The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 24, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 24, 1946
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 24, 1946 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK'.) •COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN i Berlin's Barter System Explained Cigarettes Sell High in Germany, Newsman Discovers I>V I.Y1.K C. WILSON United I' Staff Correspondent BERLIN, July 24. (UP)—III violation ot all law except supply and demand I, strolled into n Berlin , -street, crowd mid sold for $1'J ^ Package of cigarettes which cos me 15 cents at SchuHc's Store Hlli and F streets In Washlng- lon, D, c. That was a black market sale at Mack market price. Witli a 11'.- tlc haggling i could have had 515 to $11 lor another package. I coiilc have disposed of a carton lor lip wards of $130. What. I received for my cigaret; was Mot dollars. It was mailLS- 13 of (hem. Hut the mark Is word 10 ccnl.s because Hie loin- power occupying Germany have agreci to that rate of exchange. For the marks I spent in Gcr many I had to pay 10 ccnis each. Hut facts arc that the mark actually isn't worth much of anything except for the purchase ct raliunni goods with fixed prices. nailer, therefore, lias become a foil; basiness in Berlin and generally throughout Germany. Tobacco Is both a luxury and a medium of exchange. The average German lias become n pack rat, hoarding all kinds nl food arm goods (or which he will Pay fantastic prices. The average German would prefer a length ot cloth, a shoe brush, a pewter goblet or what have you, to money. His hunger for tobacco is pathetic. His ration of 12 cigarettes monthly was abolished some ago. The German who pays the equivalent of $10 lo $15 for a package (;f American cigarettes probably intends to smoke a couple and ttuoc the rest. Two pucks of cigarettes •<* Heads WAVEs Divorces Cormlr. Joy B. Hancock, nssist- nnl director of the Women's Hc- scrvc. has been named director of the WAVEs succeeding Capl. ,lc;in T. Palmer, who will join the staff ot Barnard College. Comtlr. Hancock, of Wildwood. N. J., will become 11 captain when she assumes the new post. forever. Until recently it was possible lo a GI lo buy almost unlimited qunn titles of such scarce articles frou the posl exchanges in excliang for German marks. He coulci sell them instantly fo a hundred times their cosi, rccch ing marks wllli which to make iur ther purchases. Col. Frank Howlcy of Ihc four power Berlin Komniiindatura <:llc last August as an example. Aincr lean soldiers in tliLs area then sei home by money order approximate ly $3,000,000. The remarkable thing was tin the total American payroll lici last August \vns only $1,000,0110. The difference represented the t^>- flt from black market operations. Through a complicated system ol money control books and new issue of marks the Army no\v is brinp- wouW get him n bottle or wine iu i ng the G. I. black market spree """' ' " to an end. But the temptation remains enormous. Divorces Brunled recently throuiih the local office of Ihc Circuit Court Clerk: Cl. W. Kiiuuhl vs Katie Fiiuiilil; Drinclra Sjiruyberry vs O, I. SpraylM-rry; Monlell Meachan vs Millie Ann Meacham; Maml 'Illlinnsoii vs G. A. Williamson; uullne Johnson vs Paul C. John>n. Divorces recently filed bill not ranted: Violet Gamble vs Viriill amble; Curtis Miller vs Kiilherlue iller; John W. Robinson vs Ola ae Robinson; l^awrence llaharl Gokla