Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 8, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 8, 1908
Page 3
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THE lOLl DULY BgGI8TEB. ITEDyiSD.tY ETEyPG. OCTi^BEB POLITICAL GOSSIP • fri- :• .(I a' il'.i.- :'i ir- ••'il •.',(•,!<!! ."I.'?'.'!"! "',-'1(71 uoa it ."•••I ,••» u;;'i, .• • • 'i::; - ./ H iur.-ii'!- /i.V ' .1." Mr- • hi>ii.>- I'iirkv'.- • I,.-. >Pi |M(u:ia«i \r i II\M IF.. -|"vitiii Oi.l I!rli>'-'» IliilUilt I'ilrhvr I.:].:;,' 'Ni'-h'- <iili''r Kiitn^'• At tv.ry -tag" of ils carotT <lurtns the pr»>s«.>nt ei >nfra »ioii the D»>mocratic Party in winlcipal. state and national affiur.-i iiliki? has set itself to the task •if inc ii '.il hurabuccinj; working I ooi)''» 'ir.o iuiins: it t>t'ir support. T},. V u niit no-*- and thtjre never h ;tN li. • 11 ;iin- ,— •iou.- thoiic 'ht of prin- •-!;>!•• t'.if :mu !s of r)<-'mocr .itic i>oIi- ri.'i;ii.~ ii' il';ili:ii: nkh th"s«" wii'i •Rork wifn ihi -ir hands Th'-_ slum principl.^s an,l (•rotuisfS OM'oTninc tho injunction that are cm- ho'il.'cl in the r^'mocratlp platfortn anif th" .>.iiifr» .iittt-ranrfs uf Mr. Brviin in his •ffo-trj to IK.' r <'i; artl .Ml st'iions- fv ait fli .it I>. li -'ra! sub. cct, comhinoij njlh ri 'ckiOss P* niocriiiir f :i!.-"l -.ootl l ;i r .'t .i '.l t,» ih- i |-r!si «in .-i of William M. Tiift. r«'iir''s <!i' thf iii!»chin «'ry now ill ni.itioii to >am>' • n>l in this canii'iiiiiii T !;.T.' i.: I... ..ri. of .TIME .- Taft's i.oi'ioii> -'i.i^ iia*; •!oii'- inof a-T-^ral I'ltv in tiif,-! .!ir»»cfion for thv Dt -mo- i-rarii- r.->l 'tic !;iii.< f'an th" d-'-i^ion in ill'- (M>- litinvvn' .-i-! M xiri's vs the nri<-kl.t ><'rs- Viiiof! Thi.< is Hiimi.-- li'ii- < Vtiowii as th'-- Iiovoott <»-.> T !i" li.'i'isioii in it simply <!rat-s tbf luri i :i ;.c;i-! to <Tiiiliii:i! ron-spi-ir-.-. .1- :• i h.-'•< -iTi*.',| tiii 'O ari.I itr :iln t'oy ;t rr'T^t'.M or "Vi'r hv ^-nr 'i ":'-"i .-iii'l Kiicl;s!i courts It I:n i >«:• f.n !;• w nii- of I:uv I' is <i!!i•<]v ..ii. o; •!;.> TiKiny cas<'s (t.;'!.!.-,| In ii .>r;i r.>iii(l''i »'s (^•••r^'Hrinp thai nny coiii- lirnti -iii of III. 11 form"'! v\ir |i tlw in- • II! ion of iii ,-iitri <-iii>*r or »-,tnfotiIy in iriM~ ;i-ioth» rs h 'isih' ss is in tli.- n.-»- tir.. oi .1 <—ijiii ;::il roi !sp :r ;iry T^.^t }<•<• .•.•'••II froai tli'- !>• c -inninc; ' A.)-: T-i.- ; nv •.v''-ti .lii.iuf Tiifr. Mi II .i . i - !.i« io.!:u , !'!••.,1 .1 of \.. ii.e ,-il.;i --.i f.>' '•'-.It i. i;. .1: T.ifl is .•rifirl- -o ;! >• i;riri;>< of • \.r\ f'lit *o;t,iri:;- :i';i'. v.;! i .s uf...--. .-I'x .tjsi"?-v.-t- i <i;;.-. 1 ]]:< .ir atl'1 ai'".--. pr.-^ ^.•::*.i'ior. of t 'l*-- 'h.t-n < r.-iiinii.:; ii..M''i< r- riii, Hinc ..•••i.f ..>i;t;,ti|i.-:ioi .s. !,:...; (.lac.- . ? ! ).••',, h ..• )•••.'): , •••:u- Ifi- > iinj. r .!••. i> o'!r.;.i!ioii ]t\ hlin }i .111" . \\.