Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 25, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 25, 1907
Page 4
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itdiMUMdf fi(Hittf>Jti«^j*ffiT^jf **^^wi *4i *i' I IT ividuNit flw touch of a huaJL Jk wchiiiii, cwttilHictcdlHi our own sliop% padct tihocofliiiir wdiglw mp» .il^ aiid ledb tli9 iwrwer •Wrnnrtfailhr* ft nttdan tibm cap ASCSMIMI; mortwEoCwinoaad dieqieit tooil coffooiA the wadUL asBuoKLa BRoe, K«W Tof* at^. ' Deficit. «»iaiJrSiiI |/($e|^ . OMAMim f. •COTT. CI XCULATION 4^ TIUIPHONM. Boom...... omm. •UAtCMPTION RATBt. mr tarrtar in lel», O M CNy, IjuiyaevM* •rHUiHaiva. OM WoaUi, ^ 44 Mnu. |M TMr,.'>.r. ,..HM. D M T MT. la advuee,. ..I4 .M. nrM KoBtlM^ la MAvwae*. fLOO. O B« Mttitlb In kdvuM. .44 •t lite. Kaaata, Poatoffiea, u Meond-otaM Bistter. pUcAtlan. BEGUf DBAIMXG >£OSHO. First Xretlo? t« Promote PnliuMre XoTement Held at CluaiKe Oct 22. VToshtaiKton. Sept. 25.~AnothCT Oklahoma complication has arisen, it U a serious one, for It Involves the possible Jailing or high officials or the arnUgnmeat at the bar of the house of represcQtaCircA of President Roosevelt. Secretary Straus of the com- Eierce department, or Director North, the dlgnifled and amiable bead of the census bureau. The trouble grows out of the alleged overrunning of congressional appropriations. In direct violation of the express mandate of congress. The most interesting feature of the matter is that President Roosevelt is the cause of the trouble and Director North of the census bureau will be behind something like |1!>0,000, which is the alleged cost of taking the cen:sus of the proposed new state of Oklahoma- The total appropriation for the conduct of the census bureau amounted to about >50,000. The statute says OFFIGUl PAFEB, cm Olr BA8. SET. MUUMm * AMkoCtATMU PRCM Tlw-Mh D Illy RaipMw is • mwnW mt Assosl^.td PrMs and R SCS I VM < of MM tmpcn 11 that urn*, news orsantxa- •an for •» liMlv* Aftwnoan PubliMtlon WILL TfllGKEn RESIGN Stwies That He Maj, and Stories That He >Von^ Kansas C'ny. Sept. 25.—liunior was current on the streets of Kansas Cii;-, Kansas yestfjday and among Repub llcan politicians that .\ssiatant Attorney General C. W. Trickett would tender his rcsignallon the first of the month to Atiornry General F. S, Jackson. Mr. Trickett is at present lu the East making temperance lectures. "When asked last night concerning the re))orl, his son. Will TricketJ. slated that he <lld not believe then; was any foundation for the rumor. He suggested that his father's law partner, L. W. Kepllneer. would doubtless know. Judge Keplinger was saen at his home on State avenue and declared that there was absolutely noihlns to the rumor. "Mr. Trickett ha? no idea of resigning." said Mr. Keplinger. "He has closed the saloons of this city and he proposes to keep them closed. Any report to the contrary is without the 'slightest foundation. He is now in the East but he will return soon and see that the prohibition law is strictly enforced in this city and county." A prom'nent lawyer of Kansas City Kansas,; and a close friend of Trick (Chanute Tribune) 3. O. Wliite, who bad charge of the corps of government civil engineers that made the survey of the Neosho river from the state line to Emporia, will be In Chanute, Tuesday. October 22, to address the people of this county concerning the purpose of tbe survey and the best method of minimizing the effects of overflows along the Xeosho valley. The meeting will be held in the city hall at 2 o'clock In the r.fternoon. Information that Mr. White will be hefe was received by R. M. Allen, In a that any head of a department of the j letter from Congressman C. F. Scott government who shall cause a deficit of lola. Congressman Scott took the bJ" exceeding the allowances in the