Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 6, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 6, 1908
Page 5
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AnifbtkiiGemBnt . I Beginning.October 1st, we will have solicjitors call on the citizens of Tola, in the interest of our SAVINGS DE- ^PARTMENT. They will be authorized to receiye and receipt for deposits, and will also be supplied with SAVINGS BANKS, which will be given FREE to any and-jail deposi- torfl who open an account to the amount of ONE JDOI/LAR or more. AH deposilbrs who have already opened savings ac cornts tvith us are entitled to one of these new banks, which will be delivered upon presentation of your Pass Book. , We simply ask that our solicitors be given an opportunity to present to you the many good features of our Savings Department, and when thoroughly understood, we know the resuJt will be muttfally beneficial. If post Cl at Mui >u -want the latest and nicest rds on the market, get them idis drug store. State Savings Bank ft tm, Kmnmmm Upeu from 7 to 8 p. ni. Saturdays and Pay Nights Use No. 7 Flour Ciood as any—better ihau mosst. Don't Korgcl Our MEAT MARKET We handle only the best of l"ir.>li Meats, Smoked nnd Sail Mi-als.' We Want Your PRODUCE farmers, and will vny • th" hlphe?* market price in cash or trade. Cpme In and see us. j We are sole agents for J. 31 Bom o COFFEES and TEAS ' K you will give this line a trial you will use no othe'r. . Fryer Phone 301, 80S. Bros. lola, Kansas. OUm Bkmk B^mkm mitamimmm foltmml WmpplHrn mthm Mmmmllmm Wtun gnality Is main MoiriA- •rmtion we bur the bMt Whar* demanda irlll JnitUr, wa eanr all iradea and prieaa. •••tk Ui* Iqura. late. luii. —Dr. J. K Prpper. Deutjlst. Phone !«. iHere In AUlo. .Mrs. I. y. Rawlings returned thts arternoon to her home |n Fort Seotl •ifter a few; days' visit JRitli h<'r par nits. Mr. aiid Mrs. P. Kohlor. She arrived here Friday cveniug with Mr. Riiwlings in his now auto. Mr. Raw linp.-! left this morning in the m.'i I'hine for tola to transact iiusiness be- foir returning to Fort Scott.—^Parsons Sun. —Frank 3. BeatUe. V. 3. Phone 139 Drill at Benedict. A. J. Fowler went to Benedict this afternoon to start worl^ on a test well which he will put down for ga.< fhcro The well will be located on holdings belonging to Mr. Fowler and Mr. Mc intyrc. They IiJive lease.*! on SOO acres. The test will be made on a tract with in Sft acres of the lyelKs owned liy C. B. Achenbacb of ihia city, from whidi Benedict and Rhper are Bi |ppll ed with pas.—Channfo Tribune. ! I Your Choice V Kriim K Inrac |l!«t of (nrmM iln Kan«n <i, MUKOIIH , Ori>ifon aiid Krnliirk)[^ Hi iiii: (.fii,ni;> i.XKU (it's. (»n ifK. n,\rt Iowa Store. J. a. THOM Pmhttmrmnd Pvfr limmgBw Estimates cheerfully given on ail work Phon* «0. Bos. 409 8. Bnckeje. —Always tlinc to eat at Oi^r Way, Vltlled at Che|rryy «le. MiH^ ilertha Baldwin carmc down from lola yesterday and hpent tho rti«y with h«r part -itlH, Mr-jand Mrs. W. \V. naUlwIn,—Chorryvalo Ropubliciul. -Dra. Lathrop, Oattopulh*. Fkoiii> 