Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 6, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 6, 1908
Page 1
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Thm RmyMmrHmm lktf}Lmrgmmi GIroutmiiou in Miten C^uty of Atty Mmwmpmpmr PuMlmhwi In ihm Couaiy, YOLtJXK X. MMHKK 2JH5. SIX PAUES. lOLA, KA.XSAS, «KTOBEB 0, IWIN-TIESDAY EVEMXJ. SIX PAUKS. MR.L0N6 WILL GOME IIEKE ON >UI.SO> l»AY. ' THE ENrin€ COUNTY COMING K\roi iiA <aN<; nri'oins FUOM l'KKtlMl> IJKC i;iVKI» KMIAV. Ton-lifs An- Hin—M«iliiiK iil IVtro- lin Toiiiirli«-\i> IM>alT<T- (ion. t->lia(<jr rti-.>t<T I. I<<iiii; "ill oiio of the SIMVlkTS iHTr Oil WiW'iIi i|;|.v. The cfiiiiit} f'liinil (•<;iiiiiiii(c»> li-,iiin-<J toiJay th;i( lie IIHII a»< r|/t(><l th-i invii;i- •. tioti to taliu I'Jiit ill llic hm r.iliy. lx»UR has lipr:i arlivfvy ciiuiir^i'il In llii- raiii)iuii;)i lliis ri !l. His arri'pliuicc liii-aiis lh:il thf llmiisatnls x\ lici will colli*' lo tola tliyl <la> will lu-ar four cic'llcTi! uUOrij -s's Si >ciiiai> Wihtm •, Mill tio tJir h'i: <lia\viiii; r-.n'l <if tli-' Uav. (.iinniosMiiaii ri -llaul i;- >"i" <it NVbraska"* niO}.t el'."!!!!'!!! HMMI. while Hon. RysiiM' Stulili.'-. I'aiiili'.laN' loi tnv oriior. wli<|i wil! diiivn llu- iitlmijia: addri'S!. in ili.- i\(uiir^. i;. a li.rci'rnl ami tt'iniiniiiy ^I ••ilicr TliidiiKh l.'wiiii; .V jlimlirl.. llic lif- jmliliiMn <iiiiiii> central euiniiiiUen ti>- ilay ii-eei\i<l tmeli. . in In- n-«'ll in till- tdiell ilK'i' l'ilMiM.i<.ii <i (i till- ..-Veil iUK i'f OHfl-er t:;:li. ilif da;. STU- tai\ .lame;. \\ ll;nn .-peaks in l"l,i. Ine (iril'-i fur the liM elies .'\ a> seiil in >e:- tenia* iniMnnm Tlie I'lomiii ileiiwiv \\a> a MUl'ii.e tit tlir ei>ninn"ie The »<>ininU'e> v-xW ^ei rn>>Mi;li . l".elp fmui othei' :tin>es In ni (l,e lU> nun hvr ill liiM- leaeli |'eiiia|i,-> l.i'iin An «»rtler was; alM' plaieil tin hi;; ^nl<lli.• i»r Roiuan' cauUle,-- ami tJii-> aie eN I-retivl ill .SvK>U. Kej^'Tt^ frvw nwr the ei>nn'> iinli- cate that if the -nealhrr Is favoralilp a record hrnikin^ crer.d nil! he in lota on Wilson da>. The exiiniy realral etminiitloe ha . • i eiveil >v<ii(I limn tiie party K'adci> in many of the iireeitiots that |iractie.:il; ail Ke|nili!icaiis and many Deim-nats will oomc to lola to hear one of the iiios;t noted .men In l>ublic life. • .\t the rally at Oi-ncva Saturday ni^hi iieariy every voter in attendance s;iid. "It's nic for lola tin the lath." • One of the iiieml.ers of the eoniiiiit- t'.'rt which is I'OlIinj^ llie warns, stepped into tl>e i:e]»il>liean lii-adn'iar-'eis this niornhm and relieviil hiin.-elf thusly: "All Jhis talk ahoitl a Deiii- oeratic pain in lola is IKISII. I ha\p fiuihiicd potliri); my ward and I find cvei) mure lhaii the idd lime inajoi ily. They are poiiij; to "vole her straij;lii' ICMi. Th"-re is no fii;hl on any man on the ticket so far as I can leani." T. S. r .a'.l who has heen named liy Kraiik. tJriiiies of Topcka to collect funds here' for the natiomi; Hepnh- Iteaii campaign, wl'l lie-in >'-'i>ir> today. Mr. Itall niiticlpale- no lionhle In rals iuK Ihe atnonnl this ('<n)mnii)'y should donate. ^ relriilia will haxe III.M Iie|>t.ili- Hcan rall.v loiiiulil. t'aplalli II, .\. I'wlnt; ami 15, Iv fnllison will addii>.