Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 8, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 8, 1908
Page 1
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The Rm^fmtmr Hi TOLUME S. >0. i5»S. six I'AGES. CUBS WIN PENNANT XATIO>AL LKUU K KI.AI.; l^OES TO ' >VIM>V ( ITY. FINAL SCORE WAS 4 TO 2 t>D or THE «iKKVTi:ST FIUIIT I> BA.sEBAI.I, HIvrOllY. Sriisun Ha> Itvrn a; IMXHI OIIO KIttan- ri «llj for All of TUf t lul»>. n II. fc: Chicago '"•) """ """— I >• " New York 1"" Ill"—U 1 Battt^rifs—riiicii-'o. i"f<i,-ior. nri>»ii and Kiing. N>» Yorl.) Math.-wson. Wltso ami Dri-Kuchau. ; What ;= lookcJ Uiioii a> iL.* ixifatest same in ;h'» hi^in.-y- nf Ui.-t? lia:! ended this afiernwiu by fliirano Cabs defcalinc Uif Nc'^" York' Cliaiits by a sr<.>ro ot t ui ::. Knr throe w«-cks lln' Icadinp toatus iu the Naiional Ltasue have be^-u stri;i;g.'i;it: for firit jilacc. The excitement grew iuien.-^- several days ago when Nr:w York. Pia.~bur,:; and Chicago-c.eio within a fow i.<>ln:.- of each other, s'.mdayv M'M- at Chicago between the Cubs and tiie {'irates put the Pirates out of the running and left it v\> to the Giants to defeat Koston ihrei' .--traiuhr in ordf-r to tio the Cubs for first IAACI: The ^liaiUb did this easily and a; tiie end of the game yesterday the tie was caiii-d tur New York today. The Kau a.; lit> .kuriiai tiii,~ i.;'ir :i- ing contained tiu- fi'iii.niiig fii'in ;!!• lieu of Edward Cochran with ut.- crefitc to u>day;.. bij: tfanie. The greatest bai!!'- in he history of The greatest batilt in the history of ihe= ponnant of Iho National lA\ig «i,' in 'Uofform of i«o-t -~irtM 'n condici. mud- Viossible I 'V th<- ilfUioti of tin- bivnd of direitov> of t!i • 'uuiif which ib- mutidt'd lii.i' I'K'^II- b( |>;.i>'d I 'iJ I 'l' »,<:: ; i;i ito- Co'o i'n'iltiil- Ul S>'« N'MK ii .11. I i:oi-ll t'lo v\lti- ti-f ol tilt: '>.r; • will b<' witiiiti aitoll till' Ihllits I' ;'.aytnc ot (hlv in:i.i>i ;ati! Hi .li! u ,;i be iilavi-il t ''',iii <ti'l a t)'h>iwiv.' il,. non !ho ,Miil.;<iit . .i.l.a-.'l H..,-'•.!! 1 .' of :!h<' Natl. ;>i< _th>1 MM.-ojs : Takiti;: Sii:^. r.-ui <»Mch ;r.l llji Kail"', it i> tl'J'' f.:o^: ba^OlMll b!^:< I • \: ..--anrly bv<a':s. . ; Nolv Yotk ;i.i>'' lil.llltr. W<"l!l| ll,l.>' yc ^tt nia\. w hi II ti! in tb'.' Jitlal L -.uio .,f I..-UU11 -vliv- d'iiv. Bijt tb": i'i'ind'.r w .u tiijib . -niil it cost tb" lliiiiith ih*' gaiti'- wi'i^ <"lii cago on Sciitccui.. r 'j:;. whi<-ii lia^ 'M-H declared a tic b> ;h>? board of dircct'Tb of the National lAag-:. .V^ :;ooii a' 'b<" catn« was iib 'la;-. .j j tj.j the prt-.-i- denii: of Oil,- t'.'mns !tj'»r(oHd de 'Mat'-l war. Ea-b .-ia"d that jUc game v :.his '»n, on*- srouud or another. l>o!b charged uii'<-r.-; of the l»oard ol! ti;- " rectors with 'sliowing favoritism a:.d seated that. altlKjugli iliey would |i !ay the ganif^ a.- o.rdi rid. they believed ih' constitutit^i- of ilur^ league would not l>ermll such aisanie and that it shouid not be played.; hiach teams claims the victory in ihe' disi .ated conflict. .\fter the trains liad b'cn ord-ir'fj -to ji 'ay off tit- gati '.i-. another jionf arose iu the .-tlorni of the major organ- Izatioii. Thi&lcloud was labeled Barney Ureyfus. JThe owner of the Pittsburg club clainis that tne board ot directors had |to riglit to extend' the 'schedule, as he ternis the playinic of the game uodiy. without a'llowing: his club to, I 'lay another game also, and demands consideration. If it caii be be termed an^ exiension of the sriu- dtile. eM-rv K 'ani in National Lea .tue has a right fi play another game' the sanie as th.j C:ub» and Giants. For this realsou Ureyf ^ss iHjint is well taken The protest ijf tho Pittsburg magliati- will not aniouiit to more than talk, in all; probabiUt .'l. as the directors have decided that <he Cubs and Giants are simply allowcfl to play off a tie game and It U not an extension of the sclied Ule. HW 'eveK l)re >fus will probably join in the f ght against the boards decision i the pla\iug of this game promises toicaiisc more irtxible in the '.Natlonal . Lc'kKue than ihlb organiiaiion has e.