Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 7, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 7, 1908
Page 5
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Annoikncement Beginniug October Ibl, wa will Jiave solicitors call on [he citizens of lola, iu the interest of our SAVINGS DEPARTMENT. They will be authorized to receive and receipt for deposits, and will also be supplied wit.h SAVINGS B)!^KS, which will be civen FREE to any and all depositors who open an account to the amount oKjDNE DOLLAR or more.[ V I All deposiUjrs wiio have already opened savings accounts with us are entitled to one of these new banks, which will be delivered up6n presentation of your Pass Boot. We simply ask thatoiir eoHcitors be given an opportunity to present to you the many good featureH of our Savings Department, and when thoroughly understood, we know the result will be mrlualiy beneiicial. State Savings Bank tota, Kanmas Opeu from 7 tu y p. ni. Saturdays and Pay Nights Use No. 7 Flour Good as. aiiv—|.c*,t( r llian Don't Forpei Our MEAT MARKET We handle mily th': best oi KicsU Mcat .-i, Smokod and S<iilt .^I^;U^. We Wiiiii Yciiir PRODUCE Tarmei.-, and will puy tlii» liiKlicsl market j»ru«< io csih or Iradc Come In and sec us. We are solo .lytiii:. for .1. M Hum'- COFHEES and TEAS If >ou will pivf tlilt, line a iritil >oii will use uo other. Bros. lola, hHn>a!i. Fryer i'bnbe 301, .1US Evans Bros. Pmlmtm, CM/*fMry. Ollm Bilmnk Book* mmttmimma School «a #p /«M TjnmwrHor Sapmllom, ArokKmol tumpllom trrioo ampmtlom Wliere qoftllty to oi«la tmtU- •nttloii ve bny tb» bmt. Wlitr* demands will inatUj, w carry mil iridM ud prlicM. Stitk III* Iqiar^ l*lt, IJKU. Short stories o w lola Happenings -Dr. J. n. Peppir. peotlgt Phone 161 , *;i.V».72!l' linp-iU -a lor Svbuol Fiind. Till' sl:ite seliiHil fund ^•on^Mli^^•ioll- • i>. Ii!i\>^ niiiilc ^^uul.• In-avy invi'i-i- aniii^ <jjl" the illflerfni niiidt! undtr liii .-i- iluviiij; lite niiarler ciitl- ins ^'"1*1 'ni'ier T|ie l>>i!il tiive-stcil diiiiny !,li :iT pi'rind ijor llie ditTcrent Icitids $;•„•>I.7J?. — Fratik S. Bennic, tV. a. Phone 139. jMrs. Garrett Home. , Mr. aniil Mrs. John Barrett returned to their home In ln|a Monday after a few diays' visit •with relatives and frifuds Iiere.—Burlitteton Republican. —^.Vlwa.vs (i»nr to e«t at Our Way. Your Choice Krou B lurge li^t of farinsi in Kan$a!<, Missouri, Oregon and Kenturkyi al » THE ( j6 LI»I;> WiSI LA>D (0'». OFFlfE. IMrr Iowa Stor^. i J.D,THO\ Pmlmimr mud Fapsft Hmmf/mt SGtimatef cheerfully clven on all work Phone ClOi Hey. 4U9 =S. Bnckeyp. rOLOMST RATES <alifuruia; .\rJzona. Etc. Daily iiutfi Octoher 31, 190!j. I30.(K) from lola, Kas. Liberal stopover privileges. I'er- *opally conducted e.\ciirsions. Tickets acepted in ,t'jiirist j^leepers on pay- Djent "f rullman rate, aud in cliair car. No hfftcr way. of [leroming .ir- quainted with the Grpal Southwest. Vhere sma! fartiis yi>M a cauipeience. than by-iraveling over the SRnta Ke. • Let jn-,' send you some iitecuture Obuut CaliforBia, Arizona, etc. W. E. nALSTON, I Agent. lola, Kiinsas. MAGAZIVJES AMI PEKIODIPALS ca,n )<f teiured of .1. E. Ifi-ndersoB «ho deals ,with the publisbers and furnishes them at the lowest price possible. Trial su'jscriiitiou to Van .N'ordeu's, T. inonihs -.">c, Phone 3S. , 4U .