Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 8, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 8, 1908
Page 2
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Y. A. HOBIHBUP, Tlc«^iMeai WttJOIADAttT B1CT81BB. THCTSDAT ETtyPTfl. OCTOBEB 8, INK Xl.V.^0BT]|Btr,ta4Tie«.PniP| IHTS&B(}T PAID IUIBDU>08in aiiofipi panic A. L. BBIWBADCIH. CuU«r. Iir tta Oiitii StitM EsUUIflied 1869. 4lla Gmiy MMt lUk li AI M Gk HELTIH FJBORK, AaiH CllkhA 1200,000 — - ! From Kansas City. Mr. ami .Mrs. U. A. Uichiird.son their daiiKlittTK. XoIIio niid VXova home from a short visli aty. in KiinKUtj uiul aro Give Entertainment. TonlRliI al tljo Christian rlnirrli Hi -v R. H. EP<-tt w^ll BIVI ' the siMoiid of a series tif liTi^irps ' on "OdDiI Times Down South." j Tlio loi-tnn- Is full of liumor and intiiM'cstiiiK situation!; and /•will bi> (rn-utly apprccialt'd hy all wlio • will ath'n<l. Tho cvoninc is umlor thr ftusplces of the Christian- Undeavor socictv of tho thnrch. * • • . Qu Vive Club. ' Out' of tho I apiiy aft«"r!ioon mvnls of the wcok was thi> n»t>i>tln=: of th«> Oiil V !v<> rluli y»>stiM -d;t\- afti-rnoon. ThP hosloss las .Ml .ss; Horllia Swi (tart and tho I club luomliorsliiii was largely roprcsonlod. -Tho members have: decided to have all meetings in the ieveninK dnHu'j: the' approac^iine: Guild Meetlrvn. , Mrs. , Thomai; j Parkinsaiu of Sonlh State,street was^ hostess of thejwr)- man's Guild of St. Tinmthy's church ; yesterday afternoon. TIii> attendance • was large andj ihc jnembeirs enjoyed . the occasion mforiually after the , business of (thej iifternpon. Jhe Guild •will not meet again until late in October or early !in November; after the convention of federated dubs. • * • * Visit Mrs. IMunger.: Mrs. 1-. C. Munger is enfertnininr: Rev. and Mrs. J. M. Leonard of Pratt, during the Synod at jhe Presbyterian church,; Rev. and Mrs. I>eon- ard formerly, had charge of the pastorate here and are enjoyinc the cordial greetings of old friends today. • * This One. for New Styles.- An observing woman who was in a reminiscent niood yesterday. .c;aid: "Don't it beat ' all t!;e way people's hair prows nowadays? .lust look at that knot, will koii?" and she pointed .out a young -wciman who was wearing an elaborately arranged coiffure under a hat which resemhled a milliner's display of ribboii and feathers. And there's a reason for her thnu.clit. Women were wer|« polns about with theit- h'air dressed neatly and beeoni- Ingly jhave now ndojited the new modes and are jwearinp P.syche Knots or clusters of lllllle Hnrke puffs with a boldness which is entirely new. But then they lave to—its the style. • > * • Cart? Party. Mn-. r, S. Mitchell was at hont« Wanted: Two experienced {salesladies for a Dry floods store. State experience and reference Address "AB" core of Register. with Mrs. K. C. Champion yesterday afl<<rnoon to entertain a cott-rie of tlu'ir fri'-mls al carils. Kuchro was •ia .M 'il |M-lll;^I .^.•.ively ;it sjivteen tables, liri:'.r.s :;oli;; lo .Mr,-;. Ceorge Fry and .Mrs. Cicirj:.; UeCliilr. .\t live o'clock 1 taslefull> uaniislied menu was served in thri 'O loursj's wiili ices, salads and mints in whitf.