Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 5, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 5, 1908
Page 5
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Announcement ng: October Ibtj, wrt will have solicitors call on llie citizens of lola, in the!interest of our SAVINGS DE- P.A RTMENIT. They will lie antliori/.ed to receive and receipt for dejwsits, and will alp be supplied with SA\'INGS BANKS, which will be,civet) FREE to any and all deppsi- tors who open an account to the amount of ONE DOLLAR or more. ! All <lepo3ilor.s ivho have already opened savings ac- coimts with! us are entitled to on« of these new banks, which will be delivered upon presentation of your Pass Book. We sim])!}- ask that our solicitors be given an oppor- tuuit}' to picseut to you the inauy good features of our Sav- iui^.^ J)eparlnienl, and when thoroughly understo -'Kl, we Icnow the result \|ill be inrtually beneficial. THE lOLA PAUT MCBSTEB. HOITOAY TTEmC. QCTOBCT K im. pn want the latest and nicest ards on the market, get them ndis drug store. Visiting His, Family. I 'Uiierfou. who has b»-<-n SiBte Savings Bank lota, ! Kanmmt Oppn liuiu 7 to S p m. S.iturdays and Pay Nights Visit \v I A. H.' worUn;^ h»-ie in th<- iiitt-rtL-st of tht? Natiijual Annuity association, vr^nt to lola o<la> no<>n. to visit his faniilv.— eii .tliyvalt K^i.iit.!i<-an. Dr farm lias AiiDooBrPDiPnt Siiroliffe wlshps to Inform his r j.atrons ati<l the public that he '*>stini»'i! th'» RPHTal prarticp of tnndilliiio. comlilnin^ ft wltlr surs<*ry. Ofllr^ hours IM to 11 a. ni. 1 to S and T to IS p. m. M lion Use Ir ^o. 7 Flour .1 farn:. : r...i: K. A\l:Ar V. I- \'. PRODI cK Short Stories Ida Happenings llr. J, \i. IVpjM^r. nintlst rnone 1«3. I ! MvGov .jn Use* Bloodhounds. ;..v\ .1';. ii'!;> vwiI'ltT. Fryer Bros. I,. ; tt. . ti I raiK. :.l i::..-,;.i,i ..; li' Mr. •Hi'l . to > •1)^ .-illI. ;:<«> Evans Bros. ]f>afn(«, Stmtltttm-y. pilm BImak Baakm •knd aiamm School Supplimm Typrntrftlmf SuPittlma, MfcMtpct Snntilt9m Oft lam atioollm* Where qutltl? \* mjdn conil*- • eration we buy the be»t. 'Where ; denm.i.'f wll) juwlfy, «• carry. a!t rndet and prlCM. 8*aU SMe S<]scr«. lata, Cau. i .i. 'i. !!• i:o-.>- 'til i! I! (Ill- > liiia: i'li; • of —Frank S. Peatfle. V. S. Phone 139. A r Mason on Partner Case. • 1 -f I at NT.-!.:. IV nam.- is Par>• v .<.',l III iiw ;•( .A asrn 1.- .-Imi a wo rui'inii..! f'.'v. ai.ii ro!.''-0 . ; 11 .!;;..;.,.11,.1 ill.-- Tti- l...l!i-o • VI..;;: ciLir -j .M >n.i .-s liiint- fr '..".i-.i :i .:.:fj-..I h- -.vas :!T^c v.r,.!.-r ih.- uaai-' of .Mif.^Ie.— \ Emporia; Cazptfe. Parlior tiov.r rr- b';.;. vi.-'.t.