The Orlando Sentinel from Orlando, Florida on March 25, 1973 · Page 27
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The Orlando Sentinel from Orlando, Florida · Page 27

Orlando, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 25, 1973
Page 27
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477,000-Ton il TanEtcr Dwarfs Queen Elizabeth IE , . t. 't hi tm ' ' . .... A" .. 27 A fetnttnel &tar Sunday, March 25, 1973 North American Nawipip.r Alllanc LONDON The world's largest ship, the 477,000-ton oil tanker Clobtlk Tokyo, has just begun sailing on a regular schedule between Japan and the Persian Gulf, according to Wm. Brandt's and Sons Co., Ltd., the London merchant bank which arranged the financing of the vessel. The mammoth ship, 1,243 feet Jong, left on its maiden voyage February 21 from Kiire, in southern Japan. The tanker arrived in the Persian Gulf on March 9 and, after taking on some 138 million gallons of crude oil from the Middle Eastern fields, was due In Japan on April 2 after a 23-day return voyage. The ship is owned by the London-based firm of Globtik Tankers, which is also building a sister ship and has entered an order for a still larger tanker of 700,000 tons. Brandt's, Globtik Tankers' bank, headed a consortium of Scandinavian, French and American banks which raised funds for the construction of the $50 million Globtik Tokyo. The tanker joins the growing fleet of VLCC's, or very large Crude Carriers, as they are called, in helping to cope with the world's energy crisis by transporting huge quantities of fuel quickly and cheaply. The dimensions of the new supertankers are so vast that crews ride bicycles on the decks Instead of walking and navigators have to chart new courses to accommodate the ship's dimensions. Outward bound empty , to the Persian Gulf, the Globtik Tokyo sailed through the Malacca Strait between Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula. Loaded to its full draught, or depth below the water line, on its return the ship made Its voyage by a different and longer route through the deeper Lombok Strait between Bali and the Lombok Islands in Indonesia. The Malacca Strait can take ships of draughts only up to about 70 feet, while the tanker's full draught is almost 92 feet. The Globtik Tokyo, built in 1972, takes the record for size from another Japanese-built tanker, the Nissekl Maru, which went Into service in 1971. The Globtik Tokyo has a capacity of 104,302 more tons and is 105 feet longer than the Misseki Maru. The size of the oil tankers is expressed in deadweight tonnage, or the weight of the cargo which the vessels are designed to carry safely. The huge size of the Globtik Tokyo becomes apparent when it is compared with some of the world's tallest buildings. The tanker is longer than the height of the Eiffel Tower and is almost as long as the height of either the Empire State Building or the towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. Compared to the ship's 1,243 feet, the Eiffel Tower is only 984 feet, the Empire State Building is 1,250 feet plus a 222-foot broadcasting tower, and the World Trade Center, the 4 ft h .1 ... , . -J. ;L!'-1 I . '? ct" " i ttm"Z" ii. , . in. . ni.i mml I PROJECTOR REPAIR f 111 U1F1 FAST ALL MAKES r3l FREE ESTIMATES Colonial Photo & Hobby It N. Mill MM4IS I WE FIT TRUSSES (f nlrttn'il Tirtirtrf I Wintir Park, Florida SeiTIflEL STAR .MOVES. MERCHANDISE -iiiiiiiiiiiiiiH"""1 11111 """I"!: INCOME TAX RETURNS sir Guaranteed Returns., w. pay oy p.naiiy or int.,- i x m. n t eoutod by our orror. Z JC InStant RetUrnS R.ody lo mail tamo day. Thoroforo . 3 -.... ..I.A Office Open All Year I Fr Parking - If Coffe Ui Your Matter Chargo WORLD'S LARGEST OIL TANKER BEGINS REGULAR SCHEDULE . . . Globtik Tokyo is only 107 feet shorter than world's tallest building (NANA) Gerard Bookkeeping Service : 14S.Bumby Opon Til 9 P.M. oV4-4 IIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIHI""""" MIIIHMll""""" world's tallest building, is 1,350, or onlv 107 more feet than the ship. The world's largest passenger liners, the Queen Elizabeth II and the France, are dwarfed by the tanker. The Globtik Tokyo is 208 feet longer than the France and 280 feet longer than the QE2. The breadth or beam of the tanker is 203 feet and its overall height is 230 feet. The rudder, 45 feet high, is large enough to provide an area on which 47 cars could be parked. The five-bladed propeller weighs 61 tons. The tanker was launched Oct. 14, 1972, only six months after its keel was laid on April 3 at the