Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 26, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 26, 1907
Page 2
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fHB lOLA PAItT BEOTBTBK. THCBSPAT ETEKBrO. SETTEHBER M, 1997. l>rthr F. A. NORTHRUP, ViM-PrMMMt .. O. P. NORTHRUP. 8«e «nd VIec -PrMt. lipNitirj fir tH Oiitei Statti Stall •flusai A. k. anuMBAUGH. ic «rtii«r. 6 «tablish0d 1869. MKLVIN PRONK. AnL Cachltr. $1,200,000 , W- -Stplemlier. I*©!* golden rod Isyellow. _cllie Cora Is turniog Ui-uwu. frag trees in apple urchnrds •gwlth fruit are bending dnwii. ^e ,gentlan's bluest frin);o.s s Ate curling In the sun: & atJBky pods the niilUwowi Its hidden silk lias HIMIII. [ Thk bedgefl flaunt tlioir Iiarvcsi every meadow inook. . Anjl'BBlers by the brookiflde f Sake asters in the brook. ; «7Xall IheSe loveiv tokens 4i Bcptember days are here. , .With BUmtner's best of woatlR -r ii' And autumn 's best of cheer, t - ' —Helen Hunt .hickson 'f. \ • + * jHlSB Louin Gates in lo ciiteriiiln to- iht for Miss Cora Hi»:hliuul of Mc me, Mo., wJio is her K'HS I for two + T + IllBB Bertha Sickly and . MI.- N Myrtle m are goluR to Hiiniliolilt Salut- to spend the week enil witli Mlns iMky Pickell. • • • JMra. H. Means will, n-iiuii lo her i(^e In l^wrence tonioridw after a tlilt .wllh }]er sislei. .\Ir^. ('has. B Spencer. , * + • • On Monday eveninu .Mi^s Ma Tj^eed and'.Mr. Kn -d KfS!<ler were united In marriage. The ceVcmony irjla read at the home of Mr .anil Mrs. Sliinley in East lola. the only wiiiiess- ei being a few close friend.-^. Aflei wedding a reception was hchl at tlte' home of the bride'- i ^isti-i- and brother, Mr. and Mrs. .Iame>: Ketchuin. wh<^ live south of 1^1 H:ir|ie .\ir. and Mr^. Kessler will live at the Keuhum h^e for a short time. * * i One of the |>leasant iKiriie.-^ of the wj^k was given last eveains Mr.- L;: L. Northrni> who enteriaiiiwl the Bridge Whlsi rinh as a compliment to Mfs. Hugh' Means of I .awrei);v. The evening was spent at the card tables tbfe following ladies being present: Ifi-s. H. Means. Mrs. C. H. Spencer Itos. J. G. .Mittlebaeh. Mrs. C. K Etl- gfrton. Mrs. K. .1. Horton. D. Fi'Northrup and .Mrs. T. S Stover, ji • ^. • : --ilrs. C. A. H. DeSanlles is exi )ceied trf^ return soon frtmi a summer in New Ybrkand the ISast. .; * * * ^^tri. U. U. Jones is hostess of a M$m^ of ladles this afternoon at an uCwtlBal pBrt .r. A number of A* gHeahi are members of Mrs. .Tones' cSiss in the M. K. Sunday school, i. 5 • + * .?rhe Endeavorer.s of the. ("Iirisiian church have planned a lengthy pro- ^gtem for their "Current Kvent" social tiki the home of Miss Ciolda ICIam this eT «nIng. There will l)e a recoiintinp of .current topics of interest by'frtnr . of: the young people and several mii- sljbal numbers will be coniributod> The , btietess society is expecting a large ' siimber of guests. J. f^e October number of ' Dros^" of : fashion magazine tells of .some un'iisn- ajJy pretty Ideas for a bridarbreak flU^ and the favors for wedding giirKs, wedding arrangements are ul -iiioi|t entirely a matter of individua tistc. but suggestions a re. pethaiw aiwajH In ordef. ijhe breakfast limy be made most elaborate and attractive—un iiitinite va- ~ rlety o£ dainty boxes and flower b;l^ of charming design obtained fron tie caterer ornament most effectively tke flower-laden table. Kad and fancy djsc^ee souvenirs of constantly increa> -lag value—cigarette and match boxes -^th .the initials of the recipieiU above thosei of the bride and groom, and siickpins for the men. For tlje youns Women, bracelets, necklaces or brooch e», btit almost invariably a bit of jew -«try. A delightful conception at .t ^ rljcent wedding was the enorinons wed iiAng . bells of orange Itlossoms hungj oVer the center of each of the several - i^iund tables. From the.