Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 27, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 27, 1907
Page 2
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Mrs. Fisher, ^M .-N. McCarly an <l , »- - ^ ^ ^« iBifo; «inWe Stwer ..f HunibolUl are V CUt* GllISS -tlislUng Mr. Lute Siovei. , ^ww ^mi^-a .It,is said th^ "a "^umLer ..r .no.. I A large and beauUful as- ktdUnd town whose sisters aie Tor- fcVflr cooking fluffy puddings oi- other iUsbBS equally disgusting lo the luas- CttUne appetite, are hoj.iug there will - V^bw be a scarcity of these popular atserts sihce Mrs. Rorer h?a been tKiikrupted. They seem to have for- ISSgJUBn the endless collection o( receipts which the siKters probably have - ,1a a scrap, book somewhere about the L 'hbtise. . / - 4- * • Mr. and Mrs. .M. T. Shtnn s uiauy friends and acquaintauces Will be sorry to' learn that they expect to leave «oori for Colorado lo reside. w . * +• i ' Mr. and Mrs. S. .M. Coope.! a.e ho...<> from a sumJuer lu Colorado. *«••,• Mfss Lola Lauglcy aud Mr: E. Woot- i «n .Were maiTled yesterday at the I CbrlBtian church study. RevJ I311et pas f tor at the church, officiating. The 'f Conine will live here. \ - ^.-^r? • The Kew York Pi -usss lii a colunin devoted to society fads, says: Fash\ lonable' women returning from abroad i who give tbe.cuMoms officials so much \. trouble are bringing home enameled ^ metal birds tucked in «ith gems. One r woman writes from Loudon to friends T; here there Is a great fancy for these % toys. '•Metal game birds." she says. I "are in favor, and u pheasant that is V almoB^ life size can be purchased foi' t the deicoratlon of a dinner tabic. liut ii aa a rule smaller animals are used i - for the purpose. They are arranged I about a centerpiece of fruit and flow- i era packed In a small market basket ?! of brown osier, tlie whole being highly BtlggeWlve of open air; life to dear to I the s^rtsman and sports women at I this season of the >ear." I * •> * I Hiss Carrie Priboth^ls receiving her f friends' today In the ;ullllnery parlors f; and-displaying a collection of uew fall c headgear. k • • * I A group of seventy .voung people I gathered at the home of .Miss Golda Elam last evening to.-enjoy a social. A I great many of those who attended 4 Were members of the Endeavor so- I clety of the Christian church, but ?; .'there were also many outsiders pres- f ent The program which was the prii. 3 dial feature of the, eveniuB. was dev<>fed (to current events. Rev. Ellet -i gave a very interesting account of the % effect jjf the Haywoftd verdict and the Staadard Oil problem was reviewed * by Mf. Hawari The paper.-; II and discussions were Interspersed bv iL music contributed by ^liss Nellie Elam 5 Mi«s Clara. Klein. Miss Golda Pember. •5 and Mr. Fred Steele and by a recitation 5, contributed by Miss Emma Alexander, i A" paper on "Tainted Money" and a brief taltc about Japan. Korea and the -i> United States closed the evening. i -The j'pung people will have the ?i series ojf Shakespearean lectures as ° Uielr next Vehtnre. • S _ * * * J The Christian Aid society met yes;- t terday and completed arrangements '-'i for'the dinner to be served on Monday In the Fryer building. Chicken J: will be the piece de resistance and the l ladies are expecting a large i)atron- clage. •i + + ^• % There arc few fads which have been 4, introduced within the past few years i wbioh have brought as much Jov to line little tots as the Roosevelt bear. tThe dear little furry fellows are J atnong the favorite pla .vthlng8 of ncar: Jly wrery child in the country. An east /paper eays'thej' are now used to lofaamcnt tables. The little guests a- ^onment just leceived. Will be glad to show you. Sewall, Ite Jewder 104 North WashiogtoD. similar pattern. She left Instructions that the design should vary in the dlf- fciei.t pieces, the bear's pose on forks for uxuuiplc. to differ from that 01 spoons or knives. Now she says she contemplates oiderlng for her young slors a set of hand painted nurserj china, decorated with full length por traits of the fuzzy fellow. •r + • .Mi.s.s l.,oiila Gates. !