Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 5, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 5, 1908
Page 6
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imilOIA'DAlLT HEOISrEB. MOXDAY ETEyPCe^ X>CTOBBB 5. )a08. GliRlSTlJINGENILEtllli jCfaarclinwA Who Knew Judf« Tafi ftender Him TbU Sincero , ML !«• "WWcli BhowB Adher. - ^"^ja*. MC* to th« Bert Ithlc* ^"^ imd tfdrals. •IBewitiM !« the, highest typ* o' the OhriBtlan e ^ntleaisn." ' aUlB Is the w-ay In which I heard th-, j^istor of a .MMhwlist chnrrh in p"uth ••rn lilinol? eii<] an argument with ) laTman oa tlie train cotulOK to 4.'inclu Mtl fronj St I^uls. writes a staflf c-or Mflpondcnt of the St. Ixiiils i;iob^ DMBocrat . The liiyninn. jwyins Aw respect to the clotii of his op poacnt, was trying to couviuoe hiii that h« should not support Mr (Taft for the propi^lpncy, and insteai.' lahottld A-oto for his Dem-tratio oppo^ jneat The <hnr<limHn dclViulM tU« iprlnciplca of thi- K^pulilii-nn p:irty. .-inil JM indloatcd. dt -fpiid '-d Iho for (whom he »Hid rapneted to vote, fane tits jier^onal pt .iiiapoint of a ohurohiiijin. "^K-auFe hi» is•th»^ hitihest type of a Christian p'ntl .Miian." ; Bishop J <". Hartzell of fho Afctho- jdlst EpiS"i|>.il Church, disoisslDK the [•religious Mlefs of Hi7«u and Taft; .after cnlliun on the latter, said: '•Whtoh of these men 1 shall vote* for •win not be dtfided by their rolJglona . fiellofs, tint what they are as jiun.and tty tho prlnoipli's and poli-'ies thoy starid for in the ailminlstration of the jtov- ernniMit. 1 l«i'tlove that In siting \\])<>n this yii'w.'a!> an American citizen, 1 am i.i li .-irniony with tha spirit and imrims'' . <r 111.' founilers of our ropiiWlc, who i-iit Into the ^institution that there •vlil he "no religious test '•n to <n .iali- ,.>iis to any iifWcv or . 'lif truHt the l.'nlt.Kl States.' , n-wvlo- ili 'ii Is that the future s.if« of the u <k'pi'nd8 very larirely ^ ion o>ir l)eoplo ho^MiMK that conslltiitU lal prohibition. «)iir nation owe.v much In n-.oral character, statesinaushlp. litera- Mire, art aTid rellRlon to - those who have ni't been In africt harmony vfllh some pf th>? riostnas of the -huivh. 't 'he da.TS i>f the Imiuisltlon are iv-mt." UenjenilnTlnir thfct Mrs, Taft If a rri >«lv <t»Tiau, hut that Miss Helen Tmft was continued In the Episcoiial t^httnth In Washiuston last winter at the nunn' time that Miss Ethel Roosevelt dauel*^ ter of the rrealdont, was oonnrnuHl, T wondered as to-Mr, Taffs church association. \Vlien I made the Iminlry her* I was answered throuch the columns of the. Korthwestem «"hristian Adviv c.*ite, the great Melhoilisit puMicatiou, just as it had jrivcu answer to hundreds ot Inquiries from Its Mehodist sobscflb- efs. • It said: | Makk nt Brna4 SyBtpatbtea. "Mrs, Taft and children are Kplsco- pallans, and the Secretary frequently .accompanies them to St. John's Chureh, where, also, he has a pew. While Mr. • Roosevelt goes to ithe German Reformed Church, his wife and fantily. who -• are Epli«!Oi>allans, attend historic St. • 'John's Church, where they sit only one . lor two pews reniovcil from .Mrs. T:ift and her children. Se<-ri-tiiry T:\fx <S(>cniis his rac!iti":ti :it .Miirsviy !>:iy. Canada; where ihi-r>- Is a ruion Cten -'i. 