Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 24, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 24, 1907
Page 5
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THB lOLA 1>m/t EEG18TBB. TTESPAT ETETiyG. SEPTEMBEB gt/1907. it W M Street, I O I B, one block from sqiure. Disease of domesticated animals successfully tteated ,cbaiges moderate.good box stallsfor patients Calls answered promptly night or day, 20 years experience. Veterinary Dentistry a specialty. rrmnkS.BmmHtB, V,S, Honor Qraduate ot Ontario Veterinary College, Prop. Hospital Phone 1068 Res. Phone 139 When you think of using Wall Paper Remcniber, \vc have a nice line of real bargains. Patterns which are desirable and prices which arH right. Come in and 8ec them. SPENCER'S THE RfciMCKEK DrUltag compa- Q}- is drilUng anotbor well on the Shaffer farm, four tniies north of the city. The well is now five hundreU feet deep. If yon want to b :v a housp see .1. K. roweil. 1 ASK ME If you want to buy an 8- ronm house for JI.l'OO. W. E, Starks. office over Iowa Store. .MISS BERTIU .McKeuna returned >esterUay from Colorado wheer she has been visiting relatives and friends H.VRRY CR.\BELL of South Bend. Indiana, is in the eify today looking for a location. If li'" succer^s. h< ami his wife will malie this place their fiiMiro home. .1. l.'tr l{ ANDERSON of Bronson. Knn is In tin" rity today on real es- bu>in >s.'!. MISS {;ERTRn :)E Taylor of Yat.-n <'<'nt«'r. has arcpptcd a position in 'he N <>w York store. She is ui^ikin^ hi -r hi)nu> on South Che'sinut street. MRS. WINSLOW of Kansas City. Is vi.<;itinp .It the home of Mrs M. rolp. The Ue^te^ler tenil^ ul the .Vir dome. .\SK .ME if >i)u want io l>uy a lUJ.Ml' on paynienis. \\". E. ijuuks. ollico over Iowa Sto: e. We write insurance on Threshing Machines. R. M. Cunningham. ABE .MAHKLE is hoiiir fnmi Icl.i for a couple of weeks Ui' lia.- Wrn manapn*; the Vandetc^ .ii flia' pl.n •• which is closrd fur a s|i<ui linic peuii ing .some lili.ualioii wJiirh ilif oniicr of the buildinjj has brou.ulu a'.:aiiist the ma(ia(;ei)ienr for lorfeiiin-' of liie lease.—Chanute Sun. Dr. J. F. Jameson, qaallic4 Teteria- •rlan, Dooglas Bros. Bam. Phone IS. K. V. CROrcn and his p.iny of siir- vpyors went t»> Shaw this nioniinc where the>' commence the survey where ti was left off last week. .Mr. ("rouch e.-^titnate.s that the eiij:i)i.'ei > will reach Chanute with the com pitied .survey Jie.xt Satiird.iy afternooii. .Vnother ten days will bf eousnni'd in drawing profiles of Ilio utw loui.. Chanute Sun. Kor l^te h»>s» r<f*'crtion <'f Wail I*at'*'r zn to Hurrells tliim Mdro. west side square. Mrs. Cantrell. Phone lOO;. THE BIRTH of a son in .Mr. .Mrs .1. 01aiiS''r of \T, Camcioii s'!--'' has be.-n rcpnrtfil to tl.c K- lister. Wanted—Everybody to know that W. B. Kellcy & Son have moved their transfer and storage office to Cll South Washington. Office and Day Phone Jft'i. Residence and night Phone 17. The ^Vexlerner tonii'lil at the .Vir- dome. »,j ifpv r. C. OSBORNE :M. I .b.- Ef'dfor.f liavo trad''d boiiS'^' T!i' li<>iise.