\- perienced In yearb. In fact, it is;iH>s- silile that th»! controversy will result In the disrujitlon of the organliajtion. Thjere are two facUoh:;. one agiiinst calling the gakue a tie and the othi-r.iu fa^jor o( a tie same and the playing off of ihe tie. Ot th^ former side ii< Ijtes- ideat Murphy of ^Chicago, President Brjash of Ne^- York and President Prie >-fus of Pittsburfe. They are really Mned by the St. Louis management. On (he other lEide stand the presidents of the Cincinnati. Boston. Philadelphia •ad Brooklyn dubs. The New JTork Chicago and Pittsbarg owners' «re ers. Ther believe in demaadiiig obtaining thMr rights, and if they j they aije being mistreated \ff ;the of directors they will start a iwhidi ipuijr resalt seriously for th > leagi^e. I ^lthoa^ the gaiae| will be plaxM today aiid (he winner will tindobtedly be given the pennant, the clubs interested arc strongly opiK'-seil to playing the game. .Vci'ordin^ to liic league cous.titiitioti it is iievos.-ary to play u :<erii;s of tliio.. .•raiue.s :n the event lliaf two I'-ain;. ui.> tied in-the lai-e at the c';o.-<- I 1 ilio .-clii 'iiiiii-. New Y(,'rk ati<l CM•a::o were litil .v>' terday when llie Gj- Miiis a .tvil Ctil'.-- Acri de.laii'd a tie. Tlii.- wtnild. if tile constitution, is prop.Tlv nuotcd. iiex'ssilate tliv |ilay ;n^ ol' a .-rrio.- of three games be- iliiM- i-!;!b.-. Tilt.-: wtiuM be the f lit w.:v to ire;.: I^.th. .N\.u- York had I 'l .-ti p ,1.1 in;; haul r(;;lif dp i/r liir ^ uaiiji :.(-•« rd.i> and will now li.- icotiipelied to i;o info tlio battle tcHla> Willi a t 'tiiii of tiifd and Imtti itvil bail pia>er> and \\i:i. if thf.\ want tiio llag. ib<- I ihri huilii tltr l 'iib« have bad lo'.iv day.-' r.'.-i ;ind ,-hotiM bv in l^-rtrr loiulition to pla\. Hut If the tiaius wtiv in «Ac'iktit foiiditlou n;(iri than otif ^aiin- should b»- playwl to d>nMd>- the chanipionshii*. No team Is sure of sliowin;; its sujieriorlty in a single came. It should alwa.vs bt- rfilowed three. This aives the best club a chance to win out. The poorest club in th;' league might win one game from .Vew York or ("iiif^jeo. bu' if it won two imi of three it woiiM be the lies' club. The Cliicagc) players will arrive in New York this nibruinc reardy for the final fight. The.v are accompanied by a train load "f roofers and by Pi-esi- dent .Murphy The (Jiants are ready for iheni Th- Ugh:'will the bi!- leresi. ever wasicd in base ball, and if :i cr.e.~ off without a bit of trouble it wi!: be a surprise to the base ball world. It was reported last night that .Mathewson is sjie 10 pitch the =anie f'r the (iianfs. Me ha.s been rc.-'Ins for a few days and should be in fine feitje to win the game. He is till' gr.^aleif 'Wirier on the Giant staff and it will be up to him to show his real worth iu this contest. It was reported from Chicago last night thai Pfeister would start the game for Chica-vi. Tit!- a ;»culiar antiounce- tnent. ina.-mucii as ISrown is the best .-i;(b artist on ih^ .<(aff. and Kuelbach has been pitching such wonderful ball, niu'ch better than Ploister. ilowever. it is prooal'I- tliii^ wli'ii the time for li'i ^o .-!a:V <<iii;' s ; .Miiliager ' t |i,;>M - .v i: "liall-e lll^ ll'illd Mtl •i:-! !.'-o'. 11 ••V Kueibaitb the 1 uuiiil .•.-.•.wv -.wli i.< the tIM-i like<i !.;.oiui:' o;' lii- (Jiaiits. .Mcttiav v.;;. iiavi; .\ii ,i.> anil Wiitse warme<l up le.'.i' !