- and sret'ii. Deeor- :itions for the day were white e;irna- lioiis Willi f(.rn leijves and .l.ncquemin ot roses. The as: Mrs. C. L. I^vana. To Nebraska. M|{». Ida |3eckcy. lOl.'i Bast street, as ;one to Tildon. .Nebraska, for a .isit with relatives. ! - * V -r .'[•-• Entertained Cousin. .Mi| and Mrs. J. K. F'owell entertain ed their consln. Mr. Kendall YcngllnB yesti^tday. Mr. yen?llng waa onroute to h'JH home aftef a visit In Baldwin. ^ • * On Vacation. Mi^s Utanelie I'ouHler has goni^ to Idalla. Mo., lo six-nd a vacation with iter ^onsiii. ilrs. Frank Robinson. • Rev. Culbertson Here. i Ailkong ! the visitors who are here to aUend^llie meeting,of the Presby- terialk Syiioil is Rev. Henry Coo fn\. bcrtslim of Kmporia. who formerly oc- cnpk; here vIsilU I the pulpit of tho first c!-nrcli Knv. Culbertson Is enjoying with old friends and members of tlw pastorate over which ho for- merbjl presided. jt- A Visit Mr. and Mrs. Wolfe. Mr and Mrs. ROIKTI Stilman t>t .Manl ittan. are. the guests' of Mr. and Mrs. |\V. .r>. Wolfe. ••• •> Club Meeting. Tl;^ :Sorot:|s eln'li w'JIl ha\'^ a brii-f iiinei m fill Satnrdnx at the hoino of Mrs. p. L. Uurllnghouse. • X- • Progressive Club, riirj l» Club of iJas City <«ns hasantly entertniued at the home <>f Mrs. M. Coble last evening. "The 1 sua I history lesson was reviewed ai 1 Miss Ida Weilli jiresuntod an cxti'e lelv inten'stinc paper In ex- plana ion of the subject proper. The club(|lll meet fortnightly during the seasoti. •!• •> To Leave on Saturday. .\fM[ C. H. IVBruner will leave on Satumlay for Soringfleld. .Mo., to vlnit her parents. She IK a guest of .Mrs. C. .1. Doocsee. 112 Kast Monroe street. ITOMGHT Chariot Race TOMORROW M(;ilT Master 5tuart IIHI—BIK Acts— n» .>Iondur. Toesdu; and M>dnes- A*y >iKtaU» Races Hrlnrrn Seibert. tf Chanutc And Duggan, of lola Auditbrium THEEAGLE'STRIBUTE Tbr n icliiu I'aper \ IliKbij- l-ompll- inrats the Boole of Sbtcr ' Gregory. The \^chila Bagle. speaking of "Itrillianis" the book'of gems receuily issued by Sister Gregory, formerly of the SL John's Hospital here, and which is on sale atKvans Brothers' beiik store, says A WlFliila uun i.s the latest contributor to the literature of the new ceniury. Si-ster (Jregbry. of the Order I'lf St. .loseph. whose I mother house i.-in the heights of >|t. St. .Mary, on South College Hill, has issued, under the authority of her order, a booklet of ejglity-nlue pages that doe.s not cou- laiii a dull or conmij)nplaep sentence belweeu its liandsomtfly decorated cover.--. It; boars the title. "Itrllliants from Spalding." i)eiug a eompiiatiou of sfime eight hundred gems of wisdom, on nine of thej human interest suliject.s of the world, from the addresses and writing? of that distin- ::Mi.-ilied and scholarly American prelate Kight Reverend .1. I.. Spalding, bishop of the Catliulic rtifieesc of I'e- ..ria. E. S. HARRIS AT FT. SCO-TT. Bifchop Spalding is a native Ken- Former lola Man is Nov» in Theatre ""'''a" -'"d he belongs lo one of the WA KTSf Business. The Ft. Seott Uepublican says: K. S. Harris, who SJIUI"- . time jig<> appeareil before fh-- boanl of <'cluca- tiiin and asked lo lease tin- Coiiven- tlou hall for show purposes, stateil »i-snrda.