-'. \\-r- i!ia:iy J Your Choice j Ktntiu 'lv.v .iV ! IHI (.iU\i(N \Ms| I \MI Ut I I \\\\\ .\ .»v; i». J, D, THOM Painior and Paa^r Hamgef SaritaFe — a:-t!'v.r« t.1 eit at Or.r Way. •Red- (I' Had Vcney. ; is . ••:'.ia,;v .r I '.u '.v .IS nniiu- \ :--;r , .;.! !•.< IS!.'' a I, •.«• • w i; . Ill:; l.ii.s! !:.; ! iU.iUiV. Pcrioiii- !• tl^<- uriiir wa.-* ii". > V'M ^^!.!lHl; vali.fs afl-T si-ho«M, ln« I \<T sil.. I -.i 111 .1.1 i;. I. ft. n. .1 M'l- Vi .Mil li.' 1 \ .T >a.n w.M.l of iM'. •• if ..• •• II !"i:ti — Drs. Lathrop. Ovteopatbs, Pfcone 4«8. I aliltirnia. Vrl/.ma. J {<•. Dailv until ( .s;<i.<ifi ir'>t.i \i,Uu Ka<. Mi'-s 2oe Atchison Spo>>e. • • ••;,.!> u ,1- c;,!!. ,1 '11 iir.i'T a' • - • i .i:.'.-r:.'.">ii liv ih- iir< ; •• •r '.111.- Mi>< 1.-' Kv:iii-t..ri. 1!! . •—l ih" . x-r< i- -- 7.yi- .V !ii!a. i-'V- "\" ^•"'r.-tar^-. }!..•.> of fa).!'.v.-ll. Ka-s. :;i 'A'" f'itti : i!-':ii!:ii:!jr. Mr*. Faust Back. s. .S. A. Kaiist r<,-turn»td to h«T • in lola Kriilay aftvr a vi.sit at hi)m>' of SatmiPl Pa!m»'r south • if town.—Hiirlingtun Kt-jiubliran Anto Garage and Repair Shop for all !kliiil.4 of repairing. Intomotilie \h^h. Phone &9S. mil. i;.-.. III! aiKl It N5i in l.-iri t'li W .tisi \ ii stah Farmers, Attention, '!'•• <r.ii.|'itn; '.a.-;..n iliavv.-; lo >•', il i- to'ioiuiti}; •li.l'iil iliat 1 .r crops of al! Kiinis .a»" raisi li than w>r>' lioind for in l-arlv |i,irt of lio- s.-ason. .\ i :<iO .I iif wll. a! lias l>»-.-n liar\ llii- jiros-M I'ts lor corn .-lo' Ijrishf is \>r> urU '-ally Kiiouii tliai 111- !ioi:al I'oiii KNi'...-it ion wilj !«• li-I.f bluaha. l»..-ml.-r l" ll<. . t""^ A c- .sum of nioiii>\ tta.s hnua iif for j. s till oats au.l cvini V-rv Mi the HEW YORK STORE ' To introduce the new two button clasp Kid Grlove to our irade, we shall place on'sale 35 dozen Kid Gloves-the celebrated "S. K." and "Vassar" Glove, sold all over/ the United States at $100 per pair. Wednesday price. 'lal (.ri.--- a!- oif. r-.l foi;Mi- I., s \.K: -vhil.jl.ti s fvi.uj , I!,.- it'.li jial -";a''s a- «• 1! a" tridii tli at !:.rj- jnoiv o \'V \iiir '.Tain - if \o!|J caiiiiol arraiu-' in niak- an -ttii! It i|:i)!n >oiir -our.iy i( »•„: ;ir»» inf. !•>•-.! wr;:- in P:o*' M t-ii. .Maii'iattaii. Ka•;^a-•= 1 i~ I hairiuan of i!> Ka:;S.!- .•mii ^sioi). <.r to S U; iil:u-k. t K.ili.-.i- a lu-iri-r of iniiiuiiss:-!' ViJj: vvi'i! 1— iir.-ii.i!:ni ^1; IS ;in.! a;.] l.<atio!i l.Iaiik- t; >!S .-I'l s... -o it that Our fart of sta;- is \» .-Ij'r.iir-s.-nt<-i! ours f<i a s.I(T-ssf:jl . W -\):<isitiii }!1.A(K. Fr.'d Rowd -n ~Pai •'r llaiy^nn.?. I'ii Hi;'!. Maaill to Caney. f. F. .Masiill of I..!a. has I-a.^-d R^jvai Hot-1 aii.1 tool: char!; l Mr .\la--;i!l is an -\|.-ii-ui--1 ho !