Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 24, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 24, 1907
Page 3
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WANTBD—DiuiiiK r(X)ni pirl at the IViinsylvania hotel. WANTED—Rock loaders at Kansas Portland Cement Plant. Inquire Rt Quarry at Concreto. WANTICD—('<><>k at I I K- 1 louse. WANTKlJ—Cirl fin- :.;»Mierul housework. Hhtiiic I;:MI. W'A.NTKD—DiniiiK I'emis.vlvanla holel. at \i'ANTKI)-A l>o.v li; yeai.s of a^;f i<> rifvator: slcad.v ouiiiloyim-iil, .\|»- pl.v Ni-w Voik Store. WANTED' -MlBomllanBOua WANTED—A place for a boy or girl to work for board whlie attending the lola Business Collage. TeI(>|)houe Main 4 <.)ri. WANTE1)-At once, yoiins lady wonts room lii piivaK- luoUeru house. Address K. S.. this onice. LOOOE oiReonmr, KMGIIT8 OF MACCABEES^ Kntebts of Maccabees of tbe World meets In K. P. Hall, second *nd fourth Wednesday nights In each month. J. W. Postwait. commander; R. B. Porter, record keeper. W. 0. W>—Camp No. 101 meets in K. of P. Hall every Friday night. W. T. Steele. C. C: A.H.Davis. CJen Visitors cordially invited. ~K>IGIIT8 0F~PTTlilA8.—Neosho Lodge No. 43 meets every Monday night at K. of P ilnll. Visiting brothers invited. W. S. Thoihpson, CO.; Chris Ritter, K. of R. and S. 31. >V. A.—The .M. W. A. Lodge meets every Friday night In M. W. A. j hall. Visiting brothers invited. W. H. Anderson, V. C; W. A. Cowan, Clerk. THE lOlA PAIIJ BETOTEB^JtMPAT^ET^^ .SEVEKAL M. W. A. MEMBERS WILL (JO TO CIIAMTE TOMORKOW. FOOT BALL TEAM IS PRACTICINB I'LAVEHS <JETTL>G READY TO PLAY A SKKIES OF GAMES. FREIDLEY STORE HAS BEEN SOLD l.iidirs' Aid of Metbudixt Iburcb WRI Giw u Social Eteutnir. This The liciiiH I OIM I cveiy ROYAL XEIOHBOR.S.—lola Camp, No. HCfi. Royal Neighbors, meets second and foiirfh Tueisdays of each mouth. .Mrs. V. A. Wugner, oracle; Mrs. .Mary ifutton, 413 West Street, Recorder. Foot Bull. loot bull team i.s pruc- afiernoou KOttlUK themselves into eouditiirii for the games ubicli the Diaii .uer is scheduling at the present lluie. 11 is likely thai the Ijrsi ;;aliie will lie played with La llariie The loral liuneh have In the past lieeii a Ktiod match for the l.a llaipe team wliU 'h will make lliej;aiiie this ,\eai one iil the best at tended. WANTED—I'osil ioti as haiiifss niaU or. ICIeVell years expellellciv .\ddiess II this olliee FOR SALE'^REAL ESTATE Nice SO aeres hay land fenced. " miles from railroad lowu: !i niili-s from lola. For iiukk salo'o. WTiitaker Ai Doimell. FOR SALE—Two-pl^ht.i-acre improved tartiis In .Mlcii eouiiiy. $-l<iit each. Liuebaek Urol Iters. La llarpe F. A. A.— ('.olden I^eaf Council No. 40:'. A. A. meets lirst and third Wednesday nights In «a<b inotith in K. V. Hall. r. K. Laeey, president; Miss Mable Rhorback, secretary. FRATEKNAL BKOTIIEHMOOB.-J Fraternal Urotherhood No. ;!S0 meetn second and foitrtb Tuesdays of each month In A. O. U. W. Ilnll. Visiting members cnrdlaly Invifii'd.- W.H.An­ derson, president; Colda Elam. secretary. FOR SALE—Ei^ht room bouse, four blocks fnmi square. fl.SOO.OO, iwrt j g^;,rj.'