Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 25, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 25, 1907
Page 6
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If you hava any aM maiarlala bring ihmm In, wa aaa maka iharn laak nmw and fraah with our prooaaa af ahrlnking and praaalng. NEW FROM FORT RILEY Scott Gard Tt-Ils About .Manemirs sitid Encampment at Kansas Fort. The Ueriister is in rocoipt. of a let- ipr from Scoii Gard. Jirst st-rgeant in <t .m;iauy M. whirh cntnalns .somp iii- I 'Tostinj; news (•onc<'rninK th»» lola i;-.!ards. The letter follows: Utadquarn -Ts Co. M.. .Sept. 2?.. lUO:. Iiila KeRister: After so lone a time 1 will fry I0 !':i!fill my [iroinise to Rive yoii W )me r-Hinp news. \Ve arrived here Wed- nr-sd.iy. Sept. LS, ;il )oiit 6 p. ni. Owing 10 tlic immense amount of w.ork for the quartermaster department, our hnxos weie nm brought from the train iiitil It was too late to pilch the big teut .-i. Howt'ver the boys were very I 'oniiortable in their Bhelter tents and were all asleep in a very short time. .\o serious accident happened on the trip. ',L«?slie Campbell (who by the way is a splendid soldier) received a Klifiht knock on the head while look•ns "lit of ihp cir window at (he pret- i;. ;;irl .e in HurJIngtoii. 1 ho second lIeutonant'.s locker was broken ojien some time during the T )i!,'in when the baxes were still on tlie train, but nothing was taken out except a suit case belonging to Herbert Allen, which was afterward recovered minus a few small articles. The quartermaster sergeant was of the opinion that the lock was sprung in shipping and no burglary was attempted. The field and staff officers were all corupelled to sleep wherever they sick as \et. The usual ntiraber of minor hurts and ailings have been reported, but Captain McClain has a medicine chest which comes in very handy. Yrsierday (.Sunday) the boys employed their time washing their clothing and lookng over the reservation which has A great many luteiestiug things, some of which, namely, the first capltol of Kansas; and the Ogden monument are matters of history. Tlie pay rolls are beinm made out today and the reuiinent will be mustered for pay tomorrow morning. The papers from home have been coming regularly and have been appre elated. Sergeant Crick is doing double duty as he U acting as company clerk. Tomorrow Is the beginning of the big attack on the redoubt and the men will be away from camp all night and probably most of the next day. All of the men are behaving in a splendid manner and company Jt Is not the least by any means when It comes to a good mlli«aty showing. Vours truly. SCOTT c .Ann. KANSAS RIVER ACTION .state Xow M'ants Rnlin? of Supreme Court Abont Arkanus Modified. Topeka, Sept. 25.—Frederick S. Jackson, attoraey general, will file a petition for a rehearing in the Arkansas river suit in the supreme court of the United States before October 12. This was decided upon at a confer- could find a soft spot on the ground ^.^^ p jj^^^ont Smith this after- as were also the captain and first lieutenant. On Thursday, the l»th. (he camp was established, tents were pitched and ditched, sanitary conditions were looked after and t!ie first regiment, with their splendid colonel in command, settled down to the daily routine of camp life. Guards were placed around'the camp, rations of t )eans. bacon, bread, sugar, pot^itoes, etc.. were issuecl out to the different companies. The first two company M boys to mount guard were Bert Wjckle .tad Itollio Walte. Th(i drills so far have not been so severe tut more instructive as to the fundaniental principles of organlzil Uon than they were last year. Heiibert Allen has put out a shingle as company barber and as a result of one experiment most of the boys are letting thelt whiskers grow. Karl Coughorn. Theo Lederer and one or two others are starting The most unlucky men in thp regiment are Captain McClain and Lieutenant Moore who, having talked over the matter for jtwo months with Ueu- tetiant Travis, purveyors! the second battalion mess, were expecting to live like princes, were at the last moment assigned to the third battalion. Allien they vant a square meal they come down and eat with company U whose cook. Claude Trowbridge .is without a iieer Ip the regiment. Not a man la company M has turned up serloosly noon. The attorney general was determined that no more attorney fees should be charged up to the slate. The attorneys have been paid about $40,000 already. The petition will ask that the judgment of the court be modified in certain particulars. The state is entitled 10 some of the water In the Arkansas river, according to the court but as there had been plenty of water in it in the years the case was on trial the court decided that no judgment could be entered against Colorado. Tlio petition for the rehearing will be based on the ground that the condition of the river was considered only itj the years .«;ince the suit was begun in 1901, that at times before this the water was much lower than at any time in the six years. The judgment of the court spring ends the case except for the effort to get (his modiflca- tlou. The suit brought by Kansas was to prevent the use of the water of (he Arkansas river In Colorado being used for irrlagtion. on the grounds that it was robbing Kansas of needed water. The case | wa.