Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 24, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 24, 1907
Page 2
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9* a NOflTHRU^ ••ewid ViM#ml. Npnitiry lir tk OiM Stalls Stati If Inns AlleiCnuty A. L.^ iRUMBAUGH, CtthlCf; Established 1869. •Ileil Ink ii iOei Ci. MEUVtN FRONK, Caaiiiw. Assets $I,200,0M Gossip of Society [ Kcirln U'nrk on (iintRta. TIi«' tirsi work wlilrli tin- I'lnldtlail cbiiir <lii iliis tall isixi iiiastvr a c-iilllal:i. I I KIIIK I I I I K* |: Holllu wluir iiiK -cnaiii ihi' infriMfiuf lias lipPM cxiiroHKcd fill- \rai'\." nnv of (Jauls compo ^'iiioiis. . Tlu' |ii<|iaraiioii 16 iUfMMii Ibis oaijiata to tlic public will iicrojisarily be I DIIK and dillcciit so that il will probablv iicil lie p#(>- I1II.-<M1 iiiilll soiuo wliiTc m-av Tlianks- .!.-|vlnj.'. Mr. IloalilKliI wlm illrfcicd llu- rlioif lasi year will UMiiaiii wiili 111'- (MKaiilzatloii tills wllltlT. • •:• * rrofrnini Hi'furi' l.«H 'liiri'>. riil.< ypar just procediiiR I I H' amat- tiiiti proptT at (he V. .\l. ('. A httiiit 's then" will bi' a brb'f pr(i;;rani nl imisic Kivfii by local iiiiisirlaii>. It is always aniirt'ciatod l« an audlotu-o whpii ihi' ('VPhlii>; is thus vailed and UiC i 'ii;iMtaiiiim 'iits will proiiahly I M- popular. Mr A. I- HoHtri?;b' will di- rci'l tlio iiiusic. + * + l.mir folk PMr(>. .Mrs. 11 I,. Stewart. :!nT Irwin streot, nave a party from live until elKlit oVIock yesterday for Iter «uri lUiyil. The lentb Inrthda.v <ii' the little ho.<t was the o <'<MsitHi for the eele- bration and the guests etioixd .uaiiies and a luneheoii at six oelotk. .Mrs. Jrwln was assisted by Mi-s .lessie I'OfiK throuKhout the hoiiis. "f V Het-eiitiiiii Coniniittee .Met. On Kriday eveiiin»r ilierr «iJ lie an unusually laiRe and elaborate vereji- tlou lor Dr. and .Mrs. lli'selier at the rresbyterian <'hnivh. Tin- l «idie .s' AV<irkinK society coniiiilllee and lei)- resentatlves of the Ili-otherh<iod met with Mx: and -Mrs. Uobert .\spiiiall last evenitlK and partiallv coinplied the details. Mr. iind Mrs Krank llitldle. Mr. and .Mrs. H. S. A.splnall. Mr. and .Mrs. .\. V. I..«'inasters. and .Mrs. AVin. Davis and .Mi>. II. A Kwin;; will •eeelve the eoiupany. • • + l.ildies t(» Sene iiiiiiiinet. The .\id society of the I'irsi \i. K. eliureh will have charRe ol the dinini: room duriuR the lawyers bani )Ue; which will be Kiveu ou Thiir.-day. October :!. in I O. O. K. hall. Tbi' menu will be in a number of courses and will be served by a I'oininitii'f from I lie society. .>lr>>. ItedDiltenr Kiroieriiii;. Mr.s. K. K. UenjsberK wt ;.i hiiv; \ieiMi verj HI for the past week Is iiiurh itn- Iiroved today. • • -J- Ser»«' fHniirr on .>l«iida.«. The I^tdies' ,\i(l of thi- Christian church will serve dinner in the I'ryer bnildinR on next .Monday. I'ii" -oi-ietj is at present soliciliiij; ".or \Uv ariides needed for the dav. + + * I oniinic and (ioinir. ,\lrs. Merman Tholeu returned from Wiehita this morning. .Mr. and .Mrs. Harmon Hobart and •.Mrs. .1. D. .\rnett are in I'oil Scott today. Miss Cora Kdson. Miss Certriide .M- cock and .Miss J'atterson of Chanitte will be snests of Mi<s .\!;n <-s .Munson and Miss Ha 'ttie Kronk .on ;>iiiiday and . Monday. • . • .Mrs. O. R. ISushfleld will speml the week end in Kansas City. .