Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 5, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 5, 1908
Page 4
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Bterad at lola, Kansas, Postofflce. B« I Second-Class Matter. AdtariUing Rates Made Known on I '' Application. .] »DB8CBIFTI0X BATES. /jyjGurJer In Iota, Gas City, Lanyea- TlUe or Laliarpe. toe Week ; 1ft cenU dni Month.. 4 cents On* Tear i $5.00 By MalL OB»i year Jnslde county- tni year outside coanty. : Thi^ Months, iu. advance.... . .13.00 ..$4.00 ..$1.00 Oni Month, Jn advance 4 iWFICIAI. PAPEH, CITX • 1 . SET. OF HAS- 1 j S. Telephonet . . 18 Bntlnesi Office - - - - . . 18 ^itorlal Room - - - - . - 222 ; IN THE SOUTH POLITICAL CONDITIONS THERE VERY INTERESTING. Conservative Southerners arc Break Ing Aviray fi-om the Party. i Ti'xas ami Uy :i sd.r.'i- Washington, D. C. Get. r..—Nowluro ! In the country an- |)olitical comlition?» I more intorfstins, moro inyolvcil than they are in tlif Somlioni siati 'F. Tlie section of the Unitt^d States lyiii?; south of Mason and Dixons line whicli is -generally eoinited safely Dcniocrat- Jc! is badly torn u]) this year. There is not the slightest dotiljt that there is a ; strong inclination on the pan of many conservative .Soutbenu-rs to break ,away from what is known as the Democratic Parly. Tliere is a chance for Taft in one or two Southern states besides Maryland, while the Soiith'.s Republican nieinbe-ship III the House is e.xpected to be increased materially. I There is that in the nial ;«'-;ip of the great Ohioan that makes Southcni people irRe him. His earnestness of purpose, his hish sense of honor, his well-established reputation for fair- dealing and his uiisullieil record as h public olbcial are well known to Southern men. Many lif them hav<' come In pensonal contact with him diirlnsr the past live or six years anil he enjoys Kroat popularity thr (>iii;!:out rhe South. With the; oxcopiiou of Arkansas, there was hai em slate vvhose lenilers an to be nnmiunled in th"-; l><".iv .'r c^m vendon. They fotmhl Inid sisain.-;!' it and, could tlie siipMoricis of .lucjiie Gray, of Delawvare ami (lovt -rnnr .Inlui- -son of Minnesota, have lieen broucht together, the Nebraska ii never woiild have received the nomiiiatiiui. .\l a conference held in Wasliinston in March, which was attended liy the ; leaderE of the Gray and .lohnson sup- por*.rs. and a number of Southern Senate^- and' Representative.?, it wa.<< ' conclusively s^own that Bryan could he defeated at "Denver if flio two forces would combine .i;;ainst him. But neither would give way to llie other and so the matter was -dropped, the Southern men Rave up in dissust and many {of them, elected as deletrates to the nienver convention, stayed away and sent alternates. , • , This was particularly true of I.oui.