Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 27, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 27, 1907
Page 4
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THE lOLA DAILY HEG18TEB. TOinSftAY EVEMXO. SErTFMBEB^, W07. d!'^^ Jails j$est)ti(r A 'lARUn *. •POTT. Ci ICULATION 4 ,00a TBLKPHONES. Room tttt.XH QSM , v...rm ..U SUttCRIPTiON RATI*, •y Carritr la leU, Oa« City, LwiyoBvllto ' or LaHarp*. O M Wail^....>.... MOU. Oa« Montk...... 44 omU. P M Taar.. .1 .tS.M •y MalL Oaa T«sr. In advance, -<..->-<»..•t4.M. ffkrc* Montba, In advamco. tMO. On* KoBtti. Is advaaee, 44 at Tola, Kansaa. Poatofflea, at lecond-ctasa matter. iUTMtlalBK Ratea lCa «e Knows as A>- XtUcatlon. OFFICUl PAFER, CITY OF BASSET. MKMBBR ' AMOCIATID PRESS. TiM lela D Illy Reurater la a mambar el Ifca Aaaoola^. td Preaa ana Reealvea tha lay raport' f that g^^t newa orsanlza* M M for M» lualva Afternoon Publication ii lota. JEFFKKSON I'AVIM: 1 )0>K. Cuutructur (•lltilliin Luriiiir i'aTiii!; OviT Coon Cn-i'k Krldi;*-. The iiavlns ou .North .It'fTci-son slj-eot ix to be cqmiilfietl today and toiitrac- lor fiilftUau is todyy havitiK tile paV- JUg ovtT Cooii Pic-k bridRe laid. TlK- street will be openeii lo the iiublic ve- rvsliortly. \ The layer of Mrick on tlie South Cottonwood slr«:.>i was completed today. The block laid is the one jUi;t south of the railroaii. liriM ;LAK VISITS .V KKSIAIKANT. .Mrs. Carlton CalUil Police But Hurfrlar Offlci.r Hoy Phillips w;i.-^ railed to the Carloton le.stauraiit this iiioinin?: about one o'clock in an.swur in a call that soiue one attempted to enter thv biuldins. Mrs. CarlMoii. the pioi>r:e- tress has her v^h-epiiiK ai)arlnif.iit.s i:i the buildins and was nrotised this morning by a noise as if some one was trying lo enter the liouse. Shi- phoned to flio JKI U CO lint when Mr. Phillips arriv.'d lie. found no sign of a burfliir. B »<^LE4gfiaG JX, A BAU.N. 5ei8iibors Xake Tlihi Complaiiif io the Conijjlainl was niadi- to t 'lc nolico til 's inornin'.; that liipior wa- beiuR sold in or about a I IITII on s 'onth street. The • complaint '.vas made hy ptirties livinp In that vicinity, who Kald that men eonpref-'ated tii 'Te an J quarrels ami disTiirbnr'-iilted The, ofRc'.TS jironiis'd to inv' ^tisa^c the matter at oucf>. Collier or Southern Pure White Lead b cheaper than any "graded" or ••second" white k;id (pJitc lor ••adulterated"), i»> matliT how low the price of tlie aduitcraU :d product House Painting is economical only when niaterial is used «bith will l^tit. "Graded Vhite leads, s<j-tallid. S<XJII scale «jr wash off. I>iok for the Dutch Boy Painter on the keg. lie guarantees purity and lung wear. For aula Wy first data iealtn Scud for ogr hiojiotnc txiok. Gires vttubtc i^oraudon UD the paist subject. lUTMHUL LEAD CMPANT CMi Amat aa< Mt SifM. Si. UBli .M*. Used by Millions lalumi Baking Powder OoniBlIn with UivPara • raodLamaf sreiT Btala.| FROM MRS. NATION KIM) TO TIIEllt YOOe. Home Made Sausage of all Kinds. Cash Paid for Poultry and Hides OTTO HINZE, UTTODATE MEAT AURKET 115 east Madiion Aniniuls i'.wt'M Human lieintTN iu Tak- iiii; Cure of Ofispriu^. "It has been proven from the experience of showmen and animal train ers time and time aKain that animals can take care of their yount; much l..etti-r than human beines." sa'd John Patterson, animal trainer for the Adam FoiepaiiKh-Sells Brothers Tuit ed shows which eomrf to lola Monday. ".So far as I know thei^a is oi;)y one |)Iaee in Oie country where they rais(! hippopotami." and that is the Uronx park iu New York. When tlie first baby hippoiiotanius was received, the mother d.'velopiKl th< liobit of takiiiK 'he bab .e luider tl:e water and holding i''>r to minutes at a time. .