\ tl at li- had elosod a b-ase most illii&trious families in the hls- iiiry of religious dev«;lopiuenl in .\ni- orica + • • • « i The wealth of Uoekcfeller is in.-^iu- uilieant eoinparwl with the fortune «>f w Ixbini he has ctintributed l<> the 'Aurld tlirough his pen—<i pen that isting friends were Mrs. .1. W. Tlolton. Miss Irma Tliompson. Miss .los<pliitie Uidd.Ie. Itertha Sickb and .Miss .\lbiTta Mnnsou. . < i* ••• Missionary Mcctioq. .M-s. ,r. M. MasfHi was hostess of the Vi.'^sionarj- Kociet),' of the First M. K. rhureh >esterday j afternoon for the first program of (he year. TIio lesson was relative iio thecnstoms of t'e reli ,i :ion ot Mohammed and was ilireeted by Mrs. (J)..!.,. Holmes. Huriny: l^e business meeting J.', was -ontribnted to a fund to es;aldish a Methodist church in tlie Philippine:i. This eliurch will be named for Rev. Pernard KcIIey and will he built by the executive board of the M. E. church. .\ n'einhersliip was conferred upon Mrs. .M. IVla'dain who was relehrat- 'nc Ii'ir ninetieth jbirthilax yi-stenlay. ^nd wjlio sent a Ijdrthday offf.ring to II' society during; their meetinr. The !rembi>rs remembered Mrs. TVIapIain with :{ UMlgniticent Imiplet of loses. \ftcr tin; nieciing a Innelieou was s.M -veiij al pretlilv arram;>'d tables In dlAlni; 1^ Ft. Scott A POWERFUL\ SPEECH. Republican on Mr. Scott's Address. til.- of|Tbday Illie Pneumoiiia of Tomorrow i, A large proportion of cases of PDCumonia'are directly due to Jaeglected icolds. That is niqryoa .waiit to cure your tolA today. JK JAYNE'S _^JECTpRANT Itin been mieceiafiil in rcUevine and .turinff Cou^h*. Colds, Bran- «hltH, HemeiiMS, InlUmnuition of ttw t«iig %.Bad rimUar •Umenta for r»«!jL >: I» J« Iik«wli« • splendid 'Ibr "Crodp ; wid^ Whooplnf , «ad ¥*fyJel|>oUv« in rellev- •ttackt of Asthniu . hf aU dnuwiM. in thm room. .^ <. Sewing Club. Miss Maynie .\nderson is entertain- in? her Sewing dull informally today. * 4. A Dinner Party. Ml and .Mrs. .1, \V. Delaplaitie cave t veix pb'asant fnmih dinner parl> ia.-t i-xriiiiiK. The i;uests spent an in- ftunial hon- afterwanl with mnsie ^lUd etlier diversions The cuesl of honor was Mrs. r>elaplnlne. mother ol ihe host who was eelelirating ; 'T nine- lit ih bi-Oi.lav •:• •> * Dirtner Party. Til- Fort Seott Repnidiean of yes terda.i said In part, conrerninc Mr. •Seotl'; ni'i'ting m Bourbon eoniif> : Coii'itre.ssman Cl.arles F- Scott elos ed a Swo ilay .s' c-tmpaigii in Ilourbon eoujitj with a good meeting at Bron- Koii list night. M^. Seott on .Monday visitel Devon. Mntileton ami Fulton. Yestcjday he went to Redfiold. I'nlon- town Bind Bronson. Hi; will return to Hourtiin county for a iheeting in Fort ^- l„ ,]„, ,.j„j5(, of the campaign. Scott's campaign speech i.t a III one. He biiihis his whole unon the premise that imli- liould he a matter of bnslueKs on the bulldinf; and eMuci -d to openP*'^""' '" ''"rmony wiih the pii 'salions i >f a i ;rc >Ml heart and Inspirations of H crt -at soul. i SiMcr Gregory. Iieiiig a great .-"d- 'Pirer of tlie friend t f .McKinlcy and th>- <-onlUlcnt of Koo.scvelt. has niatle a .-sxhteiiiaiie study of [his .