• j niaii aiirt will niii a strictly li.-.-T tll- y-st-r f-Dr. P. F. Wanzh. Pentht, Phone 3£. nin a I'llrnlocl. Syi Dixon Sick. rTixi>ti. a'lo is sir'r at th- Wi. h a!. »' >.«t-r.:ay. lui apiiroaih.-.l Jiis condition rially iniprovod. H- is siif H 'losr;,' 'is n:a'' '\\\\\: fr .nu a coiniill.'arioH of bron iai tro!i!'!i-.s an! n«'rvon.i j.iAistra i|-u. whicli cam- al -i 'iir from a s.-rit-.-^ t..lisa>;.is tn!.-rr-r-.l with l-.i; .1!! tn c.irrv a final •"iHHis '.r" tv.iiii t!i c!;:-C [.lo.fiirrs of an ^^^ oiii.i to till s\ii,- f.ilr a' S\>i ii i' 1!. i:i . •,' .It- «, l!,t .t.irtli -. >..ns .>! if.i!!^ it, ;t.l\. r! isillTt Wi.'ilta Vta*;!.- [«»sho nivor rat at Our Way. Ml Vitlled Here. M.tii- H-:i»M(i. w li.> >as !>••• • •mii'ov of til.' Miilnal Tel fotniiiinv for several nionibs st-r.lay ftir Iot;i. Sh<« will to visit Ii.r pcoi>l<> for a '.I.. |.. f.ii.. f.iir!!; 1.) i'ill!..'11 > !:.('.• |: • • i'' with h-r a'li,'- i. O.I .III I').'.(f iPion- 1 ft V. —R. N. ronnlDKhan, {•>r.iipj. 6 per eent Al' :-iV, -v. :.,;-:-t ~ cb 'ii'. I -t : L .1. \r;. E 'll.j ac-;- Ih 1. I', r- k-t.- i •. - —Onr. Oy?tcr?. Way. . :fi 1 i" <•>-•.r ' ai- •Mt S:...'>t. 1 a I ..!:;r--!"in;-. I ::f .•^.•i:;ra 1-V. .ti .• l.'c-al.'i.'- \V. K i: \!.:^TON'. " I'i!a, Kiin = as. MA(;\/.IM s V\!> PKKIOUK .U.S . • , i if .1. r. I(< iiilfrMin «bo ft-a's ttitli iiul'.i^'-fra and f-.;-:;- th-v !bf 'iwc.-t j.rice !••' •• ' ! : .-I .1 ' . • ii'm !.i Vail I'll 4M N. lili.kpye ; Thorpe & routrar(«r«fi IlnirlHrrrs, .'i5uJr»«jor». Kiilty' enuiiji.'d for all kinds of snrvcy:!:.:;. f-tjiiaiing. VKiteat drawing, blue [irlnts.'oia(>s, aldewalks, curbing, and farm drainage. Office Ofer •'FKMU."! r:aih !u- 1 1 Got the Hint Here. • W'io.!:i.. ;i T-i.•!.;(• a' Inla y !•>.' n.l:ii.v: :'.s-..ciatioi!! all < UTiip- in »h- cniii.ty. r '.vi'J li- a----ss-d .'. cvut:; iT-.f.- a loi: riiiiitisr fimi! .) Vr-. l-s.— r .arl-r att.-ii.l-i! : Tiiic fn.M' f'h.-.nii;-. an.! th>' lal- \\\V. t. c;.i:!;i;.-n.l ih- nriiaiii/ation .iif a similar .-issijii.-ition in N->>st.o riii;r.!v. \ii.!r.-s-.-s «.-r.' rnaii- v-s- 'i-.-.i.iy liv M's Kuri.;!;!. of III- Hoyal N-;;;!'i.ors. at;,I .\it<irii-y Forrest.— «''::ii;iit- Sun. Pi- Core a'. Bronson. aaf ^^r-• Cur-, nt [<>l.i. w -n ^ v.. .!,.:,lav. i.-il.:;t? O! T. P \V-'>- jr--'- Til- .Io.-f..r work."! in thf in -i-..^s nf r!i- K P. .\ or.!-r.—Eron- >!! ll'iiT —SIT [MT c<»nt tYinney; no rommf»- =nn; no delay.—Smith & Travis. , The Other Side. An fida man vi.sitine in Top-ka is |<rio».il as sa\ins tliaf his i ;ii<r as liui-t and d.-corm:: as any Y >v.n. 'lUt is afflict-.! uith s-n.-ati.>nal '!-*.--;ia!j>'rs. That is t!i- clt-ap-;! -x "lis- -viT inv'nl-d The lola ;i.i!