Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 7, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 7, 1908
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Th0 Itaftteter HI Gtrouimtimtt in AH&a Goua^ of Jiaiy Kmyi^mtmftmf RuhUmhmtl In tbm SIX FA6ES. lOLA, KAXSAS, OCTOBEB ;. IWSC-WEDXESII.VY nics TWO cum. INSTITUTE I OPENS i FIKjST SKSSHIN IN <0\.\K(TIO\ >\1TH SYNOD IIKI,1> TOM(;m. DR Till WOROEN WILL SPEAK ( A^T. 0'MI{IK>. OI.I» SKA TAI'TAIN. ON I'HOJiKAM TOMOKKOW A. M. FELL FROM WAGON. Mother of \lim Frederickson is Badly .Injured. Sviiod I'mii^r H«n:iii> Toinorrov Kvrnlnc-Flrit 2<M) Vi>H<irs Arrhliis Tddn). / Tlhf S:il>l';U!i S<lui..l . Insliliitv in <-oiiii"-flloii tli<; l'>yt.Tian Syii- nf KHii.-^as will convene this evon-^ at tin- Prts!iyifri:in rliiircti H 'V. nr. W.ifiliii. of Philii'li'l- i. and Mrs. S. S. Kst. y of Toiiek.-i. I be the siM-:ikers and :> line ni-et- 0(1 ing wi inc is in iironiise. IJotli of these sK <»ak ers are exiieris in their line. Tonior- rm everyone sloiild try to liear Ca|i- tail O'Biieii. Ho si'faKs at II :i. in.. am at 4 :ir. iii. He ha.* a preat men- Baje. He is an old sea eaptain and a iilghty int'Sseuger of the LiOrd. at .\ anj ni<| to th sic va<. TAri. A. It. O'BHIKN. detailed pro- number of iiiiiiister.- ajitl eldei> arj <H)inln>: in this afternoon for the tiiute aad Synod. Dr. S. S. Hil.- scljier. , pastor of the Presbyterian cl^^l^ch. Willi a committee, wa.s down the trains nioctin}; the visitors, cn'at part of the vi .-sitiiip DHnstei;s 1 elders arc ex !>ected in tomorrow: |rhe public is invired to all of tkeso [ftiugs whicV. otier an opportunity hear some of th<- stronsost men in Presbyterian rhurch. Special mu- will he rei!i_!< icd by the choir. To- rrow cveiiin.; t!ie Synod proper will beitin. The folio* iui: is li.e rjim foi io!norio«: Thursday Morning. (;0 —Praise service. 10— How to P.-ti)are the Lesson, nov, .Tui-ies A. Woruen. U. D. •How can .we best teach ilie Doctrines of Otir Church to the Sabbath school scholars. Uev. Sam- upl C.arvin. Kansas City. —Byiii|>osiuin. The relation of <iur Sabiiath school workers to the forward l^aiigelistic raovc- iiienl. (ai—Tin- Teaei-i's Opixirtun- it>. Rev. \\"ni. Itaird. Wichita. (b> -Th«: Missionary's Way- fide Servic'-. Mr. James M. May. Manliattaii. tcl—The Pastor's ReS|»onsil>il- ity. Rev. W. R. McElroy. Topeka. "Foliow M- and I Will Make yon Fishifs of Men" Capt. A. It. O'Hrien. C''dar Rapids, Iowa. Thursday Afternoon. 'A<s —Song Service and Promise Meet im. iKt—Tile Church's Responsibility to 1Ue Sabbath School. Kev. Thco. Bracl>en. P. It. Phillipsbiir?:. U"—Th" Sab'natii School's Outy to fh. fhiireii. Rev. H. l'. Culb'-t / son. D. IV. Kiuporia. i:W —Round Table. Mrs. S. S. Ii.tey. Topel>;, I .'1:30—j-New and Ki 'proved Methods <jf '.'Sabbath - School Work, Rev, i James .v. Worden. I>. I>- oi 154— Trials and jTriiinijdis in Sabbatli >i>iiiary Work, ('apt- kii. 3 ; i^ciiool .^IiH ,\. K. O'Br '•. jCIesinp words. It RUSOII. T>. p. ^ S R. Fer- SOSPENDED WORK TODAY. Delay in Arrival| of Pioe Bothers Gas I Department. Because tlie ii|ii>e which was order. ed soiue time a^o. has not yet arrived, tl^e work on| the pipe line which is being laid from the city to the Cap_ tain .4. J. Serve|>- and Preston leases west (jf the rlvej-, had to be suspended. It was reporjted this morning that the car of pipe irhich was lost somewhere enroute ifrom EJmwood. Ind., here, had been located, and would ar- rire liere In a few days., It will take toot alsho.