-l•rnll>Il^. liis wriiings, liis spvi ehe^ :iiii| addie.-.'-e.':. -iiid l >ein;r licrelf a seliiiiarly uoniai) ol line literary tasti-. co«ceivi-d tlif id<a of tiviuK tlie choicest 1 of ills ihoiigh's III I he World in coiidimked and hand', fiirni II'T work wa-^ done bet\n-.-ii ttiiiti'r ib-atre tberi- .Monday night, it to bv euntiinn-d ihroiKlioiil the winter, wlieii tin- hall i.<« not occupied for other piir|ioKe>. Mr. llarrl.^ sla''-i! ibal he would -lie oil ibe smiihw «^l <-rii circuit and tlial \i: would hill iiuthinc but hich class aiirmtions Willi x\o plajs -lliat willl><. produced. In' will at.«o run moving pic- tiiii's and ITItistrated songs, giving an enlire ••xeniiig 's iMTformance. .Mr. Harris, who Is a form "'r Frisco • iii.-iin-iT. has I n In the pict 'iro business al lol.-i for till- [last several •oonlhs 11.- is nnw oi"'rniing a tliea-. tri> tlirre. but ili-eidi-d- tii riluTn to this eit\ ail-! 'ivi-. ;is Iijs linnie liati a! ways ln-iu lit-re HI- not luovi -il from thf eii\. having maintained hi.' ii'sidiiiiee here, since beln:: .iway. \u aKi'-i-im-iit h«s been erili-r-'d into Willi Mil- board nf ••duc.Ttion by Mr. Harris that he Is to ili-- nsr> of the hall on all ••vi-nings when II is oecupli'd for ollo'r piin»ises. Tl is will in no wnv affect the l..vreuin course i>r I hi- basket b:ill saines a'' tiny will IM> -iv«-n in Hi" ball as In past vears Scott .Mr. power addroH tics s physician course oi succ«ss: Mrs \V A. Wtmdruff. South VVashiiicioii afenne'. entertained at dinner vestcn Mrs. C. M. TV; liorii!' and Mr.s. ay at son A. Powell. • <• •> Mrs. Gordon Here. and niJ't of sentiment or prejudice. He begins I with a dcc'aration that the public business ot. .Xnierlca Is tho private usiiiess of every eitiz.en and that 't e succes? of. all private enterprises |dei»ends largely noon the wisdom t ith .which the piildic husliies.c is • ranssried, .Inst as you would exact an iie ^iinlinc of an iisent into' whos<- hands ' you had plaerd your privati- busiiK t <s an <l would think you had chos ^il wisely If the agent could Rtvi> H sntliifactory account, so the people have richt to d»(iiand of a political )«arty u-ilch has been entrusted with |i'>wi -r « strict account of its st«'wanl- slii|> and if It can show that the coun- trv hai prospen-d and that the people have iipne well under its adminlstra- tiiiii It has demonstrated its claims to ftirthef ctuupllinents. Very brleBy Mr. Pcjvf Mroci-eds to review the mar- vvlo'is progress the country ha? made diirinc Th<> last ten years under Rr- KMhllciJi adfulnistratlon. showlnir that li-e narional wealtji has vastly |n- crease4 that the government has not only bi pe«.ies. but has found money for ex-" ^ „.,^„,^,^ j^^'^YnofUmi: traordl^ary Improvements, and that, Ymi ran't atTnrr* - " - l>ered nev.-r before fn our history rp ^iHisitlon-' Words ©'Praise For th" SCVCMI ingredients of which Dr. Pierce's tncdlcim* am eomi»>s*d. as given by lead'irs In all th« wv^ral sehcxiU of mi.diciiic. should Lave far more wojeht than any amount of nnn- profe.sf iunal f'i timonlal.