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St. Cloud Times from Saint Cloud, Minnesota • Page 13

St. Cloud Timesi
Saint Cloud, Minnesota
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PAGE THIRTEEN THURSDAY, JULY 22, 1937 Brownies' Owners Failed to Back Hornsby With Good Talent, Writer Sayi DAILY TIMES AND DAILY JOURNAL-PRESS. ST. CLOUD. MINN, Rau's Place Oatslugs Gambles, 18-9 as Ace Bar Defeats Cathedral, 84 LORINSER WINS S. R.

DIAM0NDBALL Right And Left In Sports By R. A. LOFSTROM MIDGET TENNIS Pet. MS .462 .462 Semi-Pros Hand Ragged Tilt To Brooklyn Giants, 8 to Play Maple Lake Here Sunday Grlnols 6 8 Blue Eagles 7 6 Callahan's 6 7 Voigt 6 7 RAU'S OPEN UP WITH 1 1 RUNS IN 2 STANZAS Ace Bar Also Counts Big at Start to Conquer Cathedral Ten. RAJAH WORK AT ST.

LOUIS RATED BEST POSSIBLE Lack of Hurlers Declared to Have Been One of Crying Needs. BEES STING CARDS Fette Aids in Winning 2 Tilts as Cubs Stretch Lead to 2 Games. By SID FEDER Presa Snorta Writer Cathedral Player Beats INTRODUCING ANTIL Selection of Tommy AntU, for Boese in Wednesday Meet, 6 to 4. Jerome Lorinser emerged victor seven years head coach at Glencoe Result Tuesday Night Grinols, Callahan's, 8. Result Last Night Blue Eagles, Volgt's, 3.

Game Tonight Grinols vs. Blue Eagles. four. Otto one In one, and McGran high school, for the position of full one In two until forced irom tne time instructor and basketball ious in the midget tennis tournament which was held Wednesday at game in the fourth with a torn finger. coach at St.

Cloud Technical high, as announced several weeks ago in this column, was confirmed by the The next game lor St. Cloud will 2 BATTLES TONIGHT be against Maple Lake here Sun board of education at a recent the Tech courts. Representing Cathedral he defeated another Cathedral entry, Tom Boese, in the finals, 6-4. By mixing up an unusual combination of weak hitting In the clutches, weird base running and errors the 6t. Cloud semi-pros managed to reverse the count of their earlier 4 to 1 victory over the Brooklyn Giants to lose to the colored team by an 8 to 6 score in a second game played at the ball park Wednesday night.

Five moundsmen saw action during the game, three for the Saints and two for the Giants, Vlnce Otto, LEADS CHANGE U. I. and Rau's Place day when the contest between two old rivals should bring out the best attendance in many weeks. In the opening round Terres or Washincton drew bye: Tuttle of The box score: Will Fight for Third Place at 8:30. BROOKLYN GIANTS AB IN GRID POLL The wolves ore different in si.

Anywhere else, when they start hni th chances are they Ret Cathedral lost to Lorinser of Cathe dral, 1-6; Wadhams of Washing ton drew bye; and Boese of Cathe dral drew bye. MODCafiTE WTESE2T CBsacsa Aato 1mm can oMmm4 Mm the abort ye nbte am od a kmae possibU aoct. Car wrl tad ttti MtrmiWi eewr tnieaee whammr tioaal mto wqwrart PB 'mrj TarpoM. femt, Wtad' ad -wilY gWen yiompV to" Itentton. Let uamf torn for yetu MERCHANTS JOBBERS CREDIT CORP.

