Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 24, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 24, 1907
Page 4
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THE lOLA DAILY BEOISTEB, TrESDAT ETEXIXG, SEPTEMBER 84. 1907 tkt S-^U Jails <J|tjpilier o IAULU •corr. CI tCULATION 4,000. TBLBPHONBS. Room »....asi •JfflM IS •U taCAIPTiON RATE*, •y Carrlar In Iota. Oa* City, Lanyenvllta or LaHarp*. ' OM WMk .1* MBta. DM Mona 44 erata. PM Ta«, |t.M •y MalL OM r«ar. In advance t4.M. nrte Monlha, In advance,. tl-00' OB« Month. In adnutee 44 HOMBPyS. PARK 'GOWI 0»mc Is ExpecJcd «t Electric Park tills Afternoon. UmUrtt at loia. Kanaaa. PoatoOoa, a* lecond-cfasa matter. Mrartlalnc Bataa Ua4e Known o> A»- pUcaUon. OFFICIAJ PAPER, CITT OP BASSET. Jliinilioldl and ihc Park team are,' 'io jilay at ilie tClevtric I'ark dlauiuuU j rlilK iirtcniiMjii. .\s Kdwards iiltched for ihe I'ark Sunday, Bert Hall will probahly twirl for the Park tram. IClthfr Williams ov Ix'hinau will toss up for tin- lU'ds. The 0!ir Way l;o«.s arc to p:ay Cliu- miii- at ilu' latter place ilil.f aftorniKin. l-a.-iier will jirobalily pitch fi >r Ihe liK-als. MBMBBR • AnSOCIATBU PRBM. Tha Iota 0 tlly Reuiatar la a mambar of Mk* Aaaoalif M Preaa ano Recalvea the #ay report ' t that o'^t newa organlza- Hon for Bn luaivo Aftameon f>ubllc«tlon •R lota. KELLOt'C ll.VS SO.ME EVIDEM E. Will Sprinif Sonic Slatciuciits Later Altout }4taiiilHrd Protits. New York. Sept. 2."..—It is understood that I'raiik 15. Kollo:.;^. the sov- ernniciit counsel in its suit to dis.solve ilie Standard Oil company of New Jer scy has imporlaut evidence in its possession bcarias on the allcfxed relation ship beiweeu railroad rebates and the prodia of the coriioiation in the last eight years. It is also said this phase of KPI 1 O>;S'S case is bein;; reserved until the line of quc-tionin;; pursued last week is finished. To back his evidence Kello.^iir has siibpoetiaed several railroad men. l.AWltENCK WANTS (.A.ME, Thinks MisNiiuri -Kaiisas (iaiiie Shi.iihl He Played There. UlwifU<'e. Sept. —The Stale I'll- iversity is K'liiiK to to maku a big I'f f'Tt to liave the football fi.-inio witli Missouri. (X)me to Lawrence ihi> y.-ar. •'We think it td the ciillcL-i- tjwns." .-aid Chancellor Strou;:. "We want it first and want to alternate U hereafter." This sentiment is quite wMdi's|iiead. I; is said that the ^anie is not !>lay<.d eiitriely for the pate receipts, although u good many people think so. It is played as a final round up of the season. Lawrt iK 'o could handle the crowd admirably and there would b <i people here from all part? of the State Next year it could go |o Columbia, and Missouriaus could he there from all )>arts of the state. That is really •what is wanted in these' pames. an.v- way—to have the people of the statf visit the universities. The Lawrence people opuht to be insistent upon" that proposition. A KATY TKAI.X WHEt K. Four Alciuher.s of a t'rew Were killed at Eiuiisillle. Mo, Kansas C'ilj. .Sein .1'.:.—Turi .\I;SM>Uri, Kansas and freiglif trains collided hea'i on at ICv;iii-vilI,-. Mi.