>-r:' ir- not^nt ail y-llow. but th'-y cbron- MV-f 111-' doin.S!' of th- town, which is t!i-ir= mission in lif«'. ff fhos- (J.i- inyp ar<* y-llow. the n-ws|iai>-rs cant b- lilain'=-d —Emporia naz< tt.- Vcw ;.ost r.T .i's MiiniHs .!rug:_store. .Attend Business College. Mi^ .\!iii:i Ha-Strom left at uoon II I 1 «li.r.. .-h- will allt'lld biisi III s cli'i!, ("hanuie Sun. Vtltwj t.OWIl W now 'uis 's chtv-otalen. the fti'eney for' V. Returned Home. .1, .\llison of Nowata. hajv.' Mrs f|eoif ;e Tbom-:on of lola. tetiimfd to ihi>ir honu-is aft-r int' wjth tlieir brotht -r. 11. O. RJdgj jWay. and wlf**.—ChaJtnte Tribune .j ' ^ •—It^-Onr Way Soda Water. The finest and fr«stn-<!f tine of ran- difs in town is at Mnndia's. Jerry and His Bottles. Terrv Bofkin mad- a familv talk .It r.mpordia yester.'.av. lint I ad a small crowd, thf halT b<dn;r oi>lil an.! the sti>Vetiii)e refusing (o ^work. .Mr Rotkiii advanri-d the rh-ory that it i.s !>.-tier to lak.- a bottle in Jhr>e ilns-s .tnd be done wlih it. than to take sniafl doses for s .-vi -ral dnyn —RiM(ior ia (lar.ettc. —fSivfa Water, the Our Way kind. Ki-* Bani Roufed. W.lle th«» G*smore kid band whosr- instrumenta aend up a do<>ruI jmunil like the kroakfng of a dozen bull floes, were IndoIgiBS laltlielr nsoal veekly 89o Pair These gloves come in all shades: Tan, mode, taupe, na^y. i white, red, London smoke, green; black. Sizes 6*4 to 8. . No money refunded, no gloves exchanged, and no gloves fitted during this sale. "J - cii!ic.r: in tii.- li.«!..i .-lainl. t'.uiscable. NVi .-i .n. ac .iin .c .iii). d Ic. t"oui.l\ \i ; len . \ 1". t. r>. !i. wl .ii Iia 'ci"" II-.! 1.. 1—i lU r...,:i Tij .-da. -\-Ililiu. SA i .iji..-.i . 'li'Aii '.u-iia :.ii .t'i^' m-i ry n :ak-r;; •I.! ;.ri.c>— l-.l f .i tak- t!,.-ui into ca;. j ti'. i:>. i;!;at is tin.— »!;ii fa:l-ii tnj Ui.ike i)i-i: u-;a"a>.t a ;>i ;<.;•.-c.'i-d ' tli-m to Hra.!-n's bail »h-r- can-! t.v -at;ur!> y tav- t -m a l-ctiir- Wrli t;)- i.ron is-*- tiiat tii-y woul.! in-t ap ;.-ur it; pn'i'.'u- at.y iiior- tiiis •.;.-a.':on,, t!;- \oiiii>; nins'cians w -r- r-!ea--i! I Kili-s. t!.- ;-oun::-st m-mii-r nfi th- ban!. suc< .i-il in ••!u.liii:; th.- olli'-rs. and mad- a cl-an n-taway. T-iiiiv |irowd too .<lir-wil l .ir th liceis. — Klsiimr- I.' a .!-r ELEVEN DIE IN FIRE Ht>Y DKITH.^i WI) IVJIKED RE- SIM «»F PLOT IN NKW V»Hh. Itjrr.-N ui Oil .«i«aked KH'ose PiW in Hal! i»! nuu ->e ~ FNcape Was l'rf»enlMl. ' —FfPfh Oy.^f^r-;—Onr War. Tney Know Pollard. Tit- Ft r^cott Tiiiene : ai - of ion- i:-'- trail Puilar!. who is to b- li-r- iicti'i-r I".: foiisit). <'iiairmaii J. Jl. Sfa;.!-"on i .f V!.- K-!ei!ilicaa part v. a-.i :-.oiilic-s t>- n;.i>»ara!ic- ii.