- the lue.otiiu:. W. T. W'uison. a ciijiidi- ila''' (or I'lpii'i-eiiialix". HIMI C (I .'jl'l lineei. eandldaie f"i leeh-ition i-) tin- odicc of ilieriff, will also pi dj'tn The Itjaek and Tan iinarletn- Iwili fnrlli^h ilie music. 1 HAVE VISITING DAY School Board Grants Ma Teachers Leave to Visit Other Schools. At the meeting of the board of cdu- catlou last nis'it it 'as voted to gfve the teachers of the city a visiting day some tin)" durinp the' mouth of October, the exact date to he decided by Sui)erinteiidenl L. W. Mayberry. A visiting day is granted by practically every hoard in cities of any size. The purpose of vlsitinjr day is to give tlie teachers an opportunity to see other schools and how the work is carried OB. Miss Leacfa Itanded in ber resignation last evening. Until a teacher can be mil secured the substitute teacher will the T^caney. ! w A '.'.hi,.;. ARREST WILKINS AGAIN. Action Brought in D^trict Court Thl» Time. I'nisUHnt to inforiiwuiun sworn to l.> .Mr.s. O. a. Wilkliis. Jailer Ho<iver Kerr last evening placoil O. S. Wll kins and Mrs. P. I'ovler under arrest on the rlarp> n.f iinlnufiil mhabita- lion. .Mis. I'orler pavi> bond and wns released. ; .\t press time this afternoon Wilkins hud heenninahb' to s" cure bond. 'Mr;;. WTIkins who .swein to the information now has a suit, for divtirce pendinR in Kansa.s City. The two parties were ncqiiittcd of the same charge last Friday In .Injtici Hough's court. The case will he tried .•some time during this leriu of the iliti trist conn. THE FIRST KICK OFF Foit BVJII PMycis Along Cvr I inc to Mrrl Tonight and Organize. A meeting of ai! the foot hall players in lola. (fas City and l..;illarii<' is called for this evi'tiinp a* S o'clock in tVe rear of JaeU II' ting";; cigar istore Mil the wr:.i Kid'- of the i^miare. The l>'irp<i;>- of this nieeting is to organ i/.- a fool ball team compoted of nhoeis from lola.- <;a.s City ami J.a tiarpe. Krom th-- lliri-e towns it is believed ili;)i n good •'•am ean be se- leeJed. The i.-iiui will probably be called I he "Triplcls." as the plnyero rtil! he cho.sen from the three towns. At Hie nieeiing totikiil a captain and manager will be ehosiii and steps will b- taken lo scI.ednU- game.*. J'rac- li«-e niil be .;i.iited a' onee if Ihe or t;aiii.-.llioii is i>erfec|eil. Ml.who are inlen sled in llit> gaiiii' ail- leqnesled to be |ilesenl. A SCAFFOLD FELL VnioH l.ii\r.Ui} SiiNluitiril Itrokrn Xrw Ml hi 't 'Nx Ituililiiic TbU .Vi'ternuon. .\nios 1.0VI-J0J. of i 'ily. a man about fori\-ll\e years of age, MIS- tainoij H broken arm and several cuts about the head and lace this afternoon when a scaffold in the lower floor of the Kretis building .!;ave way. lx>vejo> wa^ worKiir- on the scaffold, pnitingon a ceiling. Severn' men were on the temporary idattora ?nd their weight overtaxed it. FltOST TOMtJIIT. Chuncr in >Veatlicr friilirliMl—Italn- fall .TC nf an Inch. All nnnsuaUy heny lain fell la.t night and early I'.ilMy. The iirecipita- lion was .7<; "f an inc'i The f<irecast for tonight is colder and a frost is predicled. Bald Hornet at Chanute. .1. Iliinsmore. ib" idoiinenl and lireiaiing orator of Tliajer. will address tlie Taft and Stilbhs cJilh at llio Uoof Carden tomorrow evening. Unii- siDore is not only an entertaining talker and an old and experienced eaii'iiai-ner. but he Is a whole show fn himself. Me has the sluccalo, rap- 111 lite ileilvery of Unch' .Too Cannon, eonibim-d wil.h n logical, cotivlncllig '•biiineiiei' which holds the attention •if 111 . audience and sends tlieiii awny irotii Ihe hall «lt|i Hie seiiHuieni. "lies tight, lies dead right." The Uoof (Iiirdeii will be appropriately d'-eiiraleil tor Ihe oi.