-- souri. earl> ioday and were •wrecked. Four members of the cr-w w.,re Killed. Engineers IJiedsoi- and Wliitaker and a firc>iuan and brakeman. whose rames are unknown. All Iive<i in Franklin. Mis.soun. Beslstcr Want Ads Brln? Results. Here's a Natural Strength-Giver You'll find the beneficial effects of this tcnic are per/nancnf— because it helps you to huild up your body and become strong and healthy in a natural way. The effects of other tonics are only temporary because they supply a false stimulation to the system. As soon as you stop uking them, you remove this atimulus, and the feeling of exhaustion returns. DR. D. JAYNE'S TONIC VERMIFUGE brings lasting health and strength, because it helps your body to do iu own building up— through the stomach. It puts your digestive organa in perfect condition, and etubles you to get every bit of nourishment and strength out of the food yon eat. It is also an excellent child's medicine and a safe Worm Cure. SoU by aU drnggUta. Two aizas, 50c and 35c JayM's faaartarani An lorakiaUa madifinr tor Cotwh*, BroasUtia. Creop, WI»opplnKCouKh.PlcttrUr and *ittinia Caiitrlit oil the Fl>. ScliiilK- leads Ihe Cnlis in batting. .McFarhind tlie While Sox. Washington has landed two it/ible- he.-ulers this season, liolh from Itostoii. FUll Ftapp has returned to town after a season with Shrevepoit in the Southern League. Those Ni'w Yolk .Vniericans have bothered the Athletics more tlian any club this sea.son. .limmy t'ollliis has averaged .inst a shade better than t>iie hit per game since joining tlie Athletics. Iloniis Wagner bids fair to tinti a century of runs before the season is over, lie is in his nineties now. Frank Owen is not with the Whitt; So.\ this trip. He has been sick for .some time, so Fielder .lones decided not to bring him Kast. Many Davis of the .\thletics is Ihe home-run hitter par excellence in the American League. He has seven to his creilil. The St. Louis Nationals <lid not win a game in Pittsburg this season. In three seasons they landed hut liirec games in that city. Nothing at all sur|)rising that Ilie St Louis Browns are playing good hall. It is an aggregation to be feared at any stage of the game. .Martin Walsh, the new Cub pitcher from Danville. Ca.. is an iron man. He won three double-headers during the fieas(m. .lakey Atz. who learned his first base ball lessons on local. diamonds more than a decade ago. is here with tin- Sox in the role of utility player. Hoiius Wtigner leads the hitting for extra bases in the National, and Dave lirain is giving Lnmley. of Mrooklyn. a close rub for sec(md place. Crifllth has a poor way of making good his predictiems. .After tipping the .\thletics to win the .\merican eLague Hag. he sailed in and lammed .\!;ick"s men twice. (barley Hickman ^ns slightly in- i'lred in one of the Detroit games and came to town a day ahead of the Sox. He spent the off day as a business man. looking into affairs at his sporting goods store. .loe Yeagcr and Catchers Spencer and Stephens ate the only sinsle men on the payroll of the St. Ixniis Hrowtis. or course, this has nothing to d <i with tlie present (lositon of the club in'the league race. Hob Fnglaub and .Tim Delehanty are two shilling exai^iples of the value of getting a ball player into his proper piisition. Single rnglaiib has been played at first for tlie Bostons and Del at second for the Nationals, both of them are hitting harder and bettvr iliaii they have at any time since they broke into fast comi>any—Pittsburg Sun. .UIMiE EDtiAK TO LE.VVE. The Well Known >orth Lawrence ('Hi. zen to (I 'o to Iota. I Lawrence .loiini-u .Iii'l.:.- C-n. n. Edgar nr.? soiil out ;in(l will move to lola. This afternoon I lie .lounial received the following letter from hmi •which igves the situ- iiiion about as it is: Friend Hnidy: After a r.-sidi lice in Lawrence since .•Vlarcii. l>Ni" aiii] having ac'ed as a im-iiiber of the sclioo! Iioard two yer.s am! .hisiice of the Peace two years iiiKi having s«enrol ."*iO pcnsimis f <i' veterans and tli'-ir widows, •who will nli'^s me doubtless, on account of Mrs. Ij'^i h.