api>carance in district court. Gralg, Montgomery and X .yoD8. all charged with selling liquor, skipped but and left their bondsmen- to light the case. Mr. Peterson has also filed suit against Cliff McCarl^ and his bondsmen, and Billy Frampton ,and his bondsmen. The bon ^E in all of the cases, amount to 12600. The county attorney gets 20 Tier' ^cent for recovering the bonds, 'Wttl <4i means tliat if he is successful in reooirering the entire amount, he will rcoeire 0260. Thcro Wiis :i preny sijila in llio •<-.!irr hnuiv yarri this n^o:n:i::;. (.'ircihf: llii" ]<:ir]i wiili sprij;htly hoiis w.-i-; •I t'cvy of lialC a uo/^.en qiiailv. When 'Ii< y cP.nie. wlitre they t-ame frotn, or .hat caiis-'d \\\'m lo come, no mie '.ii 'iws. Thr' unusual ?;i"f-f.](-lo of a :ii;!ni)t'r of ijuails con;!!-.!; lii" \. •> ''UKWii-.-R rfnicr of lov.ii. alirac-iril a l.irgo uiini'K'i' of iK 'Vsoiis who nia .\t!- I'd i'.t tbe s 'i ^lU. 'i'i'.'' liivds lii't ii'>; sf-oin to be in tlii^ least alann '-d ai •he crowd. I'«jssil>iy tln-y v.^•}•• t -io bewildered to attempt to fly Iroin llic approach of people. Tlio yiiarr.iws '.eft their lionT's in tin- roofs and iav;-s of tlif. lnisines.s biinflln;:s and w<-n( over to the f'aric and vif.iTod new comers;. The <-oiinty ofjiters cinie out i .r ili<^ cr.iirt iiof .Ki- and pfnpb' pa-^s'.ii-.: liy stojiped and speciilatr -i! as to liow the quails happened to conic- thire. it was tlic peiieral opinion that Imnt- ers or wjmetliinK e!s»' had It -rriM; friKhten?d tliem au <i thoy- ]i:u\ fl'iwn .Rto the busini..';s p.^rt of town i .i-ffir-- ;hoy knew it. Tom Howln.s who was -".raong the spectators, recalled tliat seven or oicht yrar:; a^o a Iar?c hevyl IS IMS.M.tL SW.t.Ml' TWKIAK D.VY.S <;irl Is Veeidnitiilly l{r«.cue<l From Its l)e<'iii'st .iunurlr. .N'orfolli. Va.. Sept. 'J7.—Twelve day i.i tlie Di.sinal Swamp, without food or V. a;«-r. and at the luercy of wild lieast.s tliat roam ther?. Annie Stan Uy. a nicre slip of a girl, not niore tlian 1^ years old, is :iow insane, mi able to speak or even to tell how she ca'ii'' to sni'li a Witli IiL -r (k'ili lorn and bleediu and with little clothitig on her, tbe :ri wa.^ found by a po.sfe of lifty men ti di'v in Ihe thickest of the swamp I'or 'lire" ilay.s )>en5ons heard pe- i-'iliar ci-ics. liK<-. tliose of a panthe r-.niini; from tlie swamp. Today po;i -i'. armed witli guns and axes''d out to kill ths "beast" tiiat h -id Iie .?n disturbing t!i<"m. On reach in;; tin- swamp tln-y formed a circle so as- to enicr ironi both sides. With {iuna cockid and axes poised rr -ady lo put the animal to death, the u: 'U movdl s -teailiiV toward the .spot lii.iM wli <h they jud.i;ed the crie: cnnie. ii is beljeve>l tho Rjrl was carried •n (lie swan^l) liy sono oni-" who dc sin-I her death, biif there is a r? inf in ejreulation tli-it she escaped fntiii lihinappcrs. l.o.^T —I'rnliiilily ill Klcrtnc park of quails flew Into tiie park croiindF, one day and remained for several!'''.'"".'.""' riuK'. bullseye setting day.'