Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 25, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 25, 1907
Page 5
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rfigJPTMIBiyg, loim Ymimrkuuy HompUmI West Street, lols, one block from square. Diseased of domesticated animals successfully treated ,cfa arges moderate.good box stalls for patients Calls answered promptly night or day, 20 years experience. Veterinary Dentistry a specialty. rrmnkS.B9Aiile, V.S. Honor Graduate of dntario Veterinary College, Prop. Hospital Phone 1068 Res. Phone 139 porch, good well, nice locaUon, smooth lot. Price (or few days $565. |12S cash, balance |10 per month. 'VMiltak- pr & Donnell. THE OLD Travis homestead hs- iT<?pn LaHarpe and Gas City, has boen sold to J. C. Ross o fWinfleld. The deal was CTO3«M: several days ago 1 y the Bedwell & Ray Realty compa r:-. Mr. Rosfi exp?cts tn mnvf. onto tlio farm. When you think of using Wall Paper Remember, we have a nice line of real bargains. Patterns which are desirable and price.^ which are right. Come in and tee ihem. .\ ?rand display of Parisian styles in Kail and Winter .Millinery at .Miss I'riboth's openinR. Friday aflernoon and pveninjr. A deal was also closed whereby A. .M. Wood of lAHarpe trades a Store t.iiilding. a four roomed house and four lots in l^Tliarpe for a SoO acn- i f .-.rni in HPnton roiinty. Ari <an!:as I Wanted—Everybody to know that jW. H. Kolley & Son have moved their I transfer and storage ofTice to "11 1 South WashinKton. Ofllce and Day l^hone 2!Hi. Residence and night Phone 17. SPENCER'S CITY "The S(iiiuw .Man" at the (Jrand Theater toinorroiv iilirht. .\tteiid Miss I'riltdlirs oponini; ii.xt Friday aftoniooii and ovenint;. - --- >. DR. P. S. .Mitr!i.'!! will att.'nd tl,.> annual meeting of i!io .Medical .society of the which convenes at Hot Springs, bcinlier fl-lOU. Last year Dr. .Mitch.'ll Va <5 i>rosldeni of till'? organization. The Sooii-y is coin- posed of the stati-s of tlie Southwest. CIi.ARLE.S Hollschncider has been ,a!)i>olnied a deputy jjame warden for i;'.ip State. He lias authority to arrest lanyrine violating the Kame and Ilsb ' laws and also lias the privilege of ^••i:liIls the stream!* for carp wlilch is niiniiiK the streams as far as llsh- In;; L-DPS liy eatliiK all the other lish. 'I'lii- tish conimisslon d''sires to bp rid of the lish anil the lies! way to do so Is til huve tlie ilepiity wardens seine for tin-Ill lllieraillis; the better lish wliicli happen to he caught. They {.-pt thi'li- rPtuiMs tiy sellins; the carp. — Himiboldt Herald. "The Squaw -Man" uf the (irnnd Theater tomorrow uinhi. Moler Barber Collepe, Kansas City, Mo. Teaches the trade by free clinic and careful Instructions in few weeks. Positions waiting for everybody who win learn. Write for particulars. Dr. Beynolds. Phone .SS8. Bes. 614. MISS CARRIE Clotfelter returneii home Sunday from a three month'- trip to Niagara Falls and other point-; of in the East. I'pon h->r ar rival home she- iinmoiliately left for lola. where she has accepted a position as toaciier in the public schools. .Miss Clodfelter is an e.\r.^]I.>nt instructor, and we are sure she will give finn satisfaction. However, her jiiany friends here are sorry to lose her an.l hop." she will return home another year.—Cherryvale Republican THE SONS and Daughters of Justice will mpi-t tomorrow cvoniug in .\iasiiiilc hall. Dr. J. F. Jameson, qoallflod Teterli- arlan, Uonglas Bros. Barn. Phone IS. R. .A. Edirar, IraiYlo iiianafcer Liiin- lierinan's Portland Crnient t-onipany is the salaried agent for the ei-cliisive .-ale of the stock of the cement company In lola and immediate territory. .VII parties wishing to Investigate the proposiciun should call or address him. The Lumbermen's Portland Ce- nipnt porapany. J. V. Tanner, licensed auctioneer niid sale orler. .")0r> >orth McKea, Gas City. srPERlNTENDENT .Tnhnson of ; the .Missouri and Kansas 'iX'iephone • C.-,.. is in thf. city toilay -. lewng the local fXchaiiK.->. There w---^ no special s'^inificance to the visit 01 .Mr. John- 1 1 Mrs. Cantrcll. Phone 1091. -The Squaw .