Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 6, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 6, 1908
Page 3
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BeiBt Stomach Remedy Fre^ 7t U an eld $a>ing that if the Mon - •ch is soriml the whole body t:^ saie. becaiL-ic >0 much depends upon the rropjTT workinK f^f the st<>niach. Many persons tind themselves with a div order of the stomach which produces djjpcpsia or a pctiuhar state of biliousness. If you suffer from l>oth slpmacli troublo •nd constipation you aro on thp way to a. vf ry Krious dltvnse. From Jujt juch conditions como appendicitis rli?umatisni, •kin diseases and similar diso.-ders. because the Tcaste matter th it should haTO been dispelled from the system through the bowels has found Us way into tha blood and vitiated It. What Is needed at this point Is not simply a violent cathartic tablet or salt, which usu.iUy docs more harm than good, but a cer.tlp laxative tonic like Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin, which people h;ive lje.;n usinp for tho.-<n ailments for nearly a rjuartcr of a century. H cured J. C. ^Lanh'am. of War- rensbun?. Wo., of stomach trouble of lone Handing, also William. Voll.-of yns Ellis- rm St.. Loui.«\-ille. Ky.. who had the Imublr for fifteen ye.irJ. However, if y^ti hav* slr>m.Tch troublo 3-0U w.inl to know frnrrt personal experl- <'!vrf what Vr. O i W wp U s Syrup Pepsin •will <Io you. If so. send your name to (lie doctor and a free trial l)ottIe will be .-^rnt yoi:. You are urged to send for the free bottle, as the results from it will be the best r-'comm'^ndatjon of Dr. Cald- wcirs Synip P-^psln Then you will do as c.\rr two n-.:I'!pii p^^oplo did last year—c» 10 roisr <triici:;st an<^ buy a regular hottlu at 5i' ccni.-< <>r Jl. ai-cor.lint; to the sizb >-<Mi profrr We could mention hundreds and hiindrols of f,Tmilles who arc never without it.. You never tell when some TTirmber of tli.> family will need a laxative, and th.Mi no lime shouM be lost taking Dr. CaMwclIs Syrup repsin. <» If there Is anything about your aliment you don't tmdcr>tand. or if you want .iny advice, writo to the doi'to!". .tn.l he will answer v.vo rullv. Th^ro Is no rlntce'for this {•^tvit'P. The -i.Mrrj-. i,-- Pr. IW. B. C.I '..!«. •'. MV^ c.ildwen UAg^ Xl.>i.n. . :i.>. Ill W 1". "I . \i .!.f. .M 1 1V- :•, •hi. v\ • . ,1 .V • i-Ui'" 11 Tlv •:i«M :• • .itiil ^1 ti:r. 1- '•,•1 fh.> .;• ; ONE r.Anv W 1 I rss • • : ••. •]'•• f.; • t!l.U ! , V , ,> :1 ;:J: , :• Vnv- ;>i;r'~ ua" r ;.i %^]:-'!: sick t^av '>•:-:•-• <v,:\:\ in ti-iui;. w :;:(•!] tiTAn ; li': >':!:•"!;::; I.-oki;^- Xi-.'i,-i,lv l-.M :( .••••:tr iVr.i o!' ^ Jio?" ''Pi>}y w;i>, :i; •! iii'hn.i^ .! much Born ir, a ;>MhIi.' huspiTal at Kaii.>:.«s I'lty, t'j, cir.-- w:!.- ;>ra^•ica:ly an ort'hja Iroui iiu>. b.-jjiiiniiic. Tiie nafn^:? <i( it^ jiar'^nss ii<v-r hr- known M-A'.:' ;(.•• n-.:~;.-- 'lav.^ '•nil.-" in 1 -;-'!.-i :.ior f -oin *!:•• i ' ai;(! no '•• 'o i' :i ;:-ji>a:n.' :ii said sh.- io-. W3V- ;t s':-. ;•; \-i-;ty of rho hills-, •r.tify Hacn oth»r. kiiowii:: Th'^ kid '.hi- lii>.