-easioii mitl espee- eamtiaicn music wMl furnish e(| m\ a inale luarlel. .\i the ton elusion of the; address, which will nvl u-eine. iinii'.- Iliaii an hour, the elnb will h'd'l a S-i iMt si-ssion. The )>ersoliii''l "I th"' eoniiniltces sng- i:e.>;t<'i} Ia:.t n<>-ii as n-eessarv for the I' handling "f the. (-aiiipaign will t>" annonnc'd by Prvsid-nt Gray and -i-ports heard from other standing eommitte.'s.—Chanute Suii. BRYAN r.'OT TO COME'TO KANSAS No Trip Planned for Thi|i Week, Says the Candidate. Topcka. Oct. r,. —It is not certain that \V. j.^ Bryan will come to Kan- oas for a day's speaking tour Saturday. J. M. Lewis, ciiairinan of th' speakers' bureau of the Democralii. state central committee, called Mr. Bryan by telephone today and asked about the trip. Mr. Bi-yaii said that he was not planning a trip to Kai^- sas this week. He did not say that he would not come, but in^llcated that he was not likely to make a flylag trip ibrougb the state, speaking from fhe rear platform-'of the spedM tnOn. I|A0 JOLLY OLD TIME ^nVKItS KANQl 'ET LAST MKIIT WAS A (JKEAT Sl'.< I'ESS, THEY FORGOT LITIGATIONS 1 IJ^:AIH» FI.NK SPEErUES A-M» SIK. ItOODCD A itl(; .SI 'KEAII. <»jin«- Lan«er Said Twda} II ^^B^ Uic Rc4t Baufinrt In liiiitary .«if A!«!ioria(i«a. yfr wi pieasai The finii annual banr]nel of the .\l- Ie!ii County Uar As.soclatioii which was last niglit in the i. (l. i». K. ha'l lill be ii-meiiihereil by i-\ery law- who Was present as one of li'ir ;ml occasions of this lib-. The bright. • snappy toasts and general K lod eheor thai i>ervaded the baniinet ^11 was iti strong contra. t to Hi" ooiiiv w'e;,iher llial |ii'-vaibd l-'rntr until 1i; fi'i-Ioi-k they !it'- .-•iid drai;t >ateri. lisleiieri to good spee h' " ant I^Hd a good time swially. The opening aildre.-'o was made by .l| 1 n <;oshorn, president of the ;is- sx elation, his tliemi. being - Tie- Oric- of the i^w." .Mr. Cosliorn gave !eoiii|>i-eli<'iisive and inlefeKting his' 'H- oi' the jiiMifessioii. .\s toa-stma-- Iri', .Mr. Coshorn iiitrodiierl \V. I>. |i|>e. who siioi.e of "The |,:iw\ei's te." 1"ln- speaker n-ieri-ei| to ilu- trjials- and iribiilalions that nun;:!-' Ill the joys aiiil satisfnetions of He ilorney The Kvolntioii^f Hi" .Iiir> Tj^" w»s the subject of a \er\ care ily iM-t'iiaied and llnely |ire.-.e|itvd k t>j .1 I,, liarnes .1. \lar.~hnl l.a •r told of Ihe «iistake,< the ;oMn: lJ<w\er makes. The lawyers gie-.v vjrj iiiiii-h Inien-sted as he pnigreys- i. reflecting u|H»n some of the tuis- t. they Jiad fheinselvel^ lu.ide at tiU iM'gihning of their jiractice, 's. .\. (Jaril. who was to have appeji- ej< on thi' program, was detained at lijfme by illness in his family. \V. M. .