Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 26, 1907 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 26, 1907
Page 1
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VOL. iX. Xo. lOS. ^Vholc yv. 6'.':2. AOTO THIEF WAS HERE SIX I'AUL'S. UULU THIEF MAKES WAY WITH 1>K. Min HELLS niUK. WHO WAS'THE MAN IN 6RAY" .Sl.siytior.s IIIAKAITEH HIXJ AHOIND IvVKACE VESTEUDAY. Itacw at tin- Fair—Wa> Stoli-n From Auto (iarairf. - nr. V. S. .M:;<li.irs liii.. Iliii<k .-into- iitobiic was >ii)k'ii fn>iii the Aulo gar- ;n:«' on Wi'.-l Ma^lisiiii siror-t sons'' f .Kic bi'/nrcri trii -ji^lorh !;ist iiis 'ii: ;uil oith! o'l '.DcU luornti'.u, .Wii i iiiiKinB a c ;in r.ipli- jihov.t (•(•lock. Dr. iliu-lKJI iviuriK-'l lo tlio >:iii-:iKi> and i-ni up i!).- ni^chiiu'. Tho. nioii ill ciiiD^t' of the s.inigi' did not "itavo tlif Duild'ii;; luuil l.-u o'clock. Iir. .\Lilc!ifIi was (Irsi IUMU ui I «' at til"' ''ijia?'. lliis ni"r;iiii(,'. Or ' iili-riun was .is ;o ;ii ^li«'d lo lind n «i01v now, \ ' JCiitraiif,' into llic liuiMiiij: «;is is "^,ii>d l)y luvalviuK in ;!.i> . L :1: ISS in ".li'- i.;^ door tlironjili whicli itif atito i- 1 I 'll in auii out ol xiif Kaiaso, aiu! tl'n tunin;; tl)i' lock <'ii tlic door. Tli'-> 11:iof liad iiulli -d lli<> door s'aiit aflc- luui. ^'I^;||T;I Afior :n ;.l ,'ng sni'' ti :!; Tii"!- wus; ii .i j .'ki- coniiii -ri'd ilii' 'Jis.iii/d-ai aiicc of tlic arioaioldli-. Dr. .Mitdic I iiotitiod llii, oaici'is. Indwsli '^Tift AI . lloatrli -'lK i>iiiii >'di;itti.\ iijad." aoo- of till- iijUfj dislaiKi' tclciilioll' Tlic ofliccis all oviT ihis imii of tii- siati' and acra-'S ilic iiiu' in .Mis .--oiir. VI.If at one • f ;iv .-n not'c <>V ilu- roii 1: ry. A dc.-criiiUon of i ;u. niacliiuc. t.-Hcilior Willi its luuiiii'T and niarlis V a.-! ;;iv(!U tin' ofllcci> and slionid iii<-\ II i -p; witli the aiiioiiioi'i!'' ili, y vould have no liinicnUy \\\ idf.'Uifyin- i:. Tile Buicl< couiiianvV head oMic >•• a; Kausa.s City wci'.' ai'io a|t|'; f-' llic .'^loicn mal-hnii- aii ii 'iiujfeted to iiotif.v : or the watcii for \'\- ii\acliin« ijcuviu;: ibc nuuibir oa l)i- MitcliollV auto. K\ii <r< «<> <iitvh Thief. 'llio oflic. i> lhat thi- thief w'lV: aii))r.>lic'ii : . Soo ::'r oi' lau.r the tliipf wilJ liave to taki :lio machine U-. ROiiic garage for iv^iair.-. If the ga: au'e and agents ha\e ;(!,• iitiiaber o til'' auto, the thit 'f .-iSJiriO Ix' apjire- "neiided. If the tliief is not an ex 1-iritncod driver. iiia.v bleak tli:' laacliinc down or riay not he fa; • iiongli out of tl'.' country to avo'i: <;(j>liiro. Tin- >laii ill ••r<i. The oflici n< have oii'- c:)!*- I,, work i;',«jn. Several times in t!,e fev( iia.<s a bwaiiliy jown:-; man of al)ou', or L'.v years of ay.\ w <-ariiip a gre.> S 'lit^ aud an autoinouii'- ca|>, lias ai> ^•trcd at the fraras^e and i>oiisht cai- ;>ide. ])<• inadi. tbrct.' jmrchases. tli<' last one yos -terday. it j.s .Milcheir: t'ueory that "tUi- uiaii i iisiivy" wat iloci-.iiif: up ou carliidi- so as to liav- j-.enty of lisiit foi} a hmj; ni-^ht riti- In addition :o tlx' i)i'y'!:.i; of tlx tjj! bicie. the llian toil; a deal o: It terorl ill the tiuloinobil''^ in tlie_sar rpp and ivj;s theii.' so frefjueuily a.- to become faniilia'r with tlie "lay ol fae land." No one Knows who lu. was o.- thought to iutjuirc. Dr. Mitclicl; saw him there j'esterday. •when he hought his last Kuiitdy <,>f carbide. "The man in grey'" has not been sOfn tvduy. Thi.s is th.: on:..- elijc to the thief up lo date. Tli(. v-lu-els of the autonio- h'ic leave but little trace on iJie lave­ ment und.T tile best of conditions The nii:ht ;tolict .inen have made vi. re;iort of having seen the automoblk v-a the i^treets or liaving seen aiiyon« aloui Ui'.' .carage. }iny lie in SKxiurL Ho-w far tlie thief could have, jronc ly thi^ time diHiciUt to tell. If'h-- lefl before midnight, is an e.vper; driv e.