<c bftUe .hUng ai beautiful Dresden cnpid iii~fropt;HOt «|ich; guest. At a given signal fh ^rflA ^ns were pulled and amid a iMS'rfect ^over of flowers. liiVautifiil ^nd ctaB^ ^rate souvenirs came tumblHig down i ^b the table. C ?;t1ie fall bride will sulisiituie for the ^tlia-Cupids. little, wedding slipl)«•^ « » variety of sizes, weight ju«l mot-, Kit hung close epongh so that with the ^Umtest current' of air the most s»h- ^eaod silvery nuisir will be beard. A f|t ^r Innovation sugpe.-;tiVe of a #hj>le train of sentiments. Si. • • * jMrs. O. U. Ilnshfield li*jue from ii few days in Kansas City. ' i i • + * li Miss Elsie Ueeser of low a ^as crime -fe'spend the winter with her aunt, lira. A. C. Thompson. Miss Reeser fit teaching at the Lincoln school ^ •; • + J. 4. ' '•' , j Miss Certrndc Sisson who "spenr^ •ereral weeks last spring whh her iufit,<Mrs. A. C. Thompson, was mar- lied list week to Mr. Wm nallard of ^IHUnta, Colorado. The couple win go to the eastern states sometime next ,montli for a visit and later ttacy will •io to Ca ifornia to reside. Mrs. Dal- \av(l was entertained several times while ill tola and thus introduced to .1 hirge grouii of friends. <• <•> -Miss .Merle I'helps. .Miss Kthel Ellis and Miss Kegcna lUikofver of Yates Center spent yesterday with .Miss .Mildred Swigari. •> • The I'ro.ijre.-slve club of das City is iirranging for a reception to open their .soci;il and study season. The event will be elal>orate in detail and will occur at the residence of the pres idem. .Mrs. I'. \V. Frevert. There will be a number ot friends of the club in attendance. The llrst jirogram will be on Wednesday. October !(!. and .Miss .Mice llo.-:e will present a paper on 'The Fall of Komc." •:• • •:• 'i'he lola delegalion to Kansas City for the I'rie.-ii of Pallas carnival prom ises to be iiniisnally large this fall. A nuinlier of young people are going to' be the guests of friends and then there will bo the usual numl>cr ot sight seers who will spend the week in visiting parks and amystfinenls. •> • ' Miss r .ora Cooper la expeiled home from I'ar.-oiis eiiily next week. '> •> ' The O'rjdietl.s clilli Iuemller^ will •iieel Willi iht 'lr (llri'ctiir. .^!r. (ieorge Wnlte. at ci-.;!!! o'clock toniglit. • + • The Soio.-^i- rltib members iire look- iig rol•^v:lr(I with a great deal of anticipation l<» the opening of the work :his fall. The first meeting is on Oc- .ober Ihirii. one week from today, at Jie home of Mrs. O. W. Hcdmes.. :'.|it j>oiiIh Cottonwood street. There will e several iiove: feiitures in the program, tme (if which is ;i foreca.-t of ;he year li> the president. .Mrs. .\. V. i>odge. Since I'lH cltiii is i'li orgatii/alion lo each the meuilier.; lo enjoy an hour •ti pleasure as well as study, the wc- nen are to discuss '•Mow to Hi si." on his partieiilav da.''. On Ocioln'i- seventeenth tin- elnii A-ill begin :he course of lessons from Vmeri-.-an hisiory suggested by phras- •s froiu the .soii« '.Vmerica." •:• •:• •:• .Miss Fdna Keith has gone to her home in Chahnte for a few days. .Mrs. N'. K. Sioiii- Is taking her place as soloist :i! the Crc.seciit. •J* The I'liiiy Club will IUITI on .Monda.\ aflernooM with .Mrs. A. V. Lodge. The tirogram is as follinvs: toll Call Cities of FratK'C. '^esson. F:otii I'roixh History, leseaich Work ...Mrs. K. \V. .Mylrr May Siiniv and stories from French people from Hay View Masa/.liie. iie.idiii.