~ fiH'lCfi are sidi- by s 'i". Mr Osborne'.- boinp at Tin Eaist .M;!'!i<=i)n and .Mr. L»;dford's. !>»'> Ea=t .^latii^on Moier Barber f'oiirsp. Kan-.i^ Ci'y. Mo. Teache.s the tradr- by free clinic Hnd careful Instruction'; in fpw weeks. Positions waiting for everybody who will learn. Write for particulars. Th*" pl3'"I \>'iy \\':<\', f'.iprr i- Hur- rplT'; Dr;ic Stnr'v FRED WIIITAKER. •.\ho t, down ^ ith typhoid f-.v.T i- t<'por'-.| a."V orso to'iay anii \n< frfmls ar<- vf-rv ii:uch alariiii'd over his conditi'Mi. Dr. Beynolds. Phone SS8. Res. 614. MR. AND .Mrs. I.nKayotto rii!b<-rt- ''••n. of .\IIiany. Hi.. qr<' visitinK a' till' homr of .( Erwui ft ."'J I East Jarkson avi-nu •. S ^init 'i; Toil"' $: Tf. for JI rtniK SlrT". I': fp.Tr.i't'Mi.^. •norMi rtH;i;ir'' at RMrf^H's MKS RALPH Mcl>.-nell .in.I -hild- trti l«ff .v».>;t.>rday ntorninp for Bar ll-sville. I. T.. when' Mr. McDowell hold"- a position as circulator of tin- rartlesvill.- Entfrprise. ri .ArDE Stfwart to Moran this inorninK tm rral cstat" blisino.-:<:. Ite Importance of Number 18 T TO BRING MANDAMUS That is the nnmber of the Register's Want Ad. Phone. The Register is aiways glad to got yonr order orer tlie phone. lYhat do yon want todajT .4re your sprruDts and employees satisfactory { Have you lost or foundany- Ihiug' IfaTC yon a honse for rent or for sale J Do you wl>h to buy an} thing I For all of theM* and other nants. The Kee/ster Is at your ser^Ire, Ir a Word, the Cost. 1 1 1 Phone Your Wants to No. 18 MK. SCOTT .VT (J.VKLVND. T3lJ..d SKIDDOO DA>CE LAS^T MOllT. I Io Bin CroTid Canal. •m PananiiJ: l.ndife Infill Was Melt Attended \>\ MeralMTs. ti-iti MR A.ND .Mrs. BrocU Re<<l are visit ii;^ in KirlisviUr. .\fo. \SK Ml: If MiM li:ivo anvtliinc tn tr.ii|» 1'. Statks. iifficf over Iowa ."^tor'-. (ll.n PALACK CLI B TO >fKFT. Sain Bloom Has A>ked All Members to Come. Satn Itb>oiii. tlie o i| :U>ldlir wlio st>l. - hinis.-'f a .-i '"Tlie Mosis nf lola." is today issuini: ;i call for tlif coiniuf; totiolher of tbi- nii'iubcrs of tlie Old Palace club or as he stylos them, tlif children of Israel. This club has rent ed rooms in the DeCluie building and will bold tbeir first meftiiiK tli.- first of October. Mr. Bloom hus charge of the dub and lience be has been styled b> bis friends as .Moses and he calls the memfiers of ilw <•• I'l tiic children of Israel. i n>ED \W\ 0 ifJ. Pleaded t^ullt^ to mfe. Abuslnc UN .Mil' fioyd. colored, was fined >L' anri costs in .ludce lloilp's eiiiirt yesterday .if'eriioon fur disturliinii file pejici^ of li.- wife. He vva.- airesti-d l)y the po- ice a lew days aco mi coni[>l;iint of Mrs Hoyd wlio said bi' bad threatened to kit! her. .-^Iie bad a waiiatit is.-.iie<! for bis arr.'-it but refused .'i' 'iie last nionieiit to proserute liitii. Moyd. how ever, went before .lud?e Ilon-.;b and ileaticd suiity FLLiiAKTV <;OKS TO CI\CI>\ATr. Bfe Tnirlir Will Pn.hablj (;<. There Next Sprint. I Hutchinson Newsi .M'honpli floorse Telieaii wane: Fleiiarfy and wanted liini l>ail''I to plunk down a bis siini of inon •;.. ;f S likely thaf Re will co to Ciiiciiii.;^ i:;si';iil Tiif. sale of Kleliarty to T. beau eanie jus' a little too late i,, t.