Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 26, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 26, 1907
Page 6
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THE lOLA HAJir UKfllOTEK. IIU RSPAY KYEXI>G. SEFTEiTBElt 26. 1307 NOTES FROM LA HARPE DisxaicT co>rKRE>CK OF M. E; CklBCH HEKE J> OCTOBEK. Rousing Sale of flh ELLlOn WAS ARRESTED j • - i —• pisflj .«« FOU BISTlUBIXli I'EACE A VEAB AflO. Aa qrdluance Bus V »»Md i„ GlTC touncll AnthurltJ dcmn SldcwulV"*- Coniercuci'Octoljcr S an3 .'• The district contereiuo of th.- W^"f> dl«t TEplscopal church wiil be held .'" IMS city oil October S and J» instead; Of Is't and "nd as was first iuiiiounced. Afrangcments arc belni; made for oim of the best sessions ever held In south ©astern Kansas. The program will lie ready for oubliwitlon by tomorrow. OIsou and MacPonaid Todaj. Olson and MacDonald of this city will meet T'liton and Curtis today in th«-Allen County Tenuis Tonrnoy ^; 'Which l.s on .at the pre.'.eiu lime. The p tennis toui'ney is i)roi:res.>iiiifr iiice'y and jr good •vveather continues U will not be long before it will l:o tinisho'J. EiHott Arrested .\fier a Year. Be& Elliott was iirn-sted yosicrday and fined $5 and costs In poiico corirt on e, charKc of disturblnt; the .peace and JBghtlnK almost v year ntio. It 'be remembered that almost a .Year:ago Chief of Police Donald ar- t-eeted ElUoit but he was allowed "to escape. It was not nntil yesterday he returned. He had hardly hit town before the "bli; man" had him up on t^o same charge but this time h" was not Blven any liberties or allowed to escape. Mr. E^ans Bettor. C. U.Kvnns is a. Kn-at rii-a! better. I'- He was able to bi- at bis olUce in lb" Kox building yesterday afternoon al- I .; though it • was necessary for him to uue a cane. His richt band i.-i band- t aged aud luidly bniiped. It is believed }• howei'or. that'he will be aiilo to ho f, around imnin wtthoni I'.ic iiso «>( the cane |u a short tinie. n4 :iaHarpe f^acket Headquarters for baruaius tUo old and 4th—Exhibit days. C. F. MOOKEBEAD. lToi»r. - Log EolUag s fiood One. i ^# Woodmen who attended the Lot; ^:.IMlws">i {'€bannte yesterdar after- JMdaf report an exceBent time. Thiy ? BSy the crowd was very nuiet and r peaceable and in all. one of the bes; V and liirKest crowds they ever 5 :iw. 1; t is likely that the loir ri ,-i!ii!f,' will in' held in lola next year. - 3 %'*(iia^ Council Meiinsr. -. There*w98fa special inectin .T of t!i« y City ifonnt* last eveniup for the purpose -of, considering the ca.-^c >->f Toby i| vs. the city of I>a Harpe. Siwclal nr- rangenients are bcins; made Irji nnth- •f ing definite can be piven oiu until hu- :. er. that final arninf-'finem.-:- • _wlll be made today. Will FInkh Mater Tank Toiiiomm. J: The.painters who have been i.aint- ing on the city water tan!: for the < several days will finish it by iomorrow i' afternoon. AMten conijilefed it if be- J Hevcd it will be one i-f the lic^t ap- i pearlnR water tanks In fmalii-nstcm i Kansas. New Fall Dress Goedsl AT THE Thursday, Friday and Saturday^ Black and colored Dress Goods for fall and winter have been arriving every day for the past month, and our stocks are full to completion with everything that is new and good in the dress fabric world. The wisdom of making^your selection early is quite apparent. Come Thursday, Friday and Saturday and take advantage of the extraordinary low prices. I'retty ^lark Clieck-- and Plaids, double width, suitabla for children's dresses, waista and skirts, also all wool Tricot Dress Flannels, in all colors, choice per yard 2Bo 50o For 3S inch Chiffon Batiste, soft fine material, suitali'e lor dresses and waists, in all the staple and past 1 shades 36 inch Serges, also Panamas in black, navy and '.rowu; 20 dilferent styles ol fancy Suitings. These are copies from the imported novelties so popular this season. New combination of c-lors, choice, per yard BOo $1.00 You can have the choice of a great variety of materials, New Plaid Suitings, in a coiu.