Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 7, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 7, 1908
Page 2
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tta lOjLA PAUT BI:6I!?TEB, WFOMTST»AT rrtTT^n. orTonrTi ?. laog. iMtiUM r.iii) <>u rnieuEFusiTS hstabiished 1869^. Itftcii Istk ti ilka Ci. L. BBDMBIVGH. CuUe^ MEliTOI FBOBK. iM't CftUhK Assets 91,200,000 j . Children'* Party. ' Mrs. T. F. Zcilglcr jtavc a cliilUrcuK ' party yi»Kturda\| aflevnSuou lii colobra- tlpn pf the thir! birthday of hi-r son. 'Ijs'Urtn. Tho siuiatl RIIOSIS jilayod gain^ ana woiic served with Iws. cakos and confections. .Vmong thosi- pijeMiit' wero Vera PortiM-. Vorntm Powell.- Thelma Hlldebrandt. Wllliu Peterson. Kucyjnnd EHon I 'foU. Harold Holmes and,Dorothy Brand of Nebraska. + • * Return to Ottawa. . Mr. and Mrs? Boinont of Ottawa, •: who vpro guests of iMr. aud Mrs. G. i W. Adams for several days, have re- i turned homo, i . I + * • ' Mrs. Garfield to Return. Mrs. W. H. GarHeld will return to. day from a snuuner at resorts in Wis- J ' consip and Michigan. <' <' ; Ladles'! Music Club. There was a called meetinR of the Ladles' Music club yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. AV. T. Watson. The election of officers was one of the important features of fho day and these ladi^ were chosen for executive positions: Mrs. C. I>. Evans, president. "Mrs. W. T. Watson, Vice president. Mrs. b. T. LaGrange. secretary. Mrs: i. W. Bolton treasurer. ' This committee was chosen to vote upon inames subinltted for member- sirtp Miss Grace Xolson Mrs. C. M. Cole and Miss Olive Hankins. The programs are now ready to lie printed and it is expected that the year books will be completed and ready • for distribution at the first i meeting of the club on Oetolur i::. The club Is beglnninK the seitsnn -With a melnberghlp of enorgetir HIHI i cultured nijuBlcJaiiH. several of tlu -in lyouhg. women who have recently einn- pieted thorough college courses In t«!cltnl<iue i^nd other e.'isentlnln of flu- art and thej programR Jndlente! Ihat an exoepttnnnl)y IntoreHtIng winter will result. The active iiieiubern are; .MrKdiinii'N . W. E.Kerr. C. I,. Kvans. \V. T. NVHIMIM. ; C. M. Cole. W. P. llewi-y. I>. H. Wuiigli. : Ross' Claiborne. .[. \V. Bolton. O. T. lAGrauge. L. W. Maybcrry. A. V. Ln. masters. K. H. Martin. E«l. Danforlb of LaHarpe. Misses Oliye Hankins. Pattl Metcalfe. Clara CRinple, .lose- phine Riddle. Barbara Pry. Gracfj Nel son. Florence Hobart. The associate members are: Miss Rosalia Charles. Mrs. G. H. Miller. tMrs. C. B. Crick. Mrs. S. S. Hilscher. Mrs. A. .Tones. Miss Alice Hendricks. Miss Alberta Mnnson. Mrs. Fred Xelson. Miss Bessie Beck. Mrs. E. R. Miller and Mrs. W. S. Goodin. • , , • * * • Dalaty SvrM-Ls for AftirntKiu 'Ten. Add ^ piece of rock candy to afternoon tea in place of sugar. Served with Nabisco Sugar Wafers, this will Indeed be a revelation. A sample tin ; will Jjrove how admirably these Waf- i era coincide with the daintiness their i names suggests. They are rich, crisp, r appetizing, specially refined and delicately flavored. When these Nabisco Sugar: Wafers are served watch the faces around