Initiative In having an appropriation r<^sular appropriations' budgets shall made for the purpose of making the liable to fine or imprisonment or survey and has now secured the con- something equally terrible, sent of the government that Mr. ^r- No^li worried. He expects U-hlte,- the engineer In charge, shall suffer from the wrath of Speaker nake talks In the Neosho valley, ex- Cannon and the watch dog of the l.lalning the object of the work and treasury. Tawney. of the approprla- discussing the drainage question. Uotis committee, who have long been There will be a similar meeting determlued to break up the habit held at Oswego in Labette conuty l»t «dB of departments have of Incurr- Monday. October 21st. 1»S expenditures without legal author- Congressman Scott asked -Mr. Allen t^^n running to congress for to look after giving the meeting he«>. money to make up the deficit, publicity and engage a place In which It is probable that Dr. North and his :c might be held. Mr. Allen promptly overlord. Secretary Straus, will fall nmd3 arrangements for securing the behind the strong protection of the city ball. Ij's Btick in the hands of Prraideut There has been much conjecture as Roosevelt to keep Spepker Cannon to the purpose of the aur%'ey made by and Chairman Tawjiey at bay. Presi- fhe govsmment. not that people did dent Roosevelt ordered the taking of jiot know why It was niadc. but they '1 >2 Oklahoma census. It is alleged In didu 't know what steps would be tak- *>'^mc. quarters that he ordered the cn afti^rward nor what would come eensus lu order to demonstnite thai of it These and many other matters tl>p Democrats of the territory, in i.f interest. wJH bo disclosed by Mr. framing up U>e iKjUtical subdivisions White, who will probably outline or c*" 'li" proposed state, had been guilty fitiggCKt a plan to be followed for lea- ot a flagrant gerrymander. Tl.e justi- ^lulng the damage from overflows, ficatlon the president will present basing his suggestions upon the data *«>r bis action. It is believed. Is that vhlch ho secured from studying the tl>e Oklahoma Democrats suspected \ topography of the valley. what ha was aiming at and corrected some of the most obnoxious features For the strong:—that they may keep their strength. I For the weak—that they ' may regain their strength. For the young that they may grow in strength. Uneeda Biscuit the most nutritious food made from wheat. Clean, crisp and fresh. In moisture and dust proof packages, NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY fSjW Reward. Strayed fiom my place one large muley cow, white spot on side and some white on under side of body. S. A. A\'!HIPPLE. Gas City, Kas LMLLS POLICE KAMES. I. J. STEWART IS DEAD. Carrie Xation Mays Washington Copi< Are Beer ('tt'«ili». Health kidneys filter the impurities of the gerrymander, from the blood, and unless they do xhe question now Is. how will the «-se Of representatives look upon will i»ositively cure all forms of kid- Uie matter? If somebody must be ney ai» dbladder disease. It strength- fined or go to jail, under the drastic r-n, .hP whoi. «.e,.™ Burrell's drug ^^^^^^^ p^s^^ j,y congress two years ago. must Dr. North be the unfortunate victim? ens the whole system. store. FISH FOR KANSAS .STREAMS. (Janie Warden Travis Plans-to Stock the Waters. PI8II LIQUOR FROar THE RITER. The mare people over the state wjil have)The ArfcansB.s Is Forced to Che Up flsb this fall than ever before.! Confiscated Beer. Del Travis. State Fish and Game Warden, + ho was in Topeka yesterday, Tulsa, I. T., Sept. 25.—The frequent says he is going to distribute about raids on illegal drinking resorts at half a^ million crappie and bass this this place by William Johnson, a spe- ^ _ ^all. The fish are now at the hatch- clal federal officer for the suppression ett-s. said last night that Mr. TKckeiJ *^\i"Pr"V?