-:;'ital aiul : M i.f. r?!. u r.ico. hon- :\:riv'-.! on<- liay. an'l ri .ir 1:1. • cl'.iki in- the ::i> Th" iiicf. I.rn- •••n- i:.' Ti>- till-St Ui. ti;at wa> >' • .-a-' i-.l .-lua* 1 •tl .M t Ii. W • . !i in •• • . .f • 1: I ron-. ':• • ba ':y, c"l'r; • • "1;; •: • as r-ai:^ u- • • • Tiv p.r-i w!;i-r' t :ii.;<,';y ni';'-"- -j : Evfry kfi-;' mnrdfr.'.l ha'-r;- • the i-ha'vi?.-. >; , • 1-.' 1:1:1! 1 :1 a-. ! • -M' ad'-ip*-'*! 1 .i'.l r. hiiHca^e -• -.i.i: tv.'l -nK 'aiiir.i: •I- V - . -. .!,-.s:.. rat- !v , >s a'iopt!';:: a •,v. -.-1 ;->fior rha* iVi'y via**'r tor T'tw •• ':;-,aT f!r'-.<;a'ii: atvi. .I 'M-i',-. ;!(•• V\'< sal" d';' i:."') -hat o'-tan -;."rtra; harks of no r.:ifii"«<. i -s-.ary ypar.tHo coin:; forT 'n into • ••1 iiy isr.orriucf-. ne- I Want Judges' Na^'CS. \'.--- i-l-airm:!!! "f th«> K>=I-•••'••-.•'!' •••''r,-- •••iitral . Mr ;.'ijitto>'. Is "«-i/itii: t>]^ cr-.nat::itt'**'T'icy ir thi? ditfTr*-"' ••r.-'i :i 'i('ts n^^r ' Hi" f*iun*y. a-.kins Tiin-' r..A >iu«est -h'- n.-imes- r>f '•Itik-. aM; .v;'<;:i s fnr tin- ii'^i.v'al •^jeClif^Tl. , «' tklrs. Gutdner's Funeral. Th> hn,\\ <.jr .Mrs. Joiiophino Gu 'd- 'i -r wa? laid to itst at .Moran yester- dav S!u was fortnt-rty a r «sld «Dt of this city. She died at Rushton. this state, a few days atn> frota lojarie* rec«ive4 in as automobile •oddest ' NEWS OF LA HARPE <'ITV ioixii. nn.i iioi.ii I.M. I'OKTAM SKSSH»> HKU.MISIJAY. ^ ' MUCH BUSINESS TO CONSIDER KKVivvi .s ST.VIUFH VKSTEKUAY . .\1 PK.VIKIK HALL (HIRi H. •Soteral La llarpt' r «H »|ili> Will l.wv . Tlii!> Lifiiiiii; to |{i-si>>(*'r hi iiosc Hud 0|>i-iiiiig—ri'rM>nai>. I «iiii<-il til .>li><>( Wrdiicvda;. Th.- <•!!> maiicil wi'.j nieci in rcc- irai .-iiii-iiKiiiihiy .-i'.<:?ii>ii \ViMlue?day ni;;hr Tliiie are a nunilier of ini- pDrtain inait.'i.^ li> l>i> cou.-iili'r<'U at tlii.-< iinoliii^. , I'., k. • t a* r l)!(k-:i Sliip|>«d Lit)' Sliii'l.. iiH'ii l .|t>t!ii'i ^ anil .1 1. ;•;;li:^^ ^llipl'i'il till'-- •-.-il ;. 1 .i.:ii| 1,11-^ !•< Kai-i.-ai Skin- ii.'ad '11 I iih'T- -hipiKil 'i!i<- litati niic li'.id I'V <.it;le and Mr Skiai'- I'll.- n 1 Mii :r ^I...•k -II1 1«»ii!id i ;i -; ! I'll'- in .i.I 111' was (.III I'lia -cil l.a'.- I aitlc ill the •11.; \\ ill Vlltiid llpi iiini;. \Vi;-.ii. Mi^- It: a.. I'l S 11 1 IK ir.l 11. -ui) (1.. h. I..( H.H|..- I II.- 1:,-. i;iiil .l\ f it 11! • fV t -M .r 1>.-1,''1.<, w '1. : . •• Ml.- i.|.iiiir,:. » II Cinet lu.^ui.rih an- I.]'!., u liti \\ ill •.iiiiii; Tliivy in I'Hila-. 1. . « i;i teg. Oil MNhiiii: lii|>. .'. Il Vi I i;.>: ... li " . . ir ik Mill I'll. ih. I' .hini; p-*!"• :i. I' lak^ "f the I' Si-i>tl foi l\ie IIMMirVIIIV DR. M .11. VLBKUiMT. i;. i:->i. r .-,j (»s;enpathic rhv^tclan. i^-.r-.' H .Tiik Hlilc. rhuiif 14"'. <"»n!y (l^reoi.n'h In I ,1 Ilarpe. Ke»i»al Starts. werr •a: ..i .1-1 .-v.-Hi il.i;; s.!;.!<. I l!"t;>.. ii;.'.'> ."ii;:i Li rtii' . ••: ii'iii. .i i>> •h-' -i> i.> 'i:.-v f... a> tl;«. Prairie 'href and 'Hie-half (•!!> 'I'l-.'-y will Ue • ••i:'i;,ii |.a.«ti>r as- i ..f UnIll'l '•i.!^ Ka?. lla> tiinMJ rositioii, I." SJ:i..i:' h-re w ifordaj ':;r nher-^ lie lias a •.;.