^inatlon of colors. Imported Poplins, Black and Brown X'oiles, French Serges, Chiffon Broadcloths, Storm Serges, ChilJon Panamas and Batisies, choice, per yard $i.OO $1.75 CUilloil Victoria Cloth. 54 Inches wide, comes iu black, while and now shade ol tan, light weight, satin lustre, suitable for ele­ gant tailored suits and evening capes, sijecial per yard, $1,75 $1.23 Choice of our fine imported Altman's \ oiles, Melrose and Tamis Cloth, celebrated Melba Chiffon Broadcloths in all the new fall shades, Prunella Cloth, Chiffon Taffeta, Fxench Serges and a great many other cloths lor stylish costume.^. Take your pick for per yard $1,25 75c For 46 incii "newest Voilings and Batistes, also Chiffon Panamas, extra ffue quality in all the leading sliades. .14 inch Crav- enaled Wool Suitings, suitable for Suits and Coats, in ihe i)opu- lar mixed shade, choice per yard, 75c $L50 luipurlcd f'.iticy Bro.idcIiUii Suitings, in slripsd, checked and plaid cfiects, combination of light and dark ;brown, blue and black, green and bhie, black and wine, just the thitig to make a nobby and attractive new fall suit. These cloths are 54 and 46 inches wide. Per yard .$tf60 $2.50 Antoinette cloVh, 5 V inches wide iu black, crca'.n while aiul corn shade, medium light weight, 11 very beautiful cloth for line costumes and evening wrapj. Special per yard $2,SQ $3,00 Patricia Bioaucl'jlh in bl.\ck, only 54 inches wide, sponged and shntnk ready for the needle. Ask to see this l^eauUful broadciolh, it will surprise vou. Special per yard.. .$3mOO Cur celebrated imp^-ovea Sponging, Shrinking and Pressing Machine Is at your service. Ifyau hsve any old materials bring them In, we can make ihem look new and fresh with our process of shrinking and pressing. i It In a Genera! ( ondt miiiTii: Ordinance >• At Jhe special niectinp of tb .e city [if; council last nicht a peneral .sidewalk V cond^ninj? ordinance was passed and ?: Riven its first readinu'. This new or.-; dinance pives the council the authority ^ to condenuiinK a sidewalk in the city i which they should deeiu unsafe v.ith- lu; p.ii:.-:!!!!; au oiiiiiumce or laliiu^ siK-viut aeti"ii. I ^trtii. .Mr. anil Mrs. W. .1. Wairi^ <.l 'hi.- city (larents of . H b.ihx Ucy born ye.-.!eiday. b'ei)teuiix?r :.'r>t!!. IVrsouals. Mr.s. O. .r. Holland i.s on the .-:<•;; iisi. .Mr. aiKi ; MS. flarry Hartnian of I-niontown. were in the city ye-f^- day visi:;:ig. i-. (1. Winters of Wichita was in fhe city ycKieriiay on business. W. T. Jones left > <'Si <Tfla .v fm .Nevada. .Mo., wjiere be v,i!l vi.iir ii.:.;. tives for several days. If. 1'. I'aimer !<-fi >'-;t >Til ;-i> Uu- ;ln- v .-estern p.irl vt tin- .•^t::ti. wh -te lu- has a farm. n>Ki» \> \nt »3ionii The FIr>t Case r nder the >en .Vutii Enact laetit. Of Interest To Women. J JTo imcli women M.iire not seriously out of bcAlibVbut who have cxscUng duties to pciioroL either In the way of house- hqld eurcsW In social duties and func> — hienVscrlonsly ux their ttrcngth, u weirlS^kursIng mothers, Dr. Pi(;roe's FavoHte PKJbripUon has proved a taost v&ludl>le sunning tonic and invigorilt- i ing nervine. By it*, timely use, much .| feriow sickniya Hnd gutfering may ? »yo!