!. But tliat was wlieu the court -THE F9NESAL of Miss Lulu Pegg VMi^^4 ^4h^ from the resl- • im^rfi^. Sontli state street and Inter mnt »«k mada la tbe lola cemetery. housQ parlc was a comparative wild 'mess and the birds could keep hid 'en more or less. Janitor *'Cruniley already has a dumber of birds and inlmals in the park but said toilay that he was willinp to offer «'very in ducement to the ne.w comers to st:iy permanently. Dr. G. C. Clyiin suir^re > fd that the county commiRsloners can ture the birdi? and have quail on t'jast •\t tbeir regular s&ssion. This afternoon nn added interes' was'given to the quail in the court vard park, when parties reported that two other bimches were ser-n In town, one' in the yard of Col. 3. B. Atrli 'son and the other on East Sfadison. DIES OF FR.tCTCRED SKILL. Prince Charles .iuarustu* Fell on the Stalm—In.lurf FataL Potsdam, Sept. 27.—Prince Charles Augustus, youngest son of^Iie late Prince Maxlmillian and; Lieutenant of the Prussian foot guards, slipped on the stairft here today and fractured Us skulL He died almost imediately. "Jun" enj;iavcd on Hr<uvirs <lr'l^ store wai d. inside. Return to I ' :;:):>. lu Siand.ird Pn«,ldenl 111. .\. w "^'ork, Seiii i'7--ilenry JI. Flag v 'ee |iresl(lent of the Standard Oil <-iinil'any, is seriously ill in Brent wood:-'. .Viw York, of a peneral ner voiis lirei'.kdown For Sale Cheap, fJood Farm and City Bropert.v. See the TJIK J.VTII.tWKEK LAXD CO. for quick results. Old Court House lola, Kans. Distilled Water One hundred pounds of Crystal Ice will make 12 gallons of distilled water suitabla for family use. Try it lelalce &CoMStariseCe FRANK RIDDLE. Mtr. PLAY FOR THE CUP ViuaN ill Teiini."* Toiiniey I'luyed on i 'ciiu >yhHuia Court Today. Tile champioubhip gaiiu. of teuiii to decide the i)OS3ssion of tiie Cham piouship cup. is to be held tomorrow afctrnoon at four o'clock at the Peuus ylvania, liotel courts. Owen and Brewster and Sio\er an BowluK were the successful teams i llu! semi-fiuuls ye.siitvday. The game yesterday were as follows: Damon an Ross defeated Rogsrs and Hale. Siov e>- and Bowhis th'-u defeated Duniou and Ross. Bowlus and Stover then defeated Finney and Curtis, score 01 U-0. t'pton and Curtis were sut ctssful in their game, against ."McDon aid and Olson, tiie scores being tii and i-i. The lirst set Was won Iiy Iptou and Curtis . Today O W.MI and Urewster and Siov ei and Bowlus are to play to dcXvv mine which team shall play the eham pioiisliip game with Peet and Turner This game proniisss to be a vea-y ex citing one and will bo watched wuli Rreat deal of interest. The game will t -c played on tbe Pennsylvania courts A stries of consolation contests. Is being held this afternoon but flie ex act schedule of the ganics could not be given. TO OPE.V DE.tDIIEAD PI Kau^alls ^>lio Wuiit to Pay E .xtra for u Seal May Do So. Topeky.. Sejit. 27.—The i-'ullman company has de<-lded to uixn its 'deadhc'ad" cars while running them through Kansas, and when trains are crowded persons who want to pay the extra fare for a seat may do so. The rders of tlio company will be issued within a ft .w days. AV. H. Kossing- on of the law finn of Rosslngt(m & Smith called on Frank Ryan, member of ih3 board of railroad commissioners today and announced that the Pullman company would comply with tlie notice^ sent by the board. Mr. Ryan started