^lr .s.- Phila Stevenson- has ;;one to her home in WicbiiH afii'r a vif-it with^her parents. .Mr. and .Mr.-=. II. U. Stevenson. .Mr. and .Mrs .\pwton Ciiahani who havp been visiting in I/cHiint for the past^wo weekH have leiurneil to their home here. Miss Blanche Ponsb-v is home fiou »ti extended visit in .\"onh Dakota. .Mr. Bd Thlbeit of Carlyle. K (iitMrk> is visitnp his brother Mr. C.i-.i. Tall»en. Miss Kloy Housi'r is |ilanuiii;i lo ac- ••nmpany .Miss .<>av(niai CI .Min to her home in McCIoutli for a vUit .Miss C.lynn Is at present visitinK Dr. and Mrs. C C;. Glynn .^ll.-.s .lusephine Kiddle will In- home fiuui a twi» weeks stay in Lawrence tomorrow. * •> -S.\ Danrlnir Clnb. -M 'OUt thirty bo .vs who ari' very uiticli interested in haviii:; a lew «ood lime dances this wint.-i hav,- decided to form a club for the sea.suii. The membeis will In- UMK^I- who lornierl.\ comiKjsed the ICdipse clu!> and the C.ood Time dub. The Oances will be Klveu fortniKhtly with the otehestra or a band In attendance The date for the (list dance will b.- (leci.jed ii, few days w->»»ti tlic- liois n-,..,.- (., rauKt! iill plans. '> •:• •:• . OriilieoK rill I. Hei'Mntr. The membors of the Orp'ieus flu! "ill have a reh,>arsal at thi- home i>{ Ml. Georse \V«it.. on Tluir -ila> evi D I DI;. Libbey Cat Glass! A large and beautiful assortment just received. Will be glad to show you. Sewall, Ihs Jeweler 104 North Washington. KILLED HER CHILDREN U un Straufcled Throe ami Then Went lo Trll Husband Uho Was at Work. lJulfalo, Sept. ::l.—.Mr.s. Hcrtlia .Munra. aj.'ecl 21. early today slraiiKled her lliici. children, ased cipln and two years, and three montl'.s. to death. Then sh<' went to the railioail yariLs wh.-rc her husband Freder"icl> .Muiida. is employed as a member of the \> re^-kin.i; crew and inform>'d him ol her aciitiii. Miv. .\liitida was placed niuler arrest. I-Dr lietter Motets.. ToiH 'ka. Seiii. 2'.'.. —Thi- e<unuierc!al ttaxelcrs of the slato lia\e perfect- i\i plans for a better iiotel scr vice, and each ni'Jnber of tile rniled Commercial Travelors is expected tit liiaU.' hiliiseir a coniinitte<,> of une to report any case of niisanitiiry eoudi- ilon> that he may encounter. Thes'. complaints will then be assemliled by the grievance comHtee. <-ons stint: of 1! ;•" ."<liu:uante. Kcani-r Blllard. and .1. ('.Will, aiiii reported lo Dr. .1. S. ('Miiiibin .. -ieeietarx of ilii' stall- boar.l of liea;C.i. A c reuar leiii r .>eiii out today 'O evij -y eiiiniiierc'.al traveler in the slate reads, ill part, as follows: "I'erhaps .M)U are not aware that may Kit honie valiiiible 'as.-istaticii throuBh the pure food lav. passed a"? till- last s •ssion of the state le;\V!;)lure, but > (lit are aware of I '.'e Vet that some of the hotiJs and restau- raiil.-- at which place?; you ar" coiupell ed to stop, are not in a saniiary con (lit ion. and that we may fxi -i i^rMoii a^aiti.^t ll ;eiu through and by rei ;ula- t 'on ami s -ction " of the Kansas pur.> food and cliii^ act. which reads i'.s follows; "Kvery place wb":.. i ;iii -s. foods !)• food lu-oducts are nuinuf.-ictured. p 'epared. stored sold or olTe;ed for sale, shall be renuired to be K.-pt in saniiary condition." ".