Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 5, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 5, 1908
Page 8
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I ^VAUJE OF Rjw APPLES: ir V^u Want toiUv. Ung E»t PUnty of Thi, FruSl. I ICuy pergont tancy that raw applca •I* Indlc ^tibleiand only endnrable In tt» wily tnornliif. Doubtless tbe ol^ •dag« that fralt is gold in tbe morning; •prer in the middle of the day ant^ lead at night !• to some extent answeiv •btc for this erroneous impression. | \ DIetttlana aay that rips, raw apples contabi more phosphates' In proportlo^ to their bulk than any other article of ; food, fish not excepted. A recent writ- I *r on this point boldly declares that In thia llte;the secret of healthful longcr-j ity. They correct biliousness and act I M a 'sedative upon the racked ncrres alid allay insomnia. , "fet uncooked apples jconstantly, al: thoogh, of course, in moderation, and dtink distilled -water only and years I Win bo added to your life, while the ( oTldences of age will be long In com i'itog."';-.• ' ThU argument Is based on the sup- jpOBition that as age advances the deposits of mineral matter In the system] Jacrease and that aging is little more ilian 8 gradual process of ossification. Phmiphorlc acid . contains the least amonnt of earth salts and for tbnt reason is probably the nearest approach to the elexir of life known to the scien- tiflc world. If you want to lire long; retain your youth at tbe same time and to increase yenr brain tissue cat plenty or apples, drink only distilled water and •at as little bread as possible. Tart apples are far more wholesome than sweet, and all, like potatoes, should be fully ripe when eaten. • A NEW WALKING SKIRT. Medal In Lightweight Cloth Smart FOT Fait Waar. Crosswise lines In skirts are a fe« thre of the newest gowus and »nit.% but the lines arc ao perfectly arranged that they seldom reduce one's height jThe curved lino running from side t« {Bide across the front of the skir shown In the illustration Is very odd OBOBSWISS MNK IN NKW RXinT. and Is Just the thing for a wiilkinf skirt, gljring, as It does, the much ilo- Bleed flare at the bottoiu without no- cefsltatlDg the use of plnlts. The up peif part of the skirt Is circular, pure awi simple, aud the only deviations Ifrom. thbi fashionable model arc the jfront pieces across the bottom and the 'jgrad'uated pabel buttoning down both aednw. . 1 { A lightweight cloth would make <-P charmingly In this style, and tbe stilt could be worn far Into the fall, or ^ torir colored linen would give great service and satisfaction If cut In this style. The depth of the sot on piece at the bottom must be regulated by tbe height of the wearer—two inches ojOro or less will alter the whole ef- tect—while another point to be careful^ about; is having the curved line A<9e gently to the midslde instead of etting It continue around tbe back or I top in front before the middle Of the I ilde Is reached. ; Fig Ice Crearri. Fig Ice cream is probably the least form of using figs as a desr as it is not so rich as figs In pud i and custards. itbree-quarters of a pound of figs with a teacnpful of warm ; and let them stand for a half or nntll they, soften, mashing oe- illy- Scald a quart of rich cream with Kant half pound of sugar, add the and pat all through the vegeta- M*. press or leave the figs in largei pieces If preferred. When cool freeze, « IT •wen before packing