'attended by the sumuier <ro!onisis of al! ideBOBiluations. The Secretary of War ;l6 one of the )rus !t '<'S of this siuiiiuer color, be treated fettly befere tkt eourte," Blakap Fallewa' VMhate. iB introdudJig Ur. Teft et'. TeJed^ Ohio, Bishop Saetuel Fftllttwa taderaed hlui .anreserredly, oad In the ceurae ol his recqarks Mid: "1 c«n aTer, witboat tnr •t «>««• fill contradiction, that no »»n evei cnrae t>efore the Anerlcaa people foi the hi<hest honor 1& tketr rift so thor> onrhly prepared to meet Hs weifbty reKponalbilitiee at ATr. Taft He S« ripe In tho knowledge of Jurisprndeiice and clear attd Urm Jn judicial deolelonSL Iln has won. as an executive officer ,ln our ^)rlratal poaseesloaa. the pteuditi of hl^ couutryinea and of adialriuK nations] Ho has satJefactorily eettled la those islands of the sea soma of the rio««t delicate and dlfficuU enbjects. In- Tolvl 45 deep-seated racial and rellgtous quest ions, ever broasht up for adjudl- catloj. • • • He is deeply reliffloui without a trace of blcotry, fearing Ood and ^vorL'inK righteousness, as: did tbi two .Kdamses aad Ahraham Lincoln." Taft'a Idea ot Charaater. In my effort te discover the qnal- llles wliich led one to describe Mr. Taft as -tlje highest typo of Christian RCU-" I learn that the candidate himself, within n month, baa deflued Ji:8t what Importance he attached to Christian character In the bulldlne of a successful career. The question bad been put to him to develop his personal views, and writing lu response the Re- pnl'lii-aii candlilate snld: ••Y<nir question sugcestii two ofhora which nni .-;t I>e answered In answering this': Kirst. what Is a Christian character. Slid. soNiud. what is a «iicce««ful inreer? Kir .Ht. I consider a Christian character that of one who holds as his Ideal a i-onipllani-e with the two <H)m- manduients jlvon by Jesas Christ, and who earnestly strives to ilrw up to tliat Ideal. Stvond. I should define a suC' cejjsful career to l «f thak career whieb brinijs more .real happiness to those who happen to be within the oporatioa of the Influence of thwl person whose char.K'tcr Is In qiiesflon./ •• to nnsvjker your !»• qotry, 1 should .say that a (.'hrlstlan character in the bulhlinf; of a succ)-ss< ful car<-«'r Is Its most lHi|f>rtant part. The lonRcr one Hies 'the more con- vlnceil he must Iwcouie that every other Incident and element of a career IAWS Importance In com|iarlson, and that when a inan's life work is done this le what F ^laiids out, - and whether tha career Is one of jirofesslon, business or tiolUIc.s.i the suu.e thtnx Is tfue." I AVkat an Old Krtoad Saya. Mr, Aarou .\. Ferris, n protulnent CInclnnall lawyer, who has known Jud«e Taft for thirty years, said: "I have never had iKtaslou to ask Jndpi' T^lt what his creed was In matters rcMKlons. I know tha^. when In t^lncinaail. he has been qulto nfular In attendam-e at Christ Bplsi-opal church, of which members of his family are communicants, and of which I iim a vestryman. I know very well that no one In trouble or distress ever appealed to him without recelvlnn a patUmt hfarinc and prompt and material aid. wlit-n/ln his p<>wer to give It. If a uuin's character is to be gaused by what he does.i_HUd not by mere profession: if leadlnj; a clean and upright life is to he a fuide. and doinx righteous de«^ls is to be counted, then I iam cvntldent that his neighbors and fallow-citizen.-: who have lived with him and knnw him well, without re- jtard to cr.