•' I'W ill the gaf.:e i:i the fveut that .M'.ttheWMi: faiir io deliver Ihe eo^>^l•; iili(! liaM- K'leiUa'-ii and C>^'''.i' eo;iili;"ii 'n f 011 >ia') Jiir> .1! .(ii;. l;n:e dining game \Vh< :i t'..i- ba'tte I •i,—> 1..M11.111! w ! ; llo,;' !i; \i « Vo', Iv or CI>i-aL-o, iiiid III.;; I'l.;!': ;....,>io;v 11 ili.- eo-u;-. w 111 I . I. .1 'I-' I ' I'!'' '"• V .OI-. M.- .I- . ^' I die ffoi. • ' t' i< 00, ii- • • •• .ii Ol Ml. ' •• ' .1 ^ , THIS DEMOCRAT MUST RUN. Too L»te. ' To;.. K.i. <>< • ^ —!" a ''-'' -^er'l:lr^ ot 'h' ioil.i> Kraio I I'.ia'!,. ol .i|fr"lr'« lii-- iiann a-a •Mndidaf lor jiidg- o( tb.- sixte'iil:; di.-tiief uv flc- I•••nt'HTa'it tiek- t aii'l a; ".•••I 'La' bi^ ii.iui' b" no' pni.t'd on 'Ij ot<lei.-t b.^t'oj. 11/., ii-<• illation eane m '••'< bit'- ati"! hr- natii." iiiu>' 40 oil 'ii* ['allot ttrad> sai'l. io !ii b tier, 'liat li- ilidn"' want lo Tt .al- rae. and iiMd itit-nib.d la.-: k to rieoline. but forgot 1' City Gets 1.500.000 Gasser. 'I'l* eitv last 'v-ninc drilbd in an- o-Ii.r "gatsir on il;o i'urdom farm S niib s we>t of til- .^•l .•o^ho rive,r. TJie well will test about one and oue-haU million cubic f.or. It is one of .several L 'oo'l w-ejis tiie city has ilrilled in or. tills lease. WILL HEAR CURTIS DELEGATION Of REPUBUCANS TO LAHARPE TOMORROW. Will be Lari Day of the Fatr.—Closes With a Big Parade. Tonioriow wl'l be the big "laj of the Pariiier.-i' Exhibit which opened yesterday at lyaHarpe. Senator Chas. Curtis will be lie orator of the day, and a big crowd is expected (u hear Iiim. .\ larg*- 'delegatimi of Itjlans Includ- in-.- the itepubltcau candidates will be present.. The program will he starleil «iih a big aiiciiiin sale at 10 o'clock at which tine horses cattle and other live stock together with houKehoId goods will be sold at public auction. The awardiug of prizes for fruits, stock and in fact in all contests will ba made tomorrow. also. At two o'clock Senator Chas. Curtis will speak in the opera house. Immediately after the "speaking tlft>re will be.n football gar:*" between I^aHarpe and the Chan 'Jtv high school teams. ^ .4fter the game and after; the awarding of prizes the crowning feature of the ehtiro. fair will occur, the bis: parade of all th^ live stock entered through the streets. The live stock entries are excep- tionallv large this year due to the special effort sfmde by the committee, which hayeii this part of the fair in chance. HoyterBt, the CrUt and vegetable displays are very good: ] TO IIIK \ Largemt'Glraulai^lsn In Allen Ceuniy ef Any Mewepepe^ Fubllehed In Ihe Geuniy* lOLA, kA.>.SA.S. mrOBEK ««. l'.H>S-THrRSl»AV KyE.M.>,U SIX PAtttS. nact TWO CEim RESTRAIN CITY 1 TIIOEV S\YS 101.\'s 111:11 ; lll<; I.NJI KES HIS I IJOI'S. HEARING NEXT WEDNESDAY I>EKJ l\ Ali>ITIO\ TO KE.STKAi.MMi OK HE WA.NT.S «i« n .i .HAyE.S .Sa}> lI'hirkrnK IMed Krera Iirinkintr iSallt WatiT—PeacV Pn»Cetdlnir> II ' ' Apiin>t Tnrne*. i. Hir;liui Turney has brouplif suit in distri(| court against the city of lola. asking that he be given jud.gmont for $i5(i lir alleged damages to his cro|3S from i ^ie city's drilling rig which na.s locatofl on the jdace. where he lives west. «if town.and also asking for a restrajjnlng order preventing the city from jjuakiup connfction or blowjnr salt rater from liio wells on hi.-: placcJ ; .Mr.'. Turney lives on the Dug .\rn- eit fajm described in the petition as a twf^luy acre piece of ]and and a southeast one-rourth. S-l-:.'!-!^. us that .Mr. .\rneft leaped \hf thts on his' farm to the ejiy e gas department ha.- drilled wells there. .Mr. Turney sajs y entered. th«» farm .March .'