^ r.ipe i)ie riraff of ttie .National !<-.i::'i- t4 -ani. t^'itieiiinitti filed M drafr fvr "Cl-a and I'r. .^hively is now in p(l^sps-i'll: of tlie papers and iiionev Fb.harty r- eived b's notice last Tliiir=day iiicl. wl en ;|ie leani was in Kai-.i^ 'i', TliU is a bic jump up^vrfrH. foi Klr!i..i- 'y He may .-^fiek v.iMi die n- •!: .'i;'! acaii be may b^ sent to .-ni.,e • t»ani But wb'jever he co. Kli .-i •xV.] be in a Iiit-lier bami" tl.nn thi n<-\' 'e.-.r Ib.'l. ClL'tb.- r Se. ;i. rv'l from t!|. .-^eeotid d.-trii" ' i i!d the c'.osc alt.ution ei' an audi 1 Ill-e wbich lille.l (lie Uap'st i-jiurcli at (Jarlaiid wli:le b- ;ob! I'l I'.iiuinia ;iid the canal S .1. B->:iiit-; iiiT.idiir Oil Mr Scott \'r' e"i.i;:i'.'. n eeived by li-., i ieu-titM'-n' -. Mucli has hern print-.! .I'lotit P.itia- n;a f'.u f "f if Iia=; (..•.-ti •d-. a-- dii.-:. pjb< of :;!i;:if.tic s!a'.is'i<-s wiu<-!i ni"'iu iiotliin;; to tt-.e avi-ra;:.' vw.' r .Sliufh- :• IHVIZ'- \f'V eei;f of it ), I li.'en tli.> vvork of tlio;... wliniii .Ml .^' ap'Iy (•fills •tiiiK'k r;il-,iim ii::!- /inls'^." .Vr Scott witliin a .-mp" of Iviiir :;ives .•I eolliprellelisive jijiM i •{ 'll" Ileei! fur t|ic- i-.inal. the faihir'- •f past attempts at I'liildinc one .iie! the jiro- cr'ss of ibe present rnt'r^irisv H-^ presents wifli live.H- interest a fund of i'forniation cained ;it first hand anil by a man wlio sees cle.nb aud who ti lis it Well •iiHi dan'•• Ki^en In t nlirb; J I. ;;lit Pi-ii:brr ^"rd tin.ler t!i.- an.- pios ef t!i • Kiatorual Cniim <;f .\meri- <a. in tile lofj^e rooms of I'lar ord-r. \>a.- a ilecided success. Til" idea of w-as carri-- i out in <.'eij way possible Tlf rasli i-n.-es .'Aaided coirsisted of Z'- c 'Uts. The affair was attended by :;, eon- pies. Mr. Henry and .Mi-^ Cro-s were awarded rlie easb i>ri/e<—-.T: rent'^—(or b"iiiu t(f tii 'i -^r craeeful couple nt| tb • ^Irs Snii'b of the tela House, was surcessful in ilrawin:: l';e Jfil biirnr wfKjd box pr:ze. The lui-i.y ininiber was I". The f.rder decided, to :;i\e j-iniilar .'iffairs .-IS the one last til.ijht. all ihn)it;-,ti tlie winter. Th • foilowiuK :;re tbe fiatcs of the danee;- October 2Z. Tliankscivinir. Christmas. New- Years, .lauuary Febraury .'I. March 17. St. Patrick's Day. April I'L' and .May 1;. I'r. NuleHfte Wants' to Take anotlicr Patient to Utt«pitaL I r .1. S. Sutcliffe. who has been l';.ned from practicius in St. Johns- h'>-;tal iiendine the hearing; of charges (•'." unprofes.sional conduct, said today tiaf unless the sisters admitted a patient he was to brinsf to the city today In. would bring mandamus proceed- inss late this afternoon to compel the if.stitiiMon to take his patient. Dr. Sutcliffe oxi>ects a patient in from another city on one of the afternoon trains. He will tnake application to i!.e sisters to tak' the patient to the liospifal and in ease tbe sisters I'fu-e. be will brini; inaudanuis pro- iff'.mi-y. to con.pel the ;;lst"rs to elth- • r admit th • patient or eome info •(;iMt :IIM! -^lio'-v why the patient !iniiM ii.