Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 6, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 6, 1908
Page 2
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otTsiiwirAiB n inu9B^om •UNttirj IK tti iWtil StttM BttiMiilMd Siiii mlum IOM Mitj WNt Mil tt. « A. L. BBraniVOH. CMkhb UKLra FBOHX, lut GuUn TONIGHT! allcndcd the Good Time rcscDl at the dance on FVJ- day eveiuag. No invitations arc issued for jheso- events and tbo at fall' is entirely by subscrlpllou. * • • tinu« Lecture Work. 7^c Atchison <ivfau is doio^ Rork for the W. C.fT. It.. |ecn ill Pitluburg this wcet; with prograuiH at f ^ssioDs' vcntiiin there. Shu will (;u for the next program. • * + , Aid Society. society of tho id II business moellnp; yi-s- terda}' afKernnuii. The dlKciisiiioii ti'e plai>s to guests WHAt BOOTS ITT "iUmpty thy imrso Into thy head." A youth was Itold lo do. • t *Tor,bv that ait. and that alone. Shall! it rcmaiu with you." Alas! Alack: the youth did su! ,fiut one dB.v—»o' tis said— H9 met, a win «>me. bright eyed maid, _And vromptty lost his head! { —October Bohemian. V + * Guild Medina. The Woman's Guild of St. Timothy's Episcopal. church will meet tomorrow with Mrs Elizabeth ParUin- Bon bn South State street. * * • Mrs. Root Home. Mrs. L. Root is home from a v|?Hl with friends in fteodesba. • * * * Home From Vacation. Mr. and Mrs. W'illlam BIckford hare returned from an extended visit in Colorado and Western Kansas. + * + Visit Parents. Mr. ..and Mrs. Frank Wood have gone to, Kansas City to visit their parents, Mr. and; Mrs. W. C. Tutt. * * * In Kansas City. 'Miss Elizabeth Gault is In Kansas CItji for a short visit. *> + Postpone Party. The meeting of -the Wedilpsday Eucire club w ^fcft wasi to have oc- enmed on Wednesday evening at the homie of Mrs. C. C. Ausherman. has been postponed: The first party will probalily occur next Wok. f • • ' Whist Club. Mrs. 'K. C. McClain gave n very ! charming card party yestenlay afte^ noon f9 open the season for tho Thursday! "ttihlst club. There were live tables in use and the card game was rp1ay «dhuntll lunc^e6n time when ele- ' gant iiefreshments were served. Mrs. B. P. Northrup won the first prize ind ! Mrs. e. B. Spencer and Mrs. C. H. ' Shields merited the: second favor, the prize going to Mrs. Shields when the cards were cut. The club will meet iu two wejek^ with Mrs. Waltsrsd. Teats. Current Event Ciub. The initial meeting of the Cnrijent Bvifeht club for the year was an event of-yesterdaj-. The iostees was 3 Irs R-B. Stevenson, president of the c ub and a large number of the meml ere I \rcre piipsent and eiijojed an haur ; informally previous lo an 'xcellent en.- program.' The president made a v interesting and enthusing address •adjreTtewed the events of the club •wmi irhlch have indicated progress. Site [contrasted the study of the first !>'o»r "When the organization was still I incomplete with tho situation this jyear an4 urged earnest attention to UBBEY CUT 6USS THE WORLD'S BEST Qur 11 M ol Libbey Oluii is very cba^ete. Libhey'd Cut GIuss— wUUl the most bHUiant, costs no llie work In hand. At the close of the prugrnni Mrs. Slevenson served re- firslimollis and over Ihi- leu cups the atcnibi;r.«i.