-aitb. and having four sons and one (laughter in lola. I have sold my st.buiban home and we will leave Lawr<i;ve and our many friends, uo iireventlng Providence, on Thursday. September I'tith, ]!i<i7. with more or less ri'gret. but we shall never forget the many kindnesses extend'^d to w h\ citizens of Douglas coiinly an,i Lawrence, during our stay among you. Your friend, C.KO. B. EDUAK. Sr. (IIA-MTE (iET.S OASSEIL The City Finds It Has a Fine Gas Field. ;' (Chanute Tribune) A gas well having a production of from one ni'Ilion to one and a half million cubic feet was brought in for the city Saturday on its holdings in the cast field. The w sll was finished lip yesterday. Gas was struck at a depth of S4ij feel. The well has a good pressure, anil when the drill firs; went into the sand and was then drawn up. it was followt .d by a volume of gas which threw out pii-ces of rock larger than good sized marbles. The rock pij'ssure is 2b<j pounds. In drilling into the sand :« the hoiH* of Increasing the production, salt water was struck. It has been cased off and will not inierf<.re with the gas. Th? strike is an important one. It shows that there is gas to l»e found in this territory, where the city has about 3.000 acres under lease. It also furnii-hes a supply of fuel for the sinking of more wtJls. Development is to contliiu,-. The next location has not l>een decided upon. It will be on an adjoining tracL probably to the north of the preeent welK .Miiioiigh born in Le.\ingti<ii. Ky . in I.^-'>1'. just when (lie Civii war tta>- waxiiig hot. lOdwin Milton Uo.\ le. tin- uiithor of "The Squaw .\Iau" which comes til the tJrand Thursday. Sept. 26, is looked upon essentially as ;i Salt l«ike City man. His father ami mother moved to Salt Ijike City in the early Tit's and the potenii:il play, wrlglilV boyhood was spent in and about that city. He was ediicaied at the Collegiate Institute. Salt Lake. I(n>k a coiiiiuele niiiise at Princeton, and :! post-.m -;"liiaie coinKe at Kdin- l )!ii.:li rnlversii.>. Me be.^an to study l .iw Columbia coiieue in order that he mlglit follow ill iiis father's foot- sieps. but the alltiremeiits of the sla .i;e were too many for him. so at the age of twenty he joined Kdwin llDotlrs comiiany. Later lie became a in.'iiiber of ,\Iexand"r Salvini's com- l>:siiy. and there he met .Miss Selina riiii-r. a youn.i; woman of L-)uisville. just beginning to gain recognition iik I an .-let res.;, and uli <i is iimv .\lis. : fto.\ le. l''o!irl (i -ii vriiis a.yii III"- l|iiiii(. I )i\i' malic rcmipaiiy made a prcdiirtion of .Mr. I{nyle"s fiisi play. "Ki i<iu(s. ' ami jioih the author and liis wir'e tliok principal (inrts in the pi-rl'orriiance. The play bei-ame a siicee-;.-; all lost ,i' <>nce. and is even now :i popufar ve- • hide in thi- stock lumscs ihnuijlioii' I the eounliy. He also wrote "•Mji -.vieo. " though this was not iiiiite as siiceess- Iftil. Tlien the iemi)taiions of vaude- ' ii!" a.-saii .i| .V). ;,!n| Mis. Hoyie. and IIH-.V pl;i>iil Iu iji'si- ilie.-iiers for Iv.n .\<ars wiih ;i uiii.i';. i of sKeU'lics writ- leii Ml. Hii.\ (• liiii;;eir. 'I'hrue years 1 or so aui). ".My Wii 'i 's llu.sband" was i :>Tesent!'d in .\ev, ^ ink and W:IK pro' .loMiiccd a siicf .Vat C. (Joodwiii secured the iit;l;i.- i" it. but owing to i ;i bre.iih of eoiit r:Mi. liii;;aiioii was liiivolveil a!i(( lIu' phiv was thrown into jllii- coiiris. ' Tii 'ii c.inie "The Squaw j .Man" iiul ;|r presi-rit .Mr.'Koyle has 'othei- plays in course of construction. THE AIRDOMETO CLOSE NEW CHEMISTRY PROF. IT IS Fri ,n»\ I)AY. Ail (if Famous American lineiitioiis ThK Is the iMsi Week sou. of the Sea-' Sriiool Hoard Elects Prof. Iteere of Topeku. 