>t be adiidtted. I" i.s said tiiat tlie sisl-r in chnn;e • f tlie l.ospiial has just rernrned fioni Wieilita. where she li;id talk \:tli Mother Bernard and it is proba- I I • that tlic sisters have dfcided upon what action to take with reference to Di Siitrliffes efforts to f.irce ih.-m •i, 'I's patient^;. Dr. Sutcliffe sheared ;!n alternative writ of nianda- r.iur. in district court and rompellcd • :-t.r-, to .'Hlulit P. V I'.ilkeson. THURSDAY, Leibler & Co.'s^Prodtictioii nisTi i.'KA.\( K AT (run. IKKSE. Itepor'ed to I'olice That Three Shots \\ere Kired There Last Mirhl. \SM MK. If -".'t l:,ivp City Propert.^ tn trad" 'or Land. W E Stark;. ••Hiie over lew.i Sfiire \\>iril nil-- »en' to jiuliie lii'adq'iar- t.-rs late last ni^llf that tb •]<• was a iiMUrijaUC • af the Cl-., leiloredl 1.mile on Scott street. It ua; reporte.l that I' tee slKits Were fir-d tlier-. TI; s i> the lio'is,. w!i:eh r;ii'-e(l a f.-w days a^'o ami a tr.!;iili"r of colore.; men ;ind woiiicti and oii.' v.jiie man \'.!e arrester for iiniimral conducr Tbe police were unable to ascertain Bjiytbin:; ali'iiii tl,.' reiv-e-t-'.! shootinc -t niKli' ttlFKKV OPKMX; TOM«;iir. New .lenelry Store Uill lliiw Music for (Juests. P. E. Waoeh, Dentist Phone IPS. Office oter Bnrrell's Dmg 8tore. PHIL STOVER has res!;;ned hi- po Fition with the Northrup .National bank. He docs not as yet not what he IS ill do 4. V. Tanner. Ilren»ed Hnrtioneer and sale rrier. 50.', >orth .MrRea, fin* City. .1 W coff.-y and Sot. will I,..;.I III. ipeniiji; of their iie -.v ji-wflry ^t.r-- Ibis evenoic. .\Ir Cofl'y lia-, atii-^ for th.. Shi -id,- Ofbe-tri ,M (ra li'^h tlie nill~ie.ll eli'.'i |;ti!itiii.u| f.,r • l.e evvtlitlt:. Souvenir- will b.' ^iv-'U •<.> ti'I 'ill' ia.l- .itid ^--'-ntb ij)<.i!t i;tievf.5 •"ffey ,iiid S'ui now l:,i\e one of t: t'ii.--t j'welry stores in southeast' r: ! tl>MPA\V M Distil need it- W(i.> FIRST PKIZF. Competitors in Dress Parade. TO III K\ HOi SF; DOWN. 'drs. Snebla Itcattie \IIc:;c< That llus. band Made This Threat. .^Ti.' .1-. i;.:ii'i.' :iMia'- l.'':;;ni suit In li-: ii" <-;u:' <.'<r de.'i;- •• llom David i;...;; .. ...He-ill:: :;ros.- iie:-.;eet <if duty i!ie u. ti.-.-:ti i:iiHii!.!> f..r 'he actio:;, -b' r .i -i'. - ii-iiii.-icii;:. iadiciiiries vl .-i -li .i!i.'_. - h. I .l!ri-li;itid itil!i<;;- •d ..n :•• -;n - ft ;r [,,. f ;u!.'il •i> l:i;ik'- tie llMI;-'. tluit he \v;ts alill- ive. ..p.ij.fl M'.- <[i:ii. •-. :., her atid ,\ :.dd;" ".d 111 dl•l:d^' Siie also says 'i.- ' i nai • :e d b"r d at one fitiie I-•. "I;.;. i) :i. ;i •-;iii't r wi'li ;i b'ttcll- kiiifv •"•'^I'- -iN'.. .I:|.L:>:- that b'" • ..iti-r-'I ••lie -'.f li'e;,. e d'»Wfi I-.- >,l e- ( i..- e..ii;,(.. |i,,-.rried ill \ 11 • I '.:«• . •. !• , . d 111 .\I;,:M '. u;i.-rn: SMITH TK \>sFi;»OfFi». TO BUIM; IOWA FAKMF.BS HKKK. <.OVj;K.>Oft HFAKD PItMS. Prisoners nt Penitentiary Tidd Mr, lloch of Their Live-. \\. v.. Starks Mas Estab|i-htd Ileal K-late Airencies. \V E Stark-, the fian h;is bit iipun Iowa farmers e;iii be t .i Kansas and buy loCtl! !