«ll«<'iisdcd event."; of interest ot'curring" in the world. Thi- club will meet aKaIn In two weeks. "Th". membership this >ear U as follnwi:: Mesdames J. W. Bolton, W. L. Bar- tics. R. Y. Boyd, J. M. Curtis. J. R. Detwiler. R. H. Ellett. Phil Helgelc, S. S. Hllsehef, Paul Klein. E. P. Logan. F. H. Martin, Elizabeth Parkinson. Frank Riddle, N. Shaffer, L. Sleeper, R. B. Stevenson. S. M. Slod- dHril. .1. M. Thomas. Vincent, W. T. Wattioii. H. A. Armstrong. I,. Arnold, C. .M. Cole. \V. R. Cr.jnple. William Davis. .1. M. llowlaud. E. B. Keys, R. P. L«p .in. J. M. Mason. J. W. McCall, C. R. Sucher, ant^ J. T. Wood. * * +j Miss Leach to Leave. Mls.<: l>ora l.«ach who has spent '.lie past year iu lola as a teacher of elocution and Rnsllsh will leave in a few day.>5 for faconla, la., where she will accept a position in Oraceland college. Miss 1.«aeh will assume her new position next week. * * + On Executive Board. The Current Event club yestenlay niected .Mrs. W. T. Watson and Mrs. 1. n. nefwller to represent that or' ganization on the executive board of the city federation. Both of these ladles have had much experience in club work and will enter into the preparations for the clnb convention at once. * * * Postpone Meeting. The meeting of the board of directors of the Orphans' Home which was to have been held yesterday afternoon was postponed unlil today. + + • To Western Kansas, Miss Jess Bartles left yesterday for 3 visit with relatives in \ycstem Kansas. She will be a guest of Mrs. Phlla Stevenson Trout in Wichita for several days while enroute. + + • Dyke Builders. The Dyke Builders club of the chapel hadan especially pleasant meeting last night. The members meet fortnightly during the winter to spend an evening with music and games and the event last night was the first of the year. + * + Visit Mrs, Jones. Mrs. E. N. Jones will have as her guest this week Mrs. 3. A. Jones of Ft. ScotL Both hostess and guest are Interested in work among branch organ- Izailoiis of the Presbyterian church and the guest will be an Interested attendant at meetings of the Presbyterian Synod this week. Informal Reception. There was an informal afternoon event for tlie W. C. T. V. yesterday at the headuuartern In compliment to Mrs. Wlntrlnger. a temi>erance leo' for Ih' meals 10 be .ni-rved at the Presbyterian Synod was a fejjiture of the meeting. + + * Progreasive Club. The Progressive club of Gas City will have I a program aud so-i:<l inei'l ing on Wednesday evening at the home of drs: M. Goble. I Home From Pittsburg. .Mrs. E.)B . Ke.vs. Mrs. j\ E. McKee. Mrs. Philip Heigcic arc ihonip fVom PIftsburgjI 'where they nilended the stale W. !c. T. U. convention. vVfanted: Two experienced salesladies for a Dry Hoods store. State experience and reference Addrj^s ''AB'* care of Register. 1; Birth. Mr. and! Mrs. Harry S. Bedell. 1413 Ivinwood \, b'julevard. announce the birth of aii daughter, Jcaii. Saturday October S. Mra. Bedell was formerly Miss Editl Knight.—K. C. Star. Mr. Bedell is the son of Mr. and Mrs. DavliI ,Bedell of this city and Is well kijuw'n to a large-number of personal ftjlends here. • il + -i^* jFrom Colorado. .Mr. MUd .Mrs. V\'. E. Slarks will re turn tonight from Colorado where they have kpent the past few weeks • • * I I Guests Leave. • Mrs. Ho k< White andl Mrs. Itosalia Jenkins o | (Chicago, ^'hn° have been Usitiiig MK and Mrs. ivi 'IlUam Gate Iiave retuElicd home. .Mrs. GatCo ac cvuipaniedfthem to Kabifas Citj. ' h *;* *:' Jo Kaniias (It;. Miss Myfjtle Newman and Mi .ss Jeii nie Newman left yesterday f»>r Kaiisa (;ily where they will.spend the week Mrs. Ehi + •> * On Extended Visit. hia Buchanan left today for an extended visit. In Lamed, Great Bend and Ipawncc. C. p. Da}| of this city kas purchased a third interest in the Hamilton Bros real estate ^nslness. He takes posse3- sion Immediately. II IS THiS turer who la In the elty. Mr«. Wlnt ringer disemi«nl the merit* of tho I "'IP'"'''*! 