>...i ion in a liak- ry Mr Shtiaf h.ts liepii vorkiiii; i:i 11. I! I'arman's 1. a' \:•kan^a> Ci;) Ii.: the past s.>\.:a; iin'iiiiis. Ii.> t..rrii<>i I.' worked in '.il.' liK -al bakerj. Surprised "Had" VwW. A ;:iHr.i>e: i-: tlif I 'rieiiil^ "1 '':'.<• I'atn- X t .-a'!;.-!, <l a- of II. Ivpk - -ii-M 1. .111 .1 i-.r.!'.i!." ... iie is iinii!> ki.r.-.\ii. A <|.'vli'l'iii siit- f.--; his T.'iiil liinhda^ A mi -..| -Inn II 1 1' n ei e .liii>ilM. Niliifirs I ir^t. 111-,!.- I.> -h • f nha- Itt'.liee •i- iievi 1 ,1.. .-.-11 • S'a\n>n COMMON* SENSE mojl lnt*||lg*nt t>«nple (AUMmly pe* of ynnvn coBBpo »itlon. Ther*- itpe< l<nb» m fore nak rnterlng p*r» «T>d a iredanjr grl positi.m o( Dl to everybody Stnecrs at Carnegie Music AUeKhent-. wb» the largest at- 1I entertainment given thus far e Slay tun Course this a4 >a8on. The n iutereiitiug numbers on tti^ proirktu were rendered by the best eoiiiiiiany .»f rolore<l arti »ts that has appearod herb. IIRlC-filST; SODRIKS. The most ruiii|>lete and U|>-ti)-date line of |)ockrt iHxiks. corohs. hair bru;hcs. stationary, toilet soaps, note booijs, and other druRgist suudrics in the tiiy ean be foiind at »ak-n A: Danft^rth't Drugs and Jewelry. |i IVr^onaiN. rrowbridpe will ka^e t'>da> for K.m| City where he will .-lUend the •1 of I'all.-<s parades. .1 C 'l 'iiiian .-unl Will i'ain. I 'f loia. ia the ri!>^ jrsieplay on a liusi- V i.-it fcl.sori C.-trver leniiiied in l-'l i^eott idny after a short • visit here at home of iji. ,1. r .xicCii; '|S M. W Moiiigoiuery i.s prep;ir- |> move i<> Wichita. K;«* . to n>ak>- ij fiiiuie iinm... ,\ir. .Moiitgnniery 1 there several we.ks ago and ha ; j l"eii n.liking at his trade, that <-;ii peiiter The Miinigouier> fnni ily has lived in this city for the p.-is; "cviilal >eiirs. Wlil'cr Itoiiiiiie and .lohii liouner all- iiii Kan>a<. fit> liwlay M| and .M is .loe Ktl I left lesler- ili> for Katis.o «'iiy to .iiteud tin- t'riist of I'alla- paiade" .\hs. .\lar.-liall W'ti; ••> City yesliMd.ij Sli.-'wi;i be itie i;ii.>f of h' I ij..ti t>.| l|lf tH'Nt ItlOIIIll WW l.iM «i-\ .-iik I I. I>...«;. Ill.t; • 1. K .I-. Wiio h'Me \,nl .i> on .1 .e.ii esl.ite l.u>int.s^ .Ilin of Ui.Mai. Mo, Ii-i. \e-'lfid.i> I 'liioute lo li.ts t'llv. eaili-il ihei.j- lo the i !nev> of his l.iother. John Kste.s. .\|tts II I* l>.'l.> teturu'd "\<i\- ;!ic fj'ni .Moi.m. Ka.-. wb^ie .-h- hj.^ herii|ih»' giic>» of U'l.tiivf- for tlie past j • \ei.«l da>>. J ^\ "ra> !or <-am»' in :e-terda> from Yatet) Crtir*; Kas . wlteie !)•• s(."nt Siiini;i> as tin- guest «>r relatives. L'^ti-' Jlaker is r».p>>rted quite f-er- tousliv ill with the tonsiiitis. ' ly)!u lloiienwitr. came in yeslerda} fnuii i.alveston. Texas; where he has I h'< Pi spending his vacation. He is the tooalj Ka»y agent. G.iH Hales »as in Kt Scoft jester- ila> ,it.ii a btisines* visit. Dr. Pfere«'5 medlclnef. lbs eh print every Ingredteni hem upon the bottle vra|^ it$ correctness under oath, jtiie Saltna ni ing !n favor. The com- ' Pierce's medicines i* open . Dr. Pierce being deslrona of havinir t^o <^itrrh light of inveytlga- tion turtjed fullT upon hi< formulte. beW contiaent that the better the com Trines is known the man tho !r great curame merits be recognized^. J >f ing who1ly~o'ade o("Uie active medicinal principle* extracted tfrom native forect ropts. by exact orocefc*** origimi with rir. Picroe, .ind witnout the n !ie of a dr -p ofialcr .bol. triple-refined and cheTn :.