Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 25, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 25, 1907
Page 3
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WAXTBD—Ai Our Way. nlplit codk. Steady Job. Good w.iges. WANTED—.Middle iaRed lioiisekeep- v\- for coumry. No ohjectlun to child. Small faniil}-. (Jood linine lo ri>:hi |iiir- ty. Addre.«s .) \ti\f. otTiri'. WANTED—DiiiiiiK ronni Bill :n Itu- Pennsylvania hotel. WANTED—Rock loaders at Kansas Portland Cement Plant. Inquire at Quarry at Concreto. WANTED—Cook ;it iho lola" Hiiusr. WANTED—c;iil for KP"»'i-,il hoii.s.'- work. Phone 13.S0. WANTED—Dlninf! room K I I I .it once at Cataract. WAHTEO' "Hnsomllanaous WANTED—A place for a boy or girl to work for board whiie attending the Ida Business CoUego. Tcleiihoue Main 495. WANTED—At once. .vcuinR lady wants room in private modem Address F. S., this oflice. FOR SALE^-RBAL ESTATE Nice 80 acres hay land fenced. 2 miles from railroad lown: ;> miles from lola. For iiuick sale $!.i!."><t. ^\7ll(aker & Dotuiell. FOR SALE—Eisht room honce, four blocks from sfiuare. H .SOO.OO. part casb. Phone t>l&. rOR RENT—.Moilfiii S i(mn\ Uou .^i- with furnace. I'hoiic :;!». FOR SALE—* roomed house, water and sewer connections. $50 cash. $12 a- month. Grace Arnold, phone OOfi. FOR SALE-KKimtflltMrnous FOR SALE—350 liusheisi corn. I'.'iO bushels potatoes. C. K. .lui^ticc. south fair grounds. FOR SALE—EQtiity in piano. Clieap for cash. .Address H this oJlice. FOR SALE CHEAP—Oirf.-: liicy<l<-. Crescent make, .lust ilie tliiim to ride to school. Phone Tl\>. FOR SALE—Milch cow. Innuire fi-'4 North Elm. FOR S.41.E—Ciood mare with Call at aiO West street. FOR SALE—.lersey cow. Mr.-^. .latie Hale. R. R. U. FOR SAl>K—A li^bt wa^nu. suitahle for dray or huckster. T 1>. Eakin. Gas City. FOR RE.VT—Furnislied lioiise. iimd- ern. .\l»l)ly this office. FOR RENT—8 room modern house Cistern and city water. See Napier and Osborne. FOR RENT—Furnl.«hed down stairs rooms for housekeeping. 316 South Walnut. FOR RENT—Furnished KMHII lor man and wife or ladic.-;. I'lnuace li'-ai: absolutely jnodeni. .'^imili Colborn. FOR RENT—Furnislied ni.mis at 604 North .Teffer.-ion. FOR RE.NT—Koiir ni'iiii coitasi'. Nelson F. Acevs. FOR TRADE—Good pun t<.i liicxle 533 South Third. LOSTmmdFOUHD FOR EXOHANBE TO EXCHANGE—I. C. S. course in mechanical engineering for ga.soline engine, steam boiler or screw cutting lathe. Address E. C. laKalls. Kock- rille. Mo. Its Economy To have your Carpets and Rugs cleaned by The iota Rag Factory »<HONE 511. 5EW PICTIBES AT CRE.SIE>T. LODQE OIREOTORY. KMGHTS OF MACCABEES.— Knights of Maccabees of the World meets in K. P. Hall, second and fourth Wednesday nights In each month. J. W. Postwait, commander; R. B. Porter, record keeper. W. \). W~—Camp No. 101 meets In K. of P. Hall every Friday night. W. T. Steele, C. C; A H. Davis, CleK Visitors cordially Invited. "k NIGT i TS~0F PTTIIlAS^Neosho I.-odge No. 43 meets every Monday Jiight at K. of P. Hall. Visiting brothers Invited. W. S. Thomp.wn, C.C.; Chris Hitter, K. of R. and S. M. W. A.—The M: W. A. Lodge meets every Friday night in .M. W. A. hall. Visitin.j? brothers invited. W.H. Anderson, V. C; W. A. Cowan, Clerk. KOIAL NEIOFIBORS.—Tola Camp, No. X65. Royal Neighbors, meets second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oracle: Mrs. Mary Hutton, 413 Wesit Street. Recorder. 6ftS CITY NEWS ItEMS LARGE VmVin OF LOCAL WOOD- ME.> WE.\T TO (ilAMTE TODAF. UHE TRUANCY OFFICER IS BUSY IIA.S UEE> laVEN LIST OK TKl'- A.NT.S TO BHIX; TO SCHOOL. AppraNers llute htt-H Appoiutrd ior (iri»er and Seitz .Meat .Market. r. A. A.—Golden I.«at Council No. 4G2. r. A. A. meets and third Wednesday night.'? In each month in K. P. Hall. C. E. Lacey. president; Miss^Mable Rhorback, secretary. FUATE1{>AL BKOTHEKIIOOII.- Fraternal Hrotherhood No. 3S0 meet* second and fourth Tuesdays of each month In A. O. IJ. W. Hall. Visiting members conllnly Invited. W. H. Anderson, prL'sidonr; (lolda Elam, secretary. .lunlnr Order Inltcd Anierlcnn .Viv cluuiics.