<1.'> East iMadisou entertained informally last evening for her gucsi. Miss Cora Highland .McCunc .Mo. The company was en icrtalncd Informally and a fwo-conrs" .incheon was served. The table deco ations were green and white and the followlnK young ladles were seated": .Misses Cora Highland, Glessa Purman Alma llartlPtl. .\lna .Moore. Vedi .Moore. .Myrtle Newman, Geneviev .Scwniati and Coia Smith. + + + Tl .e league of the First .M. E. churcl' held the second rehearsal of tliel. playette "Diamonds in the Rough" las night. The characters are doing some diligent work and will be able to pic sent the entertainment next Friday •:• •> * The club met with the pre idem. .Mr. George Waite, last evening Thcie was a rehearsal of a uumUe of choruses. The following youn n.en were pi 'e .sent. (Seorge Waite. Les lie Wolfe. Frank I)elaj>. ilerne Living sion and .\rthur Mayfleld. •:• • The Y socieiy'.s weekly lueeting wa held evening :<i the home of Mis l .K)uise Kanaklc. The progiaiu follows i'aper. Tempearnce. .Miss Howard. Readings, Miss Mary Cauuou, Mis: Louise Kanakle. .Music. Mrs. Day. • • * .Miss Eva Armstrong will be l .oiu Sunday from a visit with Kansas Cit I'riends relatives. * + * The Sorosls club will meet in Mr* .\rinstrongs parlors In the Carnegl libiary building next week, on Thursday. This will be the Ursi muotinj: the year. •> ^ \ theate.- party to see the "Squav .Ma.i" was attended by the followln yoiini; women: I^na Culbertson. Marj Culbertson. Blanche Ponsler, Mlldrei Swi^'ait. .Myrtle Wlils. .lulia .McClure Daisy Hobart, Bess .MUler, Agnes Reardo.i. Giace Davis, Bess Hyde Emma H.vde. Kate Guyer. Christnia Wilson and .Mrs. Frank Travis. <' t- • Seventeen ladles who are member of Mrs. H .11. Jones class In the V\rs .M. IC. Sunday school were her guest yesterday for the electlo.i of offlcei\ and the regular stiid.v. The aftcrnooi was closed by a social half hour. Thr ladles who were elected to office are .Mrs. H. H. Jones, president; .Mrs Barton. Ilrsi vice j)restdent: .Mrs. Lov dermllk, second vice president: .Mrt; life, secietary: Mrs. .Mull, assistant secretary, and .Mrs. Willis, treasurer. • •:• • The parishioners of St. John's Cath ollc church are to meet on the ap (iioachlng Sunday to plan prellnilnarv work for the Catholic fair. The fair ^ n. (Will be giv. M just boforc Thanksgiving fa'dilldipBn's parly Ip Southampton, L. land will probably be of a week's dura- -5"I„ a few'days ago'were delighted to tloii. There will be several dances I (bid when thej- entered the dining and also the usual ring and watch con- -|room'for the feast a souvenir spoon tesi.s. :';Of 1)ear pattern at every plate. Teddy. :HatiindtD«; upright and looking one ';|j »trai{eht In the eye. topped the handle. j ^iWindlng around the "stem beneath was '^a^ graceful floral design. In the gol- 'Igen bowl of the spoon was engraved |the name otthe redplent. Inspired by 'Hthe pleasure her daughter found in Ibat giftf the mother of one child stop d at a silversmith's on a shoppin;: Ip tothe city the next day and or' a set of nttrserv table sliver In On Sunday .Mr. William Stewart liurdick will assi.n.e charge of thi Presbyterian jilpe oiKan. .Mr. Bi.rdlck has recently come here from Chicagc and i.s e.'<))ecially efficient in this line of n.usiral woi-k. (OMiM.M M mmyu home. V - I'Wttere areyoti going?" '*Q<iiBg after a sacV of Cf. i -J ^liNitoiilFlbtir. My wife ^HtMHtait aaythiog «lse.'' Soldier Bojs Will March From Depol to Armorr. Coin|»a..y .M of the Ka.isas .National "lluards will come home this evening from Fort Klley where they have been for ten cayo at the annual encampment. The company will come home on the evening Katy tialn and will march from the depot to the ar- mor.v. A number of the filends of the boys are expected to meet them at the train. The first step to success is the impression you create - your looks either work^^r or against you. You know you are looking your best when you have on !, Soiomoo ic Chicago, Sept. 27.