The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on October 31, 1964 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 31, 1964
Page 2
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THb I IF I'UN DATLYTRITONE* Satiira<iy^d^|]9W* TRIBUNE FARM & HOME PAGE— COUNTY NEWS - VIEWS FROM • FARM • HOME • CITY letter- to the Editor i * 1 t H f 1 1 b M October 30, 1964 Mr. Editor: In the time of" a National election it seems the good old American wa3' to say all manner of bad things about your opponent. In fact I read a rather obviously dubious article in the Tribune of October, 23 under the heading "The Letter to the Editor," in which the writer does the very things he says he so deplores. To my mind Mr. Johnson and Mr. Goldwater are both dedicated American citizens. -Both want the same things for America only they differ on how it should be accomplished. The United States with one sixth the people of the world posssesses half the wealth of the world and you may well ask why.. Almost two hundred years ago we created in this part of. the world a true government by the people and for the first time took the chains from human initiative. Government rule of.the people was banished and America prospered as no other country ever has. Thirty years ago we strated to apply the chains again and have been moving step by step down the treacherous path to Government domination. Today the big fight' is between conservationism and liberalism. The conservative is : aware that time changes and new problems arise. He intends to solve those problems, intends to go ahead, intends to make progress. To do this he wants llo retain the basic principals that made our nation great. He wants to preserve the basic system of individual opportunity on which America was founded. He knows that— is the way to move ^forward. The present day Liberal, having apparently lost faith in the individual, and local and state government thinks that our problems can best be solved by a great, all-powerful centralized government—through federal controls subsidies, and handouts. He believes in taking the peoples money and doling it out on his own terms. The national purse flanked by a For "On the Farm Service! bWem /Come If ^ :Out to ;| ^Youn Farm! g^f THIS INCLUDES FREE LOANER TIRES While We Repair the Old Ones! C&W FIRESTONE STORE Arcadia, Ind. Phtne YU 4-2445 constant parade of new laws, new programs and new federal agencies seems to him to be the answer to everything.' The far out Liberal is the real reactionary and it is he who wants to turn the clock;back. Of course, liberals are not Communists but a nation can refuse communist creeds and still fall a victim to big government. A great French philosopher said, Democracy in the United States will last until those in power' learn that they can perpetuate themselves through taxation. Woodrow Wilson said, "The History of liberty is a history of the limitation of governmental power not the increase of it. Thomas Jefferson s a i-d, "I am for a government that is frugal and simple, applying all possible savings of the public revenue to the discharge of the national debt. The Liberals still use the names of these great men but completely ignore their philosophy. Anybody can make a great show as long as he can borrow all the money he needs and that is exactly what we are doing. It's exactly what the communists want that we spend ourselves into oblivion. To say that Mr. Goldwater is quick draw and a John Bircher are falsehoods and are the blackest of smears. Mr. Goldwater may not be a college graduate and he may have been a store clerk but it seems to me I have heard of an American president of the past who fell into that category. His name was Abe Lin-.j coin. Man is judged by quality of the mind not college degrees. If the American public which includes every registered voter —realizes its duty on Nov. 3 Mr. Liberal will be stopped in his tracks. Respectfully, Robert S. Wolford Tipton County Library open Monday-Wednesday- Friday till 8:00 p.m. Here's news for cattle feeders! PURINA'S NEW "BUILT TO-FIT" TM SPECIAL STEER FATENAS Television In Review By RICK DU BROW United Press Internatronal HOLLYWOOD (UPI) —Notes to watch television by: • The Headliners: Jimmy Durante guests with CBS-TV's Ed Sullivan Nov. 8. . .Pat O'Brien plays a police inspector on JNBC-TV's "Suspense. Theatre" 'Nov. 19 in a tale of an English literature professor who plans a $3 million armored truck robbery. . .Zina Bethune, young star of CBS-TV's "The Doctors and the Nurses" series, dances in "the Black Swan" ballet with the Syracuse, N.Y., symphony ! orchestra in January. . .With ABC-TV's twice-a-week "Peyton Place" an apparent hit, there is now talk of Arthur Godfrey headlining a possible' twice-a- week series based on Thornton Wilder's "Our Town". . .Godfrey starred in the play this iyear in New Hope, Pa.' l..The Shows: A 138,000-acre New Mexico ranch owned and operated by the boy' scouts is visited by NBC-TV's "Wild Kingdom" Nov. 8. . .Same day, ABC-TV's children's show, "Discovery," separates the facts' about the Wild West from the fiction. . .NBC-TV's "Profiles in Courage" series signed Whit Bissell for the title role in "The Woodrow Wilson Story". . .Arthur Treacher, who gained fame for his portrayals of English butlers in the movies, is set for two episodes of CBS- TV's "The Beverly Hillbillies," as a butler. .