^,",Y^ cash. Phone tJIii. . - • - • Junior Order Jnilcd Aniericiin chanlcs. —.Meets <'very Weiliicsd;iy ev- euinir at S oVIoek In K. P. Hall. All visiting members invited. R. .V. Uidick. Councelor; C. U. Dlack, Roc FOR RE.NT—.Modem s rcuiin liouse with furiiaee. riione FOR SALE—I roomed hoitse. wafer and .sower conncetlo'ns. jr,o cash, $1- a month. Grace Arnold, phone u06. FOR SALE 'MlBoallamBOUs FOR S .M J E—:;r.O Itu-hels i-orti. bushels ijofaloe.':. C F. .Iiistiee. south fair grounds. BUSINESS OIREOTORY JEWELERS. R. F. Pancoast. old reliable Jeweler, llii l-:ast street. STAMMER. Complete court at the beat school for stammerers in .America at one- half price this fall anil winter. White for information .it once. McKie School for Stammerers, L'705 East 12th Stre«t, Kansas City, Mo. f FOR SALE—Fresh >o\v. Third. FOR SALE—A -'ood liiiyel. .11 lit; .North Chestnut. All .Norlli luciniit FOR SALE— .North Thiril. iiiilrb vDW. 40.'" FOR SALE CIIEAl'—<;irls l.leyele. t'lescciK make. .lusr iln- thin.:; m ride to s<-h<M)l IMioiie I'L'!*. 1"0R SALE—.Milch cow. Imiuire UL'i .North Elm. FOR S.\LE—.\ two year o.d Slinrt Horn bull. Snyder & Howell. La llarpe. Kans. FOR SALE— liood mare <"all a' •-M" \\'<-<t >ir<-ft. K.C.Plambiflf& Supply Co 20 E. Jackson. Phone 65. GENERAL REPAIR SHOP LmwnMowmrm Sharpenmd .1. 1:. <irl//.le Hurt. .1 K. tiri//.le. brick trinitiier al Iln- I'liioii llriek eonipaliy. yesterday ran a portioti III' a brick into the palm of his ri>;lii band eiiiiiiK; and brulsltiK ll very severely Altbou^'b the Injuries ;ire veiv painful they arc not tli(nii;ht to ill- >erloiis. A Fre<- I.nncli Tonliflil. Tile La(lie>' .\ld of the .Mel liodist EpiM'opal cliiircli will Ibis eveniiiK :;)ve a free social and free lunch. Coffee and dou^;bllUls wid be served after the ladies tell liow iliey earned rbeir dollar wliicli will lie doualed. Ii is iinpeil iliai a larue crowd will lie pies- eiii. The l.idies waiii ii distinctly uti- derslotid iliai it will tint cost a ci iii for the Miciiil. FOX AND SOXS OF LAU>ED THE I'lht'HASEHS. ARE Presbyterlau Snuday .School Will Hate. PIcHkr lu Electric Park on .Saturday. >o Gumes Yet .Mtbongh the local foot ball team is practicing every afternoon they have not yet secured any' gatnes. Fp to date they have been unable to tind any one who will meet them. In the past there has been no surjirise when teams over the state refused to play the local team, bill since the team this year is not as stron,:^ as they liave been in former years it does seem that tbe v.'irions teams would "('oi.\> out of it" and gel up enough nerve to play. The manger has sem challenges 10 almost every team in soiilheasteru Kansas, bill up to (late lias not received a fav- Olallje allSWel. W ill .loin I11I.1 ('ani]i. The :ocai .M \V. .\. members who svill go to Cliaiiule tfiniorrow ii> attend the liig log rolling will join ihe lola crowd and go with them. It is liUely ihiil :'i large niiuiber will go, (las City has In the iiast made a good showing al the log rollings. Itirth. A son liiirii Sepienilier :;:;ril to Mr. and .Mrs. C. i;. Siniih of north .Main SI reel with fo .il. I'OR S.M.K— .lei.-, Hale. R. R. I iiH .Mr.- .lane FOR .S.\Li;—-A ikhi wat'iiii. -nllalile Ini dray or bmU-ier, C. 11. ICakin. (la.- City. FOR REM J' MIsoallanoous FOR RE.NT--Two riirni>lied rooms i in modern house :',"is .North Waln'iU. POLAR The Ftoc; 01 VMUtv Ev»iry s«ck guaranteed. W. M. dbenlorfl AGENT FOR RENT—Furnished room in modern house. .Noiili Sycamore. I'bone 1»;'I. I'OR RE.NT—Two downstairs sleeping rooms for men. :;i'; South Wa!- iiiit. FOit RIONT—.s room modern bouse. Cisiern and city water. See .Na/)ier and Osborne. FOR RE.NT—Furnished down stairs rooms for housekeeping. ulC South Walnut. l"OR RE.NT—I'm iii-lied room for iiiiPii auil wife or ladies. I'liniace lieal: absolutely modern. ol'i Soulli Ciii- born. FOR RENT—Two furni.-hed .-leep- Iir4 roome wiili baili. T":.' Easi .\lail- i.