^Inn" uf the (irond Theater tomorrow nluhf. P. E. Waneh, Dpntl«t. Phone 1«. 0«Bre OTPr Burrell's Drug Slori'. ASK ME if you want to buy an S- room for $l.:;iii'. W. E. Siarks. office over Iowa Sore. EARLY RISERS ne.xt Sunday morning may have the privilege of s«'e'ng two big circuses pass through Chanute. Barnum & Bailey will come. In over the Pittshiirir branch and go iiorth Sunday morning. Forepaugli & S.'lls Bros., will pasr; through Cha- uute Sunday morning They show at lola. .As each show requires several trains to carry its equipment, if will be a novel sight to sec, both Ko through within so short a time of each other.—Chanufe Sun. THI-: lOI.A l^ind company con! suniated a deal yesterday whereby O. V .Carver of .Moran trades his gen'eral store in -Moran for a one hundrcl and I sixty acre fruit farm near Wjllow i Si.rings. .Mo., to O. T. Wilson. .Mr. \\'i!s<iu took cliariie of th:< store yes- terdtiy. They also sold the P. ti. Troutman house at 1013 East street to .Mrs. Anna Carr of Gas City. Mrs. Carr will move in at once. Harry Fancher's proiieny at 412 South Cottonwood stre^.t was sold yesteriin" to Mary j .1. Copening. Mrs. Copening will us.- i ii for a residance. ASK ME if von want to buy a HOME on payments. W. E. Starks. oltlce over Iowa Store. If yoti want to buy a house see J. E. Powell. "The fiqnaw Man" at the Grand Theater tomorrow night. Here is another one of our bargains in ahouse. Three rooms, nice , front , For the sweKest and latest ideas in I millinery wait for Miss Priboth's open ing. Friday. Sept. 27. How to .\Told Appendicitis. Most victims of appendicitis are those who are habitually constipated. Orino Laxative Fruit Syrup cures chronic constipation by stimulating the liver and bowels, and restores the natural action of the bowels. Orino Laxative Fruit Syrup does not nauseate or gripe and is mild and pleasant to take. Refuse substitutes. Biir- rell's drug store. THERE'S A RLASOMf why one kind of hosiery for men will wear so many times loneer than other kinds WITHOIT HOLES OR D.\R\- ISii. \ good reason, too, for It's the new . That makes all the diff .Tt -nre in the world. We bare taken np this new hosiery be<*aa<>e we realize it Is Just what every man wanLs. X sock that will ghe LOXi WE.VK WITHOIT D.IBMNG. Becanse of t'lN wonderful toe and hr«'l a lisle sork is made which will ontwrar the heaviest, most rlnmsr hosiery with the, ordinary double toe and heel. Try these, iie will buy a pair and one pair will sliow^yon the difference. BBToiay^ShiBidm dp, Co., «• THE none MAT TENNIS CREAM With least labor and trouble it makes hot-breads, biscuit and cake of finest flavor, light, sweet, appetizing* digestible and wholesome. Greaiesi Aid to Cookery CONVKIITEn n\\\ SI'F.VKS IIEKK. Rev. Sherman to Talk nt Y. M. C. .V. .Next Snuilay. Rev. ,1. .M. Shi-rmaii. a coi.v-itcd .Jew, who preaches the gospel hi eight different languagi"; ami sp<al<s in t-n diffiM-ent languam-s. is in lola this week and next Sun.'.ay will sp ak in lola. Ill the afternoon at '.;::;ii Rev Kherniaii will addri'ss the in"ii th-Y. M. C. .\. ami In the evening will fill the pulpit at (he naptlsi fbiii-rli. .Mr. Sherman is a VIM-V iiit.r-.sting man. Ho is but 21;; nf -.r--,. and .say.t; th.Tt ever since his fourth birthday he has imt. In all of his time in study. He speaks English. Hibrow. CiCrman. Fr-.Jicb, Russian. Grrf-U. Latin and Polish, (Iiunitly and can also speak Arabian and other languages to some extent . The story of his life is very interesting. He spent his boyhood days in Russia and was educated by a Ji-wi-sb uncle, who was a high officr.r in the Hebrp.w church. At that time the Jews were badly treated by the Cath- o?ies and Christians of Russia, and he grew to hate these religions. For four years he was ruk.r of the Synagogue In a Jewish church. The Jewish church does not teach the new Testament. One day however, he happened to get hold of a nr.w testament end began readlni;' it. The result was that he was convinced of its truth and so accept-"d the Christian ifligion. Rev. Sherman is a mPmber of the church and is sent out over the cotintry by that organization. \W I'ii.s made an earnest ]i!i a to the church to ])uldish np w .