—At last Uiat var ty, the model husband, has been dls _ovcred. Ho has bceu tracad to hla lair, his habits and accomplishments '.ave been studied, and the beauties f his character depicted to a waiting ;nd incredulous world. The discovery was first mad 3 known to members of the Cook county branch <f the Woman's Christian Temperance Lnion in convention assembled at the WUba>ih Avenue Methodist Episcopal church this afternoon. The announcement that the ideal of the sex lived realhcd and had his being in the per ;on of Robert K. Hill, husband of their beloved president, Mrs. Emily .M. Hill, was received with nods and smiles of approval, accompanied with ;entle applause from the W. C. T. I members. Hill an (Miject Lesson. Though In the world of business and illa'is Mr. Hill Is, and will continue o be, known as the genial member •nd offlcor of several Insurance and rat:".rnal orders, henceforth, among he feminine jwrtlon of Chicago's res d<nls. he will he known as a model o be held up to husbands who ar :ot model. The startling Hunounccment did not (ime from the lijw of Mrs. Hill, and o cannot be assigned 10 pr.'judlce or Iff'ctlon. If came from .Miss Mary T Kennedy, vice president of the or anizatlon, who is Mrs. Hill's urdoiit 'riend and coworker. It was .Miss Kennedy who in Intro lucing Mrs. Hill for the preslrientlal iddress. unwittingly made known the lotnestic accomplishments of Mr. Hill How It Heliis Wife. "It is largely to the credit of Mr Ii;i that our president has been able o carry on hia" good work, and I cou ess I didn't see how she found time or liouss work but now I understand. •It was through .Mr. Hill's ability •1.(1 willingness to help out. I have •fteii become engaged in an after- loons temperance work with Mr.s nil whcfl we were out late and din er time not far off. Sometimes It was impossible for me to go home for ^e night, and then. I have gone to ;pr home. •There we have found Mr. Hill In lie kitchen with thr, dinner in prepa; itioii The potatoes were boiling on he stove and the corn was all nicely husked and also boiling. The dinner .va.<! soon In readiness, and It was a rood one too. So you see. ladles, wf rust give Mr. Hill some of the credit or the great work Mrs. Hill has been ible to do and is doing In the cause. »f temperance." The applause which followed the aming of his accomllshments would lave tlone ,Mr. Hill's heart good could he have but been prescjit to hear it. nut he was not present, and was sin- •iularly modest when seen tonight at he family r<«ldonce. MSD Wentworth venui'. regarding his domestic ac -omplishments. He said ho wotihl pre fer that his namo should not h" men- tlotn'il in the convention proceedings. •i .\>.SAS G!..\HH ni'HINKHS SLIW. Ibe Factories Uni Not Open I'ntll Later Than l-snal Thl)* Fall. Independence. Kas., Sept. -'7—Owing o the hiw price of window glass and he large supiily now 0.1 hand, the •leventeen Kansas Riass factories will not open for business ivntll Noveni- •»er I. and unless market conditions 'tave improved by that time the opcn- \\K niay be further delajed. This was lecided upon at a meetinK of representatives of the glass factories here today. The Inll In biilldlnK In tl.o east is the •ause of the decrease In the price of class. There are several fruit jar and 'lottle plants In this section also. They lave taken no action as to an opening late, but It Is believed that fhev will '.e Idle until January 1. The dearth f fruit in Kansas this season has almost killed t'ne demand for Jars. .Ml the glass (dants close In June for the hot months. As a rule they resttme oneratlons between October 1 Hud October 2. More than "..lOO men are employed in the Kansas glass factories. \ lai-ge variety of single pieces and sets, including a beautiful line of Flutes in exquisite coloriiigs. See our window. McNElL BROTHERS. HEATONTEAM FOUND Former Chop House I'roprietor IMd >ot Take Ponies With Illm. .Mrs. Clhil Healon called at the UI-K- ster ofJlce today an<l stated that she , ad found the pony team which has lio'.n niissii.K and that It was now in the iK.ssessio.i of her mother, Mrs. Ea:i)i's. .Mrs. IL-aion had reason to believe tliui .Ml', lleaton was connec-t- ei' with th<-. disapi)earanee of the team. Now that the team has bi.