-r-- m; 'ii- N<w Yi.iV:. O.'t '• —ICl-v-n i)trrs<jns f t»<-r- k;'I-il ami lifty timr- injured in ian iia eiiJisir:. fir- wiiich wrecked .a .-'iry hulls- at Tl'j .\lnl!ierr:. '-tr^-t.;. r.-.|,ti Tba: a d-lib-raiel ^ait^mi.; »a:- jfiait- tn .'-rtroy the boii-s-i • and I! Ill eit|.an; .t. ix-il thf p.>;ic.-I Whon You l«ay y«.nr Koi )d| hard mon-y for any thin?, yon' want the. jyou cm g-t for those dollars. No' two '.aundries/produce the same quality of work, owing to the difft-rencp' in appliances and exper- i-aoe. Wv claiini t</ be the best in lola and will prove The claim if you will give us the opportunity. ioia Loundry ;Pho»m i02 THIS FOR INFIRM ASK BOOSTERS' AID 'and fi:-rii.ui do le.^ .l..ij:,r j 'I nr.- i.urre'..- ^t,l!!.•.l witji niiibi.-h •.iXii Miak—I with nil «-•- Ii:.«zius tic'.cc ti in u ;..J..r ba.i, <ui:!!i-.; ..If esca[.- froni in.- Uiij.-r S .m- Ui-d ill -veiiin;: of (l.-;..:-r i.f ron^:-ss-. .1-. 1 .•;,!- <.v.r.l,y s.,..*e and tli-n rai-.ithf by dani-s. FiUiy' a no/e:i cliililren wet.- tussed from the man F. M Po'.'.ar .l oi'^TTi- southeastern corner of th- stat- of .\'el'&i.>k:i The laeetniit »:i! Iv- li.'.l at t'.i- tourt !;oi>.- a!..l Ih.- K-i-n! licans ar.- ar ranj;itii; ;'<ir <iuit<- a \. H. tt, Hidd Out- of Two .if «^tine.s j The Local A. a Moulh in l»a» Tiiui-< H. T. A. Lay Plan»-to Capture Next State Meeting. o: >i'ii !t !i • n X tuni »i:t S.».T;I1 r^iiti .i'.'v kii>'« »\>ii- cr>-sii;an I'ldlaii! and r-iiar.! luia a^ .>',t'.,,-su-..iv lie'- Ii^lr-. • ::i ens; t 'l.. Mr r ..\.ul r'l. l>-ii'i>. i.iiic ii..M.iii. . tor lb- jr-s I,:. nc\ I.'.r. ! —M-ral \e .ir> a •<• —COIKI and third f!.".rs aid «-.t'!!;!:t by 1I1.-U >'aa»!in:; hi the r-tre-t .\Iv« and n.'tiieii ;,iNr w-!v i.iiri. .1 il.iviu l.y PARKER LOST OUT. ~ M.Tihan !'.i l.unch at Our Wa.r Crumtiln* on the Fly, S.n s J^r .< .1 i"iuiuMne. i ..'reiar\ of the Kansas st.i?- board of lie;\lib. Ill hts O.-lob. I I'Ulblln 'Tile rt\ Il lii^-.. iiuiKit.'r of til.' lilt..' p's-- U\tt. PiaMli.iea an! l» win 11 • •It- 11 :i .-.iiU in 111- till— Ts Tv|ilio|.| T.ii ere tto .IS aiuf Tovitieii i Piomaln-• i »'ii.-" siioulil teadi us III ciilti .at.- tlo' tlir— I". I'ai-.-Caution .itnl f'l-anlin-s.-..' GOOD RACE BOOKED Seibert of Chanute to Run Against Happy Richardson Tomorrow Night. .-•ri:ur.!ay nii-dit th- niannt— ni-nt of tile .'vuditorfum suco. ••.I..1 in matcliin^' a ract- with S-ihrt of Cha- ii'it ai-'ainst Hapiiy Kiiliard.son of this •ity. Th-se two bo>s raced h-r« many fiin.s last year, llapjiy winiiin.< th.> majotitv. l.i:; at Cbannt- it wa.s al :nc»t ar. -\. II br-ak. Hotli are miiihtv and (<iii up ib- rac- poss- 11.!'