^. Dr. Plerce'.s'l-'a^'orite I*re<crip tion has THE HADGK nr UOSKRTV on evpry bottle-wrapp«T. In a full list of all its in- Credients printed in plain English. f< liind • lionr>--for shi- is a regnla' "•acliir in the Pru-t"3«'iM-drai s'b'>'i:. it ihi- ctiruer "f St. IFranci.- avini .Hid S'eoiid .'>trei;l—:^nii it slmu;; • a.-^f' in selecilKii lhal| is full.* ar- v :.rul.a'i1e as lln- grejit fiatieiiee re iiiiii-d in ihi; c<iiii|iil.iti<>n and pioduc •i.'ii of ^iu^-li biMik. 1 Th«- nine siil i-(fv covered are; Tlii<ui:iitj- and Tin uro-s: Bijoks: Kdueatinn and the Hii;li er Life: Things nf the Mind: Meant and Knds- of Kducation: t)pii<>riunit> : The liiiversily and th4- T'ncher: llii Teacher tind the S<-hi«lil; Women and ilii' Higher Kdueutioii. Kighl hundred genif like flo- fol- Iinving cons.tituie a ffirmii'' lif-y'ind instiling riintained in tli" I'-dger* "f W.ill St reel. "e'utlivate Mie por.t-r i.f gi-iii^ mil •if ihy.;i-ir Ilia! thou iiiay.-.,i t..- III and np|ir«-eiat>- wliai is CIHMI .i!id fair in others." " Till' niiS'-r never .--a-iv ••ii"ii;:li uo;-! ••'.'a in liis dreams that rinild mil- "••ish a thought like this: The cause of all tiur shallow llt-.~^ and iiisincerel.i Is lhai imr ear i^ 'limed to catch the riininr of the world I ilie a|i|iiovai of one trr several, and W.VNTED—.Men for (luarr'y! aud ware bouse. Apply at works.: The lola Portland Cement Co. I W.VXTKD—Hoarders and nmnicrs at :;oi Norih Walnut. .Modern hi>u.-e. WANTEU-.Men to learn barber l|-;idc. few wei-kt required, best. i>ay- Ing work, wiihin the rcdeh of; pom man. can have shop with small capital, wages from $1. t<i J'.'O weekly, wonderful demand for barbers. calaUiguc mailed free. Mcder Harbor College. Kansas City. .Mo. WANTED—loJa property to exchange for Kansas and .Missouri land. (Jolden West I„'ind Co. Otrice.over Iowa Store. lola. Kas. Bffsiness Directory. : DR. MILDRED CrRJlS Pajslriiu and Sargeon. Office over Uu-rell's Drug Store OIBcc I'hone 5.'i4. BosiiJenee 211 K. Jacksou I'hune ri63. DR.S. REID & UKID, Physicians and Surt^eoiiB. * X-Ilay aiid Electrical Appiiaoces. • Eye. Ear, Kose and ThVoaL • Office Phone 307; Ilea. 536. WANTf'l>—A urst class salesman lo sell oui* teas, coffees and specialties direct to the consumer in and armind InlH. A good paying business to right parties. Write or call on the f^rand Union Tea Co.. TOI Kansas AvenuM. Top>;ka. Kaii. SALES.MKN & A(;F..\TS~» % ? |:.<i I'd P'!r week and over can be made selling New Campaign Novelties from now until election. Sells to Stores. County >^irs. Picnics and I'riX'ate KHniil:'•.^ i'ouipleie line ot sanr .dcj. charKe:^ pre- pa.dforMic. Order l<"l:ir CHICAf.O NOVELTY CO.. 6U Waliash Ave.. Chicago. If you aro an invalid woman and Kuffer , ., Ilo^cied lo the .Sli I whilup'i iligs of the soul.'" A liook that cimlaiiis more lliau r.:glii bundled of such t|ii;ughi.- slioiild 111- in the hand.s i>t every ho> and girl ill .\iiierica. Dr. Spalding's wi.Ml"^i'. :i~ «'•• tind Ing dlstnfi in nomach. periodical paln.