the table brighten. • + + Mrs. DeBruner Coming. MfB. C. H. DeBruner of Independence 1» to be he^-e today to visit Mrs C. J. Doxsco'anp other friends. Mrs. DeBnmeV Is cnroute to HprlngfleW. tjome time with her GRADUATE OPTICIAN EYES TESTED FREE Glasses Fitlted $t and up Satisfaction Oiiamntecd Ho. PBC, 9au(ft .Te and M. K. & T. ' >t«tc;» Inspectors. litf.. to parents. spend • • • Aid Society Meeting. ThOj Aid society of the First Metho dlsC .chureh held [an executive session] yMtardar afterijoon. The members d6eM«|l to serre dinner and supiier un the dajr t^qiriac Thanksgiving to delegates] anfl isther^ vbo will attend Uu> Kalasas 'Teachers Asso- I r ciatioji. It is expected that seven Innnlri'd visitors will be in the city at tliat time and! the socli.-ty will proh- ulily • be most successful. The place wliicili will be Uv ^ed has not yet been chosen. 4- + • May Serve Tea. The Aid .society of tlm E rhureh is iliscussinc ideas relative to a social afternoon next week. The ho.stcss has not yet been anuoniiird. ••- A Home From Newton. Miss .\eva Fnnk Is expected to return from Newton tomorrow. Shr. was aujong the assistlnc fri <Mul:< at tho iPHrriHge of . .Mi.>.s \da Williams and' Mr. .Montgoninpy. .;. ,;. .;. ' : Series of Parties. : T"-'^ social ridnmit .K'- <.f lli<- K. H Vouii;: I'eoplf 's society i.-; plannint; a number of |il<-!is;inl iiartii-.; to In- given al iiitf-rvals dn liii; ihc winl< r. The lirsl of tbe.^ie evrr.v-i will l.i.-a lit tie folk party tomorrow iiiglit at the boiee of Mr. and .Mrs. Chas. K. May and later in the month there will be a niasqiier.idr. The object is to promote friendship aninng members dt the socli.'ty and establish an informal- ily vvbieh will niaki- tin- woik mon- sncoi-ssfiil. V V. p. C. U. Meetin". Til'- «e<-),ly ni'^'tin: of llii- Y I'. •'. r iieeiirred al lli<- <l|i||i-|i last ••vi-ninf;. Mr. Kraiili Waitt- liml eliartie •,if till- priiKnini and llievi- wore scv- i-ral readings and talks hiten-.slIncly given. Th<' speelul nitisle for the e\enUig was a dni-tt sung by .Miss I.ettle AdniUH nnd Miss hillle AdainH. The Htlcndnncewas quite larte and there Is an Increasing Interest in tiiu fentun-s of the meetings. .^ •:. 4. Invited to Hear Program. TJi'- t'liristiiui Kiub-avor soe-unv <»f I he Christian rhureh has cjcl'-tnli-d an invitation to the young poopb- of the thilled Brethren fhnrch for thi- Snn- la.-i' ••M -niiiK suliseiincnt In th<- i-onf'-r- • -lire of the latter ehiin-:-.. TI,,. usual work of the hostess socieiy will he carrlf-d on . Celebrate Anniversary. Till- local chapter of Eastern Siai.s will have an informal reception on the. evening of Friday. October li> to celebrate the anniversary of their organization. The evening will be spent in tliifir l:all ^ilh members of the .Ma»on;ic lodge and their families as guests- ,\ special program will be given. • •:• •:• Mrr. Horton to Visit. .Mrs. K. .1. Horton has gone lii Ti O.. lor a visit with frieiid.-i. SI will also itpend some time in Chicago. ' •:• •:• • Guest < Leave. .Miss Cora |1ext <-r of Yal<-s OiiK-r and .Mr. Frank I)e.\t<-r nf Colorado Spriu;-s. Colo., have relii'ii<-d hmne aflei^ a visii wiih tlieir cousin. .Mrs H. W. Steyi-r. ' •:• <- •> Home From Trip. .Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Ivaiifuian. "Ii; Soutlt Buckeye street have n-liinu-d from an e.\tended visit in Illinois an-I 'otheri ea-stern and Jiorthern siati-s. They have, as their Kiiest now; .Miss Ora Kaufman, of Wooster. O. • • S- • Board Meeting. Tlieji board of directors of tlK> (ir phansiHoiue l\eUlthe usUul tmiiut -ss meeting in the eoi:irI house yeblij-rday. The ii'iual bills were allowed an I oilier butlncss transacted. .\ vou- ot thank.^ was extendi'd to th«- C In^or club fbr u contribution of $l }i r«'ccni ly senjt to the home. The children have startc<l an a"-count at the Stale Savings hank autl are b(.lng Encouraged by the niatniii and ojher Interested persons lo Imakf Ihi- stiin larger at every opportunity. .Miss Reap, the matron. Is arranglnp a small picnic for Saturday in celcbra tion of the liirihday of several of tht- Inraates of the home. • * • W. C. T. U. Meeting. Thr usual W. C. T. V.. ineeljni; f.i: the wei'k is to occur on Friday iifi>-i noon al tl".e headquarters. Th'- < principal featui-e of the occasion will h< w'ork preliminary to the organi/.atioii of a loyal •temperaiic<- legion, u d<- partment of work which Miss Wint ringer'who is lecturing here is interested In. |; A .•- ' Home From Pittsburg. .Mrs. W. IJ. Cr.ingie has r<-tnin»d frpm a' visit with friends in rittobiirp: • i • <' •:• i ' I To Kansas City. 1 Ml>. il .l. C. left last niyli^ for l -Cansa-s^ (.'ily toisin-nd si-veral davs. Vi?lt Mrs. Mitchfill. .Mrs. S. S. iistey of Topeka. who I. to ai>v< ar on (In- program at thr- Fir;;l I'lesbj erian eUur'i-li touiKht. is n euest of Mr. and Mrs. A. N". Mitrhell Mrs. Efatey: is the ;wil.- 4if KPV. TCstey. '1. ii Colored r;> 1 A - •• Ha.<'>-!. ••••il.. •' w,-.; ;>. •.'. ii>-'<l '• • i. ••rll•k^oll. I :. !.', oil r , • (1 111 : \ '. arriv. .1 ai i Ii-- : i i -r wa .-i lo;.! to • : ily it,!-. lis ,1 ;r. '- ly wi-iit iiii-« : •> iiowev-T. Mi »vi-.ii in:; 1 r : III:M I \ I pastor of' the First I'lrsbyierian church ikt Topeka. s. .SOLVE Blli IMMHJI,K.>I. Countyl Sim l{uiM>s \Valiinl> 1 It-* ."Squirrels. lo Feed I Om- lot the V<'ry rr rious, (-mii ^•lu^ ••vhi.'h every tall confronts the fi<i .ird of e(iin(nis »ioii«H 's. that of providiiiu I'ooii lor tin- i -oiirl lioM-i- si|iilri el- has liciin s -olVL-il lor I his >.';ir. | Tli- i-ouni> llia.-^ a nuniln-i of .-iiiiiiri-ij. it reqiiji-f.' :i Idg siippiy oi uui- <> Iced IIM;III during lln- \Mii!<-i h-Mii. Illnch il Is iiol i-asv III i;i.i IIMI-.. Ing Miiiii- ui.rr.* Jo tin- .ijuilini, .i-i -l the boird. i eYsi<ir«iuy llic roiiiiiii.---.loui i-- v. ni nut al. pie cotinix I'ariii on ilii-u lar lour of liispceiion. Out ii^ iln- yard illey Imind a pile oi walnni-i. ml Ij iwi-ijily biisheis. ""Tlie s^iinin ti,- an savi-d! i-hoitU-il Toiii .\iidi-rMiii I .Mr Klein ilpid .Mr. Id-ynolds i;ri-w ciiuall' ••Xiiltaijl over the find. .Mr. llcirv. the subevltileiideiu of llii- fani). in Riead oj atlowInK Ha- nuts to IK- |ak<-ii l>y any (lie who aski -d for them ijr allowing Iheni lo lay (in tin- Ki<iiitid| during ihi winter. Iiad i;alli.-r <-d ihnm in u pile. This morning the eoniiniv- .