Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 24, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 24, 1907
Page 6
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THE lOLA DIILT ttEQISTEH. TIESPAT EVEXDCO. SEPTEMBER St. 1907. T' TWO SPECIAL GARS lola Win Send Large Delesallon to Chunntc Log; HolUn?. T\v<v roaches of Ioh\ Woodmi'ii and HI nil I Nclfilibor.s will j:o lii ("hanuie I Miiorrow for (ho log rolling !il iliyt jiliice. The Saiila Fc on account of a t-honaw of engines will be unable lo HIM a special train to Chanute as "\v;iK fuHt planned liut have set out two inaihes and made a rale of »ipventy icius for the round I rip, the tickets iM 'iii;; Kood for three days. The coach ••^ liuM' already been set out and today I IK- Woodii-.en are decorating one car aii.i ilio Koyal Xeighbors one. T'.v <i);iclu<s will 1)0 picked «P to- im;innv at twelve forl.v-Iive by the ..• s.iath bound iias:;fni:er and iiMiu^ht back on the evening (Hi I'lyir. The members can', however •.\:''. n:iiil ilie ni'.;ht trains to return <-•:• ii'ni.iin for three days. 'Jiic iii;!;enieni of tlie !(>.^ rolling ;!i tl.inuK' sliowed tliat they wore «il:in:- to (In the rii^ht thing by lola ami jfsuiclay when Deputy Adams • "•a! ddwu lo see them, iironii.sed to 111'Id I lie parade in the afternoon .so that loia delegation could couler^t ;i>: iiriy.f!!. ti.iruftt is going to tend a decorat- • ••1 .uach and the M. W. .\. team, liri.iisiiu i.s talking of taking along band ai\d a big delegation. foiXny is alsy i^iK'.-tiug to take a baiiii. team .iial a' coach load c)f people. In older 111 accomodate the Harnett and Colony l»-iMi;e. the Santa Ke tomorrow inorn- ,111; will have the Oil Flyer sliirt from 'laMii'ii instead of lola. Hflinv is given a complete program .M iln' log rolling with a lisit of prizes til ii.' uivcn: :• 111 I":.)" a m.—.Meeting IraiiLs and u • ••-coning visiting camps by Clia- iiii.c iMireslers and band, i' a 111. i^hari)—Formaiicm of grand pa'ade. resting on .Main and Fca- • '.-1—Hand, speakers in carriage's. ''Manut 'i H. X. .V. team in uniform. \i.-iiitig camps heailed by I'niforni i"ani.-—March east on .Main to the I iiv park. r..!.i|.- competing for jirizes of lari;«-.-[ .'..(ndaiice and largest per cent- ii i' of camp in attendance will be . 1 iiiitcil in parade. .\ represenia- '. 1' (if e.ich cauip must register •i.'-'v.- lanip with the secretary on .11. ival at park. IM 1'. aiion—Rev. I. H. I'ailiaiil. laaros Welcome—Hon. W. .M. Oray. iiuivor. • f<-'ioM by band. V i-:!!!!!!!- of fhainite Woodman by ili>n II. P. Karre.'ly, cliainnaa of I lie da>-. .\> sr» "V Uie day—C'lias. K. Wln-laii. .-liioii..- national lec'ur.r of M. W. .\. HLVXK-i; .'.lli.i-ir. v.." p .11 •-.Xildre.-s. iion. K. .\. Kn- ..-iit. Kansas state lectnicf. .\(l(lr. .-s—l!,-half of U. X. A.. .Mrs. E. A. hinrigUi. of Kansas Citv. \(|,l,-,.;.>—1;. X. A.. .Mr.~. Arlille lie- nioiii of Ottawa district deputy. AdUri-s—c;. W. .Vdaius. of lolu, dis- triri licad counsel .M. W. A. p ni—Competitive drills at the :;:a!i(i stand . Xo cJiarge for seats. •!!.'M" drill.'d (i.-am. lirst priice.. .Jiim S-'cond pvizi' ". . . r>C' in;- iMv! lirilb-d Uoval Xeighbor 'i-aii!. lirsf pri/c . . . ."^f 'l 'Mil pri'.v . <'.iiiiii iKiv^iii; lari:<->t nu liibcrship ill ill!'- '. . . . . 'a .Mi' IhUJiu largi'rt iiercviitagc I." ih'Miiliersliip in liiif a! .\'' '-.iiiiio:- camp having Uirc- 'ii'iiili'.rship in line X A V. i'ii largest peici'iil;;g.- 11' i.uaih.