Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 26, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 26, 1907
Page 4
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eiiPULATiON 4AWL tSUVHONM. M IM TMIb ..>.v a.M ftw tfi>. !• tdrmttM^ M.M. jfctf .MIwtlM^ In advaBM.... fLO*. ^ matt, to •dvxaet. 44 BU4a Knows n OFFICUl PAPEB, cm OIT BA8- SKX. V MBMMII « AnOCIATKU PftBM. V-TIi* lata a ilty ItaipMw i« S» MMirt «r that orwt new* orsanlsa- 5Si Mrib luatv* Anwnooti Publication • OA' SECOAD TUOLOUT. • • • • It is understood that the hitherto prosperous Wichita business man, from whose home a thief stole a side of bacon the otlier niglit will make an assignment for the benefit of his creditors. U. H. .Rogers has been ordered to keep perfectly quiet. Belns a man. Mr. Rogers may micceed in doing it. We bave noticed that no football player can be handsome and wear a nose guard at the same time. / A girl's idea of a good time is to go off somewhere with a lot of other girls and eat an onion. •We look to see Haskell have a good football teaxd this season. A number of expert plajers have stayed at Carlisle as long as the governmeui will permit. A Toi)eka man who has been beaten out by the Other fellow is going away Better sticb^ around awhile. Every ^rl changes her mind three times. I. A farmer's idea of hard luck is to have a family of six girls and' no boys. ^vihat. by the way, has become of the old fashioned boy who took a dead mouse to school and iilaced it carefully in bis teacher's desk? /item of interest to womea: Women's skirts will be much shorter this Vgeasou. If a man can give you good advice he usually sells it at a good figure on another matiet. It costs $3,000 a day to run the Lusitania, or in other words, nearly as much as it takes to, keep an automobile in order. The Oklahoma Republicans have finally given it up. There isn't such a lot of ditTerence between an unsuccessful Republican and a Kansas Dem ocrat. BAJSI any girl's face loyUs good osi a silver dollar. Imjwrtant Aotirr. The writer expects to be out of town during the early part of October. Games played in the Itadiator Baseball League prior to his return will not be counted m the final standing of the teams. We have noticed that a woman's curres are mostly outdrops. locidentall.v. most of the tH 'egrams still be coming by mail. the new editor of the Red Itig has ' aleo discovered that a long article / fills up space a great deal faster than ^ a short paragraph. W'e have noticed that every man is an optimist when he is talking to the woman wiih whom be is in love. We don't know how you feel aboiit it. but. personally, if we wanted a case of beer we'd just as soon sign up for It The greatest difficulty about meeting an actress is th4t she is not only naarly always married, but licr husband watches her like a hawk. Qttkk Vfork. The Western Association season ended iSunday. By 10 o'clock Afonday morning 'Hutch' the barber, bad signed an entire team for 1908 and was in a fair way to win the pennant. / Men's coats will be considerably / shorter this fall and John Heller will { no longer-lie annoyed by people step- \fing on the. tails of his. We haT« noticed that a good many moi who tal)[ luiss uptown arc tenors in their own homes. T^e <nirrent number of the Ladies' .Hdme Journal has Its usual number of cxeelleqt anecdotes which cannot be printeC^ in the columns ol a news- Hap ^r. ' 1 -It is my observation." said Heck Ualrty, tide barber, yesterday, "that a man'i^jiiadt doesn't need shaving nearly M^Attflb when it ooata Ave cents ^ to tew#1^ 9peraUoir'perf0med.'' ... inthiriBtCteQistoaii4aidaiiainaJji > M 'tkoai^ the water wa- »to l5e wJanwd. RAGE SUICIDE WomcB of Xormandy 'Strike'' Against Xothcrbood. - r- • London, Se'pt .'2.'