<;- lana, only a few of whose ;leaders ap- I>eared at Denver.. In .Miibama half the leaders were already, committed to Johnson, but i 'l -advised nianai!<'rs of the Minnepotan's caniiiai;:n. wl .ose zeal 'outran , their discp'iion, save Iiublicity to ilie fact too sodn.'and the Bryanites were- abl" to liead off defection bef ^)re the Slate convent was held. Sl ,ill. most of the ,\lab: lans are bur lukewarm iu their s plort of the Nebraska!!. Ueprisenta tlve Clayton, jof that slate, was chairman of the |r)<uivi'r convention, but his Is a!) indivlduii] siippo !-t. North (|arallnu and S'oul'i-raioliiin weie for ^'an. So was Tt'xas, overwhelininj:-; ly. Oeorce was half -lK -arted. wuR Virginia, most of whose leaders. In- CitldInK Senator John l>!i!!li >I und Sen- :»t6r ThoninK S. Miirtin, both of whom Ijave been oprfosed to Mryan. Mlsnlss- lppi '8 stronnesf public man, John Sharp Wllllniins. now a member of Ihf- ik^ousc. but soon to represent his stnic " in the Senate, spill with the Nehras- lean two years ago. w^en the latter returned from his tour abroad and jle- clared fpr fiovemment owne!!!hlp iof riitlroad^, (in Kentucky, Bryan's fnlerferen'ce ia the Senatorial fi ^ht made him lAany enemies among Democrats. T|he ijemomt^ fdid not want to elj^cl; cleckhain to Itie Senate, but nr>-ani t^d .them th^y should do it. ^\'Jlere- ^•^min' turned around And elected 'zt^^pvbWcint -when they had a maior- Icy of f<iur votes on joint liaHot '^t ^0ffiiig»k >^--%ti; the ^. J.^ai ^TCeatacky hadly split t libees arte tl at, while the State Sold onl^ in Tloisture Trooj Tankages What makes them thd best soda crackers ever baked ? What makes them the only choice of Wh.U niakes them famous as the Natiosial millions ? Biscuit? Of Course! NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY ^o l)cn!e(:atie. i;,< viH> ;oral eolh ^ • is liKiiy ;.i In Tennes.<ee liii ill llii flee-' ..• ill. i!. j l!i >Mil >!i ";iiis. who tili4 i hav li.-eii eiifau..! in a l:n -!;(iii :il fi^l;r v for two \. ars. liav.' uo'i-:i I IK;II If. r. • v> uij; The J )iii;<ic::ils ;iie li ;i<lly Sjilii ii;) <i\i r j imi 'O<M1 isMiis and th.' Ki 'iniliii* ans 'avc 'a'i an'll'lil c!;ali<'.' In i -l- i| .-i ciiU.' pie of ('()!it:ifssiiH'ii a;:d no sniul! < il chanci' lo >;.i a pan of i!n' eli 'dorul ^ I's ticket. I re) (ieolKia i^^ leiii ill tualtl over Iccal ! lic:i inntiers. In ihe .spriim llol,.' Smith (i!'>i was bjidly ln -at'-n in tii>- li <Miu ;craiI;'! liriniary fnr tlie vu'i-i iia '');;:il uomiii-^ <•:; allot! Ity .Ii)si>]:h .M. Urinvii. Tiiin Wat- v.i: .«on. ritnnins lui i !i" Puj'ulis; tici>el of for the Tr -'siili iicy. is vi rv stiini' jii I .M his native .-^tali'. Many of liie .>;riiiih h:i Oeinoci 'al.^ are out with knives for all Jlrown. They intend t.'.rowiu:; thi-ir an strent:th to Watson autl bis stale tick- ci. ct in ih." hope of d- fe.Tiim: Ilrown. v.