-rship in line Log Uolling ( (tiitesi. I';; !r-ii:i-ii teams, lirsl prize (iJ/Zc lUL' of Mar Coiitcil. l-i li'iii'-a teams, lirst pri/,e . fiilnl prize A . .". ^1 .'<.l.\nii. r?ri-. and Adjl. (leii. M V.'. .\ ["oresieis. Topeka. chairi: ::n i uinnilttee of judges. • , 1:1 — M c'liaor .Main str^'t and . ''••:fy. .iveinie. music. e\fiibili(^ii il.i!'. (..arneti .M. \V. A. Foresters: "\biMtion drill. Chanu'e K. X. A. • e.\hibilion drills by otlit-r IiVIIll^. - i'." 1:1 —nip.'ilication M. \\\ A. Work a- .M. W. A. hall by the wln- iiiiiL' team in the contest. I." -~i :M -iiij);ificatio)i II. X. .A. work ai Odd Fellows hall by winning •'•ain in contest. 1: i: ."ill r.'i •$ 1" I»IU(.(.ISTS ILOSED STORES. Ilonoretl .Memory ni' .Mrs. Jane Evaus Today. T!i.'. 'i.^h respect for two of their i:..- r jvUuw merchants. the lola drug- l-;^,Is tf>iiay closed their doors of bus- i;.v.-ri w!;on the funeral jirocession of li.e late .Mrs. .lane livaus. mother of \\". J. and H. T. Evans, the lola drug- Cis-s. passe,; ihrvjuch town on its \>.iy imai tli,. house lo tht. cemetery. Th' act of the lola dniggisis in clos 1: their doors as an outward sign of •ae -.r .sin.ipaiby, is one that should leliliti'ily approved and will no doubt .'i:;'.e |a tender place In the hearts of 'he Kvaiis f;iniiiy for the wen who v.'.re iihoiiuhiful enough to do such a tUiiu The !uii?ral of Mrs. livans v.-.t- attendi-d by a larje number o£ fi icnds. SIlAUl' HAS IKUSE K.MSIX;. Fci1<i« Inrrirrji Ileliied Him I'ul Iji Krume Work Today. GRAND OPENING! J. W. Coffey ai\<l Son's New Exclusive Jewelry Store Xo -iilfictit f I'osxi « to 10. MUSIC SOUVENIRS I K.NOW IT WELL. Funiiliar Foaturi's Well Kuonu U> IfiindrtHls of lola Citizens. A familiar burden In every home. The burden of a "bad back." A lame, a iveak or an aching back. Tells \ou of kiilney Ills. Doans Kidney I'ills will cure you. Here is Io!« testimony to prive it: K. W. Snow, of e-U South street, tola. Kansas, says: ''Off and on for en or twelve yearrt I was bothered with j^aln across the small of my back .md in my right hip. I am apt to take colcl at my work, especially if I stop while iierspiring freely cir even if 1 iiuit for dinner, if I am not careful, .md whenever I get a cold it goes to my bacif and some relief, but it has my back and caiisis me considerable suffering. The remedies I have tried have given some relief biit it has not lasted. .Mrs. Snow learni^d of Doan's Kidney Pills and got a liox at Chas. H Spencer .t Co."s drug store. During the several weeks which have passed since using this remedy ' I have had scarcely any trouble from my old complaint. Mrs. Sin»w complained often of pain between the shoulders and In her left h;p. She was subject to headches and spells of dizziness. She used Doan's Kidney Pills for a short lime and has not had any of these troubles sizice. Doan's Kidney PjUs are a remedy that can be depended upon 10 give jirouipl relief from back ache and all ailnuiits arising from deranged kidn^^ys." For sale by a I deuier.-. Price r.u cenis. ro.-,ier-.\lillmrii Co.. JlufTalo. Xew York, sole agents for the Fniied St .lies. Heinember the name —Doan s—and lake no oUi".- v.v.v (; i!f:> (A .SI; TODA^. ISelmr Tried in .Satouburg for A>- Tue care of the Slate vs Van Cureu ;. being tried today before .Itiilgi. Al- 1 xanik-r at Savonbiirt:. Van Curen i- eliargei! v.i;h assault by .Mi.