319 Granite Exehanf St. Cloud, Minn. Tel. 2245 Daniel of Pitt is Latest Brlggs, cf Warren, 2 Lowe, 3b R. White, lb 3 D.

White, If 3 Cooper, rf 4 Collins, 3 McCray, 3 Moore, 2b 2 PO 3 3 1 0 0 8 0 1 0 2 3 0 2 1 0 3 0 1 0 0 1 The second round saw Lorinser of Cathedral down Terres of Washington, 6-1 while Boese of Cathedral some ball players. But when they open up on the Browns, they wind up with the manager's scalp and conqueror or tnree weens ago, pitched good ball for four frames, though accorded ragged support and retired in favor of Rcngel in the fifth when he became tired. Rengel continued for two innings until the Star to Annex Most Votes. I i rdted out Wadhams of Washington, 8-6. Mathla, 1 Young.

3b 1 spvpnth when Bauer nnisneo me SOFTBALL CALENDAR. Results Last Night. Rau's Place, 18; Gamble-Robinson, 9. Ace Bar, Cathedral Athletics, 4. Games Tonight Waibel and Smith vs.

Bernlck's Dr. Pepper, twilight. U. I. Stores vs.

Rau's Place, night lights. Rau's Place and Ace Bar improved ESCOBAR STOPS HOLMES. game after two consecutive singles New York, (P) Sixto Escobar, had been maae. Chicago, (JPh-The leaders in the balloting to name a team of 1936 college senior football stars to meet the Green Bay Packers in the annual all-star game at Soldier field Sept. 121U.

Puerto Rico, world banta.m MrRrarv. startlwr hurler lor tne weight champion, stopped George Holmes, 122, Brooklyn (3) non-titie Ends Gaynell Tinsley, Louisiana Giants, was found for five runs in the third and fourth and was relieved by Mathls in the last three innings, the Saints making only one more hit and one run to finish their scoring. Most of the semi-pros were unable to solve the offerings of the 31 PO 0 3 1 0 3 1 3 8 2 0 0 0 0 0 Total 31 10 ST. CLOUD AB Glatzmeler, 2b 3 0 Welsbrlck, it 2 0 Smith, rt 4 3 Blenker, cf 4 2 Ulrteh, 1 0 McGran, 3 1 Callahan, a ...3 0 Davidson, 0 1 0 Melna, lb 4 0 Kleber, 3b 3 0 Otto, 1 1 Rengel, 0 0 Bauer, 0 xChadwlclc 1 0 xxKlasen 1 0 State, Larry Kelly, Yale, Merle Wendt, Ohio State, their standings In the municipal HOW THEY. softball league Wednesday night by sum, taking their games with Gambie-Roblnson and Cathedral Athletics respectively.

Rau'a outslugged the Gambles, 18 to 9 in a free-hitting Ray Antil, Minnesota, Tackles Averell Danlell, Pittsburgh, Bill Stelnkemper, Notre Dame, Charles HaTh-rlck, Ohio State, Ed Wid-seth, Minnesota, 279,113. two colored fllngers ana tne -seven knocks were registered by four hitters. Jerry Smith led with three singles in four times at bat while Blenker came through with two In TOMMY ANTIL game while Ace Bar conquered Cathedral, 8 to 4. 21 14 Totals 28 Batted for Kleber in 7th Inning, TRYIT! Guards Steve Reid, Northwest meeting. AntU, who is an Rau's hopped onto Gamble-Rob cider brother of the famous Ray inson hurlers for 11 counters in the ern, 280,307.

AMERICAN ASSOCIATION W. L. don't as wny. If anyone could have done a better Job with the Brownies than old Rajah Hornsby, ho hasn't made his appearance in big-time ball up to now. Certainly, no one can do any better with the material at hand.

With a pitching staff that was virtually non-existent, the Rajah was lucky to finish in the same league with the rest of the American loop larrupers. That he finished out of the cellar last year was a miracle. Take It Out on Rajah But the new Brownies' bosses, who took over the club before the season opened, havi used little if any cash for pitching talent. Instead of giving Hornsby some el-bowers that might have a 80-80 chance of finishing what they started, the powers that be fired Hornsby. Figure that one out.

