The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 29, 1944 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 29, 1944
Page 10
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PAGE'EIGHT- Chief Saunooke Flattens Moody - Swede Corlin Winner : Over Mexican Champ At Legion Arena , tost night's mat version of David and•; Goliath didn't pan'out the Bibllca!. way. Chief Saimooko, 340-pound Go- JUthuof the ring,.-, found Jack Moody, the former Southwestern of Memphis, football star, to Ills liking Eiid needed only 15 minutes to defeat him 111 straight falls In one half of Promoter Mike Mcroney's nil-star wrestling jirograin. '"Twenty-three years of ring experience paid off In big)dividends as Johnny (Swede) Cnrlln spoiled the Blylheville debut of TuMy Truesdale, light, heavy weight champion of Mexico, t«'q lulls li one, In'the filial match of the spectacular evening's entertainment. Too Much Man • The Saunooke-Moody nffnlr turned out one-of the most disappointing since the local impressarlo hns been promoting here, arid through no fault of anyone. It simply didn't ILYTHEV1LLB (ARK.), COURIER DOPE BUCKET 1- f. fftUND "flint was another day, nn- inlsslon, and another story, GETS SCARE!) APLENTY jgrln. "Don't let, anyone tell you-'that other ,.„ ,„. „,.„,.„, .„„..,. he doesn't get scared while maklngjThe sky was as clear as a bell., Not n cloud In sight, THREW WHOLE 1'OKCi; "We were heading the parade in the first whiff, the spot, I think, on these raids. Everything went along peacefully—too quiet lo be comfortable. We knew ihat something was up. And It wns—Just before we ncared the target. The Germans threw Hie whole air force 'nl us. Phew, T ne.vcr suw so many planes conic at us. There were all sorts/sizes and shapes, 110's 410's, I03's, 101's, and some o[ Ihc boys swore they saw even sonic bombers that were being used as fight- a bombing raid over enemy territory. If ^you ever do hear a flier make a crack like thai, you can lake II from me Ibal he cither Is a liar or hasn't crossed that English channel." "Or hasn't got enough sense to get- scared?" we prompted. "They don't come thai crazy'i', came the quiet reply. . It was Lleul. Hcrschell (Hcrky) Moslcy, veteran of 31 missions as pilot of a B-17, 2G of lliem over Berlin and German targets, talking. And there was a certain look In Ills eye, a dead seriousness In his set Jaws that had every evidence that he wasn't fooling or talking for conversation. "How long was It before you quit having (hat lump In your throat, Ihc certain tenseness In your mus- pnn out. 'Outweighed 124 pounds | c ' c - s ' n " c ' t' lc llngle up and down to be'exact, Moody didn't have nlS'our spine upon taking off?" I chance, not : c\'cn a Chinaman's'1 ucr ' ct| . "I wouldn't know. Every lime I chance. He made a valiant effort !o make n fight of it but not only had no luck, but hardly made a dent In the big fellow. Mebbc lie should have brought along a sling shot, Tlie overflow crowd, impressed with the size of Ihe Gherokce chief, .had an excellent chance to observe Ills Iremendous strength by an un- iisual and.amusing incident. During an encounter Promoter Mc- roney, who is anything but a weakling and not far away from the 200-pound mark, tried to break the Chief by tackling a leg. Ho couldn't lift It; off the ground. While Mike was straining every' muscle Hie Chief hurled Moody across the ring as nonchalant and effortless as the average man would flip n cigarette and stniicd walking across the ring, dragging the promoter iilong the mat. The fans howled. ; Chief .Saunooke tcok the first fall with a leg bar and back breaker' in five minutes after toying with Moody. '-Moody made ills most serious, bid to start Ihc second fall. He connected twjcc with flying tackles but ran Into n right crass that fcayoed him hi 10 miiuites. ;'.