Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 27, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 27, 1907
Page 5
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TOE JOlA. DAIllT BEOISTEB« mwnilDJIJ EygMHC, SEgTEMBBH^ltrHW. M Vml9rtamiy HoBphml West Street, Tola, one block from squai-e. Diseases of domesticated aDimalssucces^fuUy treated .charges moderate.Rood box stalls (or patients Calls answered promptly night or day, 20 years experience. Vcleiin- ary Dentistry n specialty. frmnkS^BeKWe, V.S. Honor CJraduate of Ontarilo Velcr- j inary College. l*rop. nospiUI Phone 1068 Res. Phone 130 Local View*, Souvenir Stdm|)&^ Puzzle Carda, Leather Cards, limbosscd ami I'laiu. ferial Cards, JuveDile Cards, In fact anythiiiR you niaj' want in Post Cards Hi SPENCER'S p. E. WaafPtnUst PkoM 18tb OtBce orer BnrrelPB Drag Ston. .TOHN t »6shorn wont to Fredonla Miis aftprnoon. wlicie lip will art as thi- ;iMorn<'.v for lln,- i1 <'f(»iue in ilio c -iKi- f)f .Sin-nt.s vs Th', CIWIJITIH Zinc (:<)iii|iuii> Mrs. 'riirtii-i- will sjinu i;<iinp lif.iii til'ii' i)ii|inilrr| ; I'lid.iv Si;.) "7. :il iKT Oiiciiin:;. D -ui! fnil to al- Irtlil. l»l: IIAKKY \Vill-> 1 l(>ii:i; 1.1 pi\c I'xji. II t'V.IMlUMiy il; ;• suit (•[ : •'i't:,.lill .Sliiril. !;ihi)f.-i Ill • f '.'.Kit ^;ivpii away in valiifs al TUP \ Aiiii'iican IfHikoi sinrr SHIII(I.I> . y -i -vl I _'Mll f'traiKl f )pc tllli:; 1 i.iy. I i.'sl ••vriiliu; finiii a vi li t'l Ills fain ••, llw •,l^:•M•n I all of till- <-i):i:,ty. \\ C KWlXi;. Ini't'.i-T >if Caiitai- j:wiiii:. of lliis riiv. is d i' li'Mii Ciiiviit-'o l'ini'<ii')w on a slioil \l !• Ml. Kwinu is a ("!!ri >*inM S(it'n>' jicMii'T of Willi' rpiii!!i' lint il Is ni>' I 1 . i> thai li .• will :;ii"aK ii' j<'. Mr«. rnnlrMI. Plionp 1097. \ M.\HI;I.\I;K iiron- 111 - iiiiiviiini: 111 Kiiiann- I>'i'a I audi ^ w a'- IS -11*^'' riTT NEWS. Ilr> l-il ill I"!'. i'~l<' nniviM) lliiir nllii i - mi'i liaial\^ai»'. .iiatii-. Ii:.-.. tlif Ka -1 Si-li Ail»'iiil Ml .• I'l il'i^iir. I'l'rniiii-. Friilay .illtniiMin ami ivfiiiiie: II' M \ rrainl ili.:'!:'> nf raiiiaii I. Ii ill rail ami WIIII.T Milli;:' r> 1' \lls riilMilli 's ni-r-. I'li:!.!', aft' lino: and I 'V. niir; I'M .KSS irill .iMari 'in Mi m Ml V iiiiinl. (In' arm of Kiir KMn.i-i:!:: I 'll' voniii; man v !io this wci'k liail hi arm ni'ai!y shot off hy a sh'it n'lii ixlilosioli. w'll |i,. ;avcil. Tin' oj.. .-a -I 'll wa-. ini forini'il yi'siiri|.i> am! tn III J 'iiin:: man ri'stiim i'as\ \V \N Till \ liny, •in hnini'. cln-.c in '••i ami I 'liJM !niii.-i DAISY \V001 ,MlUn:;i: wa, Kiani <(1 a ili^oici' iiiilav fi.'iii ]' .