4<fL for An Alumni Building. | TlX' Aluiiiiil AitHocl/itloti iif till' ('ill viM>liy of KrtiiRHf, tliniiiKh ltn board iif d^ri'ctiiiM, IH pliiiiiiInK III" «Mi'Ctl«in cif mi iiliimnl biillilliiK on or tienr tli': t'iil \t'i'iliv eiitii|Mi« for (if l|i<> II Mil IIIIIDII litntilli- t{i'\iA tor rolHliis till" H'•<•l •^Hllr^ fluid:-, uav 111! Iiiken In the iii-nr fiiliirn. _ ( OLOMST BATES California, Arizona, Etc. Dail; autil October 31,190$. ttSOJM) from lola, Kasi. Liberal stofwver privileges. Personally condiicted excursions. Tickets Bcepted iin tourist sleepers on pa.v- ment of Pullman rate, and in chiair car. No better way of becoming acquainted with the Great Southwest. Where small falrms yield a competence, than by traveling over the Santa Ke. • Isti wo send yon some literature about California. Arizona, etc. W. E. n.\LST0N, Agent. lola, Kansas. IHiGAZllSES A>1» PKBinUICALS - can be secured of J. E. Hendersoi vbo deals with the publishers and furnishes liiem at the lowest price possible. Trial so'jscription to Van Nordeit't;^ ::. months ^'5c. Phone 98; 414 N. Buckeye Therpe & floii|h Contnetori, CngluNrsi Bunrcyirs. Fully .equipped for all kitids^ of Knrveyiog.'eiumatiog. patent druw* • ing, blue |p £tntB. maps, sidewalks, • curbing, uu^ farm dratnag*. OileiB Orer TMMU." —Our. Oystcra. War." To Appoint it Woman, A r ""tlii "n to tb" rovi-mor of Kan Ba ;4 asking liiin to appoint a woman a;' a m<»mber of, tli'; Board of H'-gents of tii<- fniverKiiy of Kailsas has been clr- 'uiated among tlic aiumiif of the Uni vprsity during 'he .st^nmpr. The move- ni"!!! to Konire a ^oman regent Is'd l ;y Kate .Strjbens of the class of "V.! of New York City. —Hp a Modster—Home Indosfry— N'eosho Itivt-r Cat at Our Way. Pdund Body at ChaniJte. A^li^rt; Smith, the son of a well- kiiowji farroer living at Rosp. Kan., discovered the hodv of a tramp lying in the public road imrth of Rose yes lorday afternoon .nose is a small flag station on the Missouri Pacific about IS miles northwest of Chanutc. The body was that of a niiif<> man. roughly dressed and apparently about 40 years of age. He could not have been dead long, as he was resting at the side of the main traveled road between Rose and Yafe.* Center. Nothing «as fi^und in his pockets by which hlK identify could lie traced. Si. Long, a farmer 'northwest of town, brought the news, of the affair to Chanute this afternoon. The body was taken III charge: hy the Yates Ceuter coroner, and an Inquest will be; held tomorrow. About two years ago the body of another unknown man was found at practlcallv the same jiolnt.—Chanute Bun. MuDdis no«r has the agency for. Lowney's chocolates. I Ha« Scarlet Fever. The als year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. WUIlun-.WAlker, of 306 Sa Keptneky. street, Is do#n wltb agarlet iome to lola Conference. The Neosho conference of the United Brchiren church will meet In lola, Octob (i- 14. Charles Bowman is the dclega e from the Ipcal ctiurch,. but Rev. C irroll, Rev. Strope, Rev. Baugh man aid a few laymen will attend the