• a! . e-t;!'-- pli'.ii V. h-u-jli-. induc'-c! to r-inir tttniis in this country Mr. Starks has jir-t returned from a month's trip tlirouKh Iowa atid lias established airpucies througb- cut t'lat stat<\ Tliese. assents inte; • St buyers in Kansas and s"nil th'ni here to .Mr. Starks who sells them a farm. .Mr .-^tarl.s up to ti,e . prej.^nf fime has ei^tablishe.l acents itl t've low'a T'.wns. .\ls-tia, Hampton. I)..s Moiifs, .Mars!ia!ito-vn .".tid Liscrnb nuui! er of th' resideti's in ^! !• '1 e..l|nty e.iuie from the State of ]K:-:, ,•.!..! \Ir .--^tar'is .-a.vT= tliere are ii'any biw:i p.-r,;.'" who rae !eok;ns l'iiru;u-r! I.) "he tithe wii.-n they can own ;i faitu in Kansas. Th. nl?ht \irdonir •nill 'riosr .Siindav '..'II tiirr( (>n (he >r\\ Koiile Oiif of larljle. •': i;!:e yi ..••li r,,ir,. r i>'.\ ('IV?'. f. i;.iii,l. f tiire.'. be n ti ..i.-f.-rr. d f' ... t 1 iMii;. i.iinibfr i.iie Tlli.- I.ei'' v*.l- bll' r»'' Il'ly e;.f;ib'|-h atrl .-ri iti'.> .'fTer-t Oetol'Or Is" ?!r ;•';;. '• b--.'-, .'i ( ari:"r mi rr.ii!*. i;:(<-^ f"! ;. e, i t|.- ;: ' rp US fe rted, a" 1 r.-li' "I tl:.- ..•••Ill- eh;n:i;e heie ir Your Eyes Tested Free 1.'.r. enwortii. Sept. 'J I.—Governor iii'cii i.ft for Topeka tliis aftenioo:: uft'ir sp..:i(i;i;i; two days iiivestigatiu-' condition.'- at the Kansa-; penit-Jatiary Just ii.; lie wa.; leav^nc tb<i prison :;ates. :i convict jumped fr-im a ja"- itl wh :i:;; l;.- v.-ys workinc. Init wa.s capture' ;ift..r :i .'-bort clia:.'- v.hirh tb ^i>\.'':;;oi '.vatelied Mt;> h ' f th.- Eov ertior'- 'mi" wa;- .(-.vm.-.! 'o h-.Trinc lonvi-'. tell nf ih'ir li\es and th-' troul'l'" that icd '<< their inearcer.i •:on tti pi-isoii. Th'- oe.ernor bean tl I'-iy pri.-on. rs. It w';iild have t-/piir 1 iwi) w.-i'k'^ tf> listen t., all who v..iiKei,i 'o see hini i;o'..ri;"r Hoch -^at m ollice of tb'' v.arbti. The prison>rs he w.anfoi to s'i- were brought to bim. W. H. Has ^•kll. the warden, was present part of t!.e time, but most of the tiiii<. no tbir'I party was in t!ie room and a prisi>ii'-r f'It fr"' to tell bis story i'l bid "W'n w;iy. .tn!;n '•'dliiis di'l if'' ;i talk villi "he tovernpr. He made JKI. rt iiU'St fi'i- an iiit 'rvii V. and -.vas not pdi'"ii t'lr .le-vie .Morrl-on .-a-.v tl uov'-rii"" -i; t.'ie wriinans' ward b-it dbl I'l.t tai;. t" biin -Mrs. .\iii'-lia .\ew- wbo is -'•f. iiii; a !if" s.'iii'iice' ;'.lb.'_".l tniifd-r of b'r ii'isband. tali, ed ie'efly w'itli the uovernor. She toll! ;lie ^•<i'.''rnor sb.e loved lier bus ban-! aiM 1 ad nothing to 'lo with tlie killini:. The -"V'Tii'ir did U'lt Ii'-ar cases wb?r-. th" pri-on>-r was eligible for parob" 'i:i rcconimetidaim of the par ( > Ix.ard. He e.\auiined into the nie- tbo'U of lieariUiT applicants by the board. >ie learned that all prison-jrs tirid'.'' itid'rfiftiate sentenr";- were civ- en a h'aring just as S'>on a.=i the rain mum time iiad bet-ii -erved. No diiTer > ne.