—Meets every Wednesday ev- eniiic at S o'clock In K. P. Hall. All vlslilng members invited. U. A. WIdick. Couticelor; C. H. HInck, Hec Scretary. >Verc Appointed Appraisers. I-: H. Allstot and .lo "/n Shea have 'lieeu appointed appraisers of the Gi 'o- |ver and Seitz meat market which was closed .several days a^o l)y the Cudahy Packing coniiiany for a tn-o hundred dollar meal bill. These men are in- voicjn;: the stock to pay the ]ii<lgnieut. Cily FiirtiMies Water. The city luimp is heiUK oi)erated all tlie rime tln -se days, li is necessary to keep ttii.s iiiimp Koing to provide the Kansas Portland Cement company with water. This i.-; I lie second titne wiiliij) the last ye -iv that it has ln-en tieces.sary In run the pump to sujiply the Kansas Cortland with waier. BUSINESS aiREOTORY JEWELERS. B. F. Pancoast, old reliable Jeweler, im l-"ast street. PTAMMER. Complete court at the best school for stammerers in America at one- half prlce'lhis fall and winter. White for information at once. McKie School for Stammerers. 2706 East 12th Street. Kansas City, Mo. K.C.Planibins&SnpplyCo 20 E. Jactsbn Phone 65, BENERAL REPAIR SHOP tmtrem of .Mi»Io«r Firtares Will S M- Xew Vork in FiftM>n Minnies. The Crescent theatre will jires-em a picture This afternoon and ewnini; whihch is altogether different from anything shown in Tola iifiretofore. Beaideii being new. It is unique In every particular. The title of this picture Is "Around New York in Fif- tevn MinuttiE." "Stolen by Gipsies." made a hit with the audience at the new picture show yesterday evening, ft was so r«^alls- tlc that many of the ladles w w found te tears when the lights were turned on. This picture will be r'^ieated afahi tonight. r«r kM» (hifcinrt ftesalU aae the B («lrter •apt CMuu. P0L4R BEAR FLOUR The Frcr or f^litv Every stck gnarantcec'. W. M. OberdoriH AGENT Distilled Water One hundred pounds of Crystal Ice will make 12 gallons of distilled water suitable for family use. Try It. lolalce&ColdStoraseCo FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. PERFECTION WICKOIL STOVE m XI SAFE coNVEniEtrr Ecwomcw. If your *»ler don't li»»U« .t. wilto to THE STANDARD Oil. COMPAWY, Evans Bros. OHm, mm Where quality is main consideration, we buy the best. Where demands will Justify, we carry all ^ades atad prices. Wm MaUoU torn •OUTH WOK MUARI TriiuMcy OtVicer Kusy. (' V. Ilariier. truancy ollieer. ift very liiis\ iliese (lays loiiiidill.!.' up tjie nu- anls. He was yesterday handed the list of tvtr.iiUtt liy the supi-riutendent of the city schools, ii is his duty now II) run lliem down. It' be is unable 10 ^;et iheni 10 reiurn 10 work with The use of the iaw il will lie resorted lo. Miss VAna. r .i>wls Sick. .Miss Kdiia Lewis foriiierly of tliis city is said lo he lyiii;; III a serious condition ill the hospital at Turrull. OreKon. wlih a severe attack of appon- iliciiis. .Miss Lewis/has a great many I'rlends here who lenrei 10 learn of lier illness and wish her a rapid recovery. itk Crowd (o Cbunute. .\ h'm crowd of lola WocKlmeu went (o Chanuie this aliernoon. .\ lar.^er iiiiinlier went .lian were e.vpecting to sw. Ill the |iasi .Gas City has been well represented at the log rolling but it was feared for a lime this year that |4hey woiUd 1101 he so but when it came linie lo KO . llie luembers were on baud ;iiid ready 10 siari. They joined the lol;i crowd at I He Santa Ke depot and went down on ihe twelve forty- live irain. .Mr. Hunter's SMer Is HI. .\lr. and -Mrs. .1. K. Hunier weiil 10 Garneii yesterday afiernoon in answer m a teleplioiie luessaKe telling of ilie serious illness of Mr. Hunter's sister. They will reuiain with her nu- til I here is some;;e in her condition. She is ihoiii;!)! lo lie in a very rrilii-al condiiicui ai Ihe pieseiil lime Orew (ioud Players. ("line .-ind lliiike.v <il' this city who have eniered Ihe .