<ted. The operating table and the • aimeons' knife, wonld. jt _ Is tx-iievi-a: jm__^ teldoa have to be ctnplovcd if this most t V >luat>le wymt"'*" reT^edt re>^»rlpA * <o In good Ume. _ The'Favorite Prescrip- I tkm'pas proven a great boon to expectant I mothers by'preparing the system for the coming of ba^r. thereby rendering cbild- ' '• birth Bafe, easy, and almost painless. BeM" in mind, please that Dr. Pierce'a :- Favorite Prescription Is not a secret or ^.patent medicine, against wiiich the most J Intell^nt people are quite naturally i averse, Ijecauso of the nijcertainty as to their composition and harmless cb aracter, % bat i» a MEDICIXI: OF KJiowx couposi- < noa, a foil itst of all Its tngredients being .printed, in plain English, on every bottle^ wrapper. An ezamination of this list of i ^'ittgxMients will disclose the fact that it ia - ' ncnt-ateohollc In Its composition, chemic- lally pure, triple-refincd glycerine taking -^the place of the commonjy as«d aleohoL iin Its make-up. In this connection it ivavj not be out of place to state that the • j-Favorite Prescription" of Dr. Pierce fs fthe only medicine put np for the cure of ^omM's peculiar treakiesscs and alt- inenti, and. sold through drupgists, all Xhe ingredients of which have the un- .^uiimens endofscment of all the leading aaedical writers and teachers of all the teveral schools of practice, and that too remedies for the ailments for which f Favorite Prescription" is recommended. AlUtlebookof these endorsements will .jbe Mint to any address, post-paid, and jjkbaolntelr free If you request same by r 1^0^^ 9^ ^ ^ V. Pier«^ • 5 Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pdlets euro con- Ip^on. Constipation is the cause of ly diseases. Cure the cause and yon tba diseaaa. Easy to take AS cand/. tfUaini;^' Sun i W. W. .McKee, whose trial fur rc.-k- lers autoinobile driving oceupi(.Tl the attention of the city court the iiiajnr portion of yesterday afternoon, was fineil $10 and costs by .li!d'.;e .Niitio'i. McKee paid. The eas<' is thi; tirsi in this section to be tried under Ihe new :'.iito enactment and was a sort of test ease. The JudKe held that the evidenec introduced clearly showed that McKee did not exercise due precaution and care, but he made ht« tine as liclit as possible since it was the first offensi-. McKee was represented by A'.ty. S. A. Piper, who contested every step oif the trial. A civil action has been commenced in the city court to recover damages or the value of the horse. Action is brought by .\tty. Brown in the name of fJeo. McFadden. the owner of the animal. The amount involved is f60. Since J ^IcKee has alread.v been found Kuilty of reckless driving, it is likely that the plaintiff will have little difficulty in securing judgment ai;aiiist hiiu for the entire amount. I>t ;JK .ISI.\(; TWK BEFKIT. .\t\» ll-ral Year Shov.s Valliair WiY of .•,;C,!Kiii,tl«.Kt. .Second Baptist Chnn-h >oU^. The \V. H. & F. M. Circle of the Second Baptist Church met at the res- dence of Mrs. Fred Jackson, on West Jackson, Tuesday afternoon. The meeting was called to order by the President. Mrs. J. W. Gordon. The following named persons answered the roll call with Bible verses: Mrs. Cora Dennis. Mrs. Matilda Green. Mrs. O. I'lippins, Mrs. Ida Manley. Jfrs. Nannie Stovall, Mrs. Addle Williamson, Mrs. C. W. Hlckerson, .Mrs. Dan- fqrth. Mrs. Carpenter. Miss Aftnie Flip pins Mrs. Fred Jackson and .Mrs. J. W. Gordon. Mrs. L. Danfortli and Mrs. A. Williamson carried away the honors, as being the winners in the guessing contest. After the regular routine of business was dispensed with, an excellent two course luncheon was served. The meeting then adjourned to meet next Tuesday afternoon with the President, Mrs. J. \V. Gordon. For best and qnlfkest reiralts ssc the Sisglster Want Coltuns. \V -,«..>iiili^l-,ii. S<-:M. '1'^. —U t:if op»r.i- of llu. ii'veiaie iaws during tli" I. iiiiiiiiilfr of tin; ci '.rreni iis '.al year siall l ;»^fp pi'!-»- with tho resstiUs achieved durin.u ili,. lirst tlireo nionUis ;i the present year, it is not lik'-4y that the friend.'; of tarly changes in til''' n-vonue lav, s v.ill liin! much cn- i-.,inMu<-nii't!t t'lr their ib-iiiands. tit irast uix'ii till, score thai Ihc revenue.'-:,n; to" rapiul.i afrutntilatiUL- In the treasury. The In.-! quavt'^r of the 111 w fis'.al T .ar sbou:; a fa '.liiig off c uipaiLii With l.i .sl. jcif <if appiCkl- r .iatiiy Sii .iMi '.i.'i 'Mi, auil .