- wba' the rriiie-" w;is <.r whet'cer t'e, str.Ti,p-rs in th'.' state or i fr ''I • tiiey- r''e<*T>'i| f'," -;.li;e 111;-.' I'leratioil Tl'e itovertier ii! iT'^-eto-l the ;.ri.-.0!: laiiM bo:; r.icicb b' of d.air.- rr-x=:. He itlsp-et'l the dike p||t In ca'iy in Hf ?pr!iu- ;o prot.rct th" pris On piipjp hoitsv mie!.-:. He expr'.;;ed htfi'self as w.'l pieise.i wrii the n;".v b'lildins,^. and othi^r iirprovemen',; Pr:.-o:ien, •x>r'' uiv-n an opportuirf. t' make eoinp'.aii:' of ;iri.v ill tre;(r. Te"Mi, .So far as r,:'n .'x' l-^arii?d. none < otiipHin"! "if til" fito'l "r th" man arement By Edwin Milton Royle. .V-- presc :i !"d f'.'.r seven .r.hd inmi'lis ::f \Va!U.';k . Theai. r. .\ew- oVrk. w-itb Henry Jewiett ati'l t>ow.-r;it: roiup.-iti} -^tf .'o Sumptuous Scenic I{tve<4(jre —.. • . - *^ . —-. .1 11. w;^. •Sale JIKH on. Prices -"die 16 ?l.oO II T Ol I TOMilFS Ol s V'ou had Ijetler look tip lhal MEW SUIT All the new shades aod colorings. Don't delay. ChVBarclaylSHfelds Clothing jO^ THE STOKE THAT SATISFIES. Di(k i;iisbc<'ns. a riember of e<i!ii- paiiv M who Weill to Fort Rib", in al- f.'Ud the a 'lnual eneann'tiien' ati'l who was <a led home boeaii-e of tli." death of bis sister. .Mrs. Seott in llariley Iowa, says ibai eciniii.iti.v .M <apfiired brst houfirs in the dres< parad" Itist Sunday afternoon This is tb.. distinction which all the companies seek for and one which lola j^hoiild be proud of Here is another one of our bar^iaiiis ill ahouse. Three rooms, nice front Iiorch. good well, nice location smooth lot. Price for few days $.",().";. iVir, cash, balance 110 per month. Wiitak- er &. Donneti. Try a Want 14. fi tk' Bcffbtef 'IhliiLMii Slu-riu 111 Pursuit Who Did It. .-• .1 • • I'l!. .Mi< b . Se|(i _•( —A posse .. ided b> Sberift L.-li;!lJl and 1)1 ell 'i ;i fi .i'' <ii depiitje- i- eii^au'd i:i 111' ::;.-.ite.-i man hiiti! ev.r kii'c.Mi in .\|lcliican. The p"-,|. i; 111 but j'iir-"it of Ma.\ Nlitnie. who is (liar,:.'ed with euttiiis lot the t'lnitues of e;:;!!i borses. .Min•lie has twivr b'l ' u si^lued by the pcr-se atid siiol at. bsit none ol the bul- 'eis struck bim. P is feaied le- will be I; iiclied if C.IIIL-!.: LET THE REtJI.STEK FOLLOW Yt»r Before you go on your vacation leave your address at this office and 'he Register will follow you. If you do not know your future address Arite the Reslster as soon as you are located and the pafier wl'.l he started immediately. It will be just like re- teiving a letter from home and will ••each you every day. The price of the Register for oit-of-town subscrlp- Uons is 10 cents a week. 'Phone your arder to No, 18 or 222. 9LA8SES St ana Up It requires year.^ f>{ pracli (Cal e .Nperieuce and .study ttj equip an optician with sufti- of Manlcient knowledge to fit your eyee with accuracy, so wLy take chances with an unrepiit- td, probably inefficient optician, by whom a mistake may cause an impairment or total OSS of vision? Our Graduate Optician can guarantee to give you perfectly fitted gla.«:.s- es. Largest Jewelry Stock in Allen County. SKtPFlAin KOOT TO MEXICO. Oili'ial Will Icaie Masbineton To- ?u<>rrow fer Capital. .Mesico Citv. Sept U'uh axi of­ ficii! tio'ification t'> tie.