^. C.iesar's Invasiou of Caul .Mrs. Llovd Coe Music. Critic's Kepoit .Mis. .1. H. Smith The «-|nli has ado|iled :i new rule Ibis year concerning the programs nd jio jiapers will be written. To lake the place of these compositions, there will be readings selcted from books of aiitliorily 011 subjects rela- ive to the lesson. SQUAW MAN "GOOD" Drama of rnusoal Xrrlt mil Be Seen at the Urand Tonight No play of American life, fuller of keen human interest has been presented In the last decade than 'The Squaw Man" which will appear at thj Uranii theatre tonl.ghi. This play which is thu work of lid- v.-lu .M'iton Royle was presented on entire season at W'allack's theatre. New York, and those who have seen It d?clare without qualillcatlon that It Is the best of all the dramas dealing with Western ranch life. Mr. itoyle s thoroughly familiar with the locality in wh'cli his scenes are laid and with ihc niaiiners and customs of Its dt-nizens. In his tilay he has be?u careful to olis (.rv<' the varitles at all times with tl.e result that his work tlirills utiii throbs "ith real humanity. His hero is of real fle^li and bUiod and .Mr. Ili 'iiry .lew.^tt. impoi>-onatps I-'.III in such a way as to make him an actnallix in ilie minds of tiie audi' enc ;.s, TV.c htory which is lhai of an expatriaii'd Kngllahman who becomes a "squaw man", that is. marries an Indian woniiiM and tlni <11 .v <'oines Into l ;s own again is full <if intense dra mate inleifs . its sc -nes are vividly and sharp!' coini-.isted and many of Us siliiatioii' are iinique. while its language, i^ "f Hint slmplleltv and directness wbidi is a'<v:iys vo ••ffeetive upon the stage. I.lebler d- Co.. have spared no piilns n<n' .'xpense to maUe He iirodtii'tioii coinpletc 'n •.very lU'- tail and the stage setlitig .s. It is said, arc caleiilal 'il to "Oclle iln- wonder iiiid admiralbm ov .-ii of ;i generation li!a\ go «Ts .Mirfelt'.'! wiib elaborate .sta;;i' siiectrcb's. The cast. too. is an exfradorinar.i <>:i:-. e .ieli ni'-'iii>'r I.e 111; select, d for siieci .il a latitibility III tile cbaia 'ier I P . or s !i" i.i ;o pres • tit Suzanne ' <•<•. an aclri 'ss of merit iiid abilit.\ s the leadiiiK woman of the organi/a ion. while oth.-rs in im- liortant roles- are .Mrs. .Mextincb-r Salv 'ni. Charle:- Swickard. l.o.uan Haul. Virginia Hin'iaiian. Charb .s Chappelb and Ftanl. ''anipello. .Mcs -^is. I.',-bier X- Co.. tlu' maiia- ti >rs of ilii- ••aterprisi- will exhibit to III' palf .-iMS I'list w!i;i; the.* can do in i;:f ! lie cf in arlislic production of !r'-ii.i;t!i ;itii' xaUu- whi.n they delib- eialejy -Xivi- tb.-ir mill. Is to it. The title rob" i .-i ill lli<> hands of Henry .lew- elt wi;o l :a- depyrlet; from his usual line of worl, and is i.oriva>ing an Kn -lishiiiaii ill VVyoniing with what are said to bi- ;iito ,^eIIf r satisfactory re- sluts. We have just received a caretnlly selected line of emnuhtB ImpoHmd Hmmt PmMma French OMiMm \ large variety of single liicces and sets. Including a beautiful liuu of I'late^ in exquisite colorings. See our window. McNElL BROTHERS, TMCJtWetERM. FOR THE AMERICA GIRL Tlic .Most IteHutifiil Wuiuen, Fi .Hher. tlic ArtlsU HEATON TEAM STOkEN Spotted Shetlauds Miosing Since Last Might Mrs. Clint ileaton reported to the county ofllcers ttnlay that her spotted Shetland pony team together with the buggy and harness, had been taken last evening .some time from the barn at the 0111 home. .Mrs. Heaton thiuks they have been stolen. She returned last night from a few days visit with her mother. Mrs. Ames, at Lawrence, whom she says owns the team. She said she was going to send her ponies to her sister. Mrs. Oscar Leonard, jr.. at Hartlesville. .Mrs. Healoii wont farther and Intimated that her husband. Clinton Heaton. formerly owner of the Chop House, now had Ihe iionies In his i>os- sesslon. .Mr. Ileaton could not