\. Buckeye Thorpe & Hoogh Conlractorf, Engineers, fSarteforg. Fully e <iulpped for all kinds of snrveyiDg, estimating, patent drawing.; blue v"'"'^- i>>aps, Blde».-ilkH, eurblug, uid farm draluase. OHJc* Lamb at Topeka. C H. I^mb of Yates Center, formerly state senator from Woodson and AIf''ii counties, was in Emporia. Friday nipht. and v.ent in Topeka Saturday to attend th'- Taft meeliug.— •Emporia Gazette. —Drs. Lathrop, Osteopatlifl. Phone 498. ZZO in Kansas- oeveaty.fiv" y»>ars ago th«>rp were not sfvpn free hicrfi school.s west of till" T{|i<Ii<on river—now' there are 7f"'0 anl of this number 220 are in Kansas. Most of these are wholly or partially accredited by the University of Ka,iitf;i.-;. v.hi'-h enables their cradiJ- at<is t'l vnlcr the' Kreshmen class of ttifi rniv<T.«:iiy without examin.Ttion. Y.ite fiillece lifty yearn aRO did not liavr as complete a course as ^sonie iif tliis<-- accr'-ditrd t ich schoolii In Kan^ii l'K ;:m\> -^fA.VTr.Vf: ho.v or Eir) (0 worl; f 'M- i .i.tiiH Willie att'-ndinc srhoo' •ipinv ,i[ lliiainf-.s ••OIIPKC. Phone Mff Io S;/(md. Knilniiiic the nmrnliiK .iprvlce ni the ).»r"'-i'Me' .•burch Sunday the session lidd u iiiei'tiiir and 11. If. Morri.'on ua^ '•••'ii .1 ;r- llie r:»rv-i'f v]\vi>><'n^:i:'^'- the Presbytery nw'i.tuii; f'.i lie ivid a' neniiliiKton this weel< P, I,. CehlKiiftt was elected as le'.i;!!!.' to tlle State ifyuoil to be held ill tin's week. Iiecinninp on Tlinr^iia-.. Dr. !-".('. McKeau. pastor iif (he I'resbytrriati' chtircb. will pn to Hetiniiistoii Wednesday, where he Kill tijake th- H'ldress (hat da.v, OJi Thursdaj be will k-ave for tola, where wilJ atii>nd tbe nod.—Salina iDtirnal - Our. Oystei-i^ WMV Practicing for Meet, Ten bi;;l) sehrjol, boys are iractlc- ing r);rce nipiits a'werk ;it iht Y. M. f.'- A. gyniTiasimn -for the mile race in tile hifili schoolj nieet. They have fiKureil that to ruiiia mile In the gymnasium tliey nitist ejrelo the; room thirty-three times. ^ ' New post cards. .MtjudlB drug »tor» Sell Guarantee Tickets. <;i !Hran »ee tickets for a!I of the HthU'tic events In the tiRh school except llic,?*' of th-' o-ntraf meet ar** now • in sale. These tickets are .Mild to '•over the expetises of the meets «nd (hey adinit holders to all basketball RBiues. bajcljall games and other athletic eoutetfts not In the central meet. -It—Our Way Soda Water. Mason After "Red." .Muskogee Red. Uie j celebrated tramp printer, arrived In, Atchison last Friday and proceeded !at once to sample all of the flowing bowls he oould Had. Alter awhile th^ poUce be- THE lOLl DAILY REGISTER. TTEDITESIIAT ETE^CTG. OCTO camti tired of sttunbllng over him. and locked bitn up. £d. Howe says that lie haH known Kcd ever since he (Hone) was a small boy, and has ucveir known him to be anything but a va THnt niid a bore, and ttc express- e« a (/oubt a« to whether Red ever was H printer. He has been working the jiewspaper men for about a quarter djf a century, with a success never attar led by another in the same line, and there Is always a light in the winiU)w for him, strange as it maf soenil —Emporia Gazette. —into Gtirape and Repair Shop for all li^ndn of repalriog. Antomoblle llreif. Phone 8K. j Humboldt Woman Dead. .Mp. f.tiev Bdwardf. wife of .1 \\'. Kd«iurds. di'd at her borne this morn- in? after an illness of ei>;lit or ten .