sessioi ^l At this conference the United Bre hrcn pastors will be assigned to new pulpits for the following year. Rev. C^rnili will preach his farewell sermoijl/ here next Sabbath. Bishop Weekl .l," of Kansas City, will preside at thel uieetings. and the address of welcoii e on the jiart of U»e city: and •oromtljnity will be made by Judge Qs••ar Pojlst. Among the prominent men of the ileuomination to be present arc Dr. Crates, of Campbell college, and Dr. Brooks of the seminary school located at Dayton, O.—Chanute Sun. Uig AnlomobUrs. grade u^ed automobiles, all makesj at lowest prlcec. All cari> in coiidition. 1 ship >ou any make of car. yoi pay for the car when you get it wlite today tor price and specify make 11 car you want. Now. is the time to bu\^ II. S. Vrooman. 1118 naher Buildlilb. Cbicaeu. Little Girl Improving. The llllttle dHURhler .of Mr. and Mrs James jPruitt wlio sustained a cut over her eji'b Saturduy afternoon is now rupidl) -J «U kli lliery* The Chanu sami at the curren I Improving Qaragp ami Repair Shop for d« of rrpalrlnir. Anlomohilr bona 8S3. Same as (oU Portland. Ash Grove cement plan* at V will be equipped with th i^ind of electrical pott<>r in use lola Portland here, the direct sy.«;tem. Farmers, Attention- As (he cropping, season drew.; f<? a clos|!. \t Is jbeco^iing evident that much IliPtffr crops of .all Kinds bav been jjaised than were hoped for in the eafriy part of tjie soaron A good crop iif wheat has been harvested and tltf: prospect.-; for corn are bright i It very generally known that ttj S'atioiial Com Exposition will be hel tn tpniaha. December 10-19. 190S large ium of money was hung up for prizps for wheat, oats and com. Veify liberal prizes are offered for the best displa: by exhibitors from the Indl vidual states as well as from the states at large. Look over your grain arid see if OU ciiinot arrange, to make an exhibit froin jour county. If jiiu are Interested write to Prof A. M Teneyck, Manhattan. Kansas who i( chairman of the Kansas com mlssWw, or to S. W. Black. Columbus knn.sajs, a member of the commission You ^^ili be furuibhed premium sheet lermsi and api'lic.ition Idanksi upon request.', Let tlti' HI jus nil see to it that mir part f >t ttio IM well represented VoiJTs for n successful oxpoHltlon 8. W. aU\CK. Boh McMillan Her*. llol||rt McMlllen, u( (>ltlal:<iuiii l-|iy vlnMliiK wllh hlH imriMitrt, Dr. iimt MrK, »tcMllli<ii lie <\ill relittti Imnu •'rldiik il 'M-Ol for la »lcr» any styU at tnii ailviu* Would Fairn. Toii SilviuB, private 4'''^'^<^'*'"'>" OKcarl furlls. of the lola Portland, lift lUt night for Dallas. S. Dak New post cirds. Mundla drug store. Ill- will register in the drawine Id In the Rosebud country. Mrs. Endlcott Returned. Mrsl G. W. Endicott. who has been the guest of ter slster-ln-law. Mrs. W.j Endicott. for th»> past week, re turned to her hom^ In lolu today no'in —Ch^^ryvale Republican. —li-Our Way Soda^^aler. Dr. Rennlck's Father Dead. •Miss Ora Rennick this morning rc- reivfcj a me.