-*^!!, lolor or party as,socl.i- tloB. would say that Taft has llvol and aitcd In ivtry station as a Christian centleiiiai!." SAYS WEALTH IS DISTRIBUTED. Jeolony chu.'-ch. ^faiths p.ather f<i ivhere people of itauy [• worship." : Ito lue .tin; tir(j:i Mr. 'taft in rrii •Ing throuch thi'| ligation—the W cate—1 found a This M«'iho.liit •t «-sUu;ony •iiilii.:i.:<'<l mid ),h.T,T! view of l'i"us ni;i:rs. 1 n. I...ik- lile .if ;; is ,s;iEii' pull- I'hslern Chr:s!J:(n Adv.> lisi-ns -siloii of ti .i ;h IIIMII laeea. In the course of whivh it w ;i3 asaerted: "The syiiipnlhles of both Mr Tjift and Mr. ltr\;iii are rery hroml. MM.I Ilh•.^ .worship easily und nalnrjilly «ilh jiny Christian denomination Whi.-hever u^a ia cle<ted, ihe onuutry will have, therefoiv. n I 'resldent «f CI.MU llfi\ lofty jirludpli* a.-^d Chrlstiiiu i>>nvlc tioaa.'* 1 'OpIaloB tit near* riera.rmaa. OB the same nft< ruoou. when ttithop 'iRartaell c «11<x1. i:cv, J.innts <i. KOMU •on. paator *t th» ij-.ker street Afri.ati • iMetjbodlst Churrh of Uayton, Ohio. <OAUed at the headquartera in .'tmipany 'Wtth W. H. Joaes. one of the leadinR <«ejored lawyers of the same city. .Mr. jjones 'was proud of the fact that he Is {(pKiiid ^t «t the Colored Taft Club, the . Mlrat bae to be incorporated In the Cnl- Ited States, s^d BeV, Mr, Ri>biueo;i ad- adtted that ibe is presldeat of the :BeaM of Dlreotora of the eame dub. he left Mr. Taffs oUice i asked him .for hia Ticir ot the candidate, both from jfcls ataadpolat as a churchman and as « leader •( his i;ac«. •a tellere," he said. -Judge Taft will be elected br * sod comfortable «Balority, Siot Bliaply because he Is a Bapiihllcan. aor[«in I epeaiiiir bacanse i am « Kepal>Ilc«B- 'Bot Jud«e Taft represents «n ojf the Ideals f the true Christian statMaiaja.'* Aa to the aMiitQde «r his wa net, £er:; Vr. ISoUasoB said: "Wo can not •• 'jittotA to line up wlm the Democratie party. I which fails bees aatacoalstie to ,'tonr')Biteresta alWays, and «c *lnst the , l ^ariy htaBM fajj sndi wiss tmi Chris. tlaji BttteoMB as ta Judge Tafc He t» ^mmvi whom wejkaow in Ohio Js desla. Chief Statistician of Censua Bureau Writes on "The Assets ot the United States." 'Ihc nation's wealth Is not in the hands of a few. ac^xvrdlOK tn !>. G. I'ower,*. chief statistician of the census bureau' at Washington, WrilhiR on ' The Assets of the I'nfted Staii-s" in the Septamber number of the .VmiTl.'.Ta Journal of Si.violo ::y, i.s- sii-«l nvently fn>iii the I'nlversity of 'hi .'MCit press, ,\ir. Powers has the fol- luwiuK to s .iy of the coucentratioo of wiuitii in .\iiierU-a : ••Jf we start uTih the value of farms ami other hiHiir.'i which are known to IH > iMvtii 'il iiK'U of stuall (K >ssessit>ns, Iln- savings hHuk dis^wila and other Utiown pv>s>4esslvns t>f those of uuHlernte ii.eans, and lln -u add th» lowest t>opuIar esiliiiMtes of the |K «s >>s8ions of our nii:Uoii,ilres. w.> IIHV» aa acgregule far lit c\>-<<s« of the ivnxuB ai<praliial of )iall.<n.'\i wi '.iith. and the «vni 'IU'<lon nii.ler snch >lr <MPi >stsne*« is irreslstlMa I 'lllier thst Ihe <>-nsus setlmatea are rull .Mili'iisly lunnll or the popular estl- ni :ite>- of the wealth of our wtllioaairea .