\earli. About that long ^apo she fell •ind: i'lijnred her hip and has not been well fiincc. .She was in her SIth year. Besides her husband, she loaves three dauRhtei's. Mrs. Martin Grey, of Humboldt, Mrs. l^u Pense of Kansas Ci.ty. and ^Irs.. Duncan of Arizona.—Humboldt II<iraId. —iBe a Booster—Home Industry— .\'eo|ho River Cat at Our Way. ' Curtis at Humboldt. Soaator funis will addressa tii«-et inc « " voters in Humboldt next Friday even 11^'. Oct<il '.T 9th. On nrci>}Uit of ;lie 1 ict that tiie opera house is ea ;.:-i ,!-'<'i! it will lie necessary to hold the meet ng in Fnssman's • Hall.—Hum boldt H-rald. Mtindls now IIB'S the asency for r.ow«iey'."" chocolates. ; Sheridan Was Here. Sheridan, of I'aola. Demo WAS SHE WIFE N0i2 Harney iiutif candidniK for congre-.s from thisj|iii>iiict. was in the city >ester- day. If post iyf>u want (he latest and nicest 'card;^ nn (he uixrket, gel them *t Mnndis diuc fltorc. Mils nho Not Improvinq Fast. .Meeks. of 22."i South Tewn.. injured her ankle in a fall on a defiSftive sidewalk in the vicinity of Broadway and Ohio streets, several wee^^s ago. is; still confined to her riio|n. • -ipaper HatJgtng. •bUJD.0 I4:.'S Fred Row den Had Firot Rehearsal. Tl|tp first rehearsal of the oratorio. ••Eli;ali." night before la.'t by a chorus 'Uider the direction of .\. I>. Boat- rigiilj. was very satisfactory to all of the interested parties. The next re- h-^nHsgl ^ill be Monday night. liesl Fresh n>?|.?rs—Our Way- Issued License. Tihe n) license was issued rday to Jolin John^n and Ju?ia Sinibson, Ijoth colored. le finest and fresnest line of ean- In town Is at Mundis'r.. Starks Is Home.' K. ."^tarks reliirni'd ..M'sterday fri >tjt':i two montVs" liu?inr;-s (rip to Wrifilern Kansas and '.'oloradn. >Ir ?t:^f-ks conducted a party of lotj men ut pio San Ixiiiis valley openlnc after which he took a look at other Colo- II land. He will probably remain now. X,.,t, v .'^lrr. Ilie (Mr Way UnJ. Cliann'' IO Warner Cafe. r Tarr ot t'.a.-- t^ity todav took [^'^ iif tiie Warner eafe oil the side of (he square Ife bought Mr. Warner a f <»w days ago. Mr |-iier lins traded for a hardware stolfe in nortliern .Missouri He nill jably not move his f.Tiiiily tliere a while. R. M. Cannlnirhain, « vr c«nil To Attend KennIck I'lincnil. > W, H I'.evry and .-on. rimtin- airi\ed lji.«i iiiKlit frutii ilieir e III fuller .Mr r!i>riiiciicl<>'. Mo. to attend ill.of h>r father. .\I F Kei.- lierrv an'd ila'tsliter. Mt.-.- :gle. are expected later —<^'hfrry- Rcpttiilican. children cat too much, crta.\ tlic difjcation, get in. weak, lanjruid, stop owing — that"^ malnutrition io^ noii -tiigcstion of food. icott's Efnuision (i3 helped coitntJess thou's- nda in tiiis condition. It is < > t h n o I"" i s h in e n I and lii'dioiiu' — a most powerful lid til digr.