-t timefafter the pipe arrives to cotnplete the line. J. p». BalL d!-Pueblo, Colorado, is here visions his T. S. Ball, of Nadk Washington ttreet Mrs. R. Frederickson, mother of Marsbal .lim FrodericUson, i« lying in a critical condition at the home of her son, F. Fredefiekson", nosir iJ'anna, ;is a nisult of falliiiK from a s|iriiig waf;on liist Snnilay. The Frederickson famil\ started out in a spring wa'-'oii, Mrs. rrederickson occupylnK a back' seat. It seems that the .seat had not been fastened "ii securely tiiuL ill Urlv- iiii; over a sli>;lii elevation, the seat tipped baeK^;U[<l,' tirowinj; Mrs. Fred erickstin into tlie road. She was found to b.' Iiadt.x shaken uii and possitd;. iujiip-d Internally. S'esterda .i the idiysician was ini:ilde to detemiiin tlie seriousness of the n.iuries. Siii Is nearly se\ent> years of auo whieii is of course not in her favor. .Marshal F -edei icUsuii was called out to .-e< her Sunday. TOOK PETROLIA TOO I;I:EAT jRKPruurA.x MEETIXV Til EKE LAST .MI.IIT. ORGANIZED A BIG CLUB >KAK1.Y EVKRY «'A\ l> I'liO l\rT A .Mi:,MBEU. MADE FINE REPORT Y. M. C A. BOARD HEAR MR, STARKEY'S OFFICIAL REPORT. Big Gain in All Dcpartmenls.—In­ crease of 41 in Gym Class.—Many Visitors. Last evening the iei;ii|nr monthly meet in of the- br)ard of directors of the Youiic .Men's Christian AssocJa- ion was held in tlie association biiild- li'S. Secretary Starkey read a report of the last month's work which shows some excellent sains for the association. Ouriii'^ the month of September tiiere was an average of; visitors at tl IV building evi -ry day during tli<^ entire month. The gym room was n.sed by 125 boys and men dur- iiii; the month. The swimming pool aitiaeted 1."'t'>:5 men and boys. Prof. H'-rry conducted "u gymnasium clas.s- • with an atienilance of 7;!1. The total enrollment in the yym: siuii' elas-4 s is 172 which is II l'o\e t!,.' highest enrollment of last 1 a;-. The relis:ious meetings were atteudi'd li\ men and boys. The total enrolIii>ent of t^e Bible claj-s Is l!«r.. Sixty-one new members wen addeil lo the association during the ivcuith ami twenty-live lio.;s who were •not atteniling any Sunday school are low regular att-nilants. This report is one of ihe best ever handed in since tbe association was organized. WILSON AT FT.SGOn Secretary of Ajiricolutre Will Speak to Bourbon County People Monday Night. Tile Ft. Scott Hei)ublican says: Hon- -lames Wilson, secretary of agriculture, will visit Fort Scott and be the principal speaker at a great Republican rally to be held in Convention hall on iieM .Monday night. ,\ teleirram sent here to Congressman- Scott, who lliii.sbe.i a two days' ram- laicii in BourlMui cou'nty last nicnt, was froni Mr. Wilson who is at his 'loiiie ill Iowa, and stateil that he would conie here on Monday. Cbairn',-!)! Stapb-ton immediately iie;:an .-irran-eu'ents for a ureat meetini: li-re on .Moinlav nigiit. It is his intentioii to liriug in a lot of p.-ople ''rom xiU over i':c count v. Cotigress- man Pollard, of tlie ?'in<t district of .Wbraska, who was billed beer for an Hddre .>.s. will be with Seci'-tary Wil- oii aiid will .s)H;ak. Mr. Pollard trader ii wei-k with Congres.