They might have taken a tip from the Boston Bees. Bob Quinn moved in there two years ago and found a club dying on its feet. But instead of pouring it on Bill Mc-Kechnle, he has backed Bill up, until now he has brought together a pitching staff that is the pride of th National league, if not the entire big time. Lou Fette and Jim Turner, a couple of 30-year old "rookies" are the latest with whom Quinn and McKechnie have come up to baffle batting opposition. Fette and Johnny Lanning, a second-year man, had a cinch yesterday with the Larry French allowed only 14 hits J- 11..

wltlt. Gopher grid star, will also assist in football which will be the main first two stanzas to clinch the victory at the outset Gambles made xx Batted for Bauer in 7th inning. Brooklyn OlanU 301 130 0 9 10 1 St. Cloud 003 200 1 fl 7 8 Errors Glatzmeler. Otto, Melnz, McGran 2, Uldrtch.

Warren. Two base hit Lowe, McGran, Cooper. Sacrifice hits Welabrlck, Warren, Mathls. Double Dlavs Bauer to Davidson to Melnz. Centers Bud Svendsen, Minnesota, Mike Basrak, Du-quesne, 217,802.

Quarterbacks Bud Wilkinson, Minnesota, Vernon Huff PRICED WITH THE LOWEST nearly as many hits aa the winners ana one run win tiu ball orchard to win, 4-1 and 6-0. Pet. .578 .574 .50 .528 .480 .483 .407 .367 athletic endeavor of Coach Vernon Morrison in addition to holding the reins of athletic director. Antil but they were kept well scattered Minneapolis 53 Columbua 54 Toledo 51 Indianapolis 47 Milwaukee 44 Kansas City 42 Bt. Paul 37 Louisville 33 until the last three innings wnen A five-run rally In the nitn gave Hie Cincinnati Reds a 6-5 decision man, Indiana, 249,116.

all nine runs, were registered. Five tossers were in action during the over the Giants. George Jeff coat turned in a four-hitter to blank is at present taking summer school work in physical education at the University and is expected to come to St. Cloud to make his home Stolen basfw Warren, Lowe, R. White.

Base on balls off Otto 3: off Rengnl off Bauer off McCray off Mathls 3. H1U off "Otto 7 In 4 Innings; off Rengel 3 In 2 Innings; off Sauer 0 to 1 Inning; off McCray 8 In Halfbacks John Drake, Purdue, Bobby LaRue, Pittsburgh, 247,653. Fullbacks Sam Francis, Nebras Corriikt HI? ty. LiiMlilta DUIitliiif fracas. Ace Bar scored practically all of its runs in the opening two innings, about the first of September.

4 innings; orf Mathl in 3 innings Tommy is unmarried which may ka, 318,473. V. rrttf LHIt batsmen, by Rengel (Young) i a -1 1 be of interest to a number of young DLrucK out DV jwcvry raijuB League Standings Otto 1, Rengel 1, Sauer 1. Umpires ladies in St. Cloud.

RAL Eiffert and onlikowsKi, c. M. u. a. Time of game The St.

Cloud Golf club, busy mm STEELE BEATS WILLIAMS. Washington. OP) Freddie Steele, 161 tt, Tacoma, world middleweight champion, stopped Charles (Hobo) Williams, 161, Alexandria, Results Wednesday Milwaukee, Minneapolis, 3. Kansas City, 17, St. Paul, 4, 10.

Indianapolis, 3, 1: Columbus, 0, 4. Toledo, Louisville, 2. Games Todav Milwaukee at Minneapolis, 8:30 p. m. Kansas City at St.

Paul. Toledo at Louisville. Indianapolis at Columbus. NATIONAL LEAGUE W. L.

Pet. Chlcaao 52 29 .642 New York 31 32 .814 Pittsburgh 43 37 .538 St. Louis 29 .519 Boston 39 -470 Brooklyn 34 45 .430 Cincinnati 32 48 .410 Philadelphia 31 53 .373 with inter-ci4y matches this sum Wednesday's Baseball mer, has another Important event scheduled for next Sunday when Va. (8); non-title. Pet.