-tii'n. j\ siK .nll dose three times a will work wonders, be sure to t ;ct Scott'». 't -i 1 iiii« .1 .'•«»"iltniiiil, (•>(tt'<cr with nwmc •! «.-.» i. I <• r*! •« 'irv Yoar »Mttn mJ four i-nu in w.-ct pu>li<r, 4nd we will Mnd you a .tc llM.:y AlU* of Uw Worir :: r V -Jfr a IMWSK. 409 Purl Stmt New Yoffc A New Development In Hairy Parker C.ise at Wichita. Shortly beforo Forrebl .Mingle. aiia>> Harry Parlver. ijho wa;; ^.akep from Wichita to Uklaliotiia Cit.'i' i!ay betort ye'ierday to answer to the iiiargc of the murde- of Pearl Mann I'earson formerly of thU city, a new feature war. added to ti.o ea;ie whii !i is arous ing III" interest of e Wi^rhita olfic- ers. Til.' n.w Jcvelopm"^! would make it appear that Parker had a Hife ot !i -r than the one with whom he was living when ;iirested. The Wiclv ita Eaule, says; l">id anotii.r wi ;e ,if the m.-^n zXt- iiii; tin- name of Forr-st Mincle \lsll l.ini at hi.! ei II Sunday iij^ht? This oifstiun the otlicers are .-isk inu ttiem:<ilve >i. MS the re^iiU of th-' visit of a "oiiijiii ;:ivinK the name ol Mr;-. Ha"ry Parker, t^uiiday niehl. She ^ai <l slic- had been desorted by her !iu.=baiiii revenil .^ears ago. and she •lioucht it niiL -iit be tie same m.m. ^Ur resides in .\rkansas City. She was taken In the ci -ll. .•nci ;in- iiaiiie,; Ii; l.'iiief of I 'olje.- V'inii'.v aiiO l».'!-k Serireanl Tlioinp .^on •{>h. Harr.'• • she exelaine a.-s ..Ut' took Lif- first plane.' a' "tbi- pri-oi!"r. Mincie did not >-av anything at lirst. but lookinir her siiuarely in the eyes, said' \ "I giie^.s you 've r .o* lie wiong p>T sonl" "l giiesr, 1 iii'i.-i iia \e. • aiie ie(iirii. I'd. lyein: him still do^'-r On the way up.-.tairs from the cell .she seemel iHini and weak. Tiie ofiic- .rs he |i.,ve fita' she recocni/ed the icnTi. but ilecid.'il llial he was already in enoiii;li troulde. Oklahoma City. Ok. Oct T -:Sullen and moiose. still clainiine tlmi he \!t F. C Mingle. Httrry Parker, or ifln- cle. wax brought here at an early hour yesterday morning \>< She-lff Garrison and immediately buleed In the county jai!. Fearing tliat some effort micht be made to get :o (he iirisoner. 'Sheriff fJarriFon T -ft the train north of town where an auto was waiting, and drove Tiiiekly to the jail. Ifarrv pear.son. h'lsband of the %>-o- man wlio Parker is clior::ed with kill- fric acconipaniid the sheriff and Hie prisoner home. Parker refuses to talk but does say that h- will be able to prove an alibi when the time coipe.e County * Attorney Tw>ford reer as.setts that they have a !<tronF case against Parker- TEATS* BIG CAPtURE. C-io^ke" Tii!«f Proved be O^iy a Rat. Sii'uawking chicken.-; will not pmse Walt Teats from pleasant dnams any more. One iilcht recently Mr. was awakeiie.l by a dist'irf'aiief atnojig his chicken,-:. .Vow If lii-te aiiylhinsr that Mr Teats has 1 n wanting to do. it. was to capture a cliieken thief red , lianded. }{>• ih'ir.>- fore sallii'd forth arnicd «ith his tniMv Clin Fe^rini; tlmt iti.-re m'cht be more tliati one thief be hiked ov.