be seen today and may be able to exhonerato himself from any connection with the di.sapiiearancc of the horses. Some in-| terestiiig deevlopments' may follow. CRABB SAYS: We have long had a reputation in this locality of filling prescriptions with the highest quality goods that could be secured, and in filliog them in^a way which nut with the approval of the entire medical profession. The same carelul work will be continued in the future. The same high quality goods vfill be- used that have been used in the past. We solicit your patronage W. L. Crabb, Tolophono 4'76 Premorlfitfajn OruggM KNiMV IT WELL. Itagr ThBrel "Where are you going?" - "Doing after a sack of Um #»MMil Flour. My Wife Woti'ttxse anything else." • ' mm. Till- ICpwoiih L<a;;iie of the .Melhn.- dist church will havi. a rehearsal of their (day "Diamonds in Ihe Uoimh"! tonight in Library hall. The entertain ment will be given next Friday even ing. •:• •:• The Christiau Aid society is holding a nieeling this afternoon in thi> church liarlors. 4. A J. The Worn-tis f.nlld of St. Timothy's -hiirch met at the home of .Mrs. Park inson on South State street yesterday. ^A- large numbar of the ladies were wesent but no important decisions; were reached, .^lrs. Parkinson served •in elaborate luncheon to her gne.sts and was asi^iiited throughout the after Tiobtl by Miss Grace .\eres. • • • .Mrs. Ed., C. Gllllatt returned lumie yesterday after a few days' visit with Mr. C.illiatfs mother. ' Libbey Cut Glass! A large and bearliful as- .=ortment jnst received. Will be glad to show you. Sewaill, 1h« Jeweler 104 North Washington. STAM»AI{T»'S TRICK IN TEXAS. lio«r tfap r «»rtiieaita Oil Company \\H* Handled at i6 Broadway. New York. Bei>t. I'C —H. C. Folzer, ji .'a dlre*-lor of The. Union Tank Line company, fold as U' wltnesi: today In the Koveniinent Auit for tile dissoUi- lion of the Standard Oil company, has Tthe Cors! he and C. M. Payne built cana Oil company of Texas, with funds funi'shed bv the Xattonal Tran sit romiwn.v. a Standard isubsidlary and held the stock in their names until 1900.. when th 'v purchesed th<' stock from the National Transit com T>any becpuse of tile anti-trust Ipgisla- tlon. Mr. Kolger said that the argee- meat 10 luiy the Cortitana company wa« made verbally with .tohn D. Archbold. ^•^ The witness teifl'.fled that the management of the Corsican company .continued unchanged after the sale and Utal lu (accoiuJiis were forwarded to Mr. Cheebrbufdi at' No. 26 Broadwar- the headquarters of the Standard Oil company. .\ew York. Sept. 2li.-"French women are arlllicial, lOnglish wdiiiiMi are wooden. The American girl Is Ihe only type 1 care lo draw." So said Harrison Fisher, .Vmerlcan lllustraioi'. whose drawings of lovely women are Ills specially. "I have been away two mouths." conilniK^d .Mr. h'lsh ei. "and during ilial lime I made abso liilely no drawings of foreign women's faces. If they had U'-en so beautiful. I could iiol Inve resisted sketching Iheiii. I made a few :;kelches for back grounds, and of two or three old men I saw 111 the Uititi i|iiarier~<me ol them Uodln's model." I "And .voii saw not a single French | (u- l-:nglisli woman .voii wanted Ic draw?" was asked. "Well." .\lr Fisher conceded. "I san oil!' or two beaiilifnily dressed l^'rench women that tiiighl have looked well in a picture. I '.iit they were women of fashion and would not have posed for me. .\merican women are different in that res|ie;t. No matter where I meet them thev .