'Hi a") fhas. B. Spencer, thr Dnimrlsl, will Give Ton Toar .Money Back If Ml U.y\ Docs >ot Care D}t>pep»Ia. That's tbj squaresl kind of a <iquare deal as evelr.v fair minded man knows. But Chaal U. Spencer & Co. ran afford to mi jke Ibis offer l>ecause be knows that Mi-o-ua tablets .are a wuf- thy Ktuma<p remedy, and that the makers wlH back up ihf Bcneroui. tiftor. j And £u «!(• »tty til nil readers nf the leniperauee legion vork with the as* aenibled Kueats and the occaslou was eitpeolally pleaaanfe To Attand Banqutt. Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Orton, ot Hum- bo'dt. wer»> out of town guests who stomach tn.*jiible, try Ml-o-na. It has »ueh M mlBlity niid imwerful luauenec ou the utoinkeh that It Imniedlutely re- relieves, then luvlgurales fr»khe» aud aud eurev, Il urcngijieas the stomach walls. puu the 8to |ittch In inch perfect ron attended t'"* bar ostoctaf un baii'4U».t,<**'lo" *fi rtlgcat food without lait evening • * + jBex Social. The Epworth League of M. B, church will give a box social on Thursday evening in the diurch. • • • No Invitatlona Sent pain or otheK distressing aymptums. It coreis by reltiorlug the cause, and removes theirause i)H times In a hun- Trinlty,dr«d; A large bc^x of Ml-o-na tableU only l», and relief will come In costs. SO cen 24 hours. "Ml-o-na A Members of the EfcUpse club whojanyone that qsoally assist In arranging for the jean not pi^l informal dances are requesUng tbat^irlut tber- UkTe done for me."—Mrs. all nlii members and also those wlio W.-D. Benne^l blets are truly great for has stomach trouble. I ise them too hi^Iy for !;.RiMksport. He: Of Chioate vs Bappy Richardson 9 o*cloclc ADMISSION lOc Anditorinm "Tlie Wlill<i Palace." MISSOUR ssets $IJ200,000 WON OYER (Contluued from page 1) turiug or coutroljiug more thau 5i» per cent of any articic white such a law, Mr. T.nft believed wojuld be very difficult to enact, he predicted that its enforcement would be disastrous. At South St. Josepb Judge Tafl was ted Intit giving his defihition of a Democrat iM'iause of the Introduction lie re.cived to a largi- gathering of stock .vards employes, by John Donovan. pret>idenl of the stock exchange at that place. . ' >Ir. Duiiovan pros»>iitcd the candidate this Iribiilt-: "1 dont want to ap pear before you iu a faUe light. 1 am a Democrat but I rcccrve the right loj make a friend of! a man of an opiwa- Itc political parly when I think he mUm WANTED—.Men for quarrx and ware house. Apply at works. Th <i lola Portland Cement Co. W.\XTED—ExiioricncMl help. ?:n Millinery stun-. Doe{ WA.NTED—Middle aped woman t<f with cooking. ;'.oi .North Wiilnutl WANTED—Boardfrs* and rooinerf •ii 301 North Walnut. .Modern bouse. Bidsiness Difiectoff. WXNTBD—.Men lo learn barber trade, few weeks rc<|uircd. bi-si payr dcs^crves It, and 1 have that kind of ing work within the reach of (mor a man by my side, one who Is lii ev- man, can have shop with small capital' cry wa> a worthy American, a man wages from 11'.' to $20 we.