|; Sotni- of the wis'^st politicians in (U-or foi gia are ]irediclin;; thai the factional iin (|jiTiliin and daim-'roiis a i ni:in as (ipht alno!!!r the Democratwill result Tit in the election of tiie Populists!a!'> wi ticket, and possibly, tiie (-.iiiyi 'it: of iic the National ticket for To-n Wat.son ib^i' I 'ri -sideut. '.he Ui ;iii!ii;c:ii!.< ai-<' put- ii|> .-i l< rrilde liiilit at preseul. 1 il .«'•lie f| a; liist ilvil i':.y M lia\. ii'> (!iaiii-«'. I)ii>- Co:!::!-. 1 .li.>i;i(; oi ili<- did Doiiiitiloii jauv K>-pi!bli(an. Tiiis is tiie li. or :!!o.inLiiiii ilistrici. n't'i• .••n'- In Cunvriss liy! llasc-.inln' SI' ;ilie ('iVlh all'! 'I'viitli ili.siriels. lunt Ifi S'l.''-il hy ne!no(I :i!s. tin- Itipisl. IS ;;••<• wor'.iii:; hard ami coiiti- illy lioi..' i<> win ill on.' or the OI I HT. ^ liomli \\;is tlu'ivvii ii:i<» till' I N nii>- li.- e:iiiiii in miuii! leeeiillv n !• was fmind ikat a Taft club sf^vt ral hitmired of Kiehnioiid's jliirj liaiili'T-s an.! liu>;inss man 1 n oruani/ed. Thi-s-- men :ir>> has lieen no huUabalo-j about the organization of Ibis ciwii. I; has iioih- , IN ii'K KIVKII. Ki-ause's fate. W'l K:is; .-'r- SAFE IN A GALE 4 llir '-i! of I' ami nr>aiii;tiu. Tln-y :ii; I 'licaue.i in Ivgitiinale Inisln'ss -rpi;.-;< s. I'.vei-yiliing is yoiu'-; wi -ll I them and they do not want llnir uni 's ri.-^ki d by lln- ele."tion of KO anj What • ff.i-t thi.s Taft club b^ve on i"e state at larue cannot fcirlold at this lime, but it shr)ws why thi"" wind is blowiiii:. ThiTi: ing to do with the r<\giilar Keiiiildican; leiuiiui: o.\st.i ;,iid miiil boiis.- ia lola. i OI L ;:i :ii/a' ioii .-J. Imt is eoiiipiiS<-il ^oli -^h,!-; thinwii the k.-> of tli.- lai'i- in! ly of M.-mocrais who have pli-di.< d ; tin- ii» .r and i ley « il le.iv : j. ".(.i -a •" liu.v.lvs to do all in tli .ir powir, !ii:;lii. 'I'liev uih* ..iv< ' le u.-l voles for Taft in Virginia.. ' M )\>!.! .-iiid I, ii.rh.s of a,! t »,iid. . Air i f Till- Uipublicaiis of Norlh Caioii'ia' A\'. I', i; Kiaii-'- v.;M iiia:.a::f the I .(ii- iiM, ilditm siiioii.-; worX. 'I'!.-y. 'ii.' - '-ti lh»' d.i .v i:iiu- .ind hi' on liavi- (IT ih-' list sr>-p. coiici'.ntral 'd .'!'•. Kraii.-.-. at iiii.-:;'. .Vo». (hin 'i l!*ir iffo'.ts oil i :i ;;:ilh ('•oii^n:;.-- 1 foi ;•.«'.•. i'c':;ini !ia;4 loniuhi. v..- !:..,. I. Miona! I)is":ift. wiiieh was carri. .1 by > n. Try our Itojt .Jii Kiy ami Mar', laml . the |><.|iioerats two y.-ars ami by a..-i'-w. ib.>y art- rich. We V.i>-\i Iresli .siiiall majeriiy. Thai this di .stri:t willioyMt -is af all liin..- Call 11)1 liir,4i. ' iio i;.-i.alilii-:iii tills fall is c-'rtain.' w.' ibliv.T Aniiriran Italtleshipv Wiii-Koili- a C in .Haiiila lta«. .\ia:iila. (»< :. ilf -.|iip til . I ^;^|l•:> .•aae Wii :<-Ii >«.-]. IV. .-Iv.. le.i.r.i ;i:i(i a. ilo: ••. i'y plit.oii 111 ;!!! 1 :t li>i l.;.\ dan. There is a fair (•••ance in thi- stale ai la:;;<-. \i; :li<si- e.iiidilions ar«' .