Waibel Smith ..13 2 .867 Palmer 10 4 .714 U. I. Stores ....10 8 .667 Rau's Place 11 8 .647 Ace Bar 7 9 .438 Dr. Peppers 5 12 .294 Cathedral 4 12 .250 Gamble-Robinson 3 13 .188 By The Associated Press NATIONAL LEAGUE In different contests, Mrs. T.

H. a Z-man team win meet wesi-wood Hills in a return match in Minneapolis. The St. Cloud squad will practically be the same as Cardinals and walloped in Adams of Gary, won an auto. Son Robert a wrist watch, Daughter Alice a dog.

Cincinnati 010 050 00O6 9 2 New York 012 000 1103 10 Holllngsworth, Derringer and V. Davis; Castleman, Smith, Coffman, both ends of a doubleheader, 8-1 and 2-1. Baker and Panning the one which carried off a 22 to 9 victory in the meet here in June. RAL Pittsburgh 000 000 0000 4 0 Brooklyn 103 001 Olx 11 Results Wednesday Brooklyn, Pittsburgh, 0. Cincinnati, 6: New York.

5. Chicago, 4, Philadelphia, Boston, St. Louis, 1, INTRAMURAL ADDITION A homer by Ray Mueller with the bases loaded in the 11th inning won the first game for Fette. Then Lanning, matched against Dizzy Dean, whose big toe is healed again, tossed a two-hitter at the Gas Houso gang for the night 1, 0. 1.

Bowman and Todd; Jeffcoat and Spencer. First game Chieaeo 110 000 0034 10 1 The intramural athletic program LIQUOR PRICES Effective August 1st State Tax 40c Per Gallon SAVE On Your Favorite Brand HOW SPECIAL WINES-SPECIAL at St. Cloud Tech will be further Philadelphia 000 000 0011 8 0 Lee and Hartnett; Johnson and Games Today St. Louis at Boston. Chicago at Philadelphia.

Cincinnati at New York. Pittsburgh at Brooklyn. cap decision. Cubs Lead Two Games Grace. Second same improved the coming year through the addition of a full-time instructor in history who will help in athletics also.

He is Lloyd Johnson of Glenwood who has been instructor th- Pirates for a 6-0 BrooKiyn win. Although Sunny Jim Bottomlcy was the new manager for the Browns, it was tho same old ball club. So the Yankees trimmed them, as usual. 6-3. Jimmy Foxx smashed out two homers for the second straight day to lead the Red Sox in a 10-3 walloping of the Detroit Tigers.

Washington's Senators ended a 12-game "win-less" run by topping the Athletics in both ends of a twin bill, 8-8 and 8-7. KELS HOLD NARROW LEAD IN AA RACE Chicago The American association's leadership battle, so tight that it squeaks, showed no signs of loosening up today, with Minneapolis and Columbus in a virtual tie for first place and Toledo only a game further back. Although the Red Birds suffered their second shutout beating of the season in the first game of a day and night doubleheader, they came back to whip Indianapolis in the nightcap and all but erase Minneapolis' first place margin. Lefty Bob Logan kept eight hits spread out in the afternoon game to give the Indians a 3-0 decision, and Bill McGce allowed only two singles as Columbus won the night tilt, 4-1. The Millers took a 9-3 beating from Milwaukee, leaving them with only a percentage point advantage over Columbus .576 to .574.

Charley Wagner, ace of the Miller hurlers, was batted out of action in the third. Toledo defeated Louisville's hapless Nelson 8-2, to move closer to the leading pair. St. Paul and Kansas City divided a doubleheader, the Blues winning the opener 17-4 and the Saints winning the second, 10-2. Chicago 104 000 1 008 11 0 Philadelphia ooo ooo ooo AT STORE ONLY The Chicago Cubs, meantime, stretched their National league lead to two full games over the crippled French and O'Dea; Jorgens, Milcahy, Kelleher.

