Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 7, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 7, 1908
Page 6
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I i 0. K. TICKET] Judst Smltb Predicts That Stubbs and Taft Wm Hare Big Ma- jorlty. i ^opeka. Oct. 7.—Judge W. R. Smith, general attornew of the Santa Fe railroad ju Kansas, feels confident that Taftcvlll-carry this state by the usual Republican majority and that W.. R. Stiubbf will lead Taft in the number ot| votes received. iln discussing political conditions Jud^Oj' Smith today made this clmruc- teri'stic statement: Ixhe election of Stubbs and the entire state ticket jby large majorities is 9^: certainty. Botkiii presents m 8 <^heme of rcforin not prompted in the Republican platform. There, are ^hundreds of Democrats enthusiastic 'for Brj-au who will not vote for Dot- kin. jUntil four years ago it was the ix^nsiStent policy of every Democratic convebtion to denounce sumjjluary laws and Inveigh against prohibition as d^striicilvp of personal liberty. •A cla .ss of Reptililicans who heretofore profiled by the violation of law have been chased into'the Democratic Even the; young folks can remember when all sodla crackers ?were bought from an open box or barrels At that time they were only used because there was nothing better. But now the jxTfected soda crackers party by the attorney general or fno Anti-Horse Thief Association. This element and the original liberal Democrats may not all support Stubbs, but they can be re'ied on to withhold their votes from a Methodist preacher Who In' revivalist fashion has persistently exhorted the law breaker to "turn from his wickedness and live." ' Stubbs, It is said, can swear fluently on adequate provocation and has not offended the- lawless element by a sanctlnomious display'of righteousness He is a go6d "mi.xer" and has the diplomatic faculty of Impressing tue voter in a confidential way with the belief that he agtess with him on e^-- ery subjeci without saying so. . Stubbs will lose a very small per cpii] rf the Uepub'leans who voted for L'i.i'"! ?t the primaries. They are tne • s:.n;w: rrs" rf the party who are in :N''u.:.:; ..f "o'^'ir s :i -ni'!M. Their al- .fKi :.ri..r" {'.I'.-Ft VfD! "\rt ho «h"'- i-n Iv V'-d.'- if iheir 'iefoT in :< n,-,- - •irri '^b leiv.-eeM r.;o;i t f iliii:- y--)- pfii-M;'' fnith Ml ! <-:l''H-;,i--:i In lh'< st:\te • :i i' nv ThTe "to I •' .1 - 'c ' ; .-O" iM 'iCi!. 1:1 I Vi'i'ni!.<f\ tlicrt' " • p T . Wli'le h'" voir - V!h ' if "otl<!n I nil v .-o"' :njivi!:."?ii thrt ?t:iH'-s ,w:l have u •;•.;;£,iiv;'j ^rity- than Yatt. " • \> rcv.h:-. ,! ••i-.iri.'J-.-;- I:.;' iv 'iil t;.l. nii^ nil > .Tn." t"**. 1 '.' ••,:f iu'A T)"-.! TO PREVENT TUBERCULOS 8. Oklahoma W.outd Establish Quarantine for Northern Cattle.. • Oklahoma'' City. Oct. 7.—Petitions tor quarantining of Northern and East em cattle coming into the state, unless they have been given the tuber- culine test, and a movement for a statewide campaign for good roads were the features of the session today of the state board of agriculture at the fair grounds. The petitions wiU probably be presented to tiw next legislature. The ^tate board twill take the position that all cattle, e; pecially dairy cattle, coming from the Northern and Eastern states, shou d be subjected to the test for tuberculosis before they be permitted to (some Into the state. Such regulations are at the disppeal of each stite, and the government . supports thd state taking such precautions, i I NATIONI^L BISCUIT COMPAQ in their moi.sture and dust proof packages irc ;i .staf)lc 3-tinies a day food. The fact tliat nearly half a million packages arc eaten every day in the year shows the popular apprccii:tiun (.