\'ow there was a bunch ot wise keepers that watched thr per- fornianci! a number of times, and became preatly asltated. Tliey feared the old lady would drown the litthj 0H:>. so rather than cndtire the reproaches of the park authorities, or tlie aKouy of sesing its death, they tviok it from the mother. It was nowhere Imt on decit for that little fei- low from thence ou. the "wisfs ones" htivin^ concluded they knew tlie game ol briuginp up baby hippopotami better than the mother. The result oE their care and attoniion was au hiih popotanii funeral, with the attoiidants and the old beast for the chief mourners. The next time the trainers were ;ind when the; niother took it iMider thi. water for 2i» or 'M minute.-; It a time thi'ir iinlses behaved in a normal way. and il-o iilt'e f-dlow was allowed to soalc. This one ^ri'W and was sent to Cincinnan. "Hid you ever observe a hi |>popota- mus closely? Tiu'V art. the nearest approach to the iehthauriaii of prehistoric times that wo know of among he animal family. The physiognomy -.i alisuliitoly brutalized. There is lothins til Ih .e face exrept the snout and h )w<-r jaw. which is out of all roportion to th-.. rest of the brute's ninkeuii. In th - rcuiun <d' tli<> head ttheif in 'Mitalily is eoniuioiily ku at- ed. that is. alMive ih" ears and over tlie eyes, tiicre is a dipression—I«;ss than noihiii:.'. Tlie densfiiess menfal- \ is no IfSK I'liysically —the hide Iieiug iijipervioii-- lo luilleis. Xo silcli thing as a iiahioi liipiiopotamiis was cvr liiiowii. It is the vi 'iy quintessence of density, and i.*; to the animal king- loin what the lii-'niiin vilao is to the ve ;,-et:ibl.-." ! MIST IIAVK A PIKIJC' SniOOL. I sintr UfsfripJ Fiimls 1» Par for Private In.stniction Illevul in Kunsits. Toi.eka. .Sept. 21—K. T. Kaircliilil. -ilatf su[icriiitoiii!'lit of tiublic iiistruc- titim. in'an opinion issued today, de- iares tl>-jt a school Ixjard or tli.-' patrons of a school district cannot aban- Ion Uie school and use the district funds in paying tuition for the children at somt tirivate school. The question came tip in several counties where tlie people living in certain distr-cts liad met and d'cided not to have a public schoool any loncsr. but to send their cliildreii to a iiaroeliial scht>ol and p;iy the tuition from the school district funds. In the opinion of the siiperintendwit •says that five months of schwl must held in every county ev<-ry year and that thr. nn'mbi-rs of tlie school boards are liable to severe punishment if iliey do not hire a; ti'ucher ajid provide for the school. If th'.. board dors not do it the county sujicr- intendent will do so. He also holds that th-.' money derived from taxt,s for school pniiKJses cannot be used in paying tuition in any parochial or pri- Vijte school of any kind, but that It call be uscil in paying tuition In anoth et public school.' CHAS. S.MITH DEAD. Colored Laborer Siircuiiilis In Liu^cr. I M >.' IMseasi". Charley Siniih, a colored laborer who has worked at the lola and Kansas Portland Cement factories, died this morning at four o'clock at htu home at (>V1 .North Cotonwmid street, after an illnchs of several months. The cause of his death waa kidney trouble. Mr. Stiiitli at the time of liis death .was years of age. He leaves a wiffe and several ehlldren. Tiie funeral wltl