«. diugre<|ftlnp. eat»rrhal. pelvic drain, dir^lifc^down distress In lower abdomen or pclv>6; perhaps dark spots or specks dancl;(K before the eyes, faint spells and kindi^sjTiOftotnscaused by female weakness, «ftha(deran^menl of the fcmininn organs, >•>/ran not do b»Mter than lake Dr. rier/efe Favorite Pres(ripti"n. The hf sfcl;al.suri;«>oo'* knife and op«T»ting tatddTmay be avoided by the timely W) ol ^Favorite Prescription" In such cawti. Thereby the ohnoNiou* exjni 1 can JH? J vol it in SisKfr Cregorj's l|iH>k. e.-iriiii>t !•< biiter iles.criliod than "ii^ tin- n.-."[,i yuoiation from liiniself: "tlreal thought-, cio'licd i" t;:'i!iu word-, are like n benedict ion tii'iii iKi-d." _ lie fymily •voided anda ihorguch lui ireatment carried ouf BHAT UO .SEUrD V l.«KK. I ntj^jSHSnQQEEESEr'^^^orne PTescripUon * i«compo»cd ol the very N'jt native medicinal rodu krtown to medical $cicnc« (or the cure of woman's peculiar allmenUs contains [no alcohol sod no barmtul or habit-forming druRS. Do not export too murh from "Favorite Prescription; "U wiill not perform miracles; it. will not-dlsolve or cur^ tumor*. „,., R^,^H„„l land oiM-nlng Othe Koiafdicinowlll. Itwill do a* much to ! - y^^^^ establish vRorous health In mof.1 weak- t.banu,e nien .,,„,!_„ nesses and aliments peculiarly incident to > D.. T, ^1^^^^ - ,,.,„j. ,.,nd, including .lohn Tutiber (liaiiul«*/.Van Rrtums from the Land B|iening. The niaiiui"' Sun .sa>s. V. P. Burris lias reHii-ne»l fnnn the Kosebud rifsfivation In (>akota. uherc registered and wii; (lartiv-ipaf in r FOR SAL£~mUmom/lmm0OtH, FDR .'^ALP^-r.TO feet 'JxlPiSO hard I ine.j Also soni" :Mneh flooring. Cheaii for rash. Pboiie lllll. FOk SAT>>—Befreshiiteut tent l"x lo <t^ slripi ana. fiMiT side wall. 11 foot cen»»-r. fancy siri;ie top. S <iz. fancy wall. Inqiiirir :;<C. South Indl- DK. McMILLEN, Special attention given to the • • ' treatment of all Chronic DIseas-. • • es and Diseases of Children. • • Telephones: Office 3'2. Res. 232. • • Office over Burreil's Drug Store • • West'Madison. • Phono HHT. Res. 701, • OIL o. i^ rox. Kyc, Ear, Nose and Throat. • Spectacles Properly Kitted, ; • Office A. O. IT. W. nidg. ! • Offlci Tel. 1083. Nlgbl Tel. 40« • I >B. R. O. niRISTlAN • rbj.vlriao and Sargeoa * Rooms 7 and 8. Evans BIdg. * I-T»U SALE—i;.if«l Iii.|iiir«> 4'>l .Ninth Dak F. H. ,nARTI5, Surgery and Diseases of • Women. • Office and Resldao^e Pbone &76 •' • Office 7 North Jcffersoo. • FOi;t THADK-.Some :hr»(' f'-r fresh nii!ch cow. Phone P^S 2-1. FOR REirt' MlmomllmmmouB FOR KENT-R'xim a; I.- nut - Flirt. UKNT Six pi.'. SMIUII Si-cund. I .Madi.-.<iii. W. Rogers. •.-<b Wsl .lEWELRS. B. F. Pancoast, old reliable jeweler, 110 East Street. I — Lods:e Dfirectory i"OK KE.\T—Five room modern cottage at SL'.'. North .b ff- r--.ju. Inquire Ml .Vorth .Ifffersoii. i FOR KENT—S^x room »irh or without barn. Close in. I'honc 'i\'.>. FOR BXOHARBe FOR .TRAKK —K'lni '.i- in two r-ymi lii 'lls'" for t-.i !ii .-Viidre ^-s i; .\ ltiis.i<-;i. IJ. Iiil;i i|ir'-" ri "m IKHIX- r<ii reiir KyiGIITS OF PTTHIAS^NeoalM •fidge No. •l.l meets every Monday light at K. of P. Hall. Visiting brothers Invlt'ed. W. S. Thompson. E. C, Chris Rltter, K. of R. and S. TO LOA.V —j :..iMM> !>riv.->le money i.n farni land at G per rent.