Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 25, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 25, 1907
Page 2
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-wtr L. L. NORTHRUP. PmldWt. Northm imii&^immim'*1-''£sS^ ^r:: Assets umMt HiBil liik ii Ailei Ci. Asse^ $1,200,^0 of Soctefy The Kiiibroiderv club ol' 1^ liarpe was among ihf sot-ial orKanizalioiis lo enjoy a |i:iil.v ihis week. Mrs. Dr. Magill of Ui Harpe w.-i.-; liot^Si'.s.s of (lie ladtefi yesterday and eiiteriiiinod with a luncheon and informal afternoon. .\ large number of ;;iie.sts were present. The Kx-Teaelier.-' eUib will open the ^eaKon'ti fe.stiviiiea wiili a p.iri> on Friday aflernomi. The »-.s .ses will be MiK. Wiu. Knapp. .Mrh. (!i '()r;;e DavU and Mr .s. 1". Sailer and tin- coin pany will be entertained at :.\lrs. Sallee " K residence. South Clie.-itnnt . street. • • On Friday afieiwnioii the Wcnicn'.-* I'hrlstian Temperance fnion will Kive one of the niosi elaborate afi«-r'i<'ons of the fall In the lorin of a renpiioti and literary afiornoon. The residence of .\li.s. .\bner \ V< MK I . :;ni North Sycamore .sti-eel. will be n.sed for the occa.fion and. there will be a number ot friends of the liiion in attendance a.^ uuests. Heeause of the approach of lhi> state convention on Octaber--1 and there will bo a brief but Important business meetiiiK followed by a proijram which will <-on- sisi of the following numbers: Recitations .Marvel t'bank and Kdna Wood. Paper. "The Press." .Mrs. Willis, niscussion. 4 i itff ' Music. The afternoon wi;i Ix- clostd with an flaborate luncheon which will be served by Mrs. Wood and a yronp of • ladies from the hostess society. The photos wliich were to be finished for the nnlon will be distributed at the close of the program. • • -i- Mr. and .Mrs. Hammond of 1120 .Vorth .fefferson street, save an informal i)arty as a compliment to llieir sou and d.uighter. Mr. and Mrs. .Inhn Hauiond. last evening. The guests Libbey Cat Glass! A large and beautiful assortment just received. Will be glad to show you. Sewall, Ibe Jeweler 104 North Wasbiogton. ifejr There! "Where are you going?" "Going after a sack of I/. Sm Paimili" PIoht. My wife won't use anything else.'' M»wtoaMtgm A Bv, Go. were limited lo intimate friends of the family who were eutcrljiined with nin- >U: and .Mrs. Hainmoud served le- freslmients to the following people: .Ml. and Mrs. .1. Hammond, .Mr. and .Mrs. Win. Hankins, .Mr. and .Mrs. Wm Mall. .Mr. and Mrs. Black, .Mr. and .Mrs. Ilolden. .Mrs. Hankins, .Miss Olive Hankins. Miss Knowlton, Mrs. Meadows and .Mr. Frank Knowlton. • • • Itr. and .Mrs. C. B. Core went to Chaniile today to visit .Mr. and .Mrs. L). .M. Kennedy for a few days. • + • .Mrs. .Mark Hilles .Mrs. Glenn Finney and .Mrs. D. W. Finney of Neosho Falls who has been visiting in lola for the past few days, are spending lodav with relatives in Humboldt. • V .Mrs. C. .M. Cole. ::19 South Blm street, will entertain a coterie ol friends on Friday lo introduce her guest, .Mrs. .\da B. Winslow of Kansas City. .Mrs. Winslow is just returning from an extended visii in the east | and is a college friend wiMt w-hom Jlrs. Cole roomed while iUlcnding Bethany. Her visit will be quite ex tensive. •> • •> There appears to have l)eeH a ton flici between ihe tjueens of fashion as to ihe colors lo prevail for street cos tumes. fp until the past two weeks the eastern fashion magazines were for usiu.g a great deal of brown with blue as a close second, but now purple and green are going to be used a great deal. .Many women will find purple or green not at all becoming so that the more conservative will probably c'ing to the new shades of leather or blue. The newest walking skirts are two inches from the floor, •i" • • .Miss .losephine Kiddle is home from two weeks in Lawrence. •:• • • .\lr. and .Mrs. T. .M. .\nderson hav returned to their home in the Indian Territory after a visil with their moth er. Mrs. S. K. Post. • * • .Mr. and .Mrs. It. W. McDowell and (laugliler have gone lo Bartlesvllle, T . to reside. •!