\liirierson. another six-aker, was al-.o •ijtiabb- to lie present. Tie- storm til sevi-raV (if the members .away. In siieahing of the banipiet this |orniii= one of the lawyi-rs who has altended every one in years .said: "l^st night's banquet was the best i f i!.e history of the a.ssociation. The iK-akers and spread were both line." II DAY OF POLITICS (|^m(n-rM>nian .Srott Had Thrci* yivrt- incs in HourlHin ronnt}. Tbi- Kt. S.-olt l(e|iiiulieaii say.^ Coiigres;-iitaii Scott had a goiwl day liumpaigning in ranirbon (-oiinij je-- ti^rda.v. .Mr. Scott had a iiirclinK at r ^-v<)!i : estcrday niornlng. having fiiind about forty voters wailing for !in hri-e. In the atiernoon he had good nieeting at .Mapleluii and last nSght liM closed up with a good niiei- g .-ft Klilton wlore. in s|ilte of the in. o\<.r a hnndieil were in atiend- amce. \ TafI Kepiibllean eiuli wa. organ- lid at lllattxiile !a-t night with foriy Ifleinliers to tUtil. .lai-ob ,Nel.h Wa.>- cted ptesidetit and f \V St roi.'e eretary and treii.siircr Alilioiigli the weaHier V:.-: .. .<; iii>. I l.-iir si/ed eiowd "atliei"d at •> mri/tliic • Kiel- Cmm ,;t.-'l J" 11' 'riiikerhoH wire the spcjiier.- Thrc" or t"iir more rlulr.. will Iv •>! iild>,ed ;;'i ililfei.iit t^iilil.- t'\-r 11.r I 'niit.'. during 'lie pre.-.-nt we.-k. \! rne.* i> J .M<-\Villiaiiis. who i. :ii rj arf-.'- tif the w«>ik of oigani/ing th- J lib:-, by direction of ib»> ronn" e..i,i I'tee. iin.ibl»- to no to niaHvii;. .-t.^niglit on aerountof lieknet-. • .\ good nie«tint: V flcpubll'-an cjun- -,head']uarter:. la: t nigh' was ;id- jiji.sedfby Mr St. .f'lhii. a .S'ew YOJK aveiing man. TIIE >YEATHE|{. TO PROTECT TREAH roiX'll. (»F .MIM.STEKS ilKI.II l.\ tONSTANTI.NOPLE TOUAY! THE WEAtHER. ' Forecast for Kansas: Ccncrnlly fair tonight and V\|cdnesday; colder to-night with fro5t.' HAVE SPELLING BEE I M.u n.ifnn: \tun:tt-iu in; U\t. SriMMH,S t»F roi.MY. TO IMPROVE THE SPELLING Tin OIUFt T t>l !•!. »N MfOlini K\ TFAI Hi;KV A.sStM HTHiV. KlMul I'ri/o lltli-red ;«r Bc^l Spellers li> Ihe I oiinlj I'w" rrelini- inar« • eii|i".|-. An old ta;hi'.n»d . (•> iiiii): I.... \w{: all ol 'he '-Id Inn- niieii. ami in'liii- -ia.-m. I., to 1." a l<aiiiie <•( ilie I' .•ih"«>i.- ill Allen loiiiiiv thi!, ye.ii I'lani- be the ci't|I«-.t WCI«- .IlilHMiIliid toilav bv .\li.. .Mamie Fnii.-ioii. Ho- coniily su|M'iililendeii.t. The ^chenie wai. coureiieil at <ii<i' laM ni«fiinu' i»f tin- .Xlleii tiniiity 'eachrr.-' a.-soc!atIon. The eiaii i> l'<ir e.ivh s;h<Mi| to >e- ec; b> con:e^• thre«» piipf}^ lo rcpre- .-.eni it in a township ronf-^t held in Kel'rnar>. The three bct-t si«-!|ers in lh>' lown.-hip will llleu gi> to ;i i-iMllll;- colHe.-.! heid altoiit the 'inn- of the common .ichoid giadna:lOii exercises next spring. Tlie teachers in the townsliiii will conduct their o-*n contests in any manner they may agree in. Tlie county sii|M-rin!endent will have charge of the ciniiCy conte.-t. Four |iri-/.es aie ol'i'ered in the <-on- .e-t. Tlie »ichool in whi.-li Hie iiiipil who v^ ills ill the eouiity coniest en rolled will be gi»eii a leather medal. To 111" impi's winning Hi- liisl tlire-- plai-e.s- in 'In- i-oiinty i-onle.-i Hie following prr/.es will be given re.-peetive- ly. tirst a Webster's ilic'ionary. second a $."> gold piece and third :< .>-U of Carpenters geographical readers. This is a new thing to the schools if the coiinl.i. but the te.ii-liers b-lieve hat It w-ill have a ciMid effect on the pupils. The laili^o.