>. —One of the Strang est agitations in the iilstory of France —or any other nation—is now in progress 1n Normandy and Brittany, it \s an appeal to the women of the nation to 'strike" against motherhood. The agitation has been three .veara in com Ing to a head. A bnir doezn women started a leagiic In the little town of Roubaix, in Northern I'ruuce. and, year by jear, it has grown until now the membership runs iuiu the thousands, and the league is stroug enough to make its pronouncenienis public. The propagnda is centered in the towns of Lille. TouvcoinK aud XIousc- rou; The walls of tbes<> towns aiid the villages and hamlets near by art covered with flaring shoei;--. proclaiming a peueral strike agahis ^t Increasing the population and bi',i«liig wnnu-n Ki refraiti from nunhcrlUKKl. I '-ands of WDUKMi, aiiosdes of Ihe iiioveuienl are also traveling tliniugh (hi- oountry holdiug nicftinga for nioii and women and distrilmthig luuuiihltes and leaf- loiK. The laiM -r have I '.Mranrainar* wording- Tlioy arc dUtcicil to Iht working classe .s. as I lie l<';;;;ii<' ai^seri." that the arislocrary .ire vraeti' :;lly all members of its or.uaiiizatlnii. .-itid dial ilie noblewomen and wealiiiy of France are already iilolgod to .-^tip- iiress maternity. Tlit> |ila <xirus and Icif^'ls ur .m- i!:c worl -.iuK classes, it they an: IKUUUI U. have children to limit ilio ntimlior. since to bring into the world large families is only th<> work of fot )ls and Idiots and ii!itera>c people. The champion of largo families. Senator Piot, lias started an opposition league, hut he is not receiving much siii)p«)rt. The names signed to the nmnifestos of the Anti-Maternity I ^'agiie are local ones, and not known to fame outside their immediate locality. Ttie campaign meets with iittle open sympatfiy in Paris, although there can ho no doubt that the apostles of the "no children" niovcmoui have nunior .ju.s adherents in the capital. The average Parisienue who has made a iiiarriage of convenience does not want children, and if slie is frank she will tell why. The younger generation of mar ricd women have ouigrown the o;d- fashioned notion that t'lic chief ei:U of marriage, is to have and to bring up sons and dauphters. Children are a nuisance they will tell yon. When .voii have babies you cannot go out to then ters: .vou cannot dance: you iniis; stay at home and mind the children. There e.xist.s in Paris a group known as the Nco-MaIlhiis:ans. whose a%"owed object is the limilaliDn of fanjilics. They publish periodicals literature and pamphlets, and .cive. lectures, and the result of their efforts is that in certain intellectual tpiiuters in Paris the family is very often liniiiod to the husband and wife. The campaign against motherhood is chiefly due to Mmc. Nellie Koussell. a handsome young woman of no mean oratorical powers. Kvcn those who are violently opi)osed to her doctrine admit that she is sincere and that her campaign is Inspired by humanitarian ntotives. Mme. Roussell ha.s three childroii of her own. but contends that unless a husband and wife have sufficient means to bring up children comfortably, they ought not to have any. She thinks that the working classes have far too nian .v children, and apparently her sisters in the north of France, where largo families are more common than in Paris, are in .sympathy with her on this c|uestioii. But in Paris itself it is the daughters; and not the motliers, who avow themselves In agreement with .Mine. Roiissell's movement. Fryer Bros Can Cut Down Your Grocery and Meat Bill :: :: :: :; :: It is but necessary for you tc i ^ve us a trial order on groceries ;<nd meats if yoa want to demonstrate the fact that you will save money by purcharing from us. We have the choicest of staple and fancy groceries. We make a specialty of cattring to the fastid- ous honsewife who wants those imle extras that go to make up an exceptional dinner and which are •io hard to find in the average grocery ttore. FRYER BR05. Grocery and Mea; Market Phones 308 and 301 , mm. w ^^^^ iiwoowets ^ CANOVCATIIMniC •Torm ;nlfc .f h«dcr ^.»tm .MtirIihB,r «l«»«'fc 'TRolItf LeSgUG DIES ... 