- effect that f;erre'.-\r- F<'-ot wil' bav'- ira^hin-t':'n W.'di!' •-d.n ,!f'(rn"on and arrive her" ii'.V' .''b'liday evening on a frieriri.'-. vts!' to M'.'viio. .Ui .-irr;.'!-^'rni'.'tus for t!i> ei,!. ri'.iniii'-:!' <•'' tti.- d;-tiri.j'iir":- '•'I Vj: .t-'f btve be.'11 e'>ru S'le""'! MOBKMFN WILL DIE l> .SEWER. L.vplosfen <>t (ias Cans«'d a Fire Which Uill Ilr Fatal. t'b.arb str.n. W. Ca. Sept -.'(—.A gas e.\ii!osion o'xurred 'oday in th" blq sewer bein:; constructed bv the rlty Four workmen were raii;;h.. .\ fire was burnin!', in the sewer jiiid if doe- not so'-m p" -ibit' Io resell.- .Jje v.ork- ni'-ii alive. HANKFRS MEET TODAY. Aiinnal ConTention <if Three Departments Is on. AiliUiic t'iiy. N. .1.. Sept. -4— Three sections of the American itankers as- sof'iation. those dealing w-iib trust com panics. saviti:;s banks and clearing I houses, met today in the annual coii- , veution. Jlo. Par., Santa Fe, and S. £. k T. Wateb Inspector. r For best and Quickest Besalts Bse tbe Beglster ITant Colnms. V C K-SCS Sunday Nfght ' JO-NIGHT Gilmore's Players rre:«etit "Th3 Westerners" Crescnt Theatrt For TonighlF . ".Stoleu by Gyv -sif -s" 'Cure.for I.timbajju" "Hatikv Panky Cards ' "f ;r::ti'!pa '.s \'acati!di..'' t han'-'i Tw o of Picture" Illustniled Son-.: Fach Show. each day. With Open from " I J) O .V ' to |U p. lu, Mest Madi-on. .VdniisMon ."(C, The Auta Garage anil Repair Shop c A^enls 111 .sotith WaslUngton.-^ello 111. #r. ^. GILFILLAN, .fJeneral Contractor. Fiagston? and Cenient Sidewalks nn* CurbuiS a -Special]!)*-. Oftice lid East Jacfc^jftn ire. Pbone tS4. JOfiN .J. DOOLEi; aiKT. N." Von Po|Hi?laB-,As *;i 't!''"i ".bji" *•.-"'' V 'l''-:. S^P' Zi —J '^iTT'Dc -o- 'ey. !.'i ':;uvar, ind a ire 'ijer o: Tam-'- 1: ••'••'•v i--'.•.eeTnrMr'^ 'J'^t^ocra*•'• .o!-. t'lifp oi ti.'-- T-v. enry -ibij-'i as-'eu;- ly '.' tS'> di^:l i'--.. p! in;.!: i"^ 'p-i-, ^ saul'-'d as he was- o:i hi', w.if r.;, hi- iinii;.- <-:u\y ti'.. laortii'., {'.v.. i;i, •.U'.i"'.i iJvrH'i:.- and siicei.titaii a lr;i' ur.d -viy.\. ;t:;'! ^oi-,i';.j .ul'-Jt.ii it. jurie:. 'l iP At-L V.liK 5»ere ol^be Kama opinv-.'^ thtre woul/| le no horse raet*. ar.d up^n flrat ho'.iftht,. one wovid .fcitk *'3trir«'* ••ouid he an unKnowu nnsntjt.v. 9xt hick of''*!! men fryit>c fo luarry the ;au)e w-:jman—all-.Tuftaj in tli- hime Ine of busii}f.^-i-uir men ^l^ertls- le.g.- Thijn, !\B it IB- T^(>»;p <ie race would won by, tii» Tj^f't-nain—the •leveres; advertiser. A mas w^o does ot advctMse |q corayetitor s to his neighbot in mme'only. He like » man fis/iinK witbout bait, if ti| eatch e<; aa >:thiBg it is chooce otj!y. not rrfe'..n'?.iiTi-{j I D plaa atnd «c«itn. The ••dvortfrfnc co'.uirtna of tne • EcKl^ter eem \v3th cuatothers for thof advpr- tiser. Are jou lihere with r|>nr hitf ; LOST?—Large black; leather; collec- [>tion bo-i)k containing biiis oj Allen Counfy.lSiipply cotnpaay. Ffnder leave this office. Reward. • \

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