-.loiiiM -ally are willing tc (lose. I lia\c sometimes asked wealthy woman I happened lo meet at a lereption to pose for some i'lustra- (ioii 1 wa:; making, and .she has Invariably said she would be glad t( The modi'l that pose I for this picture and .Mr Fisher held up a drawing of p slender, daz/ing bloncl in a black riding cottiinie. "is a little Hrooklyn gin She is a ccdlege gr.iduate and sayj that after she has practiced her music two <ir :liree hours a day her time iiangs heavily on in-r lianils. So .she (loses for i!:-isirations and earns hei pin money that way. "I saw a «irl at .Martin's the other iii«h'." eontiiiued Ih"' artist, "who was the most lyyical .\iiii 'riean beauty 1 ever seen, '"'o be sine, she had on an imported irown"— "Wei that was typical." said the rp- jiorlcr. "Yes." 'j -i '^hed .Mr. Fisher. "It was Shr bad Cie long e.\ es with the spirited li;ok the clear coloriii.ti. the mouth liriii yet sweet, the well dctliied jaw the lii.s;li shoulders and exfinisile carriage that ill my oidnion distinguished Ilie .\incricaii woman fnmi all the other women in tlu' world." KaMilliur KcatnreN Well Knnuii lliitidredH of lola CilizpnN. I" KA\SA> l"IM)S ( OIM'EH OKE. Isn't ever3'tliing. The face fit counts; tlie style fit is iiuport- anl; the price fit is ncce.'-'sary. Ihe Imperial Is fit all over, fit for you; fit- tinfifly— $3.00 rupluln Snodvnis.s Sends riillijijilne .Mineral to lie Assayed. Washington. Sept. 'Jt',.— Senator Charles Curtis, of Kansns emerged from the postofllee today with a re<' tangular im<-l-age in his hand, coven/! with |K)siHvc Kluinii .'i and eontainln>: sanipl's of copiier ore sent him by Captain Itertiiiin K. Snodgrass, for merty of l.awrenc:- Kansas, now serv ing in til.- army in the Philippines. Captain Siiodgras.-. with others, hat discovered copper ore on orrt^'x^f th islands of the I'hilipp'iie archiiielag and if it assays as anticipated, h will lie willing lo surrend;-'r Iiis con n:ission and go to niining. Senator Curl's will send the ore to some of the government A faiiilliiir burden In every hot;i<-. The burden of a "bad back." .\ l;ime. a weak r;r all aching b.nk. Tells you of kidney Ills. Doan 's Kidney I'llls will cure yon. Here Is lo'a lesilmony lo prive it: K. W. .SiioH. of .South sirei'l. lola. Kansas, says: "Off ami (Ui for fen «>r twelve ye .Tls I was bolhejed R 'ith pain the snr.ill of my back ^u'l in my ri.ulit lii|>. I am apt to tak(> cold at my work, esiieeially if I stop while jiersidring freely or even if I |iiit for diiinrr. if I am not careful, iiid whenever I gel a cold il goes to iiy back and some relief but It has •iiy bark and causes me considerablej suffering. 'I'lie rcmeclies I have tried have given .some relief but it has not lasted. Mrs. Snow learned of Doan's Kidney Pills and got a box ai Chas. '•i. Spencer & Co.'s drug store. During •he several weeks which have passed dnce ii.^ing this remedy I have had •carcely :my trouble frtmi my old •oniplaint. .\lrs. Snow com|dained of- en of p;i!ii between the shoulders and n her left liip. She was subject tfil leadches am! spell^ of dizziness. She 1 tseil Moans Kidney Pills fm- a short line and lia.s iioi had any of these] roubles since. Doan's Kidney Pills •re :• remedy that can be depended ipon to give promjit relief from back iche and all ailmcnis arising from dc-, vauged kidneys." For sale by all dealers. Price .".n •eiits. Fosler-.Milbnrn Co.. HulTalo \'ew York, sole agents for the I'liili -Stales. Kenieuiber the name—Doan's—and ake no other. W. II. ANDERSOfr. A(tornr;-at-Lavr. Notary and Stenographer In Office. Phone 405. H. A. Kwing, S. A. Oard, G. R. Oard • EWI.MJ, ({AKD Si OAIID, • LaiTj-<fr8. ^ Practice in all Conrta. 'J'A, W. Madison. Phona 229. " • * • « DIt. McUILLKIV, Special attention given (n the treatment of all Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Office 32, Res. 2?,2. Office in Mrs. Turner's IBIdg., West Madison. »•«••••«•««*•*•**• • • • • I'houe (;S7. Res. 701. .D«. 