-. and ha-s had favorable roads h-: could have covereii from tfire_- to fivp hundred nitle?. He ir'ay tiow be ir. Missouri or whizzing across the li:i»- Oklaboaia. l ^st night was fcrlendid one ^or aulo driving. Th^ 'full moon niuue the niiht almost as liglit as day: If the thief is not an ospeit or is loot treed to a Buick, he will not be able to cover a .great deal of ground aiid may be caiitured. XBcbinf Worth Should the officers fail in capturing the thitf And machine it will mean 3 blejlosB to Dr. Mitchell. The ma- chiy'^m one ot the., $1,500 grade and ji^^^ excellait repair. During the ~ fair .lbooEaade of Allen cotmty people wr.'jyr. micliell race against time ; ;id also win victories In tlio comi>€- titivo races witli tiiis machine. Tills l.s the first uutq thief that has \isit.ed this \icinity ami tlic robbery created a gr.>at deal of talk today, lu fact the aiiio thief has not become, couiiuuii in thi.'? section of the country at all. .\n auto was s'.<deii in ToiieUa not lon^ ago. It was a I'tanKlMi machine and the tli.'Pt occurred in broad da.v- light and the robbery was discovered ill less than an hour after the. machine had bei'o taken. TeK-iilioie-.s ami telegraph wir;'s were ' liiii iti'( I thief reached tho Indian terriior.v without being ctnitured and ib'^Mrteil the machine. Tlie auto was of oms ' locovercd but the man cot away. Find s Clue. l.aie this afternoon Dr. Mitchell discovered a clue which the olficers are working on. The clue Is furnished liy lohii McKnlght. a transfer man. who lirove from Chanute to lola last ni^t. lie says that he met an automobile ai the railway crossing a little over a mile soutliwcst of Hassett. He saw the midline he thinks about ten thirty. It was driven by a man and »<i- niaii. b')ih of whom be lielievcs lo be tall. They were compcllcl to stoji at 'he crossing f <ir a long freight train to jiass. When McKliight reached tlieiii they turned the machine shortly (itit of the road ami also turned ilii'ir f.tces from him and he was not alil'' to .get ji good descrl)itloii of :!uia. II'' knows Or. .Mlielu'irs iiia- "ir :!!i. and t'loiigbt at the time this •uaihiac lookeil like it. He is conliI'li: it was a Kiii'''*. Thi> aiito hail i^,iittlus >>n and thf top was np Mr .^leKnight drove on to town and •-•.hen h'- arrived beri- ii was eleven o'clock V hidi leads him to believe thai U w .is about ft) thirty. pirli:i)'s a lli- Mi- later when he met thi' maeliitie. If the uara?c men are not misiaken in '111' lime the.v left 111-'' ;;ara'.;e which ilii'v say was ahoiti ti-n o'c'oek 'ir sli::hii\ aftiT. it would lia.'e giv.'n the thi<'f.iimi' "iioniih to atrivv. a? ^fii' rall- w.fv erossing wb.ero MeKni';ht sajs he -.••.V 'lii'in. There was a rumor on th». siri'i'ls iliis ali'-riioon that aiilo .-ind thl "f had bcfii i;:k<.n iiiwi custody .-it Wichita, '•nil ill'- ofileirs failel to lonllnii tlit sloi\ THE MAUKETS. Kansas City. Sept. 26.—t'attle. re- ceiiits T.OOU. yieady to strong. .\iUlve riteers $I.SOf( T .OH; cows and Iielfois $2.ttiiT/.''.!'."•: stockers tind feeders $:!.no «I:>:M: biill.s JlMO'fj;!.:.'.; calves CJM ft 0.1)11. Hogs—Ueeeloi.s T.itiM*. .Steady. Heavy JiLou-i/i;.!;-.: packers lO.IoTrG.:!!!; jiigs and ll-4hi Sti.L'O'ft t>. 10. Wheat—lU'ceiptH S:! ciirs. riicliaiig- cd to half cent higher. Dec. May Sl.MO';: cash No. U hard. .fri'...; .\o. .!. SO. 1' red .4^ ?i 'ij .No. :!. Wii it:;',.j. Corn—t'nchaiiged to V.i higher. Dec. .'>!: .May cash .\o. 2 mixed .")t;'i; Vo. :! ; .\o. 2 while ."12 •''i; .No. .!. v -"r/.-,2>/,, (lats—Cliejiangcd. .\o. 2 white 1.^: " I'. 2 mixed tti'i-. Itj t—.Vo. 2. T2'fi Ha.v—Kirm. Choice linioiliy $l;5.0ii![( ' '..r.ii: clioice prairie $II.<H). Uiiiter—Kiriu. creamery iS'i-; pack ing 2't. Kggs -Stiad.v. exirtis 22. lirsis 20. lOLA, KA.VSA.**. SEPTKMBKn, Hi. 1W;.-TIIIRSDAV EVEMMJ. REDOUBT IS ^AKEN TAMMANY MEN WON TKUnVAV IS VIMMt AiF.U. Hit Nail <in the Head in lMter\lew tin I'wo-teut Itute. Hon .1. "I". Tredv..iy. i.'.ir.s.-ntative frill.I tJiL- di.sirict feels llnit he is vi!i. tcr of <alkd ses.-i-in 111'. ie.ui.