^[ Speedsters Slage Show. - ^._irV contrast' to tlib'first match, Carlin and Truesdale staged a rip- tiiortcr in the finale and helped to snye .the show. Fast,, clever, ''and unusually- skilled, these two giants really ;put on a : dazzling exhibition that drew repeated plaudits from the' thrilled fans. Carlin can credit this 'victory to his; rhig generalship. Out maneuv: tred by the faster, younger Mexican champion, lie set trap after trap arid found a willing sucker that led to his triumph. Especially was that true during the first fall. All during the fall he had been gelling to Tuffy's back •for no apparent offensive reason. Each lime Truesdale would reach, through Ills own legs, grab one of -Carlln's legs mid flip him to Ihe -mat. He pulled that stunt at a half dozen times. Then Swede sprang the trap. As Tntosdnle .reached through again the Swede .clamped him by both wrists and : pinned him with an alligator clutch as slick as Ihe tarbaby caught the rabbit. The time was 25 minutes. Tf.rtrpo Spcceil Up Never In the powder-puff, the match slipped into high gear during', the second'fall as action find skill reached its pe.''k. Carlin started roughing his younger foe ..but discovered tiiat l-,vo could play -that game,. and how! Truesdale foftencd the vetenn with a series of flying head /•jclss.irs—seven of .'em in a row—then polished him off with flying ttickles In six mln- • ulcs. . Both dead tired from the ter- .rific pace set in the first two sets, they didn't slow down but kept hammering away with everything crawled Inlo that big baby, gave her the gun and headed across that channel I was scared. And I didn't relax until we were back safely on terra, flrinn, and I do mean flrina and less terror. There is no way to describe It. except that you're just plnln scared. IN GOOn HEALTH Quiet, non talkative, hml In surprisingly good health 111 spite of the ordeal that lie must have endured during those nerve wracking ers. "Then the fight began. Our fighl- crs lit Into them like a hen,on a June-bug and went round ami round ns we continued on to our objective. The boys did a great Job that day. More thn 100 German fighter:, went down. Our force lost n few. We were lucky. A few holes In our ship, but nothing serious." Hcrky modestly pooh-poohed any suggestion Ihat he boys did an v better jab at bombing than the' rest, it became business lo (hem, serious business in an effort lo bring to a close as quickly possible this killing anil dying. He said they were Just chauffeurs, that their trips were routine and usually without fanfare and excitement, save fighter action and ack-ack. He did tell of another time when one of his ijiipiirchargcrs went out »*"*l-w UMII1<5 blltAll; IH.-111; ,vl I11.EVI1I£ * . ' " " six months In England, the former '„ ll ng n »' lsslon om France on Chick and University of Alabama u - Dilv grid slnr gave credit to God for his return: He said llicrc were plenty of limes when It could easily have been his ship that went down, Instead of his mates. And there were many who fell during those to talk about what missions. Reluctant lanpmed on any, Hcrky did describe a few raids under our per- ilstciil barrage of questions. "What happened on Ihat first raid over Germany, Berlin to be exact, in earl s . March that we read about?. I popped to him. "Nothing", lie popped back. "We iusl went along for the ride. The sky was overcast and not « fighter came up. Wo Just flew over our :nrgel, dropped our eggs through .he clouds, turned bended back home." "How about No. 2?' "No«', you've got around and something Ihere", ho said wilh a grin, A grim iu sight. The finish came with a resounding, sickening thud ; Carlin had been-pounding the kid .•something awful and twico appeared the winner/only to have Truesdale wiggle out of body pins following haymakers . and flying • tackles. As Johnny started a hook to the body as a clincher Tufty leaped forward and took it below the belt. Naturally, he went down and Carlin fell aboard for the fall. .It. was some lime before the champion could be rnrlcd off lo (lie dressing room for treatment. Despite Hip foul blow, which obviously was unintentional and accidental, the victory stood. MOTOIt GOES OUT "Bill we weul on in with the No. i motor out, dumped our load on a :arget we never saw for the clouds, and came back. Just as simple as Ihatl" I wonder If 11 Isn't! Another lime over the Ace Golfers In Nashville Meet Invitation Tourney Scheduled Sept. 2-5; $10,000 Offered NASHVILLE, Teim., Aug. 29. (UP) -Officials of the $10,000 Nashville Invitation golf [annulment predict Unit between 50 and CO of Hie tin- UODS' lending professional and amateur golfers will ciilcr the meet. Tills year's tournament Is scheduled at the Rlchland Ciol[ Club September 2nd through 5th. Among those definitely slated to play in the tournament, are Byron Nelson and Harold "Jug" McSpaden, top money winners among the pros this ycnr. The two have been battling It out 'almost neck and neck