-aiIy pure glycerine l«?ing used Instead in extracting and preserving the curat.-ro virtue; residing in the root4 employed, these medicines are entirely free from the objection of doing barm by creating an appetite for eiUier al- coh '.'iic b-nerages or habit - forming drug*. Kiamiae the formal* on their bottle wrappers—the same as sworn to by Dr, Pierce, and yoti will find that bis •Golden Medical Discovery," the great, blood-purifier, stomach tonic and bowel regulator— the medicine which, wbile not recommended to cttre consumption in ita ad %-aDeed stage^'no medicine will do that) yet doc cure all those catarrhal condl* tlons of head and throat, weak stomach, torpid liver and bronchial troubles, ireak lungs and bang-oo-oougbs, whio^ if naf lected or badly treated lead rxp to aad finallr terminate In consumpUoa. Take the 'Golden Medical Diaeorvn AVOID THK KXIKE. CiittiBg Won 't Tare File*—InJrraal I Treatment >eeded. A gardener doesn't kill weeds by rut ting their tops;. He attacks the root. .Inst so with pill*!!—the cause i.< within, entirely out of reach of surgiw! l.Tstninic.'il..^. ointments or -suppositories. 'The only cure for piles is internal, and the only guaranteed internal remeil.v Is Dr. I.#onhardts llem-Rold. It has cured per cent of and •-t dav|s' trejiiment is sold for $1 at Chafi R. Spejicer & Co.'s. under positive guarantee. Or mailed by Dr. l>;on- !',ar<lr I 'o. s|ation ». .nuffaio. .\ T Wrii|e for lK><>kict. FAVORABLE TO lOLA. V/bat Sa'iiia Journal Has to Say of ' A. H. T. A. Meeting. Tl^j. fidionJns from th*- Salina .lour* im I ijudicste^j that lol.t. if th'- rizlit kitiiliof a flciit is put up .can s-<-nre th.- »;;.'\t Stal« iu«-ting of the .\. II • Uli'li'- ^i>iit!ie;ist <taiiils los'-ther 1' van i;. <>ii! lor til- vtal.' ••otiv».nf ioti. |iav :in.; I'lp- targi'si Ti'e:!!'"'rshl|'. and at imost t>vfr>l»od\ in that part of the itat 'i Is e|t!fr'a horse thief or ..\nt|. Horsjc T!i!-f Two towns in th" south- ras'jnr-" eati-fidat-.s for the next place of tii(. e'iiig. tola and Pittsburg, and eai-li nil! S'-iid strong delegations to tine to sveure th*- ii»'Xt 'oiiv.-ntioii. It is pnssible that As- kanfas City may again for the con last • nrioii. That city wa,< defeated year at Parsons by Salina. Last yeaJt at Parsons there were 1.11"> votett cast in the contest for secretary, the kalina convention will haiv at Icastji that many votes and i>»rhaps- luo-e;' so with only twa candidates in the jiif !.i the siirce-stful candidal" musl|have .'.Tl votr.s to elect. A IS Scarf aixl Stool GIVEN PRCC With each Piano at the Puiohasc Roberts Kaoo Hoas^ l-J N. WwhiDgtoi i SOX DEFEAT TIGERS Snninirro l> Hit Hani and tlmrly-i- Srore 6 to I. Manding of Ibr Tr «M«. .\.\TU»N.\L UlCU '.nK. \r. 1. t'liuar .o nttsbui.: New Vol Iv l 'hlUnlel-,>!iia CtUCiUIMll |ti.