(hat the chaiici-s for a furlh<'r' iiinii-ase in th*-. (I. licit are < la'nied to be verj' good, l .y tlio oflic-ials of \\w treasury who v.atcli the reeeipls and expenditures .\ year a^o. the lirst tliiee months cf the now fiscal year showed up with ,1 ilelicit of less than a half million dollars There w .ss a liecidcil improve i.eiif. howev.'r. tlui -ing Hie remainder Ol" tliat yetir. and thf. net result was a balancQ on the rtaht. side of tho ledger OKcresatins more than JSO.UOO.Ort. The jtrediction wa« reci-ntly ntadi" by the ciia' of tlie appropriations ctjnimittee of ihe. house of reprosenta lives. Mr. Tawney of Minnesota, that t.'iere would l)j a considerable fall ii-g off in tho net surplus during tho coming year: Thus far the results arr> fully wurrantii:.!; the prediction made by the chairman. There has b(:or. an increase in receipts from all sources, compared with last year, ag- jroeatiniT about $-.000.«"iOi.» on each of the i)r:ncipla sources of revenues. On the other hand, -however, ths expenditures are $9,000,000 greater than t?iose of a year ago. The expenditures on account of public works aroi making the greatest inroads into the treasury cash, the ai>- propriations b.v the last congress already taking from the treasury fully Distilled Water One hundred pounds of Crya- tal Ice win make 12 gallons of dtsUlIed water aultabl* for family use. Try It blalce&CeldStorapCi PRANK RIDDLB. Mgr. i.j,i;ii.oiiii more luon^y than was taken out oil that aceouul iliuii:-; the firsi rjiiari'i- in ihi- VIMP a yi a.- ago Till' «iir .1:1 ,1 ii;u.. .-r-L.iMl. iiiiifiil.-, ar^- Li;:ili lii.ulii r in lii<- auiouirs of llieir cspiu.Iitui-'.'s thi:- .^<iii-. TiiC Gold coin tiiitl bur .iou and ;;old certificates in tlie ^eiK -'i-al fi:ji(i of the treastiry now amounts to about Sio'J.O^iO.OMO. \ lai-se part of the tie- liosits'of cash v.-;th the national banks ai this time is in I'.i' in-'.v gold c. rti (icy t C.VBltV IMKXTY-i [VK KLKl'H.VNT.S ForcjiauKJi-Sells 1 ircns litis .lI«MiN(er Animals. Tlie mammoth probo-cidian monster:', rsaid to lie the tvo irosr cosliy elephants in the world, v.ill be with the Forepauiih-Sells luetia.a ^-iie, iie:;l .Monday. They are of ilie ftlaiit nia.s- todon species htipo tutiked with CIKM-- inoiis umbrella ctiis, rivalling in im- iiieusltj- of weight and in aiipi'araiice the curious pictured mammoth of past ages. One of llie iiiliTCsliiig sijihis liiei- deiit to the iDilnadlii;; of a i-irciis train Is the iicriorniance of the luo niammolhs lii Keltlii »oiit of llieir litigc car. Tlie iiiher elephants In ihi.s remark- aide herd (jf L'.'> rare specimens of Asiatic and African oriKin in vawiiing their ttavellig coinpaiinieiit.^i. walk down a heavy gang -plank that inclines from lite car door to the ground. The car doors are leii feet high, which of course, mukcs the big elephtints sloop to get through, as they step out upon the descending plunk. The twu mammoths are so tali and so wide, however, that the} cannot get out of the car door until the gang-plank i.s taken awa.v. They, therefore, calmly wait until all of their travelling mates have 'walked the plank" and are grouped together awaiting the coming 01 their leader.-.. Then it is that the i«o monsters ^et in iiiotio-j. and prove that they know a thing or two about the solution of mathematical problem.s. They drop to their knees, and wriggling tiicir great bodies forward, slov.