\ny person who shall violate an.v of till, rulev and reiiulatious so made end published in the official state paper, shall be ilcem •<! :j;uilty of a misdemeanor and On conviction shall be punished by a fine not excei'ilins; I II imprisonment in the county jail or both, in the. discretion of tiie court. "Ytui know it is R liowlinc; shiinre lor an intelligent tiiid iip-todate body (if men. such as the eonimerciiil travel ers to be conipelleil to up tupwitll th nith. and dirty surroundings of and at idaces where tlun- are oblig«/i to luoji. Now all that is asked of thi boys is. that when th.'y find them yelves up against those conditions, to at once notify tin. local Kreivance com uiitteu n. K. Shiimante. ehairnian Reamer Rillard and .lohn C W'-iti. an:: iliey in turn will notify.the proper an I'^orities appointed by th • state, and >ou uiay res' a;-sureil when i' is U] to tlieni they will m't the pro|ier r<' siill.- •• Baok Oomh» Solid Void and Kold Filled, mounted In both eluhorale and plain dPNl ^ru.s. .Prircs from 7*>c to $IO.<HI. McNElL BROTHERS. THCJCWetCRS. WALLS OF WELL BAYED Work ou Ilt't'i* W'-eW »ar frime ern Smelters DelajtMl. IWV, DK.M.VMI FOit K.WS.VS FISH. The walls of the dt .i 'p well which j is buliiK drilled east of th.* city near j the Hrlme WoHlerii Smelter No. .:. cav IM; in yesterday. neeesKltal Ins anotln dulay in the prosress of drilling th w:dl. It will be necessary to pii part of the casing and rim out an then lower the ca.-jin;: aKa'n. To this will probably take theni sever; weeKs. do K. U. WAS LEADER .stale The Half .Million Trodured at the iiatfherj .\ot .\earl) L'uouxii. Topeka. Sept. 21.—Close to h>f^ a lilillion will be the product ol the Ktiiisas hatchery this year, ac- rordluf.' to the estimate of \V \V. 'I"rav- is. state llsh and name warden. I( a few days, however, he wiil be;;lti net- tini; the bsh readv for distribution. On j . ' !y black bass and crappie are ^rowii 1 'opeka. b.'pt. I'l—A slutei„eut oi for distribution. ''I.', lenislaiive appropriations, expi-n •I have a stack of applicants tor { ,|i(,„ .-s and unexpend'-.i balances lisb :is liifjli as .Miur head." siiiil .Mr. I,, , , r .i •• i Travis today. -I could many times j ""' f'" >''"'• lisli than I can produce at Ihei-'"" liiiuTsilj Secured HlfrliCNl liropriatloii La.vt Year. more liatcher.v. I am jioiuK to ir.v and till every one uf these tipplicaiiis. not with the full amount by any means, but I will try to K I VC every applieant some (Ish and in the lU'oper proportions." cili/.eiis who have ponds on their farms, private lakes, or who wtinl to slock si reams are entitled to some of Ihe lisli. The stale levies a ta.\ on liiinlei's and this money is iisi in •.;rowiiin lisli and stockiu'4 ponds anil .streams of the state with (i.-h an' disii iliutiiifi aanie turds. .\li-. Travis •iaiil toda.\ that tin revenue from tin department would be ciil down this on aecoiinl of nuiny liiiiitcrs not takiii-.; out-licenses. ;is a license waJ^ iioi iieeessary when anyone wanted ti hunt raldiils A fi-w Kaire birds niav U' ilistiibiited this year. ll'UT of year was issiiei! toilay from .STAM»AI{» HOOKS t.ONK. KeUoiTL' Waul- Tlieni fur Kihleiici Atniiii>t Comiiati.t. .Vew Voik. Sepi. :.'l.—Two boukx nliieli it i.