Crawford and Atwood. and football and basketball coach 69c GALLON at Clarkfield, Minn, for several AMERICAN LEAGUE W. New York 55 Chicago 50 Detroit 47 Boston 43 First game St. Louis 100 000 000 001 5 0 PORT CLARET TOKAY MUSCATEL SAUTERNE SHERRY REI SLING Giants by whlpplnr the Phillies in a twin bill. The mast astonishing Boston 000 010 000 043 7 3 Pet.

.705 .802 .595 .558 .508 .408 .321 .295 part about it was that Bill Lee and Full Gallons. years. Johnson is a graauaie of St. Olaf college and is also single (for which see comment on Tommy Antil above). The (11 Innings) Blake and Owen: Fette and Mueller, Cleveland 39 Washington 31 St.

Louis 25 Philadelphia 23 Second game St. Louis 000 010 0001 2 0 new history instructor will prob Tel. 76Use Our FREE Prompt Delivery Tel. 76 1 Boston 002 000 00X 2 8 Owen; Lanning and J. Dean and leading 7 to 1 up to the fourth.

The losers added one more in the fourth and one each in the sixth and seventh, while the Aces finished with one tally in the fifth. A battle for third plae will be In progress tonight when U. I. Stores mixes it up with Rau's Place in a game under the lights at 8:30 o'clock. If tho Grocers win they will be knocking on the door of sec-end place while if Rau's cop they will retrieve the ground lost last week when they took consecutive defeats.

In the first clash of the evening Waibel and Smith and Bernlck's Dr. Pepper will take the field at 6:45 oclock with the Peppers determined to add another defeat to the few already chalked up against the city champions. The scores: Rau's Place ..740 213 118 16 6 Gamble-Rob'son 000 025 2 9 13 5 Batteries B. Zierden, Goedert and Thelsen; Hennessy, Schutt, Theisen and Spurrier. Ace Bar ..520 010 08 9 2 Cathedral 100 101 14 7 3 Batteries Arseneau and Reinar-dy; Beckstrom and Eisenrich, Kraus.

ably help in both football and basketball when he assumes his Mueller, Men: Results Wednesday New York. 8: 8t. Louis 3. Boston, 10: Detroit. 3.

Washington. Chicago. 3. Cleveland, 9, Philadelphia, 8, new position here. AMERICAN LEAGUE WINE LIQUOR STORE QUALITY First game Philadelphia 000 000 3508 9 2 Cleveland 000 313 011 9 13 0 Thomas, Nelson.

Kelley and Conroy; Harder. Andrews. Feller ana Bum van. NEXT TO HOTEL SPANIOL Games Today Washington at Chicago. Philadelphia at Cleveland.

New York at St. Louis. Boston at Detroit. Second game Philadelphia 300 102 0107 16 0 Buy one shirt at the regular price, get another, same value, for 50c more. Read the "New Clothes" Store adv.

on' PAGE S. Cleveland 001 210 2028 18 Ross, Fink, Kelley and Brucker; Gale-house, Hevlng, Brown, Hudlin and Pvtlak. Washington 303 000 1007 12 0 The makers of Marvels W. L. Pet.

48 24 .887 38 29 .567 41 32 .562 43 38 .548 32 40 .444 32 42 .433 31 43 .419 29 47 .382 Chicago 200 000 0103 6 1 Deshong and R. Ferrell; Dietrich, Cain and Sewell. always put quality before price. ooooooooo Jamestown So Marvels smokers remain Winnipeg Wausau Boston 012 016 00010 10 Detroit 010 001 100 3 10 Marvels smokers regardless of the fact RAL The common ailment of being required to work for a living seems to be the main difficulty why many semi-pro baseball clubs are unable to enter the tournament here starting next week. Most players are unable to get off for several days and that Just about makes it impossible for the clubs to play on two or three week days.