in the link circuit. I3ob Hamilton of Evansvlllc, Ind vvlio won Ihc 1944 PGA crown at Spokane. Wash., two weeks ago, lias entered (lie event ami is expected to share the favorite's role with Nelson and McSpadcn. Some of the other outstanding pros expected are Ellsworth Vines, Jolmny Rcvoktn, Uoimy Shute, Tommy Armour, Gib Sellars, Johnny Bullii iiiul many other snotllvlit- holdlng Hnkslers. And ninong Icadlnj; amateurs expected to compete arc Morton Bright of Atlanta; Roy Moore of Memphis; Urucc Handy, also of Memphis; mid the former national Intercollegiate champ from LSU Dale Moray, of Martlnsvllle, Ind. A dozen or so Nashville golfers lire expected to to (iiialify for the tournament. Already entered are Elmer Prlcskorn, Nashville city title holder; A. C. McManus; Tennessee State Champion Mack Brothers; and Red McEwen. Red Sox Take Second Place In American By United 1'rcs.s The American League pennant race Is back in one of those tangles that It used to present earlier In the season. The St. Louis Browns hold a tliiee-and-one-half game lead over Die second place Boston Red Sox, and one-half game behind the Red Sox Hie New York Yankees and the Detroit Tigers are pounding up after the Brownies. Yesterday the Red Sox won a 7 to 4 thriller from the Yanks at New York to move from fourth to second. The Yanks staged a ninth- inning rally that chased three rum ability the time spent on n pre- Ilight or camp eleven will-not count against a player after the war. But Ms experience on the gridiron b-- 5i-c he entered the armed forces '111 be deducted from his eligibility Today's session will take no final action. It will simply recommend n prosrnm lo the conference meeting here In December. Southeastern Grid Session Gets Underway BIRMINGHAM, Aug. 20. (UP)— Members of the Southeastern Coii- ranious Terence were meeting in Birmlng- mll hearing factory in Germany a|hiim today to decide on recom- 20 m.m. shell went through the left whig close to a gas tank.. "Did you .see It explode?" I asked with dead seriousness. "Well, Imrdly. If it had I wouldn't be idling you this now." After that dumb crack 1 let him do the talking. Herk praised the the American—and fine work of British All- Forces. Especially was he impressed with the fine teamwork. He said that the finest football precision was nothing In comparison. They had it down to fine details and it was paying off wllh human lives. A severe loll hns been taken in lis original crew of 10. Only four besides himself are left lo' fight. One Is dead, five me prisoners of nt'iidiitlons for n new football rule; book after the "bigger game" of war is over. Tlie session is lo be a three-day stand in wlilcii a thorough rehashing of post-war rules for Ihc gridiron circuit Is slated. Eligibility for war veterans attending' conference schools under the G. I. Bill 'of Rights will be among major issues up lor settlement. '"*•*'"•! Commissioner Mike S. ConiieKsays he wants the rule book, prepared and plans established now for a smooth organization. According to Conner, in all proj)- war. There South and five from -across ivorc five boys from Mnsbii-Dl.von line in his crew. His tall gunner wns Bill Page of Memphis. Hcrky enlisted in March. 1042 and graduated In June 1043 at George Field, ill. He left for overseas Feb. 27. He lias reported lo Miami, I J la. future assignment unknown. Scotland's population totaled 483,000 In 1031. over the plate and loaded Ihc bases. Hut l-ellel pitcher Frank Bin-roll poured three strikes past pinch hitter Don Savage to enii the game. No other games were scheduled In the American League. In the National League the SI Ix>uls Cardinals .staged a ninth In-' nlng rally, and theirs was successful. Tlie Cards scored three times In the last Inning at St. Louis' to edge out the Cincinnati Reds 3 to 'I. Pinch hitter Ken O'Dca homer- ed with one man on base for two .if the three Cardinal runs Jnort Cooper won his 19lh game of the season by holding the Reds to three hits. • . Tlie only other National League game scheduled yesterday, PiUs- L'urgh at Chicago, was'washed oui Second Doye Shooting]. Period To Be Allowed LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 2S <UP)_ Secretary T. A. McAmis of the Slate Oume and Pislr Commission says federal regulations provide for n extra dove shooting season tills year beyond the usual 15 days season in September. IvteAmis says that besides the regular season from September 10 to 30, a second shooting period from December 10 to January 20 will bo permitted. ' ' Baseball Standings BOUTIIERN LEAGUE ' VV. L. Nashville ............ 