-on. I'boiie piL'. FOR Ri:NT-Fiiniisbeil r.iil .North .lellerson. FOR R 1; NT —Four n.oi NeUoii 1' .\<ers looms at FOR TRADE—C.ood South Third. ;un for bicycle. Distilled Water One hundred pounds of Crystal Ice will make 12 gallons of distilled water sultabla for family use. Try it. iQlalce&ColdStorageCo FRANK RIDDLE, M(r. LOST ami FOUND LOST - Iteiue.Mi Hiinilioldt and lola. -alchei eontaiiiiiiir bla<k ^ilk dress and and oilier artii-le.-. Leave al iliis uftice. FOR EXOMANOE TO E.\'CHA.Nt;E—I C. S. course in rnei-hanical engineering for gusollne rnginc. .sleam boiler or screw ciitllng lathe. Addrcfcs E. C. Itigalls, Rock- tlllc, .Mo. Us Economy To have your Carpets and Rugs cleaned hy Theioia Rof Factory fHONE S10. PERFECTION WICK OIL STOVE SAFE CONVENIENT FCONOMiCAL Ifyonrd-iUiTdnn'tbinie .t, writs U> TH= STANDARD OIL COMPANYj Evans Bros. Pmlmlm, Waflwwv. mmtimtmmm. fJdwMM— *mmMlmml ammmMmm, Ofnmm Mmmmtlmm. Where quality is main consideration, we buy the best. Where demands will justify, we carry all grades and prices. Wm SoUolt romf Ti^mBm. •OUTH SIDE SQUAM loll, KanaM. An Infant III. Tbe iiiie infant of .Mr. and .Mrs. Raniey of Concreto is ihou.glil to be in a very serious coiidilion. The little cliiid has lieeii very ill for some time, ll is not believed however, that the child will die. Itirtli. .\ lio> wa.i I MMII to .Mr. and .Mrs. Pat Tragan of Concreto. Horn 10 .Mr. and .Mrs. .1. 1. Iliinl a girl. Doiii fail 10 bear the converted lew ;i; the Sunday school room at ihe Soulli tias school house tonight. The VV.W JAII. lUUUS XMV. Kut Ten' •ri^. I'oiinl; .lail lias oners. There are fewer prisoners in the .Mien coiiiiiy jail than any tiini- since ilie |ire.-eni administration went into olliee. There aie now liiil tell people boaidiiig off the coiniiy at the jail and three of these. Sykes. Stephens and Tolsoii. will soon be taken to llutcli- iiison and Leuvenworih as sentences have heeti passed (Ml tlietli. \- \i >l (i| >pwspaiier .Man. C S. Suiion. state agent for llie Na- ilonal Insurance company wa.s in the ••lly yesterday afternomi looking after Ihe liiisine.-s of bis company. .Mr. .Sutton was si.v years ag;o one of the most noted newspaper men in tVe .Missouri valley. He was at one time city editor of the Kansas City C.lobe lie .-ides holding prominent positions oi; Ihe Kansas City Star and Times. He :I I M ( Was the western corrc.spon- deni for the New VorK Sun. W. H. ANDEBS09, Attorney-aULan. Notary and Stenographer la Office. Phone 456. • • • • i • H. A. Ewing, S. A. Gai^d, Gift. Oard • • i • EWIAG. fiAKD fiJBD, • •;• "Lainrenc '• • Practice In all Cowt& • • ! • 8% W. Madison. PbOM SSf. • • DK. MeMILLEX, • Special attention given to the • treatment of all Chronic Olseaa- • j * • es and Diseases of Children. • i • • Telephones: Office 32, Res. 232. • • Office in Mrs. Turner's Bldg., • West Madison. I • • • • Phone 554. Tola, Kaoi. ' DK. EDITH S. HAIGH. Office and Residence over Burrell's Drug Store. Office Hours—10 to 12 a. m., 3 to 4 p. m., 7 to 8 evenings. Sundays by Appointment. • • • Phone 687. Res. 701. » .DR. 0. L. COX, • Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. • Spectacles Properly Fitted. • Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. • . F. H. MARTIN, P^Cactice Limited to SurgeiT. 