>ston ... . nrvi-KHii l/'iii. :"; ;..*. "«1 Tl M 1;.; >t' .\\ItKI<'.\N Lt.VU K W tletft' Chicago Cleveland . St. lyjui.- i^ostou Philadelphia Washington New York . . ..••1 i. »•,'. »;.! r.s .h;I .•<.•. I'd •'•Il »;;;>; III ::«;» ::is tVr ,'.\*'. ..•.SJ ..'..".n ts:: M: :: !•> .... .. Re.siilts Ye.terda> N.XTIUN.VL Li:.\(.;rK New York -V. llorton I Brooklyn *>-". I'hlladelphia .\.MKKIC.\N LEA<;ri; Boston t. N»w York 0. St. Louis J-:;. ''it'Vlatid 1-' Washington ;;. Philadelphia " Chicago V; .Detroit 1. Where They Play Todaj. .V.MfclRIC.VN LE.\6CE Detroit at ("hirago. Cleveland at St. Louis. Philadelphia at Washingtou. New Y'ork at Hoston. N.ATION.\L I.K.\UCt: Boston at New Y'ork. Brooklyn at I'hilade»phia It MINGLE IN AN AUTO Vlleged Sla»er ol" I'mrl Mann IVar- >ou Talett tn 4tklab»ma for Trhil. PULH'E (tilKT. in time and it U not Ukelj todinpao&t fair triaL Don't expect BlndM. It wtm'tdosupematoral thingi. Yoamntt exerciaa jronr pattenoa and penerera to iU OM for a reasonab)e,leBgth.of time to set ttefull beneAts. Tha Ingndleato of whkh Dr. Pieroe't medklnea are eompoMtl bttrt medkaf leader».Tlwtter than jay, «r BOD proftwiopiK ^^ba^iraaS ?{7an dMlifi^it at WMQMble vriem. rAKi:> oiT t»K I ParM ^D*. Ka."., Sunday <'I«»lng t'a.»e<. to Be Tried Beforr Dhtrirt Juiee. ] Parsons. Kas . Oct. The flgh: a:iainf^t Sunday theaters, which has l»een 'waged here for the i>ast month by th«* W. r. T. v.. was ended y«^ter- day fwheti the county attorney ser\-ed ifotI<^ie that prosecutions would be comhi'-nced in the dibtriet court under the *tate law. and that every person violating the law would be prosecuted as o||ten as the law was violated. Th|t fight heretofore has been made In the police court and the theater l»e»pte attacked the validity of he or- dlnaijbe. taking two cases to the district jcourt from the -police court on appeal. .\D opioton has been received .f Okla- fo.' the C IMS. MINISTERS COMING Ton 5 1 «ILL BE ALITE WITH PRE.SBYTERIAXS TOMORKUfT. SYNOD IN SESSION HERE .SABBATH SCHOOL I.XSTITITE WltL PRECEDE S\">t»D PROPER. Eminent l)iihie» Are «n the Pmgrani -AiM.nt 2<K» visitors Are Expert rd Here. 7 he advance g ^iard of the minl .-<ter5 and I 'Idors who will al'-nd th* Kan- Ra» State Synoi! and the S> nodical Sabbath School Institute of the Presbyterian church will arrive in lola tomorrow The Synod prop'-r begins Thursday, evening wtlh the opening sermon by the ^Io<l <Tator. the Ucv. B. F. Bovle. n. !>.. of the Presbytery ot Highland. The i^ynod. however, ia preceded by the Syiiodical Sabbath School Institute which hegin.s totnor row morning witli an addre.^s of welcome bj Dr. S. S. Hilscher of this city. The Institute will continue throughout Thursday. Dr. S. R. Ferguson, district .*U|)»rintend''nt of the :|;ynod8 of Kansas, .\fissonri and Iowa will eon duet U>e Institute. Practically nil of the nie<^tlng>i. es- peciall> ih>- evening soK .slons. are oi »eii I" tin- piihllr.. which offer.< to this ii<niininiii> un op|>ortunlly to hear som.' of the ablest divines in the Preshj t .-rlHii clinreh ».-< the < detailed program .will show. 1( i.s exiHVled thai aUMit i>ili minis lers and cMers wilt t»<< here, although ther.