and set away t >r tliree hours to ripen. ] A nior change is to stir in a pint of yi Upped cream Just; before packing; i quarter of a pound iof sliced cherries a td citron, chopped I finely, can also bradded. I ° tf'yoa nse wine a iimall glassful of Blieixy added' instead of the If Upped'cream. It I cuts the sweet t^lte-aad is a great inprovcmeut ODodestny flies In a!room take half a titooanfUlof Wade.papptp to powder ,-*:k /«Bfii»fcBottiO^ "d mix iaitfrwr riirs tn n on phite Ladies' Rain Coats Kul)Ui'rized Silk iiud I'dllty Coats, a tirt'nl collection, a wide ranpe of stjit's and color.o and all low priced Ki»dU>s'/.\\ito or I'lility Coats in Rvey with red pin stripo. niblipilzed finish: «|iccial viiino at iii.l.OO , I.IKIII tan nililH -ii/.od llnt'h .Vnto Coal. Iciiilicr cuffs, collar and (lock- cMs, triniiucd with Inass buttons. Ien;!ih of coal M inclit'.'*; prloi- J^S.aO (Jroy or Inown .Mohair rtiblierirwl; special vahu' al ' iitKMMV Hiival hliip or liidwn bcngaline riih bvii/.od silk; piioo 81*4.50 Hlack and while plaid, also Ian and wUltP rnl >tHMi7 .ed Coals; special value at .10 Hlark .<til|)c Taffeta, rod and black slripp. lirown and hlac'; stripo taffeta: price Sla.iN) Uidii's' I'laid Coats in iirey and (an made- of heavy wool cloakiui;. coats worth $."<.00 to $10..ii>: special price $3.49 Children's Coats ChlUl's Sioini Cajio with hood attached, made of good nunlliy rubber­ ised Kllk. u new Idea for children's rainy day wear: s |K '«fial price #2.9.1 A .Special Sale of Infants and fhlld- rcn's 4 'ouis. Children s Plaid and Plain colored Molton Coats, age four years to twelve ye;irs. coats that are worth doHble the price asked for them for school wear, not a one but what Is worth ?.'5.r>ii; other values nji to $5.00: choice of the lot $'2.40 Women's Tailored Suits $4.49 "Women's Tailored Short ' Jacket Suits in tan. brown and blue, suits that have sold as high as $3.5.00, but they have short jackets; special price to clean them uji $4.49 27-in Length Jacket Suits w Price. One lot of Ladies" Tailored Suits in black, grey, tan and red, suits that are worth $20.00 to $35.00, all will be just one-half price. $20.00 Suits will be ........$10.00 $25.00 Sails will be $12.50 $30.00 Suits will he ...$15.00 $35.00 Suits will be .........$lT.50 i , • ^Z:f.Z.» Sicit Jsrke .B lE tan ni firosr, r^-*" llead Iht Ddineator 15c a Copy. $1.00 Per Year |La<Bes' 'A COLLECTION of rich wearing apparel that caijinot bei duplicated any place under $22.50 to $25.00. Every one is a beauty; all are well tailored, perfect fitting Sjuits; made of chevron'worsteds, French and cheviot serges, diagonals and plain broadcloth, colors peacock, gendarmin and navy blue, dark red, black, grey arid a few fancy i^ancy stripes; gored or plaited skirts, long jackets, trinimed with buttons, velvet, ^Ofl satin and silk braids^ skirts open front and back, jackets satin lined, price QiM Ladies'Suits at $22.50 Fine Cheviot and Hroadcloth Suits in Uindon .Sni'iko .siiijie. (llendarniine blue, trimmed with velvet anil saiiii. .'!<;-hieh jackets, sktin lined, Kored skirls; price $*i;i..'»0 Ladies* Suits at $25.00 Faiuy Itruadc^oth. Ch«vlols. Sei;:e=. l>i:«s ;olia! ami Chnvroii WoL'-teils: coliMS blue, lirown. »;>een. rt<l aiid< k: triiii- m.d will! velvet, .satin and buttojis; t:oreil skill?. .'.I lo tO-Ineb jaeliels: piire $'i .».00 Ladies' Suits from $27.50 to $6000 Flmcy'liiaponal and nroadcloth S\iits lu blue. Ur»>wn. srey. (ireeii and black: long jaeki-is. some with vest fmnls. oilier;; without jaekels. :!