The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 19, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 19, 1947
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JUNK 19, 1947 BLYTIIBV1LLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE run Russians Asked To Help Europe Leaders Say Soviets In a Position to Give As Well as Receive Adjournment Of Congress July 25 Sought By U. II. SHACKI'OIll) (I'nitl'il I'rcss Stall Ci>rn-s]iiiiul WASHINGTON, June li). lUl'l — TlKvJInilcd Slates '.od.iy ai>j>ea'cd to S*L* llll " lr J' in Ilu- world wilh the rc^p-.Tccsineludin 1 -; ti)t> Sovi«-t Union—to heli> this country nut Europe back on its economic feel. The siiBBcsllon that Hut Soviet Union infill be on Sne sui>]>lyim; ratlipr than the rcocmr,/ i-idu of the "Marshall plan" for economic rehabilitation of Etiro|>i! can." from Undersecretary of Slat'; William L. Clavlon. He added at a noss conier'nc" that he would be delimited U) have help from any countries- 1,-itln Americans, Canadians or other:; which have surplus wmilie.s. This development came as Hiit- jsli Foreign Minister li'.-nes! llevin nnd French Foreign Minisl"r Cirori>cs Bidnult were a-mii'ii" an tn-Rent invitation to s->viuL Foreign Minister V. M. Molol>v to inert them in a special nit; Tim'c meel- inK next week to talk ov;t- t!m ••Marshall plan." .Some U. ?; experts were jkcpU- cal (hat Russia would j >iu in His fonnulalion of an ?conrmi'; pn>- Ci-iiin for Kin-op? or thai she would respond to Clayton's .ipu.'al lo hrlp other European natioiv;. e:-p:cially those of her borders. See Food Surplus in Etussi These experts arc convinced -as a result of reports from tlic American embassy in Moscow that barring tad weather the Sovi?ts by the ncxl harvest will be .ml" to :,upp!> their own people v.'l'.Ii m-ire ' fiuid fueliLend fibers and still have ex- pnrSiBle surpluse.s. But they believe tlis Soviets wil prcfijd'-o use their surpluses'in hv cltviiuvfil cases as they see lit rathei than join an overall LC.):HIIIH:: program sponsored by tlw Umtc< Slates. They cited Hie currav Anglo-Soviet trade :i pallia I ion-; a: :<n_example nnd recalled Soviet Pie mier Josef Btalin's .ifTe;- In B"vh during the recent M»scov/ confer encc to sell Britain ir.iich-ivjedci wheat and timber iti exehnnijo lo industrial e(,L.l])mcnt. A British delegation is leavin London for Moscow tnis \veek I resume trade negoliauon.i with tb objective of concludini,' the pac whether or not Rili.shi join; th overall European ceoiiMniic jjlan. Clayton said the Soviet Union, unffkc most European Cv>untv:cs, was not an iinporlt'r o[ foo:l. I'uol and fibers, and that before llr; \v.iv was an exporter of those c.jinmiiditics. Thcrefnrc. he was jf thj Imjjrcs- sion that the Soviet Uinou mi^ht ensily be on tin' ski.: of helping otl'cr countries instead oi reefiving help fi-om Abroad. A week at;o Secretary of State George C. MnrsiiaM made il plain tht he consider?;! Soviet Rus-sia cliiiibi.t to participate in his plan but cirl nnt specify then whiter he ex^.'-.tccl iicr t:> be a supffier or receiver of poods. Last year, ns tlic result of choii';ht in the Ukraine, th? Sivirt Union cut its basic bread lalion. Since then there has heon :i sliortngc of bread in the country. The American embassy in Moscow, however, felt r'nat Ihc tlroc-'Iit was not the .sole reason f->r li 1 ,^ ra'ion cut; that preparations lor complete derationing--promised for t'.lis year —the slore of .snrplii.u:; lor future contingencies, and kcopuu nvailabln supplies for |)olitieal use abroad, were just as iinporUuli reason •WASHINGTON. June 10. (UP) Republican Congressional lenders !>!