The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on October 31, 1964 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 31, 1964
Page 3
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Saturday, Oct. - 3 r, .1964 , THEllPTON DAILY TRIBUNE I' PAfcE3 WEDNESDAY Tie Wbman1f.2^wiation:' of First PresbyteThiSsSnreh 'will meet on Wednesday November 4 for a luncbej^'it.lip.nv^ at feminine 'OH By JANICE McCORD Phone OS 5-2H5 Between 7:30 AJW. - "4 P.M. Dixie McNew ElectedPresident Beech Grove Club Dixie McNew was elected president of Beech Grove 4-H club when they met Wednesday evening at the 4 : H and Community building. Dixie called the meeting to order in the absence' of the president. Song leader Cathy Crouch led the group in singing. Minutes of the previous meeting and roll call were read by Julie Ripberger. The 4-H pledge and pledge to the. American flag were led by Shiela Off and Ingrid Ray respectively. " OCUcers elected to serve with Dixie were vice president, Julie Ripberger; secretary, I n g r id Ray; treasurer, Genny Baxter; news correspondent, Tammy HcCord; health and safety leader. Shiela Off and Marcia Shadday; devotions, Rosemary McNew; song leader,-• Becky Baxter, and recreation, Milissa Salsbery. Adult leaders Mrs. Richard Rogers and Mrs. Harold McClellan presented 4-H aw a r d money to completing members. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Rogers and Mrs. Bernard Ripberger. , Guests present at the meeting were Mesdames Jack Stout, Jerry Salsbery, M a x Crouch, Frank Baxter, Earl McNew, Bernard Ripberger, Wayne Ray, Misses Debbie Stout, Milissa Salsbery, Becky Baxter- a'nd Adriana Lynn Rogers. •Members attending the meeting were Genny Baxter, Dixie McNew, Julie Ripberger, Tammy McCord, Rosemary McNew, Marilyn Heathcoate, Ingrid Ray, Marcia Shadday, Cathy Crouch and Shiela Off. Pa VOTE Ha Junior High MYF Elects Officers Officers were elected when members of Junior High Methodist Youth Fellowship of Kemp , Methodist church met at the •church recently. | Elected for the coming year were president, Carol Stoops; | vice president, Dan Riffe; secretary and news correspondent, Lynn Ann Walker;' treasurer, Jenny Nash; fellowship, Benny Haskett; chairman of faith, Alan Tunmer; witness, Jack Vandeventer; missions, Allan •Maines, and citizenship, D e - waine Cherry. A hayride and wiener roast was enjoyed on October 25 at the home of the newly elected president Carol Stoops. Jenny Nash was in charge of devotions. The next meeting will be on Sunday November 1, at the church at 5 p, m. fia VOTE ft3 MONDAY MEETING Mrs. Ray Wiggins, 227 North West street will entertain members of Know How Home Demonstration club on Monday at 7:30 p.m., with Mrs. Ed' Meloche as co-hostess. Installation of ofiicers will be conducted and the lesson will be given by Mrs. Charles McQuinn and Mrs. Walter Burkhart. Devotions will be by Mrs. David McGaw. r. i VOTE rv, ILLNESS REPORTED Word has been received of t the critical illness of A. J: | Weaver, San Cutorri, Tex. who is in the veterans hospital at JKerrville, Tex. He is the son of j the late George Weaver and I was born and reared in Windfall and vicinity. He is a brother of Mrs. Lillie Wilburn, of the Hazel Dell community and Earl Weaver of near Elwood. Pa VOTE I5a ; Complete Automatic SOFT WATER RENTALS Water Softener Salt $1.50 Per 100 lbs. McPHERSONS 126 . Main OS 5-4483 Students cheat? Why not? High government officials do — and get away with it —and make millions. America needs a man of . character in the White House, a moral leader —a man we know we can trust. We need a new beginning — on November 3rd. Vote Goldwater-Miller. ,; " ' Mrs Holliday Entertains for Atlanta WSCS Mrs. Arnold Redmon The Atlanta Methodist Woman's Society of Christian Service met on Tuesday evening in the home of Mrs. Eugnee Holliday with one guest, Mrs. Liela Smith, of Noblesville present. Several members came masked and everyone enjoyed guessing their idenity. Prizes were won by Mesdames Robert Cook, Frank Coss, Arnold Redmon and Larry Knapp. Mrs. Redmon, president called the meeting to order with a quotation, "Its what we learn, when we know it all, that counts." Mrs. Otto Hughes presented the prayer calendar. Reports were read and approved. Mrs. Holliday read an aritcle on "The Federation of W o men." She reported the study class on "Gensis" being held at the church on Tuesday evenings and urged all that could to attend. Mrs. Hughes, spiritiaul life secretary, reported on the day apart meeting to be held on Thursday morning at the church, also the Kokomo District day apart meeting to be held at Kokomo on Thursday. The society will serve the election meals for election day and committees were named. The president announced the annual bazaar to be held on November 20 and 21 at the office of Dr. Otto Hughes. Committees named