^sage from her brother. Dr. cjl W. Rennick, stating tlial her fatheti died at Covington. Indiana last Mr. Rennick has been in fail balth for some time. H«> look a week ago Saturdaj-. since time he has been '-onstantly g. A message yesterday after Islated that he "could live but a time and death was not unex Mrs. Rennick and their son »s were with him when death They will leave with the corpse for (therrr»ale Tuesday noon. No funeijlil arrangements have yet been mad< Ma! ion Francis Rennick was born Augujit 3tt. lSr.5 and died October 4. 19US. I He was married to Miss Sarah June 1. 1S62 at Covington. In- To this, union was born nltic chlldf en. six of whom survive the father. They are: Mrs Chas Allen, indh lapolis: ^'irs. B. B. Campbell, Dc catui III.: Mra. W. H. Berry, Springfield. Mo.: Charles W. of Wellington: Chanhcey and Ora of this city.—Cher- ryval! Republican- 7^ PBksONS WANTING boy or girl to worU for boftrd wblU attendlnit uhool •nnly at lola Bnatiwas CoU«c^ Sboiw To introduce the on sale 36 dozen Kid the United States at YORK STORE new button clasp Kid G-love to our trade, we shall place rloves—the celebrated "S. K." and '^Vassar" G-love, sold all over 100 per pair. Wednesday price, 89c Pair T .hesG gloves coiiie in all shadesT: Tan, mode, taupe, navy, white, red, London, smoke, greon, black. Sizes 6?^ to 8. No money refunded, no gloves exchanged, and^ no gloves fitted during this sale. IN:KW YORK SO^ORB —Paper ltans:lDg. Phone 1428. Fred Rowdea. ATE WATEBMELONS A Swimminn: Contest. A boys' swimming contcr.t AIU b? | qlvrn at the V .M, C A Tbinsd;«v . •. eninu of ihi.- \vt->l;. Hoy- who "iKi-i the contebt must be nicnibcrs of fh« juiiiiir ?yni <-l;)s<i of the a.'i.':Oci.Tlii>ii j A'l I'oy.'; nil" t-nt'-r »|ie liice.s will li>charged an entrance f''f '.'f t'>ii r^ni.^. SiTCI.alor'. will he rhargrd ten <ents |AI FJAyr lA."jT NIGHT Y. M. i. A. MAIirs A>OTHEK t t»>TtST. \ —B. M. Cnnnliigluun, money. 6 per cent Another Scarlet Fever Case. Scarlet fever was discovered in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Smeltzer, ot 411 Nortii First street this morning, and Will CI«?e ilctolHT 31st—Losing Te-im To J^co'e Pnnrh tn tliP W lflHcr>i. Lir -t evening after the regiilar meet tng of the senior Wmnajium clair, of th.? Y. M: C A. the tabl'ji. v.eie set and the memtx-rs 'niuyoi.. n.-iterns -.M Prof, i; V. B.rr>pUy |. :ij When You pHvyour good bard money for any thing, yoij want the you can get for those dollars. No two I,->.undries.produce the same quality of work, owing to the difference in appliances and experience. We claim to bie the best In lola and will (Move the claim if you iwiil give us the opportunity. #o/a Laundry Phom»W2 Reqister Ih Opening. \\ H Lock wood and S I. .larl- son win leave this evening for Oneai. Nebr. wheie they will rcgir.ter in the Ro.-icbuil opening ' The Bnest and fresoesl line of can dies In town is at Mundts's. the home placed under quarartline. Ir [on feast win Smeltzer. a five year old boy is'director of the ai <^'tM'tati<iii. dull:!); rhe the victim. This is the first cas*' o*;!f.,-as't.i aunouuced that l."