-^man S;;<>!t. Wiieii Coimressinati Seott came here (111 ,^llnday night, lie stated that if the coiuitv committee wished to lavo .Mr. AVilson, he believed that Ve could be secured, having just received a letter from him stating that he would be in Kansas City on Siinday. He is to at Fola on Tuesday, Ciiairmai" S^aidi'ton jumited at the bailee /if s>-n\ns n cabim-t member here ami Mr. Scott iuimcliately wired to Mr, 'Wil.soii at Washington. The 'epram was forwarded t<i Iowa and tlie answer came yesterday. It was at first thimrlit that two meetings would be 1i*>ld on Mondav. But after consiileration it wa.s decid- •d to hold one bic meetimr and that In »'tiineii»toii liall. The hand music ^ii.l other campaigu rally features will be in evidence. A SECOND LECTURE. Rev. Ellrtt to T»>ll of Times in the South. Rev. KIb'lt of th>> Christian church will give another of bis entertaining lectures on "Oood times down South" tomorrow night at the Christian church In the interest of the Young People's Society. This is the second of a series of lecture entertainmei>'-f to be given this winter. Those wii>- attended the last one were highly pleased and were kept laughing the entire evening by the recital of uovel and exciting experiences of soatbem boyhood days in slave time. The en tertainment is free but an offering wUI be taken. Humboldt Couple Marry. Cha«. P. Mehefee and 'Chloe Ann Bobbins, both of Humboldt, were iharried tpday by Judge J. B. Smith. Ihe -MerciiuMlN l« Urconite Slon-s on »i|von} llHj—A Jolon-U Kepiib. i llcHii nub. If tl^e S'oters in every i>recinct in the <-ounti turn out in such numbers eo Reiiubjican meclinss and join the Reiiublicajjt <lubs us they dl.i at I'e- trolia lasi night, its a walk-away for Taft aiid [^ihe iiiTire ticket in this county thss fall," said one of the can- diilates wlio attended the Ijig ineetms: in .Mike Miller's town last night. Shortly ('before seven o'clock llir-e niitoinobile loails of Uepti'ilicaii camU dates, spoken; and leadeis bdt bi'a for tn -.toYftl wtiich has the bit immpiiip :tati«>p. AVh<'n they arrivi-il Iheer, they louud no'ismall H-cepllon committee awaiting Ihem. It seemed that evpry- body in Petroiia and the surruuiidinc country Was on Ibo ground Short .speeches were niaiie by Jmlge Oscar" FoMst, Captain H. A. Kwing and X, F. Florence, Every sentence they uttered seemed to touch a resiionsive chord, eattli btdng greeted by enthusiastic applause. After the regular speakers lad taken their seats, the ci-owd called on the candidates for speecbse. ! Nearly all of the eandi- dJites fo- coiinf.v oflices were thei>> and they .respontled, witli a few brief remarks. |! Between speeches the Bliick anl Tan qna^etto sail'.: selections. Tilt crowd ne'v'r wearied of.them and they were called back a number of tim»^. At the jl >oncluslon of the meeting a Republicajii club was organized. An organi/atioii with a big metnbersiiif was iierf^eted. nearly every Repnblj cr.n in il «• precinct allying himself with the ijclub. The quartette ^ang .-several se'cc- tions 3s|they jiassed through Hum lM >h!i on.'their wav home, awakenini! th»' towii -rom slumber about midnight. Oiie auto met with u slight mis- lap but the repairs were made in a short time and the i>artv was not delayed. ( ,\mongi|tliose who attended froir tola wti -e; Cu|i;iiin H. ,\, flwing, F. I. Travis. R, I.. Thompson. C. O. Bollinger, R. E. Ciilbertson, .IuJ:e .f, B. Smith, I,. 1., Xortbrup. A. F. Florence. W. H. .\nderson, .ludge Foiist and C. C, Aushcjnuuu. (• ——^» The .slU -riff is today |>osting uii «d- eciion iijitices at the different voting idaces in' lola and vicinty. The following are the voting places in lola: First ward. Moorehead building, on east .laekson: Second ward. Grand th.atre: Tliird wai=d. 11) West Madison: Fourth ward, west precinct, Bealtys hardware fitore; east ]>r»cinct 113 South Kentuck-v street. THE WEATUE.1C. Forecast for Kans ;«s: G -'-.rall/ fair tonight and Thursday; r. much change in temoeraturc. TOOKJHREE SHOTS .MK.S. nOE. OF kA.