<! Kill. :u.Ill OI Miirii i/;it'on r' .I.'1 r ;:KV 11 s. li.'i. i -.iii ~.-h.-. iii]'r;i..i 'l -.i 'ii;;! •Uiil, t|i I 'i-.i»>M. t!i. V i -i»-. ^•..nviv '.i.-'u t-it -V>« li into ill" !i" t:.'f If II .. •> . . II.-s HI..-.' < '••.ir.' ih .iM 'i.ol T«-.-!i .I.I1-..I <'->in'- th.\i. fif '.1 will.'!: ,iii> or (n»ho! m. 11 cm Uiwfn'.S ;:o. \vU >-t!i.i- l.i'.'or- r-*.: ::i. n or lai 'i; . ».* iii.-it !ii ;o coiu- j'l!>Mnt' :i i;lwii ;.:i.";'os>-. to tlir <-o*? ..• '. • rii.r.. .>! otii 'i •- • I' ;;.^t>.'I. . .I'-' I- r''i -oi;:n. •'•( ;r;i.' 'o .111 1 ;i THI * ill al! ' ;^ iml 'llc >i't .-r ;,T\. -. lo;;. o;< .ir.i! off i':.- !>i.r ,r!i th.i' -.^iii: or,.:- riiiM liia.'' I;t« .•'/JJ.f lic m .i; •• :v- II if.i Ui'.^fnry lio. actin;; in •••ti • •> r-. :f \\;iy of rjoiiii: it i- no" J ;~. .T ••rl .i -.v I'l:! Or. as .)M.|ir.> T .-tf' :-t.iT. s i; in his opinion in this! . what on.' '.vorkins ir!;i:i ii.i> ii.>. .i .aiiy n ;ay .in. an! aiatiy j :;'a: . .iiut .i:;" to do witliou; -.^ivins lii'- b 'lff. r. :- any -i-l 't of in-tioii .-iizjiit:-- ••los.- v.],!' ra't.s. his loss."' BT ti.. y piU-iT IK.I t,-o<-... .1 b\' r r -ii'-^ or (I'i,. r tn '-iiti."! of co.r*:o:i ro :;'.'l:i- i!:ji.r\ fir loss on thos" wif'i w 'l .jii •?>•' iii-.- If" <i'-:i;iri:.'. .in'! r'uy \:--x w ••ri- •r: tl;.-ir vicriiii an'l ;iiii,--:i '!:• :i! tor 'ii '-ir iiii 'awfii; a't.-. iiijiiM 'tJoii or any otii.-r m«'a:is no~t suit'-.i to t!i>' or.iis of justici' If i;..- Ill- n:'. . -s of orcaniz—i I-ihor. '!'!;•: lii' ••1.:':. i.-'r iicc'-pt .'ii I'-itfler.-.- ir (ifh-m i-.'. iir.- no: wiliiiu 'o I" Soi.iiJ !.\i -lis r.r,.- of conijnct. ^oUC'l .i« r !- in f>'t!; !a--v and inoralsj iii< y n"!-' :.-ik.- t;i.-> ..-f.ti-.'nii iici 's. Ao oih- •r cir;/.-n> ar'- ixi-.'n .i li:. it a.--:' ^^^'itiL• to .•iiiiMn:;.- hoiui'! by it. In this case William H. Taft laid down with his usual clearness the rules which protect workmen in the full exerti <ie of .their complete right to work, as they please, and to- eom- oel employers'by all lawful means to pay them the wages they think right. Kor l;is*:i:'.'-o It 1 ^;^s li\ th«T .'..-i -is- i .iii I 'iiit ill u>. I! th- .'^f words ••If the wokme* of an empfoyer ro» fuse to work foe him except'on better terms »l a time iwhen their withdrawal will cause great loss to him. and they intentionally inflict such loss to ;oerce him to come to their terms, they are bona fide exercising their 'awful right to dispose of their Inbor IS they' chose." : Kur-i.-r aio'i;; Ii; t'> >unn- .!'C ;i,joii Ii..!.:.- Tiift s;os ' ••Every man. b* he capitalist, mer- jhant. employer. lal>or or professional :h.