~.ature to laixe up thi. mater o.' a 2cei:t rale, lb- gav,- <uu an interview some time ago tliat in his opinion Hie railroads wiMild grant the rale viiliottt prtssiire on tl-e i>art of tl .i. b gislaluri*. No's* that th'- roads 'iav(.> gratit.'d the rat.;.. .Air. Treiii\a>'v statemeiii is vindicalt'd. t!„' c..;„pai.. , Y^^..J^^.^l i„ ii„. 1, agem^ to b TEA.MSTEHS STIMKE AT t AliLYLE .Soeu Morkmeu Unit ItM-aii-e I 'ai .-e in Wngc >i Was UefiiMHl. Se\*'n of till- fourteen teaa:..,iers rtiio went Jo Moric on the excavation for tile brick idant at Carlyb. slriiek yesterday afternoon Tli-.-se uivii are ;;;liiii:r for :i 1U;y cents raise. The Lompaii/ jia;. s $:;.('!' per li.-iy for driver and team. Tin's morning three new ttam.-ters went tii work in the I'lace oC ll'.ose who struck for higher wag.'s. TO INSl'HT THE KOAI». Sauta Fc Oi^iciul \o« luhi. KxiKTted in Ceii'-iai .Manager Fox of (lie Saiila Ke and his clii<'t cI.Tk are eAi )i,tted Ui'.a s'.nne tim..- tomorrow on th:regular iiis)>ectioii of tlio road. -Vt irii.iinii'' .Mr. Fox 's private car av Wi Ji ;iJ that of superintendent rtarnes ol the sani', divisio:;. coiupnsed llie si>?- c'.ai train. Mr. Kox staled that the trip •Bas be 'ng made merely as a regular in.-^l »(Ctiou. Ked .\|i|ile >i or saie at 'car at Santa l -"e dei>ot. Hand picked. FOR A NEW RAilROAD Harrimuti >V(II I'lit a Draiii-li »i .St>uUi. em I'aritic in lielt. independence, Sept. 2';.—A proiiiiu- lUl railroad man in a neighboring city i'tnted .'esterday that Independence ;s to have a new road not heretofore tiK'utioned. He said the Soutltern Pacific. Harrii.ian's road, is to have a brunch in this cit.v. >larrimaji h .•caching out for a Kant^is City con- uection with his Soutiieru or "Sunset Uoute." aud Independence wii! be on •his line. Rialroad men look ni»oii the great oil and gas belt as the coming Pittsburg district, the Indusirial center of the Middle W'est. and thej ire reaching out for the business. Recently Southern Pacific interests acquired controlof the Mlusouri. Oklahoma and Gulf line and this is to be made a part of the Houston and Texas Central system. Then a new road win be built up through Coffev -iille, Independence. Cherryrale. Chanute. Ida. Osawatomie and on to Kansas iCity. The fatnre of the oil hell towns lis full of bwyuiey. Only Two of 3Ic(iclli>n's laudidiitex Pulled Throuifl). .Veu Vorii. S"pi. 2i>.—t'htirles ''. Mnrphy sjjoko by the book when h'> paid .Moti'lay that the effort on tit" lart of Mayor Mcflellan's fri'.tids llipe.v alM»ni sixteen "f 'be r'''.:iiliir Taniniaiiy eaii'Kdales for the districi leaderslii |i would I urn out l<i be ;i joke, tiily two MeCU'llan men earrie.l th.-i.- list Vict-;. Tlii>y were ihe (Ire oomnils- sioii.'v, Francis .1. l.iintry of tlie Six- •'iili. :uid .Matiriee r <atliersoii of tlio Twentieth. All the otfi.'f ci'i'ii'lates who were ngagi'd in ce.iite.sis against the organ- i'i/.tion ean'lf(lat<'s were bettteii au'l '.le .a',!..- by large majoritie;. Til's li'a\r's the .MeClellaniie;: witli iih iwo ilishict l.-a'lers. I.antry ami 'eath'Tsoii. and the i>robabil:ty i• I at I 'ven ihese ivo will nni be a!owed to take sei'ts on the execii \e <-oiiiniitii'e of Tiiiiiiiiany hall, '•"rietidy of fhail-s !•"". Murphy, wh«. ii> omiiiiition i^ now slrongi-r than ev- ei. liav.' miiiie no secret of tlie fact I;al h" will not periiiii e'tlii r 1^'iiitry r l -'e .iiliei'son to b'. sea'ed ill till" •\<'ciiti\<' council. •'.lust as I pr.'iliefeil." v.a.- Cliai'les •". Murjiliy's coniiin-iit tliiu after- u'on upon ll;^ \;(to.ies »t die prini- •<rv i .I.'cf'ons. When loked if .Manricf K'-atherson and Finneis .1. (.aiitvy -on 'i! be eonsfilere.; iv- loyal Tanimatu e;i -."Ml -ei' iI in th''' executive com- 'tloi'. .\turp;;y i'e,)'ilel laeoHic;.iiy; till! future tak' of Itself." ."\iayi-r .MrCIellan had nolli'n.u to say whatever abinit the result of the iiri 'uary i-l.'r';ions. " Thi I'as^ing of MrJIcIlHn. The (I'f.'a; i;; the primaries is re- ';,'ir'if..| as t;ie passing of McCleiian. He b'vii losing ground rapidly in ';•' past .••ear. bet his friends believed I'cy iitigiit win in enoniti? dl.