0. 1. The school board has secur.d Prof. T. Keite of Topeka to take eiiarge • Ihe dt'partmelit oT (!ii<'niistry in tlie .1 Tile Airdome will clohe tiie season ;'t the v .>nd of this wnk. Uiiiinu Hi • suiiiiner the amusement hoiKi- has (iiawn very good housi 's ami has been 1 ig!i seiiool wliieli position has been a iKipnhir place for theatre patrons, made vacant by the resigiKitioii of Nest year the .\irdome. with thi, r,-i I 'mf. .lacob.s. who intends to study pi'talion it' has gained this summer. ' me lieine. Prof. K .'cce j.s a Kansas should continue to draw packed rnivi-rslty man and eomi.v highly l.olises. j iicimiiieiidecl for the pla( The GUinore players will preseiil [ ;ion to a thorough education lit? iias tlmi^hI at ilu Ainlome the fouraci Soci.'ty drama, "Tli-. Wlesterner." the 'scenes of the play are laid in New ' is ilie Soiilli. Prof. JJeeee b.'uan his' York city and are replete wiih strong' iMitics yesterday. diamatlc situations. .\ strong comedy! vieu runs throughout the play. .New ; • specialties will be introduced and a- , . ' " ' 'V, . .... , . , . .1 y^'"' l -ariiiN and ( itv Propertv (Uis IS th,. w.-ek a. th- A..-,.,),,, ^. g,^,,.^^ olhce over Iowa dome, the Ciilniore company siioiihL Klrre. l-e greeted witli a full litui .-e fuch ; Moderate In addv had much practical experieiiCi: having 1,1 I'll with a big sugar buet concefti \Vv)KL> WAS iceciveil in this city \fsiei,iay from II. II. FimU and Frank .. J 1 . • . !,! 1 Scoil who an- i iiroiifi' lo .Mexi (H}. sta:- Ke])resentcd at ,Iaine!>lotvii fc.\|ios!tioii. I •; '•ii .-A liiai they an. liaving a ?-'ood time .Norfolk. Va.. Sept. T.',. —Klabor/ie .iiid beautiful ceremonies marked today's oliservaiice of Itoberl Fulton day at the .lameslowii exposition. Tne or- .-itoi- of the day was .Martin W. I.,iiilc- loti of Hrooklyn. Corin'liv; Vatider- bilt. president of I lie Robert F;iltoii .Monument association, ctime from New Y'ork on his yacht, and .Mark Twain came on another yacht, each ac^companied by a part.v of guests, itear Admiral P. K. Harrington, ol I'. S. N.. retired, headed the eommitlee apiloilltud to receive the distinguished gutwts. A b)iectacul;ir feature was the I typical representation of what the inventions of Fulton have meant to the world. It was an assembling in Il.'inip! ton Uoads of every sort of cnift [iro- ; lielled by steam. The crafts W 'ere dee } orated profusely as they passed in re- ; view. ami enjoyin;; ti]e country. SHOT PKEAt IIEi: TWK E. ( IIAMTK tilKLS IN ltr> AWAY. Morse Seared at Bicjcle and Han (her Eiiihanknieiit. Misses Ciiaci. .lohii.-.()ii ali'i'lSi-nwu. ii." Huff had au exp-'r^'iiee while liriv- ii:g on till- Petr<ilia ro.iri ii<;'r i!.>- .\ii- edrson f.irm mib's nnrtli nl fiv.n.' tl '.at tlnn will not soon foi-i;i-; and had it not lurn for the plii<l> oi' .Mi ;;si .lohnson both might liavi.lieeii ser .oiis- ly injured. The .Miiing ladies lia-: started to drive to petioIi ;i, On lliw grade of the .\mIer .-oii tariii the horvc scared at two bicycles aiul r.ui Ul<yn ttic einbaiiUliieiil. swervi -il l );i<-K into the road. when. .Aliss IIiitT thrtjwn and starti'd northward. It r;in a short distance, iiiined sharid.'.. upset the bliguy ami threw .Mi-< .loiiii- ."