- max a larger attendance. The Sjnod mill List until Monday n >H >ii Til', followinc is the program of the Synodlral institute anil the ftpsf two .lays of the Synod proiM»r; Wednesday Evening. ; ;;i>—Address of Welcome. Rov. S. S ^lilseher. D. D.. lola. . Response. Rev. R. c. Fleming, learned. ^.'V>— .\ddress. Iiev. James A. Worden. rr D. LL. D.. Philadelphia. Pa Address. .Mrs. S S. Eble>. To p-ka. Thursday Morning. S;;;"—Praise service. ?:<•'•—How to Prepare the I>>sson. Rev. James A. Wbrden. D. D. :':.:n_How run we best teach the Doc trines of O'lr Cliureh to the Sabbath school scholars. Rev. Sam uel Garvin. Kan5:a3 City. JIO;oo —SymiMJSium. The relation of MOUSE - ^ — - HI 5; from 1M tamda tlmt the ordinance Is sufficient ho'ti the attorney general in which to secure a ooBTlction and will In the district court V .tcliita. Ka-^. fb -t >; liidc" Kirk >«.-terdti il .-.-ided the ha *»M> e»>rpus (•roe -ediiigs for the rMease of V. D. .Ming 'e. charged with tntirderiug .Mn:. Pearl IVarsou in Oklahoma fify. against tile plaintiff and remanded .Miiicie 'o th'- i -tistofi-- of the ;xj|ire No s.M.jier had lh«> prisi ner i >ein taken frr)iii tin- <-ourt hotis,. tjo the city jaii than Sheriff Garrison hoiiia City ser\t -d his paper extradiction .of .Mingle tm thi; chief of police, and he at once tnrne 1 the pns oner over to the sheriff. \i amonvy- bile was waiting in front of he txjiice station, into which .Mingle was taken and the machine was started at once for the state line. in the machine were the driver. ..Mingl". Sheriff tJarrison and Harry Pearfui. husl>and of the murdered woman. The sudden leaving of the sheriff with his prisoner wa» due to the fact that another proceeding bad been filed to keep Mingle'here. Tfte (lapero were .given to the Sedgwick county sheriff immediately after the i '<>**»«/e"»»letronble fromIwhicli hearing, but he did not get to the city I I-Xd-.E. Pf«kha«> jail in time to serve them. The auto- niobie was rapidly disappearing down the street when he arrived at the police i$tation. From now on 'he matter will l>e fought out In the courts in Oklahoma. Mingle'.s attorneys stated today that they bad not given up and that they were confident that .Mingle wottld he able to show that he was not in Oklahoma City at the time of the shooting. Clifford to Ft 8colt Attorney Clifford of lola was In the city yesterday on business with Attorney C. G. Griffith.—Ft. Scott Re- pabllcan. Thotisaiidg of Amerkan women n our homes are dail7 sacrificing lieir lives to duty. In order to keep the home neat 1 ind pretty, the childrenifell dreeaed ' nd tidy, tromen overda A female reakness or displacement is|oftc.D rou^t on and they suffer in silence, rifting along from bad to iroiae, nowing 'well that they oiij^t .to have help to overcome the pains and abbefi which dailTnafee life a bindem It is to these nithfutircniHn tiui LYDIAE.PIIilCHAM'Sl VC6CTABLE COHroUND (Amies as a'boon and » bUssinK. is it did to Mrs. F. EUswoi^ of Mayville. N. Y, and to Mrs. W. P- Ipoyd, of Beaver Falls, Fa., who sa j: •'I was notable to do mr owawork. tjsbleComponsnd helped me woaderfaJiy. 