\SA>| (ITY, illAKUEU WITH ASSAILT. PRELIMINARY OCTOBER HTH HKS. KOK lAHE HEItK Tt» MVHKV Mil. J. V. OTTIN. TOOK IT L.\DER ADVfSEXEM. lra^ a Brhcarliig on E. E. .Stoot Petl- tton TwUy. In «i> ll»e >bt>i>liiig «^ a .Mittler iii Micth ini|><ir- laiie«-. EXHIBIT TOMORROW .\ meiiiing of the cwlorud voters is railed ft|)r' tomorrow night in Bassett hall at Bassett for the i)uri>ose of or- ganizinglla Colored Repujdican dub. Tlie co^r<c-d voters are taking much interest ilii the Reimblicati campaign. , Wiieii is. .'rei.iry Wil.><.m is escorted throngii jjlie streetjs here next Tuesday he will ijinil the stores and bnsines.-i iio'ipes di*eorated witii flags and bunting in lionor of \\\? visit, .\lready tile it'e-!fhanfs ar.* planning to d"cor- ite'; clalii.raloly. MEET IN GHICAGO KE^lBLirA .V >O.MI >EE AKKIVKIJ TWO HOIKS l.ATEK THA.N »l!^ l.N. i I Jndcc 'Taft Sookr at ron.vration Hall and V>III' Kclum t«j lUnquct AiUr iiSiKf ^b at l<alr>:»urir. LAHARPE FAIR THIS YEAR Tp BE A RECORD iJREAKEK. Thtjrsday Oemoci^tio 0:>y Frid-jy the Republicans Hold Swing,— Senator Curtis Speaks. The foiinli annual Farm <rrs'.' Exhibit given liy the business meiir of I.a- HariM- will o |ii n tomorrow and will be on for two days. The business men of I.allarpe have made clal>orate preparations to make the exhibit this year surpass all previous efforts, En- trie.s for prizes imve been made by farmers from all parts of the county. The display will consist of farm products, incliidiug fruit, vegetables, grains, stock and imiiliry. This year a si 'M -ciai effort has been made to mal .e the stock exiiibit uuiisiialty fine. In connect Ion with the exhibit then- will be a market day ,or a liig aucton day. On Friday moriiiug. Col. ,1. B. Ducrson. an au«-tioneer from Bronson. will ."ell at public auction, stock or anything the farmers of tko count..' may -put »}> 5or salt-. It will er cent of the Id brings. This cost the fiirmer 1 i lirice or article so amount goes to the jjuctioneer. In connection with the display a rood program will be rendered each day, Thursday will b- I>emocratic day ami P.. .1. siieridaii will s|ieak. On Friday, i"ui'ed State; Senator.Charles Ci:rtis Aill mate rhiJ address. There will Ilea football g:uue Friday afternoon between tiie fiiHarpe and Clia- nute ligh school'teams. The amusement program follows: H'l' yard dash, Ijoys over IT. years old. First i«rize, Ji.uo; second, ."lUc, Kill yard dash, under I." years old First |vrize. $!.(•<>: second, ."."c. Potato RaC'—Boys over I."> years old. First prize. SI.O'i: ,second, .".oc. Boys under 1.'. vear> old. First prize, $1.11": sicniid. .'•"c. Stick Race First pri /.e $1 .00: second iirize .".oc. Half Hile Rac- First prize %\'A: otcond SI.'."'. Oiistacle Race—First |.riz- Jl.'Ki; second. ."lUc. Endurance Rai.-e -1 irst [irize XI."O; second Tm'. Rope Climbing Contc.-it—Fir.-t pirze Jl.t'ti: second ."•"c Rac*'.- start at :: oclu-.k on Thursday afternoon. ('oni"st;iiit> 'i'vint: in I.aHarpe must etii^r In fore 12 o ciorl, on T!!'ir.--da.v. Cor.testants living in the cotintry may enter any time before o'clock Thtirs- I'jv, fontestant.- d<-siring to contest ;'or prizes slio 'ilil l«-avr- iN.-.r ii -tin-.s with -lolit. Koiile?. -bv It'irg.r W. A. PltiIIil.s nr .(. A. M'lional'' r.aby show 1 n'tioik Krid.>y. Stoci- i'arad' — I riV-;.,eI> f-ri i.iv Preiuiui:; a '-\ardi- —Fri ::a-. ;:fti 1 i ;<.eii No Prayer Meetinq, Tie i'-;:iila- pra .t .