\,"ABC Scope" for Nov. 11 tells' the story of an American mountain doctor whose work has been compared to that of Albert Schweitzer. Politics: - With the national election three days off, the Republicans bought an hour of air time on NBC-TV tonight, start- ocrats, meanwhile, bought ocrats, meanwhile, brought.two half-hours on CBS-TV —. the first,at 10:30 p.m. EST Sunday, the Second at 2 p.m. EST Monday. . .On Tuesday, election day',1 NBC-TV's "Today'^program has scheduled separate interviews with Dean Burch and John Bailey, chairmen of the Republican and Democratic National Committees, respectively . . .On Wednesday, "Today" will offer a two-hour recap of election results, with video pickups from around the country. Current Business: According to the national Nielsen ratings, here are the top 10 shows among those that made their debuts this"; season: "Bewitched," "Gomer Pyle," "The Addams Family," "The Mun- sters," "No Time for Sear- geants,' "Peyton Place" (Thursday), "Flipper," "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea," "•Peyton Place" (Tuesday), and "Daniel Boone" and "Many Happy Returns" tied for 10th . . .The second 10 series among the new ones were listed as follows: "The Tycoon," "Wendy and Me," "Gilligan's Island," "Sunday night movies, "Broadside," "Cara Williams Show," ."Shindig," "Valentine's Day,' "12 O'clock High" and "Kentucky Jones." Here is just one of nearly 300 test pens of cattle used to develop the new Special Steer Fatenas at Purina's Research Farm. Four years of testing involved more than 2500 test cattle. Each of these new cattle supplements is formulated for a specific kind of grain and roughage. Even the size of your cattle is considered in selecting the right one for you to feed! Results? These new Special Steer Fatenas have set all-time Purina performance records in 4 years of tests. For example, the new Steer Fatena "Built-to-Fit" corn or milo rations, fed with poor quality roughages, produced 6.4% faster gains on .10.7% less, feed! These extra results were worth $11.40 more per steer on a $20 cattle market with 700 lb. yearlings fed 120 days! The new Steer Fatena "Built-to-Fit" barley rations produced equally high results at a lower feed cost than ever before! Whether you bunk-feed or self-feed your cattle, there's a new Special Steer Fatena "Built-to-Fit" your own feeding conditions. Come in and find out which is formulated to step up your feeding efficiency! . 1 All interested cattle feeders are invited to attend a cattle outlook meeting at Adler's Seeds, Inc. Novmber 7 at 7:00 p.m. A free steak supper will be served. Write or call for reservations. Adler's Seeds, Inc. Sharpsville, Ind. .r, . , • '. . , 963-5397 Built-to-Fit your cattle.. your grain... your roughage! ON THE FARM FRONT •By GAYLORD P. GODWIN • United Press International WASHINGTON (UPI) — Agriculture Secretary Orville L. Freeman predicts President Johnson will win big in the Nov. 3,election. Freeman told a news conference Tuesday he believed Johnson would score an election victory next week comparable to that of Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1936.- FDR swamped Kansas Gov. Alf M; Landon. He carried 46 of the 48 states and racked up 523 electoral votes to 8 for Landon. Freeman, reporting after scores of political speeches in courthouse squares and -ball parks', said he believed Democrats in rural areas would vote in greater numbers than at any time .since 1948 when Harry Trumin beat Thomas. E. Dewey. " " In ; addition.', to predicting a Johnson landslide, 'Freeman said I the Democrats have an excellent chance to pick up House seats in Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa. He doubted the President would carry Alabama and Mississippi, and said Nebraska "appeared to be marginal." All the others he gave to Johnson. Freeman said Johnson had not contacted him about remaining in the Cabinet in the event of a Johnson victory. He did not appear to be worried about his job. He : said "great things" could happen in agriculture in the future, and he believed he could "add some small' contribution." He announced publication of an Economic Research Service report on "The World Food Budget —1970," and said the study would help the well - fed section of the world do a better job in feeding hungry peoples. On other subjects, Freeman said he believed the. current cotton program should be given a chance to operate, that the British import tax announced Tuesday -was not significant to the agricultural market in that iV exempted food, that . there was no substance to rumors; that the v government would suspend all wheat sales, and that he could not increase dairy price supports .because under present law the dairy supply situation does not permit an increase. He said the beef purchase program would be continued "as long as necessary." f -i VOTE fta . > Court Action Claude I. Roe, Jr. vs. Suzuko