2Jpt SS?a-i:S!.MtS^^^ B«se.BalI OrganixaUon Victim irJSbi?."'*°* I Trolley League is no more. The Tprit. K'.,t. 'i cool weather and the inditterencr. on I the part of thb Public were too mucli BesTfisr^ ffor it. Without dirge or requiem it The&oweto ^ j"gave up tbe ghost" when the maua- gtrs of the ditferfait teams. Chanute llunibolilt. the Park and the Our Way mutually agreed to quit.. The baguo really had a lerfso on life for several weeks yet, as a number of games in the schedule have not been played. But none of the tcauis have been rie «»nl. P,l.t,bl.. Potent. T«t .e «od. DoOood, .""'^^ '»°n«'y 'i,'i*i'f^•''Ht"•i}L'"*'"".'•'''''7.•'•'•*'•''r•!" continuing the organization longer. i.i «r3iiit ,au. cure or your &o»cJbn"k. ^ T!:e fuiids In the hands of tUs treasur- SterliDR Remedy Co., Chicaco or N.Y. yfi ! er aie not such as to create a great scran)ble to get it. Karly in the season the league was drawing card. .Ml the teams were in gooil i)l«ying form anil drew largo croowijs. Of late tlic teams have, been somewhat indifferent in their playing and the pairoiiage f.>ll off. It is believed that a goo<l league can be or gaui'''.eil next year. One more gaim^ hr.wever. will lie played. Tlu Our Way and li <• Park are struggling lo w'n the C' liar c'lampiouship and the tic? gaiu» will be iilayi'd off Sunday afternoon. ANNUAL SALE, nN MIUION BOXES ll.VS SI.i.lIf'SE .HOXKKY. Furepau^'li-Si-lis .Siiutv hu<« Wraith uf Futt and Humor. The menagerie department of ihe Forepaugh-Sells t'ircu.s, wliicli comes here iiext .Monday enjoys, in additiiin to Its eiileriaining featincK. a >\::>!ili of fun and humor. The monkey ea;;r holds a fascination lor many. TluM-n is a Siarnesc .Monkey in a ca.^e with several oili'-r.s. wlio, for somi- reason will have notliin.ti to do with him. Ihi.-i osiijieisju e.\a.sper;iIoil the Siamese and whenever he got a chain e he would grab one ot the othei;; l,y the tail, drag him all over the hi.;Ii perch- as and drop his victim wi;l| a dull thud. -Mr. Patterson, who iias (liar.ue of Ihe 55oological department, is the owner ot a i'liie watch dog which is on frieiidly terms with many of the animals. .\lr. I'aiterso!'. h:is :M'ot!H:v i-et. .1 •Spider" monKey so tame liiai he is allowed the frer-doni of th'- nieii- ag- lie. except at exhibition hours. "Ztilu." the monkey, takes a delight i:i teasing tbe do.;;. .As soon :v< t:\n dog settles himself lor a doze the monkey will steal up iind give the canines tail .a vicious fug. Of course, tiie dog will go for her, but she wi:i simply wait till he gets close enough, then leap over his head and froiUN behind give hlA tail another pull. There is another monke.v, of the baboon species, that at times will take hold of the dish in which her food is served and put it on her head, as if it were a hat. Thus adorned, she provokes roars of laughter, to her evident gratification, from the crowd a- roniid her cage. There is another baboon in .Mr. Patterson's collection that •got good and even" witli one of the care-takers who had a penchatit for teasing the baboon. Seeing the caretaker api<roachln.i:. the baboon poured some water into a hole in Ihe