->isiami -nts In the Hebrew language. He has suc- cit.led in that work and In the next three nionths. liie Hebrew new testaments are to \i> distributed over the country to the Jews in the cities. Though now a f' Rev. Shfr- man has no: nunei. against his own p'-ople. the .lew.s. 7)ut ."ympafhlzes with them, pspec ally the Ru.sslan .Tews, who have been so badly treated ill the la-t f-w years Tiy the Russian l.pople. In h.s .-;i!;(!y of the Bil)Ie. be does rot use an lin;;lisli Bible as it is e.'.sler for him to read from the He- I-:ew t.-xt. Hi.= .<ubjict at the V. .M. C, X. tomorrow is to !)••. from the parable of the Prodigal son. GHANUTE WON 5 TO 3 Our Way Team Had But Eight Men. Chanute won from the Our Way .vLsterday at Cl-.aniite by a score of ."1 to :;. The Our Way team left town with but eight till 11, picking up ono man .'iflcr they got )o Chanute. Their I'.-w ncriiit was stationed in right f'elil bin i.rovc-il a false alarm, as he ::ll<)we'l tliroo. bits in bis territory to po safe, that shoiilii have been fielded. .-^peiA-s of Colony, pitched for the Our Way !ind Willis for Chanute. Both Iiiichers were hit fairly hard. Humboldt was to have played the Park here yesterday but did not come. They phoned u)) yesterday afternoon that it would i)e Impossible for them to be here. Kegistpr Want Ads., Ic a Word- E.VGLES TO HAVE SMOKEB. Local Aerie Plans Big Time for Xext .Meeting. On next Wednesday night the lola Eagl -'S are to have a big smoker and f> ast at the. club rooms. The Indications are that there will be a full attendance of the lola members and that many visitors from other towns will be there. The evening will be. spent consuming a fat, roasted pig, .-^tiioking cigars and having a general good time. First Games Are Being. Flared on La HariM" and lola Con'rt^ Todaj-. The .\nen County Tennis tournament for the championship cup, opev in full blast today when four -games will he played, three at tho LaHarpe courts and one on the Pennsylvania court ill tola. The entries for the tournament closed last night with 12 teams entered in the contest. Thft following teams succeeded in drawing "Byes" which means that they will not have to play In today's matches but will play ih2 winners in today's contests They are Rogers and Hale Finney and McMillan; Olson and McDonald, ai>d Braden and Ralston. Today the following matches are to le played. Bowliis and Stover vs Cline and Kinky at the Pennsylvania court. Damon and Ross vs Jones and Wharton at LaHarpe. Upton and Curtis vs Taylor and Hurlock of Moran on the LaHarpa courts. Owen and Brewster vs Hizer and Baker of LaHarpe on the LaHarpe courts. The winners of today's matches will play tomorrow, the drawers of the ••Byes" This will make four more contests for that day. The foIliMjbg day thr> four idayers will play against each other making two games. The next day the two successful teams will play and the next day the wld- ners in the tournament will play Peet and Turner .the present holders of the. championship cup. The cup which is a handsome affair is now on display at the Ramsay dry goods store. The championship contest for the cup is to be played next Saturday but the time and place has not yet baen decided. A deal of interest is being shown all over the county In the Tennis tournament. The cup for the championship in singles has not yet arrived. The tournament for singles will be held after the contests In doubles havft been disposed of. We write insurance on Threshing Machines. R. .M. Cunningham. Diamond Bracelets! Exquisitely designed Diamond Bracelets—all new stvles—in Roman, Rose and English finished gold, solitaire and groug settings, all offered at low prices. $21 te $51 Mo. Pac, Santa Fe, and M. K. & T. Watch Inspector. If you are worrying over a weak stomach use Mi-o-na and see how soon you will be well. Charles B. Spencer guarantees to refund the money if Mio-na fails to cure. A BIG ETA>GELIST