\. \Vi'i>l • IriilKi- ."^IM' alli');i"« lAliinii rinrllv il:'iil nl -.isi ul lioiisi-ra-h ami thai In-i linsliaml was an liahit lai.''' ni'imlilj iiawncni . iial ilrnnKar I Sli,. •••iin iil iln- <n.- Hi"- r fur a i :n'"! ni" I Wr- nil' fiVlll.iii III ;-ii!f I '.r 111,. I'lwn. Iial llami)'"!' TIRED AND flCK YET MUST WORK ''MRI niaj' work fmna sun to sun but, n'oin-ju s work is never ilonp,' In order to kei-p tin- 1 IIMI>I.' nraf. and prolty, tlif iihilitn.'o ivell (In 's.vil nnil tidy, v.-iiin<'n ovt-nlo 5nd often s!ilTi>r in sili 'iicj. ilriftinjf al -inj; from hvul 10 wor.'^t, Icnowinp wull that they onijlit to liiivo lii 'lp toovprPoinn tliK |>iiin.s anil acliys wliicb daily raalii- !if.. a Imrdcn. It is to lh''.«.(! wompn that F^ydia K. Pinltliani's Vopi'laMi- (•cini|«>iiiid, iiiiuli- from iialivi- rooK iiiul hfrhs, oun-s as a liU's>in;;. Whc-ii the spirit, nr.' iloprnssi 'd. tin- lii-ad anil bai'k ai-'ii's. (here are (lrc<;;rin !:r -i '"''Vn jinin«. nTron.'^n''.'^";, NlpcpIes .";neM. and ri'liii'tancp to c" nnywhero. tlu-M- nro .inly .-.y mptonisj wliu'h nul«;.>-s lippil-d, are soon f .illov .-L 'd liy fhi> wnr>.l foin-. = r -inalp (imiplaiuts. Lydia E. Pinkham'sVegetable Cdmpound kri-n-. Ill" fi 'minin!> orjranism iiia ilroiic nml In- lill -.y ••nndition. Ttcnrp-i Intlaminition, I 'li-.'rntiDii. diRplai 'pnu'iit*;. nml I 'rj 'nnii' tronblps. In'.ni: rh'hl liirili and to i-arry w.innn i .afply tliroii;;h the ('hange of I .ifp it is in >-l frtii-ii -nt. Mrs. Aiiprn-'tii- I,run. (if I'.-ixt pai-! J*.- . .r -i|rs OoRr Mr"! rinUhani: —" a Imiir 'i"ii' 1 s'lf fi "-"il fr^^n fi"i', L- 1 nuiM.- and hai! all kinds ofaclipsand pains in 1'ip li>'.\ pari •f li:i'-\ and .side.-^, I poulil nnt .sleep and had n.» appi 'lil- Si :i.-.- t ii<iii!.' 1.-. ;;a K Pinkliam 's \'<>gi'taljl<; Coni)>oiind anrl followinrr tin-n'h I voii -i> ymi pave mp I feel lJUo a npw woman and I cannot prai P yn'ir nipdii-inc too hiq-lily." Mrs. Pinkham's Invitation to Women Womon snlTprinir from any form of fcin .Tlp weaknpss an- invltpd to wrilp ,Mr.H PinK -lniin. at I .ynn, Mass. <>nt of hpr vast, v.ilninp of px- perlecpp she proliahly hn.s the I-ITP i.•no^vI^•dJ^•e that will hpip your ca -^p. Hpr .ndrler fn-f nnd nhv.i-.s li.l ;«fii!. ,J..