>f National-Bi^^cuit-Goodiless $24,000 CONTRACT A. i!. Hitter l.aixK ii Kid for the Krc. |uaB t:ii of ll;:nk lluildis!'.' in (hero kce. <>kliil;»::iii. I'home of the bride's parents Sunday. J. >» . ithe ::7th of September. They left on |IV '5 </J llW wOUntV;""? "°"n ««•»''» J-o^t Springs. Kas.. I i * (Where ihey will make their home. Mlas .r. 000 or-It met • liter • partictilarly by her class of small •;ir as we can leara everybody i ,„vs in the Sundav schoo'. We e.\re ioing to vote agamst the ,e„d congratulations and best wishe.^ .r:es law allowing the county com- cm helialf of the people of Cottage be thr V missioilfers to levy a tax on the county lirnve. for a long and happy married V. 1 ••jp He wt I i. . i ' e e h::h •):. c ' ".'i!- ab'e to • " • hnnk biii'dins. havir.:- . ; n:ateria: and a bi--' v.o:!:i'i :ne grour.d. .."hen FOSTER ( ASE DISMISSED. >ot Sufficient Evidence. Said i Justice E. G. Honirh. The .Tohn Foster assault cas^ which was brought in Justice Hough's court has been dismissed on account of insufficient evidence. Geo. Gathers, a street car motorman. was the complaining witness, charging that Poster had aided his son. Roy. in an alleged assault ujion Iiiiu at the McRea street .iunction in Gas City several wcek.s ago. A part of the evidence was in- t ,i -oduced a f«w days ago after which ^ postponement was taken. Roy Foster disappeared after the alleged assault. Absolute P ure POWDEl The only baking powder made'from Royal Grape Cream of Tartar, the officially approved ins:redient for aiwholesonie, high-class powder IfeeftiiKKaterdeccftlMiatliesaletrftaUaf powders thu em ftebn. l;Puokett is the daughter of .Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Puckett and is a very ' charming and popular young lady. Sht ' ' will be missed in the community ana . eiiefit of the high scliools. life to Jlr. and Mrs. Merilatt. i ^ , „ Mrs. Kelni, of Chanute. was sellin; t costi$16U for every I'upil n,edicine here last week, tioi.. ;he counifry to the There seems to be an epidemic of ;= . iiiile too much. whoojiing cough in Cottage Grove dis- Mr. Muntzut and L. B. ^nd adjoining school districts. , ]",. , ; fc-arl Hrandon and Ed Adams who . I r. .!.:tf.:.- k (ifir ctirnj last - i c t i. vcl> good. oihool house will soon b) and ligihted with; gas from the hemiciil gas pipe 'line which jiasses the house. : • l)hew of L. C. Tljonias. from III., has built a house on the St corner of land lying neixt to Mr. Thomas's, land, belon.ging to hi father, ind will raise ful'. blood jioul try on an extensive scale. The iry weather baa interfered a good df al with' the sowing of wheat. Tberi; is not ho much wheat being sown this year: ah last. The jtain of Monday ni;;ht will heli about about .Afrs. from h em, C owing wheat as it will tting the land in shape. A'. H. Pettit received a letter r husband from I>allas. north lifornia,; where he and John Thonial have gone to ".spy out" the counir.ti. and niay. locate there or in Me sw'nied iiUaseiJ with IIIH and country. id Mrs. Abe .Matron were vibit- Pectbrs the third Inst. fHoll, rnndidate on the Ovuio- icket for treasurer, was around part of Salem fixing the old ^ind trying to build new one.^. n old re.sldeul of •Siilcui and u aight niaM. Oregon climate Mr. a Ing C. .Mr. crattc in thij^ fences lie is good si Mrs. Stewar( Miss COTTAGB CBOVE Matsler visited Mrs. .M .vhew Monday aflernoon. IMaxwiell sponi Sunday at homi>. We ukidersland that Tom Adams has rented Kir. Elliott's will mc ve to town. row. they are igoiii farm. j Mr. Elliott Cal riavfs will hlive a sale lonior- g to move to Chanute. W'e arc aorr>j to lose them.' Mrs. Burghart's sister who has been visiting! Sunday Cottaji Bh»re - ifalr an got firs on kafi melons wheat her. returned to her home ;e Gro\;e carried off a g<K»d the prizes at the Humboldt celebration. D. M. Matslei" prize on corn. Watson Elliott r corn, Mr. Xo.ves on waiei- fand tomatoes. Mr- Hogaii oa ud Mr. Brand on pumpkins. Evflfyode who attended reported a fine tiOM. B. F.' Nye came out to U. .M. Maisler's Widnesday morning. Mf. atfad Mrs.: Stewart were calling on Mr. t'ount's and Mr. Krouse'b Sunday. 