('. ii> »<• Ineli".'; loiiu. satin Iln.<l: skirts are sored and eirciilar eut: priced at.. $'.i7..'»0 TO $(HMN) Misses* Suits at $10.00 Creeii and Ian stripe. Ian and Inown .stripe. ;:rev aiul imriil.- siripe :fonr-|ilece .skirl, plain i.iilored. Imiioti irimnied jackets, si/e 12. II and HI: |.rlce $|0.<M> Ladies' Suits at $15.00 Navy Ithn'. Chevron Wor.sied. blue bairlinf siripe serue. navy blue cbevict. sjitiu liufd j-.ic sets. Iiuimii triinnied. nored and plaited sltirts: prii<; $I.».<M) Ladies'Suits'at $17.50 r .n.wn .stripe or olivc preen. .".I Incli jack«'t. suit made of rich | cheviot .prici- $17..TO j ' K.LW.S.IV.V SKLh Kabo Corsets .Venio Corsets i Thomiison's Gl<)vo Kiitiu;? CorFots liaJlictorie Corsets Ipk & Dunn's Uidies Shoes, ilaloney's Children's Shoes, (jiuptell's Slippers. I'oney StocklnRs. 'jOp !;y Stockings. ' I'ay Stockings lJ«)rd & Taylor Stockings IjeldiuK's Silks ?|oncy Hak Silks (Jipera Satins inner's Satins Impfheinier Velvet:; • I ittlerick l'atli>rn!« ( oat's Thri-ad. ^JunsinK I'nderwear >ianii> I'liiine Itrand l'nderw»ar liifants' Stork t ;ot '.iis. ( loves J il.ssels-Carpet Sweepers >(iNonian Horse Art Oooils MM ward's .Veedles. tunllKht Yarns t iinliKhf anil Century ItlblKm.s \ elvet (irip Supporters Weil Hfos. Veiliiiss. Overgailers. llyde (iiade Leaiherhlnoni Pepperdt 11 Sheets and Pillow Cases. Peerless Carpet Warp S|tandanl Table Oil Cloth. 1) Kelow flugs SJInitli's llu«s .yi Uionl Tajie.siry \ Apish Comforts iJikeside JKlankets l^iriian .Art Draperies Cjihen Curtains M irinen's Talcums i Igate's Toilet Articles lirlighi Crowns inak Perfumes • cjave's Tooth Powder .r^.nole Toilet Goods KJjep Clean Unishes T\i.«r.M I'lnvnKKS. Ciilsati's T;ilcuni Pi.\vd»-r. vioN-t. ea.'^hni'Te lioijue! or iiusccnted: 15c Sai;:t luvma! Talcum Powder, a |»lainiy [icrfuni«-d aiiiisepiic and niedi- i<iit:il .-ikin Jiowder. pri<->'.. 'riOC .\ir !-lt;H Talonni Powder, violet KCeiite<l. i';-!ce lOC .Mennen's Itorated Tjilcnni Powder. IMice l .'iC po:ind can uood (|Ualiiv Talcum Powder, price tOe t'illl .nUKN 'S IlK.Mt SKIN t».\TS. Children's Sliln C.iais In red. brown and wlijie. worlh t :'.''i>: on sale lor V $1.95 Chililren';. Hear SUiii Co.ils in red. blue. Ill-own and white: wnrih on sale for $'i. 19 One lol of oilier v:ilues In Children's Coals up III $S.7.5 I-'ancy .Mess.-iline Waisl.'; in maize and blue, richly iilnitued wiih lace aud Insertion, jirice $.'>.0O Tan, brown, blue and black messa- line WaisLs in all sizes, neally finisli- eii. extra MuaMty: price $4.<M> .\ew Hal isle Dresses in princess and seini princess styles, preen, tail, blue and black, luikeil and l:ice Iriinined: price $l'i..'»0 to $'>a.<H> Butterick Fashions / ' • ! • , 1 Prloe 25c, Coupon aUaohett CLOVES. English Cope fJloves. the newest •realion in Kid Ciloves. c'asic t>r oi)en wrists. light weight do^ skin or kid. rice $1.50 and $'>.00 I .lust received the new Ramsay Dol- jtr Glove la. all'colors and shade you Jiiay desire, and at a small price: all ^zes; price pair $1.«M) .\OTJI»\.S, ^ -r- : '•. \r.< : ••• -J F,-.iicy lior .isFors .d hair pin.s ."if* Colgate's dental powder and trial size cashmere borated soap, per hox coniplele "-iOi' Woodliury's dental cream per tube 'i'ie \V «HHiliui> 's facial cream ..' "itiO l.islerine, small size titi^ l.isterine. large size ITf" l.:ililonclii' Pace Powder pi.'ik and while, price 1 ^0 llairrolls.. \rt<: '55<^. lUH'i lirtC <'ii.