•<• .shooting for July 25 or 20 us the adjournment, date for the 19V7 session of Congress. Adjournment, at that tlmn would roir.c (ivc or .MX days before Ihc July 31 deadline set In the Congressional Reorganization Law enacted lust year. A decision will be made later lliii month on what legislation added to the program already Osceofo Legion Post To Hold Election July 2 OSCEOLA, June 19 — Nominations of officers to seiv; for the coming year were received at a meeting of members of Mack! Glider I'ost 150 of the Aniorlciin I Lceloii in the Legion nut last I night. Lloyd Oodley, chairiiiar. of the nominatln,; commltl.".', i>re>c:i'.id tlic list of nomlimiK-rs tu t'io members whn in turn vo.\l LO ae- I ccpt the'in.i. officers of tin' post wil 1 bu ele :!(.••! ut ihc July 3 mj»'.in t '. The noniiMiiiioiu were: ]<osl ccmmaiuUr, l^esllo Speck mid Fred should Taylor Jr.; vlce-cuinnmiufrr, Wal- aireadv t0 '' Mnnchesler anil (;. L. Wild-- Two Arkansas Colleges Plan Buildings for the House and Senate, -dell; adjutant, Joe Mailiu and Both chambers will be kept busy j J° e Rhodes, flnaiit-a officer. Slrvc until at least Julv 1 with pcndiiis llowker and Joe Rhodes; Ohap- I'liroprialion, Army-Navy imifica- lulu, Hay Morgiu Jr., nivl Harold or. anil Presidential 'succcssluu' llendrix; post sui^eoA, l)r 1,. D. ills. v IMassey and Dr. w. J. Siicddun; The adjournmciil dste was set at scrccant-al-arnis. Wiliiimi A Sul- conrerencp of House and S"nato livan and ICarl Hoberls; judge ad- 1 e]iiihl]can leaders lute yesterday. In decision wa s rcliclied on wl'ctli- lo adjourn sine die, so (here ould be a fall .cession only at Hie all of President Truman, or to ad- ouin siibj-ct to the call of ncpub- ci>n Comtrcssioiiiil leader.?. There lK-5 be D n some discussion f a special session Uii s fall lo deal vlth foreign )x>li«y questions. Jf inpe is called. ConiM-cs.s will be in djonnnnciit from July until next TWO ARKANSAS 24 WAS1IINOTON, June in. (Ul>)~ '1'wo Arkansas collrgrs Icxluy licid grants from the rrderul Works A- Rency lotaliui?'JW.IOO for drawlURS and plans on IV projects which will cost, an estimated $2,909.201). Trustees of Arkansas I'olvlcch- nlc College at Hussellville received advances lotuUiiK $50.700 for (he preparations of drawings aiul pltuis ) imdccts whleh will cost $1,781.104. Mii|>nolia A. and M. Col leire received urants iiinoutillug tu $37.350 for cnBineeilni; work on' tivu projects that will cost $1,218,011. Head Courier News Want Ads. Norseman Injured T ITTLF RCCK, Ark.. June 19 IUP) — A former Naval lieutenant s under observation in the Veterans tn-Mlitai nl, FOI-I Roots today for njuries suffered when he v/a.5 thrown by a horse late yesterday Hal Moore, 3 r >, was knocked in- iiscious nnd suffered a severe scalp wound and other injuries vocale. James Costo'i and Mvrun Naming. I'lmis [or the redecoip.Mna ol the hut were discussM and a tuinmit- tcc was uii|x>i:ited to oblain the iipproximate cost of the work planned and l-iring a can-laker. The plans call compleic le- modclini! of the Interi'jr, openlns of a ciifeteiia in the West c>>d of the buiidiiiK in<l >i service men';; loimgc on the second ,'lorr. Tlic committee is comiK-scil of O. L. Waddell, cnain.ian, Ilarrv Matlock, Spencer Anderson. Harold Hcndrix and Lc.'.li-.- More Comfort Wearing FALSE TEETH Here Is a pleasant way to overcome loose plate discomfort. PAS- TEETH, an Improved powder, sprinkled on upper and lower plates holds them firmer so that they feel more comfortable. No Rummy. Rooey. pasty taste or feeling. It's alkaline (non-acid). Does not sour. Checks "plate odor" (denture breath). Get Hardware Mutual Insurance Company of Minnesota Lan;c Dividend .Savings Low Net Cost Protection Fur Kcrvl re W. L. TAMKE 108 I!. Davis SI., r. <). Ilnx 431 riiunc 2181 ' lllylliov'lle, Ark. when the horse he was riding in Norlli Little nock sidcswiped a tri-ti and threw the