-< supposed would show the •stock trausactious liy which Ihu SUnd ard Oil com|)aiiy of New .lersey look over the control of nineteen other oi' .••ompanies formerly allied with Ihi Standard Oil company of Ohio caiiiiol found, and they are wanted b\ Crank It Kdlou«. the ;;o\ ciiinieir coilllel .Mr Kellofj.u bom'- In ih> books III prove that the Standard ol .\ew .lersey is really the reoi«ani/.a tion of the conipatiy which was ills -;olveil by the uovirnnietM litleeii aso for the llle;jiil restraint of trade. h. I . FHKSHMKX .MIST WAIT. Uiii} tpjier Clah^nien I'erinllled In Ilie \cns|ia|ier Course This Year. SILVKR LF.\F. Rereiier for .New York Itallroad. -New York. Sept il.—.Iud}:e I.aeoin- be. of the federa'l court, today appointed .follne and fKmclas Robinson receivers for the New York llailwav eotapany. on a joint application of the .creditors and officials of the company. r t ifaiy There! "Where are you going?" . "Goings after a .sack of Um 'S*^hlimmt Fkmr. wife won't use mj^tiiing else " There i., ;;riat need lor .i -ood rain ill this iieiuhborhood .Mr. Hanks is l eioveriiiK lnuti ^pe'l of tonsililis. .Mr and Mrs. .Sears of were 'deas.ini caller.- ai .Mr. Oiirley's Sat- •ilda.i eveiiin::. .Mr. and .Mrs. Kan's many friends of Ibis place are very sorry to learn iliat they contemplate moviiiK away in the near future. .Mrs. Wenzell and I'aul have, mtiirn- ed from Neo.sho Kails after a few days' visit. ThM Tonch That Heah. Is Ihe touch of Hueklen's .Vrnica Salve. It's the happiest combination of .\rnica flowers and healing balsam.s ever compounded. No nvatter how old the sore or ulcer is. this salve will lure it. For burns, scalds. cut.s. vounds or pilen. It has no equal. Guaranteed by all drnjrKists. 2 ."iC. Help the stomach to take care of a hearty meal by strengthening it with .Ml-o-na. No distress or Indigestion if .von use .Mi-o-na. .'.lie a box. Sold under guarantee by C'has. B. Spencer. For best ni4 qnlHmt resHit* IM the R«gi«ter VTaat eohnn. Law reiiee. Kas . S.;pl. -I. —I'resli- iiien will iioi he iiiemliers of ihe joiirn jlism class in ilie Cniversity of Kan< this year. The directors of the course. C. .M. Harder of .Abilene inei he class for the-opening session of he term today. Twenty sophomores md twelve seniors arc enrolled. It was found tlitit freshmen coming directly from the i)rep:iralory schools lacked the training in rhetoric- and wriliii.g that was needed in newspapet work. This year the sophomores will have had one year of work in he Knglisli department and li is believed that they will be better pve- uared for actual newspaper writing. The class has grown in numbers with each year and is in this, ith fourth year, niiicli larger than was ex pected. as the change from freshmei !o sophomores left out several members who intended entering. Lectures '.vill he given during the .vcar liy western newspaper workers. SIEI) 0> MKAT HII.I,. ( ndah; Would ("ollt^t *'J7.'>.I7 K. K. (irovcr. From The Ciiilaby I'aekiiig loiiipaii.v iliroiigli its local agent II C. Gates, today brought suit in district court III recover $:;7.'..I7 from IC. 10. Grover of this ciiy . || Is alleged thai be b[iii;;hi '^iioiU from the company ii- that anioiini but failed to p:i> loi iheiu It is alo- alleged thai he ha? ell Ihe community. I'OC.Nfi—Lady's grey jacket belonu' ing to suit. Owner can have s.iiiie l;\ ••ailing at this oflii'e and pa.