-: Ti- A MfiiiiEir ^MRS. AUG. LYON r\n(.i;Tr >ln- Srrnifs Vi M 11 IL: ;:i-aiil'-.! .S.IIP Itiu'lil prtj. IS itivni{ri:i». Ill llip I'rnp- Ilavc you accepted this remarkable offer? •1-' tody of tlii'ir WooidriilKi; liiil i'l;il(lr«n and a!iin"ii>. not ri-s^sl thf iliviin-i I l*r. J. f. Jamr^nn, qaallflpd Vpfcrla- •rian, Dnnclaw nnis. Itarn. IMiiinp n Molpr Barlipr Collppp, Kansas rily. Mo. TparliPf- thr tradf liy frpp clinic and careful Instrm'i"n •- in few weeks roslflons wattinc fm' rvi'ryliody who will learn. Write fur i>artlrii)ais ^'•.IHI |{p»:ird. SiiiMil I'l.iM my |!ii.' nil.' I,nil iipi'iv ciiw. white |i..t mi .iil" ai' :-'iiii'' wliiTi- iiniI'M' : nie I'f li.'dv s.. \ u'MinrT.r. ua: i-i^. 1:; U \NV I.IM.M; TO KAN.^lVS WW. I ('OrNTY sninrinten'Nnt ' nil Saiila Ke Knnbton expiTts in sji .-n,! mM v • "U \isitlnc Th.- si -linnls cM'r t|),. ro'ini.-. ' This Will he hi .r lir>t \ISM ; inie tli" openiup of (he .'rli'mls .Mr.-; Fiinst\i has heen itiitiim; nff her visit au >nn^ t;;e schiKiis owiim m i!i" lait Ill'- , . • .. . 1 I 1.* 't ii't •> scarrily of ImoK'. made ;i -i'di. j ,,, for the II aehers ami siliools to iiia'ii Mill Make Spp.lal I'liriii:: ( ariihal. Kali" ''':iml'in;i:'ii' I'll, T 'l. li' I -I.:.!:. 1. . h': -:IIP1 I. ; that \M •! • ..11. 1 l.M V I II .- ll • - .1 1 ; .-I 1-1: II. • 111 w . 1 1 .• "1- till.-, nnnii :i- ll'im 1". <'. :•. .-^I:.. allevi \ •..I'liimls the 11. I .1. il I y par'"' U\' i| a: ![' ':.'<'! .ii'il 1 ijii- I II t 1 tl... I''!(:iii .iliet'eil Ilia; Il l" ! in .l;iniiary. I'.HH'. 1 '•• 111 If ll 1 11 • foUn'.vii, ; II; ti-.-'ni an I v .llll .•! Inl.ll \.lllli- lif II 111.. eiKintf- ;!lii. i iif I lii'ir miiiiir •.'.I. i-;:'.il I'l tlii'lr Pre.s!t.vterlan and Kefornicd Chnrcbe.'* May Decide to Adopt One Creed. Will til - Presbytei iau and Reformed e'liiirhes of lola be merged into oni; i;rjani:'.a(|ijn.' Tlti.s is a question whlcii the ((.ucrenal :011s of the two churches i:i lola may lieKi'n to cons'ihj- with all :.i.riunsne;-;s. For several \ears a rotninittec ap- 1 .1 'nt'.i by 111,. I'ri '••rian National ; A '.F "n!lily. liav.. emif »Trei| with thi 'I. if' nil Chiirili Nafionnl Coinni I'e jlflali\e to the advisaliility of tne twr i r).iirche.s niertinir into on" orcaniza tii'ii. Rev. I. C, HaniTh. pastor ol till' I'll.i rliiiifh who retiiriH"! thii \'•••k fro,,, C'oloradii, where li., ha I !•• 'n af'-niliiiK t!ie .^ynud of the Inter iiiT of the Reform'd chnreh. sfate.- itliat ilie. sentiment at dial nieetinp, j deciiledly in favor of the propos.- jlinn lo Poiisolidate tlie fvo chnrelie I into one eliiircli. j Rev. Hirnisli lnlii.vrs that at th-, j .\,ii:oii,il Synod of th • Retormel |ehiir;h which v.ill as-einlile next Kpr.'n'.r. tho question of the two orpan i atiuiis iiiirpinL-. vill be taken up ai'il ilisptirr'd of.- aii'! il is ver.v prob a^li. Ilial tin pruliosiiiiin v.ill li.