.th • purpose lof drilling withour his cijinsent and against, his andTJ at in tnoving (the ries there tore up fei ces and that :a few weeks later they I uovod the rig to another part of th|l farm, tearing tip more fence. Ffe afpcges that as a result of the his crops and fruit trees have ^jured by salt water: that the being torn down stock has on his crops; that pooly of id wdter have lieen left on the hrdasfi which his wife had to Iwliile doing he- regular work result that she bec.nni" sick n'iire(| iiiediral attention. 'Idifion to fi;- .salt water hurt- d crops he' sa^'s it aiuoiig his chickens, ftidnt t-e'-m to thrive on it. many 11 dying. .Mtogother be- figures ..'i-e ii; coming to him fri;>mtbe : '•a:j/agi .s aboir y^^'.i. Viirney <|oe>n't stop with dainag.s. IL- w.iiii.- lli.' o;f l ;is i.lue.-. II. .-a-.-! Illi CIDplli ^e, . !,i I,. , ,^ 1 |i • 111-. .' I'.'iln I .1 I !)• ^ ilut I 'i *!• bun w I 'll; -, • lo'! ' li. n .iij! i th"- 1 imri .1 traiiini;; oid'T pr.xeii 'u t .'o :ii |/ii)jiiini; on oo- j.l.u 1 .r tiit .r!' .ill,; ul'li ' im ...i .ii j!l:.'i •. .I;inf Koii.-t t. IiJ,.OI,il , 11. .1,. . , ,|t|.| i-rj 11 for II. \t \\ . .!ii. . 1- :i"i TO OPEN Ki»rfTa»l ivr Kan»as: Fair i.tnisbl and Fridaj: narmer Eriday. DENIED A PETITION E. E. STOUT MUST STAY IN GAS CITY DISTRICT. Commissioners ^Reverse for Oevision —Matter Was Appealed from Superintendent. iffjoit/li (<' ( " r;-iit and 1 1 iiaVoc ai li'idnt i -e-m t K. K. Stout's laud will 110' be traiis- fi rred from the Gas City school dis- tri-t to tji.. l.;»Harpe Ji.^trict. The commissioners .so decided after considering .Mr. Stout's application several hours ye.-!terda}. It will be rem»'mbored that ilr. St.jiir t]'<r madf his application to .Mr-. Kiin>ton. tiie coimfy superintendent, she reiu.-ej the request on tt.e grouiii! that he wa.s not any furtlK-r frfiin tile (Sas City school than from th-' I..anarpe. sch<x)l. he' not having shown condition."; to b'- t>thor» He th'-:i .-'iiiiealcd to the commi.^^ioners. In ' i^ peiition to ili-ni h'- s'a'«-l tii.i! his land was i"'arer the Uari"- sch <H >l and on that gro'ind bis fi'iue>t was graii 'i 'i. Thi; ('tjni City school Ijoard then a.-ked for a re- h--aring. claimiuj^that the <i>miiiissIon- ers had :iet..<i tlie aimlicatiun before till \ l:ad •-ntheielit tini<- to • ivvr .1 p.f)ti >t \ !.\.>YON MM M'MiJl.i: ONE TO THEJJ^HARPE SnEiTER N&<T ">V\JTIMi ON ORE 10 As-iaE A « OMIMOIS |{r>. MILDRED WOMAN DIES. Mrs. Lindlcy. Apple Passes Away ait kars^s C'ty. I.. -I ;N-l;r s K;ii.^;is C \s saxsj Mrs. !.:•-!:•> .V'.ii.i' '-"" >••ai>. old, <if M.'.'r-'! I-i.•»?!'--. •!; -! i!!i> lieTJiiiig :»t '•:':<l I'ro (>i it :ii.'i:ii-. I.onie itf (|.r t.;t;i. .--iti .' i-.-.. I j,.jr!. > H. .Vpiilij-. >..r,.;;i:-; ,.f ill.- itr. \V. S!' HI Por^I 'a.o! l'.;:.- ii; .rv;i;:..!ii •. Mis. .-Vplilir to !\aT !s.,< cjn wiiit be;- Imj. to •.. • e V. (V . . para'ie. Kiiu- .ral S'Tviij. s a..- t>> 1»- h-Id tomorrow a:>-'riiooii .it i" o'.-l.ick liurial will be in KlmwooJ eem. tery. • BRYAN THERE TODAY DE.IIOrKAT .1I.IDE A SPEECH AT DEEP WATEUnAYS CO>'VE>TIO.\. Op4-iung vi 1 wo Bl<»rk> Mran> Em- plojBicat for :MV .Heo.— lola .Hen le l .fport .SOurda;. Two blocks of the l.aic-on Zinc Co saie'Iter number one iu this city will be started Saturday UK^rniug. The other blocks of smeller'number one and the entire plant of smelter num- l>er three at IjiHarpe will be started as scH.'U as n suflicient umouut of ore arrives to as.sttre the rnnniniit of the plants without a siO|>. As ore is arriving daily it wiil IM* but a short time iH'fore: the smelter industry in this city will reach its tiorfttal condition. Io!a smeltenncn who-havt been out of work siiK ..• the iiiant;- wteie shut down several weeks ago were: ordered t<i re|K»rf for work Saturday uiorning. The Zinc smelters.- in this city and in. I^Ilar|>e liave been down for the past several weeks.; Plant number twtjr in lola wili not be started or anything done with i" nti'il after Christmas.. • The starting of the in;o bl<.H.