-'U .'0111. il. she wishes to cximerate him "The Squaw Man." the four-act play of life which has made Its author Edwin .Milton Royle, famous, and is regarded by many critics as the best drama on the American stage, will leave a lasting impression on the membeis of the iola theater-going fraternity who visited the Grand last night. The play is one which makes a strong appeal to the spectators as it embodies strong situations, beautiful romance, fine sentiment and noble example of the principle of .self sacri- flce. The sioiy of the play briefly told Is that of a young Euglishman, who to save the head x^f a noble fam- liy from punishment Tor embezzle- nie :it, and a woman he loves from disgrace, takes the crime upon his own shoulders and makes off lo .\iner ica, where he became a cattle lanch- nian in a western state. There he marries an Indian girl, who saves his life. Hence the title of the play, for in the west when a white man marries an Indian woman, he becomes a •S(|uaw man." The Indian wife cvmit- ually coniiuits suicide, when her btis- attempts to take her sun away from her and send him back to VMi- la..d to be educated for the title which he himself inherited, but which he renounces in the child 's favor. I'rced by the death of his wife, the Engli.-ih- iiiaii determines to return and clain. his inlieritauce for himself. To the leader, the story of the play thus to !d may indicate a melr >draiiiM. It IS not so, however, for .Mr. R-> .( has labored to make his play a.^ r.-om the cliar-e of laMnK Hie (lo .ili.s. ., , .1 , , .1 ural and iis true to life as possible and Msr. Heaion says that her ht.sban.l ,,,, even beyot.d his own l.ft town Tues <lHy and she dt>es uot 1 ,.ji,„.ctiitions. The hero is ji manly, liuow where he fs. She says that she! good looking, courageous man. Just !R inforn.'.:! !><• Imde his friends pood ;«"<•'' » «'t»Bracler as Mr. .leweit knows , , ,'lio" lo liiiper.sonale. and 1.1 it he I.s bye before Koing. as if he Intended, ^.,,,| ,„ „,^. ^,,:atest su.- in leave town for good. I cess of his career. Frank Campbell as Tabyawai.;.. thr l)iK chief of the Ties and father of I'rank Campbell as Tabvawana. the Th. ...o... beautiful patten, hats ever l^'*: .'".''if/."^ V'?," "-• l.i> nli,ht. hcpt. -.Ih. fiom 8 to lo. ^,„^p^^ attention In his parts. Like BE«A.\ 0.\ ROCK (KEEK BRIDGE. U'urkiueu rushing ConHlrurdun of the nig Kridgr. .Ml. Jewett. he did not overdo his work. lUit the really line acting of tli4' play is done by Charles Chapelle as 'Hie Bill " the foreman of Jim Carson's cow piDichers. He does some character work, in this parlietilar line or in any other for that matter, which will rank with any seen on the stage. The conipany as a whole., pi'esenl a vitally .\ Kunj; of worUineii b.->pan this i.:oi-iiin;; on the cnristrui-tion of th<! •MLc bridgo anoss Rock Cret,k south nf the power lioiise. The bridge is to ' ii'teiesting show, in a clever fashion. ie two hundred and fortv feet wide f"."' » "^^^ ''"""'1 tail! any audience. iind will I..- modern in r!vcry respect.] The scenic effect.-? weic very fine. '•. is to have, stone aiches with cen.cnt , The stage portrayal of wester., lll'e I floor. i..<'liiding the saloon i-ow. life on fhi .aiic'l. and landscape views was excel- IcMt. The [day, is built around thf I .