-s .MaUil 1 rice. The case is being pushed IA\\'.. .1. Price, father <•( the ;;iil. Van Ciireti is tile son-iiila>v of I 'lice. II i- claiiii 1 that \'an Ciiren slaiiii.'d .Miss I'r.ce. Deinity County Aitorncy Wallace Anderson is iirosecvilinc the la.e and Chris lUtter is rcpreseiu- ii.g the defendant. TH1-: LlTTLi: 11 y<-ar old hon o. .Tames nryant is suffering with an at tacK of ajipendicitis and an operation may be necessary. Pure White Lead is pure pigment — sim{)ly metallic lead corroded. And it is mure than pigment—it is pure pure Paint Cunipo .sitions tliat arc «nly /itr//y Wliiie Lead arc only piTtiy pain/. The name above and tlic trade mark below guarantee absolutely Pure White Lead made by the Old Dutch Process. For » MJ » by ant cUts dtmlcrt Stad for Free Bimk. "A Tilk tut I'^mu" wliicli pws valuable lulor->»i on the subjo.1. K4TI0NAL LEAD COMPANY CUrk At*. M« Mk St., $t. LMit. KU. K'.i ^liarpi.. city n.all carrier liad a Joii .e rais^n -jT loday in which all of tiie eity niail carriers took part. .Mr. Miuijie is building a new residenc-' iin Kast Jaelison street. He is now '.aking his vacation and Inttead of ;-.:.endiiig ihe lipK' 011 of the cit}', he will work ou his ne v liouse^ Today noon till' carriers we it out to the sue of the Sbarpe resii euce and helped him raise the fran 3 work of tbuj ioUiC. HOWARD PLAY A HIT ApprocMiIhe Aiidlener Heard "Flower of the Kuneli'* at (inind Last Mplit. Wth beautiful and elaborate seen cry. strong and capable chorus, shrewdly devlseu scon«.^ and situations and with that free and delightful at- iiiosphere of thi West. "The Flower of the Kauch.' "which opiMied the C.raiid l.'.st night proved one of tli--, best niusical comedies tl\at has ever been s>en In this eit.v. WJien -.losL'ph Howard who plays the leading role in tlie production., composed the book .and music he siiccwded wonderfully in. weaving into his work all of those sintiments and ideas which mak • the far western county attractive to the ii'ost heterogenous audience. The "Flower of ihe Kanch" furr.isli- es marked oiiportuiiity for aitractiv' scenic effects. Certainly the scenery and property lasi ni.-ht were calcuiai e; to please the most exacting critic. L'.eing a w. .stern play and telling <r.' raucii l\fe. it was up to the stage a;list to give the play the ai>|iearauce of nature, .ind it was remr.rkably ttel) done. Ihe niusie in the play is especially line .Iosi.i)h Howard, as .lack I'arniim. tlit tenor, was a marked ; i.<-eess it: iijs every appearance. \V,ith I '••ar. in:--''':gible and stmlfnl voice. ! niimb.i,-. were :'epeat<.dly encored. Mabel Hani-on as the "Flower of tin.' ri: tich" also made a hit. Vnacions; iiii.-.clieivioiiH and Innocently cute, her manner, voice and action place her among the s-tage stars, .\tnong the ^( iigs iiarticularly well received wcii' ".luri Siiy You Care." by .Mr. Howard and Miss l!arri.-on: "Worried" by I"ower and Skivers; "Watoliiag ilie Ijbie Smoke Curl." by Ho-vard iiiid chorus. "The li'.roine of the "Flower i^f the Ilanch' 1-s a vaif called Little Flov^r. At the time Hut story opeii:~ she is ll'i years old, ilie pioiirietress of a general store, with saloon attachment in California, a ward of the. old fani- il av boozing ".ludge" of the neighborhood, and the one person in till tho neighborhood, and the one person in a; the region to whom the cow punchers and the rest of the, heterogeneou.