^ In:; to: this notice. Ihe Stat- aiiililor'.'--. oflice and .show ill totals the following: .Vinount aiiinopriated. ...$L'.i;lu.Jn, .Vmoiinl expenilMl 'J .•ii':t..'<:ir ..."i I liexpeniled l.'alailces ... l:;ii.:;T!l. I The slate tiiiiveriiy was the leailei :i the amount of appropi iatioii. gc iiiig $2ti7.lii". which was all i xp.-nd •d. Tlie state iii .ui'entlary was next w:tli *l!t!*.:'.M .i'i;. wliicdi was all spent '•lit $rj .'iS. Third in line is the Osawa omie hifrpit .'ii. wilii $in:;. li;j ..-.!i. which sum $7.Stm is unexpeiiiled. Th ropid <H hospital is next with $171' -.Itl.ll'J. of which $'J".l".i| is idt. Th .Krictiltiiial college is liftli. with $1.'!1 "."pii or tlii.s appropriat'oii 5s ;i ;!.7"J iiiexp'.tided. Tile !ndiistr:al ref'riu • tory is next, with I L'.S .;i.",ii. To print ng is next iliargei: $ |IIS.N T 7.' H I. of vhilicli $i ;i .niili is s*:;' iinexpeiiiled The expenses 111 the Stilte olllcef iiii in this wise: .Vmlitor, wilh an ippropriation of $ri ,tiUCi, all expend •il: attoru'.y general, with an appro- irialion of $1 I. N"!.'..'.'>'. a balance of %2 |.">;:.:JI still unexpeMiled: goM -rnor's lepartiiieiii. witji an tippropri;' ion of "IM v::'..:'S. a Imlam-e of '.'"';. still eft: insurance deiri!ii'.eiil. with an i |'pro|irlation of $l'l'."."u. tin iiii. xpend •.I balance of $l'..-j ;;i ;.el; .-lat- nip..riii 'enilent of piildic iiu^iruction. with an ippropria'ion of * I ."I. I (M>. has :i I tilaut iif $2;ii!.L'<': stale rreasiirer. wii7i an ippropr;atiou of $r .',.liiu. m, 1 alancc '•ft: bank c'linmlssioner. wnl: MI aji •iropriatioii •<" -fis."!!'.. I,;;s .i i ; nuci It co^l .>T7i;4 .i (<, .,1.11 i:,-. ;. ij.vd of >ealili. I I't'Ie uiore ilioi liail the ap !.ropr:aii Ml f ..i liir (n(\ •>,•'•( e of prisoners. Sl .rCO aiain a li !:i» nion hail hall" :'i" aii: • e ''i'e tish varden's L-pi: ie|'.::i cos: !i.-).S..St; iboiit .%':;'i .'e--;, ih.r.i 'he .ip;ir. ] nation The liv,. R?T-,.- .!epa;!m'r.-. -Ti.n 'tn .ll )f ..l.;'il."> Ie-;s ili:in tin I ; r •priat ioii riie lab.;:- ci:!.ii.'r t ;'iiie''s i jartliieni bad an IUM • .pi i.-itir i i .-N."!'! and has a balance <if $|ii-. An aiipropria lion of $LiMiO was al! s|ieni in niarf: ng Ihe Santa Ke ra!!. Tile oiricial state paper got ^.S Cl'l. ""I. oui of an tippropriation of Sll.r.oo The oil inspection cost the state $:>.I',;>.:.!<. leaving a balance of S .-,'j;> in 'he appr'ipriat'on. The .^l .iiiiii apiiro- uriatPil for thi. poultry assoct-.itiou is ill chec'red out. The printing :i|i [iro nriaiion was $lo,S.S77. of which $i ;i. iilx.l!:: is stil: unexpeiuied. The traveling llbrarV:: appropriation of -^.'...snu is all chec'.ii d out. The largest reiiiaiiiine unexiieiided Jala nee is to tii'. credit ol fTie Topeka Slat- hospital and is $L 'ii .l!il 'I 'he small .Slate lios|iita!. and isSL 'ii.iii! The ap P'-opriation was J17 :;..'