-e of tin- lonfest !s o ini|iice pupils to be iiio're i-arefiil in tneir spellii.;. Some liii- teachers think Hint iii;f as ninrh atteii'ion is given to ^peilitr.; a.-, t lioii d In- ,-iiid have oiigina'i'd 'In- sji-ilmg eonii .-i to revive an interi-st In the branch. domplimented Our Way. Tlic fc.ast at the annual banquet cjf the Allen county Bar Association blcli was held last night; was served ly the Our Way. The attorneys com- iientedlou the service quite favorably tPay. / To Sell Lots. lAn order was secured In probate lUft today authorizing the adminio- tor; of the Bettys estate to convey J. ki Riitlisactz,certain lots in BIs- ire. 1,000 ARE THERE I BA>S-VISM>Sirri I OM.I.MiSS ttl'KNS \T S\N I KAM IM «». ttill ihr llHt^ M»n} .Mates and Si\ Foreign rolinlrieo Kep. rr>enl*>d. £j!i rrai"!-'"iJr' - Tpr- pin'.- t'.en'h ir^!.. .Ali-.i ••ipb' onitii-reia: ef.imre^ • wi'Ji a thousand "ir more delegate: from Hi" west, in half ot the I niiedi .'<ia'e.; aiiendii.T. all of them of high \Kjm'i>>n. beuaii a bvc day de'ibenition liete today . TI M- t-ni- porary cbaiiinan. .1. H. Ca'-e. o! Abilene. Ka. . railed 'be iblega'"^ to or^ der. Among the delegates were rfpi-v- seniativcs of eighteen states, lour territories and six foreign couutrieri. Frank Scott on Vacation. J. F. Scott, cashier of the Allen County State Bank, began tin vacation this morning. He -will leave tonight for a trip thrpugh South Dalio- ta. While atray he irill register in the Rosebud opening. WONT VIOLATE AGREEMENTS TiKhEi nit.L siion rouEius .>EEH F»l{ KK.S|'K( T OF TKE.Hi. Aii>lria-)liiiiKMr« Mill rrorlsiin .>cn Status—-Many Iteiise llerlin Treol.v. Con: lantlnoofde. o.i. i, Tii" eouii- Cll >>l .MiirLstrrs held a long ses.sioD this morning to con -id'-r Hie aeiii^n of Hitlcaria iii'deeiaiing iti itide|iendcnre of Tilt key yesterday |i was decided impossible to ncce|it an\ proee"dlngs that violai'd fl'.e existing !i"aHe>. and tlia' Titrl;«y sb<iii.'d .Hl-ljes.^ a ••Jt-ular note to |.i(wers pi.>ti>'iiig 'eii ib- necs f'lly ..t '..lli'llir. Ill.-.i =l|re . In etifei.. le ..Jxef f..i Til.- Il.-:|:v i,f l;. liiii •r-o "((iii-.'ti.ii wli'ell lia:. 1 1! Ilr. II':- tfi" wh...l.- i-i Ktuoiie ii'iire deeply ai'y :.m:ii:-r •|ii"i.tioii In the ni'tmiry '-f the ine MH P'-iierjtioii ii. Ill •• n III. ail -.vni I »i .1! Hi" lai-. l.i.i nicbl It w:i.. I.-,.,.;;. •! ili .ii ii m.'.iii>. lir-i of ail, i:i'iM>i-r C'llOfeiH^r..^-, nt the -ig:;; ;.- li l!|e 're-.'V ol Jti'ltill 'I. eidi- -i<i'. I;'- . •fiiat'oti ,ind |.i'-'>ab!» l»> teir--- <ie:ti,. T'liV:.-;.. i:iiiglit ni a I • ... ,• <•( «'al. . i- >li»- vi'if'n "I 1,1.. 1 iiil-'ii. ;ind wbr- "ii"- oinr •MM.: aeilll':. I'le^ have l.f>>l ;lllred II,'. ••ii'l>:'i'i; H" I"-'.'." r v t;:n'i; to u..'l>- w..; K'p'^il Ifti' 'lie em;' Vui- k'^'^ pi'-.- 'o I oii.lon tU'" th.ii the V'i'iim TinU- wiJi w.ii^'W tbi. I.titi i pill .IS I'esi Ibex can. ,imi. if tlicy <io, natui-all> the |:ulcari-<n- .while willing and i-agi-i for war. wl'l have no crtiix- which to l>ase the iM-Kinuiug III lio-lilities. Within a tiay ov two AJiitria-llun- ROKAH AM) Sl'.M.VI>H I> KA>'S.i;S. Tbr Idaho Sruator and jhr luwa ( J OT* rrnor Will Sprak Ttifc. W «4. • ropeka. Oct. t;-S»'natoi W. K. Ilo- rali iif Idalio. an e\-Kail.