••re itreatly eiai:4;i'rated, "Tlie writer di>es i>ot find any evidence that wouljd Justify wither the stateinent that our natioaaJ wealth la grossly understated or that our million- sires vfvn so large a share of that wealth as to leave the great majority without property." "WHAT TATT "Wlli DO. Here Is a positive dedaratloa by Wiitiam H. Taft which should reassure the friends ef President Roosevelt: "If elected I propose to derate .all the ability that is in me to the constructive" work of suxgestins to Coogreca the means by which the Roosevelt policies shall be eliached." AsenUforthe' famous I McCALL i Patterns McCALL Patterns lOcand 15c None Higher Have a Great* List* of Special Values on Sale lor This Week You should come early and examine the many special lots! of dependable merchandise that wilt be tound on sale here this week, for in some cases the quantities are limited. We assure you the prices will save you one-fourth to one-half. ot the usual price, I High-Qass Coats, Suits and Skirts At> Special Prices Ladies' ne-.v Tailored Suits iu blues and brown.\, .-^iik braid trimuiiiig, also \ button effects, worth $20.00, speciil at $14.50 ; 122..'.0 and *2l.i>0 .values in Ladies' new niau-tailorerl Siiits, silk and satin lined, iriiiimeo in .silk; and satin braids and butl«»ut-', special prjce, $18JS The new Coals are Jiere—hundreds thea. Fri'hiuin's always .sell them for less—but thi.s year the stock isj much larger, the gaTinent;* more beautiful, anil the prices still more reasonable than ever before. We ask you to carefully examine the ones that ate on sale here this week. S6.50. $8.95 and DP to $29.75 I5(r yard wide IVnale.s, iu tin- iirw fnll patterns, yanl lOo 6o 'worUi 40c, at.... ! 2So 5", black inch lull l>li*:i-hi^d TahU' riatiiark, dozen ladies' and rblldri'u's las! Hasc, nil SI/, s, per imir iOo lot .'oo and 25"' • chnul Suili'ip-:. neatl'j- nil double widUi. yajd.. t2 t-2a Out-spe<;i-»l lot o( 500 Dre-s Oo ui.s. mi speciul .sail', at 20o 36 iiirli black TaflVla Silk, pure <?ye, our rt-RJilar (|uality. 011 sale Jor Mon- iluy -and Tiiesiiay. a» tin- special price, per yanl 95o $1 .Srt ladii's' irathrrsilk rnderskirts. only lhrc»- do/en iu the lot. at 98o One sppiid lot ol Utdios' uet ««*! black T.iltcta tiilk Waists, all iicw models, vuluts up to S|.uo, choice, S2.4a Ladies' new i'anama Skirts, ; button down (rout, t-xt)» sp;cial value. ..$3mSO 25 Indies new Coat Style Skills, iu blacks, blues and brownis, siut;le and doable rows of buttons down the trout. They are worth up to S7 S'>. yur choice in this :.ale $4.98 200 infants an<l chi'.dieu's Kearskiu, As- tiachan Fur ami Cuiurhilli Ce>ats. S|>ecial ptices troni, ^1.98 to S7.50 MORI ABOUT UVEY Mutl<ogee Phoenix Tells What Former Ga - City Man. a Suopbsed Suic de, did for That Town. The cut i corrcniiiif^ ('.as Citv: Has Pat Kl>OIu'.«'lll conunltt* ,1 Maiiv of foljowlui: i:: Uikou from a r« s:-.ii.i nf I .- Mii^liogK- Pli<)< nix I ':it l.:i\<-'. foiiii'-rly nI (Taft lainakiBS a geed Impreiislon bj bit tlioticktfttl apcecbea. .Bryan ia ai clever and aa interesting iui ever—and auperflcUL -^MUirauka JCronias coula. Ill iMii^iwi^iM ('. ;.av> V. \\i >n'i>-(l ami i( tiis l.iirtiiivKs Ijillm.'S. sul<iii«' ills frli 'U 'Is li.-li.'V.- iliat lip lias. Anyway lif i:-, iiilyhlnj'. aiwl liati not Iii'i 'M HT-n sinro .••••I'iciiiii 'T 1-'. I.av-y WIS f<iiii'.<ily a i«>al ••sfnt»' ilt»al >'r in j|.\Iiis!«>»!. aaii i.~- wt-Ii known h .-rt'. .At «ni- tinu^ ho had charge of fjlif Omhrie (ntro.iii of (Jov- ernor Haslt'^-II's .V<-w ..«taf«' Trihime. l,av»-y nrjont- titiu- triod tn ta^f liiv! own life ill .MiisKopei'. althniish !