•iionei-i. insiriicii 'd ilie janiior not in liiiy aiiv mil.- <-.\<<-pt a f«-w rlioii.-"- ileties jfor the sc|iiini-ls 'l"hniiU-si\ in;; unc i Chrisiinas dlniii-i.s. I The jjoard was niiirli pli -a.-id; » iili tiie coidition of ihiii ;;s at tin- 'poor farm.' (The oreliard yieldi -d wi-l( llu.- year aiiij a ^ood snpiily of v»-«e'>lt--- was raffsiid liy -^Ir. I'erey. GRAWiNGTO TRY DOUGHERTY ' i-Vl H iOLA BOY MUST ANS- '.Vf.l; iiJ COURBON CO. COURT. V.'ilh Grand U.irceny.—Par I i-iH to no Avail.—Boy r.Vit Sincere. • youth who foi- • -1 ill ilM-. ein. will In- tried 1,11 of (-iiiiri in BonrlMin : . • 11!.-)!-.:-- of hurslary and ;.! • ;,v Ml- wa.s arreste-l here iiioil!- :\\ii< .111 tbi- charge of .•.i- i> in>;i> 'I'lifv U»"gister mall '-D-- oftii-i- liv Inspector I Iln .-ii in federal court. Ill- i-Ii.:i-:i- in- was arrest- i;i- trial will come np .-:i-o:i it- piililican of this '\ \r..:ii--> .loiiu faldwell •V I •--•iv .-l a I<-tier from Mr. liou -.;!ii-rTv. Ihi- parents of ' K-!i:::i- :'.. 'he ^oiing man to :i- lUU ii -rai of the district .-: ;> t '..irrt- oi" Imrglary and •-;-.!•!. ;--i.iiiK that-their son . !• .>.-. as possible, as bf; ... • i .c- would rfiurn • -h hiii!--iir whfli he is !i -..f-ji -iii trouble- They an. r this r.-i .-iC has.been a :-.n.l tl-a' he will r<- •' :-• t\l 'lo t^^• lit»nitejl- I ir of ii -ars. In this > . . iiiis'.il - !!. Th" boy is ' .- -"-na!. aud wh<Te 1i<- • V - I to his part-nts tell. ' : I'f iM'.-irt. ami of Iiow • '•.••I .\ lien r-leased. he li.. - i: ui his friends with M ;, -'iiiatt-.!. ti-llinc them i„. ronvi<-fcd on thi' !•• . i: il li lie will soon be I 'l c-i'i:- Ifjti-r he .-stated ' i -ill a lariiival company • •' <!!•.•• as soon as he. was !"• i >n\ 'as wealthy- rela : • •' .• i-' :!ii-y j:ot him out of r riiii'-s l "-f (iro. he sup- V -...I 'M do ir aRaiii. He IP iiiipmli-nf boys <»ver •ji 1.. I' Into. :(iti| he will lie • ill"! f -Ja--;;'- at;ainst lilm I mourn WANTED—Four glrls lu tibld pa;i «'rs.' Apply ai-s.-f Collegt-. toni;;ht after si r.n.<i- WA.NTED—.Men for quarrV rtarij house, .\pply at wi.irks. Iota'I'urtiand fenu-nt Co. and 'ilie \VANTKI>—Exp«-i ienccd help '^c:t .MiKinery store. U'A.N'TED— -Middle ag <>d «oi lan i<:> i.ssi:it with CHikini:. ;'.'il .\orth \ralnniL \VA.NTEf»—Hoarders and n at uOl North Wolniii. .Modern h \VA.VTEI>—Men to learn barljcr trade, few wt'cks reijuired. be- 1 pay- 1115 work within the rearb of |)<iof maiii can have shop with small -aiiital. wages from $1. to ?i"o weekly, won- derfu! demand for lurlx-rs ca aloauo :iiailj.'d fre<'. .Molcr Ikuber (rolle;;ei K.inias Cit?. .Mo l>os- mmers )U.-^C. \VA.VTED-.Men at tlie>a:i I'on- !and ('ement IMaiif. niglit siliifl Syp"y at Coiiereto 1^ roMi;iiT i i - I t Hverybody Skates Gil a riot Race (; I'r.-.ple i; i i.'Hi VV .MMIT blaster Stuart tn'.-.t'• lliiini- rrodnri. Auditorium 5ak>l:io'i'. ; '•Odd.s s! (.: • • pcrieiu c Address A;, Rcj'i.slcr. Uhile Fnlarr." jdi I 1 h ;iiiii;i- Ni, :i, r ill.- il...-,- i;. '•a< . r •-' - .;• ;-• -I '.• .\ i.iiU-- .S. I • . • ii;....-<• 111.-' •i-., lai • |i. (•:. :t.-i ; <,•.:•< •11:. .•1 llr -l.-.-i ...lU . ... Ir. l.o.