^r to the mitfliliors aiid add'Mt fj bi;- fovcos. He soon had several men "ii the ;.-roiiiid.' .Ill .•»riued to the i,....ih. Ijiici- li.' tlio'iKht he would r^II iiii tne A H. T .\ but later cave it up. S ;i fhllr llie .nrined mliorts crept up to lie chick'-n hou .'^e. their citn.-i ready for b.itlle. .Mr. Teats wa;.- so siit- fij a capture ilial be wantrd to halt tV.e aini.i b*- had galheri-d and C.TII up t!-e jai'or to cet a ell in rejidines.'.- (ni aiiollf r pri;:oi).T Finally the> op- i;- e.l tile dour of the hiii lioti.^e—oiiiv to find a large r .it. jiboiit the size of a irround hoc. ba'l distiatcbed a ynuiia ci ickeii and was devourinc it. while an old sjieckled lien, that bail been awakened, bein: a lisht sleeii.T l>v I '-ason of her a :;e. was indusirin'isit seiidiiiu. in the alarm with very in,-;", .sfiuawk- WATCHING THE BIG GAMES. LocijI Interest Runs Higb in Ba -.pb ,«n Realm. Tiic decree i)f local interest 11) the bii; league ball eain-^ is manifested by the f»i<-r tLat every night a nuiu- '»er of fans phone to the ofllci of the Kan-sas City Star to get the resn'.t. Brown's drug store has also been te- •eivlng and posting the returns nicht- y. The interest has especially 8'"wn since the Giants took Iwo from Bos- Um. making it appear that they -niay .pt win the entire periea from Boston iji which event th .jy must play off e tie with Chicago Th** names of >farhe»son. I-eoii Ames. 'UJffse. Don- lln of N»w York and Uuelbach. B'own. Tinker. Kling and Chance of f hicaro are heanl almost as freijuentl.v -la rh«» street as are the names of Taft. Sherman. Br>aii and Kerns Mrs £.W.Brooks jWcdk. ExhaustGrt. PC ru na Ciive \ew Life. j ••I »r:!nii l-j fSi .'-tii.:e 1 !«• ;'T-. When ;ny .itlie iiiri eaiiie, I T l(:U very w|e;ik "(ind «\!i MI.-' .i. .; •.m-.-d tliat I ctiUl U 'lt regain my ^ • "ircn^.;!!!. i J tl.-.i SH.U.;!.! .. • - .. ;•• rn:..i. .;:;tr '. .i.Ki tm-.i - vera! oile-r •::-d r null. . I !i i-i litl.i t.-iiti!.a> I wa-vny* ^ --.My :ie T much aiivt ; W- ,lk. I .'lll i\ •! t :l"l » V "J. :;i ;• ; I :.J-: • dWI- ••• :.t \VM!M '11. I ' lit-- und Mt.ilTt. .-•.111.'. 1. • ;:iai'-n.i d takin:; IVrnoit I w i- like a , ilav utiti. in I :.w '.VK k'' I • * .- . 1 j I. II ar I ;i n i<\ w in. Ilijiik.- to \ •.•iti - [•.• niiio ;ii-UieiUi , J ; I |.i\- eiii'iyr-d •.(! i. .i!:?! |.-r .•'••v. r.i! I .ir.v.iv- k' -)i IVruaa on { ; I |.i\" eiiiiy:-<l i;. •.(! i. .i!:!! |.-r .•'••v r.i! -.i I .ir.v.iV- K'•• • b.-ir.-i. I- :i |. u-ilo,i Will —r i.. • ;-!;;!.I v. i:eii I t'-eliii:: tiadly. Ciatcirili of Ear.v II" pr.'ii'iiiti''''i bim w-li and for .i ( wi-.-h.- ti- n -'i trou'-ieti. !njt sinee . <... v.-.|!l..i-.l. II- !!•;•-•• ...I T.- .vrjt. - ri r .^ird I-. b r i '•.iii. -^U 'liil l;"i" Sl.e d;^e ir-m hi= cars .on'< • arj hall I,.—)! air-. t. •(-Ml >i:i- a!nu>=t cotijtaut aud very of- 1 liiiby. H(.-| Si-eni-U to liavi-1 i-in-^-ill leU-'ive. b'-.vl. n* .vi.;ilil !>o v 'v fr- for • Fit;a!!y I l»'-an ;:iviug him Peruoa i;ver.ililay?.tli "0 lil .5e :ir-i\v- eM runpr..- iind L .u a;>i:i. a:i(l after ie? tiad taken ;i:;-!y \vli:<l '<pf—.ire<! !•• •• i "i .;';it)H. , :wo ln-ttlc- of sh 'J L3cup :a he wa-; en•• Til" la. • y-.'ir I : be-.i-i .i !. • iii'l :,;;i...