^. H;i;h niaiiait-is al! ov«r th- clrcui* try to s.-.-Uf th-se two wli-ii-i-r J IKJ- ibb- as ih-y -are will known and .raw !,i:r crowd* The crowd tomorrow nicht will doubtless be a record breaker for this season. Alleged Staytr of Pearl Mann Taken to Oktahoina City. C C l^uc.-ock Uicliil.i i.'iiH a." Mini- .vlia-i llaii .;i»t;-.e,i •ii'.u t;.- Maiiti I'l It .1)1. Ii.i'l lost .ml lull" as clirpuH ii'oiceidntt^ )i iec.i\e,| word from rmion I'lal Forrest I'arker. uiu> i.s miri-r .>t (••arl III He c |n-«!| fute ; t !iif- to secure )il> . ll^to.S .ill.I oil Ills hoii'a I 'ltj In cliarc- of I.e Will a|i.'»-r to th- cliarite iiiurd-r of .Mrs p. ars-on. reb'aM' from May to Ukl.i ilhcers «h- f th« At th»- ine-tinf.- ef rh- C. A.; U. held ' Saturday- -v-ni:.,: t:i- !iy-'aw>i wrre so cha:;i;-<l :}:at i.ii- i .t lite :wo iu« eting.-» liel.l e\.:y iisnutn wiU takv ^p'.ace in the ;Lfter|iiH.!i Tile i„..-; incei..; on the tirst and; tlitrd S.i'u.' Ift i!ie future the iiie-titii; «.n ilie t !iir4 s-atiir- iliy in ll:e !i!i.n;li \M:; h-lJ iti tli.? a;t«;rum.ii if.-'.-,.U <.f in t!;.- ev.nia-.; as has :i,:lir- cu;'.>in l.>r liio l>a.>t •eVer.i! i.,i. "P.u^ 1 !i.i!.4e v\.i. ntade ti» .vcc.innio- d.i'- till. ..lit- :iiinii 't *r »ii c'. i S.IUIUTS \^ llo ate>ul:> l»«'f^.|iuni; T*H» lvet»le iti lie nut at n!i;hf Tin; JtlPl.lN t»K», it»U!OKT. AFTER OKLAHOMA VOTE. Republicans of New State Will Meet Committee in Chicago. SMKLTEK fASE KKiilAl'. The rtiniin!«<>l»neis i.a} at ther a Fen Haj*. The omiliisaioni-, s will nol (iiss on t!ie ('ii .keri!! !ino»lter case until Fri- ilay. When the bojird met this niornlnt; bey di f'ided I<» !ay ibeca^e over until that time. dis|Hisiiiit of minor liiat- era The smeller i . asking t.> have it.* pmiA-rty placed, luitsule thf limits of !a:i City . Th** city has entiTed a pro- teiit. The evidence and arRumeulrt in the case w<-r«> heard at 4he former meexing of the boArd. fliic.To. III. Oi! r. —r.ash Cad-, rb- K' National Conimirte.- aian f.-ui Oklanoma. C.iti.-ressiua!i Mi -Ciiire. of tllaT stat.- an.l IVnnis .'•"iMin. Fce|>iili!ican caiidi iai- for i^'-n- ator frruii tHilahonia w.-r- expected at K-nnldiean li-a.bjnarters to.lay to dis- cii.s.s with Chairman Hitchcock the caiu|iai.i;n for the cajitur- of Oklahoma. Mr. liitchco.-k will arrive to morrow. That the local order of the A..:H. T. A. meant business when they nid iht^y would make an effort to g«t tfc« I9'>9 state meeting .of the Antles tor Ida. is evident froni, the fact tl^ «t the meetini; Saturday Bight they 'elwt>' ed d»?legaies to this year's ^laveiiU^; wblch is heUl t)ctob .T ^Oth and Halt. ~ at t^alina and instructed tliam U^tna every effort to secure the o«st IBM^ Tli^y also voted to ask th« 90Q«t> jer club to tend assistance and vu| flir> jiher ask that the IWtoateni MXtd m|» \ delegate to the cunveatlon to WoHt IB c »v*«p,.rat»on with th.