-tricls to fore- a conipi-omise with .Murphy and be "regulars." Met^leUan. who is ;( son of the late GeiK.i-al .Atcriellat! •?f Civil war fame noinii-ated iiy Tamniany to give it t front of I j.-|)ectaln!ii.v in iii<' cam- oaign at tlii. (lose of the aiiministra- 'ou of Seth I .O'V. .Mr. Low represented <i >e r>>foriii i ''eniciit in N'.w York am! 'lad caiscil iijan.v s:ilo<ms and (lueslion ible ie.-;oris. .\fter Mayor .MeCIellan lecaiiic mavor he did not oiH-ii tlie saloons ami eslabli>li the graft (\sys- teni at tin. deniaiiri of Taiiiinahy's 'aiihfu! aud the "f'sulars" began to imlermiiH' him. Later. wh?n he did oermit New York 10 be "wide open". =t was too late to oonciliate Tammany His entmil s wen- ti«> i»owerfiiI and too well csiaidislu-'d to lie lieaten and McClellan st'il retained enough power o lie dangorotis in many ways. So the vote in the last jiriniarif.s was design>^.\ to cnr.-^h him finally. kan>u>« Infiiiitf) uud Itc^iilar Arllllcry SoluHl the Army Prul)U>iii. >'nrt Itiley. Kas.. Seiit. 20.—Th<! I'lobh-ni of ili«! tittack iiiion the infaif try redoulit by the regular artilery and liie two regim-^m.^ of tlie Kansas .National guard was (inlshed today, Last niglit the troops went into bivouac SI veral miles from the redoubt and early in the nishi a big search- liuht was used in praeiie- ii|>on tin; r:-duiibi and camps, but there was no tiring, iielore -lo 'chK -k this morning Ibe li'oejis. iii'i!*' "f wllom slept nndev shelter eliits. wliile others Ini'I no other pidl'.'ctioii tlniii ti:e blankets li vvhicli I'l -y were wrr.pped. were up for breaiUa-; ai'd ;-oon were on the march fer the final attack anil cap- tiive of tlie eart'iUMi fortitleation. It was a little aft -r ,"i o'clock when the firing ctuniiiene-li by the artillery. "Ibis lasieit two l.oui 'H. Colonct .Afa- comb was in command of the regiment or artillery which was siipiKJSed to make pos.sible th<' advanci- of th» two regiments of Kansas Xationai ;.'uard under the command of fifneral I'harles Dr..'W. and the regular ma- chiii" gun deiachnieiiix fro mtlie infan try and ctivalry branebrs. Tlie Kan- iin.< infaiitry advanced while the nia- diine giiii detaehineiits from the. infan- niid the machine pun delaohments iiiivanred while the Kansans held the fire. Ill tills way the problem was carried out until the Kansas troops iind matliine gun ib'ttichnienls were whhin 'IM yanls of the r'iloubl. wlien the forlKieatioii wa.-< declared rpi>;ur eii. It was noon before the troops vetiinied to raml>- The Kansas troops jtarielpated in ti'.e bict-st problem tli <\v were ^yvr engaged in iit any maueiiver, and the t't.'giilar 'jfllcers W '-re iilea.-ed with tt:eir worlv. Tomorrow th;' KanHan«i will be paid Tin'j will Ic.ivc for homo on I''i':iiay. 'I'll., lediuil't at I'"ort Kib'y was moQ- ele.i alter those of t'le Tlllssiaiis at MnUde'i. Several IK'W f.'atures were •.iddt.l 10 the fortillcaUbns .'iii'l the maneuver was calcillaiid as a test of the ."eincli and 7-itich lield giuis. Lll'TtIN WIL Will .MEET lllALLEXiE. ruder Hare Willi JIU -Foot IJoat >e« York Clah llulo-*. London. Sepl. 2i;.—Sir Thomas Liii- toii. although bitterly disapi>ointcd at the failure of the New York Yacht c'uli to accept his challenge, today au- ihori^ed the Aisn^latcd Prew to announce that he is lueparcd lo clial- e:!i;e with a ninety-fool boat under the New York Yacht club rules. - tlRDEKEU TO SIE KAILKOAD.^. DMrict Altorncj Notitied of Alleped SaMy Apiiliunre Law Violation. Washington. Sept .2M.— I'uite.i States district attorneys in various imrts of tile country toda.v w^re instructed by .\tioruey Gv-'ierul Bona- i>arte to ins'itiite suits against a large number of railroad companies to r-- •.•OM.'r ;>enal'ies Incurred by them for alleged viobitions of llu i;afety apiili- ance law Th'. dep:>rtnient of justice 2nd tlie interstate commerce comniis- sioii have decided UJKJII a riaid enforce nient of tbis law. Th.' facts upon which the proseciit'ons are to be based wtre deveioiied by inspectors ot the commission. Tiie number of alleged violations ai;gregat..' 