•iieoiira:;- iiiu ;o I{>'i>:iiilican leaders. Tln'v iii- ilical"' an ii:<-liiialioii 011 ili<- part of votei-s throughout tiie country l>i think eaiii'ly over the Pii'S|rli-mi:il cam- pa imi. till ii:n.,- Call lo ;iiiv |i:iil of lie- <ii;.. •(•oniiie" will li" there at iiiuli; and will tna: .\i>ii liulit. 300 ilN A FIGHT ni.ivti' tb.- i'tlU tios-i!i!i •My ::i. \m. ilfd -mil.- .-iuii:i ^ w ila'. iiMnaiiii;. :• tia;. >;(.M< I.. 0.1 !I V .!> liii- rli;i .l.- !:iiI!irlu-~ liflmi '^iliu to llif II.-.-! eai;.-.' oi ihe ilaiiuei of siiia ^bin.: l! ;:!-;>i">! Ill'- .steel id.-s "i ib'' ' M' .hips and the tit:k- i-ral! w.i.. (Seiirrjiiig iiiio Ihe I '.is:^ liv.-i. »h \ !hfV •'••iiiaini'il all ni :;)it. j j .Vt o'eioek la.-! niulii the ;Foot Kail Cnuses a l .iwh lleninn^ilm-' "•aeh-d iis li.i^lii .tiid ii ih .u j^iadi ,x.-.-l :o:i:i i :riiK'' • iii .'Vli. iNrd;;. to hill:! all .11- I i- .lis- ,lll l .d (1..III lion 111 HaUi-r Iniursitj- IVof. Snilili Oppi>>e> <<:tnie. .\utonioliiIrs.. nil;!! j;rade used aiiloiniddlc.;. :ill niak-s. at lowest prices. All car.s iu | ISaldwIii. J\as ; Oct. Thr.-.- hiiii- :.i..i:ii ail .•\-l condilioii. r ship you any make of divd Itakeii university tjsiudeiii^ wh<i up ready jlv siibsl4 |.-d until at . i-.iiiipji :;'!V.|.\ .. .1.; sw iili-: aei iiiidiiiulii .- !!i>- ha li.ur. il le III ti;.- l>:ii;'<- ^ll'i•; liail sli lor any lue-ru.'ji.-y. 1£| car. you pay for the car wh.-n you uet [w.^re eimauiat: in a pr.>-*fooi !ia 1 d.-m-' Vdmiial Spi-nv lir.aliy ..i.ii-ied it. Write foday for lirice and specify',,„,,-jHioii l,-riday iiii;lil: elasii.-d with fla:-.l;i|' C,>;,.-. 1 i<ir. ite- Kaa "93" HAIR TONIC Pilocnrpin, Boiax, Giycc combination, l^cxall-"93" the sofjfuing, clcansintr. atil |c|itic. ncrmfcidal, slimu'.alir.g end ncuiisliiii^'pr Wriicj, so dcrirc- ble and necrttciy for the ju jcessfi:! treatment of scalp ar.d hair trcublet. | ' If used according to dircctic n:^ for a rc.-tsonable length of time, wo are absolu will thcrougltly cleanse tlie ttx irritation, eradicate . dandru.f, . follicles and papilla, reutalizc roots, stop falling hair, prevt it baldnesi,; promote hair growth and make the hair nal iraily 10ft aiid siiky. You must realize that \vc would i (ot dare back up our Dr rcn-dia! Isl .vr Ionic ilic to return Our faith in ih; super qualities ot l\cxall it »o strong tlial we prr| your money—without <!u< :l!on or quibble— if it docs lie t do w htl wi cl.vim il will. , , IJccausc it corlaii^s,K renin. I3ela Nnptho., • in land Alcdhol in perfect Hsi Tonic pioxndes make of car you want. Now i.^ the time i>r,,f .|iiliu.s Smith, a liieiiiliiT oi" the ; \!iiiii..sot :i. Vfriii. to buy. II. S. ViiMiiiian, Ills Hsber | [taker faculty. .\s a lesult sev.ial of Ohio iiiid.r way >ii:. TI'. Vtriiinia W.I.- ell rii :l! ,tv. lb. Ill b. 1 1 8carf and 8tool Uiiildi:;^, Cklcaso. PAPPAS TO THE PEN? lola Police Court Character in Ser ious Trouble in Chanute. William I'appas. a finek. who is w.