-ks wii! give employment to over, one hundred men. When the . plants 1 are running full blait. praciipail'y every cnerapo}- eU smelierman' *ill hav^ •a'ork. ARE MARRIED NOW .Hrs, Koe aad J. V. OJlrn Here tVnidod |ji»t E^eninir After Bride KuKetl K»nd. TAFTS SPEECH PLEASED ALL AIDIE-Xi E .MADE JLISY FATOB- ABLE ro.1IMEMS .iFTEB TALK. Krpnhnran Irged iBtproTeaeat of HHtrmayo and Named Bctteits lo BIT Drmed. .lot- Often and Jlrs. Jeunie K«e we.-e married 'ast evening by Proi)at;e Judge .'. f{. Smith. The ceremony w;i- I>erformed shortly after .Mr?.. Roe huid given bond to appear for a hearing '«n the charge of assan!: ei.on Keltx Thompson. The hufer rharses fhit the woman, took three shots at him at the pop factory. M the time she wrfs arrested, she was ^ith Otten at llie court hojise for ihe puri>o.-e of .-jecur- ing a license to wed. The allegefi shofiling tix/k plac tiii- lowiug a controversy beiwt-en .Mr. Otten and .Mr. Thompson over a s.-!tle- meat of their business. .Mr. Thoni|i- son said today th^t he had not .-reiln Mr. Otfen since last evtrnitig and that the.i had not jet se'iltd up ihfi: bu.-s- ne.-s. ' ALL EYES ON TURKEY W ill She Accept PrWlamalion 01 .. CrHr and Hrvci;r, Ihe tf«ie «ii »ii. Ti.' e 01; S'' *.;I •I- 1 ••• Ci V 1 ho i ;irin_- w.u, ^ra-iti d. : i .-tat.-.! a- their pint, that .N|r r' :on. .1.11 "!• 'I'j. r .i-s.,; ,1. ill- |a ;.i<i ;ea'. ::!.ini-| TV Ii-'l. M 1 ' I'.Ol I. •Ill I.;. <'.ts .•isi' ;i-t MU'I. !,• • I* .0' V ! • 1, Cpnstaiitjnopie. UC. !> - --\ proclamation of the union of jh.' Isbind of Crete and Grteee may not b-- I'C.-epted bv Tiirkey *ith<iut >V.-:a !i .ia:.:i. It is r-i»Jirted li'ere to<l.i> tiial Uo-Tiirkirh i-o\ ; iiv-eat ha-, ind .r 'd f ••>1»'.'- t;i ai Stu\rna to pM«-f. i -o t'le (.- i.uid Ol .-Saiin— S,i!>:'— I - k Ip- I .iioi ..i.d j'rt*- .III ;iiitpi.r 'i. i'lall l>Ueri|l,) UUMali. • ...iod •k. i.O>'. , |.tl . I,- .-.CI'..! ' i n.;.- 1.111 v, ):i;.r.- 111 lU•^- • . .1:1.! II. w.—."- II. .1 !(' ^ I' i-*is«d • . : • . 1! III. -•• I » r • • -, ,;|. , >, i" ,i , .. '-.iiKl- Vi ;ii..;., ; . •• . THE UYMENS WORK fbi- Theme of Or. Hil><-I«r\ .Iddres. al (T'annteS. Brotherhimd Ban <|0 «-t. li 'i .•- If.- . ... .Ml. T ;;i.- .. -o eit \ 01 '.-r.-.l 1 '•< ' • II : •• V •••<• 111!'I..;; .iiM V ' • III. -. I oiii;ii ;:r I I t 1. ... l!..'.. 'i;;. .. • «,. ,)rr. -•• : o-. . w . - •: •: -r tnaij. "•> 1 (. Il:< ;.. r la- :iot vf i-ou!" t' COURT TOMORROW! 1 A N .jro' '.1'' Tio \!iv n I\ * f \i iiiim.-ii M. •I, I 01 IMT- ••!:;...Ml.;trial. •1 KANSAS TODAY 1." !• 1 A ». I • jiini •• treitlic ; I .•l.e-lll. Hnirir> \\\\\ uti I'runi Tru} to \S irliita aHd TIten thri)Ua:h .Siuth<-a>trm Part iv Hi;. Ilin(rart. sa.- Cif; <><•' N -t.'owrtior (ti.i.- igli'-.f of .\iYork, ibegin.-. iii- two canipaiitii .in Kansas ibi- niornjiiir. He leaves i^t. .losepli. Mo,', jbous l" y'e.'oek and tllake^ his tii.-.' itop 1 t Tl^jy. H»- will Jiiake -peeehes it ala the ]>rincii>al towfi- t<.«l3.> oa the Hock ilsland. I>etw..-en St. Joseph _ jnd frt'icliila. and will speak at niu.'it j at \dchii;*'. 1 ' rr <pi U'ichita In- nilf trai.-! oil liif- .Miss«»'uH I 'ac.ilir and will ?i.end a gtM .d part f)f the day in S<iUiheasiern K.iii- ix-akiing at Yates (.'enter. .\'eo<l>- tide|ieudence. Ccffeyxille. Ch'.o- Iherr.yvale. Pittsburg and For: V." i' I' r 1 i.-o Ma:::. I>. HI,'!-.1. .M'an:i. ^- Gi .-oriie Ol- S.IS. sha. pa. ( Sioi I .f till wind nightl If lluglj and city Alt < ces (• M •'• •Ml • J' V. ., H I 'i:,- . • t; .\ .1..' I.:. . 1; , w.y... , v-1 Kil'Aai.! .\ lip.;:--, .N'oitiilip iSiiil. v- a;. <;i .ii.-: Ti-a'-- i:n leii.iorl. .-t al. .Stat- liaiil. of Kljnior.- v- H'nry K. iKeK.r ('..r.