-rif,/ |«i i.rfPBOVINC. •. ilrc'ilcrt at Kre .M Bui'd- i .-r. Today. i ••• ; •• . -it IC;iii.-.;i? fit;-, -who ; ;. • i.'oi.ii arm and a badly ' • . - :i -.--iiili of a fall from • M-:- in ill'- ifw Kress r !i i>. ;ift--riioon. was at • •• i- iiioriiinj;. but not in : ill it norlcinaii. .N"<-w i-ii 'u.. V..,.- lilt up ths morning IS liiin!" |iiis!ii'd as r»l>- . • i • - Th.. l.ulldinK will ;.. .-i.!ii;-!.-i.-.l within the 1.. ... • i-.l 1 I- .:|.!;.'. . iij.;'iii-..; 111>\M > - • lorn: .ii. HEARD THE CHALK TALK. • •(. v'l Listened lo Miss Winl- ringer. •-rowil atti^nded tbr- n .it the V. M. C. A .Mis- Winirlnger. H<-i • •on artist was above T >.- t ;.-.-nl <^r part of fhn '•t-r drawinCK wre the u :ir <-tt<- habit. I.-. op Ii, • II. .1 I 'lll Tel... I i..i; ' l .u I al: .st:i:ii !i . p.v;i i-i l-V;!,. Oil .1! • inj: li .i' in.'iii> I" >a>i .•.•:.-•• Wl !J ii-^ •• he \»<l| V. MHr-l. .• i!-.;li .-•^ . ludf-p. .'.!• !i' • crowd >iiuiiiil toalli, ii!3!i 1 n nlni: of bii- > Cio . Barker After Dogs. • •• i;- -lur Ra~l-er. of I.^twrenrc . .:- ' |i-.i ('Ianiation which ap- .loiirnal last evening. ' ..i -ii-ion siales that all dogs .'.-•>tiou must be ki-pl -1' trwA'- in T .«HWrene--. .\1I u -to -iiid. running;. around li- .| tiu.!.r authority of the r .i.- [.>.i<'i,<inatinn is caused • • : !.-it w hieh happen'-d to a- •..•h .-y hf was liitton on 3 il.rj- affllc-ted with lab- UANTED—lola property to ex- <;han^e for Kausn.-^ and .Missouri land, liiilden West l..;iiid Co. Office over Iowa Store, /tda. Kas. W.\NTEH—A lirst rias.- >alei;inan to .•;ell o!ir tea.-*, roffefs ainl specialties direct to the consumer in and around lola. A g 'K >il jiaying busine-'^s to rigiu partie.*-. Write or call on the (irand r^nion Tea Co.. Tul Kansas Avenue, Topeka, Kas. SAL.KSMBN & AGENTS—* S i $r.0.00 p>;r week and over can lie made jseliir.g N.jw Campaign Novelties froi|i now until election. Sells to Stores.! County Fairs, Picnics and Private Families. Complete line of 8 .imples. cliarges prc-- paid for O'Jc. Order today. CHICAGO .VOVELTV CO., 61) Wabash Ave., Chicago. FOR SALE.mi9omiiammou» FOR .SAl.F -Giiod bird do;?. Inquire PH .Vorth Onk. Fi »ft rRA(>I-;--y 'inir bUfs-i- for fr.-sb tnl'eli row Hhou'- r >S'. "-l Business Dlfectorf. DB. MILDRED CURTIS • Payslcian and Snrgeon. *. Office over Btt.-rell's Drug Store • OfHce Phone 554. • Residence 214 & Jackson • Phone 569. • • • • DRS. SEIB k REID, • Physicians and Surgeons. * X-Ilay and Electrical Appliances. * Eye. Ear. Nose and Throat, • OfBco Phone 357; Ree. 396. • .^U. McMILLEK, Special attention given to the * treatment of all Chronic Diseaa- * es and Diseases of Children. * I Telephones: Office 32. Res. 232. • Office over Burrell's Drug Storo • West Madison. Phone 687. Res. 701. • DR. O. L. COX, • Eye. tlar. Nose and Throat. • Spectacles Properly Fitted. • Office A. O. V. W. Bldg. • • • • • • • • Offlca Tel. 10S3. Night Tel. 40S • • • DR. R. 0. CHRISTIAir • Physician and Singeoa * Rooms 7 and 8. Evans Bldg. * • • • • • a F. n. MARTOr, • * Snrgery and Diseases of * • Women. • * Office and Resldeo'je Piione 576 * • Office 7 North Jefferson. • JEWELRS. B. F. Pancoast, old reliable Jeweler, 110 East Street I'OR KENT—K'jom S'. i^' a'ir. f ^il! KK.NT—Five rr- n; modern cot- laiif al s::.">..North Jefferson. Inquire .SII .Vorth .leffersou. I-XlIJ Uli.N'T—Kivi- room house, quire U".; Wert '.street. In- FOK itE.