-ll known to the police of lliis city i.s in troiilde a^ain. Tlii.< lime Papp .-i.'; is in the bands of I in- oflici-rs in Chanute. Th«' Sun says: AViiliam Papiuis. the fJreek Inl-'r- prfier. arrisl''d yrsierday aftiTiiooii by f'ati'olmai! Ili-drick. was taki 'U liack to Yates rtiiler last iiiahl. .\ ibpitly sheriff came to ('haiitiie cm tin- plim ill reslKinse lo a If 'i -pbone nii 'ssaue, and afl <T id'-ntifyiie^ lh>' prlf-oner reiiiriied with him to Woodson county. Pa|)|ias was arrested at Ytites ('filter siirini; for robhlnt: a Micsourl Padllc freijilit ear «if nier- chan«!fse. hut was releas<-d bi-eaiise of InsudlcI .'Pt evbb'iice to convict. I«it the students n-eeived black eyes aiidiibe bifakwalt r and .Vdniiral '.~\" 'the profes.sor's shii-t was torn to piee-• fcand lln-y mitilil ilrai; .•iiulim es. The professor says that lif will VI-S.-M-1S ste.micd down < I...-.- i.< have the studeiit.s; arrt-sted for ilis- vile, where ihrv ai;< hiir«-d .\i i.i tiirbini; the peace. jtlu- wind \r\i\\ at lb.- !:ii>- "f i"" in I Several years ai;o Itaker alioli bti! an hour. !fo..i ba Ther.- ba-- I n :i .•Ills for tilt- Th.- 1 rust.'...- vo;.-il to nin- |deiiiaiid anion::; the sin I ri'sloVatJiUi of ibf :.-aliii-. of lb.' iiiiiversiiy bav i LABOR UNIONS TRUE tieveral in want fool made <Mi !!ei paradi' rea ibev Wi-re .11 j was not er be robhed the <^!"ei .k ;:anj; of labor- 1 v^„ijil, n-j,,, ern of J7700 and fled. He came di-|,,f |1„. sUi<lelits l.eeiv.d blows fn.rti' Ilis lists and be was "roii'.ihed" a 1 rifle In return, although he was not in- Oltii-Jiils A» W .1:. 1: d il i.'.i 1 Candida;.' \!t- TatI eo,ilii:.-! In, niaiks aliiiost i\iiii -i \«'!v io >\\\ lim \ i.*w r; of III.' lal '.ir for., be tillirlled f |..-.iKili;; ill.- w j w as Iriiklilii: down l :i - bat ami lai lire slate Ibf splot aiul all 111, it is laikiii.u; j now is theieo!is,.iil of the .Mtlliodi.-I j ^Vjaiulotie I'dUllt.* conlere4iie. j Sev.ial pi ..le.-.-or.^. h ..-.v-1 faff OI l.o.»all> .>l:id<-Spn ch iii .vir. amonijc Ihtiu Prof. Sn.iili. a le-, |{;,i„ al leuwn»ortli. lired missionary, .-lili oppo^..- tiie, :— ;;ame. i l .eave:iwoi 111. Ka~ . ('••!. Kriilay nli;bt ::iiit stmleiits had a I 'afi ; i.i..d for hv.- iiiimiNs in . nii'ht >iiirl" paraile l.-d by a ilruiii in»; rain Hii;- iiiiiiu. .-w..! corps. Thij .N went to the lioii.-...~ of filly llu.-.- tjn il.-..iiid 111.11 <ifeSMirs. sboiitili::. • W e j laetori ill Ib .^eiiy wa> ilo- lall!" and ihe profe-^ m s : to ^ive i -niploye..^ a • In;.. •• iat..:> siieerlifs. Wiifii lie- •bfil Prof. Siiiiiir.s boiin' • rdereil away. The oid '.r veil. howi'Ver. aiel Pi'of physical fill CI • claims with such a librMl offer unlers w. can substantiate our s'stemcati in every skepticai person should at least be willing to try RexallpOS* H -ir Tonic at our risk. ely posiiivc that it jj end l.air, relieve stimulate ihc hair and ncuribh the hair were positive that we i larticular, and the most BURl^rtTwI^^ r>KlJO STORE) the RexaU Store West Side Square t .