38 , 10 Atlanta ............... 30 20 Memphis ............ 35 22 NCK' Orleans .......... 28 32 Mobile ................ 25 32 Little Rock ........... 22 32 Dlrmmglmm .......... 22 33 Chattanooga .......... 21 37 AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. St. Louis ............ 70 54 Boston ................ 67 58 New Vflrk ............ 05 57 Detroit .............. 65 g7 Cleveland ............ 00 CO Philadelphia .......... CO 87 Chicago .............. 57 C6 Washington .......... 52 71 NATIONAL LEAGUE W. L. St. Louis ............ 00 30 Plllsbursjli ............ ID 47 Cincinnati ............ 01 SO New Voi-k ............ US ISO Chicago .............. 51 Ii4 Philadelphia .......... 48 70 noston ................ 4D 73 Brooklyn ............. 4G 77 TUESDAY, AUGUST 29, J3.1-1 • Nashville 3, Litlle Rock 2. Chattanooga 4-4, Birmingham 1-8 AMERICAN I.EAGUK j> ct . | Boston "}, Nt'iv York 4. /jug (Only gnme schculcd.) /MS .0141 .405 .43B .407 .-100 .302 .056 .530 ,533 533 !«G .472 .423 .423 Pet. .750 .508 ,572 .-15.9 .•143 .407 .402 .374 Yesterday's Results SOUTIIKKN LEAGUE Night games: New Orleans 4, Atlanta 0. Memphis 9, Mobile 4. Dr. J. L. Guard Optometrist at Guard's Jewelry 209 W. Main FOE BALE CONCRETE 8TORM SEWER ALL BIZEB Cheapu Than Bridie Lumber Osceola Tile & Culvert Co. fhtne Ml Ottnla, Ark. GULR SERVICE STATION Corner 5th and Main Now Under Management of 0. E. 'Nick' Nicholson , Washing... Greasing Slmonlrfng - Tire Repair ONE STOP SERVICE TANK Fighting tanks need fighting lubricants -lubricants that will fight heat- keep motor and gears working smoothly despite tough battle conditions. So the U. S. Army uses Sinclair lubricants for many of its tanks, jeeps and other mechanized equipment. SAVtWEARWJH To give your car the same, sure protection, get Sinclair lubricants from your Sinclair Dealer. To protect your engine, for example, he offers Sinclair Opaline Motor Oil. This famous oil stands up longer and lubricates better because it is both de-waxcdandde-jcIlicd.UseSincfair Opaline to keep your car rolling. , J. ALLEN ~ Ifrtkoille, Ark. Just deceived of $ Oil-burning Space Heaters. LAUNDRY STOVES AND COAL BURNING HOT WATER HEATERS ARE RATION FREE. Complete Stocks of Including the'beautiful cabinet model CHICKASAW West Main Near 21st St ^ | Sat. starts 12:45; Bun. starts JR45 Night sbows 5:45 Except Monday, opfim 0:45 Continuous sliows Sat. and Sim. Tuesday Only RUDDY NITE 2 Tickets For the I'rlre of 1 "HALFWAY TO SHANGHAI" will Irene Hervey & Kent Smith Selected Sliorls Wednesday & Thursday Double Feature "BEDTIME STORY" l-'icdric Ahu-cli & I.oiella Voung and 'SWEETHEART OF THE FLEET" with Jill.v Falkcnhcrg & Uremia & Cubina New Theatre Manila's Finest Shows Nightly 8:00 P. M. Matinees /^. Saturday & Sunday ^ Best Washed Air Cooling System Tuesday 'HER PRIMITIVE MAN' with Louise Albritfon ami lioli Paige SKU1AL and SlIOIiT Wednesday & Thursday "CRY HAVOC" with Margaret Sullavun & Ann Sotliern Fox News & Slmrl HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. Farmer's At Elm Grove Hereford Farm Barn In Blytheville THE PICK OF THE PEDIGREED DUROCS FROM HERDS OF BREEDERS LISTED BELOW—. THERE ARE NO BETTER DUROC BLOODLINES IN AMERICA . . . DON'T MISS THIS SALE! Miss. County Duroc Breeders Association "THE HOME OF CHAMPIONS" * Top Pcdif/rce.Dnrocs For Sale By These Members: C. G. SMITH & SON STANTON PEPPER GENE BRADBERRY Blytheville, Ark. Huffman, Ark. Manila, Ark. J. C. BUCHANAN CASTLIO BROTHERS C. H. WHISTLE Blytheville, Ark. Luxora, Ark. Whistleville, Ark. JOE T. CAGLE BURDETTE PLANTATION L. H. AUTRY Blytheville, Ark. Burdette, Ark. Burdette, Ark. ROSS D. HUGHES JR. Blytheville, Ark, THEApElUXQRA "PRIDE.,ofritHE COMMUN ITY" Open 7:30 Show Sfarfc 7:45 Tuesday PAL NITE The Racket with Tom Nc:il, Jeanne Hates Hugh licnumont Selected Shorfs Wednesday & Thursday Cousin' with Ann Miller, K'oclic.sler .mil Freddy Marlin's liinnl News of the Day Short THEATRE^ Manila, Ark. 1VEKK-DAV MGIITS Rox Office Op«iis 8—Show Starts at 8:15. SiVrUttUiWS & SUNDAYS Box Office Opens 1 Show Starts 1:15 Tuesday & Wednesday "FOLLOW THE LEADER"| with , The Kasl Side Kids HKO News & Comedy

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