2S7. Awong the lines made defojidant.'i ate: The Santa Fe. -H;Uock Ivland. C: Big Four, lo: FTrle. Grand Trunk. "1: International and Grcit Northern, 1: Lake Shore. 2: Missouri Pacific. 1: Nevada. Califoniia &. Oregon. 2t; North.-rn 'Pacific. :!6: Oregon short Line, 7: St. Louis & San Francisco, 2; St. Louis Transfer. 1: San Pedro. lAis aiigeles & Salt Lake. 7: Soutlu>ni Pa cific. 11*: Texas. .Uesicau. -1: Wabash, IF lASIXi SHOULD CAVE. Work on Deep Weil Woald He ludeflU' itelT Delayed hj Accident Today. Today is the most critical time In pulling tilt; dasing of the deep w-ell which caved in a short time ago. If the casing should part, as It does very ofttii, it probably would take the workmen «onie time to recover it again and raise it to the top of the well and there is also a possibility of it collapsing in such ^manner as to fill the entire hole. •OLItE AFTEK THE -.nAMIEIt." Lady 011 Soiilli Wasliingtoa \>as Followed Last .Mirht. TIio jiolice Were called last ni^Iit to ci'i 'ture a "masher" who was following a lady and a little girl. Tlie liidy lives on soutii Washington street and noticed that a man wtis following liei^. \Vli<.(i slie rt'acb;"d home the niaii stood in frLiil of the I'.ouse, An olFici -r answered llie call but the 'tuasher" had gone. .yAHiiiA<a; is A FAILTRE. {.'. T. Fuirli K«fiU-<i Iiea.M;u.N ft»r Divorce Action. C. T. l'ii ;;li brought suit in district court today for divorce from Carrie Till- coiiiile was married In .^larcIl. 1^00. He alleges cruelty as the general grounds of the action. Ho ?;vo alleges in ills petition "that sai'l f.'arriage was a failure." Ho says that his wife do(.s not think anything of him and has said so publicly, greatly to his liumiliation. They have a share in a hay and corn crop and al Fo have household goods. He alleges that niiicts she is restrained his wire will ilisiMjse of some of tlu. property He asUs that she be resiroiiied from doing so Willie tite suit is jicnding. BRIBED A THE WE.ITHEB. Furccattt for KaiiMiii—Shower!* to* niRht or Pridajr; nirmer in nortb portion tonight. IJata recorded tit local olllcc I'. S. Weather Bureau, yesterday, today and a year ago. Yesterday. Yr. 2 11. ni I p. lu t! p. Ill .S 11. Ill lU p. ni 12 inldnighi .Max. Teni|) Mill. Temp Prncii>. 7 i>. III. ... ii. Ill 4 a. Ill G a. in 8 a. Ill tl) a. ni 12 noon Precip. 7 a. m. SIX PAGES. MO. PACIFIC RAISES S-iLARlES. 70 S3 7u t;ri 82 t;i 7;i .'iN 70 ."it; U8 72 S.". It OX irj 0 Todiiy. Y 'r. Ago 'li*- CO 7t7i 01 .-,( 02 "'7 07 f.7 70 7.'' 7S 0:! 0 JAPAN TO HONOli TAFT A I'rourrainnit' or" Eutertiilnii^ents Prepared for the Secreiary. Tokio, Sept. 20—Pending the arrival of the .Minnesota, which Is: expected next Friday, the household department had prepared a tentative progiamnie for the entertainment of .Mr. Ttift and liarty. The American embassy h.-is not been advised whether or not .ofllcial entertainments will be Jiccei )table, lliere having been various reiwrts that it is .Mr. 'I'affs desire that hi.s visit should l)e regarded as iinolllcial. Four days' eniertainment are included in the tontiiiive prograinme of the lionsehold do|»arinient. A' reception committee of high ofllclals has been appointed to iiieci the Minnesota on its arrival at Yokohamit and to cs^ cort (he members of .Mr. TafJ's party to the Yokohama station, from where they will proceed in private cars to the capital. At the Tokio station tlicy will be met by ofiicails of the foreign oOice and of the imperial dei>arfnirnt and escorted to Sliiba. Hie detiiclied palace viiicli will be tendered 10 Mi. Taft and party during their visit, l-'or thfr second day an audience with the emperor has been (ilanned, following a iciiast at the imperial palace. DEAF .MITE A.SSAILTEI). Mrs. Hill of .\eadeshu Attacked by a Relatlie. Neodesha. Sept. 26.—Mrs. Minnie niil. a detif and dumb woman who lixes in Snicltertown, was aMsatiltcd Ijy a young man wtjo -works at thir •^••iiient plant, whoso name is Kessle and who. U i.