\llen coiiul.v tennis tourney, drew Stover and Howliis for their tirst nialch. The local players ihilik this exceptionally hard luck as Slover and ilowlus are scheduled to will the tournament with ease. Tills will mean that In all probahiliiy ijiey will lie put oiii in the lirst round. Will Meet La llari.e. tia.s City and La Harjie tool liall teams are now arruiiging f<ir a series of practice tjanies which are to he plavi-d ill iliis city some time in the near future. Hoih ti^ams are now rap- ldl> rounding in condition for games and ir itie cool weaitier continues it will no! Ill- loiii; liel'on- ihe failles can he plji.M'/(. IVrsuuuIs. .Mr. anil .Mis. Harvey Wliinnor«' ol Sedalia. were in the city vesierday vis- iliuji. H. K. -Sorlou of .Nnrlb of .\loran. was vL^iiing friends in the city yesterday. .1. O. -Anderson of Chanuie was in the city yesterday < MI liiisitiess. .1. K. .Anderson of Uronson was in the city a shori lime yesterday after- no<iu on real estate busines.s. H. .M. Hamilton of Kansas City was calling on the merchants yesterday. Cured Hay Ferer and Sommer Cold. A. .1. Nushaum. Batesville. Indiana, writes: ••I.«ist year I suffered for three mouths with a' summer cold so distre.ssing that it interfered with my business, I had many of the symptoms of hay fever, and a doctor's prescription did not reach my case, and I took .several medicines which seemed to only aggra>-ate my case. Kortun- ately f insisted upon having Foley's Honey and Tar in the yellow (lackage and it ciuickly cured me. My wife has since used Foley's Honey and Tar with the same success." Burrell's drug store. ROBEBT »'ILKEB BOl'UHT PERFECTLY .MATCHED TEAM. G. W. FRIEOLY WILL REMA'N HERE LOCAL MEKCUA>T WILL SELL CLOTHING EXCLCSIVELY. C. L.'Evans Was Injured in a Runaway—Is III At Home. Bought a Fine Teaiu. Uoberi Walker who moved h«re recently and purchased the Allison farm north of the city, .vesterday purchased one of the best teams of horses in Allen county. The team Is valued at live hundred dollar.s. The horses are perfect mates, and there is not one jiound difference in their welghf.s. They weigh WW pounds each. Ladies' .Ud of .M. E. Chunh. The indies' Aid of the Methodist Episcopal church will meet in tegular session tomorrow afternoon at the church. There will be several import- ani business matters to come up winch vviil nccessilaie a full attend- .iMce. Tho laHarpe fimokei llcad<)uarters for bargains the Hrd and till—Exhibit days. ('. F. MOOKEllEAl). Propr. C. >V. Friedliy Will Kcmain Here. C. W. Fricdiey who yesterday sold his dry goods store will remain In Ijt llavpe and continue in the clothing business. Instead of selling it has made every preparation lo make It l)etter. If that be |)osslble. | Heretofore .Mr. Frledlcy was owner of both the dry goods store and clothing store. C. 1.. EranM Hurt. C. L. Evans- of this city is not able (o be down to his office because of Injuries which he secured In a runawaj last Sunday afternoon. He was thrown from a buggy and ciult^ seriously injured. .Although his injuries are pain ful it is not believed they will be serious. Itich inn SmelU>rmen Here. .V large number of the smeltermun who were left without positions by ihe closing down of the smelters at Itich Hill. .Mo., came in yesterday morning and started to work at many of Ihe local smelters. Several of them were given positions while others have Ihe promise of ones as soon as there is an ojjening. Is ArniM^fing (•'uine .s. '.rile manager of the local foot ball team is arranging a series of practice games to be played with the Gas City team. Both teams have been working hard for some time and are rounding into condition. If the cool weather continues it js likely the first game will be pulled off at simie early date. .A part of the games will be played on the local gridiron. Wnudnien in I'iiuiiute. X large crowd of Woodmen of this city left on the noon train today for Chanute where they will attend the big log rolling which Is 10 be held in that city. They jijined the lola crowd and helped lilt ihe two extra coaches. Personals. .1. It. .