> A. H. T. K, eiiateii from thl« pUr*. ' Thi< Dtxviten hitvA alrMdy |«lnl> .i..,.ioi. Mo. Mr^ ,.,„rrJ"''^ '^^ «>»•*• we,o in l.i.blu,^; ...r ,-lnc P"'>^«»»-V <^»Jte» ttattk* » cek T I e « e oft *V.., .IS., of i *'^'<- WOUtd m«M ttUnlt tO II iMse ., ,o„ II... bKh. M pttc ,KUd l'^'" <^m"«'«n»)'. It U »x>««t«4 ttkt • .eel conli.leut ii( a K.un in i.rice. and ' ' The adverUtlB^ tlMtt^ li.M ..nt - tile oiifi.iii .!..ti.rniiiie .U.% [Mn would g«'t from such The line- ilri>|>i>eil. ii -vert ht-l-ss. and ranced from J.Vi to J.'ii; a tcii. Took <;a!>lH>rn's Hat. \Vhil.> .lobn Coshorn was oonducttn? a ca.--- in i>robatt- i -ourt tbif iiiornint}. .-'.ine one waikeii off w'th his haf leav ine anoth.-r which was not, as nobby as the one lie wore, lie think.s that bis iiai Ava laU-n tiy mistake and ex- fiecVs ir r.. !.- returned. Is apparent. I Th" dele^t»><t from the local |A. & T. A. are J. T. Woods. Col. J. B-^^fr cht.oon. Dr. Howell and A. H. jDlkVli^ Alany of the local orders over th« county have already selected i d*I» gates to this meeting. ^ .' —Oysters any- style at unr-war.. - Register Want Ada brias rasjolta;. I.V MIS.StllKI \0W. Taft Bi-i.'an Tour of That .Slate at >onu Today. St .loj.ei.h. Mo. Oct r. —The Veal Taft invario;i if .\l!-,^..ijri licgun today at noon here Tie- candidate made short ia!Ik> at tbcsto.k >ard-^ exchange. Iturlin:;loii .•>boi-.:. and the de- lK>t. .\ntiimoI>i!.-.- Il i.k the party to the T'Kitle opera Imnse .Xfi-r an extended-industrial ^l eecb to a cri>»ded Jlou.sf by Taft. an eiiibusi.i.-.tic adi-u was Join»-<l by ihe crowil. Ila« Tjipbuid Ffier. Spenc»-r (lard the yoiinK •^'>u of Sam Hard, is sufferiui; from trphoid fever \ Vhild iRJnreil. .\ little: dau|;hter of Jaine« Cruitt fell from a chair while playtug Saturday evi^ning and. striking her bead on .iias quite strverely injured. Her cc^ttdition, however, is not serious. F OR the benefit:of the Farmers ot AUefi C^aniy, we will hold a series oi Market Sales in lola. at the Grif5th Feed Yard, 2=4 Nonh Jefferson St. At this sale we will sell Horses, Mnle^, Cattle. Hogs, Implements and Hotise- hold Good .s. • List property you have to sell at once with M. Griffith, that ft may be advertisei on the general sale bill which will bej printed soon. Farmers, bring in your stocfc as we will have good buyers for hones and males this sale. the WANTKD- Market Sale. tStock and all kinds of property to seU *t ith&\ricb

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