-? said. Is a nilallve of the woman. His parents live near .\lteona. Tlie husband, Wii'j is also a mute, work'* nights at the cement plant and it was during his ab-sence that the attempted rape wa: made. The wife and a iitllc child nbout a ytar old were the only persons in the. house. Young Kesslc it is said, bad been boarding there uutil ix short time before. Officers went, out llier;'. but II Kyoung man had gone from his Iioard- iiig house aud ha.s not been seen since II is thought tliat he cither went away K; li-s boiiii! or will go and the authorities are after him with a warrant c.barg ing with assault with intent to rape. LlEllVS WIFE HUiibuDd ASliS DIYORCE. Duly In the (•'raft Has IU M'U ExpoMtl in Couuecllou With u Standard TriaL Findiey. Ohio, Sept. 20.—L. K. WII- liamsou was arrested yesterday on an iudictn:eiit charging hini witli attempting to bribe Chase Thompson, a juror ill th'.. case against the Standard Oil ctniiiany which was tried here last June. .Mrs. Tiiompsou said that Williamson ajiproached her and asked her to per.-iuade her husband to disagree and cause a hung Jury. The final vote was eight for acquittal and four for conviction. Williamson in a statemsnt maiie in the county jail here yesterday admitted that ha had made a proposition to Mrs. Thouiiison. saying her husband would be paid five hundred to one tlioiisand dollars should the Jury disagree. Is \on ou Pbilipplurs Leavenworth, Sep:, zd. —Mrs. Edna S:ewart Mack, wife of First Lieutenant J. Arthur Mack, coast artillfry corps of tho army bas filed suit for divorce iu the district court here today. Mrs. r^Iack alleges abandonment She avers fhjit sho was a dutiful and fi'lthftil wife aud that her husband cbandonei? her without cause. She asks to be restored to her maiden name of Miss Edna Stewart Brewster. I ieutenant ?.f;tck is in the Philippines at iircsenl aud notice of the divorce vill bo made on him by publication. The cost of the suit Is asked for. which indicates that an effort will be made to obtain alimony. Lieutenant Jlack is a graduate of W«st Point of the class of 1904. He was in station here when he met Jliss Brewster, a society belie. Their wedding was one in Dccamb '.T. 1!<01, and was a big social evt-nt. Ageuti^ Uet Tea Per Ceiil Incn' In Wnjtfs Agent C. P. Hale of ilie .Missouri I'aclllc along with tlie .Missouri Pacific agents. Iiti.s. luct.Ued word of anln- creiLse iu his •salary, of 10 per cent. Tho order reuclied th<; Pacific offices Tuesday morning for a 10 iter cent raise in tho salary of all ag'iils not teb.gniphori). This raise will date fio m.'Vugust 1. This will virtually give them a 20 per cent raise for Sep- tcmijer. This order doi-s not affect an.v other.class of ejni'loyees. .Vboiit a uioittli a.'to, when the fcl Cgraphcrs* istrllie was at its heigth, tl.o Pacific granted a raise of salary to all operators and agents who were also telegraphers. This came not in any complaint of the oi- -tois. noi was it in any way conneeieu w'lh the striki:. The management, so they say, saw that this, class of employees was under])aid and h.^uce increased their wages. The incrc^ase' -was iwt uniform but varied with liie stations. This increase did not affect jigents who were not oportitors. The company saw that they should have also grantad a raise to the agents has been orilered. They made the In- cieaso date from Auitiisl 1 in order to put tlicm on tlia same footing as the This nction wa-- not .taken on any solicitation from the ugeuis but was adopted merely as the Increase was seen fit. WILL FOUXD A XEW COLO.NY. Iu Old Tolhu Hu .H (•iren I'p Fli^bt Dowie Colony. Chicago, Sept. 20.—Wil'ber Clsnii Voliva who successfully grai^ped the rein.s of the government of ZU)u City from tile hands of Dowie. annniinccd Inst nlKlit to one lliouviand foliowerF that lie had given "P tlio fight there. H :J also announced that he had lost xiptloiKS on the land in. .New .Mexlct wheri' hf exjiected to found a new colony but would buy property adjoin ing Zion City and fouinl a colon.v there. Klgtn, UVmoift, >liintiUed ^Yli^^ Tliei: .