«c:l'-sacrlfices of the l.oi-o. Snmo critics have he'd that the solf-sacificing eletiioi.t has been overdrawn but the cii;icisni has not affected the theater (pati-ous. Not a few moist eyes were I sei-ii last iiiKhi as this trail in Hie , lifi' of the hero was developed i.i the : play. DniinK the course of the even- i:;;; freriiicit a|iplause was hc:ird. •yt'e have long had a reputation in this loealily of filling pretcriptioiis with the highest quality goods that could'be seemed, and in filling them fn a way which i3et with I he approval of the entire medic&l profession. The ."-ame careful work will te continueld in the fu- lure. 1 he same high quality goods will be used that have been used in the' past. We solicit your patronage L. Crabb, TelBphono 470 Presorlntloft DruggM PROFESSIONAL WRECTORY • • • Yf. H. AKDEOSON, Attornejr-at-Law. Notary and Stenographer In Office. Phone 455. H.A.EwIng, S. A.Gard. O. R. Oard • ElVIAG, GARI) As GABD,. • Lawyers. o Practice in all CoflitB. u>/ii W. Madison. Phons SM. * • a • • • DR. SfcMILLEX, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Office 32, Rca. 232. OflJce In Mrs. Turner's Bidg., West Madison. • • • • I'hono G.'i'i. lola, Kaus, • DIL EDITH 8. 11AI6H. Office and Residence over Bur- ^* roll's Drug Store. »• Offlce Hours—10 to 12 a. m., 2 * to 4 .p. m., 7 to 8 evenings. • Sundays by Appointment. Phone 687. Rea. 701. .DR. 0. L. COX, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Spectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. • • • • • • • 3HJce Phone 1083. • DR. B. O. nunSTIAN. • I'byiilrlan aud burgeon. * • UtK)m» 7 and R. Evans Bids. * F. H. MABTnr, Practice Limited to Surgery. 16 N. Buckeye. Phone 576. • • • DB. W. B. HEriMPN. Pbysiclai & Snrgeon. Office N. B. Corner of Square. Over K. C. Plumbing Co.'s Store. Res. Tel 38. Office Tel.. 602, Hat Fit su't cver^'tliing. Tlic face fit counts; the style fit is iir/port- ant; the price fit is ucce.«sary. Ihe Imperial fit all over, fit fur you; fit $3.00 were of the same opinion there woui^ be no horse races, aud upon fin* thought, one wonld ;hink "strlfa' would be an unknown quantitj. Bat think of all men trying to marry the (mine woman—all men In the «ime llni> of business—all men advertising. Then, as it la now. the race would b"? won by tnc best man—the cleverest advertiser. A man who does lioi advertise Is competitor to hi« net^hbo^ In name only. He Is like a man fishing without bait. If be catch fo. anything it la chance only, not preconceived In plan and action. The advertising columna of tno Register leem with ruBtoraera for the advertiser, Ar«i Tou there with your bid A SETTLK.ME>T I> .SIGHT. KIXDEKGAKTEN LAW FOR TITIE.S. Kupertatendeat Falrrblld EspUlns a Late Law. In answer to a letter of tnnulry rotn State Superintendent Falrchlld. Assistant Attorney General John Daw son has render^ an opinion holding hat the kindergarten law. enacted at he latt session of the legislature, ap- plleis to all cities In Kansas as well as 10 the country districts. Under the wordinsT of the law Superintendent Falrchlld was doubtful whether a citi' i>oard of education had the right to establish fiee kindergartens aa a part of the nubile school system. Dawson holds that since the city schoolb are under the charge of a district organi- tatlon and not of the city government the kindergarten law applies to them as well as to those la coaatry dla- rlcta. Ak'reenirnt of .tfrii. Derlin lo Accept $l .-.(».(im» .SlinpllHeK .HatlerH. Topoka, Sept. 27.—According to the terms of the settletnetit of th? esate rrf f .1 Devlin. .Mrs. Devlin, the wid- ( w. jiays the tii..stces %oi \.*\m of the $.-,Mii.iii.iii worth of lift, insurance col- Uttcd and the tvilstees disipiss th;Mr Sill confestlim .Mrs. Dt-viln's contention foi- a dower interest and a suit tn e .vt .ibllsh a trii.>:t lo take ehaice of the I'ef insurance alre.ady <-oIl''/-t:'d by Ml.-;. l)i!vlln. Mrs. Devlin will Ret about $l,',n.(Mio. .Mrs. Devlin asked for a widowls dewer In It -T husband's holdings In Missouri and lllinnl.s. This an.oiinl- ed to about I l.i 'Oo acres of coal land and would have j;ivoti Mrs. Devlin about $l."i'i,l)(iii She also filed claim hi Kausas for IRIli .OdO as thr. ttidow'.