\T—s;.x room house with or wjthoui liarii. Close in. Phone -ly. Lodge Ditcctofy KVIGHTS OF PITHUS^Neoshe Uidgo No. 43 meets ^ery Monday night at K. of P. Hall. Visiting bro- theirs Invited. W. S. Thoiiipson, B. C. Chris Rjtter. K. of R. and S. FOR MXOHAROE rtiK IH\l>F KqiiH' ill two if-iiii hf >u.,i- f"i 'e...iii \ddri- <• .> l;.i-.--!i. i; U. :'. I- .\l:-o t(ii<o i...>t'i hou — for rriil. 'Il) l.»)AN—l."i.'»i''» private money on farm land ti per crnl. -lo'a I.and Co. LOST aiHf FPWm oooooooooooooodoo o o O: H. r. \tEAII. o O \>>chlta. Kancas, O O WtSTEB-V LXJ»D» * HAXUIS O O For Sale or Trade. O O $3.00 an Acre. Up. O O O ooooooooooooooooo KMGHTS OF MACCAREES.^ Knights ot Maccabees of the World meets in K. P. Hall, second and fourth Saturday nights ot each month. J. W. Postwait, commander; R. B. Porter, record keeper. W\ 0. >r.— Camp No. 101 meets in K. cf P. Hail every Friday night W. T. Steele. C. C, A. II. Davis. Clerk Visitors cordially Invited. M. >V. A.-The M. W. A. Lodge meets every Friday night In M. W. A. Hall. Visiting brothers Invited. P. G Coffieirt. V. C. W. A. Cowan. Clerh. ROYAL XEH.'URORS^Iola Camp No. 36C>. Royal-Neighbors, meets second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Mrs. K A. Wagner, oraclei. Mrs. Mary Huilon. 413 West Street. Recorder. FRATERNAL BROTHERHOOD.— Fraternal - Brotherhood No. |380 meets second and fourth Thursday of each month In A. O. U. W, Hall. VIslUng members cordially invited. W. H. Anderson, preiddent; (lOlda Elam. secretary. ' ; OUR TELEPHONE is rojisianliy ringing these days. Sep- teinli|-r. >oii know, is the time to havcj the s'liinmer d;::;t cleaned out of car- ppl^•. We am bus..-, lint your 'irdt-r, vrill reei'I'.e prompt and careful atlontii>n. Pbone us today. iOU RUG FACTORY Pfeeae Ut. 1.1. 1 I: It I tH'O Torch (•••rrler«. •> ' ;>ii*u.-»nid i:<H >d husky . '•- ; > .-irrv lorcher and fire •lll .l'.•^ lu the great jMrrlotJe iiP-.. -r p-imdr at tola "Icht of i;::li, i.eiiii: next Tnesdav y.'a'at Call or write Republican Head auaitt-rs, lola, tor fiill particulars. 11 R. Oil fill AJD Renerai Contractor. Flagstohe and Cement Sidewalks an4 Cqrhlng a Specialty. Oaice 115 Last Jackson AtA. Pbone tM. Wanted at Humboldt. Marl;'" Wilcott. better known as "Hot Tainala Jack" was arresti-d by Chief of I'olice Wliitehead this iiiorn- injT npoii a r.-qii'-st Iroiu the Hiiinln'ldt anlhnritti-s. It is claimed' thai h«" got mixed up in vorne' kind of money transaction at llumitoldt about two wceki ago. and the officers there have beea looking for him ever since. Chi<-f of Police Whiteheal called City Marshal M. J. Bensoo at Hunil>oldt immediately after making the arrest hut he is !out of town and will not be back until this evening.—Channte Tribune. LOW COLONIST RATES TO CALIFORNIA OLD MEXICO THE NORTHWEST AND BRITISH COLUMBIA VIA Sept. Itt to Oct. 31st Aitk for FnU laferaiatlori. C.P.Hale.Agt.

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