tliis movement. He lund Konie crowded trains with one or two 'dcadliead" Pullmans attached going back to Eastern terminals. The cars were not opened and a lot of persons had to stand and some of them were willing to pay for a seat. Mr. Ryan started out to flod out why thetie cars were not bpencvi. IIE.iI{ST SPOKi; TO -WE.V. lulerst^ite .Meeting of ludeprndenri- iiCUKue Today. I It ir r. Special for To morrowj.. u. ,iag. WIFE ABA.NDO.NEI) 111.11. DJMin'i- and L "-'ard Wants Child. .New York, Sept. -~.—iJeiegates from fourteen slates iiidudins Mis- .souri and Kansas, are here for the con ference called by the New York Independence League looking to the bar monization of actions of branches ofi the league in various states and the in aiiguralion of a national niove'ineni for the advancement of the leagues piin- eiples. Tbe conference bewail loda;-. Prior to the meeting tli'> delegates; held an informal meeting ai!<l were! w-elcoined by William Randolph ' Hearst. j Our buyer lias lueii to Kansas Cltv j , . . and we now have just received a big i • ""S?^" '^^f^"" ^"'t district shipment of all kinds of Fruit. Vege-; conn lotiay for divorce from his wifj. CH.MiOEU WITH AlA.>SLAIMriLlt.j .\orlh Curolina (Jraiid .lury .>iakev Comphiint .\gain.»t Kaiho-jd. tables and such as can be liad in the market at Kansas City. For today and Saturday we will have the followins: Belll'ower Apjiles. New York Pippeu .\pp!es. Toka.v lira pes. Bluf' Oaniroii f'lui:is. Creeii fJi'^e Pluni.-;. Bananay. Orange;- ilocky Ford .lersey Sweet Potatoe.-;. Fresh Toinalo'-s. IOg;;pla«r. P.iisnips. 'Iret -n ;ind Wti>; H--,ni^ Kadisiips. Beets. Pie Plant. Ve.yetable Souj) Bundles. Blue Grapes. .Julia Haggart. They were married in Claremoro. I. T.. in' l&Ul. He alleges tliat very shortly after their marr'age his.wife left h-m and remained away fiom homo some' time. Sh(r later c::ni(. back but If-ft Iii niagain. Ho Is.j.vs sli', is f;uilty of cruelty, in that i .-.lie has negli.-cled iiini and refused: lo I look aftiT his hq -ne. \lr asks ifor I divorce ami tlio custody of Iheir cliild i \ irly. IS HE.STKAIMM; TRADE. Raleigh,'N. C.. Sept. -7.—The Crand jury returned an indictment for mai\- s!au;;l;ter apa'nsi thr> engineer, con- luctor and two Ir.iin dispatchers, of the Durham division of the Soutlieni Railroad,*"for th'i deaths of three men killed in a head on eoilisii!:; near Auburn, Seplenilier 1. Res|ieel fully. A. G. MUMM A. Iiidcjxudent Say<i Standard is Causing Trouble .\:;u!ii. K.C. P}ninblog& Sopply Co 20 E. Jackson. Phone 65. GENERAL REPAIR SHOP lawnMowsra Shmfp»n*d I Fiti'dia.^-. O.. Sept. :;7.—.\iiotlier suit i .-iu'ainst the ."^taud'ard Oil company ! liroucbt by Indeiiendeiit prcnlucers was begun here tdday bv GcorKe H. I'helps. who alleges the Standard and 'se\eii other odiciais of the concerns jare o|ierating in i^estraiut of trade lagainsi- ihe indei)endeiu oil producers in particular. '. Kcgister Want' Ads., Ic a Word. DIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOm Meet Your Friends AT ^MBSS Prihoih's Millinery Opening Try a Waat Ad. lo tbe Bi^lster. TONIGHT of New Pal-terns." Carrie Priboth

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