-r f.reiy nired. o-t hi# be.irin.-.; anl !. id i b -eii pt.;.' -5 ciiinoi p<ai>e Laeiipia amJ Peruni Kill'n:^ birti CT a!-'.t .-it w r eni>ii-.;b.*' »coplcW!ioO!)iccl lol Medicines Should Buy Pcruna Tabfets —six perl sion; no de rent money: rio cnmml*- ay.—Smith & TrnviK. Niiinl'fr ODP U> Open. rbc I.^ny 'oti ZjtiC n -'-'te.- will begin opera:.oiij .'•• - ' block.'' 'Men «re now i^'-'r.:- i;:-.- one to ijo t'l ^crk. Farmers. Attention., \ . erir,>itjii:: M-a-^on f|;H -.vs t( •i !' !•! l "eoti :ifC e-. i'ieii' that 1 ii< • • M..;- .1.1.., lit ^:i: line..- ! :ivt •ai --.i •! an v..;- !ei;,e,| {.,r ii •i;e •, ;>.ii: <•'. tr" .^'a .-oi. A goot '••••.[. of i: l-.i.-< :— • II harvester .-I..,! r';. .i;. r'ii iin eorii ar- bright. 1;; ••• •• E-:!!-railv known tha' the -4 -Slgii palnVmi:. n-i n '-'-J. -.a ,io ,:ai ''on, Fxposition willbe held Iii»Jimijrr .'>Icn Here. W Owen., .trid I. V ll;- •. i:-,:;- , U the city ;fo!- a .i,;!!.!.he interest ;of tiie Kati--a~ 1^: r '.i- ince ec,nip.-\ti\ . —ny ,:|rr -5 H 'ly ;'.:y !i. :i( \. ... l» ,'^Ul |e I ellH IltJ'.l). Hit': .1 W. i:.-,: !:•> tor v ' ... :: • : MliiJ th'' !, . • • .. • !• '.ap';.' 'b •! V Omab.T. D-eeraber lfi-i;». IS'.'S. A . -.r.-e .--'ii:! of money was hung up for • •r; • lor wijia'. r,ats and com. Very :i:i--ial pri/..s are offered for the best liisiday iiy e.\i;ib:;ors from the indi- • :>lna[ .sinte-; as w..!! as from the -l.ii' s at 'aru-' I.e.;. ov-r ; urain and see if ••et '•;i!:i;ot :trt.i!::;e to make an e.thib ir 111 n'i ^ o*ir i-oii .it \ . II" -..). ;ire int. re.vt.ii wiit.; to Prof • \ .! Tei,•;.(•-. .\T;itibattan. Kansas • •" lio i~ e!:;i :viaii of the K-in .-aS com•.( •ii;-,ioti. or to S. V." Ltlark. Columbus liat .s .i^ :! nt'inl'i'- of the ^rommlssion. ;'< o'l will li^' fill tii;-h'-d pioniium sheet. —Dr. P. t. Wansh. I»entls|. Fbt'O*' 3i;r. ur-. -11111 aprlirasinn bkinki upon re " * • .iw».\ TraiJp* i »r Broun Mori.. ' i.< [ us all .1. M jt oiir part ol (' r. .VHT)>- ha .-i ii ;o !e,| Mil- i:.-..t;,i- ..,ta'.? is -.v.!! re|ir.-sen!id. Kla for lUedrug stoik {"rtii.ii -j A".) n . fi... ,. .'i. r ..<;;fi.l • ••sp(>.=!i?ion d i)- (>:• lirn'-. 1:1.-wii ..ii K- • <; M.-i : V.''*^ f?t,ACK. ,ll.-,.r -I 'll.^l.ill. 'Illleili-, l» lli't Into litre. I \ r V;^;r;.;L:^ 1- and Mr.= 'r:.(nk !;'•>-.' .-i!id wf'i;! to tola this at- 'T *»-'rvM ;n Th .-v »'Mi. ri to n;*-*-! t|n 1- \ -;r ;.T _i;.- M'li,-,:.- tli.-r. i.ti itr tlif »l! t ";-M:; K,ir - C'':'- .iri.l r-iliir in i'r • 'i'.|lii;f'• 'It iSlif -.Mrrehaiif.^ Lunch at O'l' V. J . t»Iil Kes'ldents Here. Mr and rdr -i V O Wit-iivr.. ft-!!iwa'.i. pkla . I'ut fi.:i..i- (••n (s ol Ibl : ii'.i. :ir.- ije 1 1. ."^teinf.i:-!!!. I ^^^^^^ '^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ' NATURES PERFECT TONIG Fred Full«n In Town. (•'red Fulton who ownei (he eicctrtr iBht plant t»f Prior Creek. Okia.. Is here visltlas bis father. Dr Fulton. 'iMlst taTtog *U. S." fl «v. There is scarpelj- .my one, no n.iVter hntr v;-r.:r •,; :!;i.i isctl '.hy. wh< doss tioit ni-cd a tonic sonutiine';. i.iltle phvsi'.al ::r'.:;i:.critic.