• * • .Mrs. Claude Stewart was <'alled I Itaymore. .Mo., this moiiiing by ih serloMs illness of her mother. We have just received a care;iully selected Itiie of aamulnm tmtoried Hmml Pm&tma Frmiwh Ohliim. A large variety of single pieces and sets, including a beautiful line of Plates in ex- Nqulsite colorings. Sec our win- flow. McNElL BROTHERS. THCJEWaaiM. COOK HELPED THEATRE Former lola Minister Assisted in Ruis- Ingr tinarantee for "Flower of the Kanch." Isn't everything. The face fit counts; the style fit is ioport- anf; the price fit is necessary. Ih^ Imperiol Is fit all over, fit for you: fittingly— $3.00 T Tlie Y siiclety had a very pleasan hay lack pari.v last evening and s|ieni an hour at a country home where mu sic and a picnic supper were the versions. The young people who a tended were: Mr. and .Mrs. Kd fJavl .Misses Zoe Atchison, Lucind.\ .McHow ell. Kdna .Mason. .Margaret McClelland Nellie Brice. Alice McCall. Elva .Mc Call. Florence Root. .Messrs. Frank Hurlock. Frank Penncll. Belle. .\rbo gast. Herbert Crangle. Glenn I^awyer George .McClenathau. .\lbee Heigle and Ballon Heigle. * <• • Fashion notes are saying that llier will be a wide variation in table decoi ations and dinner favors this year t:sually roses and carnations are fav ored by hostesses for everything from family dinner party to a bridal lunch eon but this season society leaders arc going to use a great deal of greenery for their table adornment. The south ern smilax and feathery ferns will be easily adopted lo this new style and with white linen and white embroidery will make the dinner table at once simi'le and beautiful. • * + .Mr. and .Mrs. A. Epjienauer gave very pleasant family dinner yesterday at noon to euterlain a conipan> of lelatives. The table was graced by beautifully arranged boquels if tlowers. Those present were .Mr. and .Mrs. Lyman Brown. Mr. and .Mrs. Har ly Brown and daughter, .Mr. and .Mrs Austin. * •¥ * .Mr. and .Mrs. Smith .Jackson were entertained at dinner last evening at the home of Dr. and .Mrs. .Magill in La Harpe. • • • ..Mr. and .Mrs. J. .M. Skillen and .Miss Bertha Davis, of Jerlco Springs, Mo. have retnrned home after a visit with .Mr, audi .Mrs. L. C. .Mungcr. FKKl) HEKT PILP TO CATTLE. liurdeu ('](> HHN a \en Entfr |»rlHe ->'on. Genei'al .Manager Ollllspie. of the sugar company at Garden City, has made a contract with Ben Kemper, president of the Denver Live Stock asHoctatton. for feeding cattle south of the factory. The contract as made provides for the sale of the beet pulp to .Mr. Kemper and this will niearf a new enterprise for Garden City. Arrangements have already been made for locating the feeding pens south of the factory close to the reservoir, iMiilt for storing the surplus pulp. Some sixty or scTenty acres will be inclosed in the pens for this purpose and it is expected that between five and liix thousand cattle will be fed at the pens all the time during the sugar making campaign.—Kansas City Journal. WTLX. PHIIXIPS who has been sirao & AuBherman 'B ved to BartlesTille and CITY IS JSTRAINED fcniporary Order Prohibiting the <"on- struction of u Ditch In W. V.. Jones Proprrtj. Wfilter 13 Jones was last evening gianti.d a restraining order enjoiuing the city from completing the construction of a ditch for the purpose of carrying off water from lots near north tha Katy railroad tracks near north Cottonwood street. Street commis- s:oner Walker, had be-sun the con- i struct ion o' ditches from some low lets (m wiiich water collected, to Doug las r.treet and through the alley between Colborn and Cottonwool!. .Mr. Jonc-s" contention is that there ;s no alley through his lots althoiigh it appears so. He claims that the opening through his land is not an alley, but land balonping to him. He ciainis that the city has no right to (lip the ditch and that it does him injury. The hearing for a temporary injunction will be heard in district court Saturday. The of the city in digging