16 .V. Buckeye. Phone 57«. • • • • • Office Phone 1083. • DR. K. 0. CHRISTIAN. Pbyslcian and Snrgeon. Rooms 7 and 8. Evana Bldg. • I' Oistrlcl ronierence Will .Meet Here. The distiiel conference of the .Meth odist Episcopal <'hurcb will meet in La llarpe at the' cbnrch on Tues day and Wednesday. October 1st and L'nd. To get the disiriel conference In the city Hie size of La llarpe signifies strength of the church. It is probable that between two and three hundred delegate's will be in this city at the lime. This followed so closely by the Farmer's Exhibit which is to be held in this city on the :',rd and /h will mean an exceptionally busy week for La Harpe. The program for the conference will be printed later. The LaHmrpe tfmekei Headiiuarters for bargains the and Ith—Exhibit days. C. F. .MOOREHEAD. Propr. Jrd Buy Itepairs for Engine. .Morris Fallon, secretary of the International Hriig company of Ibis city yesierd.'iy went to City where be will liiiy tbe necessary repairs tp put their steam eii.gine in good nin- iiing order ag.-iin. The engine has been down for several days and up to yesterday tiiey were unable to get it repaired. It is hoped thai they will succeed. (iUIMKS SIBSTnTTK Ua* Foriiierl\ ( AKRIER. Business in Insnriinci' Here. .lames C (liiiiies is the new siibsti- iiile cii\ il carrier for lh«' local |(os!oHice. His appolninient is the re- -ult of ihe eNamiiialioii conducted by ritcieiary .\l l-Mlis a few days ago. .Mr. Crimes was formerly employed as .igeni for the .Metropolitan Insurance compaiiy here. He began work today. The olliee lias been wit bout a subsli- lille siii.'e .Inly. A Biir Suiidu) School Picnic. The Sunday school of Hie f'resliy- terian church will hold Ibeir annual Sunday SC I KKI I jiicnic at Electric park iievi Saturday. .Ml arrangements for a big time are lieiiig perfected at his time. It is likely that a spe;:ial car will be chartered to take the young people to the |iark. On all previous years this annual atfair has 4)een a grand sueces sand it is hoped that this year will be no exception. Friedley .Sold Out. Fox & Sons, of Liirned. Kansas, yesterday purchased the C. \V. Friedley clothing store of this city and will take immediate iHissession. It is likely that 11 will be closed out as soon as possible. .Mr. Friedley has not as yet decided what he will do in the fill lire. • t • I 'lione ;;;>:;. lowa HuiUlinp DR. GLTyS, Specialist. Bye, Ear, Xose and Throat Glasses Furnished. : DR. W. B. nKTLSICN. Phjsiclar & Snrgron. Office N. E. Corner of Sq'uara, Over K. C. Plumbing Co.'s Store. Res. Tel 38. Office Tel. 502. » * • • « • Office Tel. 234. Res. Tel. 234';4. • G. W. SHADWU'K. 31. D. • General Practice. • * Obstetrics and diseases of child- * • ren a specialty. • * Office over Steyer's Grocery. • * Hours: 9 to 12 a. m., 2 to 4 and * • 7 to 8 p. m. • • Res. Tel. 198. Office Tel. 163. • DB. J. IL PEPPEB, • Dentist. • fs permanently located over • E. C. McCialn's Clothing Store, • and Is prepared to do all kinds • of up-to-date dental work. Evening work by appointment. • * • • • • • • • DB. A. G. KOCH. Surgpon. Office over Post Office. Ofticc Phone 318. Residence Phone 83.. DR. L. TOZER. • lola Infirmary, SJ02 E. Jackson, We use X-Ray, Violet Rays, • Static. Galvanic and Faradia • Electricity with vibratory stim- * nla.tion in nervous: and chronic * diseases. Phone 386. * • Office Phone .111. * DR. LEYI J. XEWSOME. * Special attention given to the * treatment of Disease of Women * and Children. * Office—d03 Sontb Walnnt St • • • • - P. L. liathFPP. Mrs. Bessie CL Lathrop. OSTEOPATHIC J'llTSICIAKS. Special attention given to Diseases of Women and Children. Office over Our Way Restaurant Office 'Phone, Main 468. Res; 'Phone, 446. • ••••*••• »-m ••••••• * * * • .L L. BARNES, Attorney-at-Law. . 