be held tomoiiow at three o'clock from the house and iuteimcut will •take place In the lola cemetery. Rev. J. W. Gordon will huve charge of the 6»r>Jces. State Jonmal Gels Lenfflhy Ix-lter - From Washingtou Prisoner. (State Journal.) "Washington is .seething with vice under police protection," asserts Carrie Nation, in a letter which she addresses to the Slate Journal from tin; work house at Wuishingtou. D. (•'.. where she has been.confined to servo a sentence of seventy-five days. Mrs. Nation prods the iiation's capital with .1 sharp slick in her letter whTeh follows: Workhouse, Washington, U. C. Sept. 20, ]Ht»7. "I was sentenced $-'"1 or to work T.'i days in the workhouse yesterday because I objected to having tobacco and cigarette smoke Itlown in my face and also because I warned the smokers of the result of this vice. 1 have never seen more of this vice practiced anywhere. Washington is seething with vice under police protection. Prostitution is under police iirolec- tion and hundreds of them arc within a few blocks of the White house and near the jiostofflce lliere ik a section of the city given to them called "The Division." The juvenile court is crowd ed with the young criminals fostered by the dens of vice. The legislature ought to be instnicled to cletin this city. It is the fountain head of anarchy, not law. In the llatcliet of October we will sjieak at lengtli of the more tlian liarbarons condition. Yesterday at 2 o'clock we entered workhouse, was taken to a room wliere we were ordered to change ail of our clothes for the garb. All garments were made "'Of heavy blue cotton, the dresses were mother hubburds with a string for a belt. We went to our -cells where there was a cot with a straw pillow and no bed springs. I was allowed my Mbile, Shakespeare and Imitation of Christ. Our dinner was white bread, ii piece of boiled beef and beans^ our supiier a cup of black tea and piece i^.f bread and .some boiled aiiricots. The breakfast this luornin.g was hominy and bread t-nd coffee. I do imt eat meat or drink te;i or coffee. I have had to cancel dates wiiirh were a trouble to me because of tlie di.sappointment 0 others as well as myself. Unt had 1 given a personal bond it would liave been ackiiowiedging that I was wrong. 'To do this I would have had to say that to obey the command of Christ to warn, rebuke and export, with all long sufreriii^, was wrong. I feel responsible for all the wron.g 1 do not try to prevent. "I was put to work making Imtlon iioles. The papers are giving iniper- f"ct reports as is usual, but the truth will come out. I could not sign that personal bond, that would be an admission that I was disorderly virtually it would be a d.Mila! of the worl; of Christianity. 1 w.-ll wail on the Lord who has always brought me llirough more (Iian coiiqiieror. Hut tliere is one iliii.i:. 1 will not deny tiiis canse not even ;o save my life. The devil's time is sliori. Now I am looking for the Loi-d to <oine. Then lie will ajiplaud the right in siuht jif all. "C-MtUY A NATIO.N.' HAS sToon CONFIM:.MEM WELL. Thaw Belit'Tcd lo Be S:ine Enungli for Another TriaL RfMrister iranf Adi> Briar RoNf 'Ql. Try a ITant Ad. In the Beglster. WJI .I. KIttnV'N, formerly wi 'h ih-- lola Portland cejuent company, i.-; to ay moviiiL' !i-:s Iions.''Iiolii goeds 10 Iiidejiendeniv. and will make tlirit p!aee Lis future lioi;"-. SETTI-El* WITH yWXS. HKVUV. The Unnkcr*' IVidon Hii«^ no Fiirlelir C'liiii!' on the Estate. TopeJta. Kas.. Sep!. 2."..