were food sale, Mesdames Otto Hughes, Carl Jennings; aprons, Alma Huffman, Vera Mohler; fancy work, Frank Coss, Marcellus Herrin; grab bag, Floyd Cline, Miss Arawana Hudson, and mis cellansous, Mrs. Opal Beaver and Mrs. Wililam Shock. It was reported that Mrs. Eva Lou Crail, a former member was in the Sunderman Nursing home at Cicero and Mrs. Mary Butler is in the Higgins Nursing Home, Tipton. Mrs. Coss gave a short talk urging- all to excersie. their citizens right and Christian djity and. vote on November 3. f The society still has pecans and<offer- ing was collected and.Mrs. Holliday previewed next month's meeting which will be held on Tuesday, November 25 at the home of Mrs. Arnold Redmon with Mrs. Macklyn Bradish in charge of program and worship. Mrs. Robert Cook was in charge of the evening program. She gave an interesting lesson on "The Young American Mother; Who is She?" Mrs. Larry Knapp read an article on "What I Want for My Children." A recording of comments and hymns by Tennessee Ernie Ford was played and the meeting closed with all praying the Lord's prayer. Refreshments were served by the hostess assisted by Mrs. Grover Davis to one guest and 19 members. A special prize was won by Mrs. Ralph Davis, of Arcadia. fia VOTE isa MEETING POSTPONED The Tipton Union of WCTU .will not conduct their regular meeting on Thursday November 5 but will meet at the County workshop of W.CTU planned for November 10. Members will receive information concerning the workshop later. iorner VOTE REPUBLICAN RIDE TO POLLS CALL OS 5-6174 (Paid Political Advertisement) cJlibrary ^f\oted Gregory Brain Holliday Hi, I am Gegory Brian Holliday, son of Mr. and Ms. Stephen Holliday, Titpon. I am 14 months old today. My grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Eugne Holliday, Atlanta and Mr. and Mrs. Prentice • Crain, Tipton. I also have great grandparents who are Mr. .and Mrs. -Roy Miller, Atlanta; Mrs. Clyde Holliday, Sheridsn; Mrs. G. T. Crain, Center, Ky., and Mr. and Mrs. Guy 'Barnes, Temple, Ariz. My great great grandfather is W. A. Nance, Elwood. pa VOl £ Ka Hobo Wiener Roast Enjoyed by Junior Girl Scout Troops A Girl Scout inter troop meeting of Tipton Junior troop 153 and Sharpsville Junior troop 471 was held Thursday after school when they gathered at the home of Mrs. Alva Rood, Sharpsville for a hobo wiener roast. Following the wiener roast the troops enjoyed relay races. A song fest was led by Carol Rood, of Sharpsville troop 414. The Tipton Junior troop 153 is under the leadership of Mrs. Haskell Doss assisted by Mrs. R. L. Wood and Mrs. Robert Cage. Members of the troop are Becky Day, Melanie Wood, Alane Gagnon, Mitzi Smith, Geraldine Cage and Cindy Small. Members of the Sharpsville Junior troop 471 under the leadership of Mrs. Homer Correll assisted by Mrs. Alva Rood are Doris Rood, Cyntra Joyner, Kitra Widup, Sevrina Correll, Ann Love, Marilyn Wells, Sharron Witham, Debbie Rogers, Susan McCombs, Shanon Little, Janet Hanesworth, Teresa Sha-. fer, Junette Moeller, Nancy. Brumfiel, Joan Alemeyer, Mary Ann Shadday and Sherry Roberts. Isa VOTE fta Club Calendar MONDAY " Helpers club s 1:30 p.m., Mrs. Clyde Overdorf, 441 North West street. Know How Club — 7:30 p.m., Mrs. Ray Wiggins, 227 North West street. TUESDAY Matinee Music ale — 2 p.m., Mrs. Jack Legg,. route 1.' . Double Dozen club — postponed until November 10 . Tuesday Afternoon club — 2 p.m., Mrs. Ted McKinney, 232 West Washington street. Phi Beta Psi sorority — 7:30 p.m., Mrs. Robert Curnutt, 612 West Jefferson. Ways and 'Means club —7:30 •p/m/, Mrs. Dean Hogwood, 416 North West street. Phi Beta Psi Associates — 7:30 p.m., Mrs. Gurnie Mcintosh, 128 Green street. • ' WEDNESDAY Mrs. Ray Moore, 436 Green street. Woman's Association — 1 p. m., Presbyterian church. 'Friendship WCTU — postponed. Security club — 2:30 p.m. Prairie Home Demonstration club — 1:30 p.m.,' Mrs. Ross Rose, Route 1, Sharpsville. THURSDAY v Tipton Union WCTU—postponed. Dorcas Club — 2:30 p.m., Mrs. Arthur Bryan, ' 405 Green street. By Waneta I. Collins William Lyon Phelps, the late- educator and literary critic, once wrote: "The secret of the cultivated, mind is to read inot only widely but thoughtfully, for ^ there is no doubt that the happiest person is the person who thinks the most interesting thoughts." The world's most powerful ideas and the most interesting thoughts of the great day are recorded for you in books. I - Whether you are interested in the thoughts of the ancient philosophers who first sought to give reason to he meaning of life itself or in the very complete mathematical theories behind travel to the moon, you will find interesting and thought-provoking ideas in books. Your headquarters for the interesting thoughts that can bring you he .culivaed mind is your nearby Tipton County Public Library. The library