ground, mixing it with e:inh so as lo make mud. Wlien his eiieiiiy came up he 5plas !ied the muddy v,-ater on ilie caretaker's uniform. For a lon.g tinte afiei this every time the anfmal saw the care-taker he indulged in what had every appearance of being laughter. The elephants have a decided sense of humor, or signs of one any way, and many are the amusing capers they indulge in between exhibition hours. There are twenty-four of these mammoth pach.vderms with ilie Forepaugh-Sells collection, two of which are said to be the rarest and most costly in the world, th" only two of their species known lo be in captivity. They have huge, umbrella shaped ears which cover nearly half their bodies. Oiie of them is deeply attached to •Hostoii." Ihe l>ai)y elejihant of the group, and is never quiet when •noston" is out of her sight. The Zoological departmeut of the combined .\dam Foreiiaugh and Sells Uiohers' menagerie is, it is said, the lar;;est loilectioii of rare wild animals in the world. - FREKillT llXThS M.IV UK (TT. »TEYER>» GROCERY Htad4uartai« Hr Good Things to Eat. Tele|>ho»e 139 Kuuiias I{<>ard'.s >en- .Scliedule to Be Krady About >oieuibcr i. Topeka, Sepl. 2G.—Chairman Geo. W. KanavrJ, of the statt; board of railroad commissioners, announced today that the hearing upon the new freight rate, schedule for Kansas railroads prepared by tho board will be held about Noveirber 1. This means that the. 2-cont faro situation will scarcely be taken care of by the railroads when tiicy will confront another contest of enormous proportions. Mr. Ivanav.?l stated re cently that some reductions m.iy be much of p..r cout under the present rates in effect. The board has been at .work on the rate for mor.? tlmn six months. .\n expert •accountant at St Louis was employed to aid in preiiaring the fig ures This schedule was held as a club over the heads of the railroads during the tJcent tare fight. Chairman T-Tanavel himself receutly .?ave out an interview in which ho said that it a •^pec'al session were called to put I-,, a 2-cent rpto he would present th» n<\v rate on freight to the legislature for adoption. The hearing on the freinlit ratcf vrlXl bring representatives of the twelve railroads in Kansas to Topeka before the board of railroad commls sloners. Home Made Sausage of all Kinds. Cash Paid for Poultry and Hides OTTO HINZE, UTTODATE MEATMARKET 111 East JMadlMm D£ATH OF MIS.S LULU I'EGG Well Knoirn lola Younit; Lady Died After Operation. Miss Lulu Pegg, daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. .\. Pegs of 502 South Stato street, died yesterday evening at 5:15 in convulsions which followed an operation. Miss Pegg at thr. time of her death was 22 years of age and was well Ivnown in lola. The death is' a very touching one In view of the fact tha* a sister. Miss Hazel Pegg dlad about a year ago at the ai;e of 20. The funeral scxvices are to he held tomorrow at t«*r o'clock from the resi- donce and will be in charge of Rev. J. M. Mason, pastor of the First Methodist church. Interment will take place In the IpU ceinetenr. Itasebuli Nolo.". MaiiaKer IJonovau, of IJrooklyn. said he would iioi try out any new )>Ia.vers M;!:; ''.ill. bill with Liimley, Lewis, and .Vll'er.-iiait out he he may be forced to change his (ilans. 