The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on April 12, 2001 · Page 16
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 16

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 12, 2001
Page 16
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'C2 ' THURSDAY, APRIL 12, 2001 HOME & GARDEN THE SAUNA JOURNAL T EGG BASKET You can put all your eggs in this basket WHAT YOU NEED • Corrugated cardboard • Ruler • Pen or pencil • Craft knife • Scissors • l\/ledium- and fine-grit sandpaper • White glue • Acrylic craft paint and paintbrush • Optional: Mod Podge or polyurethane sealer WHATTODO 1. Determine the size you want your basket to be. Ours is 8" x 10" with 4" high sides. Draw a square or rectangle the size of the bottom of the basket in the middle of your piece of cardboard. Draw another square or rectangle around the first one to correspond with the height you want the sides of the basket to be. In our example, this line is 4" from the first rectangle, to correspond to the height of the sides. Draw another line 3/4" beyond the outside line all the way around. 2. Draw a line from each corner of the inside square to the corresponding corner on the outside square. Draw another line on each side of this line from the inside corner to the outside edge (figure A). The lines should be the same length. 3. Alohg one of these lines in each corner, draw another line about 1/2" away from the first lin^ and parallel to it (figure B). 4. Cut out as indicated by the dark lines in figure C. 5. Peel the paper off one side of the; cardboard to reveal the fluted corrugation. If the paper doesn't peel off easily, use a craft knife to cut slits in the paper in the valleys between ihe flutes before peeling it away If necessary, use sandpaper to remove any bits of paper backing that remain on the fluting. 6. Turn the cardboard over and us6 a ruler and a pencil to score along the fold lines. 7. The corner tabs will hold adjoining sides of the basket together. To join each corner, fold the corner tabs to the inside. Apply glue to the corrugated side of each tab, then fold adjoining sides upward and hold in place. 8. Make a handle for the basket with a long length of corrugated cardboard folded in half. Cut the piece of cardboard double the width of the finished handle with the flutes running across the handle. If the flutes run along the length of the handle, it will not be flexible. Peel the backing off one side of the cardboard, draw a fold line lengthwise down the middle of the other side, score the fold line, then fold to form handle. Glue the two sides of the handle together. 9. Paint the basket and handle with acrylic craft paint. 10. Gliie the handle in place on the basket. 11. Seal the painted surface, if desired, with Mod Podge or polyurethane. TASK THE BUILDER Removing ceramic tiles takes time, care TIM CARTER Tribune Media Services Dear Tim: My mother is going to throw away a ceramic tile countertop. The * top has 4- inch square tiles that are of great sentimental yal- ue to me. The tUes are glued to a piece of plywood. I tried to get one tUe off, but I cracked it. Is there a way ^ to safely remove the tUe, or am I wasting my time? — Ginger B., Sweetwater Oaks, Fla. Dear Ginger: This is a job that requires a delicate touch, lots of patience and a large dose of luck. It is possible to remove ceramic tile from some surfaces, but in certain cases you can indeed waste vast amounts of time. The fact the tile was glued directly to a wood substrate is a good sign. The first thing that needs to be done is to remove the grout between each tile. The grout connects aU of the tUes into one large sheet. If you stress one tUe with the grout in place, you transfer this stress to adjacent tUes. Grout removal can be done with an old flathead screwdriver or with any number of rotary eleptrical tools. If you select a screwdriver, use a hammer to gently tap the screwdriver into the grout. Once you have created a small void, orient the screwdriver so you are chipping grout toward this void. Take small 1/8-inch bites with the screwdriver Watch the edges of the tUe because they are very susceptible to chipping and scratching. You have to be cautious with the rotary piower tools. The rapidly spinning bit can get out of control and gouge a tUe or produce a scratch across the siuface. If possible, practice using this tool on some other grouted tile. With the grout out of the way, you need to remove any wood or ceramic trim hiding the edges of the tile. This is a critical step because you must be able to slide a thin putty knife under a full tUe at a flat or very low angle to pop it loose from the wood substrate. If the tile is held in place with an organic mastic, you should have a relatively easy time popping the tiles from the wood. If cement-based thinset was used, expect to spend more time. Use a hammer to gently tap the handle of the thin putty knife. Orient the knife at an angle so one corner of the knife slides between the tUe and the wood. Start at one corner and move along the entire edge of the tile. Do not try td drive the knife under the tile at just one spot. Continue to tap the knife deeper and deeper under the tile. Once you are halfway, you may be able to apply gentle but firm upward pressure and pop the tUe. Take your time and go slowly If the tile has not yet cracked, you eventually will be able to get it off. Once the tiles are removed, use semi-paste adhesive removers to eliminate the dried organic mastic. If the adhesive was thinset, you will need to carefully grind this material off. The backs of the tUe must be smooth so they lie flat when you reinstall them. Q & A every day, in the Salina Journal. LA-Z-DOY Showroom 141 S. ^nta Fe • 785-827-0002 • Downtown Salina Weekdays 9:00 - 5:30« Sundays 1:00 - 4:00 Introducing BENNIIVGTON STATE B IndexPowered Taking care of business. 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Bennington 488-3344 f5> THE Minneapolis 392-2136 Salina 827-5522 ^ BENNINGTON STATE BANK rDI€ "The misted Hometown Bank" -4 '"Standard & Poor's," "S&P," "S&P 500," "Standard and Poor's 500," and "500" are trademarks of The McGraw-Hill Companies, inc. and tiave been licensed for use by the Banl<.The product is not sponsored, endorsed, sold, or promoted by Standard & Poor's and Standard & Poor's makes no representation regarding the advisability of investing in the product. 'Substantial penalty for early withdrawal, including potential reduction of principle. Still got_ a patients You may have retired from your job, but nobody said you should have to retire from the things you, enjoy At Presbyterian Manor, we've created a retirement community . that gives you the freedom to enjoy the things you've always done while we handle some of the day-today chores. And of course, there's help nearby if you . ever need it. . 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