!n.i ;L'. The small est I'emHlnini: balance Is $l.lli. and to the credit of the sii |ii 'eme coiiii, whose apiuopriation was $IS.2 .sn .0I Ileirlsirr Want Ad«.. Ic a Word. Fall and Wioter Millinery A Grand Display of all Up-to-Datc Milliuery. Ladies' Street and Dress Hats, Cbildren's Hats and Caps. Ladice are invited to inspect our stock. MRS. E. PEFLY, MILLINERY PARLOR 108i East Madison. Opposite Marr's Bakery CRABB SAYS: We have long had a reputation in this locality ol filling pretcriptlon.s wilh the highest quality goods that could be secured, and in filling them in a way which tnet with the approval of the entire medical profession. The same carehtl work will ce continued in the lu- itire. The same high quality goods will be used that have been used in the We solicit your patronage IV. L. Crabb, Tetaphone ^76 Proaorlftllon Orugglmt Dr. J. F. Jameson (iU.VIH VTK AK TIOM;f:i{. (iK .\m .\TK VKTI;KI.\.\I{I\> STEYEIP* GROCERY H«adquart«ra ftr Good Things to Eat. Tele|)hoile 139 Home Made Sausage of all Kinds. Cash- Paid for Poultry and Hides ' OTTO HINZE, UTTO-DAFE MEAT MARKET IIJ liast Madison IVdigrecd I.iw .Sliirk m.t s|ieriult.^:| Sales niude anywhere. Sutlsfaetlon giiiiriiiileed. W rile or see me for dates, terms, etc. Veterlimr> culls answered I d«y or night. Oilire «Hli Uiiuglnss [ llro.s. 'I.iterj. Oflice phone, i:!. lies.,; iliO. lolu. Kuiisiis. Fryer Bros Can Cut Down Vour Grocery and Meat Bill :: :: :: :: :: TcIN ciKn.s iiKi{.\M) i .s III;I;K. .VIiiiiil >en .\t(rarliiins Milh Ihe Korepnilifll-Sells Shows. . il is btii necessary lor you tc. ;;ive its a iiial order on groceries, ; atiil nie.iis if yon wapl to dcmon'' .••trale Ilie f.ict thai joti will save , money bvf jitircharitjg from us. Was there ever a lieniid uur -be! , VVV have the chylccst o/Staple iiinn who aniii.unce.- iiie api.n.ieh ,,r I-ind fancy groceries;' We make n the circus'.' Was iiiire ever a iiiiu e ,Up(.cialt\ of Catering tO ihc fastid- randiloi |uent iiiieraiiie ihaii hi.^-.'Was ^,1,.^ housewife who wants tbose there ever a herald «l.o heard hule extras that go to makeup an more wtNin^f.v or who held his .iiiili- - ... " •. , i.- , exceptional dinner and which arc ence more surely'.' lie comes out of iie iviiiier wiili a su|)erb conlideiicc: he move-; l.ris!;i.\: lie iail;s bo illy, li-' proelaiiiis ihe woiiilei.s of his U'lit..- in •oiiviiicin;; siiperl.itives ICv i yhody reads hi.s iiroclamations and I'.ractical- ly (-veiyl)iidy vespmiils Willi a deter-i iiiiii'Mon to aiieii'l. Tbeii- 1.-^ in ii a | )ie:i;:iiil am ici ion for :ill — t''.r tin- .oiin;; heean.-e the e\iieiie'ue i.^ ne.v ml tor tlii.Ke H ho are oldei- l,ie:!ii.--< of Ibe nieiiiories .-iw.iUei:ed - ;he nieui- iirie^ of a ini\' or uiil v.'Iio \e.ii..; a,-o before ilie liiillioartN ;:!id niar- voleil al Ibe t;;,l;,iiiiliar a'eiiirils and lerol.'.'ilie I'eat.-^ tli*'re. pierjii'ed. whn slonit in lb" ibrnllL; npoll llie slreet ml saw I lie parade ;;o li> and ubo Liter saw the realiiy from si Iiard- ariicil seats under llie caiiva.-.- The eii-cu.-. like loves s:ori. is olfl j nil ever new. ba.-ehall i., the n:i- ioual sHoi!. ilvo eiriMis national iniiiseiiieiit. It i- a |)nri-i> denioerat- I SO hard to find grocery i-lore. in the average FRYER 3R05. Cir»«"< ry and Meat Market PhoiKS 3C8 and 301 Santa Fe IC iiisi iruiioii. ;;iviim alike I'.^r ilu same pri''t,' lo the rich and tiie j.ofir mil holdiim tliem ;il! m ;!;•• .-.ime thrall ol e\|.,.ci,in<-< .nid v.ond-i- I- lUi.^ UOIli- on so ',nu~ ;il:0 !l|e'i> .'••<\}. o be no rea.^MK w]'^' if .