th? ditch was to prevent the formation of a stagnant pool on the lots. The matter may be aiijusted out of corut. FIXED VAX CIREX *l. Sutonbnrg .Man Found Unlit} of .Slup- pln«r Sister-in-Law. .1. Van Curin was yesterday lined ?1 and costs by Judge Alexander of Savonburg, for slapping his sistor^ii U'W. Miss Maud Price. The case uas broi:pht by the girl's father, W. ?. Price. Van Curen fought the cas;^ He WHS ropresfjited by Chris Hlttet •«f this city, while Wallace .Xnderson !:ad charge of the proscculioii. It Is said that Van Crur^n will appeal .MAXY VISITED .STOHE. J. W. Cort'ej and Son Opened .New Jewelry Establl.shnirnt. The opening of the J. W. Ci>ff< y A- Cons' exclusive jewelry store which was held last night betwetrn ,S and 10 o'clock was a success in every par iicular. One hour before the tinio for the. opening to begin, people be- San to flock to the new store and by eight o'clock, the store was filled. It was necessary for Mr. Coffey lo reorder carnation.s which he was giving I., souvenirs, three differ:'nt timers. Mr. Coffey now has one of the finest quipped and modem jewelry stores in southeastern Kansas. Columbus. Kaa., Sept. 2h. —Through the efforts of Rev. Olivi-r Cook, pastor of the Christian church. .Manager .McGhie, of the opera house, has been presented with $106, the amount of loss which he sustained from small patronage at tha recent production of Uic play. "The Flowca- of the Kanch." This a pretty and interetting new pJay just out and ihe houses in south eastern Kansas had secured It lo <iperi the season. But th .T newness of tin. p!ay antl the weary warmth of September has made it a money loss to every inanag(>r who pledged t.'iOU to get it. At Pittsburg it lost the houss $17i». at Chanutt,$27:!, at Parsons $i ;uO but when it got down to Columbus i .Manager .McGhle found himself short $l(i« at the close of tlie first act For several days .Mr. .McGhle's friuids had regretted that ll was to be a losii.i: engagement for him and there was eager inquiry as to how much he would be loser, McGhie breathed easier as he said only $10G. He had fearei: $200. A\'hen the curtain fell on the su'cond act, Uev. Oliver Cook walked down to tl-e orchestra and mounting a chair commented on the words of one of the characters in the play who said he "always tried to help his fellow man whom he found in need." Re Cook commented at length on the phil osophy of such sentiment and said the pr(j-ent was an occasion to praciici lis precepts. In an effort to elevate the dramatic tasio here Mr. McGhie had pledged $.'>0U to get this company, and not- witlislanding Columbus had done bet ler than any of her big ni.ighboriif^ towns it was a sad fact that Mr. .McGhie would lose $106 and the cost of opening the house. It cost those present from cents 10 $l.."iO to see the play, while it would cost Mr. McGhie $12.'; at least. \Voul< it not be. manly and fair to share the Uss with him by raising the short ate among those present. .-Ml who fell so to the extent of $5 would pK-ase hold up th(>lr hanils. Nine hands went up. Then those who felt sympathy to the. extent of $2..In would sl;ow tlK.'ir hands. Many illd so in the brief space of timi- between the acts .Mcfihies loas was nnid.' good iiiid show people wen; gaping in astniilshment from behind the scenes They said it was the finest act I'ley hail ever s.-en and they would sing tile praises of the town all over the lend. At the next curtain, .Mr. .Mc Ghif. gave a badly rattled expression of thanks Rev. ('ook is not a regular tlieairj g<.er. but he wants the stage lo be lifted to a higher plane. He is doing l:is part in cncoruaging something belter, and this gfJiarous thought and act was so characteristic of him 'hat the respons<; to it was cordially given. ft makes you long for dinner time CALUMET BAKINGPOWDER Best for flaky pastry,. > wholesome bread and biscuit —best for crisp cookies— best for delicious cakes, toothsome muffins, doughimts that will melt in your mouth. Kver>thing you niaktvwell, it will help to make better, bcc.iusc it's "iM'sit by test." Anytjoi'.y cook well If they UFO Cnliimct Kukinu Powder, I'uilure witli it is almost impossible. It is -rbemleallr correct aod makes Pure, Wboleaume Food. Price Is Moderate w3r !K35!.