<! dismissed last spring without-prejudice. Several Kansas attorneys, including F. Duniont Smith, were retained in the case by Kansas. rO SWINDLLE MASONS Fraud Is Tarried on Under Pretense to Oet Funds for .Mt-Kinloy .Monument. DO IT KOW. Send me a list of your farm, if yon want to sell if. W. E. Starka. office orer Iowa Store. lola ofTicers of the Masons have re celved letters from the national head quarters warning them to be <m the liM >kout for one of the boldest fraud which has ever been perpetrated with the ostensible backing of ^ fratcnia order. The fraud is being cari'ed on un der cover by the swindlers who are c<»IlectiiiK funds on a bogus subscrip tion scheme for the erection ot' monument to the late f 'resldf 'ni .\Ic Klnley. .Members ot the_ Masonic older have been selected as the victiiii!», Thousands of .Masons in the we.^t liav recently received letters sent out from the chain system. The letters pur |»ise to come frotn prominent eastern .Ma sons, iind ask the receiver to contrib lite ten cent.i towards .'i fund whieli Is being raised for the erection of the monument. in additon the receiver is a .'^ked ro write three letters to brother Masons or friends, asking them to send in t<':i cents, and lu return send three lettfrs 10 other friends. They are directed to send the money to Judge William R Day. of Canton. Ohio, onr* of tlu' he ;t '.mown Masons in the United States. In each letter there Is enclosed a number of envelopes addressed to W. K Day. Esq.. Canton. Ohio. Through accomplices in Canton the letters have been intercepted by simple ruse. The confederate of (he swindlers called at (he postofllce several-days before the replies were scheduled to arrive, and asked for mail addressed to "\V. K. Day." When the letters did begin (o come (he po.^t- al clerk, familiar wKh the man and 'iria name, reserved them for him. as Judge Day's mall was seldom addressed in that immner. It is estimated that the amount received by fraud will amount to luany tbou.«ands of dollais. Few who received the appeal neglected to respond. As far as can be learned the swindle was confined to (he western states. In San Francisco the victims included practically ev.>ry official of the local lodges. A dispatch from Judge Day to a Callforni.a .Mason states that he knows nothing of the chain letter scheme. The United S(a(es secret offlclal.t have taken the matter" up and are searching for the Kwlndler.s. Thousands of letters at the Canton postofflce received since the swindlers look flight and ceased to call for their mall, are being returned to the senders. Of Interest to Many. Foley's Kidney Cure will cure any case of kidney or bladder trouble that is not bejpnd the reach of medicine. No me^dne can do more. Burrell's drug stitM-e, Bcfffater Wut Uu U • Wtii. THREi: IirM)RED TO IHAMTE. Large Xiimher of Lodge Members to See Log Itnllinir, Throe hundred tickets were sold by the Santa Fe company this afternoon for Chanute. which means that that number of lola. Gas City and LaHarpe .Modern Woodnieji and Royal Neighbors are going to attend the big l.og rt;lling at Chanute tmlay. It took tl .ri"' coaches to accomodate the ciov.d that went down this afternoon and a large number went down on the (wTrly morning train. The rrowil will be brought hack on eillier the Oil Flyer toniuht or t!ie early TiiorninH; (rain. lola proiile will learn with a great d'-'il of regret tlio fact that the big paradi. was imlleil off this morning ills' .'.•III. of Ibis afternoon. This will ni:il;e it inii)osslblc tor lola to cany off the prizes for having the i.irgesi delegation in line. Tlir, Clia- rule 'I'riliur.e has the following to say about the big event: Thei 'e wii 'i be some tall doings in the Chanute forests when Woodmen froiu all over Southeastern Kansas will be here for the log rolling. There was some talk at (he meeting of (ho The Junior Department 5tore A REPLETE STOCK OF TOYSI Iccal camp. last evcaing that it migbf be well to change (he time set for (he parade ai'.d iiill that event off lat- t* r in the day. The matter was left with the executive committee and it decided that the parade will take pjace at the time as iinnoimced on the official program. Thn suggestion that change would bo advisable w.aa made becauKe the railroad companies have refused to I/.v>vide special trains to bring the visiting delegations so that they may all br. here in (he morning. The rail- luads gave as their reason, lack of motive power. There are a number of regular trains arriving here betweeen o'clock in (ho morning and noon, aj.d the executive commKtee figures that, the main part of (he vlsltor.=! will be here by (he lime for (he parade to start, regardless of the failure to get soecial train.'^. .\ number of storcH decorated tl(oir windows today in honoV of (he Wqod- men. .More decorating would hive been done if W.'iodnien bunting cotild li bien v:eciired here, but th^re sccnis to be none of It in the city. Floral Park and (he fa'r grotihda where the siieaking, the drill contests and the athletic sports are to t&A p'ace began filling up yesterday with tents, and today presents the appearance of a small city. All sorts -'of amusements will be provided, front a ir.err .v -go-ronnd io a circus, for those v .'ho do not want (o listen to the speeches or watch the drills. For best and rinfcKMt resnKa ii.<Je the Bt -gister Want Coloms. oiona DIOXDOOia FALL MILLINERY OREMING Friday, Sept, 27ih, A Grand Oiaplay of Fall Mllllnary The most elaborate display of Pattern Hats, French and American designe, ever shown in jola. The greatest care has been used in onr selections this season and we have every confidence that yon will be pleased. We invite you to attend. Miss Qarrlo PrIhpth Ji^^iii^^li": i^jiiv^th'^'k.

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