'I'ho latest report from Fielder .Jones' oil wells says the yield is fifty barre's every four days, and the stuff is worth -^l.S" per barrel. This is one reason why Fielder will retire this year. A Chicago expert ::.iys that (he Cubs are doping out some "novel plans" for the world's chiimijion.shii) serir=:. One fan snl)mits as a "novel plan" 'hat they mi!.:ht win the aforementioned series. Ui;;ht-Iiander Gconje Sii;^gs of .Memphis, is expected to stick with Detroit. Suggs has been one of the best twirlers in the Southern Lea.gue for the last two years but has been knowi; as a hard-luck player. Minor Iveague managers are kickin;; about the majors buying three times as many players as tiiey can use. "For us i;'s a case of paying big money for an.v kind of ball players next spring," say the little fellows. Pittsburg made the best mark in a series made by a cHi'i in cither major league, taking twenty games out of twenty-two from Si. l»uis—ten each in Pittsburg and in Si. Louis. Pittsburg made 113 runs to .'il, ami scored five shut-oiits. Nothing defmiie has yet been decided upon in regard to a Columbus-Toronto series, but a mcotin.g is to be held next Sunday, either in Chicago or in Cleevland. to arrange the details, it seems certain tliat lli'.! series will be played. .Mystery surrounds Ihe iduiitity' of the manager of the Keds for next season. I'resldent Herrman, while adniil- ing tiiat he thinks Manlon will retira, declares positively that Iw has not given a thought to any other man for the position. , .Meeks. Itirminpliam's husky first 3acker, leads tlie Soiithcrii League in hitting, with an average of .321 in llfi games. Manager Fisher, of the Shreveport team, has a better jieicen- tage, but only jdayed iitilit.v, partici- patiug in sixty games and hitting ten points higher. l^resideut Harry Pulliam, of the Xa- tional League, has decided to take another Kuropfan trip this coming winter. He will leave immediately after the annual league meeting in December, and will remain abroad until February, speuding most of the time in Italy. Wiielievcr team wins thi' American Lea.gue iieniiant must reckon with Overall. He was out Sunday morning practicing for the world's series. The Chicago ground keei)er sajs Overall is the first athlete he has seeu at Sunday morning rehearsal in eleven years "The terrors of soiith|>.iv.- pilcliiiig are on the wane," says liaghey Jennings. "In a few years teams like Detroit, Cliiacgo. and St. Louis with their left-handed batters, will he pounding the left-handed pitchers with as much freedom as the right-handers now hit !he right-handed pitchers. .MAY .\0T CUT OFF PAS.SE.S. ICLA MONDAY SEPT. ADAM FOREPAU i •J SELLS BROS. BIGGEST SHOWON EAR' k DEATH- MOCKING MARVEL AND WEAK WOMAN'S WONDERFUL SHOW OF i NERV£ AND/ (lEVER EQUALED * DARING Mile. La Raque' AUTO SOMER' SET jLatest .,Greate9t nt tuki fiu mil hsntx «s»- tinuv wiTMur ur cim miitf. It n THt WIU CUKUi MQ vmBtow mrcriH t*ui WD situ tistVj new *W TO R UCN IT EUN HI- ramwct cr ntn maxx SHOW OM -JI^ nan. Nomwoiito MarswiT.^ HttS THE MTCCHSmfi vttm, m HM *iiw ;i ;:!«cu£jf »o«To ?nws, , , Mir^tuKts, niuFic «NO num. a,'<Kfe^ eti Ktnu 91 riKT ruKion J*-*^^ ruocirr, wmntKS or CX'UKINS COMIMTMltS, SIMM MD ITUTCM- w«] vms or srtmcuut snnc. Don. Mana OUTNIIIIKSS or me. ruMi 'nuccruiiEi. nfiATnc MM MO Hit Moauiivuiaim TK CnZt MMCnr OCVOUHNO JM ItU 0£VAST«TINC TtmOIMir.TCtlOtS, TH£ MWAHT, UKMnrMG THE lUSOCNEO CXlnH-V INC, camuuiNS. CWEO , tno AU^ONfuti.'; (K onnoEii cr cinct tuo KMMitua >n; Mvnwo or MDntNOiuTuxEt wonci.^;. FIKinK! riK! THE lOlPIMIf OF »U .,'r LiEmu ]tNu .rEiTvt £t nssExTca n n. THttlMTOfTilEHAU. ^ ^ ^THRiUlNG,SEHSATlONAL.BEWlLDER!KG. ,CICANTIC,NEW SPECTACLE ^^^/,1,000 CHARACTERS |^^^^40 Famoas Firs FIglitirs 1 ''I. 5' SCENERY SHOWING A WHOLE CITY gV ^'ggfist .ska £S Tbe Cr^ataai Speciacte lh«.W«rl4 Ha* CT«r Se«n 8 BIG CIRCUSES Civen by 300 World-Famoxxs Performers in 3 Hings, on 3 Stages, on Ihe Big Hippodrome '^h." Enormpas Aerial Enclave More C »««-.i of Wild and Trained Animali than Any Other Shinr en Earth, ThcEIctijtHerdof Elephants E«r CoIIecfr,*. All Nstarc: Birds'aod Wild B«tJl» Subdued and Mada to Parform. A HI* CoUecUonl fCanlalnlnc aU lha Odd Creature. »t Crealiah. 