> acted ni-im favorably. If vneli a tlilnr i\rc-x take pho e if i- iinpiis--ihle at tlr- pr>'>ien( tiinP iv n ijilPS!; will be ilone in th" bla church circles. The chiirdii'.-i I'lii-'ht retain fh'.ir iiresenf cfin.crepa- linn:- and ministers :iiu| apaii: one nf 1 till' ininisler.s nii>;lit b' sent to work i:' some oilier lield. SHO^T KUGABA FALLS SCEJiEBT. Plctnres at Crescent Will Be Unnsu- ally tlood Tomorrow. The Crescent theater will show another' exceptionally SOf"l picture tomorrow afternoou and tomorrow nii;lil. It is a production of the scenes around .Niagara Falls. Those who Inive .seen the film and the Falls say that the picture is an^ pxcLdlent one. .Mis;; Keith has returned front rh;i- inte entirely recovered from the se•ere cold which she was snfferiiig roni and will he able to sing again. f.ASOM.XK KXPI.OIIEU l\ LATWDKY Gilmore's Players at the TO-NIGHT! Kinpfnjees IVere Panic .Stripkcn—Two Scriniisly Uuriud. nn .iN ( *ii:(H!( rvii; r.'iri ^imiM I a pood .showinp. .M.i :i> In;, I iii-(i|i!'- .-ire rn;ii.-:n|i!a'iri. pniim til; t'li; "n "ii-inh.r l:;i all.-nil ';i.' I'l"-:; ef P.iUa.; piri-lij '1 li.i :il ,i!:'ii' :ii th" Santa I'l ilep.-.l j an wi'riniT ii.l'.phiiin- iml iiiiiiiiii"s abiiiit ilie fity 'ill ' 'lav Tli.. S;iii I lo Kail' We write In^nranco on Threohlng j ^ Macblnpn. R. M. Cunnlnghatn. IJR .1 I?. iVpper will I." In bis office from Salunlay mniiri;.; nnt 1 1 hiirsda.v I if I.••XI W'-ek. SHKRIFF <• (• r.i.llii.;..! 1- vi-inii:; his farni iti t!;i ca-t p.iri I 'l ill" i-.'.iin'.v llpie i> anotlifi 'iiie nf niir l>av .;:iin ; | In alioiise. Thrip MMIHI-. PI'T fintii | porch, pood well, nil e lica'.lnn iUii' I '' lot Price fiiv" (ew d:iys J,'.<".,'. j Frida cash, balance Jin per iiinirli Wbi;:i1;- p.all. • a I"" will .1 la'i. of Jliiii tnr 111'- riiiie.l trip M.iny' ;il.-o will r ni.'i-:' 111" fliiir.- wei.); MIJUMII- 111" •;ainlval wlnn W is riinniim in lal' blast Tin- f.'ili'; Is th.. w. e!;%' |i;-OL'ram Till S'l.iy. Oitiilii 1 I, - tii.iii'l I'ri'.st. Ill I'alhis I'ara'i" \\'-. Ii;.- .|.-!' (Il I •_• :i III Ili-prO'liie fi 'ii 'if l-'.iin"" i: ' ll':ii:iiiii; ''in M- . I';iilaiii-';ih:.i .Iir r.i,;ri.-.. W,.,t;," . •• IV'':. <;i.,n-i i ;,.r I '.r.-'.'i'l '.I.- ;ii..:-,-. ^Il;!l.' : i I ill .ll j h j Iv.|il a ni"i''ill'; n' I I' 1;- i -h iii-\; S;iiid:i. j i.;i. i ;.isi. i.f in.ikim: 1 1; I :...',ni:i/ii(in i.l i I . . . ! . order that you may' become fatniliar, by actual use, with all the tooth and toilet preparations sold under the name of ^SKlWl^ .nr;.' authorized by the Sanitol ,,, I Ciicmical Laboratory Company to ' j ••lake you their prcat introductory ^>iii nr-<i snudiv* 111 Plan i -'Icr of ten full sized packages of the I'T II. ! fi' prcpar.itions for only $1.00. ' lie total cost of thpje ten products, if pur; -li.i-ied at regular prices, would be $2.70..'