—Cy ras L'- 'and. James K. Hurley and Walter 'leeves. trustees for tlie estate c»f the '.'iti- (;. J. Devlin, with tiieir attorney, John S. Dean, madi- a linal settlement 'esterday with .Mrs. C. J. Devlin for wliatever c'aim slie liad against the estate of lier husband. Dv the terms f the settlement Mrs. Devlin pays the tru.stees $.">(),()(tO <if the half mil- 'ion of life insul-anci' collected and the •riislees dismissed their suit conte.-;!- :ng Mrs. Devlin's contention for a dower interest in the estate and the suit to establish a trust to take charge of the life insurance already collected by -Mrs. Devlin. Mrs. Devlin also dismisses all suits for dower or other interest in the Devlin estate. The trustees also arrived :it a linal settle- Fryer Bros Can Cut Down Your Grocery and Meat Bill :: :: :: :: :: It is but necefsary for you tc jjive us a trial order on grcceries -iud meats If you want to^ demonstrate the fact that you will save money by purcharing from us. We have the chiSffcest of staple and fancy groceries. We make a .specialty of catering to the fastid- ous housewife who wants those Itttle extras that go to make up an t^xceptional dinner and which are so hard to find in the average grocery ttore. FRYER BROS. Qracery aod Mea* Market Ptaoiics 308 and jOI »TEYER'» GROCERY HMdqMftars for Good Things to Eat Tele |>hoo6 159 Bracing food for steady nerves— Nutritive food for healthy appetites- Strengthening food for ^ sturdy muscles— The most nourishing wheat food Uneeda Biscuit In moisture and dust proof packages. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY ment with the Atchison, 'I'ojieka & Santa I'e lUiihvay company for salvage in the Crawford county mines. The Devlin estate tirobably will be fiiMlly settled before .laniiary 1. In this way .Mrs. Devlin gels $^."»l ).i )Ol). M tlio lime of Mr. Devlin's death .Mrs. Devlin put in a chMui for ti widow's dower interest in her husband's holdings in .Missouri and Illinois. This amounted to about M.ndM aere.s in coal lands. Her interest would have been about $I .'>b,(JOo. Tint tiiistifs ctinlesK-d this dower claim b.v suit in tlie federal court. .Mrs. Devlin also filed a claim ill Kansas of ID.Oi .iii as the wid ow '.s interest in the entire estate of Mr. Devlin. The ti'nstees al.^o <-oii- lested this claim, lly yesterday's set- 1 lenient .Mrs, Devlin surrenders all ri.ghts lo tlie estate as well as her dower inieicst and $.'.'J.OiiO of the lialf million dollars collected in insurance. The .Mount Carmc! Coal company, a Devlin company, least d the laml of the Cherokee K- Pittsburg Coa! and .Mi'iing company in Crawford county. Kas. several yi>ars .-IKO. 'I'iiis iejise expired .lune J. I ;I(M;. about .-i year after Mr Devlin's fai'ire." At ilie expiration o! the lease the Chero 'iiee a I'ittslmr eoiiipany, owned by tJie .•\icliisoi!. T'- peka & Santa I'e. t(ri:k possession c ;f tlicr proiierty without leimlnirsing tii< Uevliti trnsiei-s from iniprnvemen'.: niade b.v .^Ir. DevUii ;•! ili" mines. Th- trustees regained pti-.ession of th. projierty by an iii.|iii:( tion :^i!it an' then made an'ient wherelr. llie Alehisoti. 'fop-kii oi: S:ilita Fr -lionld operate tlie mines, the final adjudication to come later. It thi settlement that was made yesterday The Atchison. Topeka <'i Santa Ke jiai i $17."..(mi). The Kirst National bank of Topek." owned liy C. J. Devlin; failed July " 100.5, with liabilities ol more than twc million doUars. Devlin's extensive mining jnoperty in K:iiisas and .Missouri was involved In tiie failure. Devlin died in Chicago Novemlier 1, llHifi 1 .New York. Sept. 20.