4nd I am so well tbat I CSB do as a i Mj'm work as I erer did. I wiah crerr a^cic woman would try it. ACTS FOR SICK WOMOf. For thirty years Ijdia E. Finkham's Vegetablie Compoimd, mada f torn roots and h«rfas ,haa been the standard remedy for fsita^ ills. ito-- mir Sabbath U&ool workers to' the forward Bvansetlstlc mpre-^ menf. i ^ (a)—^The TActaer's Opportim. itr. Rev. Wta. Balrd. Wichita. (b»—The Mlssfonary's Vinay. side Service, jgr. James iX. May.^ Manhattan. <c>—The Pastor's Responaibil: i»y. Rev. W". R. McEIror. peka. 11 "Follow Me and I Will Mjake- you Fishers of Men"Capt. A O'Brien. Ceilar Rapids. Town. Tliursday Afternoon. 1; 30—Song Service and Promise Meet Ing. I :.tJ«>— The Church's Redponsibilit;1 to the Sabbath School. Rev. Tbeo. Bracken. D. r>, Pbillipsborg, • •: 30—The Sabbath School's; Duty to the Church. R4v. H. C . Culbert-son. D. D.. Emiioria. | .T:»)o—Round Table. JMrs. S. S. Este'y. Topeka. • [ :l:3U—New and Approved Methods of" Sabbath Schbol Work. Rev. James A. Woi^len. D. D. \ 3:15—^Trials and Trlumph.-s in Sabbath' School Missionary Work. Capt-^ A. R. O'Brien. { aoblne words. Rev. s K For guson. D. D. PROGRAM OF SYNOD. Thursday Evening, October 8th. 7 :31^ —Opening sermon by the 'Moderator, the Rev, B. F. Boyle. D. D.. of the Presbytery of High-, land. j t. Conslitnilon of tbe Sjiiod with prayer. Roll Call- it Klectlon of Moderator j I. Election of tmo 'Temporary Clerks. tRule VH I \ I r.. Report of the Comtulttee \ta ^ arrangements, nnd program. ' Rev. S. S. Ull-^fhcr. ehairnJBJn. Friday Mominq. October 9th. <;0 .i — 9; 00 — fV^votlonal Excrcis^B' f« Rev. W C alnd has posit ivdjT cored tbouMnda ol •% romen who have been troaUed vith i isplacementa, iAllammatioiL o|car»- t on, fibroid ttuiorB, irregnlatitiea, jeriodie pains. baidadiei,titat bter- I ig-down feelmg, flatulency, indifsa* t on,dizzine88,ornerroiui>(o«ti»tmi. why don't you tiy It f Mrs. Pfakham Invilw aUl ^oai «B t« write,her far iRuIe IV.. Ie,l by .Miles, of Hollon. Buslnes."*. Readinc of -Minutes- Appointment of Commltteeis.J (Rule IX.> . 1. Blll.s and Qverturea. five members. 2. Judicial business, five mein bcrs. j 3. Synodical Colleges, one member from each Presbytery. i. Leave of Absence, j 5.—Minutes of the General Assembly, three members, fi. Presbyterial Records, three for each Presbytery. a—porta. b—Highland. r —Larned. d—Neosho. e—Solomon. f—Osborne. g—^Topeka. 7. Place of next meeting. Call for Papers and Reference of the same. 9:3iJ —Report of the Committee on Foreign Missions ( R u I p \m.^ • Rev. S. S. Estey. D. D.. chairman. .> ..-\ddress by Rev. Wm. Baird. O. D.. of Korea. 10:3».'—Report of the Committee on Education (Ttule Vim. Rev. William Fonlkes. P D. Ctinljv man. 11:«H»—Address by Captain A. R. O Brien. of Des Moines, la. 11:45—Report of the Committee Freedmen fRule Villi, Rev E. Sehaible. , 12:0«—Recess. Friday Afternoon. October 9tb. t:00—^Report of the Cotnmlttee oq Hom" Miiwions fRuIe ^111.) Rev. B F. Boyle. l>. P.. Chairman. 