=oon out Sh-' however, eliiim ii' lUe lines and w;ih drag.i :ed about "'i leet. when to save lnj-self, sh" let go The horse ran a short dist;iiici' nortli and started liack towanl town. .Miss •lohnaon managed to latch it ;;nd Jai'-r look it to a stable on th<i Bui lis jdace. .V passing autoinobilisi telepiioin-d from Petndla and Clia>'. Roberts w<.ni out and broiiMht the girls and bndien buggy home. K. C. Anderson broughr th- horse in later fii the evening. Both girls are very sore today and are ccnsiderably bruised up. Itolihers Ordered Colorado Clergyman to Hold li> Hands—Shot When He Kefiised. IJreeley, Colo.. Sept. J'-', —While walk iiig home from chun'h last night. Uev. Oscar W. Cuslofseii of the Swedisli Lutheran cliurcli was held up by two men. rpon a iefiis;il to hold up Ilia: hands one man slioi liiin in the ribs, i Tile nii'.iisti';- <-liascd tile robbers when I one of ilii'iii iiiriii'd :ind siiot iiim in i Ilie lii'ck. It i:. tliouglit he will recov-' er. Possi s iire the loinitry. L. e. HOHVILLC, Prmm. J. H. OAAPBCLL, Ommh. FMKK *OOa. Aml.Ommh. iOLA STATE BANK ^,.m l {4 «ard. S'ri.w d I' (111 iii.v place OIK - lar^e miile.v (-OW. wiiite spot oil side and some while on uniii-r side ot" lioip.v S. A. WlllPPLK. Cas Citv. Kas. CAPITAL St2,500 lOlA, KANSAS, OiRCOTORSt A. W. Beck, L. K. Horville, J. A, Robinam, H. L. Henderson, J. H. Camplx-U, Geo. E. Nicholson, .Frank Kiddie. BKABFHKUS HOIM) HVKI!. Vouuir .Hen are (liartred nith Stealing ^ ('o]i|ier. Harry and C. A. Bradford charged with stealing coper from the tola Portland had their hearing yesterday afternoon before Judge Hough. Both were bound ever; C. A. under a $300 bond and Harry under a $l ')0 bond. The Fort Scott Kepnblican has the following to say of Harry Bradford, who was caught there Saturday: "Ilradford has been in trouble numerous times before. an6 'erved several sentences In tne county jail here. The last time he was arrested was for stealing harness from the ice company. Bradford In company with another yoting fellow, stole the harness from .the company barn on^ tlie west side of the city. They were arrested and convicted of the crime, and Bradford was sentenced to serve three months in jail. .-\t the time he was under arrest here, his mother was very sifek at her home in .Mien coun- t.v. Her death was expected at any time, and symjiathetlc friends here in- terceeded in his behalf with the governor of Ihe state, finally succeeding In having him pardoned. He promised those who had befriended him. that he would keep out of trouble in t.hel future, but within a short time he fell i from grace., being arrested in lola. | It Is not known how he escaiwd pun-' Ishinent on that charge He seems to have a mania for stealing, as he Is wanted this time for burglary in Bus- -selt. Young men and nonicn for positions of trust, nherc Intelligent Bcrrice will he atilirociated and paid for— Experienced men and women for po.sUious miuiring ability and tact- People of all ages, of all talents, diters abilities, for suitable lines of'cmploymcnt— Used tlilug.s—such as pianos, organs, eTery sort of musical instrn> ment, writing machines, cash registers, store and oiiice fixtures, talking macliines, book.s, eugraring.s, post cards, stamp collections, rugs, carpets, furniture of every kind— Horses and carriages, trucks, business wagons, bicycles, guns, cameras, iishing tackle, automobiles— Ileal Estate—lots, plots, acres, leaseholds, etiuities, houses, tlats, apartments, stores— Instructions In painting, singing, the Tiolin and piano, short hand, accounting, corresponding, languages, dancing. Places to lire—houses, apartments, furnished rooms, boardiag places where life Is InteresUug— These are some of the thousands of people nud things that are "wanted'' In this city Jast now,.and if yon can fill any of these wauts You Should Inquire of the Public Through A Daily Register Want Ad. r

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