\te Paris Grccu. Elgin. III.. Sept. 20.—Cyrus Baldwin aged eighty-five, one of the wealtMest residents lu the county, killed himsell today by eating Pari.^ Green. He had confessed lie murdered hi.s aged wif( by smashing her skull witii a hammer Mrs. Baldwin was found murdered yesterday after tliey had (juarrtJcd. EXPLOSIO.X l.V OBSEKVATOItY. The Duniagc lo the KcHojrff Plant h *7,VHM>.. i 'leasaut Hill, Mo. Sei.t. 20.— .V boil ei Jxpiodu'd ill tiie conservatory ot George JI. Kellogg, tliree miles fron here tarly today, partially destroyiii^ the plant and causing a damage es tiniatod at seventy-flve tbousand dol lars. No oua was hurt. It is one o' the largest conservatories in the Wes Over one half of the. plant was saved UEFISED SIT( LIFFE'S PATIEXT lira. Donald Could >ot Ke Operate*' ou by Him at Hi>!>pItuL The sisters in charge ol the hospi tal yesterday refused to admit Dr Sutcliffe Into tho hospital to operate upon Mrs. Donald of North Washing ton sti*eet . It was said that docloi Sutcliffe intended to bring some, aciior in c-ourt in case the sisters refused to admit him to the hospital, bu; te has dacided to let the mattrr drop .Mrs. Donald will probably go to th» hospital at Pittsburg or Kansas City tc be operated upon. H.yVE MBS. GR.V ^rs XUUDEUER >"caj >'egro Is WILL ILIF"F, who for the past eighteen months has been in the Ea* •working and also visiting friends, has returned to lola. He spent the greater part of the time he wag away, In Boston. OWLNG to the death of her hi^band Ernest Bulla, the divorce action begun by Mrs. Laura Bulla -nas dismissed in district court. The news of Mr. Bulla's death arrives? yesterday. COXGIlESS.MA\ Chas. Scott was in the city a few hours yesterday morning. During the afternoon he drove down to Hiattville where he was billed to deliver his Panama Canal lecture last night.-Ft. Scott Republican. COUNTY Attorney Peterson is preparing the papers today for a suit against the bondsmen of L. D. Montgomery and Dick Craig, T. T. 'WiUi- ford and W. A. Frazier vret-e surety for Montgomery and J. C. Irick »nd P. M. DoQKlas for Dick Craig. The bonds in the two cases anurants to il.lOO. Both Craig and Mcmtmaery ivere charged with violating the prohibitory law. I Beseiired In a Hut Cblrago. Chicago. Sept. 26.—Richard Walton tl colored man. wanted for the murdei of Mrs. Lillian W. Grant, a teache- who was found in her room stranglet t.: death several days ago is said t< le surroimdcd by the pollcf. in a de serted building at Summit. 111., twenty miles south of Chicago. He is re ported barricaded strongly and to bt abundantly supplied •with ammtmiiior Fifty officers have gone to the scene. AFTER THE GRAFTERS REPIBLICAXS RAISED $o,0«0 FOE ELECTIO.X PIlOSEClTIOSS. MR. mm 'S THE BOSS OiiLAII0.1[A CUAIK.1IA.\ WILL DE- CIDt WHAT ( ASfcS TO TAKE IP. Purly Waut to Uct Constitution Before Coug^c^s—Arc Sure It Will Lose. BRYA> TO BEGIX IS 50TE3IBEB Wni OutUse Canpalgn Plans to Series •f Saeeehe^i. La Crosse, Wis., Sept 26.— Th' chairman of the state Democratic con- mitten has notified local democratr that the campaign toour of Bryan i' to be made in November. Mr. Bryar will speak at a dozen points and on* Iin» his plans for the campaign o' 1W18. Okiaiionia City, Sept. 26.—Wherev- 3v fraud was committed in the recent state election, the guilty party, upon discovery will be prosecuted by Cbas- Huntor, chairman of the Republican state committee. At the meeting of the Republican state committee here today, about |5,000 was raised to pay ittortiey fees, and other costs; More than forty members of the coinmltteft ind about forty-five chairmen of county committees were present. . Th3 committee decided that perman- •nt headquarters should be kejit open tnd the executive committee was di-. itcted to jirovijle for it. Headtjuarters iiobably will be nioved to Guthrie, wh /re headquarters of the Antj-Salooa League and .possibly tho Dettiocratio mrly will sotm ba established. If ".embers of the committee, who came ' here today from Indian Territory, vere not deceived in what they say 'hey saw pprsonaliy, gross . frauda were perpetrated at the polls in many 'ndiaii territory colmtie."