- I, I 'ljoiiii -oe IS C:if'oii rhoiiip .-oii .\'"Ii!«- llo'.ui^il '-. Kianf. Howanl. Bo:i:d of KiiilCation of I.tiHarp. \:;. t.'iiarb-s .\- Isoi: f HI., r's A. Ualllir: \>. S V. Kno\. .Matti.' .Mosset - Sarah V. .\IIen- t.a'igh et al. Samu. 1 Wirt/ x> lola Portland. >tal.- of JCaiisa- iJ. P. Fi.d-ri<k- >->»i'- \Wi ()ill s|«'ak the retiiaiiider • day In Southwe.-iern .Miy^ouri :ig up at Webb City wilit a I'.;:; meeting. [If ckn lje at tanged. Governor [jes wfill leave his train at Topeka (|l«ak for thirty minuie.-i in the ark.; near the I{O<-K Ulaiid deiw^t th»i factories aiHd bu^sln*--.- pla- ave jitgreed to glVe their empio>- ees iU\ extra half hotir at noon to attend the Uu){ht» meeting. The Democratic iiijauaifers have evolved a big scheme tii embarras ijovernor Hughes, if |4 )ssible. They have had printed thou^and^ of dodgers pretending i< shoWl nana the \ eriiol are ule fhejamounf of money ^he big li- al' irien of W'ali Sireej; gave to jampalgu fund to help elect Gov- Hughes two v<ears ago. These |) bcl dialributed among the |>eo- 1 tiie various towno when they asAie ^ible'to hear Governor Hughes. Stj Joseph. Mo. . .Oct. 8.—Governor Hug//es o|f Xea- Y'ork arrived here this froiu Hastings. .Nebr. He 'ore a large audience in the ope^ house..: He left here to speak at Topeka t|>da>- and Wichita tonight. 31 •. arid Mrs. W". M. Dressier left this^ moijninjg for Miontrose,' Mo., to mat ; th. iir ffatnre home on..a' 'fam wbi^ tl^y ireoenay parehased. BAKER FUNERAL TODAY. Conducted by Re-/. O. G. Mi»samore. Burial in OW Cemetery. Kiiiit-ral -iivie*.- o\ir tin- remains o; .Mi>. I.ucitida Haker. v. ho died> ev.ning 111 South I'orU, .Mo.. at lb.- home o! loT .la'lgllfer, were conducted from th.- r.-si.lenc of her son at Oir, North Walnut this citv at 111 o'eio<^k this uiornini;. Uev. iO. G. .Misnamore of the Cnii-d l^r••t^ren cliureh coii.liKt...| llie services. In­ tern.eiit was mail.' in th»- lola ceme- ter> .V larg.' number oT friends attended tb. eer.-monies. TO CANCEL LEASES. Wm. Overholt Bring* Action Against Gas Company. Win Ov.-rholt brou::ht suit In district <-ourt today a"ainsi the Northwestern Missouri and Kansas Oil and tjas Company of St. Joe, to cancel two leases. Tte leases were, according to the petition, given oriiiinally to J. U Walker. The; were later as>>igne<l to other partleii .finally coming into the hands of the plaintiff. Mr. OSerhoit alleges that the company b[as not abided by the terms: of the leases and asks that. they. l;e tian-1 ceUed.; , ' ~ - •t. . • (..; •:.!-: ii-.i.u : >•:,[ I'.u.-- n.i:«!. and : -iea-oii Ts 1:11.1: iM- the i,iU. .•liili I!. .1. <:••'•, t • .. r .i'- «iiui ' r. ' n i .",l SOlii \ of tl;.- i: v» r.. ,. ;.• tl.; = .'.l .i .-,t.-.- >;iiart wiit ^.u'^ on l '"i diiferent ood lira*.. - a.'.- and promise.- o. bn- a ilig 'aril. .Mtnda;. In.-.lay and W edneada) night? ol ne\t week there will be a race e-ieh flight lH -!wecu Seiliert of Chanii:.- and Duggaii oil lola. I'UKsan IS at Cliaiui'e th.' r.-.-t of thi.- week running thret- tare.- against Seibert. The Chanute m.tiiagers, were here the lir.-t ol tlie week and isked for Duggan FIRST GAMEOCT. IB A Foot Ball Contest is Scheduled for the Triplets.—Practice Yesterday. —i fh.- tinst practice of the "Tripleta' a foot ball team oruani.'eil several da>s ago. which wasItehV yesterdiiy afternooil at th«- Ele<«trlc park, was more tha3i satisfactory; .\bout twenty husky players were otit. Every position- is b<'in= f-ontesiied for. After passing the ball aboi ^t Captain Add Brennan gave his tekm the sigaala and put them to the' work of mastering them. .Vlthough the >e irs will work regularly eve;y after loou a special effort is being made] to get eveiy player out next Sunday. The manager is nov working on' a schedule of games. fTbe first game will likelv be played Sunday. October ISth. What team will come Is not yet decided. 