3:•)<•—Address by Rev. Samitel Garvin. Kansas City. subjerrt, Christ's Conquest of Kansas." t:t><>—Report of the Committee on Church Erectfop rRuIe VIII.) Rev. S. B. T.«cas. Chairman. 4:15—Report of the Committee on Temperance. Rev. J. N. Rafi- kin. Chairman. 4:3'.«—Report of the Committee Sabbath Observance. Rev. Lean Heeler. Chalrmati. 1:45—Report of the committee rig Sunday Srhool Profes-sorshii). Rev. R. C. Fleming. Chairman. 3:W—Recess. Friday Evening. Octol>er 9th. 7:30—A popular meeting In the interests of Evangelism and .Miss- Ions. Rev. E. S. Blaney. D. O.. presiding. Address by Rev. F. E . Russell. D P.. of St. Louis, representing th» Assembly's Evangelistic committee. • Address by Rev. B. P. FnUerton. D. D.. of St. Lonts. Mp.. Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the V. S. A. i -• ofi Ci-i fin I Daayunta(>bt3 From lola to practically .a' points in CaKlbmia, WaahiagtMiaDi ^ Oregea. Shnilar rates tomany iuef-1 mediate points. Thrflni^i Tounat' Sloepen Daily from Kjaniaa Oty •We and They are thoroughly IcraifartaWe have every conventetjceof the Palac^ sleeper at half tke Personally CoiMi^acted Escurj. sions Twice a Wedc t If you have never traveled on one of the BurlinfctuD » conducted exctmiioali yuu can h .ivc no idea of the extr|» comfort and conveaieaoe. Lrt me iril jnn M about llie^* cicai>iuu. and tb* low raUS, H-ai. waM.iaia»««i. • I.. 16th National IRRIGATION Interstate fndo^trliil ExposKIva and >cw Mexico Territorial Fair ^LL AT Albuquerque. N. M. SEP. » to OCT. 19 Come and see the prosperoua Santa Fe Southwest—where aU the Ray trom Colorado to California water is king. | The V. ,S' fjovernment is howj spending millions of dollars toi get a permanent water snpplW for the semi-arid lands. j It mean.s millions of ncr^ made tillable and fit for homesi A national event, worth cross-1 Ing a continent to sec. Foreign' diplomats. Government officials. Irrigation experts and Captains of jindnstry will attend. A gre.-it exposition of SoutU- west,farms, r3.nched, mines and industries. Indians, too. and cowbojs— V, S. Cavalry. Tickets on; sa'e Sept. 23 to Ot.t. Z: finalreturn limit Oct. 31. U*<J!>. If desired ah application to agent Albnqnerque, tickets will be honored for retam via Clovis, .\. .ML and Amlrlll^ Teg." AttrartiTe s^Mrlps lo IT. 8. Re> elamatlon ProjecU and Grand Canjojf-of Arisona. W. E. B.U.»TOK, Agent. 'Inia, Saas. Aak for irrigation" Booklet... 1 EXCHANGE OB SELL. . List your property with me. I have a large list to match from. No expense unless a deal is found for you. I have 240 acres in Neosho county.: Kas, to exchange for good lola property. J. T. MILES. B MB 10,.iOM Caart UM 9& Aaa4 nt Dr. Sntdlffe wishes to inform bis termer patrons and the pnblic that he has resnined the Kcneral practice of medlelae. ctHnblains It with •nrger.v. CMBca Iboan lit to 11 a. m.. 1 to .1 and 7 to I pi a. ^ StUves Set up and cootiected. aJso any other gas fitting. Good work and reasonable charges. Phone 39. 1^. Olli^ili^xi OdMtai CMifw«ar .i«-| -'i inasstooa 4ad Cemrat SMawilks a «i I Curtdng m ^pedattrJ ..v 118- Baat~;iMkM «iAt«. ;

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