-;:iliui!;^ li.ij.i. scarlet fnv ^r to be reported thi.'; fi 'il.|nnd 'contluuinp uu'll. (,'cti!b«r St.r • lirre would b"? a member;!!!!' c-jvtr-* li«tw*eu tl ^c rnemb-ts '•< •! •Two Itcani.; nrre rhoi-fn fr;!!' ui'-' beri". of the i -lav. on? tt.i; i !•• known as the red;, and ilu- ••tli'i .1 •hi- tl'-iei Frank Rottf v a.v ei':i .!*d captain of thi- Ked& and .Vltici .\"!- i.'lU r.lplillU of tll'> I'lll'.^ '\'\> Ic. illr- 'I'.ilii rtlll .ine Ininli IIM- iuii.>i \\\ till- ii.--.M«-tatii>ii liiiibliii^- iiH' i.tii ilii; upon Whlcli the route.^t rln.^c... I'i'ii lVNt;»lilii til- rndlt«il Willi ••lie point I'M .M-i\ it>ili.ii foltii (lit di(i- Inc. tin- • xiileiI liitllt pi i/i-<i »lll I.' >:-vrii ti> (<i(liiu> IIIKI pri/i'. 11 i 'iilii |ilrl« K.WI. (lilNliitii MUI ,Si'i ntid pil/i'. 11 piill oi .••i>jii|ldtii»; >:>'>) flui"^ 'I•> .'vviv n>" n. l.« t :!..'iiM ihi: lUi'iii iwir".. .t onr'r. ni"'itli' 1 - iiii' <i Hi I."' Klv'ir rii |;o-.v |;i.; 1 . ,1 ll.'.i "f Ibi 'wi 'nai 'i • lot tli»- ItMd it.mi- lu •'. : - p. \V. H.-l>'Mn>. I.. Nilii'ti. •» Si'-;-. .M't'ill Ai/.liacli. I. Odttv. V.Mi \-ii.;iM. .t. i-iisr.. I. I.Mw -.'i. It U\ii,>i'-. M. iou. (• lii'-ni!!.? i'n'l O Snii'li FC'i ilic Pliii'.—A ,Vel.='>n. Avl;"f/cr DIP DAV III QTnpi/ij^'^-'l children of the city to attend he DIU 11A I In O I UulX'^^''"^'-'' fn the wards in which they ^ live, instead of attempting to send ihom to the school building just cMn- . ltr<|nj^rd \;>W Cars I'. Hani the pitted excibsively for negro chUdren. 1 The attorneys for the negroes doj inot set up in their application for thej i writ that the bo^rd has no right under ifhe law to sepirate the children on ; ithc color line, but that the schooll ; W .««0 Head Kerciicd at k «nM ,s I liv Maifcet V^t'-rda}. AM Kai !^3 Ci 'y lfv» _-ri ,ck levvi Have Dish Hhowei. Tl.i- I.Hilj MitccaliceH will linv< dihti i >lio\ver 111 llti'lr tegular rcvli-w rhurrtilii) iifteinoon at 'J o'clock ni tlie K. of P, hall. All membiTM IM- IIIK'HII-II to lirhiK- II iliNli or liixlii-i: —Hxila U'aicr. (ha Our Way kind. Aiiriilina Ml* Own Rooks- Ill 1: I' <lhnii, <'otiiir|)uiaii fiotii li" l<ir;;l ward. I.- .I'ldltltiK hli. liook; lnd.iv Tb"- (lorlor ha.»t. hi- Is an .I'l pi at auditing books for other partx-s "lit wlien It. corner to lii:i o*'n li" i:' unequal to the lasi:. —Fresh Oystsr.K—Our Way. Material Is Her*. rbc '•ommlssloners have bP«>n-Tioi| tied that the material to be used in the repairs on the Englcbard hrldse and the lower D?er Creek bridge b?)*-" arrived. The repair.' will b»> made next week. They were ordered at »h«> lajt uieding of the board. Vislled Here. .Mr and Mrs .Ed Hale and family pent Sunday and .Monday v<i'h friends at lola and Moran, arnvins lonie yesterday.—Ft. Scott Ilepubll- can. 5,000 DRUGGISTS Guaranler anil RecoranieDd Vfnol a» the Dot Cod llrrr Preparation on the .Market. II one person more »haii auoiher should know the value of medlrin'- it Is* the retail druggist For fhi'' reasim'surh testimony as the foliowiuK should be eonvinciog. • (• A. Pofterlield. the leading druK; «ist of Charleston. W Va.. writes: ' I ave used VInol for every; metnher of my family. Un.d have n»'ver been dKan- pointed ill its v-^u\t- It \i a pl':a.