1 $130 Entrance Fee. .V typograptical error appeared in the Register yesterday.with reference la the entrance fee for the tennis totimamj^nt. making it appear that thie contest Bgiats would be fsompeUed (o advance 15 to enter vhe^ it shonld'taave rtad lip. speaking ui the I:r<jf!:erli.>./'1 l.ati- (juet at Cbajvut<- niL-ht I efore last the Trlbtit;.- Sa;. s: R.-v Ii <:. .Ma'i.:.-. p:t-l'.. -.1 ll;e {'r,-,!.» r. rial! cliN.<b. ae:.-d .• - t..,,-;i- niaster cap .>lil.> rii.- addie.=.-e> IJr. IliUchei and It. •- \'.i;i Uidm «fit f|Uite iii'.r.j-tini:. > il';- .le.i:' the eX(ef!enc"S 'b.; l;:'d .1- •;•--! tors. Kroiiv >.<!.- in li .-r ;• s;.*.*.'t.'ie ei:i.-- ^ II. < i':i:,o . I -b.- 1: ' r.i.'t; o.jd i;:o» r:io.;r :i- .1 i-.' '.• :.!•(•. llji.oli if ..on.. 1 • i;.. •I': - ,i !:rf . Iidlr!. V. •'!)• !|. 1 • I -i?!..! k .i'-..^ ! • :i'.;i.. • - - • .,ad -1 • :• •• :•: ' • \\:.\ 1 .10 , f h* '.1 '11. :• 'i ' * ' -.» r Ui-'l... . .V 1,.- >,|.\. ;'. ^ ti. o . I .o I... \ • • \ \ \ -. .i'l.' i' . . I: - '1,. 1: '•• : - I, N. Vi",.!, . ..1 -. , •..•.li,- llii- . 11 .1;::. 'll..! Wolk I '.Ol' -!iiit»l !.,e « ijt I. i-l; •.I.. . t • V- "I 11! If I'.' t • • i '• .A. "V Chicaeo. Oct > —The second session •;f the I.ake.=i to th. Gulf Deep_ Waterways .\ssociation was attended today i'V as great and enthusiastic an audience as listened to Judge Taft on the openirg day. .Mr. iJryan was the magnet of the second .session and bis ap- IK-arancc on the platform and khe introduction by David R.. FVancis. of St.' Ujuis. wa.s' the signal for a tumult • that forced the Democratic candidate to bow re|>eatedly and wait many mln ute- iK-fore .delivering the first sen- t'>ncc of his s|>cech. In the afternoon ' jtssiou Gifford t'inchof. chairman of the National. !;''.ia.-crv:nion Commission, delivered an address on "Waterways and the Conservation .Movement." .Mr. Taft left early today for Cincinnati. .Mr. Bryan, after delive^ns a fpeech at the convention, addressed the Evansion students on the Kortb Western Cniversity campus in the afternoon. Taft Wade a Hit, Chicago. Oct. —The conclading- of .Mr. Tafi's speecli to the Deep Waterways Convention today is the a!k of the hour among the delegates. He struck the very ceeter of the great l.r.jblem with which the inland waterways uK.vemeni is wrestling. Although hi> si«.v."ch wa.- brief, it cover.•ii the essential ' bearing on the ii -ei -.-.-.iiy and benefits of river im- | irotea.iiit and >-anuI construction iind 'I - kindred po'iry of forestry confer­ va; aju. rheti he t-ast aside thei quest..n.- of necessity or the practicability i >•< tiie i.roject and of the economic v.ilu.- of the proiiosed pian. and-as-mud that the coiinii: already wa» 1 caMiixcd thai wuirrwuy>'must be ^d \ won 'd be proviUwl. The khing for jlho pie-eiit coliVenll\.n to di> is lO »UK- ; u.'.-i lUliiiii.- wiiN .iiiid nieiius. he itaid. / A-, o.i- loiu-eU". Ml fafl Irt'lWi-d t.'.o b HiU>o;',>li; dl» tsioli of fhi»' SJS- i '.Ml >i..eHd b.- II. .I 't 'l .»s a !>«!p«r*l0 I lolH.Mtioii. .-nul that tin- lu.mey oUKhl / 1 ,0 t»' |irovul*-d |i> ctiiuiOete It lu the : i'.;. :;e-! ti.Vslli!.. lime crnststenl wttb j . < I oSloliilCa! jl \(M 'lldittll'e of thp IttO- / \\i..:i Ml Trif- -i;il It wa» hot; to do .ill. of thi.s Work ! t.iif v.a;., bu; lint an lavcutmcnt in I ;i eoiibl 'iMing adeiiuatp re; 1 M.. . 11^ wleii llie -p«>ciflc under- i • ;. • ; «a> . •intl'le'.^l to- catlgllt • tho i .1 1.11i- ..r !h.- ei'm-.-miou. For In/ , ii-i| to leid i;rasi»<l f.reclsely tho ;-.o.. ••( ptogiejts ih'u far reached by I IX.. ..od e :,nMl promoters and ap- ! r -i -.o..! (T;.. !