Ish-ikawajima Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., shipyard in Kure, Japan. The ship's run is between the central terminal station of the Nippon Oil Group, at Kiire, Kagoshima, and the Persian Gulf. A longterm loan provided by Brandt's and its parent bank, National and Grindlays Bank, Ltd., and an eight-year loan from Mitsui and Co., Ltd., Tokyo, made the construction of the tanker possible. The vessel is being operated on a 20-year charter to the Tokyo Tanker Co., Ltd., Caltex and Nippon Oil Group. According to Brandt's, the operation will make "a considerable contribution to the United Kingdom's balance of payments." Ravi Tikko, formerly a junior lieutenant in the Indian Navy and now head of Globtik Tankers, believes that the new ship will produce foreign earnings of approximately $100 million in the next 10 years. '3 & Up mm OPEN DAILY 10-8 PM Sunday by Appt. CUSTOM TAILORED CLOTHES CAN COST LESS THAN READY MADE! WE FIT THE HARD-TO-FIT CNOOSI FROM OVER 1,000 FAIIICS AND HUNDIEDS 01 STYLES fOW Mill WOMtR. CUSTOM MADE (IIITf nu 155 SPORT COATS fROM 3 -$39 SHIRTS OM S NOBLE'S FASH1GMS Ladiot' I Mon'i AltTatiorn m PARKING IN FRONT J. REAR. 746 W. COLONIAL DR 425-4183 U.S. Hits Desert 'Paradises' MAKE IT A POINT TO HEAR . . . "MR. TREMENDOUS" JOIIES Known Nationally a a Dynamic MOTIVATOR ... SALESMAN . . . EXECUTIVE . . . LECTURER ... AND HUMORIST. It it laid in motivational circlet that CharlM E. Jon and Red MotWy or the two moit tought ofttr dynamic iptok-rt in th nation. MONDAY, MARCH 26, PARK PLAZA HOTEL CALL NOW FOR YOUR RESERVATION - 423-5532 Christian Scltnc Monitor WASHINGTON, D.C. - Mayors of 50 U.S. cities the draw tourists and conventioneers have been warned by a federal officer that some unscrupulous land sales companies may be giving the cities an unfavorable impression. The warning was issued in letters sent to the mayors by George K. Bernstein, administrator of the Office of; Interstate Land Sales Registration (OH-SR) of the Department of Housing and U r ban ' ' Development. It comes in the aftermath of a federal grand jury indictment of officers and salesmen of Lake Havasu Estates, an Arizona company charged with mail fraud and violation of the federal Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act while selling desert real estate sight unseen. More than 2,000 sales were made, mostly to visitors solicited in the streets of New Orleans, Las Vegas and Reno. Buyers of the land were from all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Japan. THE INDICTMENT in Phoenix of Kenneth R. Lavin, president, and other officers, salesmen and agents for Lake Havasu Estates, marked the first major criminal actions against a company en-ganged in nationwide sales of desert land. Other cases have been filed and convictions gained on fraudulent sales of land for recreation homesites, most of which was sold at the site of people who lived nearby. The grand jury indictment in Phoenix concerns only Lake Havasu Estates, which is now in bankruptcy proceedings and no longer selling land. However, the letters from Bernstein were sent to mayors with the intent of making cities aware of the general problem of land sales solicitation of visitors and local citizens. Federal officials estimate that more than 50 developers are selling several hundred thousand desert lots in Arizona. New Mexico, and Nevada, to buyers throughout the United States and in several foreign countries. Most of these buyers do so without seeing the land. And many of them pay inflated sums for land of little value, with virtually no resale market. "BUYERS OF such lots, if victims of fraud and misrepresentation, are just as likely to equate their bad experience with the city where they were solicited, as with the salesmen and the land," Bernstein wrote in his letters. Mayors were sent a copy of the Lake Havasu Estates indictment so city officials could see the type of misrepresentation alleged in this case. No specific suggestions were outlined to the mayors other than' a reference that the indictment "may be of interest to you and agencies under your jurisdiction which regulate business or sales solicitations." According to OILSR chief i n v e s 1 1 gator, Raymond Eluhow, who developed the Lake Havasu Estates case, tourists or convention visitors mostly in New Orleans, Reno, Las Vegas, and Guadalajara, Mexico, would be approached in the street or a public place in the city and offered a free sightseeing tour, dinner, tickets to shows, or other gifts in exchange for a few minutes time