liahail; Tlielma Amlrews Zepha Andrews; Eloke >lohn- v.s Parker Johnson; GCOIKC lollis vs Tliclma Hollls; llobert \(iolpluis Vail vs Tiietn Johnson all. Lemuel K. Flnley vs Hetty Louise 'inlcy; Lconn Hawkins vs Thomas ;. Hawkins; Ora Wilkinson vs 3alency Wilkinson; Oteluc Carney coi'BC H. Carney; Leona H. >fitshc vs France J. NlUie; 1). R Shanks v.s Lulu Inez Shanks; Arhur li. Taylor vs Junct Taylor; Villlam H. Wilder vs Norma Wilcl- :r; Ora Nell Clilsm vs Tom U. :;hlsm; joe Heath vs Llnnie Mac ilcalh. Clara AHmnn Pullen vs Alfreci Edward Pullen; Frances Olivia Ciri- naiid vs C. J. Grimand; Otis Watford vs Neva Watford: Fannie Davis v.s George 13avis; Mevcllnc rigBs vs Paul E. UrigBs; Gloria allopy vs Fred Gallopy; Charley Parks vs Laury Parks; Franlln ! Ciilini vs Iinariiie Gulun; Mary Jackson v s Albert Jackson; Nora Spradley vs Ebb Sprarilcy; Yolaiul Tyrone vs Elcuc Tyrone. Fcnchcf; Howard Saxton vs Marie Billie A. stewarl vs Mnrlln n. Stewart; Mary Sue Fencher vs Frank Deaton; Jcscpli Llnslcy vs Rsther Saxton; Hnv.el Carter vs Paul Cecil Carter; Fannie Deaton v.s Otis Deaton; Joseph Linsley vs Kether Officials Study Plea of Carriers Arkansas Commission Delays Decision on Hiking Freight Rates. lilTTMC HOCK. July ^4. (Ul't — Th c Arkansas I'ulillC Service Coin- mission hero today look under id- vtsement I he implication ol 33 steam railroads opeiullnj; in Ar- Llnslcy; William l.lndloy vs Nancy Llndley; lien fiaiTcll vs May Gur- rclt; Waller M. Shepard vs L«l- bertlii Shcpaul; Dailis Relasyk vs Alfred Kelasyk; f.coriu'llc Klrvin vs l-awrcnce M. Klrvin; Albert Mann vs Lorn Mann; UiMiu James v.s Hud Jumcs. liuth Wcb.sler v.s William WB!>- sler; Nugent' Ciirroli vs Mary Oar- roll; Lorraine White v.s Garland White; Mary Gladys Hill v.s (JharH'S 11. Hill; llnrvi'y li. Jiuni-.s vs M.lg- Blc Mae .lnmc.s; Thomas C. Moore vs Iris AUli'Mj- Muorc; Hill Coliu vs 1'ulsy Cobb. Kansas mmcsllng « six pur cent hike in ni[ ininistalu freight ralos. Kollo\tlng n day mid n half ot Icsllinony, commission (Jhalrnian <J. U. wine 'told (he nppllcauis lh:il h,. had no Intention ol "blindly folloKlnii" the lead of tlic Inlrr- pickup and delivery Ktnle Commerce Cimimisslon wlilch I m ( ,nicr wonls, such a U'in|H>rary incveasu lie July I. Thc 1CCJ 111 (Jht- has heard an iippllcutlon ot (hi- nallitn's railroads lor a lo the MX PIT cent Increase, but "we do object to iuithurr/.:illou by (his cuihmlsslon., .<>; Hint pot lion of III,. ICC report which iiulhuil", s a minimum rale of 50 centi per hmidrcd pounds foi' peruncnlKg service." i in MIIIV-I MiiiM.T, n;iid 'laylor, the short haul currier who pays Uss than 50 cenls per 100 pmmds liir must pay for plcki]|> anil ^f< per cent boost In rail's. Tin. Increase hi Arkansas \viis oppoM'd by several Arkansas Indi's- Irirs, chli'lly Hie brick and petroleum Inleresls and the Keynnlils Moial Co., liaiilers of banxiel. alu- mlim and ollu-r products for ntak- in« aluinliuim. However, us Clyde W. Flddcs. at. lorncy nn- the railroads, polnte<l out In tils closing .slalemcut. Hie Industries rcprcsenteil ilid not oppose a lienenil six per cent Increase, hut were asking that thi'lr siH'ciflc products be exempted from the boost. ' J. M. Taylor, assistant Irullic nuiuiger of the l.llllc Rock Chamber of .Commerce, told llio coiu- mlsslou (bat lie had no object Km n over- | delivery service, while Hie haul shipper paying more Hum a'lils receives such .service lice. 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