-r <ri" tii'- B .iplist e!:'ireli wjl! giv-- v.a,^' tonight tiia' th.' n)'-nili<TK tn.fy afeiifj '!>•• s'b^ten of tlf SMiodieal Sa! botl- :;e;e)ol instif'i'" a' >h<- fr-f.-bj '•h'lr'-h t FOR 14 SPEECHES Chicago. Oct. 7—.Satjoiial attennim directed Hi the oiH-niug of the • !akes i'> ^he gull deep water wayc| tonveutiot^ today,! when the Repubii- •an and- liiemocralic presidential nom• nees arrived, Mr, Ilrjan wa> the first to arrive. He wa.s greeted at 'he northwestclm station by a delegation including officials of the water ways conventiou and the iK-mocralic nation -•1 coDiinittee. Two h«mrs .ater Judge Taft received a sjinilar greeting. He was escorijed to convention hall where he delivertd a speech. At the conelu- ion the Repuidican candidate left .lurriedly for G&jesburg. Ills., where he made a speec!^ before returning to meet Mr. Bryan at the banquet of the Chicago association of commerce in the evening. !<.0^. HIUHES HAS ?IA>Y P.VTES SIHEni IFIi FOK TODAY. I Play Off Tie. The base ball teams of the high ichool and the Ida Buainess College are thii) aftemooi playing off a tie at the fait |i;rbnnd8 The teams, have played |tw|> game^, eaeb wloniog one. 4£ J^'9Aj3',.^;ui.Li^^1>^:!^^.^^ i^i lo Linroiu. .>elini!iia. He ^poke on Lalior I'oHrii^ of llcmocrats and Their .XwmlnM-. Lincoln. Nebr , Oct 7.—"It is \nis- sible that Mr Br]an can know anything of the principleo of business?" I'nder this caption Goveraoi- Hughes of Xew York, in Br.van's home city, this morning aiiackcd the industrial and labor iiolicies of the Democratic presidential nominee. Cwosi Hughes was greeted at the station liy a large crowd and escorted amid enthusiastic demonstration into the opera house. Learing here .Mr. Hughes isjscheduled for fourteen addrestses Ip Nebraska today. BesMer Wut Ads brins l_el.u i-iJi^ Ail, '^s. iresults. l>!i fi -midiitit Hi Feli\ Thoinp.ion. !;<••• of^ I'ii; was ari.'sl- • 1 thii. alleriio >n W - charge ot a.s.>aiilt with intent to kill. .Mr. Thomi'- son alleges that slie shot at him thrt 'C lime.; with a revolver, once when she 'vns b-s;.; than three tvet away. Tl-c I'tiiiet. Thomps"!! alleges, .strucK just abov.- his h '-ad, the .-.ecoud ,-«ln>l •jojiig tbioilub his left artu and body. B} tbi,s tinie he iiaid time to niii and waj running wh "n the 'bird shot was fired. T: e ^;lOPtitlg tool; place in Otien';i.>}> faetury on West ;ire.i near the Santa Fe .iei>«.)l. M;.- Ruv was arr :iig !it ;d in ,IU6ticu C S, Potter 's c<)urt at wii 'i ocloi.k 'I:;., afternoon on the eb.irse. t<lie plead" d not guilty and gave a Jln 'tb botid'to appear for trial in .liisiite couii next Wvdnesilay at o 'drxk. Before having the warrant served on Mrs. Hoc, an effort was made to flnil Probato Judge .1. B. Smith so that she and J. V. Otten, owner of the jiop factory. ml.::ht be married. However, the warrant was served before the marriage license could be secured. Froiu Ihe best information to Ije secured late this afternoon .Mrs, Boe came heri; from Kansas City to marry .Mr. Otten, Mr. and .Mr.s, Otten were to lake charge of tlie riiniring of the bottling works which Mr. Thompson has Ifen running for some time. It is said that the tronblir grew out of a difHculty in the settlement between Mr. Otten and Mr. Thompson. Ottcu is the owner of the bottling works. Thompson said this afiornoon upon being asked what the trouble was over: \ "I lold Joe tliai we cottid settle this matter because I Iia-I conducted the business for tlie past four years without any trouble: I told him to go jiay Lena, my wife, what he owed her. This woman then stepped in and making a remark that no man would ever have made to me began to shoot. SJe was so close that I attempted to knock the gun out of her hand but failed." .Mr.