-; irpset th' system, this appetite fails. dij ^-tioTi i joor. tiiv !.->'i> itvis tired and won '.*:il, .ind oIli-T iinplc-t'.int -•.•;::t>'.":t':. ..'iv;- •.varpin;; tit it tii-- r-vvtcni i-. disor dcred rtniljner-Js a .=.M ;.l,i ;K • t:> wiyi 'tT. {(-..rh.ip.s. •>::i-j .vtiotis sit.kne<,s o atlntent. S. S?. S 1. i-- . -t' •vhere as the I't-.'-l -A .iil tonics, nature•-• tneilicmf. ni.ei" entt -i'-.- 'f ii- Cr.z- • '•••nMV^. mviijor.itrr;^ r 'Kjt .s and herbs a systemic'rcnietly v.ithoiii fyi^] S. S. S. ha .s tiiu .idditiunal value o b-Jtng the jfreatr .sl i.f il! Ii!o...| [.uriliei - It reestabli .-^hcs llie lieaithv circn I - - . . . - . appctiti systems hi ^ve tictn wt -akened or drpl pleasantU'ithin any othei nn"! iino. .ind those wh'i are run down in iiealt' shooKl Commence it • iije.ii onre. It wil! thoroughly purity t 'le bloixl an<l tone xi{\ tiie .'^v.^-tfiii S .s. 1-, .t iteirably suited for a systemic reractly becatise'it I'is fitc fivi:i tn^n.: ils . il :i:.iy be u.sed with'.-.;', harmful results h\ pei^-ons of|?iiv .'i-, an.! > i :ii :.;e...;.int cflFcct.-; ever foiloe.. ! THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLANTA, GA ation of tiie Mood 11 :.s th-- "t tbtt tired, worn 'uit ieelitio improves lit ippctite .Tijd diir>:.^tfvo. ntvl btini:- .-.i'l-it a return of li!.-.iltli to vvlios. svstenis hiive tictn weakenei.l or lirpleleil. S. S. S act.s mortr promptly am THOS. H. B0WLU3, President. J. F. SCOTT, Caal ihier. AI1.LEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30,000.00 lURiXTUKS A. W^ Beck, L. C. Btatty. A. Fulton. W. J. Ev»n» J. O. ROftgar*, I W. L. Birtlet, Thos. H. Bewlus. W£*M»V£ OUR OWtl ORAFTa OM AU tUKOPEAMPOtmn •APfTY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT FROM ^ TO «5 PER YEAR. INTEREST PAID ON TIME'DEPOSITS. QMH knd Oil Indnstry Good In.Soplk : tein!»er—TwelTe VitUs in Alien | County. According to the report of H. O. ames.; published In the Independenc^ iReporler.the past month was .in uiiuj- soally active one in the gas and oil la-, idustry. The report says in part: More wells were drilled during the month of September than In any other month since last November. Only ^three months this year eo far have been credited with over JOt) compie!- tions. and they were .May,with 311 completions. August with Sttit compit- tions and September with 35S coiiipie- tions. The record for Septemtier showed an increase in everything but production, which fell off considerr- ably. • • • Sepfeniber showed cdnr slderable increase in drilling opera.- tions in Kansas. There were 53 completions, of which only 4 were, ott •wells and the new production was but 51 barrels. There were -7 gass^rS and 12 failures. .Montgomery couitty for the first time in more than a year heads the list of Kansas districts la the largest number of wells drilled; and yet there were only ue. It were gassers and C failures. Allen and Wit son counties each drilled 12. The 'de-| mand for gas In the upper end of the Kansas belt is increasing. Some ot the big plants have not enough to keep' them going this winter and yet neWj big cement plants are comins in therej ami expecting tu And cnongb gas tc^ keep them going: There were more wells drllled.