The Chamber of Commerce announced this morning here that an intensive effort will be made during the next day or two to complete the entry list if such a thing is possible. RAL SUCCESSFUL DIRECTOR George Saunders, St. Cloud State Teachers college athletic star, and graduate of last spring, started as playground director in a new project at Pine City on July 1 and Is reported to be making good. He majored in physical education here and has several offers for school jobs next fall. A post- Grove and Dcsautels; Bridges, Gill tnd Havworth.

that they could pay more if they wanted to. Alt Results Wednesday Winnipeg. Eau Claire, 1. (Six ln- mini. LEAGUE New York 010 001 2206 11 St.

Louis 000 101 0013 10 Fargo-Moorhead, Superior, 3. (10 I CAN YOU GUESS Growing Wicker and Dickey; Koupal and Innings). 3: Dululh. 4. Hcmsley.

Crookston-Wausau. postponed, rain. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION First game Games Today Wlnnlnetr at Eau Claire. Kansas City 103 320 31417 20 St. Paul 001 020 001 4 9 1 THE OISTANCE I AROUND YOUR HEAD 1 WITHIN 2 INCHES? I Solution printed upside-down below, StcpbtB BrM.

Kletnhans and Hartje. Breese; Chel- Fargo-Moorhead at Superior. Jamestown at Duluth. Crookston at Wausau. (Two night gamea).

Inl wtlxher. HI in to and Fasek. 8 Second game Kansas City 000 020 000 2 11 St. Paul 002 021 14x 10 12 Nleeellne. Page and Breese; Welch and Fenner.

By the Associated Press. NATIONAL LEAGUE. Batting Medwick, Cardinals, P. Waner, Pirates, .380. Runs Galan, Cubs, 75; Medwick, Cardinals, 71.

Hits Medwick. Cardinals, 128; P. Waner, Pirates, 122. Home runs Medwick, Cardinals, 20; Ott, Giants, 19. Pitching Fette, Bees, 12-3; Hub-bell, Giants, 14-4, AMERICAN LEAGUE.

Batting Gehrig, Yankees, Di Magglo, Yankees, .363. Runs Di Maggio, Yankees, 79; Greenberg, Tigers, 76. Hits Bell, Browns, 117; Di Maggio, Yankees, 114. noned eame In the Great Soo Milwaukee 220 000 2309 15 Leaeue will be played tonight at 8 2 Minneapolis 010 200 O003 Mary's Athletic club here this week to succeed Eddie Maus who resigned to take employment in Minneapolis. After having squeezed some ragged baseball from their systems last night when they bowed to the Brooklyn Giants, 8 to 6 in a second game here, the St.

Cloud semi-pros will probably put on the Blaeholder and Brenzel; Wagner, Grabowskl and Dlckev. 6 oclock when Watklns will clash with Cold Spring there. As First game There's only usual some good games are sche duled In the Soo next Sunday but Indianapolis 200 100 0003 8 1 Columbus 000 000 000 0 8 Loean and Riddle: Potter and Clark The CIGARETTE of Quality the one which will attract the most attention from fans will be the Nlaht game reverse next Sunday and turn in Indianapolis 000 000 1001 3 Columbus 002 000 20x 4 12 ONE ANSWER a good exhibition against the Irish Rockvllle at St. Joseph encounter, Phillips, French, Braxton and Lewis; of Maple Lake. The Wright County A cate of all the way from $100 to 5W UcQm and Clark.

leaders are a formidable aggrega $150 has been predicted for the Home runs Di Magglo, Yankees, tlon in any league and will keep battle which will set a high for 25; Foxx, Red Sox, 22. Toledo 200 001 2308 11 Louisville 001 000 1002 3 the Saints stepping to stay aneati the season. Ralph Juenemann Pitching Ruffing, Yankees, and Nelson and Linton; Terry and in what should be a good game. was elected president of the St, Lawson, Tigers, 12-2. Berree.

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