-. Roe who did the shouting is a friend of .Mrs. F. A. Doane who is Well: known here. .Mrs. Doane in speaking of her this afternoon, said that .Mrs. Itoe wa< a fine woman of ^ooii character and well thought of at Kansas City. -Mr.-. Roe treated the shooting very much as a joke. She said that if she bad bun .Mr. Thoni |isoii there might have Ijtcn s «mie occasion for all of the luss but that she did not hurt him or bad ni> intention cf doing him injury. She !.a\s that .-ihe shot in the air HIKI did so for the |iiirpo .-e of hc;iritig hint as sh" thought that he iii'endc*! doing bodily injury to .Mr. Otten. Reiiresentatives of tiie Gas City iHtard of education were heard tod .-i>" by the commissioner.- on a reheariii'g of the aiiplication of i-:. K. Stout lo have his land transferred fnuu the «;as City di.-trici to the (.allarpe district for school pii i i>o.-e-;. Tint ai'piicaiiiiii was gi 'aiiie .i by i|ic eomtiiissioner.- sonie time ago on the •-rounds that the land was nearer the l/i Harpe .schiMd. The Cas City iKiurd :h-n came forward a;ni ^,iid 'hey had i .o; been given tilt!.- f> li!e a |.r«ile.-t asked I'o la rehearing. Tfi. ir i>i |iiest ; was granted ami they stated ih .jT case toda.v. They objected fri tlie • muster of the' land on the groittei :ha: it t--- alnu•^t as far from oi?*- M-in>.., to the other af .d i"r the fiirtli. i j ri.a iiii thai the di^lrret b.iiiiidaiie, Iia'.e ioie.; l .ii-ii e>i.iiiii >!i( il and they b Jii .t il-e to l :avt ;!ieiii ri:ali ::>'d Tt" Ix'iiMl i< ok the mailer iindvr ;id- viieiiifiit. teS A JECREE .•• '' ' ' / FRAM'IS JU.SEPH DECLARES SEW PROYIM'E!< SSUWECT TO HUI. TROOPS READY FOR ACTIOrl lYAKFAKE EXPECTED AT AM 310. .>IE>T BY OFFICIALS. • Vu lulernaiional Conference FuTored by (Greater Powers of Knn»pc. TEAM IS ORGANIZED lOCA. CAS AND LAHARPE HAVE FOOT 9ALL. TO Add Brconan Captain.—First Practice This Afternooi?.—^Twenty Men to Ti y Out. lift Topcla ltanuir«. Tbe Kept.'i'lican cou.nty cen'ra' ctiiii- niii:ec ha .i st -ured a large nuiniH-r of b ;ii )!ier,< ;ujd d.'r.o:::tions u.-ed in -To>,i '-k.t Taft da.^ for the celebnition liere :ie.\t Tueida.v. The banners will i;e carried in the parade. PROGRAM IS GOOD •A\S\ PKO.MINE.NT .MEN SPEAh AT TKANS-MISSISSIPPl .MEEf. .Hen Frnm Birrran.- of Clt '»erDmrnl Ibcre—.VKo Kailrvad .>lnnaKer>. Fianciseo. Calif. Oct. 7.—The seiwjd day of the Trans.-J!is.-ii-sippl Commercial irongress was -A very busy ime. J. I'. Stubbs. director of the traffic of over sixteen thousand miles of the Harrinian railroads, was one of the si>€akers. the subject being Trans portation." CoL Pi-ed W. Fleming, of Kansas City, discussed "Western Insurance." while Gyvcrnoi*) Cutler, of I'tah. and farmer Kiwetnor Pardee, of California, boti talked of the 'Conservalion of .Vaturjal Resources." Among the speakers tonight will be C J. Biancbard. of the reclamation service; 'w. V. Baker of Council Bluffs and T. K. Walsh of Denver. Show Ministers the Town. The I Booster club Is planning to conduct) the ministers and elders who ah: coming here to attend the Synod of the I Presbyterian church through- the plabts aad factories. There wUI be about 200 visitors here before the session closes and a good opportnn- ity isoffered to advertise the town. It wa>i 'decided at a iiie.