rkler lo the j;roimil. FASTEETH store. , Tired Kidneys Often Bring Sleepless Nights "When Hisord«r of kMney funciinn permlt.i roiKonous mutter lo remain in your lilixnl, It may cause ixaffi^inR backache, rheumatici« Ins, leg pains, toss of pci> »r\il cntTKy, Retllng uy TiiphLs, swcllintr. puffincs.n under the eyes. headaches anil d[77.lne.sB. Frequent or Keenly rassa^cs with sinruUnir Rnd liurnlnn some- limes flhows there i.i nomtthinff wrong with your kiilneyit or Mnrfiler. Don't wuitl Aek your dnifruist for Donn'a TUts. (vntimnlrtnt ilinrrtir, user) succCTflfiilly liy niiUions for ovpr 50 ycttra. Doan'p KLVO happy relief and will help the 16 miles nf today at UIIV drUK 1 " ill[lcy l " t>cfl ftu& " out poisonous wa«ta(rom J tol your blood. Get Dean's Tilts. WIIKINO 5PICIALS Hybrid Seed Corm GROV/N FOR ARKANSAS i'cc Your Dealcri UUTINS TKAOTOIt CO. Illyllicvlll,. It. A. CHlI.DItl'.SS l^eaehvlllc IIAKVKY SISTICICS It I.I).. I.raoliville MISSCO IMI'I.KMKNT CO. t)sccol;l M:I: WILSON co. Wilson When it's 40 decrees below zero on a Fahrenheit llicrmoincter. if. is also -10 below on a CciUiyracle. thermometer. Speeds work- saves money— helps farmers get quality work • Prompt delivery. • Concrele delivered to any job which is accessible to our (rucks. • "Mix" accurately proportioned for your job. • Full strength, reliability and uniformity in every load. f • Let us quote you on this economical way to build. If you need help we can put you in ^uch with competent contractors. HUGHES & Company "Ready Mix Concrete" Building Materials South 10th St. Phone 3531 Today's Finest • Kerosene Ranges cost less at Wards Term: J5.00 Mon'hly after down payment A beautiful, new kerosene range with every important, usalilc fcalure for efficiency, convenience anil economy! I ivc giant si/c \vicklcss burners—especially designed lor conccnlratcd heal and provide greater fuel economy. The extra large oven holds ten J pound loaves of bread . . . heat indicator in oven door—special bnlllcd Hues promote even baking—save food, save lucl! The sparkling while finish is easily cleaned with a dampclolli. Storage space for kilclicii utensils. INQUIRE ABOUT WARDS CONVENIENT MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN June Parade of Values 20% OOWN 144.95 2-PICCE LIVING ROOM SUITE ; ; ; Here's roomy slylin" nnd cmnrorl ut a tlirifly Ward priccl llaiulsonm sola mill inalchinjj; Inuiigo chair in ntlfavlivc l'rie-tc covers. Knll spring conslrticlioii IJHSC on an nil litmlwuml liattic lo iissinc you cii<luriiij; service. Ucvcrsililo opring-fillctl cushions. Women's Playsboo Regularly at 3.98 Smart while Iciillit!) 1 H:incl:tl with new cross strap vamp. Luiitlicr soles. 4-9. Sale! 4.79 Looped Pile Rugs Thick, fluffy cotton! Sunfast! 'Washriisl! rreshrunk! 2<r > x3(i" Sale! Telescopic Rod One-piece. lixten.doii type. Tuliiilar utocl tip, cork grip. 7.95 Clothes Hamper Upright style, ol woven fiber. Pcnrii/.od cover. White or pastels. Reg. 2.49 Tailored Pairs Of .slicer, liKlit-invil in); cotton rmrqiii.soltc. Each side, 33"x81". 4 6 2^ Misty Rayon Sheer Blouses A K l '"i>il a.sxoiitiK'nl of wlylos 'iin cool frosty \vliitc. Si/.cs 32-38. 2 44 Reg. 79c Men's Shorts . . . Gripper fasteners, justiihle \viiists! patterns. 30-'l'l. 66 C POKCH AND DECK PAINT Cuf-pr;'codf For iMilsiilc use. Driers iivcrnifjlu. With- Mmiils lunl wcur. •Calkin 3.49 Reg. 95c Steel Lawn Rake H's l "101" Overalls, Reg. 1.89 8-0/'. Denim liiintl O'iills , wilh oraiiijt! .slitchinj;, rivuls. Si/.us S-10, Girls' Two-Pc. Swimsuits Wool and collun knit swiniHiiils. Prints junl solitl.s. 7-1-1 157 n9 HERRINGBONE OUTFITS A Q8 Skirti—Regularly 2.29 | Cut for comforl! Si/.cs II in p. Tor easy ... yel bull I to liiHl. 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