<-an. anil Cot- eriior Cumniins of lowa will tie In Kansas this and ne\i week to make -e\iMal siieedn-s lor the Kepiibllean state <eniral coinitiUlee. The ilajes for Seiialor Horah have been lixcd ^s follows: October .' Colby. arie|i-uoon. CiMMlland at njglii: Oe.ober :». ^'lifton ill aftern'Kin. Washington at night: October III. Seneca in afternooii. Ilia- 'vall.a at night. Covernor Ciininiin.s will speak next .Monday at lleloit in HH- afternoon and Orboriie at night, and Tuesday will -pi-ak at Stoekton in the af'frnoon and at Ixtgan at night. MISSOURI WON OV ER JlUt-E TAFT IS KEt'EIVI.XO ,IS EMHISIASTIC AYEU:031E. MADE FIVE SPEECHES TODAY AT ST. I.OITS TOSieHX TBE S£. rrilLUA.NS WILL i'ELEBBATC.' TO KEEP THE PEACE 'On CoinpUint of J. M. Rodgcrs Hiram Tourney is Under Arrest. g;.r>. which h;is IH-CII, working with, I'ritice Kerdinand in thi.- preconcerted '•<'f'""<- "' , ,, ... ,i.-><:ii-» niul.% !i »:ifti plan will iinx-iaini the new status of ISosiii ami Herzegovina. France Wants Conference. I'aris. Oct. 6.—-Tie hope that hos Hlities may be avoided in Balkans is growing in I'aris. in the nect'ssity of a new conference of: signers of the Berlin treaty for the pur[ of eleaiiiiig u|> the situation. Tlii.i is a|iproved and France In ac- co.'-diwith Cnrat nritaiii and Uussia will abstain from recognizing Hie in- ilep-ndi tici- of Itiilcaria and the avii ure of Ikisiiia aiid Herzegovina by Austria lliiiigaria. This virtually will amount to the backing up of Turkey's protest and by saving the s"lf-re»pcct |of the iHirt. will act as a calming and restraining influence. France bidieves "'"'e teachers had increased :o_'^•"-S REVOKES A LEASE Gov Haskell Says That Lease of Osage National Has Been Changed to Cover Smaller Tract of Land. Iii'b |H iideiie.-. Ka;-. . (let. The llaily l(ep<irl>'r lure will today publish Hie following: •Hovernor Charles N. Haskell has demanded of Kooscvelt iliai Hie Foster I'.laiiket Oil 'ease of tin- tlSMge National he rir\oked. Indd- me >' lo b- a H'-|iubIi"an grant. Mr- Ha l.'-ll will no doiibt b" surprt -J -d learn III'- oiiginal F".'.-r lease, com l>risitig the -n'ir" Osagi- nation, was approve! I'r S-eretary Hoh" Smith, of ; iinder tb- D-iiioera'ie admin- '.'ra'ioii <>f ijrov-r f'evniand. ami wa"^ lever (ii;*;,!ioiie I liiiHI th'- .-Jeeretary Ml '<l!e.>el- bvr«- 'a:> md'l'-ed to COV- r only tiios" land.% upon which ex- pendi «t'r< 3 had be.,., niad" in search iir <ji| •• La'nbrth 'n town. • H'luy Lambeth of Moran wa? to'lay on business. in John Percy in Town. lohu I'tTcy. superintend"!!! of the floor farm, was In town today to see he coinmissroner:,-. M" tV'jri with the boai'i a list ol the fruit his family has (lilt up and also the vegetahh-s stored away for the inmates this winter. Temperance Lecture. Miss Wlntringer who Is lecturin^in lola for the W. C. T. U.. will deliver a temperance lecture in the Chriatiao church &t Gas City at 8 o'clock t«Mnor> row evening. till eoiiiplaiiil o( .J. y}. Kod«"i.'i. head o( III" eily gas d"pariii|i-ii'. an jaetion ha-. I"''i broiml 1 in .liid^- t4 I'o' 't-r's eioir' to eoiiip'-I lii'aiii Tipiriie.'i. living west of lobi. to ke<ji th- jpe.-ic". Ti'iimey cam- in ioda> and g:»V" J-J'l" •jond to app-ar (leitiher Mh. ; It .'