-kly. won whtise history Is! known to you. You biiw what wi; gol here last week through his liberality when he was .xccrelary of war." iHav;ng reference to the great military tournament that they had in St. Joe.1 i am not an olllce seeker and iiev- •T have lipcn and 110 oflire within the jgift t'f ihi.-« government of slate woubl •I have. If this man i.« eb-cted f proni iyr (hat if he calls upon nie for au\ jsi>eiial duly I will ijiiit anything I !b:ive on hand and go to him in a minute." To this Judge Taff replied; • Mr. Domjvan sajs that be i.s a Dcino- crai. That Is only an historical dcslg nutiou. It docs not refer to fxisting conditioiit-, liccause Ihrro are so many defjiiilions of what a Dcuiociat is and otis;ht lo hn that when a man says b*- U- ,T D«'nio!'rat II dies not indl4ii«» who b" is going* to vote for." Il;iin falling before the special h:td madp its second Flop throughout the day the crowds btaved a Vtoady dr|ple. Jerful d.emaiid for liarlH -r.s. raialiigii<- mailed free. .Moler Uarbrr Collrgc, Kansas City. .Mo. WANTED—.Men at the, Kansas Port 'ami Cement Plant; night shift. j'y at Concreio. WANTED—lola property to ex- .-baugo for Kansas and Misi-ouri land ! Jolden West L,;iud Co. Office over Iowa itorc, lola, Kas. WA.N'TEIV- A class salesman irj ;ell our leas, coffees and speclaltie.'^ Ilrert to the consumer in and around lolm. A good iiaying business to rigbtj narties. Write or call, on the Grand Li'nion Tea Co., 704 Kansas Avenue: fopeka. Kas. SALBSMBN & AGENTS—J $ J V'O week and over can b»» made seliit.g N'ew Campaign " Noveltie'? from now jntll election. Sells to Stores, County Fairs, Picnics and Private Families, "omplete line of samples, charges prepaid for GOc. Order today. CHICAGO IVOVELTY CO.. SO Wabash Ave,, Chicago. Try a Register want ad. hXm HAX ^iiOnil bird dog. InTiirR 111)1 North Oak. 0.>E CANDIDATE 100 LATE. Hcarbt Tkket. WHIi His Name, to tie on the Ballet FOR TRADF ;—Some sheep for fresh nllch COW'. I'houe 388 ::-I. FOR RENT. SALE OU TRADE— Eighty acres improvcil. '• iiiilp^ west A lola. Will trade for r •' • • Address or call at Cat • •> fOR Ran' STUDENTS "SHEATH GOWNS." K. U. Boys Made Lawrence Ring AM Evening Saturday Night. tl^wrence Journal.) It has been a long ilm» sinc<> Uic streets of Lawrence rang with so murli college entbusiaMU as on Saturday night when tbp annu.ii parade of the students both iipw and old took plate. Formerly there was another iiam<> for thf mode of dress adopted tor these prwcssions hut this year as the University stndciits arc always prorrcsslvn. thf nam'' given to th<' parade Satiirday wai, "S! eatb gown." They were out go<»d "inid strong and Bucb mirobers of them wore ne»cr seen bcfors cr. the afreets. Besides having such a football victorj' to TPI- ebrate. th«> Xtoy?. bavp not been "out" since th<?ir arrival. Fully strong tbo pa'adj -d Massachusetts street and kept the air busy with their yells of every deeicrlption. Passersby cleared the way jfor the students and let .th .«-m have the streets or walks, which ever they chose to take. They were out late loo for until the streets were deserted the slu- lents were out. It was their night and they took full advantage of It "Are those K. 1'. hojs?" asked a Irav eling man. •"Well, If they are I'm for them good and >trong" >X)R RENT— F'umished rooms; 21J West .Madison. VOti Rt^iiT—Five room house, luirc 303 Webt street. Tn- Topeka, Oct. 6.