°!l°^I.^^^ °/.J''.*J"»"r ^^^^^"^ . , , ,. . ^. . ^ , ^ lor two Mr. Travis will load them Into had Informed him that inasmuch as his car. the Angler, and start on the the joints of the city had been closed he had made up his mind to surrender the position of assistant attorney genera! itha first of the month. DO IT SOW. ' List your Farms and City Praperty with W. E. Starks, office over Iowa Store. How Cure Liver Trouble longest trip he has ever made in Kansas. He will visit every section of the State and will try to fill every appll cation that has been made to him for fish. The fish will be placed in the streams, ponds and lakes. The applicants toay not get as many fish as they hare asked for bnt they will get fish. Only the applications already la will be filled. Travis Is filling the orders this fall so be will have next spring in which to work at the hatchery. ASK ME. If you have City Property to trade for Land. W. E. Starks, office over Iowa Store. Tbera are usjialty several ways to do a' ROBBED SAYOXBURG STORE. Valaed at giveB thing, but it is the aim with aU of Tlile «e.<« Took Mliot Cnn» ns to find the best and shortest way. It .$30. isjnatsointbecnreofdlaeaM. People' ^ suffering from Uver trouble imagine that A hardware store la Savonburg was titan that m the cnT« of so acrious « die-: abot guns valued at |oO or $60 taken, order as Uver tronble. I The robbers left no clue. They cf- «^or;W.-M"i'1??lf.?SS? focted enttunce through a rear dow . The cash drawer was broken tcto but as no money had been left there, the thieves got nothing for their trouble. There was an effort being made yesterday aftemooa to get blood MHrtiii iMEMiTSkbnk 'irhH toBie pi tbafc oaUka M«UUI7 oUer ' leavtar TM weak aaddnivn atrCMtteas jso. . U tfpcv aM crlpe-lt aeu smootUr. oQliw Take a dose or ttro Md wsteh resulUk It will not OBlr eleso oa» tbo Iwirels aad stlmatate the Ilm, tmt it wU cn the blooA to aTcnlatiMr *» ttotTOtt r«si aetlTe aoSn, sod •nnue tbs tuae UaBaortbestoncck BO U IM roar appettte xe- tturaaaaa 70« le«l like Tour otd M U asai Okbnt U _ _ fi^*p. 4aattv»j>r pargaUra could twt do U ^toSTSSSaS' 'to"n*s from Wichita to put oii the itboUdsToaitpaadl trail of the robbers but nothing defin- U M telwUMi ao that the pasaam bamolb avMcsMa. It is (cotle but eSeetive. plaaMotto (hetaaM«adi>«i«io«tuUcr- ItisaaeueUeat, eccncBileal Boaie Oire. and Its reaolts are per' auoeat. ttUabMlutetysiunuiieedtoOa what laelaiaMitectt. < Uaa it tor ooeaaloaal or ehiwie aoBstfpMkw, d7Vep«ia> iadiivatloii. toiUousaaaa. aour atiMB- Mh, bloaM •tonneh. flatadewr. dlarrtea. and laadooeotberUlaoCtiMaMma^ liver ite was done. •Bd- towals. It la <ft« neatMt or to icsMdiei and DO (anUy ahoud bo witboot to boeanaa la a laadir aooieoaa at aoy nomcBt jaajraeaaaoebsJasatiroaad then roo «riU ap- gortwMjiaTteKPt. CaUweU's Sjnnp^wdB b PARKS HELXICK'S FATHER DEAD. Pivnear XethodJst Xlalsfer Awny at Cliante. Passes Rev. J. W. Helmick. father of Re^jre sentatlve Parks Helmick of Neosho county, died yesterday morning at his home in.Cbante, of creeping paralysis. Rev. Helmidc was one of tbe pioneer Metbodist ministers of Kansas. He retired from the ministry a number o^ years ago and until recently, lived at Balidwln. Representative Helmick was formeriy oonnecteJ with the Register. ASK XE If you have anything to trade. R Starks. ioflloe orer Iowa Store. ritory, has given an unusual diversion to scores of persons. Quantities of bottled imitation beer were dumped Into the Arkansas river, which runs cloae to town. The bottles sank, but not beyond reach, as the river was shallow. The bottles embedded themselves in the mud and sand. Men and boys la boats explored the bottom of the river with rakes and boatboolu and found! bottle after bottle of the beverage. At one place it