.eetiis that Mr Rodter.. m •etnp'ing to make a gas eoniieerum for III'- eity on Tonrii'-y's laml wh-n the i.rrr.-,- !,,t,K '-.xr.-ptinn. In Hie ar -4'1'it' Hia» tfdiov.—l. it is ejiarge'l Hial Toitlliev till! ;ili<!i'-<I the li'.v eiiljiloy iiMii: Mti.F TrtiiiiKs. Tlii-r«- lla» Been a lirrMril |irrrra<ie In Ilu- iM^t liu \cttr>. I'i;:iii' • e..iiii.iij||I i^i.ii" ^;ii!><iiii- tetid-ii' "f I'liblo I" iiii'ii'iii: I" T Faiiebi d >li"w thai 'li'- .Irii i ;.i.-e in tlinb- l':iebiis in tie- reiinii"!! !'bo'il.'- tif ilie lati- within tin- ta^i '< li »i iis ha^ be.-n .'> per ei II' llvev\j \rat !.ho-.\.- a <b--•lease In the n';iiib'i of male teachers ami an ineiea.-ij in fl;e niiiiibei of females, riii.-. chaii:;e has been nmre rapid in the. last fo;(r years the), -.vpir •L'<;ii:; male teachers i:i Hie coniiiion ricliool of the state ami dining the same there were ".r.niij feniale leacln-rs in i:">7 ihere were oiiiy 2.;;ii| male leacher.s ami the naniiiei- of fe- Tlte number of male teacherif in the county institutes in llms was liT'i:; and Ihe number of females was ;i.::Ti:. AT THE POOR FARM TODAY. Commissioners Take op Stoiit Petition Tomorrow. Th" county cummis:;ionem drove out to fh«' county farm tbi.'? afteraoon to make tl:e monthly inspectio!i of the placc: This iiiurnin-^ they ilinishej fhe cfjusid-ralion of the bills. Tomorrow they take lip the ap|>licalion of the Gas City school board for a rehearing of the K K. Stout jictition. Mr. Stout apidied to the commissioners to have his land transferred from Gas City to the Lallarpc scljool district for school purposes and! hi.i ap plieation wtis graiiteil. The (ias City hoa'd said they did not know that the matter was to he considered at the tine- It was acted on and 'wish to lia^e a re lii-arliig that they biay enter a proIe!<t. RACE IS TONIGHT Spjiirrt and Bi^ha^d^"n to Jirri a< The Anditorinni. • Y'.i'in^ Sibeil. Hie Chann'ii larir. arrived this aftern'-oii and wi|l he on hand for the firi,i rontes' of the season between.h" and Happy Ric^ardaon Seiberf raced here several »i|nr.-. last year and io kuowu to b" fa.^t i Happy IS well Known to al: pairon.4 cf the skat/ng rink and tb" rare wil| doubt- lens'tie a p'Kid one. II will callc.-d piomp'ly at U o>i'>ett, j To Ibr Colorwl Volers of I lola. If you desire to ute your fraucbi»e, yuu must register at once, as' ^he time for registering wit! soon l>e up. Your obligation th your race, hoipe and country can only be fulti'.ieil by the faithful discharge of your whole duty toward.them. It. T. WHIT.M.VN. ^ — 1 . Piles a Lease. \ Rebecca J. IXnrdom. el al. jhas given to the city of lola a leiis^ on the 'east one-half of southwest on'fe-foorth. 32-^18. Will Lraie nn Wednrsdajr far Chlcigo - Spoke to nn .Vudlrnco at Mob- trl>, .Mo., at H O'clock. .M'di. ii>. .M'.. Oct. 6.—After Ore lior' s|;e",-|,e.s including Moberly, which got .Judge raft's first attention. ; .dexieip. .Montgoiiier}. Warrcnton and SI. Charie-. St. Ij>i(i .4 will be reached -horiiy afier IIIKMI. There an elab- ' "r.ife prograni of entertainment has ; ' '« prepared .Mr. Taft will make an citended ad-Ires:* in the Coliseum IP the aftern'.M*!!. witness the parade- I'ld attend 'he i.;,i| of the Veiled frophe 'ii ill the cvtming. besides hold •nc a pii''lie rereption at the Pljant- •r,^ Hole' He will leave for Chicago •( one >,r)',i-u on U'ednesday moAilDg Mr Tal' wtis aw;ikenpd by a brass •and li 'T'- this morniug. lie was cs- -orted to the H:|lloran opera house- where thouch bill eight o'clock, ho :iddressed an anilii-m.e which Rillrd he theater. .