-^ Sanitol Tooth Powiler . 25c Saniloi Face Cream • ,A • 2Sc Sinito] Tooth Pa«te <«f 25e Sanitol Toilet Powder^ . 25c Sanitol Liquid Antiseptic i| 25c Sanitol Bath Powder ; . 25e Srjnitol Shavintt Cre'm» ' « 2Sc,i;ol Violet-E?ite Soap . 25e .Sr?>itol Tooth Brush .1^ 35c .'j.-.r.itol Face Powder '. 3Se Tolnl Retail Price . . / $2.70 n These for a $1.00 Bill • n ord'r to Mcure thi> asmUnwnt call and i^-; ijM for particulars. S. K. Rn.'KM.L. WEST SIDE SQUARE. i.iiiM;rs RPf i:ivi;n PRIZE MOM:!, M. W. A.^ iind K. A. Let #1«0 us I'rntils (if Ins Rollliii;. (ill. Modi III \\''oo;l:m.n today re (I iveil the money wliich was given a.i pi'/is at 111" l.ii:: Kollin:; al Chan'it. . Sepli'iiilier .'.Mil Th • $Hlii whieli wa.^ Ilie iiital (tir III" four prizes will h • (livid. 1 eipially b"lw.en the Royal Neiyhlior.s and the M. W. A caniji.-;. Tl.e local Wooilnii'ii did not exp ct th' money so rnon. -', ni.'i iitii. lit III.' I nil; 1 iiinli v. orl-- . : nf 111" ''.illi'il;i- '•liiiri h i ; lo be l;-M iii-M Siia.l.iv [nr iji" piiipose nf :i:aliiiii: a!iaiii:..::i'.|ii - I'm the annual I'.'Ilnlii' l,;il' V'T'II i. In |..- Ili -.ij snIJie liiei. in N"\ i-ni'ii ' Tl;. r.-i ;r i- tn I.. siiiiil.;ii lo the form I .1' • h< III li'i" .iii'l will iinlinb- Ilie i|- . • :i.| I it;-. ml pn d '.'. atch cneri-.( . Til' alf.iii is 1" ):i.-^i_:i weok and Hi'• nie'l .;.i ii.v,-;ii il ili" ; ill" '-liineli ; !i.-;.Il il'-tillil.'l'. i|.- iileii lll> I 'll. n ;i '!l nf til" .'III' ini'on Inr t!;i pii-ji.! rat ions I'll' I 'KniLihis 111 I'll i-iiiincil in bda HI MOVK .vilRKWAl US. « I-AIDF rFTi :RS IIOMl. I> Itccnuriiip KupidI; J'roin Ufcpnt Otiprtilion. ('I ;ii |iie Peters e .ime intoday from K.insa- '' 'y. w-lnre h<. went just one v.i i-k apo and v.a;-; o|ii-.rnted on for an :iti;iil. fif anpenilicili-; This on'ration -1- very successful and considfrinK I '-at it was only a weiv net. .Mr. Pe- I' rs IS fe"linc fill"'. Me was able to • .1 ii;i Dr. Keid';-. luipiiy and ride to his homo in Wheeler Heights. :Mr. Petir.; i.s casliier for the In-.n Port- lai;d T'lMueut company. Co^lineton. 0 , Se|it. L'T.—OporgO 3tiit was fjitally. .•iiid ."^trs. Herbert Knii'te fc.rionsiy burned in an explo- imi id pasoliiie in the cleaning ide- lailnieni of the Knreka laundry .and loincstic rn;; company here today. Vit- •cen pirls were panic stricken and naiiy I'f ilieui s!ii;htly hurt. A three .;tory hiiildinp was destroyed by the ."ire that followed the explorinn. FiKK i> rin>A. IIuiip Konp Hotisps and Boats W'vrc BiiriiPil--.Many I.ivp.s Lost. Ilnnp Kong. Sept. liT.