115 West Madison, lola, Kansaa. The Badge of Honesty 1» on every wra pi)er of Doctor Pierce's Gi)Uleii .M.-diciil Discovery because a full list of till' iiigntlients com|Hising it is priiitixl tliere in jihiin Kiiglisb. Forty years of experience has proven Itssiijierior ttiirtli as a bliHxl purilier and iiivigoratr ing loiiie for 1 lie cure of siimiach disorders and all liver ills. It builds np the rundown sy.-teiii as no other tonic can in wliirli aleohiil isu.-ed. The active medicinal priiicipfes of native TW\» such u Uuldeii Seal and Queen's root. Stone and .Mandrake root. Itioodroot and Black l.'lierryliark ar« extracted and preserved by the ii-.e of clieniicully jiure. triple- reliiii ll ({lyeeriiie. Send to Dr. R. V. Pien-* at Biiflalo, N. V.. for.frrr iKioklet which quotes e.Mracts from well-recognized medical authoritbs* such as Dr*. Bartbolow, King. Scuddey, Co«, Ellliigwood and a of othepa, showing that these roots can Ito liofKmded upon for their cnrativ* action i£all weak states of the stomach. >y indigestion or dy«pepsi& billoun or liver complaints asting dltedfea " where ther» esh and gradual running down itrength and system. .^•jTi;A'3g!JEEJgim?<0nL!JI h S / Jitit -Goldf n Medical D|tcoverv " mak I*^. ihroufli tliem. tha whnlti «y«f*n,^ Thus all skin affections, blotehea, pimples and eruptions a^ well as Hcrofnlons swellings nnd old open running sore.< or ulcers are riired and healed. In treating old mnnliiK sores, or nUers, it in well to insure their hnaling to apply to thfm Dr. Pierces All -Healing Salve. If your druggist don 't happen to have thi.-i Salve In ittock, send fifty-four cenf.n In pontaae stumiis to Dr. R. V. Pierce, Invalid^!' Hotel and Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N. Y.. and a large V«ix of tlin -All-Heallug .Salve" will reach von br return poU. You can 't afford to accept a secret nostril m as a sii list Uu ta for IhU non-a lenhol ic, medicine or axowx coMPOstTin.v, not even thniiffh the urgent dealer may thercbv make a llttl«> bigger protit. Dr. Pierce's Pleannt Pellets rfgnlata and Invigorate stomach, liver am) iiowels. Si -Kar-ioaUMl, tiny granules, «axy tu taka a* candy. Personals. L. K. Uiwrence. of Excelsior Springs, was in tbe city yesterday call lug on friends. . W. T. Harter of Kansas City.was in the diy yesterday on business .Mr. and Mrs. H. T. McCarty left yesterday for Nevada, where Ihey will visit for several days. M. O. Fowers of the western part of this city is on the sick list. gardins the invalid'', dl>-t. Callers at \Vetlanils today met at 1 he door by a nurse. She nn-re- 1.. said .Mr. Cleveland was "doing very well." and refused all otluj- 'nfornia- tion regarding tbe form T President's condition. lO FATARKH SIFFKREHS. Call on When tiecditt}; anything • in tdc jHwelry line. Good Ad»ice an<l Libenil Offer From a Well Known lolu Druggist. Chas. 15. Spencer has been advising all who suffer from any of the synip- toius of catarrh, such as olTensive breath, dryness' of the nose, pain 1 across the eyes, stoppage of the nose, j discbarges and droppings in the: throat, coughing spasms and general [ I South Sycamorn. weakness and debility, to use Hyomei. He LivingstQD £• 0> Contractor a mn4 BaQim. ^ All kinds of work a specialty Pfeoaa UM noes so far as to oiler to refund I — ( LKVKLAND'S D0( TOKS DISAGKEE T H *! of Tlieni itetirr From <'—Ex- President -Dolu).' Very Well." Prlnctton. Sept. 2."