11 , I artis and her sister took dinner jwi^fi Mrs. |Elliott and called on Stewart and Brandon Thurs have been quite IK with fever are re- ,lK )rted better. \Vm. lione left Sundayi to assist Rev Oechsti with the meetings at Prairi< Hall. .Mr. Booe will have charge ol thf music. E. H. Johnson and family visited his brother. J. H. Johnson, and attendee cliurch here Siinda.v. We were pleased to meet quite s nmuber of lola friends who wen down from lola w.ith the Moohter clu. at Humboldr. Ruth Stewart s-pent Sunday wit' Velnia Hrandon. Airs. Johnson and daughi>>r tool dinner with .Mrs. [fiiucaii of liumltold. ia.«t Wednesday. Miss Burns and .Mi.-s Wy(;off of Hum l<oldl visited .Miss Hazil .N'oyes Sunday. i R ^'V. Cordon will preach at Cottage (trove two weeks from last Sunday, jjverjone come oni and hear him. I Ciiy Smith called at .Mr. Joliuson's Sunday. NEGROES FOR TAFT[MANY CAHLE SOLD \b Hit your buying a Piato >: tir>. We sell nothin -j btt what i.s guaranteed. You run ao rie»k. ?oi»e Good Bargmlnm This Week DONT WASTE MOHEY ON "FAT" OOCTOlls t(m- •ou lex- An }lM >dy (an Krdure Fat at H<>nii If v<m ai«> fat and wiVh to ri-duro •Illicitly don't go to a .self-.«t> led ol rs It) "lioctor"; be >our own sp<"fialiht. .Vppropriate to .voiir own use th*" t p |p liibtructions siven here and will b<- as rapabli> a fat-reducing pert u$ there is in llic land. Tlie qijuii ficaliona are few and the rifling. Secure from your drugKisf one-unbroken ounce package of Mar- moI.i. one-half ounrc Fluid Extia<-t Casrara Aromatic, and three and one- half ounces Peppermint Water, all of which ar« both cheap and plent ful in any drug store. Take ihein h< me and jnix them together by ^baking well In a large l>olt^e. You a'e i ow rcad.v to become a jiuceesaful fat ducing hpeciallst without ; fiirt'ltcr training or jtreparation. Slnriply «|ike teas|K>onful of this pleasant mixl aft«.-r each niial anil at bedtime : you will make more progress taking off your excess flesh in thirty dbys than, all the "experts" in ilij5> could accomplish in half a year. 1 method of getting rid of flebli is. m )re over, not only sure and safe but ip- pcals strongly to the average fat i er- BOD. man or woman, for it gets re- snlts without interfering with oiet diet or lazy bablts—Undoes the w^rk ^iibsrts Piano Honsi 12 N. Waehingtoii TO KEEP TALKING Judge Tat't Sajx He Dolrrs to Enlire Time Intll Elertlor Stump.' Put In on lure nd li>nd I his [and. the of exercise. St. I»iiis. Oct. 7.—William H. Taft said la^l night that It is his di|hire to put in his eiitiri> time from now until N <»veiiilM ?r ;: on the stump. 1 "Of course I do in»t know wLn are tl:o plans of lite national cmi^iittie.' h" said, "but so far as I know.: I shall Uavt) Chicago'' for Cincinnati Thursday ]io<m and until .Monda.v niorn- ii'g. • It is fat: the committee t(» decide; whether ;1 shall then go South through KiMitucky. Tennessee. Georgia. North Car<>lina, Virginia BnJ ;Miiry land, or firbt riiaki; a tour of O lio, Iii- Aii .\(lanlu, Ga., Ulsbop .Sii}<< Celorei] .Mtrn \xv in Line for Kepublicau fandldatr. Chicaiio. Oct. 7.—Hishoji J. S. Flipper of the .\friean .\1. K. church oi .\t- lanla. Gas., has is.-iued a call to tlie moil (if tbo nt'Kro rai-t- to .siipi.tirt llie Iti'liublicaii ticket in this catnpai;:u. itisihop Flipper ba>.