• na.s not v''(^^iu'i:il'y I;iiown. I'ollowlna nil nnsiiri'ijt fill i.-d tsMii- I'l -al just atioiit t! •• tl»n* siai.'hood lit 'canii' op- <»r )itlvf las I vi -nr he liet-'iin to drinV; lieavllv. I'^iUK'Slie trntli-le ir: salil toi have r.'sult -ii ail 1 lie att.iui't-'l 'ill • oble. One 'hiKlit li.- Into tin- oM MItfli.'l i .Iviiv r-l.v.'. Ill th>' Senti-r l.illlillu. oir.^outli ^!.•^o ^l^l v.M v«'lali.l aslvfil tin i >or ;'Mii>' v>lileh wio <|i> llleil hlni. ill.' Ii >-i toim I a l»>!lle 'al'l >'i? ' ii'i>i (i !iiii. " :iiiit !ieefiri |lnK to ti' \-ii'l:i{n>; .'illi''* .IIDIII-II to 1,111 ilitiM- iii'11 ji II-' i 'l 'M.' leit.'I . lifO 'i<ne t>ne (>ll-<loii'; • > • i' • tfiH' Jio -J .-Jilile was made fi^ .sjiv.- l.i-- lif.- It was not until tw.'Iv.'ji!ioiir» ! ; ;!i:it ihi- <lan- »:••>• l>>il!f wjj:-, tia :se I. Tl'"' f:i -t jof li! h;>vint' atS'nini"-! siiiciil.' wa «l! li' "I oni'-f. Th- JH'WS- naneis refr:l|iiir,1 frr^ni niil'li"-tiinir il. upon liV.s ii^niiii'" !0 ylrai-'htt-n il'i I, . • and st.-irt !i|(> anew. •pi-ohaiilv i'o ot 'i.ii;' i"an has done more aclvHrtiisiiiE for MusK-oeep f>i«n T,avey. He 'ffn<\ Pff; K Tordon. now iConcre.csniati' r >avi 'n »»ort's eaini«iii 'n nianaKer. traVeli-d all over tlio north and ea «t wiili a sn-roiiiieon outfit. s<-'- liiiR Muskopi*- real estate. The following .«iofy of his disaiv pearance attTH-ared fn the Portland Eveninir .lonl-nal of S^|iteml»er 21sf. Xoliiinp ir. 1 iiown here of his harlnp been indietefl he'e: "Ail this fli they tall< ahout in right here oti earth., I don 't believe I can stand i ." \ This In tlu way PaVrlok r. l.avey. a former rotbli rider who' fought at San Diego Wjth honors and later Indicted in OkSlaboma In connection with .|i a!- viith tie- Imlian'^. siz- • s I! ::. SVIM r:il III. »ini.' li. «i..i.- !•! i .iiiiilt.'. • i (iirin i'. S |.:.Ml ,lir,i', "i I'l.iiiil.p s sii.-.i. r ..ii land. J'tiK • t!i. 11 iii.thini; ti.i;: IL .MI h.'ai'l liiiiii hi:ii. [ lia- l>.> i> d'>|i>iii'l> 111 i\. r •'II.'.' li'- < ;vUi* U^ 'It.'j'an i-.-v .-iiii leoiii;. ;i'.'ii H.- w:r vvuiij.) :iliin> t ron:-laijilv .iinl on nuiin-i.HI' m a ^il>n^ lia> l».-.n i >M r;'.- of lip III.' Kho.-'.l uli .-ii li.- Wa- ilidiiecd l.v ..i.s fri.'ml;; lo >larl .m.-w araiii. I.av.". wroi.- Ml. Spaulilin!' from S.-:iitl.-. S. iiii'iiil). I 1.' II.' rail li>' wa; ill .vr.jii li.iiM.-. ir. aiiiiif; tti.' .(iKlahoiiia indi<'iiii. i<l:-'. that :u; lie j wrot.' l >.-;nl< of ;-w. :il • oml tin iii.- for^-ie-ad and liiat all i:i ill U>- t b. li.-ve hi- eoiilil .--taiiii ii ,:iny lon}5»-r. I .\t 111." Ant|.!:, hot. I ill Seattle. jUiv.-y liasn't lif.-n >.•.•!» sine.- S. p |leml»-r VI. Th*!'.- i: a lot of mail lh^•l^• (or liiiii. Iliy i-at'-av.- is still in tin- loom li.' lU.-iiiM. .1 aii.l h. l.-ft no si.;ii 01 iiidii-aiioii IIMI le- «:e'. i.tiiif away. -> Onin^' to lav.''"' •.^olrl.^ o\_. r 'In- llii |\-np in (>IJ:i!ioii>a ai-.<l (1).' la.'I llial III' l>i'lii'\ .'i| li.' ii.'i.l l>!.)ii.| poi.-'oiiinK. Ills frl .Mi 'l.N at'- ol !li.- opiiiiiiii that Kill, d ! imv.-If' lav.'v >o<>n aft.' \i>' rani'' t.i HM' (•on, \xint I" l.a-itr.iii.''' nlni.' h'- had <'li;»iiV' ot a pHldl'-iiy Imi'an. Itatin): h.'.'n r .'i -oii 'lll' li .l.'.l I..; tl;.' Jdli hv JMilli.' IVi.'Iii!"!' 'if til. I'l.r' .in.l I",.111 jlP '-r 'Hil .-liil' \lt. r h.. Ii.i.l li. . n' jtli'i. Ii.i a «)ii;.' h. .irt i .'i.