!. —B?cause of a dilTereiiee of opinion, if Is reported tiiat Ors. Bryant and Carnoshan who have been attending Crover Cleveland retifj'd from the case, ami Dr. Banks of N -w York has taken charge Dr. Carnocban and Dr. Bryant are .siiid to have di.sagreert as to who was p'operly in authority in the case. It is said their clash reaehe'l so acute stage that both decided to retire^ uniting in a requjst to the family of the distinguished patient that anoth t r physician be retained. Both of them lefKued today to make* any statement The head nurso also laft yesterday ll'.r departure created some xnrprls?. a.» she had staled that she would be here at least a month, adding that .Vr. Cleveland could not possibly recover under that JIme and that he would have to have extradinarily careful trratniem to be sure of getting up and about in a month. She packed up and went eysterday afternoon. It is reported that she ciiarreled with Dr. Carnoehan. Mr. Cleveland's Princeton physcian. re- the money to any user of Hyomei who! is not perfectly salislied with the re- .sillfS. Quick relief follows the use of the j H.voniei trealiuent: the stoppage of !he nose is removed, the dropping ceases, the luealli becomes pure and I sweei. and Hie catarrhal .uerius tire destroyed and their gro.wili |ireveni:ed. Hyomei is tlie suresi. siniplosi. (liiickest. easiest and <'lieapest way to cure catarrh. It does not drug and de range the stoniacb; it goes right to Hie seat of the trouble, destroying ibe calarrbal germs and healing and vital i-/ing tbe tissues. Co to Chas. 1!. S|ieiicer loday and buy a coiniilete Hyomei outfit for $l."ii with the understanding that if it does not give .satisfaction, your money will lie refunded. .-MI you have ti> do is to inhale a little occasionaily in the air COM breathe, using the pocket inhaler that comes with every outlit. when Ihe .syiiipioms of catarrh will riuickly disappear Try it. yon will be surprised and pleased, ;it (he results. T. B. Shaonofl Two Big Stores lOLA, KANS. nd.SII (» BROOKLYN BRIDGE. PIMPLES •'I irl.^lall tlnln of bl-i.I r-mejl»« wblrb t*M l<>.li> Ute anvicu-xl I fnnn-l tb* rlzbtlblaf Ki :.'\.t. My rjt—<vii« fut.i i>f pitiieifia %rid bluk* b'slH. .\ilfri...'. l"»-i'*r -t« tli ,-X»ni»fl. I C 'ltiiiltTic ih*. "'••» "f llrtiii aii'i r«comRi«fl4iliff th-iil t-, uiy lri»?ni<. I fe-l lini « hau I ri«« ia tb« m»rni>i]-. 'Uoif-j lu li«v« a chaDCfl to recosoMaa f 'rcd V. Wittro. Iftim Si.. Newark. N.J. Colllxloii Ciiused Blorkude of Traffic on >ew York Structure. .New Vork. .Sept. 'J4. —Several persons are in hospitals suffering from hurts received in an accident on the Mrooklyn bridge followed by one pf the worst crushes in the hisior' that structure. The breaking of a drawbar train resulted in a collision between two freight trains. The block Ing of traffic cau.sed a great jam at the .Manhattan end ^of tbe bridge and the police re.serve .H had to be called out to prevent serious trouble. Pln«*at. P»l«ubl». Pnl«iil.THt «6Aod .noSsaa, N*»r'SI<rlc<a. W»>i,.n <.r<nrip«. 10c. r33«<:.K«T«l Mill in bulk. T !i9 ii.ioiiiim tablsi itan^ii 000. QlMrant >te<1 to cure t.r yottr niunef back*' atatliiii Kennedy C)b, Chicaco OTff .Y. M Prominent Merchant Dead. | Chinese .Ulalster Kem»|M>I»tcd. Clinton. .Mo.. Sept. 24.—Charles Pekiu. Sept. 24.—The r £4S9 <^ntment Weldmyer. proprietor of several In- of \Vu Tung Fang to his foriter post dian stores in New Mexico, died here j as minister of China at Wa.TOingtoa last night, aged 48 years. jwas gaEetted today.! .^^^Hi

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