- population are unanimously devoted. She is a sprightly soubreite, with a pretty little voice, an arch manner and a mischievous spirit. P '-Tiff Boh Brandon and Tony .Mtgurua. a "urea • sons and conduct the high grade and low grade villiany of the tale. John T. Xicholson is the sheriff actor ftiid -A. A. Klein is the .Mexican. Both are well done, the latter especially so. Tiie melodramatic plays a proniiu- tiit jiart in the play, hut the villiany and "blood and thunder" which has Iliad', tlie ordinary nielodnima disgust- ir.g to many audiences, are handled with a delicacy snd relieved by such high grade music that It does not seem "the .same old thing" in "The Fiowf.- 01 tlie Ilancli." The chorus whiK- it Is not as large a's niuny musical ctfnr cdies wa!< \ery .strong and attrac- ti'.e. .VltoL-ether the .show was far above the ordinary. .\ very good house wit- nessf d the play. It deserved a packed honse. .Manager "Wlieaton in re- coniniending the "Flower t>f the Kanch" as a firbt elas.s production did not exag-gerate in the least .lAVHAWKEKS U)OK WEAK. • THK FI-OWKK OF the Itaiieli." siierial made its fourth anpearanre v.ithin the past week In Cherryvale last i-veiilnir enroiite from Pittsburg to loUi. This fact fairly illustrates the Importance of Cherryvale as a railroad cenler and how nearly Impossible it is to get auvwhere la snuih- eust K»usa« without •'going via Cher­ ryvale."—Cherr.vvale Republican. Th.. Westerner tonight at Uie .Vir- dome. 'f K. C. Kai. I'oor lltiterial for touch to Work Willi. I.auieiiee. Kas. Sept. - I.- I'lie Kail sas team dojsn'i look ver\ promisinj;. The men h.'ive b .•en working since VN 'edne.-iday and nothing brilliant has ('.i .veloped. If the tits: few days of practice can be taker, .-.s tiny criterion oT th • Kind of a football team' 'the .ia\haw kers will pur on the Held this fall. .Missouri will be a good bet on Tliaiilvsgiviii;; day. Pear stories usu- ••illy are due from -MeCook field this till-,.- Ill' yi;ir .but at present t!,e out- b iT.iilj does lool; dari; and dreary Stiii.ol b.'can tui'ny and all the availaliie material is on hand. antl wln-u eoiMpared with iliat of;, the Ui-t !( u ears, it doesn't loolc to be any- tl.iii-; til gloat over. The iiatie.;. of ci-achirs is favorable 1 )111 ilie ii;ei; ;,) be coached are. as a whole. coiiiparatively The line will be fairly >lrong. nhib- I'i.e 'oacUrield \\ili be noltiing n-nitirka- liie. Tiii.r«' are pK-nty of football pia.'nx in .'i'.iiool but niosi of the stars an. ineligible. Dotiald and Uruner ,nre here biit are kept out of the gaine.s' they have tacii itlayi'd their lour >e.ii-s of roolball. Study tro-*^les iiave progressive havoc w ib four or live pien wijo could be used to good advantage. Uiil Coach Kenne.iy is s«i!! Moiling and hiip'-riil. liiiiy nice. Ihniiian who w;i> ((Hinted upon lo be th - l;<-ystoiie ot the lack held, is sick with a si-r- ions fi'ver anil he will probaldx' not be able to play lor a month. l,e.--s than tiiirty-five men on .McConk licld this aflernoon. Two sipiad.s ran iliroiigli formation prac lice for a whil-. then the men weri- woiKeii 1)11 clias^iig |iiints and furnishing punts for the others lo run down. .Xotliliiu deliniie^can be ik.ti-rmlned :il:<,i/t 1):.. Ii ;);ii lor several weel-.s yil. lli)we\,'i-. the general Opinion Is that (iiis is" off .(ear in foo'Iiall. The lirsl gaiiK- i< with \Villiani .1' we!;. October .'itli. .MlMSTi;i{S TO CO.VFDIJK.M 1;. loJa I'astors Will Atlend Meetings al l'arsou!>. Tliiee lola colored .Methodist miti- isiers are going to Parsons this we«k to attend the annual conference of their eliiirch. The tliree ministers are Rev. W. H. .lon :S, Rev. .Tohnson and Trev. Willianisoii. Rev. Johnson Is e Tdate for delegate to the general coiilerence which meets at Xorfolk. Virginia, in the near future. The Junior Department Store A REPLETE STOCK OF TOYSi And many other jjai!r:ul and sci:ib"as ailments from w licli most mothers suffer, can be jivoidcd by the use of "Mfltlier 'S Frisad." Tliis f ^rcat remedy is a God-send to v.