\nderson. of Bronsou. was In the city yesterday visiting. Ur. Klrkpatrlck returned yesterday afiernoon from Blue .Mound where he Has called because of the death of an old friend. Ralph Everllne of lola and Perry Everllne of AmarlUo, Texas, were in the city yesterday visiting \V. H. Itickclts. VACOETTE PAID IP BILL. Attuihment Case Brenicht by City Will Be Dropped. The Vaudettf' niovlng picture show on the east side of the .square, has paid up its $54 electricity bill to th- clt.v and the aiiachmftnt proceeding* will be dtxipp?d. The attachment was made, day before yesterday and the case was to have b«»en heard tomorrow. The management of the Vaudette today paid the bill and the case will be dropped. The Vaudetfei has closed temporarily One of the worst (ealnres of kidney trouble Is that it Ls an insidious disease and before the victim realizes his danger he may have a fatal malady. Take Foley's Kidney Cure at the first sign of trouble as It corrects ir- reKUlartttes and prevents Brlgbt'g disease and diabetes. Burrell's drug store. KA.\SAS iil-AKD OFFKEKS WO.V Kepiilurs Beaten In Turret Cwnipeti- tion at Blley. Kort Riley, Kas.. Sept. ::5.—Yesterday morning the two regiments of the Kansas National guard were inspected at Camp E. W. Hoch. Late In the afternoon the troops marched In the direction of Morris hill and at sundown went into camp. At midnight the artillery firing commenced on the big redoubt with the aid of a searchlight and the ICansas troops will charge the fortification. Vesterday the team of the national guard officers had a rifle competition with a team of the regular army officers from the post. The firing was at 200. 300 and 500 yards with the result that the Kansans beat the regular of- fleers' team by seventy-one points. To-', day the competition will be finished. Tbe final attack will be made against | the redoubt by the Kansas troops. Thursday the troops will be paid. .More than $17,000 will be paid tbe Kansans tor their work at the camj>. j The resignation of Lieutenant Col-I onel R. A. Campbell of the Second j regiment of the Kansas National < Guard has been received at the headquarters of the camp and Thursday night there will be an election of his successor. Major AV. D. McRowand of Garden City. It Is oeltered. will be Lieutenant Colonel Campbell's successor, and Captain Carl Cooper of Newton is talked of as major .McRowand's successor. Lieutenant Colonel Camp bell is commander of the Kansas department of the G. A. R. The Kansas troops will leave for home Friday. Among the visitors here politicians have predominated. Grant Hornaday. candidate for the. republican uomiD. atlon for governor, was in the camp Sunday and Monday. Today Henry Allen of Wichita and W. Y. Morgan of Hutchinson were here. WHAT THBY SHOULD KNOW MRS.5ADIE ABBOTT Women for the most part spend tbeir lives at home, and it is these women who are willing and aoibitioii.i that tbeir homes shall be kept neat and pretty, their children well dressed and tidy, who do their own cookinKr. sweeping-, diiiiting'and often washing, ironing and sewing for the entire family, who call for our sympathy. Truly the work of such a woman la "never done" and is it any wonder that she hreak.s down at the end of a few years, the back begins to ache, there is a displacement, ioflatnmation or ulceration of the abdominal organs, a female weakness isbroui^ht on, and the strug-g-Ie of that wife and mother to continue her duties is pitiful. Lydia E. PInkhun '5 VeffeUble Compound, made from native roots and berbn. is the exiust medicine a woman needx ivbo.