100 New. Sensational, mnd:S«» High-CIaaa-Acta j = •• •• -A CIRCUS MORE AWE-INSPIRING THAN EVER^SEEN BEFORE- • •- PflESENTINO EVERY MORNINO AT 10 O CLOCK THE MOST COLOSSAL. GOSGEOUS BIG FREE STREET PARADE ^ EVER 5EEN BV HOMAN EYS, INAUGUBATINO ABSOLUTELY THE BIGGEST SHOW ON EARTH . Tm CoBpUte EiJubiticnj Dillr, at > u4 S pa. Doon Ofta Oae Eo« EaiUr. O m S»«« TKkrt UniU U> I »njt»«jOiili«a Vote u Yw «( Ajt, Bitf Rfc*; SPECIAL LOW mVTE EXCURSIONS ON ALL KAILROADS s KFSFKVED SEVT.S AND .AD.Ifl.S.SrOX TU KET.S OX S.ALE OX .SHOW I).\Y AT CKAUB'S DRUG STOKE AT lUE .SA.ME I'lJH ES AS CHARGED AT THE JSH01V (iROUXDS. Try a 'Want Ad' 5n the lola Daily Register Seirebiry of tlic KauKUs Board Bo- licvcs tlu- Railiravii Will Reiout. Tojieka, Se))t. 2G.—The .scci-stary j of tlio board of railroad coiiiniissioners do<-.s not believe that all the iiasses, ol(TRv perniitv!, c'larH.v ticki't.s. ;iiir'; exx'ursion rates will bo al 'olishod by flu? railroads when the 2 cwit far | to jiiit into effect October u. it \ '.s necessary that this be done in oriei ! to Kivc tlie 2-cent rate a f :iir test 'I 'll'- i railroad aitorneys in aniiounce-n-. • tiiat this wonlil be done, f.'ave th ! board to iiinlerstaiid (bat tlii.s was no- , ^_ In a H|);rlt of vindictiveness or punish-1^ nient but that It was Klnil 'Iy 'o (,'iv'>!s| Mie rate a fair test. The secretary ; i" .said today. "My understanding is that there l-no desire on the part ot tha Kansas rallroadii unnecessarily to pun'sh their patrons by the withdrawal of Kiieh courtesies; that the annual transpor fntlon now issued will continue In of feet th's year and that excursion rates will not he dlscxjntiuued «nl ?sB It is found to be. necessary In order to so- -•ure deflntc Information as to the effect of the 2 cent fare to be used In the courts. .As to whether or not this action will be necessary has not j as yet beta determined." Young: men and women (or positions of tmst, where intclUgent S €>rTice will be appreciated and paid for— Exprricnroil men and women for position!; rcqnirine ability and tflct^ ' I People of all ages, of all talents, divers abilities, for snitable lines of enipl.oymriit— U.^id Ihinvs—such ns piano-*, orcans, every sort of mnsical Instm- ment. wriliui: niarliirus, rash reuristers. .store and otllice listnres, talk- Inf; mafl.iiies, books, en'jravinv:?. post cards, stamp'eoHectlons, rags, farji'.t.s furniture i .f e;i;ry kiad— Horse.s and carriases. tmeks. business ivagons, bicycles, gnns, cameras, fishing tackle, automoMIes— Real Estate—lots, plots, acres, leaseholds, e(|uities, honses, flats, apartments, stores— InstrocMons In palntin?, «.!nzln^, the Tiolin and piano, short band, arconntlug, correspoudin'-', langaase.s, dancing. • Pla.ees to live—houses, apartments, plaees where life Is Interesting— furnished rooms, boarding These are some of the thons'ilids of people and things that are •'wanted" In tiiis city Jnst now,.and if you can fill any of tliese wants LET THE REGISTER FOLLOW YOI' Before yon po on your vacation leave your address at this office and rbe Register will follow you. If you do not know your future address ivrite the Re«dster as soon as yon arp located and the patter •will be started <nimedlatel7. It will he just like re- •^vlpg a letter from home and will "each yoa every day. Tbe price of the Reelster for o*>t-of-tovn robacrip- tlona la 10 cents a we<>lc 'Phone yoar or^ to No. U or 233. You Should hiqu e of the Public Through A Oaily Rtgfister Want Ad> 1 r .•.';<ir^ m.

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