is estimated that 30jD bottles were recovered and carried to hiding places. These imitation beverages are supposed to contain not more than 2 per cent of alcohol, but regardless of this fact stupor follows their use. Some of tbe beverages are Bald to contain cocaine. Practically all the places where this stuff is sold locally are being closed, many of the dealers agreeing to go out of the busi ness permaiiently if permitted to ship their stock out of the Indian Territory without confiscation. EOGAK WILL SELL STOCK. lola Xan Is In the Employ of tbe Carlyle Cement Plant. R. A. Edgar, formerly with the Edgar Merchant's Exchange, will sell stock for the Lumberman's Portland Cement Company which is being erect ed at Carlyle. He has received word flt>a President Woods authorizing to act in this capacity. Mr. Edgar is now ready to confer with any one who may be interested In Investing in cement stock. ^\•b8hiuston. Sept. :;n.—-Oh, they'll get what's coming to ilieni all right. aaUl -Mre. Carrie Nation, at the worji house yesterday. In reference to tlm Washington policemen. Mr.,-. .Vatlou was IilgiiJy indignant at h<;r recent arrest and Imprlsonnicut. Site seemed to feel that her actions hiid in no way justified her arrest, and she was unal- tirably ileiermlued never to pay that $25 fine imposed by Judge liundy recently. "Did I ever intend paying it?" said the noted smasher in reply tu a timidly put query- "\\'3iy, yes I did. Whe»J the judge told me, I was. to be flne<l if I didn't stop talking I thought that possibly it would be better if I escaped from the vile prison and continued with the good work. But a \-ioce came to me and said, "Carrie, you are telng unjustly punished.. Don't pay tnat $25—and well I didn't." At this juncture Mrs. Nation rushed toward the door of the cell. Arriving there, she called for the superintendent of the workhouse, and upon bis appearance Insisted on shaking hands, just to show that she had no ill feeling against him i>ersonally. After the astonished superintendent had ambled away, Mrs. Nation resumed bet seat. "^vVtoat am I?" said Mrs. Nation, "The meav, the prey, the football, the base ball bat for a lot of swiglsh. guz- zing low legged beer casks and demijohns. You know who I mean—the policemen. Judge Buudy's oonslcencc is hurting him already. He came out here to see me, and tried to make me promise t'aat i would never again make a 'disturbance.' "But I wouldn't promise," concluded Mrs. Nation aggressively, "and I never will." Mrs. Nation announcea that she will lead the women of the workhouse In prayer each evening from 3 to 5. "Now, I'll tell you something," boomed Mrs. Nation as the reporter picked up his hat humbly and started to make his exit, "this Is the first ttme I was ever In a workhouse. And—and -~i must say that I am mighty comfor- ».jb!e." J Hers of .-Vllen county having been 1 brought here when a year old by his of; parent.s who were among the first settlers of Cottage Grove, ile was fifty years of age at the time of his death. Old .Settler Suceambw to Attack Typhoid Fever. (Humboldt Herald.) , „ — -v-«, L. J. Stewart .1 prominent r.irmcr'Ue carried ?2 ,i >00 In the A. O. U. W. living on the Capt. Stewart ranch The funeral services wrere held at south of town, died Sunday morning the Cottage Grove churca this morn> of typhoid fever. He has been ill for luK and were attended by many friends nver two weeks bnt his death was not and uicuiber.s of the lodgej Rev. Kenn looked for. Thursday night he look wa-s in charge. The body was inter- a turn for the worse and nothing red In .Mt. Hope. ' could be done I" stay ihe disease. j Mr. Stewart leaves a wife and sev- Th <'rii :ue tw<» families living on the era! fhlldicn who have the deepest Hieu.'irt lioiuvsiead and nearly every s.vnijwthy of every one In their be-' one iu