^c strenffth is overtaxed. It keep.s the feminine orfjfans in a strong and healthy condition. In preparing for childbirth and recuperating therefrom it is mo .4t efficient. It carries a woman safely through the change of life and in malting her strong tfud well assists her to be a good wife and mother. Mrs. .Sadie Abbott, of Jcannette, Pa.. write .H : Cearlfr*. P/nkham— "I suffnred severely with pain avery month and ai«o a psin in my left side. Hy doctor prrsmbetl for bie'but did me no good: a fri«nd advised Lydia R. Pinkham's Vegetable O>mpoim>l and I wrote you in rngardtomv condition. I followed your advice and am • perfectly w«ll <roman. Thn pain-i have all dimppeared and I cannot recommend yonr medicine too highly." MR5.PREE M^KJT'RICK: Mrs. Pree McKitrick, of La Farga, Wi.s.. writes Dear Mrs. Pinkhnm: "For six y«>a.r!i I snfTered from tfemaja Weakness. I was no irregular that I woold go from thme weelu to six montbs, w 1 thought I would give lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Ckimpoimd a trial. ''Now I am once mors well and can do my work withoiita paio. Any one wlio wlsbta, con write to me and I will answer all lattm gUwUy." Women .•<honld remember that Lydia E. Pinkbam'.s Vegetabla Componnd holds the record for the greateai i number of actual cnres of female ills. Every suffering woniaa in fcl»« United States is asked Ho accept tba following invitation. It ia free, will bring you ; health and- may • a T • : your life. Kn. Plokliaa's Invitatl«n to \fmtt» Women suffering froip any fonn6f female w-cakness are invited to promptly eommunic-ite with Mrs, I'inkham, at Lynn, Mass. From the symptoms gii-cn, the trouble may ha, located and the quickest and surest way of recovery advised. Out of her vast Tolnme of experience in treating female ill.s 'Mrs. Pinkham probably han the very knowledge that will help your Case.' Her advice ia free and always helpfal. JSrr mtoi 'rVcectSwc 0.0^.(1 Saccccds Wfccfc Oiicrs r .U. :i: : • W. n. ANDERSON, • I * H. A. Ewlrig. S. A. Card. G. R. Gard • • Attomey-»t-Law. • • . EWING, GAKD & GABD, • • Notary and Stenographer In • • Lawyers. - • • Office. • • Practice in aU CoilTt& • • • Phone 455. 9% W. Madison. PboM III. • Phone 554. lola, Kana. DR. EDITH S. HAIGH. . Office ahd Residence over Bur-. rail's Drug: Store. Office Hours—10 to 12 a. m., 2 to 4 p. m., 7 to -8 evenlngfl. Sundays by Appointment. DR. McMILLEX, • Special attention given to the • treatment of all Chronic Dlseas- • es and Diseases of Children. • Telephones: Office 32, Res. 232. • Office m Mrs. Turner's Bldg.. • West Madison. •1* • ;• • {. •!• • i* • • • • • e • • • • • • • * Phone 687. . Res. 701; • • ,DB.O. L.COX, * Eye, Ear, Nosa and Throat. • • Spectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U, W. Bldg. « * Rooms 7 and 8. F. H. MABTIIf, Practice Limited to Surfeiy. 16 N. Buckeye. Phone 676. I 3fflce Phone 1083. •: * DB. R. 0. CUBISTIAN. Fhf aiclan and Surgeon. • i * •! * Evans Bldg. • * DR. W. B. HEYLMUF. Physfciai & Snrgeon. Office N. B. Corner of Square; Ovfer K. C. Plumbing Co.'a Store. Res. Tel 38. Office TeL 502. = Phone oS2. Iowa Building. DR. GLTNK, Specialist Elye, Ear. Nose and Throat Glasses Furnished. Office Tel. 234. Res. Tel. 2.34%. G. W. SIIADM'ICK, M. D. General Practice. Obstetrics and diseases of children a specialty. Office over Steyer's Grocery. Hours: 9 to 12 a. m., 2 to 4 and DR. L. TOZEB, fola Iniirmary, 803 E. JaekB«a(, We use X-Ray. Violet Raya. Static, Galvanic and Faradia Electricity with vibratory atlm- ulatlon In nervous and chronic diseases. Phone 386. • R^. Tel. 198. Office Tel. 163. • DB. J. R. PEPPER. • Dentist • fs permanently located over • E. C. McClaln'a Clothing Store, • and is prepared to do all kinds • ot np-io-date dental work. • Evening work by appointment ••*e«a*«***«******* • DB. A. G. KOCA. Snrgeon. Office over Post Office Office Phone SIS, Residence Phone 8S. (Iffire Phone all. DR. L£TI J. NEWSOME. Special attention given to the treatment of Disease of Women and Children. Office-^05 Sonth Walont St ' P. L. Lathrop. • Mra. Bessie G. Lathrop. * OSTEOPATHIC FHf8ICIlH8. • Special attention given to Dla- * eases ol Women and ChUdreit * Office over Our Way Restaurant • Office 'Phone, Main 468. . • Res. 'Phone, 446. • J. L. BARNES, • * Attoraeyat-Lair. • f 115 West Madison, lola. Kansas. *

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