listening to a short talk about a new recreation land development. ONCE IN THE land sales agent's presentation room, the out-of-town visitor would be given a-high-pressure pitch. According to charges in the indictment, misrepresentations included statements that the "buyers" would not really be buying land, but only taking options for future purchase; that the company would resell the lots for the purchaser upon request for a profit; and that immediate reimbursement would be made of all monies paid if a person was not satisfied after inspecting the land. Prospective buyers were also led to believe that Lake Havasu Estates was connected with Lake Hava su City in California, a new planned community 38 miles away which is being developed on Lake Havasu by the McCulloch Corporation. (The McCulloch organization has no connection with Lake Havasu Estates.) Buyers were also told the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Develop-metn approved Lake Havasu Estates and protected all purchasers. In fact, the indictment charges, all of these and many other m i s r epresentations were false and fraudulent when made. ALTHOUGH Lake Havasu Estates officials registered 164 lots with the Federal Land Sales Office in December, 1969, sales were started illegally in June, 1969, said Richard H. Heidermann, chief of enforcement for OILSR. "This is one of the most flagrant land sales schemes we have found," H e 1 d e rmann said. "Our investigation shows that well over 2,000 people paid from $3,995 to $10,000 for yA acre parcels of land Almost all of these sales were made in major resort or convention cities. Buyers were told a large number of industries would be coming into the Lake Havasu Estates "industrial Park." and the Ford Motor Company planned to construct a large automobile assembly plant in the area. And they were told hard . surface roads would be built and utilities, including central water and electricity to each lot, would be provided within 3 years at no expense to the tax payers. NEED A PIANO?? CHECK OUR NO RISK PIANO PLAN Boforo Buying or Renting Smollait Dtpoiit ... No dilivirv Chows. KELLER MUSIC CO. COIONIAL PLATA - W P. MALI If,.. ORANGF MFMORIAL HOSPITAL P" cT' 5 E m our lot , MH S' ' ' " LJRAHGE HEARING AID CENTER 1503 S. ORANGE AVE. ORLANDO, FLA. 32B06 in IfflPan American Tire Co.D 4 PLY POLYESTER COftD WEAR IS .ZiSQOv' IJSIITEUAILS PICK YOUR BRAND CODE 3335 'A ' If T 4 U I." 1 'yrr-J FA t T - n. GILLETTE GOLDEN DEAR safe iliMVlSlin 2 POLYESTER CORD PLIES FIBERGLASS BELTS GILLETTE SPRINT GT 70 v UIUITCIUHIIC HiriliEfiniLu 2 ton $4 '' ' ' . k CW. D70 1416,95) Whitewall Tube less Plus Fed. Ex. Tax of X V H TubelessTira Whitewall Plus Fed. Size Brand Price Ex. Tax Code 33 6 Each Each Tire D70i4(6.9r,r 2 For $40 2 34 -E70 14(7.351 2 For $44, 2 8 70 i4(7.75f" 2 For $50 2.61 "F70 15(7.75) 2 For.$52?-65 G70 14(8.25) 2 F0L$54 ? 82 "G70 1&I8 25I 2 For $56 6 H70 14(8.55) 2 For$583-09 H70-15I8.55) 2 For $60 3 06 All prices Plus Fed. Ex. Tax each tire . 2 smooth tires oft your car. FREE TIRE MOUNTING ROTA l I UN nl in lint PURCHASE. FOR TIRE t A78-1 3 (6.00) Whitewall Tubelesj L?S E78-14 (7.35)&C78-13(7.00)& L F78.14(7 75) F78 15(7.75) G78- U C78 14(6.95) Whitewall TubelesVy 4(g 2'5) & G78.15(8.25) Plus Fed. Ex. Tax of J& . Whitewall Tubeless Plus 2'2,4 jfjT j Fed. Ex. Tax of 2.37 respectively.. JT mm T?Vfc-2.60 deoendinq jf O"-" i H78-14(8.55),H78-15(8.55), if T- jj 7TTTil 7 J78-15(8.85)&L78 15(9.15) 3 '" on size. M g XSv All prices Plus Fed. Ex. ETfwf"! TS ,Zjr Tax & 2 smooth tires off your car ljkSfrl PRgg TIRE MOUNTING 8, ROTATION WITH TIRE PURCHASE i iii i ii ' i SHOCKS STANDARD g77 EACH DELUXE HIAVY DUTY RIDE CONTROL 8" EACH 9" EACH 121 BRAKE SERVICE MOST AMERICAN CARS wr n what w no w..imvIi.Miw .t.i to-' HtHt amt I tuth hviti' Wi'm Mo.i.1 mt 'w li'k (Mn'O'iM HIk.iII'i , v''"'t' ""rt '",,'" 1 fWlO....I- ........ I.ttl. AIM .rtiHt'it Any .l.l.t.oit di Ot M'v . I"il "Oi tHrt tiav A'H til 2 BALL JOINTS UPPER or LOWER 77 An (r i "J fft jfjAUGNMENT lIKA Moit Compocts, Fordt, Ch.vy, Olds ond Pontiae FLORIDA'S MOST INTEIIESTINC NEWSPAPER m EACH ORLANDO J35 W COIONIAl 299 0231 PHONE 241-6529 WINTER PARK 349 N ORIASOO AVI 647 2324 :v . . 1 PINE HILLS - WEST ORLANDO S340 W COIONIAl 299 0321 CASSELBERRT 40W HWY 17 J - COS$ tROM WARDI 831-1 505 ACROSS I ROM WARDS SO. DAYTONA 2401 S RIDGIWOOO 767 9231 SO. ORLANDO 1)10 S ORANCt ISM II H4M470 EAU CAILIE III HARROI CUV IIVO 254 2272 DAYTONA 115 N RIDGIWOOD 2SS-W71 ferntmrl frl.U 4

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