COMING. Rer. Hicks WIH Preach at C B. Church—Weighs 300 Pound.s. Rev. J. W. HIpks who is said to be one of th« "Biggest" evangelists In the state of Ohio and w-ho weighs about 300 pounds, is to be In lola on the 13th of October for the purpose of opening a three weeks' revival service at the UnitCid Brethern church. ReV. Hicks is about fifty years of age and has for years been engaged it! evangelistic work. It Is very seldom In the present age that a man thf, sl28 of Rev. Hicks would attempt to hold a revival meeting. He has the reputation of being able to conduct a rousing meeting and to save souls and his coming to Tola •will be watch- e.'i with a great deal of interest. ROOSETELT TO IVASHIXG'TOX. Execnitve Family Has Ended Summer Tacatlon. Oyster Bay. Sept. 25.—President Roosevelt this morning began the journey to Washington ending his stun mer vacation. The villagers gathered at the station and many shook hands with President Roosevelt, who heart- ilv expressed the pleasure of mingling with them during the summer. "One nt a Time Gontlemen, Please." Sheriff. In ihp ".•^ouaw Man." which comes the emotions are stirred by many IIP (7;-.'nM with '"Mr. H.-nrv Jewett' climaxes, these are safely ;:. the title rolp, nno fmds a plav of' ' ''^^'''^^ the dramatist until thev satisfy the the WP .s. rep,.,.e with type., andchar- tho nerves. acters of that nglon. am! with a spice; E,,win Milton Royle who wrote tho of novelty that is for tiw infretiuent play, has adm'tcdly dono the best upon the stag.''. Srangely enough, for work of his care?r in "The SquaWj .._„ . that is true, a drama that touches on Man." which by the way was evolve-l| the first act is laid In England, the — - - , f_ T»r.. ed, clean and satisfactory picture of men and things that moves the auditor lireslstably and carries him along. It Is a play that deals with men as thf.y are. and points to the dormant something that lies at the bottom of every man's soul when there Is a Woman somewhere In his llffe. ^Ttlle he fuming strpnuoii.iiiiy of the Wyom- f;onj a short one-act piece that Mr. Ing territory, there is little of thp Roylr. wrote for the I-aml)s Gambol In swashbuckling element In the play. New York'ouite threcv years awo. He While there Is a bad man and a sheriff has built up a drama that is of the and several cow punchers, one mslses hppo 'c mould, and which moves steadi- the rilvroaring. terrifying clash of per- l> forward with an inexorable purpose Bcnalitles that is expected In a .West- j until the plot has been filled out In a em play. In fact there 'ls no hint of satisfactory manner down to thE ^'last coarset ruffianism so often to be found detail. There is no point that is left Ic plays of this dlscription, and while'unGOTered.btit-}nflt a goo4 irtioIe-MOl- Inst three are placed happily In Wy cming, in the heart of the cattle country as it was some twenty years ago, and the character of the British Army officer, who for love of his hrothera' wife, deliberately saddles himself with a crima of which he Is Innocent and buries himself in the \nest. Is splendidly drawn and ably handled. Leiblerk Co.'s Production "TEe By EdWinMUtoii Royle. .4s preiiented for. seven solid months " at Wallack's Theater, New oYj-k. with HjBiiry Jewett and powerful company of 30- Sumptuous Scenic lnve&tur% Sale now' on. Prices iVOc to 81.50' Airdome Closes Sunday Night GUmore's Players Presefit "The Westetners" Crescent Theatre For ToulghtF "Around NewY6rk in Fif: teen Minutes." 5 'Stolen by Gypsies" '' Cure for Lumbago'' Change of Pictures each day. Two Illustrated Songs With Each Show. Open from 3 to a & 7 to 10 p. m. West Madison. Admission 5e. Tho Auto Gmrmgo anti Ropair Shop Agents 111 Sontb Waslilngton.—Hen* 111. R. S. GIWILLAK, General CoateMtoK Flagstone and Cement Bidjawalka u4 . Curbing a Specialty. Office lU East Jadts«B Af«b v Pbeae tM. Call 911 : : LrEFFL.Eii When needing anything in tne Jewelry line. T. B. ShaniMM Two Big Stor# lOLA, KANS. L - 1- * Livingston e*C0 AU kinds t« ic (ttk«:Wtidtir

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