Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 6, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 6, 1908
Page 6
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TBB lOlA DIILT BE6ISTEB. TrESDAY ETE?rt>e, OCTOBEBi 9. 1808. FINED $50. 5 FOUQHT OFFICEI^S WHILE IN PO­ LICE COURT ROOM. Todd Clubbed hlni—He Wai Fined on Three Charge* Today. Wiiukm Cbpprem, of I .aDyonvIll3, was fined *5«> iU polire co-.irt today by Police JuJi?© J. M.' Col'ilns, on the charge of Mog intoxicated, resisting aziloiliccr ad vn'ng loud, profane and Indecent lan^iat^c. As he was unable to! pay the .^'ic he was returned to jaij. Cheezem 'was arrested last evening about 5:30 o'clock on the charge of being intoxicated. At the time he was arrested he was in police court room filing a complaint In which he charge ed a man who was with 'him w^ttf stealing his whiskey. While In the court room he grew so abusive to the ptBcers that they were forced to take him to jaiL Cheezem resisted the qfficers and it became necesskr)' for Policeman William Todd to hit him several times with his fist and once with his club, j WAS NOT THE MAN Vtarpy Parker Not Identified a» the Ft Scott Diamond Thief. The Pt. Scott'Republican says: Mrs. S. F. Hayden, who was robbed some time ago of one thousand dollars worth of diamonds, arrived home last right from Wichita, where she had gone In an effort to identify F. D. Mingle, now being held there on charge of murder, as the man' who had committed the theft here. She failed to identify him as the man who com' mitted the robbery, but is still of the belief that he is one of the gang who have been committing numerous dia mond robberies in this part of the State, and who Is responsible for the loss of her valuables. Mingle Is charged with the murder of Mrs. Pearl Pearson at Oklahoma City. September! 16th. He is known to have had mstay diamonds during the past few months and is thought to have either Committed the thefts himself or to haVe secured the valiJ- ables from those who were guilty of thp crimes. His statement is that he ?ia<! p'Trchased 'tbem from different per sons, merely as a speculation, he '!;:iD -;ving and being a good judge of di] . .-imcBdE. hut the supposition of the oil ficerp Is that be is either the thief of ?!iat he has been conducting a fence Uron?:h which they have been han Al^c'. After his arrest a number of daraor .d rines which had been taken from the fingers of Mrs. Pearson after she was murdered, were found hidden In a d ctlonarj', where they had heen secret 3d by him. He said they also had befen secured from other parr ties. jr'' The local'^officers were led to the belief that he'was the man guilty tte Hayden- robbery, as it was knowTi that he operated In lola; only a short distance west of this city. Mrs. Ha}-den was^ notified and went to liWchlta in the hopes of securing some I of the stolen jewelry, but when Mingle was tarongbt before her she failed ;to identify him as tho man who had .|called at her home to secure a room iaai later comnUtted the robbery. She stated last night that Mingle was ; refined looking man and did not hare tbe. appearance of one who would com mlt a cHme such as be is charged with. Sho Is firmly convinced that he Is-one of a gang who have been op#i^ aUng in Kansas, and that he has full )cnowleds« of who robbed her of her xaluablcs. After she met Mingle at "Wldiita yesterday. morning, he was started for Oklahoma City in an automobile. M T «. Hayden did not know why that means of getting him from 'the state had t>een adopted, but she tboQ^t it was possible to avoid some- leg»I process to block his removal from the state to Oklahoma, where he is to be tried for the murder of Mrs. Pe«rson. LOST PIPE IS FOUND. Railway Sent Out Tracer and Got Re- wilts. C. B. Wendorff, 1 city clerk,;'this morning received notice that the car /pipe which was shipped In sever. weeks'ago for this city, and was somewhere enroute, had been fptind and that it would be sent on soon. Two cars of pipe were billed olut of Hmwood. Ind., several weeks ago, and one car received here September 17th. While enroute the otli- er car was sidetracked and until the way company sent out a tracer lost F. A. i. 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Trice per yard ... ."W)?^ to Jfci.oO lOLA, . ITCHISOX 1>D PITTSBURG, K1XSA8. I"* -iti, 'I 'lliiiiiiil .ft'lMiii. iiiiiSwunitt 'inVhwiiiriifci/j «l THKIE, OKLAJIUXA A^D tAUTUAUE, XISSUURL SHOES! SHOES! New Kail Shoes like pietiiri-. in dull ealt skill, turn sole Sp.-inisb heel, wave !-.[.: price So.OO Other values in Woman's Shoes at ,S1..K> TO ^-)AH> Child's Soft ; Sole Slioes and black, sizes b to j. pair in brown price per 25t; • .Infant's 'i'nin Sole Shoes in tan or blaek, size.s 1 to ."i. price per pair (>i5^ Child's Tiirii Sole Shoes. Imtlon or luce, si/.es .'• to H. black <uily. priee per pair 90«^ Cliilds' Heavy Sole Shoes, patent tips, size.-, S',i to 11, an ideal shoe for schoid. per pair .'. $1.25 Mi .-scs' Heavy .Sobv Slio".-. in kid or calf skin, sizes II'j to 'J. |>rice per pair $l..'iO Voting Lidies' Shoes, tlnll top, osthopeilic t'je. heavy sole, size to 5; price .^tl.OO W«.men's iMiI! 'Foj. Slii »-s. heavy- sole, billion or lacr. sizes ;: to TV;; price per (lair #3.00 JtiWs" Heavy Sole Calf Skin Shoes special school shoes, all solid, wear Ruaj-nniecd; price SI..*)!) and #3.00 \\*«iuien'^ Uubliors in low or high instep. g<x>d ipiality: price .'SO^ VVonivn's (>vcrKailer> or Simts in black tell, seven button: price per pair* and ItOf Womeir.- S|«iis or Uvergaitcrs. seven Uii'lori. cMra <tuaiity. Kujillsh: .Melton clt.ih. colored' buttons to match, tan. spioke. browti black, red and Kroe:i ;i price _ .\ai>«>l<-"n SiNits in l"-bution. wave lop. blown or black, |>riee per tMM $1.00 hvit Hoii£.e Siipitvrs in brown and black; pric" t>er pair «1.IM». »1.50. S'i.Oii I.\H.>T.S' AMiLE BRACES l>r I'o.-ner's Ankle Brace Shoes for weak ankies, an ideal shoe for iiifaqts l«'arning to walk, adjustable ankle corset brace, siids to fi. price^.:!?! .35 Infants' Knit Bootees in white and colors, all 'Sizes. Price lOt^, 1.1c. 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