\ict that what was noW|' '.' .'i- d -v I , in 'iue> —adequate money—. i .o;i..; let.j the' main divisions of tliej 1 ; ' 1. t t :•••:•!.!. d ; !::i:i. ar h^.iigh ! I.: :;ii :r elmijch. •. to do iiiiii- <a\- 1 . to :• •fi V ':f r.., •(.-:. • ii- -. 1 ..I,,. : ;;t U.I.- .. i:;:.. : Wi-:;- o-,: o! ;l::;i! :: or.- wi.e:; tii.t.ijt lie wa'.- a biolh.-; in a fraternal ord-^r. Wha; ;i. ••4.V.1 iij ebiireii wo,-k i- jom't ol this spirit >.f broil'.erbo'jd." / WHO MUST REGISTER Al : '• .11 tO^'.l'. j . .•:.- • • .f- ".\ . '. • •.»:•!) 01 Inud i>='."m in the rh'.jrtcst possible •., ,,-.-io:: ,^..t- • ^ ' The Attorney General Rules on jthe Matter of the Primary j Election. .\s tli>- 'inie fpr th'-- registrationii'or the gen.-ral election will soon ilra^ to the followin-:; dispatch fi-om Top«'ka will probaldy be of inte'rest to all voters. ' 1 TopeUa, Oct. >.—The Kansas voters wlio did n.-)t.«ote at the primary lilec- tlon ill Aucust. but are le.gally eiititl- ed to vote.iie.-d not register for jthe general election hext moutu. Ciwier the Kansas law. when a man r«.»gis- lers and votes at every election 'and does not change his r».'si<ience he <loe? not need to register. | .Many county and city officials \jierfc under the iin[<ressioii that if Miters dil not go to the IKJUS on the ivrim- ary they would iave to r.'-registeif before voting this fail.. The atiojrney: general, in an o|>inion, sajjs tbJar that the primarv was not an election, and (allure to vote at that time iioes not effeet the rieht to vote at | any' regular election. Fified 3 Drunks Today. B. Krumm. Hu^ Pugh and, ^her man Baglin were each arraigncid in police court this morning on the Charge of being intoxicated. Krlimm and Pugh were each fined $T. bult because of hid extreme youth, being/only 17 years old. Baglin was given onlV 15.00. At the Carnival. . / Leonard Mundls is taking in tie P, O. P. carnival in Kansas Gity j this week. He will go from there to WasI^ inston, K^.. for a short visit witb relatives iuid Meads. iri'- lilted tlia' it would be a waste: t" utidertake !hi.^ dwiopment by; pi.eenj. ai. The delegaWo believe thatl Mr. 'Faft b ^?eech. esjieclally his ref-' ereiicit! to bond.-, means that he stands; r.-adv. if elected President, to recom-l mend; sueh deiiarttrres from accns-j t.jmed rules of appropriation, as will; insure a tremendous volume of construction work in the next few years., The fact is not lost on the conreoUoni that Mr.' Taft is not a mere poUtlctaa, in thisj attitude, but a practical states' man, a man of great constructive| genius, who has had a conspicuous partJ in a remarkable progressive ((dminis-! tratioii. The tremendous a|>p]ause: that followed .Mr. Taft's statement of: his personal i«siti6n revealed the im-l liortance attached to bis attitude to-' ward the waterways problem. HEAR G0Y.H06HES lola KepiiMiraa» to Yates Crater T«< morrafa la .AatoBiohl]e»—Came ; lo Hear nUsoa. ' .\ number of i Republicans will go 10 Yates Center in the morning In auto- inobites to hear Governor Hughei. o^ .Vew Tor* make a "rear-end" speech; .Mr. Hughes's train itasses through Y'mes Center at about eight o'clock: The Republican county central coin mittee Is still working on the plan^ of the big Wilson meeting next Tuesday. Reports liave been received thai^ there will be | good delegations froni the adjoining counties. j Volley Ball Tonight. [ The business men's volley , t»al,l teams wUlrplay at the Y. M. C> A- tW» evening. ! • -f Hoiumho'.i Goods Here /, physical directorrol 1 Christian Prof. Berry, received bla household ^ goods morning; T^eyj were 8l^pad.traaB U ^ topmer luo^ ^'onmoatb. UL Mni [ or Is ta^e&ei to antra TuMpJW ~ ' i::i :-:;;::,;:;:.•-••' 1 ^' Z -'Mim

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