—Harry Thaw- has stood his confinement iu the •fonilis this summer well and is believed to lie sane enoiish to stand trial. At tiie conclusion of Thaw's trial District Attorney sfero'mo said fiiar if Thaw came tliioiigh the hot se.ison without developing any further signs of ins:niity he would put him up again for trial this winter. Tlie hi-atod days have passed and Tli.iw s]>i-!it tiifiiu in the Tombs iu al- !ui /;,t solitary euntineniPUt. It is trao t !i :;t he has exeroised a good deal in tile T"iiiii.-i yanl. bis nights he iiad ti) .siK-nd iij the steel which li .i;: 'U bi-.; iiRtiie since he was first !>• i>ii.i;lu III tile. Tombs t!io day aftef the iiniider of iSrandford WTjite was ctmiiiiitted. \ "[i<.!W did Harry Thaw stand the la':!f of the suniiuer? " a re|ioner asked Warden i-'lynii and iiis chief deputy, -iolin ilaiiley. the two Tombs officials. •He is the same- today as he was at the close Tif the iri:!l: if anything, he is belter iihysiealiy." was the reply of one and aureed in by tiie other. "Tii:i\v.' ;>.d(!erl Warden I'Mynn, "prov I'd luMiself III be one of .the best be- lii ;ved prisoners over cfiiitined in the 'rmiilis. lie has J.MIL given us tiny trim l.le at all." .Mr. .Irroino liris Iieeii made aware of 'i'li.iw's piiy.-;ic .-il condition, and has MiiiioiHieed tli.-it lif' will call Thaw's e;'-e for trinl wiienever tin o|)portiin- iiv eiesetiis itse:ir. Awit wlien that, ujl—Ili- has iiiti I'f-en fully determined upon, tiiit it is more tiiaii likely that tl'e tri -.ii will Starr in December in tjic criminal lirriiicli of the Supreme ruiirt :IIM I i:i all' proliability before iit.-lice r'lowling. . Mrs, Harry Thaw Sick. >Irs. Harry K.-Thaw h^s been.un- ;'.!);" to visit her husband at the Tonibs this' week. She is sufferintf •.'rniii u U.-,d (-old. • gi!;.ii- cif the siMson. Fifleen men :iiitl Cf.ivli I'ierce wili make lite trip. Test atu'i Found. I ."s(. between p. m., yesterdaV ^ind noon today. idlions a'ttaek. with n .uisi.i :iii(| si(-k luvidriei;... • This'loss Uctillh iu (he Citiial /.one. 'I'he high wages paid make it a iiiigh ty teiiiplation to oiir young artisans to ji.iiii tile force of -skilled \v(>rknieii need ed to (-onstntet the I'aiitiiiia Cannl. .Many ;ue restrained liov.t-ver by ttio fear of fevers ;ind mahiria. It is the kiiowin-.; ones—those wlin have asi d KU-eirie Hitler.•.. who go tliere wilhoiii this ie:'r. well knowing tiioy .•ne s.-ife :l !-i !!i iiial.iriiiiis i :i (Itien<-e willi l -:iec- ilri<- I'.illers (Ml liatKl. Cures blood poi- jsoii t<i<i. lii!i<iusi!ess.:weakness and all I Visit tlie Craiid Oiietiing .'^atnrdr'y. | ,„.,.;,s;.ined by finding :;t all drug' Sept. JSih. ;ii ilie .\nieric;iii Racket 1 L-i-irs a Imx of Dr. Kind's New Life store. Souvenir io ladies. Store opens ; Piiis. f;nar:irifeod for biliousness, ma^ oi -jock a. m. Ii;iri;i aiid jaundice. 2Gc. The Junior D^parim^nt Store Kast CamplotB Stock afGrepe Paptii' Gaads In tola. slotiiaeii. liver and kidney troubles.: (Iwaranleed by ail druggists. T J O C cmct 101A $ MONDAY so. II isn't half as hard for most people to find a .good dinner as to digest one. Use .Mi-o-na stomach tablets and never fear Indigestion. ."iOc. Guaranteed by Charles W Spencer. THEY FAVOH .M'COOK FIELD. I 'nlTcrsity Athletic Boiird Mant.s Thanks ^irivIUK Oanie ut Lawrence. l ^wrcnce. Kas., Sept. 27.