-^ot. emp.'oyer fafaorer or professional The Register has just completed an arrangement which \^ill be of special interest to \ ISe Farmers By this special arrani^ment we arc enabled to offer you The lola Daily RegBter for a year and the Journal of Agri culture lor a year for $2.25 The Journal of Agriculture is a weekly publication and trcals the following! departments: Poultry and Bees Women's; Page Live Stock The Dairy Farm and Field Crop Pests and Disease» Fruio and Carden \ • The regular j»rfce of The Journal of Agriculture J5 50c a year, but by this special arrangement we are enabled to offer you The lola- Register $2.C0 lournal of Agriculture .50 f^j- JJiZS 52. SO Addrtjs all orde*s and make all money payabl«j to The lola Daily Register ||| YOUR STOMACFS SAKE TAKE NOV/ .-it .ill i-^'ir,!;i;{--i it\ {'ii-er ii-.. . -.jr»« Z5r. ^{^r ^.nd -s.Ov p»-r hr-" i" n ^r-.dcrinr 'i . ,-'r I 'n I T K -i H. > •h- '--ly / M r • r r:.\ :• • V.< - 'al-l-'i in ••'•v.. ;.r;. i>:«.-ti 'i- for 'I;.- i.ish' |. rra:'-;:''d i.< fr,r.- .Iml^.- Kiii..:i 'ir..i..;,.!. ;. . .t'l. .1 •^":!i:;.-- of h:.- .-s:-.; liili '-i: !ii.- .-i-r.-.. T! " ..'I'li;. •.'!:« '.f jri ...ivf^. M.,r I li;i\..j:i<. •.-.iiii ,i!i(i he »vn !'-lt; t !i «-..!l?!!.ir J.. .'•.ii;'. r for y -.-vera! Vacated Addition. The ri :Jaiiu!-!;!on «rs yesterday vacated Adan art'litlon to LaHari'»r. «' is owu 'Xlihy J. El WV-rt. ThtTf was lu protest i{?ainst vacating the .'and. a: it is ibo U '-ar ih>? smelters m Ix used fo dwellitti: ptirposes. t Ever for Constipafion. ;^ndigestioniand Dyspej3si« rREPARED ONLY BY i. H. WAGNEK COIMPANY. CttsrwHecd Under Food UMI Dru«« Act MADISON. V to carry on his business, to bestow hrs labor or to exercise WIK calling, if within the law according to his own pleasure." .\s »u\. ••ay-: vWe do not conceive that in this State or country a combination of workingmen to raise their wages or to obtain .any mutual advantage is contrary to law. provided that they do not use such indirect means as to obscure their original intent, and made their combination one merely inalicioub to oppress and injure individuals." Aii'l f.^i-s Is th« casf an.I thi.s tl;^ l.n-irino whliih arc InvoV--.; hy tli-' !>• !t'ocrati<^ politlci-jtis to prov.- tint I Willi.ini U Tiift !s th.' sworn ' n- ir.y ..• wor'r;ln«nii-ii itnd f!i.>ir orcanlza- tions! .-tiir»-i\ r »>nio<-ralic politi.-iiois iHi -i I>o!i!OcraMo canill.latfs for ofJiCf frt".cr itff- sfftck in th<' inl-!Ii;;.>nr.- of il.v I ii • n iiril woman of orjnitii/*-.! ht.Nir I V t.i.-> bf'll"Vf :';»-^ .-.'ir. . Moo .Iwii'k thi-ni in >'i<h fas -u .ii.. ttin . ! Tlie tijnnvr knows that whai Re- ;.>r :i :i <-iu a-lmiuUtratioas have done t'jr tbc farmer cost mont-y. and In,•s Tliat ex;.r;adiiure iJenounc«d in Bryan plaiiorm as "unuec^ssarv ai;.i iva^f-f;;!." Naturally, the farm- -r i.r.-rVr> :ii>- Il^-;iublicau party, [M.licit--s maile hirn comforiabi«; aii 'l ii:':[-;«-n'i'-nt, and p.'oiioses to vote for Wi'.Uan. H. Tatt. the R'-'publican' ca:;.iii !at'- for Pr>..-s>ivl >:at of Uie fnif-'d ', Stat-i. wlio. with tht coH)p«'raUon of .1 lU;i'ibi!c.t:i Con2r»a6. will contiuuu ; tha.T'.- j;oiici>-s. ai.'il wjlj seek to mako lUi- ccisi -Mtion of thf Amvricau f.trni«;r ••vt ri l.