0. L. CtlX, Eye, Kar, .Nosn and Throat. Siiectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. O. V. W. Bldg. 3mrc Phono 108.-?. int. It. <». CHRISTIAN, rfaj .slclan and Snrpeou. Iv'ionia 7 .Tnd X. Kvans H.'dg. !»n;i{ATi:i» KAISEK KONJOKSKI — « « • • .STEKEt)PTICA> VIEWS AT Y..M,C.A Sr('tu'<t Fnnii rolonidn Will Be .Shown Tnniirlit. ToniKhl al f'e V. .M. C. A. biiildinu the lovers of bea'itifnl scenery will have a rare oi )|K )rninity afford':! them The iiietiiies that will b.-' thrown on the .screen ar.' scenes from the (Jrnn Canyon of the Colorado in Arizona 1'his scem-ry has been pronounced liy vorld travi' as by far the niost sublime ol all earthly sceeiis. Th sides an- all color.^d and are the tin est that can be had. .A full ileseripf'oi, of t!n> iilct.iires will be given. Thl? night has be-ji set aslds a.'-: cdi/eation al night and all are welcome TRIED T(» TKI.II FAT WIFE. Disgusted With Antl-Oliesitr Cures. Me Kr«iorted to Knife. Clevelanil. S.^pt. 2fi. -Because con tinned taking on of flesh destroyed the sylph-like lines which distinguish ed h's wife In her .vouth. and antlobr* ity iillls and the services of masseurs and other anti-corpufency doctors paid for with mors than half of his earn lugs, did no good. John Lukes stsrfed to do tli» job of paring down Mrs. Lukes with a big knife at mldnigh'. Sunday. He ran full tilt into Patrolman Kistemaker. branlshlng s Knifi. and yelling to his fleeing wife to halt. He was borne to the police »ta Con. but his adl|)ose wife's tearful entreaties won hlin freedom at the hands of .iiidge \\'he1nn t'.iis niorn'ng. UThen .lohn courted the now corpulent wif'. of his l)osom back in South em Euro|ie she -xan slim Now she is fat despite his squandering eouni- Uss dollars for tre:itment He suspected her of failure to obey Insrtuc- tions and when he r'.td In a Sunday newspaper that slim figures now were the rage ha started on hht woiild-be cutting expedition. •|ij>lcians licnioied Three luclies of | Hone From Arni. Kaiscr K-mjorski. the l-'>-year-old | oil of -loe Konjorski who yesterdav iiorninri had his aim nearly shot off ly the explosion of a shot gcin. was )|ieraled uptiii this morning at ilie < home. The arm between the elbow and shoulder was so badly shattered that It was necessary to take out three Inches of (he bone. The doctors ho |ie lhat by taking out that much of l1 |p lone. Ihe arm can lie .savi-d. (f ihe iperation proves snceessfnl the bo.i .»ill be able to have pari of (lie m-c r Ills arm. He can lift up aiiytliing| ly luilMiig rr<ini Ihe muscle but c.iiiiio' lold bis arm oiil straight in front of | 'lim or even put It on the table, lie .vill. however, have full Uie of liis| hand and miiscles below his <'/boiv. PllOi! ;>;::•. i-ui ...r nidg. OR. lll,\SS, Sptclalist. Eye. Ear. .Nose and Throat Glasses P 'nrniKhcd. Phone fiM. lola, Kans. • un. EIHTII H. HAIOn. • Ollicc and Residence over Bur- rcll's I>riig Store. Office Hours—10 to 12 a. tn., 2 to 4 II. m., 7 to 8 evenings. Snndtiys by Appointment. • • • • F. H. MARTIN, • Practice. Limited to Sargerr. * a J6 N. niickeye^ ^one 576. • DR. W. R. liEYLJtPTf. Phj-siclar & :8nrgeon. • Office .\. E. Cornror of Square. • Over K. C. PItirabliiR Co.'s Store. * lies. Tel .'58. Office Tel. 502. • DR. I.. TOZER; lolft Tafii'marj-, 292 E. Jackson, We use X-Ray, Violet Rays, Static, Galvanic and Fara^ls Electricity with vibratory stimulation In nervous and chronic di?oases. Phone 38fi. • • • Office Tel. 2:11. lies. Tel. T.'