—•ilnndieils nf In.iise.s and many boats and pont.'jons wer,> dt siroyi'ii today by fire at. Wn Chow. It is feap'd that, the loss of life was heavy. Tht> confiapratioii said to have bei-n fine to lucendiar- ;-:ni •• r.OT OAIIBLLNG OITFIT. Connty Ofticprs Raid Lnule Btiildlnir Tills Aflpruuoii. The county oMlcer:; thi.=; afternoon raided the Kaple biiildiiip on West street and secured smiie bar fixtures .md panibllni; parapliernalia. Th^ raid was made on .'i .lohn Doe warrant, but .Inhii was not jiresent. It is not be- lii 'Veil that a joint ha:; been maintain>-d •InMe lint that, the room was used by l,i."tl» cpers !ind for paniblinp piirpn.-- "s The windows were shaded wiiji lie:ivy blind;;. As the result of the raid and fif direct information secured by the olliei -rs, several arri 'Sis wiil fid- low. Crescent Theatre Sfieoial MJMIneei • £Very AfilBtrnaaa Clianzp of Pictures Two Illustrated Songs F:ach Sbow. each day. TVlth Open.from 3 lo 2 £ 7 to 10 p.m. West Madison. Admission 5c. ; Livinqstob Co t'ontrsetors nd BalMm All kinds of work a apeclalty • Sonth Sycamore. ' FkoM lUt Gallon LtEFFIiER Wlien needing anything in tuc Jewelry line. A V FLORENCE went t» <.'| iit'-r i!ii;j afternoou on legal 11";;:. Yatps busi- i Prll)lerl.^ Ownpr>> nn Wnlniit and <'d- toinuiiid MiiKe rptitiitii. -l;i.iii 111 1- 11; (I' : er & Doniiell. I.IX \l, v.Ii.i ii:;ii i", .;i\ i|i:|l lli"ri. i.-- an epidi'iiii" of :-nr" mi.iith ammi:: horses iiisi aci'nss the, line in N'eoshn couulv Tile first of I he -.Mi.l; a Lir.;" miinber '>f cases were reported .\ number of years a:;i> .-.n epidemic "f Mirp mouth amnii. Iims.-s prevailed in Allen, and Nenslin 1 luiniii's. J. T. Tanrifr, llrpn«"d nnrllonprr and JiBlp rrfpr, .'Wi,. >(ir(h VrRen. <Jai < llj. Ftir the swell-t .i!ii| '.111- I I 'ti.a iii milllner\ wail fnr Mi s I'lii.'iMi - n)'>ii Ins:. Frida;., Sep' '^7 Satin.; C'inv. 'ii;. - .\;:il' 11. (• 'itinti- aie li'-iiK! ri.i-iiiai'd mi 1-..1 sM'-et . Xmih U'alniii from the I - 'li'.ad III 'lie •ml <ir the aiel n-. S..iiili till iieiw onij fifiin .Madisiiii i" i;i-i. Mills. Ill li;iv.. II." sidi'W.ill-. :.i"- '.iI mil 11". M "!• Ill" <-iii bin .• P" I li:iii-.;i. i- 111 ll" made in "rd'-r '.1 -:V" til" r. idi'iiis .ijoni; rli".-' •Mi-i'.- '1 riwini fi.i- iiarkini; pni- j .1.-1- (in nmib WaUint ii is said :'..' Mi-;i;ly evi-iv pinpert.v nwh.-r \v\ Ill d i||. petiU'iii LOTHING BKRT Starl,^-. ;'ii l-da '...