\ s'^aily rain did; not .ianipen th" ardor or eiithtu-iasni.! Winning .Missouri Oirr. •Mr Taffs spieclo-.-. plain to/ Ihe P-'int oj blunim-s> u ft nothing til the Miiaginatioii. bill placetl'the candlduto >'inarcl> on t'toiil on every toiflc •1lSeU.i>rtl Ve.;trrd.>< II wa- apparrnt Tnit was eneopraged t{e|icaiprily ijic ad. -lied with rt.nlid"!!!-*" 'hit' no .'uuger .••as there t«i a ' luysierions sliang- •r," but. r.-\il»cr. the static of .MIs{"ourir was cunitn .4 o\er lo UepiiblicaoisiB to, -lay Tiiufi and again he show^ed «< wonderful rt-adincss at repartee. • ; Senator Warner. Waiter S. Ulckey^^ iud CharU's ."^Cagel traveled with the •artJ frfimi Kansas Cily. At different ••laces the niciiibers of the local jcom- iiittees were picked up and traveled o their home towns. Cal Pleirce was in the train into .Marysvilie. and Taft iook occasion to jiersoiially thank hhn ~ for one of the besji and biggest crowds he bad during the day. Senator jHen-- ry L.. Kads :was also responsible ^or a lumber of ''stops not on the schqdule, >s he had crowds of huntlreils ai Miint.s ill lii'< di.strici. I .\t .Marysvil'e Mr. laft was otyligetl o talk aboui haif of. his audien'pe at •ne side of the stand, wnile the (other 'lalf waitcfl patien'ly until be could urn. to them, and deliver another ad- lre=s. r l''avn Hiis filad Hand, |.> the receptiop of tho can lidate has been most grafifying. tor nense crowds greeted him iLt St. loseph. where four big meetings wero held, and at .Marysville the entlrO "Taft party was astonished at a meeting at which not less than HJ.OOD peopIe|were •s.senihlcd, though the town itself has lot that much permanent population. Jrent rrowds were met ut Chllllcotho HriMklield and .Macon. : Mvc hiuall stops of three or fiva iilnufes were added li> the rcgillar tilieiary beeause of the crowds f^Xh- •r^d at the .^laihiiis. the bands ol| mu- iil? aii'l the enthusiasm of the people who hid stofxl for hours, in «omn .•a;..::, wailinj; for the Taft siieciai •rail! ' .j' • 1 In St .loaeph and other stops ^here here were crowds of 1 worklngimen, Mc. Taft partlculajrly of hb ,in- iunction .-i while on the federal bei^Jw In agricultural communitie.s he $poke on the tariff, the trusts and the! general: record of tho Republican ^arty. The feature of the day was theisur- •risiiig u'.'dercurrent of R»pabHcah ientimeijt tbrougholit th° state. :On Tariff RcOsion. j Throughout the day Mr. Taft ham- nercd away on ihe necessity for the .oters of the country to understand hat a Democratic tariff revjlslon meant a destruction of the market tnd prices of the product of the firm; that Republican rfjvislon meant a conr 'iuuation of prices and pros- lerity. He told the Missourian's t^mnt he ^ryan proposition-with respect to the Ernsts—that the Nebraskan v oald( dest^ them by piHttaig tniat^ nad« articles on the free list and midtlfBfl^-' Uw pi^blbiting a trust fraia^ Hi

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