Roe: Complaint for divorce Plaintiff granted an absolute divorce. Leo Everett Noble vs. Bonetta Joan Noble: Complaint for divorce. Plaintiff granted an absolute divorce. Richard iF. Black vs. Martha L. Black: Complaint for divorce. Plaintiff granted an ah solute divorce. Crop Report LAFAYETTE, Ind. (UPI)— The comparative seriousness of this year's drought conditions with those of last year in Indiana is demonstrated by the germination rate of the winter wheat crop. Robert E. Straszheim, agricultural statistician at Purdue, wrote in his weekly that "about half the wheat crop is up to stands." While that compares with a normal 60 per cent, it is two and one-half times the 20 per cent stands this time last year, he said. Nevertheless, the germination rate of wheat "took a sharp drop last week," Straszheim reported, as only a relatively small area of central Indiana received enough rain to help ease the moisture shortage that has prevailed over most.of Indiana since mid-July. The corn harvest, meanwhile, was 45 per cent complete, 10 percentage points above the five-year average and 15 percentage points over this time last year. "The rate of combining soybeans slowed somewhat during the week,'* the report said, "but with 10 per cent of the crop remaining for harvest was still 5 percentage points ahead of average." Soil moisture, supplies ebbed lower approaching the low level at this time last year. Ratings of short were reported in all areas except a few northern counties where topsoil moisture remains adequate. "Pasture conditions declined slightly, but remained well above the level of a year earlier," the report said. "•Pastures continue to be rated mostly poor to fair." - Kern's tenderloin supper Wednesday, November 4. Lutheran school. Adults $1.25, Children $ .60. 5 to 8 p.m. C-26 VOTE REPUBLICAN RIDE TO POLLS CALL OS 5-6174 (I'ulil Political Advertisement) Want Ads Pay (Satisfaction Guaranteed] tffl Make Septic Tanks Work Like New ASK YOUR DEALER FOR Kteott»£fit*#tt TIPTON COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO-OP RE-ELECT Philip V. Nichols Republican Candidate CORONER Coroner for the past four years. Vice President of Indiana Coroner's Association 1961-1962. Graduate of Indiana University- Graduate of Indiana College of Mortuary Science. Tipton County Native. Married, Father of three children. YOUR VOTE AND SUPPORT WILL BE APPRECIATED -'-' •;- i-Upata political AaVo Republican Candidate TIPTON CIRCUIT COURT Solicits Your Suppot U. BUY S. SAVINGS BONDS Same Uniform Feedmaking Plus 13 New Features This is a good time for a Mix-All demonstration! There are 13 new features to show you. < - < Come on in. You'll see the new auger feeder drive that loads ingredients at hundreds of speeds. See the high-speed unloading transmission that empties 2 tons of feed in 5 minutes. Then, there's the new concentrate hopper at the rear, the calibrated tank, and 9 other new and useful features. GRINDS, MIXES, DELIVERS RATIONS ONE THING GEHL HASN'T CHANCED, though. .The Mix-All still grinds and mixes .with uniform precision. In the null, 66 thin, reversible steel hammers cut (not pound) ingredients on a big 507 sq. in. grinding surface. The ration is thoroughly mixed in the 2-ton hopper. We'd like to prove all this with a demenstra- I tion. Why not ask us? ADLER'S SEEDS SHARPSVILLB, INDIANA <§ ' - M3-S397 Troy N. Hutto, JUDGE: NATIVE OF TIPTON COUNTY TRAINING: Attended Sharpsville and Goldsmith Schools; Graduate of Sharpsville High School 1923; Graduate, of Indiana University, Bachelor of Arts 1928, Bachelor of Law 1933. Admitted to bar in Tipton County 1929. ORGANIZATION: Kemp Methodist Church; Masonic Lodge; American Legion; Kiwanis Club; U. S. Army Reserve, Lieutenant-Colonel, Infantry. EXPERIENCE Active practice since 1933 except for five years in Army in World . War II. Have served -as township attorney for each of the six townships in Tipton County, three times under Democrat, trustees. Town Attorney for Sharpsville 10 years. Have been attorney for City of Tipton, Tipton County, Tipton-Cicero Township Schools for 12 years, Tipton County Welfare Attorney for 14 years and Prosecuting Attorney 8 years. Tipton Couty Republican Chairman 4 years. IF ELECTED: I will do my best to be fair and courteous to all persons. I will show no partiality for any attorney over another or for one litigant over another. I will not use the office for political purposes. I will hot tolerate dishonesty. , I BELIEVE: • That a firm adherence to and respect for the law is the only protection we have for our lives, ourliberty and our property. That .. the certainty and. promptness, rather than the severity, of punishment is the best deterrent,of crime. I believe that young folks who -.. do things.unlawful should answer for their acts/and when punish r merit is deserved, must be'given. I believe that the young folks themselves appreciate firmjand Just discipline.' - ' V I WILL APPRECIATE YOUR HELP AND YOURVOTE,vAND IF ELECTED I WILL SHOW MY APPRECIATION BY DOING TtiE^ BE$T' I CAN IN THIS JOF^IPEI '/ > r '" " • -.A, ' THADJK /YOU

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