.Wi. U. y\. SIIADUM K, M. I». Grnenil I'rncllcr. Obstetrics and diseases ot children a specialty. Office over Steyer's Grocery. Hours: 9 to I'J a. m.. 2 lo 4 and 7 to 8 p. m. I'EKSO.VAI, I'ROPEHTV »I,\>KS. Assessor .Must .Uake .Hore Drialled i Rejinrts. County Cl'.rk Culbortsoii li;ts ic reived from ll:e Stat.- ofllcers tb • daiiks for !hi» lis^tiiii- of the personal! ()ioi»cifJ and they will b<> given oiii o the lowiish p uss <'Ssors. The blank . ire miicli iiior', detail'-d than last y.-ar I- lliere are a number of siili-hea<l • •iider ea<:li iH-'iii. If will mean t'la' I.e asses.sors will have Ji vi-ry lull r^-- ,>orl on personal property. Each a.-^ ••,(.ss(n- will have thirty-live full ri 'iioris to fill out. IU». Tel. IfiS. ntlice Tel. Dlt. .1. II. I'EI'l'ER. Derili .sL • I R iicnnanently lor-.-itcd over • K. C. McClaiii'.s Cfoihitig -i^torc. • and is prc]>nred to do all kinds • of ur>-io-date dental work. • Evening work by apiinlntinent. l>R. A. a. KOCH. Surgeon. OfJice over Po.-.t Omrn Office riinne 'ilS. Residence Phone 83. Office Phone .'ill. IIR. LEVI J. .\EIVS03IE. Special attention given to the treatment of Disease of Women and (•^hildron. onicc—.'ill.'i South Walnat St. • P. L. Lathrop, • Mrs. Hpssio 0. Lathrop. • O.'iTEOPATHIC PHTSfCIA.fS. • Sijeclal attention,^given to Dia- * eases rif Women 'and Children. * Over l-;.!si Sidr- Hardware. * • O.'Iice •Phone.; .Main 468. • .1. I.. »AR>E8, Aftorney-al-Law. • ll .'i West .MadioOn, lola, Kansas. • * « • • T<> CATARRH SIFFERERS. '>'<iod Advice and Lilirral Oft'er From a >Veil Knonn lola Druggist. Chas. H Spencer has been advising ill who suffer from any of the sym|i- oms of catarrh, such as offensive 'irealh. dryness of the nose, pain icross the eyes, stoppage of the nose, li.schurges and dropping.^ in the hroat. coughing spasms and general weakness and debility, to use Hyomei. 'le goes so far as to offer to refund 'he money to any user of Hyomei who not perfectly satisfied with the results. Quick relief follows the use of the llyomei treatment; the stopfiage of the nose is removed, the dropping ceases, the breath becomes pore and sweet, and the catarrhal germs are destroyed and their growth prevented. Hyomei Is the surest, simplest, julckest. easiest and cheai»est way to '.Mire catarrh. It does not drug and de range, the stomach: It goes right to The Junior Department Store A REPLEFE STOCK OF TOYSf Women ICvery Woman co.toT* • sliapc!y, pretty fiijure, Oirt tunny of them deplore th« lo^-i of t.'-.eir gi.Wish form* after iiiarria-^e. The hearinjj of cluld.-cn i, often dcstructiv* to the r.'iu .c .-'H shupenncM. AU of ih'ii can b<s avoided, hoTvercr. hy iho ti^e of Mother's Friend hcforr .ha\>y coir .cs, .-.» this great lininient nlw lyo prcp?tt« the bo>ly for M JO strain upon it, and the seat of the trouble, d'estro.ving the prcscrvcr toe cynm -.etry nf her form. Mother'5 I riend pvercoines all the catarrhal germs and healing and vital danger of cluUl-liirt '.i. .uid carriss the e.\pcctaiil mother safely through " this critical period wilTiout pain. It is woman 's {jreatest blessing. Thoii .saiid.s oratefully t;JI 0/ Ihe benefit and relief'derived from the use of this wonderfitl remedy. SoM by all drup:>:i-:-. r' .ft CI-, pci izing the tissues. Oo to Chas. It. Spencer today and bnv a comiilele Hyomei outfit for $l.nn with the understanding that if it does not give satisfaction, your money will be refunded. All yon have to dt> is to inhale a little occasionally in the air Tou breathe, using the pocket Inhaler that comes with every outflt. when the sjTnptoms ot catarrh will quickly disappear Try it. you will he surprised and pleased at the results. ;i -:s r' -f! bottle. Our iiitio book. I3'ii.ijj;i.': .jliOUI this litiiiiicfii, will be sent free.

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