- III i»j till I' Si-aul.tiii". ill !!'•• iii 'l liavinv l'.!n>\vii \li -'|. iiil .:iiir in K-ui sas appli-d l«>i 1 II.' \\.-iil lo woiK at oiit'.' all.) a . iK .i .i- 'pl.ii.iiiV 'iv. Mr Si'.iuMii,.-. a-.: I'.at li. i tlu' !• it man IM- has > \- i Uu'l. I.avi", '•!•(.'i.'.l t!i.-_ r.-.'iilar s. r\i"' of til.' army at I'o t Iti!. v. Kan. al-oiit a year pi'-vioii; 1.1 lii.? onll.i.i.'ik ni t|i. S|iaiii.-.Ii-.Aiii'-ri>-aii war. lie wa.-< woniid .-l and .•'••i'\ so noM. ihat h* was mad'- a lii -ii '.inaiit in tli.- eoiirs*- ot tiiri.- Wiit -ii he ifft ti>' s.'ivu.' lie w.-f avtai 'i *-ii a iii 'ilal lor bravtrj lit C'lviiior .Morrow of Kaiisa .s ainl i '.M" 'II an . \e.'II«.|it (.o .-itii.i! ia lii- ^la.•• p..|.ii .'niiary at >ili& Whil'- th 'T'- lie t .'-eaiiie iati'n .-tPd ill till- laet I hat ^.oy^5 w .-tf mad'- f. W'lrii ill tli.- voal niiie-^ in tin- p.-iilten tiaiv. li'- l.'tt his job. stiiiui .Hd Ihi- . lai.' ail. I ixa-.^ iiist t uni<-iilal in liaviii-.: :t law passiil pruhihiliiiK pri.^oinr;' jiinili 'i L'l y.-ars of aK<'.Iroui l.»-iit- put III Work in tin- eoal iiiint-s. ' 'I 'lii:-; aei'oiiipll.s; cd h'- w-nt to ill'- i iinti .-iii T 'Tiiiory and i-iiuaK'-d in tin lanil Inisit.'-ss. II.- ha.'- niainlaiiu"! jlloni til- lit-Kiiiliilif; that he wa.s iiinii • •-111 a.s eharg«-d by Iht- gov.-riiiin-'nl olb'-ials. and several times he hat laiTti -d of goiOR back ami faeing tli<- luiisie. I In Ih.- last l.-!l.-r to .Mr. Spaiiblilij; i..:iv.-y sai.t li>- had ooiVelHd soiut- nioii.-y for him and that I .e wuiibl send a draft at o;a'«- 'I'he Tlraft ii»-Vfr eaine lb- ha.-i a wife liviti '4 vxiili h .-r jiar .'ins al Vali 'S r. ni.-r, Kas. 1_ l'l-:i ;.SO.\'.'^; WA.VTI.NC boy ..r cirl l« »i >rl< fi.r bo .'iid while allelidiiiK srhoo appU hi lola |t||r.ln«: :-. foIleKi'. HUollf i :i.'. til \ltlil\N KOR MKS. «»VMtl<KV»:K Itia l.u«t.< T<i<) tVvMf !<• l.iMtli After Her l*r «n >rrl>. ' Uin 'K a noiiian and twne a .iilid ' Till:, lu'i tavorile t -\pr«-s.-Ion. wa> ' •iii'il I., lif Hue in tlu' east- of tlrand- liia • lK.'.liii.'.\'-r ihi .H luoniiii:*. in pro' ro.iii; Tile aj ;i -il lad\ lia; bn-ii !' I'-iib lit i -t this I it> for pfiliaps loi i> >«ais ami of lat,- has bi-i r.m<- iiieiit- 'iliy and phVMfa !> ineaiiiibl.- of lo«>k iio: atur iiei" I'Voperty anii herself .\li yt'lluu was liioiii;ht ill prolial. i-'iiM't to iiave a :-:iiarUiaii appointed |i ;r lift ami ill.- «'a-.r was heard Ihl-' iiiorniiii^'. A niiiiiliir of io-r eliildn-ii and ai-- ijiiainlanei-s ifslifii-il that s-lie was init iii.sane bill was very- ehildish and fei-ble. One of iier daughters tesiili.-il that she was jiisi as kind and i:oiMi a.- her fat-e indiealeil- liul that hi-r own expression "Dure a woman and iwir.- a ehild." was tnif with her. Thi- old lady made no objeoiiou to the procei-d- iiiKs and nxpressi-d a wish as to wiiicli of lier dauBhti-rs .should he appointed guardian. The jury. wa.s out but a few minutes. Mrs. Overnieyer owns 1 the properly where she lives aione on South Jeiferson street and also the building formerly oceapled by a laundry. 00 ,tbat street 1 POLITICAL GOSSIP Toi 'i Ka. Oct. .".11 "Till- lliyan man i". f. all'-r Mr.miiiiis .-llorl.i liavt 1.:- pb-it-'i tail.-'l to Iim- up. lli»- labor vol.