- >o',-i I^md Co. LOST FOUND ooooooooooooooooo o H. V. WEAR, O Wirhtta. KaniMM. O KMCiHTS OF MACCABEES,- Knights of Maccabees of the World meets ip K. P. Hall, second and fourth Saturday nights ot each month. W. Postwait, commander; R. B. Porter, record keeper, W, 0. W.—Camp-No. 101 meets In K. of P. Hail every Friday night W./ T. Steele, C. C A. H. Davis. Clerk: Visitors cordially Invited. _ Jf. W. A.-rhe M. W. A. Lodge meets every Friday night In M. W. A, Hall. Visiting brothers Invited/ F. C.: Cotficld, V. t;.. W. A. Cowan, Cfierk. ; ROV \L"XKIGIlBORS.—lola jcamp No. 3ih. Royal Nelshhora. meets sec-; ond and fourth Tuesdays ot 1 each mouth. . Mrs. F. A. Wagner, (iracla. i .Mrs. Mury Hutton. 413 West Street.] Recorder. ! / FRATKR>AI. BROTHERHOOD.— Fraternal liroiherhood No. 380 imeeta O WESTER.\ LANDS k RANCHES ©l!''^""^ ""'i I^'^^f'^:'/ 2.^ O For Sale or Trade. i O ^"I'^l" *'_? ' "»"' VlslUn.' 4 en .iblo to iwv Ifsrordinarv ex-i ^omen as anv medicine can. It must be ibut has found nionev for ex- Fl'A'? P^«?^venince In Its W. M. Clover and Harr> Harne.-. , , , - II that ^ Voii cap't atTnrrt t>»"«.-^"At"a '<cZi^f nnt- Trip Coniitv. in which the reserva for these guests: .all clashes of our population have pros tnim aVa substitute for ihi» r^n^rHy^t ,i..„ Js Io<»,ted. contains 72 town.shlp.- iJi. Mrs. t..ias. Os-fj>ered dfe never before fn our history, "pmp^.n^p • ,M.s!.iblv half <.f which hav.- been re tfrawlnc therefrom the conclusion that '"omen are Invited to consult Dr. " the iieopl" chose wisely in X'^i^C-. lOmi i Pierce, by lettM-./irr. All correspond; 'and It 4 wiien thev out the nnhlie 1* gnardod as sacredly se,:ret and Mrs. Gordonl of Hunjboldt was a buslnes ^n the ha mis Iirtho'W;".bl';: j Tuest of Mr.s. ill. W. Sieyor yesfcr-.can par y. Pierce. Buffalo, N. V. "r-»• day. * * + Dinner Party. -Mr. and .Mrs, Charles Ixigan gave-the Register'!! Want ColnniDb. a small dinner party yesterday for I Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Anderson. | Dr. Pierce's Plea.eant Pellets the best ! laxttirn and regulator of the *bowcls. For Best and Qnirfcest Resall.s l"se Tbey Invigorate stomach. liver and bowels. One a laxative; two or three a cathartic Easy to take as candy. •!- -!- •> Entertain Society, | Mrs. Sarah Crigler of North Syca-; more street, has the Aid society of. the Baptist church as her guests to-' day. .6 + From Kansas City. S^asdnable Jewelry turned from a brief visit in Kan^ax City. <• • Visit Miss Fitzgerald. Miss Margerj- Rowan of Chanufe, win i"' here on Saturday to soend several day.s with Mi.«;s Crare FUr- rerald. > * • Mothers' Clob. The Mothers' cluh of Little Build•TK' cJiaoet was In session nt the t^'littpel i;e»ter«lav afternoon The ladles who "were present purl Iclpatod In I a proirani and a dl8cu««1on of things of Interest lo the members. * * + Ch'ireh Social. Tie Enworih I.«a«up of Trinity iehureh will have a box supper tonight In tho church. Momberx of tho con-j ttr<>ntlon of the ohurcb »ind other frk>nils will be welcome. , served by the Indians. On the ma ilii-se sections apjiear under the names (if Hob Badnuin, Teddy. S|K>lted Calf. y«na Cray l-Iagle. etc.. but all sections not .so designated ar<> open to white settlers at the uniform price of %f< per acre. .Mr. Burris drove :{0 mile through the country, and reports that ilie land is equal to the beat upland in .Veosho county. Tlije soil, which is practically: unculliva.ted. is a rich roll ug btack louiu. ihrne to four fctj Jc'P. Sample ot sod oats and corn •* hich he brought back compare fa .