•- -.vho is workiiip 111 Miniii'snta. writes !;om" he ii^ti lids tn :<< slatim; this wii.;, np til? ice is j.|st (ill", jr s"- nis alims-' impossible tliat tliei - <.niil.| 111. .katinp al this time of the y,.ai Dr. Beyooldg. Phone 836. Brg. K||. WanteiJ—p'vpryboriy i»( kn'.iw W. B. Kelley Son bive moved i!;nir transfer and .s(orap«' ntfic" m .South Wa.shinct'in. Odice .ind I'ay Phone -^1). Residei!"" and nii-lit (Phone IT. MTORD WAS reci-ivi '1 in In'a onlay that r.eorP'. Miilnix. an oi.' Alb-n conn- l;. Civil war veteran, ba'1 b-'cn pranied an increasii of J- in Ii's pension. Dont tai' miHiU'-rv opi L'Tth. I alien'! .'-li., T 'lieei •\- IV:d;;v n;!i' S-p: NEW SUITSr We received another bunch of new Fall Suits yesterday. Come in and Sec Theni. CAe Barclay Shields THE 8T <mE THAT SATISFIES. lAIJ-SUITSARKIN ^'otir"; •; l;crc. C';"ic in and vcr if. Trv it on zvA tmtc tfic fjrAI.I!-\' at'.d STYM::. ywW be p !"asc.!. .All (he LATE .n" r .-\T- TKIC.N'^: clnrcks. "-tripc^. Cray hrovn. mixed weave-;. M.-dc b'.- (L'LOTH- More 51 vl',- pii'l •service fnr your iiiriiicy ,\\w other store can pivc you. KantbcHc;;t r lothcs arc "SUPERIOR TO TAILOR MADE." If \uii w.-ipt proof of tins riaini. roinc in and 5 .CC for voursdf. All (Ins (hantc 10 store a ^Ics a .SHOW Yon. Conic and put Kanibcbcat (lollies to the test. Overcoats Ready CUT SHIPPING RATES Si\ Indictinriils Found Apaiii«.| llur- riinan Itxad and Paellic Steiini- sliip I'linip^my. I .'.-Mr Is'-o, .-^r;.' . .' - II i: ir- I'lii;.'! Ill six millelii;. Ill.-. wi.; (• '. ..:|iid,i I.'.* Ill" liiii'i-il j.'i';ini| .7'ir'. .I. 11:1 I 'Iv- I'll ill" M 11; :.'....iiijh:,. ..,:iipai'- .':i'( I'l- . -• .y • li "i'i Pai-!('e '•"iMpair Till 11.11, nf K '1-.--, M•.! i! 11 ,1. lii'i.111. .(ill.11 I' .-,iiiMi ai'd 1; V. .vliv.irin, it 1.- iiii'ii r. tni 'd. ;:r" mei; limii-d '111" in'nctnjeill it i,-, .;:iii| IIIIIM.II-" mi" liii 'i .|i'-'I anil Jnriy ••'"ini - a'-.t ir i|r p:ii-i i .-iiiari" "1 '. i 'i !.i"oii" 'f th' I.iw 1111 bipni'-i".- li.itu th'. 'ipi'iii tbr-.'i;'!: tlie iim' nf .'-Ian Fran I i III til (•liii-a .:n I'artl'iilar in: t ;in"i..III 'vlii 'li 'iie jji'.v 1. '.;ii'l to li.ivi- b"i.n \i'.'.-ilid I 'la'e In . hipnieni ; hmn ,1:pa:i III ('birai:'! .\ spi.'iat ;i";i.:-.l nf III" m'"i -t -ii" emiinjei'" cnmnii'i ;mi ila ' l*r."'i 1,11 III" Parifir* iri:i-,'T :i\-oi-.-i| nininlis aii(| .iL-.i In .(.n.'in iave-ML';:i- in;: these :.|iipm"iii ; .iii'l'liDW the P.i I'itii' imi'l and Sii'iil". Il l'.i'i(> l;TM- bc'ii maliiiip rat'.;; !'i'.v"r tliaath" pnb- li:-hed laiilf Mankirs I'nnicntliin (oiitiunp.s. vtlantie C'.y. Sept. 1:7.