- ill Kansas aj-'ainst .liidgt- Tall an.I lh»- Kepiibliean stall- iick»-l." said i'liairmau Dolby of tlie K>-piiblican stall- I'ommilt'—. ".And wliy should lii'-y hot liiiT'.' .What paily eoiibl do inor<-. both in Siiaii- and Nation, to impiov- latior eomlitions? t 'mb'r ilf" piiblirait riili- diirfiiK Ih'- past Hight v'-.'irs I' 1- total iiiitiihi-r of wa{?i-s paid 'ly faeforii'H iiav'- incn-asirl ::(iii p.-r I 'liif and thirty Ifiii-rieiai labor laws iiavi- l>.-»-n piac-d upon th.- .!atiil«-s." "Kansas Is e.sst-ntlally an a>?rieiil- iiirai slate, but a elance atithv man- iifaetiiring conditions as l»y thi- increased investments from yi-ar lo year demonstrates not only ihi- opportunity for cinpIoyiiK -iit but i -rt -ase,} wages paid to the working lH :<>pIi- during lhi> last <-ii'hl y.-ari. "I'h'' i<-|iorl of the rontmission.r of l .alior shows thai for IWi'. tl-t- total eaidial iuv.sied ill manufacturing in- .lusM.'s was in round iiumixTs $C.i>.- iioii.iino: Willi'- till- I'-port from thi- 'alio- ilf -partmi-iit for lIuiT sluiw^ an iiiVi 'Slui '-nt of J !i«'> IIU'I I."", an iii' '•i '';(s'- in ili \i <sliiii -iit of I'l" p'-r e.'lit ill «i !i-hi V'-ars Tii" total numb' 1 of wag'- ••aiin-is' '-ntplnn'.l in maiiiii'.'ie. luring iii'iiislii.'s in II'U 'i was 'J?.!!'.', ill I!*'i7 «as .".'t n::. or :in iiier <-as" of n.-arly Inn per ci-nf. Comparing aiTain III'" amount of wapes paid to thi s«' wagi- .-arn'-rs wo tind that in llioo ih.' •'iial wagt-s iiaid lo employe«-s In iiian- iifaeiu-in-.: '-stablishnii-nts was $11 '.S 'i". <*'."'•: while in Hifi". On' total was i :::"..ii .'.2: or an increas'- of ni-arly ii'T rent. Tlii-se figu.n-s slow an av. -rag" annual earnliit; for the individual waee e.-irni-r for the year of T.KIO •if lllii .T".. an.l for 19fi7 an av-rage of SOIs.s.".. or an increase during the eiKht yi-ars of $u;;i.OS. or about :!7 p.>r rent. "Further iilustratinj; the improv-- nient for opiiortiinity for empIoyin<-nt. ttie reiiorts show thai iii 1".»00 th" total cost of material iis'-ii in th^ manufacturing of Kansas was tl20.T::7.CT7: while the same itt-in for 1007 was $lS1.7'iC,.7»;r,. or an increase of alioiil JCI.OOfi.OfiO. The great progress that tbf state has made in its niannfactnr- Tnier and Industrial concerns is still further shown when we compare the{ value of products for the last eight years. Inclusive of nearly $8S .006 .f»0O. "Tlie worKing people ot Kansaa .'yie both in their organized and unorKauir.- ed capacity, may be proud of the n-cognition they have .s.-rnri-ii at iJie hand.<: of the l»>gisiaiiire in looking . after flii-ir indiisirial conditions. The record of thi> L'-gisIative committee of the Srate Society of Labor and Industry. .1 committed 'Whose business it has iM -i^n to atten'd thi' sessions of ,th- l-eRlsiatiire and- en'ieavor to secure such remedial legislation in the Interest of the wage eavner as the lal'or organizations have asli^-d for. sliow? tiinf during thi> last five sessions of th»« leeislalure they have secured the enacfment of thirty lab<)r laws, which have h-en askfil for. as W'-II as the surc'ss th-v had in pr'"vi -nline th<- passage of seven difff-r- <iit bills thai w-re inimical to the, ii!i.i"st of labor. "i-'onii' of th'- inor'. in»porfanl of t'«•':-.• hills and ilu-i- <haracli -r may he iii'-ntioi .i -.l as follows-. "r^oni.- of th" wort important of tht'Se bills and th"ir character may be nii'iiiion-d as follows- For payment of wages In lawful nioniy. Prohibiting tin- sal- on public market of penitentiarv min-d coal. r|iil providing for the sinking of es- caiieineiit stiafts at coal mines. • .