-tiiably with the croiis raisetl in Kan II J |Sas ton years ago. wheu.the soil was Now is toe intjoor season, whet] theatteri. dinners aud parties are l^f til I but partiaWy adapted to cu!ti- vatioii. Dallas; the town where the drawing •jj'curs. has, .a population of 1.500 and is erjulpiied with Its own water aad telephone sysrtenih. Its business place; including ie*en. saloons, are 0| eraied day and night, uo business man ev.-r thinking of closing his store. The himdr^s of land-s»el(ers who are flt'eking to the o|>cning are lielng well fed and well housed. ^ lu a big tent bi>tel l.6::o coth are re'nteil each uight for .'ii* couth each. Registration for the homesteads close on Ociol>er 17. the drawing «iccurlnK tw-o da.»s laie.- From Kansas, City. the chief atnuscments. Jewelry has its new styles just as garmetit- Mr. and Mrs. Frank iWood have re-, !! have theirs—these new styles are all here reatiy to be admired by 30U Otir assortment is larger than tver this sea:!>'ju. We've needed to otir vai^ety, thas enabling as to provlc^ for our patrons l<etter value." than ewr before. Me. P«f, Santa Fe aB4 M. K. ft T. Mateli lR «i>«rt«ni. Louie SeiilaMrr Hnmr. Louie Schlanger returned ihli> morn lUK from Wichita where he ha.s been for several du.vs. A. H. Schlanger. of Pitiaburg wbu ha« also been (here, ac- romiMtnled hhm home and wilt htiend tho day here looking over the oiure and visiting friends. Reclstw Want Ada tuing resnlta. $S.OO an Acre. I'p. 000 >9 0000000000000 g I members cordially invited. W. H, An-\ g j dtfrson. precldent: Golda Elam'. eecr*-' OUR TELEPHONE / is cinstantly ringing the?e da;>si Sep tember. you know, is the time lo have the summer cleaned -jiit of car- I»€ts. We are busy, but your order wiil receive prompt and careful attention. Pbone US today. iOLA RUG FACTORY PfeOM SI0. tarr. LOW COLONIST RATES TO CALIFORNIA OLD MEXICO THE IS HE OUR FALTYSi NORTHWEST Man Answering to Name of Missing tola "Theatre Manager. Charged With Burglary. There Is a rumor afloat in the city | today to the effect that .1. K Fait vs. j formerly amusement manacer of th' Majestic theatre of this cit.v. is now i belnjr held by the St. Josej.;! authorities on a charge of being implicated In a robbery which occurred the flrut of the week in Omaha, Ncbr. A press dispatch uays that J. E. Faltys was formerly employed In the store which was robbed aiid was familiar with the combination to the s.nfe. 0*lliam, the man who was arrested with him has a number of allaseK. Tho name of th« partner of tho J. K. FnltyK who was in IOIH, was also Gilliam. In his con- feision Gilliam ailegirM that Faliya cave him the combination tu the safe. Both Mr. and Mr*. Faltys have been pl.ic«d nnder armet. AND BRITISH COLUMBIA VIA Reglater Want Ada bring resulti. O.v SALE Sept. 1st toOc;t.31st Auk (ur Fall InforouUaa. C p. Hale/Agt.^

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