-tt'-r than it is now. T:.;i^ .IS oil.- r> a.-^oii why th^- Wfsi i- for' .'in.l Sherman, i EXCHANGE OR SELL. Lis? j-o>jr properly wUb me. t have a large list to match from. No expense tm- IfcSi a deal is found for yoa. r have 240 acres in Neosho county. Kas. to exchange for good lola property. ; J. T. MILES. I Room 1», Old Coart Jlsue; To Cure DIARRHOEA t>Ttentary, ClieUn Mofbos or Cholm aUntam take WAKEFIEID'S Blackberry Balsam Vhile it is a <;uick actd positive cure for ^arrhiea. Dyse-.tery and Chaiera Irfa.-.- jm. It bees r.ol constipate. In 62 years it as saved t.te lives of thousa.ids of ire.?, •onr.en a-.d biCes. Accept or .'.y Wako- icids. FJ !1 s.ze bottle 55.; everywnere' J Tl;-- farnnrs ar'- rich — ii--.> r mor'"- ' so— and thev ascribe th^'ir ric' ••.; lo ! M'-Ki !ri<">. Roosrvrlr a::<! th-- -fio 'ic:..^ jof th*^ Kfp'iblican party." Thus writ'-s a ccirr*'i >i >or .ilrrit from < th'' .\Iiddi<' West, and his woni.s .lonbr l «>.-i-i covtT til** .Mt 'jation iJiro 'Jirho-jt ,aU ih" wpft. Th.- fa .rmt -rs know- that. I th^ir ;.r.;-5.-int flourishing con..'iti"on U <ia:- lo the HopaVican i.oliri.-s of htiilding iiji .American iiidnstry. of de- »elor"inc and fmprovlni f \r-:y '.»ra-'Jfli of asriculturt and of abiding to ti.e farmers' opportunities for self-culture and for keeping In touch with current pvents and the markets of the worM by rh«> rural tree d''livery sya- OION.-T THINK EVANS ORUNK. j Ships Surgeon Testifies in Behalf of : Fighting Bob's Son. Stoves i}ct up an'l txitjticcted. also MJ other gas fitUnt;. Gocii wo*k tn^ reasonable charges. Phone 39. .M.iiulii. Oct. —T!v.' (akini,- of f.-s j timoiiy in tii»' ca.s>^ of r .f'-'.itpti:int K. T. Evatis, of the battleship Ll'iioiana, court.;ii«rt!al>-il on ti;*' chare of a!>- sentfnj; j hims».!f from his jio ^t whilo ofac«r <i.f Tht» Af-f\i. -lisreaptct To his .•«uperior officer an<I intoxication, was concluded today. Th.?re remain.- only the sutnmin up by counsel ami it is expect<-iS iSiii the proceeUiu- v-:\ be ended tomorrow. The c;hief coutc-st by the d»rfense. was atainst the allegation of intoxication 'and in this respect the evidence is regarded as favorable to ti:e accus.-'ilj officer. Sureon Andrew R. Wen: worth of the l>-.ulsiana. and oth-. crs t'.-stlfted that Evans, in his opinion, wasj nbt Intoxicated. ' Lieiiteaaut Evans admitteil during the hearing that he had left ftiie ik-ck' whiie da watch, but preseated evidence to show that he went jhelow to' quell a eliitht disturbance. i THE iOLA ICi^ AND COLDSTORA <atCO. Mamtactnrvl. WkoiMcI* C RYSTAL ICE ^ad Distilltd Wat^r Vrtr C *M gtwM* Wtmij (w HutMta. PIMM lit: FRANK ItlDDLS, Msr. For Best and Qolckest Besalt^ !•« the Register's Waat Colamas. I Keaeral GMtnKlar. \ Fisgstoae waA Cement Sldevalks sM' r Cnrblni; a Spccialtr. i OOe* lU EMt JadUta kit, > J

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