~. in a ii-tter to Wal ler M.' Farmer of ilie spt-akers' bureau at the Itepnblicau national headqiiart• cr.s. that although be cimtribiited to the defense of- ibf negro soldiers Brownsville, he cannot now align hiai self witli "a ttarty that woti'd disfrail- chise every ncKio and practiralliv make him a sfiT simply to liia-tii-c the I{e|>ublican party for jmy faiicieil or real wrong to his race." "I know of no di^affeciioii." !i>- .-^ay.-j. "caiculaied tJ< do injury to the Itepiib Mean party, and I firmly believe (li;it the nesro vote will be in line f <"ir ;•r(>^ ret-s and the eomiiniatioii in iiomr of til'- par'.v that lias given to the jtegio all the rights he now eiijojs. t »-halI ^^I|pIlorr Wi'liani M. 'i'afi. the ii <in 'lnee of the fleiiublic.iii liariy. uliefher be be liiiit.=flf 'rbeodoie Itoo^evejt or bis image." Bishop Flipper pie.-ides o%er^ Ibe ninth Episcopal district, embracing the coiifeience.s of .\rkaIl^a.-. Soiitli Arkan .sa .s. East .\rkansa.s. Okhihofna and Indian mission. ila> .\ppendicitio. JaineK Wiltiiii was laUen to iln- Tn- peka hofipital yesterda.v where tie uill be -operated upon for appendicitis. The Kansas City Receipts linusually Large Ysstenday. —33.340 in Exact Numbers. Kansas City. Oct. 7.—it has often been ."said thai conditions were stich that Kansas City could sonif day bo the leudiiiK cattle center of the world. -Vnd the way tliat cattle have been coming in here of late it looks as if the day was not. far distant. .Monday tiic receipts of cattle here reaebed p). a record breaker up to that time. Yesterday tlie receipts were Z:>M» making them here for two days 58,:!ln. T \ua is the world's record' for that length of time. Up to this "titue Chicago had held the world's record for two days, it having received on September 2S and 29, l :^(l3. .'..-..iC's. But Mondays and yes- tenlay's Kansas City receipts exceeded tlii'.se fiKures by "."."'Z. giving Kansas City the world's leaiF. Previous to .Monday's receiptsj City'3 Iieaviesl arrivals were •J!>.'_'U'. on Set)- tember ItJ, IftO?. On Septeihber 1 and I.". Kai<sa? City broke the world's record for cattle and calves receipts, there l>eing hera on tliose two days iH.fiSO cattle calves against 5T.tC3. Chicago's biggest receipts of cattle and calves, which were I ad September 28 and 29, ll»t'.'!. and \ Sons and Daughters to Meet. Tlif Sons and Daughters of Juutice .viil ha\e a meeting tomorrow night in .Masonic hall. diana and Illinois. I have ngage- ments beginning with Octobeij "S In New York and New Jersey ana am to ose the eanipaign in Yoiiilgs.lown the nishi of .Noveml»er 2. | "Which triii is to ttine ntjxt. tlii; Softlierii or (he Ohio. India la and Iii|Lois, I am linable to sa.v. I regard the effect of the present trip jis very ben«»lieial to the cause. > fn fa« v.'hdt I have stieii and am told by state leaders. I cl ould not be surpijised to see .Missourilgii Republican. On his tourjof two weeks .^ir. Taft has made between i/O ail speeches. llorililr Is Hone. L. E. Horvillp returned this n orning from a buaine^ visit to ICanst« City. from a buaii^e^ visit t F«r,BMt luk QiJdke tin BestotcATWut O QiJdkert Be»^ Fa- Celuua. If. from d 180 I • • • • Every Month writes Mrs. E. Foumicr pf Lake Charles, La., *'I used to suffer from headache, backache, side ache, pressing-down pains, and! could hardly walk. At last I took Cardui, and now I: feel good all the time. It Wm Help Toii Cardui Is a medicine ihat has been found to act upon the cause of most women's pains, strengthening the weakened womanly organs, that suffer he- cause their work is too hara for them. It is not a pain "killer," but a tiTie female remedy, composed of purely y^etable ingredients, p^ectly harmless and recommended for all side women, old of young. Try GarduL Women's Belief. AT ALL

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