-b"ii!d i;"f II forever '';e Ail.iin i "()re !ia ;i ;;|i •iii -iliiri '-d .-^iiow.-- « hieli lo'a .M 'Midr . Sfpiein- iMiiinres rl,;;i I I K- |,i-r- ' e:ii- vvli'M.. ]-.Maiii!!r-' • !'e;il 11! 'li |i: ••Violl'-- ' •e.-elll lieu atlll .-.'ait - I oept. I'l to L '.S St. .loseph, .Mo., return limit Snjii. ::i» $6.50 .•^ept. L'l to t)it. r. Kaiisas (Jify, Mo., return limit (Jet. 7 .• $4.10 rii -I ami Chaiiiiti' Kas., return litiiit Sept. -i; 70c epf. L'l; and L'T (berryval.e. Ka;-;.. re- I'ltu limit Sept. Jl.Sd Ti;e bera'il ei Sells liroiher.; • ex'iilliit in Ihe :;iitli. an oriiiance this he iiiiere-.: sea son V will |.i .-'epl. L'.^ to Oet. I lara limit (i <-i. Wi Oct limit ')ii. 11' I urn Mo (Ill T..pel:;i IJ •hila. Kas , re.. ^ $4.00 Ivi ;. return . .. •' $o.tjp lo \:> Kan>.is C*.>. .Mo, rc- limii <iet. :L[ $4.10 im ae> tile SI !• ( a I'll iv 111 I'rou! •t p ..'I . av" i '.:e :ini uili aiei :ii:::ii,- luaii pr .ivi iie-i riiii tba- .'1 l »0 IT >U\\. Send llie •. li:-! ,,f yiiiii larni. it' vmi want 111 sell il W. !•: S'arlis. oHiie over Iowa Store. Oiin v.ay second cia:.s ^ololiist rates !o Calil'oriiia and the N'<)rlhwest on '.'ii'.i' Sijiiteniiier I to Oi-.oher ol. iu- ilnsive. I':e,i.-.e sei' US for ratcs, stop over pi ivilciiC.i and so; fyrth. W. K. KalsioD. Acent. V lliiniiiiie Appeal. .\ liillnaiie citizen "t Iliibrnoiid Ind .Mr. r 1>. Williams. loT We i .Main S: ays: 'I ajipeal to all piisi>ns weak lunirs to take I)r. Kint's New Discover.*, the only remedy that has '.lelpfil me vind fully comes it)> lo the proprietor's recommendation. ' It saves more iives tliati all other throat •jtid liinu remedies imt tii!;r-tlie]-. I'sed IS a cinith and cold cure the uoi!i| over, ("iiies asthma, bronchitis, croup whoopiii;: coiiu'h. i|iiiiisy iin;>rsetie.-.~. ml phthisic, stoii.^ heniorrhases uf, llie hums and liuilds them ii)> (iiitir-| antceil at all driiKSitits. .-I'lc and .$l.u(i. ; Trial boi'le free. Doe« your "To-Let" bign wait ahnutT \ tenant, etc? Hardly. It's just nailed up on the door casin?, and i;oine peo- Dle see It while naost people don't -And you wonder why nolKidy wants such an ideal house. Somebody doe? want It, arid wants It now. Give a <ttle apec'.ric Inforniatlon through ibf Register real estate CO V IIUBB and Does It tell people where yonr vacant taoum is, and bow many roonia it has, and Just how cozy It in. and how ekeapir TonV-offer «t to a gllt -«<lg(. Toall probabl/ find tlias waMbody right »w«7. _ Special for .Wednem' day anarhiilfmtlmy Our buyer lias been 'tf Kansas City and we now have just rrceived a big shipment of all kinds of. Fruit. 'Vego- !ta!):es and such as can iJe had in the market at Kunsasj fit.v. For today and h'atiiiday we will have tpe following: Itelll'ower .\pples.. . : . .New York Pippcti .\ppies. Tokay Crapfs. nine iJamson I'liims. (Ireen (;a;;e Plums. Danana;. Oraimes liocky Ford CantalopeV .Terse.v Sweet I'olatoes- I'lesh Toiiiatops. \ . Fu;;p!ani. l';irsiiii>.i. ." • '•reeu and Wax Beaa.V liadishes. lieets. I'ie riant. Vegetable Soii [i biinche.-' lllue Grai>es. Itespectfully'.- A. O. MtJMMA. For Sale Cheap, Good Parm and- Ciiy Property. See the ^ THE JATHAWKEB iAITD CO. fo| quiclc reauUs. Old ;Coart Hooac^ 1 Iola,l»m^^ \ I. v.^:

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