-omen, carrying them through their most critic^ ordeal -with safet}' and no pain. No woman who uses '"Motlier 'S Friend" need fear the suffering and dtmger incident to birth; for it robs the ordeal of its horror and iu.surcs safety to life of mother and child, and leaves her in a condition more favorable to speedy recovery. The child is also healthy, strong and Kn^^MgnFfiBB^H good u.itin-ed. Our book B|9|TT mM 7^fcC" / "IMotherhcod-," is worth i^EIB its weight in i ^i /id to every ™ ^ " woman, and v.ill be r.ent free in ]^lain envelope by addressing application to Sradiicfd Rea^aiatoc Co. Atlanta. Ga. V \. y\. t. A. NOTKS. The u\nraasium classes ojien rti) lor till, uiniei's worlc this eveniim. The biisii'.ess men will ni''et for practice oil Tuesday and l-"riday evenings the .loiing men oil WeJnes.iay and Satuniay ov< nings. Now is the time to gel into one of fllesi. clas.-es and get the bcaehl of .sysfemaiic tiainin:.'. I''ifi> biaiiMriii sli les illnslraling the sceiien' of the Ciraud Canon in .\rizo IK-. I:ive br >ii orderf.d and Ihi' lectiir-- wil! be given ill the gynin-.isiiim Tlinrs- da> evening of til's week. .Ml should i.iaKi- an i-lfor' !.> i)e present. Remeni- fii I- that wt; want the ladiLs to alien 1 l!ie.-<' Thurstlay lectures as well a^ the gentlemen. Tlie U-cture will begin in-omptly at ^ o'clock. Xo adtnis- stcii is charged. ' He is an tvaiigeiisi and is a man who i;- working among his fellow Jews, 'I'lu- '|siory he i;as to f'H is au interesting ', tiiiv, and all will I'.o we" f li.-ar if. i K* V. l::i |i It. pastor oi uie I lirislian ciiucli has a-recii to give us four j i..!ks on four successive Sunday af- j lernoiais (luring '.lie month of October. I We aie glad to be able to niiike 'fis I ai ;nonncenK 'iit. foi- Kev. i.s' a jx.iolar and a good s|ieaUer. Kiep ; tl'is in mind. ; Tweiil;. . 1\ Miiiiii; men eujo\ed llle s'ial> in the meii's Uibb. class- last \'\ eduesda.'. evening. These studies 1 will coiitiiiiie •acli Wednesday eveniiig I (li;r-iiu' the winter. Luiii-li al si.v thir : t;. class out .-it seven thirl v. KAV l!K IIAI{I».S(» KELEASKO.. jWus Charged With FDIIOWUI!.' White <;irN. Till- boys' bible class is growing. Ouring the |iast week they have been looking up the different nanif^s applied I ! .L'stis in iiie Xew Testament. The Study is the life of .lesiis. Ra> Iticliardson. colored. who,wvis arrested yesterday oa complaint 'of two white girls was released ycsto-r- day afternoon :ind the action against him dismissed. It seems that t!ie i young ladies who caused liis arrt-st •ilecided that they would not iirosecuie ; hini. Richardson was arrested nig.ix I before last by the police. \ .\; the men's 'n-eting le.M Stirvlay afternoon a couvM-ied Jew will siielil;. V Ihe Airdome iiiglit. Will (lose Sniidn'y DIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOm FALL MILLINERY OPEHIMG Friday, Sept, 27ih» A Granti Display of Fall Millinery The most elaborate display of Pattern Hats, French and American designs, ever sliown in lola. The greatest cire has been used in our selections this season and we have every confidence that you will be pleased. We invite >x)u to attend. Miss Carrie Priboth South 8M0 Snuarm,

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