-iint; la.>it night of foot ball players and enthusiasts from lola. (ias City and I-a- HariH- to havr- a foot ball, team this fall. The organization was perfected aud the uianagtT wa.s instructed to beuin at once scheduling games. Becaii .se the team is to be compos ed of (ilayers from lola. tjas City ai:d l.aHar (K' it «a« decided to ca!l the team "Triplet .s." .\dd Brcnnan. who caidaineil the Xeo«lcsl;a. Kas., foof-ball team last year, was i -Iecte.l captain of the "Triplets." He called the first practice for this afternoon ato'clock. In order to properly equip fiie team with suits and foot ball para|>benialia it was decided at the meeting to circulate a subseriplion paper among the merchants of the three cities ing that they eontrilmte the atnount necessary to get the team on its fe<'f. The sames will likely be idayed at Electric Park. T .'-e grounds will be fitted up at. once. Judging from the enthusiastn at the iceetiug last evening a championship team wiil be .selected. There will i»e about twenty players on the^ field this afternoon from which to select the regular team. DRAWING ON OCT. 8 The Preliminary Plans for Annual Tennis Tournament Are Now Being Made. The drawing in »h'- annnnal Allen County Tennis Touniam'»nt which i.s; to open in city October ?th, will; lietna-ie on the evening of Oct. Sth. pa-ti'-s from over the county de; siring to enter; tiie tournament are re-i fiue.sjed to notify E. .\. Owen at the! Pcimsyhaula hotel. Sw entranec fcj ••f S.'..!."! wi'.l be made. ! ^ The prospects now indicate rljat tlio 'oiirnament will be the best ever h'-Id in the city. The commirt.-e has be.-si •.vorl-iiuK hard for the jiasi several w.-.'ks and they report that much inj t 'Ti 'St in th<- coming touniament \A itr^ liianifested. B"si.b-s ih' championsiiip pn.'.> -.ii •• .liuuM' cotisoiatioii [irizes ap- ".dl----: ed ; , The ''..Hide championship teiini.-; ••iip woii last year by Uex. Bowlus andj- I'iiil Stover of this city, and the cnpj won by I). K. Peel of I-anyonville. are' on display in the window of Ramsay" Broe°. dry goods store, on the west; side of the square. Vienna. Oct . 7.— The proclamation vi' Hmi'eror Francis .luscph wa^ issued today declaring that the Austro>Hungarian, rights of aovtreignty and ^uc- cesision liave been extended over Bosnia and Hcrzegoxina. The new 'im- terial provinces were informed in the same proclaiuRtion that they will be given a constitution aud a special diet. Sarayevo Bosnia. Oct. 7.—An lita- i'crial prof-lamatioii of the annexation of Bosnia and: llarzeg.jvina lo Austria Hungary was posted today throughout the occupied provinces. The troops' jre conlitied to the barracks tn readiness to «iucll possible disturbances, r t 'anca. Island of Ciet(>. Oirt. 7.'—^ iiiciits in Sf>ti !bw-es»ern Europe, the !ndei>etifience of Bulgaria, and the an- .lexatioi of Bosnia and Herzegovina J re having cffect.s here. Action may '•e expected at any momeni. Have a (.'onferrnce. j Paris. Oct. 7.—-Vn international con- 1 ferciice to consider the.Bulgarian'sit­ uation is now assure*!, according to the statement made here last night.. it, will IK - proposed l>y Oreal Britain, j France and Russia acting together, in-' sf «^d of by one jiower. These three [MiwA -rs are in ccuuplcte accord on the principle of a^i immediate conference.! Italy is in favor of it and even Ger-/ niany is expected to adhere to the pro- jKisal. News that the iTi.K .'lamation of thej aniiexatioo of lio^nta and Herzegovina/ bv Austria-Hungary would be Usoed •s iiinch commented uiion here. This; 'is regarded as showing .Austrih's anx- 'o have' <c an acc-ciniplished fact, beir >re it rectMVcs the invitation to at-, tend the international conference. ! S4nians Write ti» OiTIciaL*. Hclgrade. Servia. Oct. 7.