-;«i* to sell a remedy that gives, such unl- veraal satisfacili.n." Mr. J F Bradlry of New Prun£> ick. .\" J. writes: "It i.' a pleasure o rerommend thv owl liver preparaf ion. VInol, nr. ii giv»-s iUeh bplcndtd satisfaction. I itave used if, in w\ family and run recommend U from experience." As a liody-bulld-r and hirciigth- creator for old people, delicate chl'o- rcn. weak, run-down perFons. after sickness and for chronic coughs, crjildi, bronchitis, and all throat and Ipnjg troubles. Vinol Is unexcelled. Trjr K la on ciur offer to return money if it ^ai to gtve-MtWacUoa. DroBilstf.Iola. _ 8. R. BurreU, -eif t-rol-.ea yci..terda.v uheii the re-| -.hewed the II. OsliiTTii-. Heylm' ris. F IVf?. Dud Jleaus. .\ H .}igRl». and Pruitt n. Kirt*-r. I. liar ey. F .Sfr. n .'onto. Cb«^nault .building is locajsd at a place danger-i ' oiis of access to luccount of the nllroad tracks. The alfeinntlv the colored pupils ooj ; llroad tracks. I i i» writ Is made r9(ura4 \ and the school boar4 H 11) employ lui iniforney and Ught tbi> „f ;i .',i>f >(i eat'!'-. l-.'-"i> ralv«'.-i.|j IJ .•(>•' b'>s!. ,.|jd ll.'.n'O :|i»"ep. iiiaklnr. ai ','>':u i -f l>ii .l*'"> liiMil ot live .-ttoi 'k in ••lii|; In 'I III.-. It. lunrr tluni tin- .'i>nil>iiii-il I ,, _ , . . ... ; , , , , able October 1.!.- and the school board iiiaikii;' ot Diuaha Si ijmih iiiid hi ' ' lo.'i 'pli. iiud is tiikeii li> till' tiiolerj 1^ oiil.\ Hit Inillciiiion 111 «liiu nitty l>i.' '- ' I\pi In lei-clptd till!. I.ill Cllleui,... i • I. iiiiM the <ilil.\ iliv |v |ilr |i pti.>>e|:| iMOMLS' I Kniinii: Cll.v III nielpu and Ijil-. liAdc ' e.-nt.r IH Mm pili -liiii hard for the! P «'^»>'hpd Hrpt •:2. Vm.) .Mil It i .r .lo CM,- to biiiii'•'^"•'«"'' •M »P.»»l«>«»»«*nl Ailmlitlslnitor, till' live Hliick to KllllMI!< t'i't Olid >v ••I V «ill li'' .'11' 1 1.1 ill r<ir !ii).M 'h«r K :>ii.i .ir. tiliv Diiv. cliawt tr .iil" doni •ill Mie slatf-i w.i-i of ilif Mii-.-i.-i -lp |Vi rlvei-. bill DiosI ot the livi- hinfk i-eil! —Sign painting, phone. 14:H. Fr^d If'i.vdpu JUST LIKE FINDING I r. Ex-Jaller Kingsley Oidn'i Know He Had Fees Coming. "I came f .iver today on a Utile Imst- ness and found 17 .50.' .s.u.l John Kiug-sle.v, formerly jailer here but now a farmer in Wood.son county. On htj arrival tiir. morniii;; a fri"ii'l 'Ippt It off to t)iu e.\-jailer Ih.-r m still aom- fi^v.' r-ouiiug to him a» tb* rourt houte. Mr Kinfsl'^y not mow it and th'* money wa., lii -p a gift- Mr Kingsley say .i t;..- in r,ft ting along flue on his tann. 8t .iie of KUnx-tii. Alleti County, n III the uiiiil .<r ;'^)f ihc eHtale of WillUim; I' llnmtni'nd,f l«i«» of Aikn County^ K«n»a» I >)ilW|nr AppnlntmeaL i Notirp Is h'|reby given, that on th« h.-..- •.oai.-t.b.v wa. TPX..S . t .Us- 1 '^fh ^^i' S ^pl -mber. A D. 1903. th.i bom.,. Kan;>r,-. and lo'-.i-d.. !undersigned was by the Probate Cour: l-^-r Allen ("ountr. Kansas, duly ap- IN THE RIVER. pointed and qualified as Admlnlstratoi Kraiise.