—The entire Hearst ticket, as nominated by Colonel E. S. Waierbury of Em |K >ria, will go on the otTicial iwllot. The time for filing declinations with the secretjiry ot stale expired Saturday night. Only one candidate filed formal withdrawal !«! icrs in time. That *as A. W. Mc- Ve.- of Hill City. His (tapers came In Sa urday morning. He was on the ticket for railroad commissioner. McVey ran for that place at the Democratic primary, but was cefeated. Hl^ withdrawal leaves the Hearst iUcke; <!iBe railroad commissioner shy. k. S Beeeber of Hill City forwardifl bij- formal withdrawal as the Heard I FOR TRADF ;—E'4uity in two r '>oin calididatc for licutenunt governor to-|bouse for team. A'ldress r, .v Kii.-.sei;. DR. MILDBED COBTIS • • Pbjsiefan and Sargeon. • • Office over Bu-rell's Drug Store • • Office Phone .664. • • Residence 214 E. Jackson • • Plionc 569. . • DRS. BEID ft BED, • * PbysiciBM and Sugeoni. • • X-Ray and Electrical Appliances, • • Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat; • * Office Phone 357; Rea, 396. • • • • DH. McXILLBN. • Special; attention given to the * treatment of all Chronic Dlseaft- * es aiid Diseases of Children. • Telephones: Office 32, Res. 232, * Office over Burrell's Drug Store • W^cst Madison. • • • I'hone 687. Ret. 701. BB. O. U COX. R>e, Ear, Nose and Throat. Spectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. BIdg. • • • • Offic3 Tel. 1083. Night Tel. 40S • DB. B. 0. CHBISTIAN FhjRlcIan and Snrgeei . Rooms 7 and 8. Evans Bldg. r. H. MABTOr, BurgerT- and Diseasea ot Women. Office and Residence Phone 676 Office 7 North JeiferHon. JEWELRS. B. F. Pancoast, old reliable Je^alar. 110 East Street Lodge Dttectpry wi FOR RE.\T—Three furnished rooms MM: 22s .North Third. Phone 11*31. FOR RENT—S"x room house with or without liarn. Close in. Phone J-l!». FOR eXOHMROi KHICiHTS OP PTTHUS^Neoahe /^•dge No. 43 meets every Monday algbt at K. «f P. Hall. Visiting bro- ithers invited.' W. S. Thompson. B. G. qhris Ritter. K. of R. ud S. I K>'IGHTS r OP MACCABEES^ Knights ot Maccabees of tbe World meets in K. P: Hiall. second and fonrtb Saturday nights °ot each month. J. W. Postwalt. ^mmander; R. B. Ppr- ter, record .keeper. ; ' I W. 0. K. of P. d.nt' But il came too 'ate. He mustlR. R. Z. lola nd for the election now. The fourffor rent, older candidates who filed a protest wlih the cew.spapers several days ago against their nomination evidently changed their minds, for they filed no formal withdrawals, and their names I be on the official ttallol. Alio tbrte rtt'iii house TO LOAN—*5.0W private money on farm land at 6 per.cent.—lola L^nd Co. CHIt.VlJO A>D >EW YOBIi TO PLAT; W.—Camp No. 101 meets la Hall every Friday night W. !r. Steele. C. C. A. H. Davis, Clerk Visitors cordially invited. ! ». W. A^The M. W. A. Lodft tneets every Friday night in M. W. A. Hall. VisIUng brothers invited. V. C Coffield, V. C„ W. A. Cowan, Cleric BOTAL KEIGHBOBS^Iola Camp Ko. 36s. Royal Neighbors, meetsvaeor Ond and fonrtb Tuesdays of eacii lonth. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oracle, [rs. Mary Hutton, 413 West Street ;ecQrder. 