both fmulUes has been .sick reavement. with t>j)hoid fever, this summer. Mr. Henkenseffkeu who was working tor The Xew Pure Food and Dmg Law. .Mr. Stcwjirt was the first one to get We are pleased to announce'tba.t sick and be has been up for some time' Foley's Honey and Tar for coughs now. Then various members of the colds uud luug troubles is not affected faniilv became 111 and the family of by the National Pure Food and Drug C. H. Dlckerson who Uvea in an afi- law as it contains no opiates or other joining house also became sick. Mr. harmful drugs and we recommend it Dickerson is still very ill. as a safe remedy for children and Mr. Stewart is one of the old set-.'adults. Burrell's drug store. B^glster Want Ads Bring Besnlts. NATURE'S TONiO Everjr one shonld take a tonic Iti tIie_Spriag; their systems xcqotre it. The blood "has become thick and sluggfish'Wth the accumulations left la the system from the inactive, indoor life and frpm the heavy, rich foods of the Winter season. The blood, being in this unnatural and disordered condition, is unable to furnish the body with the increased amount of soniishmeat necessary for the more energetic life of Spring and Summer, and the system, suffers from debility, weakness, servDOsness, indigestion, loss of appetite, and many other unpleasant sj-mptoms of a disordered blood circulation. When the system is in this ron-down and disordered conditioa it is not safe to take unknoTvn concoctions, sarsapariUas, compounds, etc, txcanse they usually contain potash or some other equally strong and harmftil tnlaenu ingredient, which acts unfavorably and oltexi dangerously on the depleted, weakened system at a time when it needs gentle and natural stimulatioa to throw off the impurities and tecuperate its lost energy. S. S. S. is appropriately called Nature's tonic. It is made entirely of roots, herbs and barks from the great storehouise of forest and field, selected for their pQtifyifljr aad health-restoringqtialtties,.and as it does not contain ti>e wligntrrft true o( mineral in any form it is perfectly safe for young or old. " S. S. S. acts directly on the blood, ridding it of all impurities and^xusoaa, sud testorias the lost properties of rich, nutritive strength so that it is able to Supply th« system with the healthful, invigorating energy seeded to pass tbe trying season of the year. Its action is the most pleasant, prompt and satisfactory of all tonics, and those who fed the need of such a medicine >irill do well- Xa commence the use of S. S. S. at once. S. S. S. restores lost eaeigy, tdievea the tired, worn-out feeling, helps the appetite, aids digestion, and adds ton< and vigor to the system. JHE SWIFT SPECXFXC CO., AILAHXA. OA. •EO. A. BOWLU*. Prwidant. THO». H. BOWLUt. CsshlSfV ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30,000.00 DIRBCTORS A. W. BMlb L. C. Beatty, A. J. Fulton, W. J. Evana, J. O. Ilsigsr% Sao. A. Bowlua, Thoa. H. Bewiiia. ¥reissue om own oRAtrs OK MI mmopeMmpounm •ArETY DEPOSIT BOXEB FOR RENT rROM It to |B PER YEAH. Your Passing Shadow Women's troid)iflS throv a ckwd oyer their Ifvas. «4tich nefiM^ tasf cxm to becoina pennaiMBt Madte yours into a pas^g shadow by taking a medicine that acts directly on your vomanly organs, th« Os- order of which has caused your womanly troubles. The ligbt remedy for you. vben you bavo beadadUb; backache, nervous ^eOs, dragglog palm, lireguhr fuocttoos etc.. Is Wine of Cardui Mrs. R H. Lavaon. of Sprott, Ala,, writes: 1 sotfered vifh female troubles for 12 yean; fried 4 docton; they didoo good, so I took Wioe of CarduL I have taken 18 bottlesi'^feal i^oatljr rellevad and am better than Is 20 years." Sold fay aS reUable druggist^, la $1.00 bottles.; Try It HBITE US A lEITES " jS?" wiSi IMPS' jag**** '

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