>^iis • :t ,'t<- aud .WC Pim)p;iiliir •, wire with coiuii attached, I'iice tJ .'lC Hair Puffs made of naliiral hair in liloinle or brunette. I to S puff.-, priced at $1.<M> to ^5t >.'i5 We take spitcial orders for all kinds of hair >;iM )ds. lluir nets made of natural hair, price, !.'><' '^^i' Fancy Hack Coniiis. plain or ornamented, one loi worth up to :!:>c; special price I9C Pan.-y H:irreti's light or dark shell. I>ri<- 15c to 'irte Paiicy ornamenled Hack Comb with wing pattern set iir brilliants: sjieeial price 75c Dr. Graves' Tooth Powder, you know the brand, 2r>c bottles on sale for 19^ Packer's Tar Soap. Cuiicura Soap. Woodbury's Soap. 22c cake, or box of three cakes ({."iC Hutterick Patterns Ittc and 15c: none higher. Fancy C.ilt Neck Girdles, knotted and fringed end.s 22 inches to :!i; Jncb- es long; priced at tj.'ic tt> $2 High Choker 1-ace Collars with rili- bon bands, price each .50C I^arge .Net Hows, colored or white edges, price '-i^t to .'5<)C Stock Collars with four in hand ties, price 2.5C Fancy Rushing white. b!ack . and color.i. price IS, £«, X«. .'»0r yard Side Combs priced at l,5c t" .59© K.VNCY VKILINCJ. - Fancy Mesh Veiling in blue. grey, green, black, whie. tan and brown. IS inches wide, priced at S.'JC, 3.>C, ."iOr, and (wc yard. .New "Wash Waist .Nets 12 to i}S inches wide, plain and embroidered .Arabian ground, wiih red. blue and green (latterns. Price per yard .lOc to .$.'{.50 SHOES! SHOES! N'ew Fall Shoes like picture, in dull calf skin, turn sole. Siianish heel, wave top: price -- $^.00 Other values in Woman's Shoes at $1..5<» TO $.5.0(» Child's Soft Sole Shoes in brown and black, sizes 0 to i. price per pair 2.5c Infant's Turn Sole Shoes ia (an or black, sizes I to ' r.. price per pair IJ .'iC Child's Turn Sole Shoes, button or lace, sizes i". to black only, price per pair 90c Chillis' Heavy Sole Shoes, patent lips, sizes to U. an ideal shoe for school, per pair $1.2.5 Misses' Heavy S<ile Shoes, in kid or calf skin, sizes'II <-i to 2. price per pair $1..5rt Young I..:idies' Shoe.s. dull tup. osrhopedic toe^ heaw sole, size 2H. to I.rlce $2.0O Women's Dull Top Shoes, heivy sole, button or lace, sizes S to ~M: price per paijr $2.0O Hoys' Heavy S«le Calf Skin. Shoes special school gboes. ail solid, wear guaranteed; price $l,.50 iind $2.00 Women's Rubbers in low or high inslep. good quality: price .50C Women's Overgailers or Spat-'i in Wack felt, seven button:! price per pair 25 <j' i»"d ;J9c . Women's Spats or Overgaiters. seven button, e.vtra cpiality. English -Melton cloth, colored buttons to niafch» tan. smoke, brown, black, red and green; price Gii^ Xapole<m Spats in lo-button, wave top. brown or black;, price per pair! $1.<K) Feit House SIi|>pers in brown and black; iirice per i'">r $1.0O. $1.50. $2.<K) lNt"V>TS' .\NKLE BR .VCES. Dn Posner's Ankle Hrace Shoes for weak ankles, an Ideal shoe for infants leariiing to walk, adjustable ankle corset brace, sizes 2 to 6, price SI.2.5 Infants' Knit Bootees in white and colors, all sizes. Price 10^. iI3«-. 20c. 25 <r Paris' says Alligator Bags; and If Pariii says alligator bags, alligator bags I are it. We have prepared for a deiiiand in real leather bags. Small claw! coin purses at 49c, large bags, leather lined with coin purse to match at MOW. iiM, mJM, piM, $t±M and flSJNL Bittterick Pattern 10c and 15c N6ne«igher

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