*i{fV:«;:iai CRABB SAYS: Rev. Cook was formerly pastor of the Christian church of this city. Because we have to convince you but o/ice that our clothes are what you should, for your own sake, buy and wear, and because you will come back for your second and third suit— It will pay you to look for this label lade u clothe!) should be made by Leopold. Solomon & Ei>endrath, Chicago- Sold by one good clothier in your city. We have long had a reputation in this locality of filling prescriptions with the highest quality goods that could be secured, and in filling them in a way which " | met with the approval cf the entire medical profession. The .'^ame caielul work will be continued in the future.. The same high quality goods will be used that have been used in the past. We solicit your patronage V^. L. Crahb, Tolegthono a76 Prasorl/titan OruggM Dr. J. f. Jamefton (JKAIUATE AUCTION KKK. (ilJADUATE VETEKI.XAKIA.N »TCYER'» QROCERr Hcad^uartvrt for Good Things to Eat. TelefihoDe IS9 redlgrerd Live Stock my sjieolalty. f Home Made Sausage of all Kinds. Cash Paid for Poultry and Hides OTTO HINZE, UTTODArE MEAT MARKET tn t-ast Madison Sales made anynhero. SuUsfuetion vuuruntoed. Write or see rac for dates, terms, etc. Veterinary calls an.«wercd day or nitrht. Ollire with nougla>s ^ Bros. 'Livery. Oilice phone. 1 :5. Kes.,.' low. lolu, Kausas. 1 Fryer Bros Can Cut Down Your Grocery and Meat Bill :: :: :: :: :: Satisfied Customers SING 6-5-4 *1 PRAISES. 6-S-4 is the only preparation that ii saitable for use on uas, or Gasoline, Cooking 'J^anges, because it destroys Fall and Winter Millinery A Grand Display of all Up-to-Date Millinery. Ladles' Street and Dress Hats, Children's Hats and Caps. Ladies are invited to inspect our stock. 1 MRS. E. PEFLY, MILLINERY PARLOR rlO&h East Madifion. Opposite Marr's Bakery rast, is tuater and grease proof, dries in to minutes and !s applied like paint. SpeoM for Wetlnnu- tlmy mutt Thurmtipy Our buyer has been to Kiin.saa City and we uow have Just received a big ghl|)inent of all kinds of Kruit, Vegc- tublcH iiiid Huch HA can lie had in (he niarl{et at Kansas City For today and Saturday we wlil huve Ihe following: HellPower Apples. Now York Pippen Apples. Tokay Grapes. Iilue Dunison I'luins. Green Gage Plums. Uananas. Oranges Koeky Ford CantaIo |ies. Jersey Sweet Potatoes. Fresh Tomatoes. Eggjilant. Parsnips. Green aud Wax Beans. Radishes, Heets. Pie Plant. Vegetable Soup Bunches. Blue Grapes. Respectfully. Il is but neces-sary for you tc giveusatiial order on groceries i and meats if you want to demop- strate the fact that you will save money bv purcharing from us. We have the choicest of staple and fancy groceries. We make a specialty of catering to the fastid- ous housewife who wants those Itttle extras that go to make tip ap exceptional dinner and which are so bard to find in the averag^e grocery btore. FRYER BROS; Grocery and Weat Market < Phonea 308 and 301 S;ini,i|.- A. Q. MUMMA. For Sale ,Cheap, Good Farm and City Property. See the THE JATHAWSES LAITD CO. for quick results. .DU Court HooBe^ Ma, Kaw Sept. 2t to 28 St. Joseph, Mo., return I' ! limit Sept. 30 |6.6(l ! Sept. 21 to Oct. 5 Kansas City, Mo., return limit Oct. 7 ...$4.10 Sept. 24 and 2u Chanute Kaa., return ; limit Sept. 26 .70e Sept. 26 and 27 Cherryvale, Kas., re- , turn limit Sept. 28 11.83 Sept. 28 to Oct. 1, Wichita, Kas.. re- " j turn limit Oct. 5 .' 14.06 ;Oct. uto », Topeka, Kas., return ; limit Oct. 12 ..$3.65 Oct. 12 to 19, Kansas City, Mo., return limit Oct. 21 $4.10 ; One way second class colonist rat«i to California and the NorthVeat oof- sale September 1 to .October-SI, iiir:. ^ cinsire. Please se»iu.for ntfts. itop,' over prlTlleges and W v'.^

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