<; dowix in the entire estate of Mr. Devlin. The agreenieiii to (lertnit .Mrs. Devlin to keep the nntoitnt of money aereed u|)on as h?r dower and other rlchts i.' iierfected. Lcland dficlarert yesterday, wonld open the way to th" final disposition of tho Illinois property. This property Is open to bidders .\ balf dozen bids were recently \f< jicted. "If clears the way now," said Mr. l.eland. "to straighten out the whole niatter." riioi.e Fuller Bldg. DR. (JLTSN, SpecfalLsL Eye, Ear, .N'ose and Throat. Glasses Furnished. DR. L. TOZER, Tola Infirmary, 203 E. Jackson, We use X-Ray, Violet Rays, Static. Galvanic and Faradis Electricity with vibratory sthn- ulation In nervous and chronic diseases. Phone 386. Office Tel. 231. HPS. Tel. 23»',4. «. n. .SilADUICK, .M. D. General I'ractlie. Obstetrics and diseases of children a specialty. Office over Stoyer's cjrorery. Hours: 0 fo 12 a. n. , 2 to 4 and 7 to 8 p. m. Office Phone 511. • DR. LEVI J. NEn.SOME. • Special attention given to the • treatment of Disease of Women • and Children. • OBice—50;. .South Walnut 8t • • RrtS. Tel. 1»8. Office Tel. lt'.3. • DR. J. R. rEPPER. • Dentist • Is permanently Incntrd over • • K. (;. McClaln'rf Clothiui; Store. * • and is prepared to do all klndd * • of up-io-dntc dental work. • • Evenlnc work by atipolntnient. * P. L. Lathro|., Mrs. ftpssln (J. Lathrop. OSTEOPATHIC PHYSHIA.N9. Special attention given to DIB- eaFC.H of Women and Children. Over East Side Hardware. Office 'Phone. .Main 4i;S. DR. A. 0. KOCH. Surgeon. Office over Post fjffitn. Oftice Phone 218. Residence Phone 8S. J. L. BAR.VES, • Attorncy-nt-Law. ll.'i West Madison, lola, Kansas. • * • • • • • REMOVES BLOOD HONORS R. A. Ed'.'ar. traffl" manaaer Lum. heroian'x Pnrtland I'rnient coiuilauy I* the RHiarled aeent for the exclusive sale of the stock of the cement com- na»v in lola and immediate teMtorv. All parties wishing to tnvesttgate the nroposltlon should- call or address htm. The Lumbermen's Portland'Ce- meat company. When the blood is pure and healthy the .skin will be soft, smooth aad" free from eruption."?, but when the blood becomes infected with acme unhealthy humor the effect is shown by rashes, eruptions, boils and pimples, or other disfiguring and annoying skin disease. The skin is provided with roiintless pores and glands which act as a drainage system to rid the body of impurities through the perspiration that is constantly passing through these little tubes. There are other glands that pour out on the skin an oily substance to keep it soft and pliable. When the blood becomes filled with humors and acids these are thrown off through the pores and glands,' burning and irritating the skin and drjing up the natural oils so that we have not only Acne. Eczema, Salt Rheum, etc., but such dry, scaly skin affections as Tetter, Psoriasis, and kindred troubles. The treatment of alctn troubles with salves, washes, lotions, etc. is not along the right line. True, such treatment relieves some of the itching and discomfort and aids in keeping the skin clear, but it does not reach the real cause of the trouble, which are humors in the blood, and it can therefore have no real curative effect on these .skin affections. S. S. S., a gentle acting and perfect blood purifier, is the best and quickest treatment. It goes down into, the blood and removes the humors, fiery acids and poisons from the circulation, cools the overheated blood, and by sending a fresh stream of nourishing blood to the skin permanently cures skin diseases of every character. S. S. S. is made entirely of health producing roots, herbs and "barks, and is an absolutely safe remedy for young or old. 3. S^-S, cuj^ Eczema, Acne, Salt Rheum, Tetter, P»o-. riasis. and all other cGsagK^ble and unsightly eruptions of the skin." Special hook on Skin Diseases and anv medical advice desired furnished free to all who write. THE. SWIFT SP £CIFrc CO.. ATLANTA. GA. IrymWMt Ail. lu iha t^MOmr

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