\ii act amending an act creating the Stale .-Xssociation of .Miners, and l>r»vldlng for dipiiti 'S. .An act iiroviding for tin- h'-alth and siif'ty of i>'-rsons employ'-d in mines with rerert ^iic- to ventilation, etc. All act to enabl'- railroad employees to vote at geii'Tal el'-ctions wherever !hey may lie in the .Stat.-. A bill lequirinK ci.airs. stools, etc., for female employees in mercantile esfablishraent.s. An act creating a director of free enipiovnienl. An act reiiuiiini; safeguanis for the protection of persons employed In maniilacfiiring i -stablishments. An aci making the Secretary of Mine Industry Inspector of weights » and-mejisnre-i. ' .An act prohibiting coercion as a comlition of employment known as the I'.-rsonal l.,iberty Uill. An act to create a board of examiners and regulate, the liiisiness of pluuibint.-. Concurrent r.-solution 'menioriallz- insr Congres.s in behalf of laborers ami merchants employed by the gov- enim.'iit for claims for back pay arising under the etpht lioiir law. An .'ict to provide for tli.»fiealth and saf.?iy of persons eniidoyeil in and almiit mines, and providing for •loiiMe criTies. An act to limit the hours of labor of certain railway employees, known as the Eight Hour Rest l^w. An act for the pnttection of worlJ- men. laborers." mechanics and other persons employed in the construction and repairing of buildings, known aa the .Safety Scaffolding Bill. An act relating to wages earned out of the Etate. and exempting the. same from garnishment. .An act fixintr liabilities of railroad companies in certain cases thus protecting the rignfs of the injured. .An act providing annual reports for 111" ronimissioner of l^alior Instead of biennial reports. An .act concerning child lalior. and prohibiting employment in factories. p.lckinR house.<; and mines of persons under 14 years of age. ^ An act prohibiting the fraudulent of miners' check numbers. A bill giving, police power to State Mini- inspector. A bill providing additional help in Bureau of labor. .\ bill providing car sheds for car- iiien In Inclement weather.] A bill reguluilng the haudlinir of black powiI»»r at nwl mlnea. A bill nmhori/lng additional Deputy Mine Inspectors. A bill Huieuding Itallroad Men's Sixteen Hour, A bill !iiii ''n.1lnK the Hallrond L4 «l>il- Ity I .aw. , (itSr $:.4.SS7 T«> THY TJI.IW. Jerome Aslt for Transfer ui Omtn^ Trial to .»w York t'oautr. .\.-w v. irk. «)<-t. i. —The total cost to New Y'lrk county of the prosecution of iiariy K. Thaw, for the shooting of Stanford While, has been $r.4.v:!7. according to papers submitted by District .Attorney Jerome to Justice .Mills at .Venhurg today. The purpose of Mr. Jeromes, application to Justice -Mills was to have the approaching trial on the question of Thaw's mental condition transferred from Westchesi'er to Xew York county. Mr. Jerome said in the pa- l»ers that the trial in Westchester county would entail raucn greater expense than if he'.d in New York county. \ He states that under the circumstances he cannot go to Westchester coiintr to take i>art;in the trial. October having been Rxed 1 by Justice .Mills as the date f<ir the trial.: Thi>re will lie no jury. F|»r BMt Mi Qniekest HeauUa Vae Mcsbtcc's Va^t COIBIBBS.

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