^6 .fewer producers] 20 more gassers, T more failures and 'M barrels less pro-j ductlon in Kanbas in September tihaO; in August. DR. HILSCUEB AT CHAXCTE. Spoke Last Mght at Or ^anlMtlon of Brotherhood. '; i Dr. S. S. Hllscher, pastor of the| Presbyterian church, spoke at a meet-^ ing at Chanute lats night at which a; brotherhood was organized. He was 1 icompanied there by Rev. Van Orden; of Ft. Scott who was also on the pro-' gram. Speaking of the brotherhood the Chanute Tribune said last nighd:: A Presbyterian Brotherhood will bfr organized in this city this eventak*, The organization will take place af- ier a banquet which will "be ghrea tni •he basement of the church, beglimiiis It 7:30 o'clock. Rev. H. G.-Mathls.^ pastor of the Rrst Presbyterlah: :hurch of this city, will be the toastmaster and toasts will be responded to by Rev. S. S. Hllscher of tola. B«r. A. E. Van Orden of Fort Scott, and Mark G. Gibson. J. F. Elliott land J.L.. Sewell of this city. Rev.. Hilscherfs^ :opic will be "A Brotherly Brother-' hood." The Brotherhood i.-i a national or- eaiilzation. Its object is to encourage', iiid sustain inteie.':t in the workot he cliurch. Eligibility for member-hip i.s not limited to members of the. chiircb. but »ny man in the congrega-\ tiou who Teeh- Interested will be wel-' corned. .MORE ROHRBAUGH TBOrBLE. Rental from Estate a Bone of Contention 5 on. Th? Ottawa Republic says ot the Rohrbaugh case which was tried here: The litigation over the Rohrbaugh property has resulted In much exaiion of .'^ptrit partlcuIaTly with respect »n t^o'of the Involred residence properties, fhe hotises in tjnes, ion are the dwelling on " Hickoiy street north of the lumberr-yafd. As between the rival claimants the lessee have had a more or less BtrenaotiB time for some months. The clainumts under the Rohrbaugh deeds formally notified the renters to pay no money3 any other person, and the agents the claimants under the wUI took similar action. Out of a deriro to. keep out of litigations trouble, it Is said, the bewildered lesses have been compelled to restrain from paying', at The trouble has finally been erted by the plan ot the lessee paying the monthly, rental fnto the bank •^^'on afccount." leaving the claim's for he cash to be deciiled by the court. all. av F.OR ELECTRIC LIGHT. T. M. Flynn and Mr. Workman Con- sultina HumbiDldt Council. M. Flyan and;Mr. Workman ot Parsons were In Humboldt Friday looking over the city and consnltiiiS the mayor and a number of the oooor cilmen regarding the k>cation ot an electric light plant there. Mr. "Workman is snperintendent of the electric light plapt in Parsons and Mr. Tfjim Is president of the company. The plant is a good proiiosltioii for them and for Parsons. There have been .a number of per. iona looking over the propoxitloit In Humboldt, but nothing bas Sees dob* ar Tet because of the fact that tt fH o «cemi7 for the city to tak* »- < UtB moiiber of Ushta whloh the/ cll luui MTer done.'-HeralC

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