habit can, indeed, help bring you the richer, fuller life. Visit your public library in Tipton or the branch in Windfall— they have something for everyone! New Novels If serious reading is not your dish of tea, then some of the new novels will probably appeal to you. Josephine Lawrence; a prolific writer of fiction, has a new book that is written with an entirely new approach and might made good [campaign material for one of .the political parties. Her "Not I a Cloud in the Sky" is set in 1975, when all United States citizens of 65 are legally com- pelld to retire from active life , and sequestrate themsleves on surburban reservations maintained for ther, special safety, convenience and happiness. | Ramps instead of staircases, slowly moving sidewalks, aural as well as visual traffic warnings, bland diets,, innocuous pastimes, zealous social workers and eager young volunteers bent on brightening life for our aged are the order of the day in communities like Tranquil Acres, where Harper and Drusilla Brownell unwillingly take up residence after Harper's 65th .birthday. This is a dramatic, thought provoking story full of ingenuities and surprises. I Another novel, more apt to have impact on our literary ( horizons, is the new best-seller ! by Louis Auchincloss called • "The Rector of Justin." In this jbook the author creates a car- acter whose inner and paradox- ial, depths glow with the fires of reality and passion. Here also are the whole workings of a famous private boys' school w i t h the resultant ramifications of power and finance. In this story of a man's whole life, from schoolboy to death at 85, a life-span moves before us with the majesty of the real thing. "The Rector of Justin" can thus be called a classic in the old, noble- sense of the word. Bulletin Board If you are at all interested in the political situation, you will enjoy seeing the bulletin board at the Tipton Library. Linda Evans, one of the young employees, has created a very clever and impartial display urging all voters to do their duty on November 3. If you have a few spare, minutes, stop in to enjoy the clever pictures of the donkey and the elephant, fc- VOTE r -*i Hobbs PTA Has Halloween Party Hobbs Parent Teachers Association conducted • their a n - nual • Halloween party on Wednesday October 28. Judging the costumes were Mrs. Olive Fletcher and Ward Ginn.- Receiving prizes for their costumes were Jane Ann Robinson, Dennis Luttrell, John and Vicki Cessna, Ruth Stafford, Karen Henderson, Mark Henderson, Jeannette Hobbs, Denny Wallace, Cindy Ploughe and Melody Jordan. A cake walk, bobbing for apples, chase and' relay games were conducted. Refreshments were served by the committee composed of Messers and Mesdames Jack Johns, chairman, Don Henderson, John McCorkle, George Hartley Sr. and Rodrick Hobbs. AMBULANCE SERVICE..... anytime Day or Night Our Two Ambulances Are Fully Equipped With Oxygen ' '< (PAID rotlTICAL ADVERTISEMENT) 'Tipton'C*6nty Republican Central Committee ELECT Harold L. Scott Jr. Joint Representative Howard and Tipton . - Counties Highly Qualified ic Purdue Graduate jt A Dedicated Leader In Church — Civic Affairs and Local Government ic Farm and City ' "... Background. . . •fa Pledged to Support All People Fairly FOR- BETTER GOVERNMENT VOTE — FOR— REPUBLICAN HaroldLScotiJP. Paid by ->• Citizens For Scott Committee foung. FUNERAL HOME 216 W. Jefferson OS 5-4780 CLUB TO MEET Ways and Means Home Demonstration club will meet at the home of 'Mrs. Dean-Hogwood,. 416 North West street;on. Tues r day at 7:30 p.m. InstaQatiofj^f officers will be' conducted. *a VOTE Ua • MEETING CANCELLED . Members of the Friendship WCTU will not meet, for their regular meeting on November 4 as a workshop for the county is set for November 10. the r church. ; ^^*$ COUNTY. :WCTU WORKSHOP , A county workshop will be conducted on November 10 beginning at 10 a. m., at Hazel Dell church. Members of the three organizations in Tipton County are tobring food for a carry-in dinner to be held at the noon hour. . . Aren't you ashamed? Ashamed about Cuba? About the Berlin Wall? About Viet Nam? Most Americans are. There is a way to stop the shame. New Leadership! No more Bays of Pigs. No more Walls of Shame. America can have a new beginning —November 3rd. Vote Goldwater- Miller. ' '• (PAID rOLiriCAf. ADVEKTIKEJIKXT) Tipton County Republican Central Committee BLUEPRINT FOR HAPPINESS You have the BLUEPRINT for HAPPINESS ... . now all you need is a systematic system of SAVING .. to make that BLUEPRINT transform into an actual HOME of YOUR DREAMS! * * ' * OR... stop in and talk to our people—QUALIFIED to advise you in regard to a LOAN for remodeling! *-*'*---' 4VW4 DIVIDEND ON SAVINGS "HIGHEST IN THE AREA" Tipton Building & Loan Ass'n COURT STREET TIPTON, IND.

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