-- ly manage to get thei"- front fcti out and upon tlie ground. The floor of the cat- is about Ave feel aliove the tie.s of tiie roadway, but this does not keep them from reaching the solid foundation of the earth without mishap or trying delay. Once their fore fett arc on the ground they draw their bodies forwaid. allowing ihelr hind legs to drag along tho car floor. In this way they ate soon able to get one hind fool out and then, the rest is eas.v. They i-.ct as If they took more or less pridt- in this feat, and us soon as it is achieved, they begin to trumpet and .wave their trunks with an energy that bespeaks deep seated satisfaction. Tl e waiting group of elephants greet t lis signal of their leaders with an effective display of their own and beginj to amble In a circle with tlie hurriedj gait that makes their ring performance both aBtonishioS and pleasing. I IH.SCI .SS M.MJAY>ii;.\T.s. Killer Tliump.son \S ill I)i.«icii<s Subject at Ihe <>rii)id. i;;di-i- I'iiailes Th(iuip:;oii i.-- tn give an ;Midie:-;s in the Grand 'I'iieatie ne.M .Sunday nlKht on "Sunday Auu(,se- iiieiits" to which the iiublic is invited. KIder 'I'homiison's friends are now advertising the meeting. Tin; siieaker promises to give some new light on the tiuestion. .Vow that the (iiiestiou 01 Sunday amusement is a totiic of no litlit" importance in th<' f iiy ir is viM -y likely that a KI-HH I ho'isc will be ia utictidaiice. .*.-».'iO Benard. ;^u -!>i (l I Mill tny plac- (.IM- !;ir?- mulrv row. v.lilte siinf on side and ioiii^- bill' ou uiid'-r sid" "f body. S. A. WllIPrLli;. Ga.^ (.•iiy, Ka.. ( o»,i .E( ri.Mi ri( iriti>. Mis.s Tlii>iiii !M >ii Has a .\eal l)i>jilaj of Courl House*. .Mi.-,s lliauclie Thompson, di'p'ily n-i: i.vtei- of deed.", is ctdlceliiiK lio:iia! ojii -d picture-; of llw eiuint\ euiiri liou.-^es over the slate, .Miss Thouui- soii has sent out iilcliii'!';; of the .Vlleii CoiiiilV eoiiri house Iu ditf'Meul. ctiiiu- ;y olUii'i-.^ in )\)ui.'.:,is .-i:idj|iii to dale has received tweutj-ei^hti in return. She expects to get a picture o( every court hou^-e in the state Slio has neatly !n-iau.;;ed the ^^ein- -. nci -ived thus tar in the regL^tei- of deeds ot- llce and they make a nice display. Special for Wednes' day andThursd&y Giir bu;>|-i !i,-i.'-- l .reit to K.iii,-;ai; ('i;y and We no.v ii .iMj .inst ri-ei -ivfU ;i siiiii'iiciil of all kinds of Km it. Vegetables ;'.iid such as c;;!! be had in the market at Kaiisa.s Ciiy. For today anil Saturday we will have liie fullowiu^; Bellfower .Apjik-.s. New York Pipiieu .Vpples. Tokay Grapes, l.'.luc Damson Pluws. Gre«'n (Ja ^-'e PliiniH. I!au;i'i:is. Oraiun-;. Koeli> Ffild (.'aulalniic^. Jersey Sweet. I'uUitueri. I-'resh Totn .iioe.--. i:?i;iihuK. Parsnips. '!-i>-';n and Wa.v I!'.111:;. K:idisl">s;. Bert . I 'ir- I'lauf. Via;(t;ible Soup IJUUVIIV:'. Blue (i,:ai:er. Kespeeltliily, A. G. MUMIVI/^. K.C.PlBrobin|&%plyCo 20 K. Jackson Phone G^. GENERAL MEPAIR SHOP LawnMowmrm Snarpanrd Sept. 21 to 2S St. Joseph, Mo., return limit Sept. :>0 ..SO.JO Sept. -'1 to Oct. J Kansas City, Mo., • return limit Oct. 7 $4.10 Svpt, 21 and 2r. Chanute Kas., return limit Sept. 2G Tuc, S'M''- -i; and 27 C'herryvale, l\aK.. r'- , tur;i limit. Sept. 2J> . 1 • Sept. 2S I') Oct. I. Wichita, I -Ias.. return limit Get. fl .OO t)rt. :.!•> f>. Topekaj Ka;=., rirturn limit Oct. 12 ., fZ .'J .j • iOet. 12 to i;». .Ka :i ,-as City. Mo, re- I turn limit Oct. 21 .' $4.10 One V. a.v second class colonist lUitcsi I to {'aliiornia and the .Northweslj on Is.nle Sepieniijci- 1 to October ."l.j m- I elusive. Please see its (or rates, klop lover privilcscs and so fortli. r ! W. E. Ralston, .Vgeot For best and Quickost Bcsulis (ho Begi-stcr Haut t'olunis. 1 1)1- Sabi Ciieap, ibiod I'ai-ni and City Properly. See the THE .IAYH:UVKI:B LAND CO. for ijuick rcfiiilts. o 'ld Court lloiise, lobi, Kiius. Dioioioioioioioioioia©i(» FALL miLLINERY OPENING - Friday, Sept, 27th. Grand Display cf Fall IVSillinery The elaborate display of Pattern Hats, Frencli and Americ-au designs, ever shown in lola. ^j^/ The greatest cire has bt-en used in o»)r selections I 1 {i lyj^ ^^is season and we have every confidence that you will be pleased. We invite you to attend. ^ Miss Carrie PrUfoilt South Side Si/uare,

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