?, where thH Democrats wore tn control. Refusal *o count ballots, throwing ont ballots and intiiiiidation of voters arc amon^ the charges. .... Fall Powers CaHnnU-r. Mr. Hunter n^w has authority to de- ^ide what shall bo done iii every 'ase. His iilanf will be kenl secret ir pilssitii?. tiiat.thQl.oppo8itii)n may lot outwit him. v^^atever the Repub- •'eans niOiy da, /''T'TTIIf '""' niotlve Is lefeat of^ Iff^^K^^Sd constitution, •hicli would carry statehood ^ith It. '"here Is a difference of opinidn as Ut !i_' best plan of procedure. Sotfto fiivor i .Ktifiii 'iig contests ill Oklahoma to irove tliat C. N. Haskell. Democratio •omfiiee :for governor, was not legally deci'-d, iind then using this in Wash- tqtQii Otheyy ibeltevc that tha wiser )~MHir*e- Would bo ^-pather by affidavit •li evidence of corruption and send t to President Roosevelt by a commit- e! of Uepubllcans. This showing •'oiilil be supplemented by a carefully Iraw.n digest of the constitution, point ng our ciearl.v'such prtrvisions .'if they •xisl. as would justify President "Roosevelt in ..rBlUfii8S. to approve of he co.nstifufitjn.--fBe latter plan rems to find more favor than the 'ormer. • ; ni:' ci'.ief aim of the Republlpans is 1 get the constitution before Con- Tfiess. where they are confldeijt that t will lose. If tills-should be ;accom- 'lisbed. there would--then begin a leterniined effort for immediate sep• rate statehood for Oklahoma, leaving ndiati territory for itself. Republicans •nd Democrats would unite in th 's later undertaking. Conservative per- oijs do not believe, however, that sep- '.rale statehood Is a possibility under RpDUblican national adminlBtratloD. ihould this become clearly apparent T WasiMiigton. the tactfcs of the sep- •rato statehoodei-s would ba changed o i>rovide for Immediate statehood or Oklahoma and the piecemeal ab- oi*pt'on of Indian territory, as Its I'.fferent: portloijs become fitted for tateliood. . This would mean many •'ars o.f waitln^f for certain Indian erritor?.districts lying below the Candian river, which are Itlfested with "•emocriits. >o StHtehoml Candidate«> Indorsed. The .committee |leclined tdday to 'stpn to Republicans who believed hjrt further resistance to statehood ntier the proposeti constitution was iseleiis, and asked that candidates or; federal offices iinder stateliood be ndorsed. Gf ant Victor of Afton, want , d the conimittr. to indorse htm for ' 'n^ted States Marshal while Edward 'erry of Coal Gate! asked for support •f his candidacy to succeed. United •fates .Marshal Pritchard, resigned, in he Southern district. Chairman Hunter was authoriezd tQ •trengthen the committee by replacing tactlre and indifferent members with * nbre capable man. : Oklahoma Must Wait.. Washington. Sept. 26.—President toosevelt will not take action on thp Oklahoma comstitution until] be re- urns to Washingon frt>m his Western •nd Southern trip. WThen the constltu- fon iij received at the "V^lilte house t will be referred to the .\ttomey General, who will return it to the ^resident with a statement as to whe- her. In the opinion ot the Attorney '.eenrfel. it is Republican in form. Al- cmeyr General Bon.'iparte will include n his staetment his -views regarding he aflesad legislative gerrymander o which the Rejublican leaders of he n ^w, state have objected. The.. President will return to 'Wash- igtoa about October 20 and the re.•ort pf tha Attomev General will wait him at the White house. Mean- •'hlle he will not indicate in 'nay -way fs opinion of the constitutlpn, ThIa •ateraent was made positively by Seo- etarj' Lpeb tonight ilXX BEALS left today for Wich- ta..I£ansas. where he bas a position ^wltli'a company sellins coawt stock.

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