—At it special meeting of the athleiitt board yesterday afternoon resolutions were adopted favot-ing Ihe idayiiig of the Thanksgiving game either on .McCook or at Columbia. The resolutions read as follows: Resolved. Tiiat it is the wish of tlie athletic board of the I'niversity of Kansas that the annual Thanksgiving game between Kansas and .Missouri be idayed oii .luiversity grounds. It went through unanimously, every body from Chancellor Stroii.g down lieing heartily in favor ot holding the game on .McCook. Tliis ends whatever little ciiance tliere was of an agreement being reached over grounds in Kansas City and unless something unforseen happens the annual Thanks giving game at Kansas City is a thing of the past. It now only remains lor the managers of Ihe two schools lo get lo- getlier and decide where i/ie game shall be played. 1 .4iwreiiee or Columbia. It is thought, however, that .Missouri will consent to come here on tic- count of the better opportunity lo draw a big crowd. It is Ijelieved hei-e that the l ..awrence coinmittei; may gel behind the game to Insure Its being a fiuaucial success. The athletic board tilso instructed the manger to get gunics for tlie second team with Wentwoith military academy, .Midland ndlegc. Campbell college and the sectrnd team of the state agricultural college. Coach Kennedy's sijiiad will line up for the first game of the-season today when it will j)lay a short nmtch gahie wltJi-»Brunner's freshmen squad. The Haskeir Indian foot ball squad will leave today for Fuyettevllle. Ark., wliere they will line up against the University of Arkaat>as lor the flvat BRO BIGGS:ST SHOWON EAR nt OUT mt viim httKi « urm.T wmeur Mr EXTU CMUcc, B W TNC aUM OKia MO wnHoic TENT OF THE 4«ia MS mu ant.\T] uvt Ma T«K sunn uca I FMMMCE ernit iKtEsrjmwM-; Um MOM SNOUID rill TO «IT -._1 Wis TME uTGUNsms sitim, m NWUsavstfioiaFinitemme i va-vuKO, miiFic MO nimi. I •U Kfiet OF riKt FUllOVSv Fuocnr, umoduet «r unocwc-; CnmiTMUI. lUTEM M> STUFE«-1 MMsmR or SKCTUuus SFUN-. MM, MMTu ouTFowmaOF m' rUUCTFieiKf FIMKi. TiiEiinUI au MB ms MOOf m tymsmm t TK etuci MFKtnr ocvgutmc MO au KM. anuT *TiM niMi«.iuNa^ TNI) Mimiir, uNFirrmc mt aiaoon cws».> nc ttawM«, wun, M» «u4 «M|va-> iM •cjrwiu OF einn M r- " MtftSm OF MUn AM unMi« FIKIFMItFlltl m uMtwr «F *uK KNtinCaU. FUTUKt mUKtU IT <f, mWMTOFTNUAU. A DEAT.H- MOCKIMQ AND WEAK WOMAN'S / WONDERFUL/ SHOW OF ; NERVE AND / NEVER / EQUALED ' DARING Mile. La Raqu^fs AUTO SOMER. •The jLatest reatest ThriUer THRILUNG.SENSATIOMAL.BEWILDERIKG. A5iW.1,000 CHARACTERS ^40 Famous Fifs FisMtrs SCENERY &HOW1NO A WHOLE, CITY Sislest Stage ^ r -i '^^lafgirTliiiilMTlMafw Saa Ercr Seen 8 BIG CIRCUSES Oiven by 300 World-Famous PerforfBcrs in 3 Rings, on 3 Stages, on the Big Hippodrome •7*.'" Enormous Aerial Enclave' L^TV M OM C M*> Wild mat Trklned AalmaU «h«n Aay Oth.r 3h«w tmb. Th. B:s»«»i«sr<lo« Clepl»nt»l ^ ETtr Calleclea. An Nature'* Slr4*^a4 Wild »ea>l3 Subdued aad Made 1* F.rform. A HI* Collection^ fCenlalBlna all the Odd Crealarcavl Creatlecw O V*T 100 Ncw.SensatioDal. and Sarpr'alaf Kllh-Clas* AcU^ A CIRCUS MORE AVE-tNSPIRlNG THAN EVER SEEK BEFORE maimwQ EVERV MOBN'NO IO OCUOCK THE I *5ST COUSSSAI, OORGEOOS BIG FREE STREET PARADE IS| ma suK BT NtAUN ena. WAufetjRATiNQ ABSOLOTELY THE BOCEST SHOW ON EARTH T««Cw|MsfaMliliM »PriKr ,«laa«l|»^e «*a |MavflMcto«w. 0*ase^Tick<tA4aul>lelWTaia(>Ck<li<«<^ »^<^<IAn^I^^ SnXIAL LOW RATE EJCCUKSIONS ON AIX RAILKOAPS fi£S£RT£D SEATS AMI .VDXISSION TICKETS 0> SALE 0> SHOW DAY AT CRABB'S DBUG STOBE AT THE SAME rUICES AS CUABGED AT THE SHO W UKOUSDS.

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