^ Cafe, li:: Eas;! .Mreet. the.«-ith the will annexed, of the e «aie» ol IradiuK ov.;ter aiid n.-al hou -^p In lola.' WIlIlBm F. Hammond, late ot Allei ha-, thrown th- k'-^s of ti." caf^- iu County, deceased. All iwrtles later rur rivPr and t!cv will now keep open'^^t-d in said estate will take iiotlc«; all night Th-y . will .^erve Fresh ^"d govern themselves accordingly. 0^.>ters and "Lunche.s of all kinds. Mr.! T. X FUNSTON. •V F. E Kn,i ...e will manage .he busi- S"--'?^. Administrator. n>-ss in the day tim<' and bis son. C- i B. Krauso. a. nicht .NV.w. ..on't for' . 'P^^'/^^"^!;^ ^?'.f'J,!^'. ! .eta. bcinnin;: tonUht. w^ keep open. >"tlre of Appointment Adntatoto^ton Try our Bo.ston Fry and MaryUnd ^''^'^ Cmaty, s^. - , , In the matter of the estate of Phoebla stew, they an- rich Wf l;»'ep frc.^n ^ . . .1 ovster --i at all tiiii>-,-; fall lip ifM-.n. ^- Hammond, late of Aliett County. —Merchant's Lunch at Our Way. DISLOCATED HIS SHOULDER. J. O. MiKlebach Hurt While 5curr<ing With Clerks. Little J. (J Mittlftbach. proprietor of the Palace shoe store, suftered a dts location of the left shoulder »hii= morning while engased In a friendly scuffle with the Ju\enlle clerks in the store. He was t.'^ken to a pt:ysiciau who set the 'joint and no pertnan»'iii injury is antlripated a.s a n-solf of th- accident. To Slrk .Hr )lJe. .Mrs Lucy 1 Hull left yesterday for Klrksvllle, Mb., where she will take up a three .yeprs course in osteopathy. Wc d'diver to any ;>Hrt of th- »it;. Kansas. •Connie" wi:i l..- th-r-. .1' nishi .iii.l j oiy tr^ai TOM rJK ^t KRAfSE * SOX Rut >otlce of Appointment. Notice is hereby given, that on the ;I4th day of September. A. D. 1903. the Undersigned was by the'Probate Court I of Allen County. Kansas, -duly ap- 'pointed and qualified as Administrator niehl "f -Separallon l- ^')l .Set of the Kstate of Phoebla B. Hammond;. Ip In a Mandamus Writ. ilate of Allen County, deceased. A!' i parties interested In said estate wtu altcrna.-i take notice and govern themselves Tif..sT \nyirr TIIK .Nr.t;Kor,s. Parson.-;. Kasi Or; !>.—.Va live n ril of niandaitiu .-i has been serv-1 accordingly, ed on the s-'-lioo! Iwvird of this clty| •"iiitR.inrtiim fnem to adniit the cdl- 9-22-29-6 T. .\. FITN3T0.V. Admlnistrafo'-. Is. an ordeal which all women abroach with dread, for riothtne compares to the paiq of child-birth. The though^ ^ of the suffcrinsT if! store M K ht;r rots the expectant mother -^oF pleasant anticipations | Thousands oF women have found the use ori Mother's Friend.rob$ cofifineinent of much pani indir.sures safety; to life of mother anc child. Thi.s hninicm is n God-send to womeivat thecritica! tiine. Not Irmly does Mothei'-i rrle.-iil carry vwomqi'safcjlibtfiroagh theperihi child-birth, but it prepares" Ihc systi:m f r j^n-r-g ievcnt. reii, " ncrning sickness. ' unJ other dis- Ifnmfrtrt'- ''fU l-r itnigitUii' nt «l i>ii. /tiooaalM frce- l XBS BRAPriELD a £G ULAKHL CO. 8*. „ »•

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