—The. gov-/ rnmeni has addres.-ijd an energeticj •.lute to diguataries of the Berlin trea- /' y against Austria Hutigary's breacKj oi pr«>visions <if the treaty in seizing he occupied provinces of Itosnia and Herzegovina. The jiopular clamor for war with .Vustria Hungary continueSj " unaluited. \\ Athens. Greece. Oct. 7.—Dispatches •eceived here from Canea ^nouncp that the people of Crete have prd-j claimed a union of that island wlll^ Greece. ; Fro m Brown County. .Mr. and Mrs. A. J- Anderson r.-tnrni d from a visit with friendjs Brown county. Have in: TEDDY WONT SPEAK Pr« ^ident Koo^eielt Tiifn&> It litBee- evsiry for lllm to Take Stamp , in Favor of Taft .Vow. Uasjiington. Oct. !{ob.s( V 7.— :Pre3ident el; lold Senator Hemenway t<>- day that he did net consider it necessary fijr him to make s|)eechfes in «up- P4)ri of Judge Taft. president Rooser • eit feiiid lie bad received numerous requests to go on the stump bt|t he had •!i|r-ided not to accept theinJ TH KET."* ARE ON SALE. Alhlrtir As >Acialion of High *»rho9l <;et Ready for Events. At the niiM-t;ng - f the Athletic As-i ii'cialiou of the Iccal hi::h school last; evening i! «as decided to put on salW stason tickets which will admit \:\*\ i>eariir »o all athletii- events given byi the high selux)!. It is the plan fol-; lowed by every iinivertily in iji^ west; Th»i=ie searon tickets which ^Jll ad- mil the owner to all Ihe hdst> balL basket NilI and track event.s Uxcept those^ of the central meet, and Will bej sold for 7."> cents. ' O.B. MINISTERS HERE V.V.M.U CO>FERE>CE TO BE HELD I> THIS CITY. Judffe JFoust to dve Address of Wel. romr—Bbiiop Werttlj to Conr. CITY EXPECTS OOOJ WELL. Will Drill in on Purdom Lea^e T07 morrow. The city expects to drill in 4notfaer gas well tomorrow on the Rahimii lease west of the Xeoabo river. AW there are several good wells m tiie^ leas^. the city officials are nopefut of bringing in another. As s wn as drilled in the well will bo coi^neeted with the city gas mains. Frank Robinson is Betteii Tlie many friends of Prank soDj will be glad to learn that) now j much Improved. He was sit dp awhile yesterday. Mr- SOB has been down several weel{s Robin. , he la Able td iRobin- with Beginning AVednesday of next week and continuing for the balance of the week the annual conference of tne United; Brethren chiirch wJII convene • in this; city. About on^ hundred and twenty-nve visiting minii-ters will be here. Judge Oscar Foust will deliver the address of welcome and Bishop Weekly of Kansas City.. Mo., will make ; the resfijonse. Dr. H. H. Kout of Day-- i ton, Ohio, will represilni the Sunday' School; wort of the church. Dr. T. D. Crite* iof UOIden. Kansas.-will repre^ sent the educational work of the churc^h}, and Dr, Hongh- will represent the missionary interests.- Every field ot church work will be represented by an out-of-tow:n minister. The jconference is known as the Neo, sho conference and is composed ot all the IJnhed Brethren churches In tlie easteni half of Kansas and.tbenortli^t em p^rt of Oklahoma. The basloeaai 8 «ss{od« will be held dorinr'tbe-4a]fj: and CMdi- evening while the conCeraaeev is in ^sion a tiermon wUI be .ddiv|> | ered-M <me of the visltini^ miillsteiK.

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