—.M. K. In;;:;ns. jiresident of the .MDrch.ints -Va- liniial BanI;. in Cincinnati, addip-jsed t !i.. .\nerir.-in Banker's Associatifin fo- diy on. "Our Prestjit and Future 1 rosperity."' REMEMBER! In loiikim; for hir-h .crade .lewel- ry. Cni (llass. or Hand Painted Chinaware. see J.W. COFFEY & SON F.\p|H'<i\p .Ipwplfrs. Fast .Sid*'. How About Your Eyes? Ever bdhcr you? Ever feel dizzy or siifTer from liead- acbe, tht: cause ol which jou can't understand? Ghmnaea Are Ii's Your Eyeaf We will be ^lad to examine .your eyes free of charge ITuiidrcds of people in yonrisamH condition have come l <j us quickly find that the right pair of Clashes perma- iieutly put a stop to thcbe eye strains. Thn quality < f our Pcr\;'"c is iiniurpasied and our prices thw lowect. General Coatractor. Flagstone and Cement Sldewalki aol Curbing a Specialty. • Office 115 East Jacksoa AT*. Fbeae %U, 4 FOLDS --Jte The Auto Oaraga and Repair Shop ^ Agents 111 South Washlnpion.—Hello /OlA, KAfiS* 1 The People's Store >fRS. CMFFORD'S MOTHER DFAD, Rudy of Vr«. R. Miller M/II Be Slilp- ped to lllili 'ds. ' . Mr; F Miller. n'Ofher r.f .Mr? H K i-liffmd. nf \,Z\ .^o'tth nnckey,^ street '111 d vesteidav a.ftein'ion aft'-r a Ilns- "iii;;- illli" s Ib-r 'i-'atli v,-as due to drnp-v Mis .MiMei'. bniiie is ai Raii- dnlpli. Illinois, li'it sh" lias been in |ii!:i fill- sevi'i-al II onth;; vi.iiiiis h"r diniihiei- Mrs \li'irr ai ilie 'inip of lii'i di'aib wa - abr.'U "iiilir.- yi.;ir.- of a'.:" The linilv vv;i ; slijppril o^bn In T -;-iI .'l'ilp!). illilii.i.. flii mil ; nii-iii :i;iil -va- :i'.|'nni ;,:inii •! I'". Ml a;iil y\\\ '•llffi'iil .''lid 'I'.'ir-'e ijir.. Ill Walirna.iN ( i»tnniN»i«n .Mfrlliic. St l ''ii |l S.-p'. Z~ Tlie IiM.-ind'.'wa.* .s I •oinm:.---;i 'ii arriveil frimi IniliiUi this iiiniiiiir- and al breakfast speeches wi-ir- made by .1 .1 Hill and .\i<-hbis!iop Ireland. .\nion:; other.; prespiit was Tanis Rixby. For hmt and anfelro«f resslt* the Register Want Colnms. .Ho. Pic Sanla Fc and Hf. K. .t- T. Watch Ingpect«rg. Fall aad Openiag Every Day We are prepared to make every day an Opening LJP.V. Onr .^tock is new and complete and our prices arc li^'ht 'J'lie inoHt stylish millinery iu the oily. MRS. E. PEFLY, lOSi Bast Madison. Opposite Marr's Bakery, T. B. Shaonon Two Big Stofes. lOLA, KANS. L. r. HORintU £.Pr9m. ' rHAMK ViOOD. Aml.Ommh. iOLA , STATBBANK OARtTML St2,BOO A. W. Beck, L. E. HorviUe, Robinson, H. L.^Hendexaon, .Cadipbell, Geo.' Si. Nich> Fiaalt RiddU. • ^' 'if^

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