00000000000000000 O O O H. C.WEAB. 0;tkrT. O inchita, Kansas. O PBATEBXAL BBOTHEBHOOD.— Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meets ijecond and fourth Thursday of eacb month in A._0. U. W. Hall. VIslUng ibembera cordially invited. W. H. An- lerson, president; Gol da Enam. secre- Dltw-ters of ^BUOBBI League Decide O HESTEBK LA5DS * BA5CHES O Game Is a Tie. ftincinnatl. O., Oct. The three di- tlng directors of the National leajgue this afternoon decided the New | Yo k-Chicago game U a tie. and gave pel mission to have it played off at a date to l>e agreed upon by the two dabs. O For Sate or Trade. O O $3.00 an Acre, Up. O O O 00000000000000000 iFHA>K /I'STICE 18 BETTEB. Wallinri far Materul. Th.i ln\lng of the isn.noo Kaiiaas Nnliirnl tlas coinimii.v « HS line Ihmueh the^flebl Is lH)lng delayed by tho non^irrlval of M shipment of eenter rings. A large gang of ditch work ers is kept at work, and when the rings do arrive the line ran be rushed 8i»ec«llly. That part ot the lo-loeh maht wllch crosseij Big (.'reek has already, been laid, being lturi(<d aliout two feet below the liottom of the stream. The Kansas Natural is having no dlf fieulty in getting a sufficient force of men to handle the work, but their foreman reports that the farmers are demanding V\ a week for board. This Is a pretty stiff rate and doesn't leave the laborer much margin of profit.— Chanute Sun. For Best aad Qalekest Beinilts !'«• the Beglstff'fl Want Ceianas. H«>|»e!« EHIertalaed ter HU Beretrry . Xei*. 'la\ rank Justice whti was Injured tion- afternon while at work at the lola Pi^i'tland Is reiitlnK ejiblor this afttr- nocn. ynr a time h^s life was dls- iwli t-4l of bat tbl.« ahernooD hopp» nr«| •oiirtalne«l for bin reeovfry. ... b! erat M Finn east east O^R TELEPHONE Is constantly ringing these dajs. Sep- temtNir. you know. Is the time to have the summer dast cleaned out of carpets. We are busy, but your order will roeeivn prompt and careful aticuiUm. Phone us today. lOU RUG FACTORY Pk«M Ufi r».KDS MIST BE ('I.ATIIEAIIS. Real Eatata TraRsfara. J^hn D. Uownns (0 T. M. Clark. lol{ lock 14. In SrookUn park, coiiald- lou ICOO. Fair Swaribmare SHephk TaiNM* thr Frcskaiea "Ual'*.'* 8watbmore, Pa., Oct. « —Not to be H. Umphrry and wife to 1. O. outdone, the young women of the soph sobtbeast one-fourth of south- omore class of Swalhmore college one-fourth of 34.25-:o. and norlli- |,,vc adopted a nova I form of huxing one-fourth of northwest one- declaring tiiat the «Irl.« of the fresh- fotir^h. 2-26-20. and west one-half of man class shall not taltat- funr high no-thwest one-fourth of northeast <ne- ronus of pompadour by wearing puffs fourth. 2-Z6^2<». In all 100 acres, lesi one ComilderaUon $4500. DA less lor "rats." acre for school bonse ground, j Dr. Pertrr te laasas VHj. W. H .Porter left this afternoon for Kansas City to attend the P. O. P. festitiUee which are being held there j this keek. The freshmen are. therefore, having a strenuous time, for they are read Ily lielng flat, except thoae endowed with laxurfaint heads of hair. A few of the, young women objected, but the "rats" came out just the same. Be^lster Want Ada bring results. LOW COLONIST RATSS TO CALIFORNIA OLD MEXICO THE NORTHWEST ' AND BRITISH COLUMBIA VIA ON SALE? Sept. 1st to Ott 3 1st Adk (or Pull Informatloa. C[P.fIaIe^Agti]

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