--Ireaiii C\!.|i !.<!.iiiil joiiri -d rtctly to Chanute. but b-ft town half |,ls lists ami be was • roii .,:lied ' a iiifle |iaiiy lore •\i K.ta-a.- Ci::.. a .lay before the local officers were j,, return, although he was not in- Oiiioan wa.- pl.•^.•ll!.•d with. a notifie.i of the charKe ai-ain.?! him. jured. bunch 01' ..Xnii-iicaii P.eaiiiy IOM-S Yesterday when he appeared in town • The vil!a-.:e marshal tiiok a liand tii.- c .,ii:f> ei Wy.iii.! Palrelman ll«'ilrick isave him no n |i- j t||,.|i. Imi was di;^rmed ami rol '.-d in jcoiii;t\. w!io .-.lid ii i ••i.r.-mii-d Iiortuiiity to escape. He will probably t'lli,. ,Jti:,i l,y the stuiieais. .\ tla..^b- j friendoi 't - - "f laii .T unions in be sentenced to the penitentiary forjliirht pictiiue of the marshal w ;is taken ieoiiiitv and .-.i:!...; i.>ii seven years, as him Is clear the evidence n^ainsl after thi.i Itreaimeiii. Tlii. piiliir<. shows the fai-es of many of tin. sli;- il.als anil )'r.if. Smith .says b.. will (have i-veryqiie be re <-o ;;iiizes in tin- The commissioner.-- are ineetinir in! i.iiiiire arrested. Xo'. have their regular session today. They are i )„.,.|| sworn out yet. Conimtssioncrs Meet. if laJMT unions •.i:-!.. .; deriar.iti. iIoiMiieis was i >.-r ib-Hvi riiii, tbi. of that loiiiiti to till. oppi..-,iiioii. GOT 4,000,000 WELL.. taking up tb" bills and routine Imsi- ness first, after which they will consider |>elltions and new business. —pf*.r <wi »M ^turm<n •"•4 Tnii »«fer Co. II MK H M M sad plan* mmi\t>tt »M fecit trtara rMii Is tlM eitj. PhtMtSC .\fter t:he'marshal was •dispersed" j the stiidentii made a bonliie of dry . fTiMids boses iu fri'iii of I'rof. Smith 's, house and kejtt il burniiii; until several houfs after luidnigbt. Try a pte^Bter want ad. Wood aril! Bowlus E«tate Get Ga'dser on Ward^Farm. .\ f.'iur nii'lion j^as well wa.^ dri |ed in last Saturday afternoon on tlht Ward farm three miles south of Ijji- H!'r|»; for John T. Wood and the Btiw- ilus _estat«. Thfs is one of sevTal weUs drilled In thin particular aie< li I' .'1 > 111. I. Ii:.- III. Ill bk l.\ tt" ibe ilai jltat lite OIVKN PREE With cacli Piauo at lilt Pill chase Roberts Piano Hoose 12 N. Washicgton LECALS' irirsl I'll!.!L-led .S.-j,! I^US.) Noiice ol tppointnii'iil \diiiini>trator. St.ii.-of Kaii.-as. County, ss. In Ilii- ifi;::;. r «.! lie- i- lal.- of William •• ll;nn:i:on.l. la!.- of Alli-n County, K iir-;is. >i >lic«. of \|*pi>iulinen(. NVitlce is ber>-l'j i;iveii. that on tlie I lib day of .•^.i.i.-uil..!. \. |). p.tii.-v. Hi.- .!iid'.|-.u-ii.-d was \i\ the l 'r..liat.e t'oiirl • if .^n.ii c,.!iai'-.. Kati.-a-s, duly ' a]!- poiiili-d and iinaHi-il as .\diiiinir.l ral'.r Willi the wiil aiiii,\ed. of tin- estati. of Willialil I-' llaliilliolld.: late of .MIvll i"«iiiiii.<.. d'li-as.d \\\ pnrtt..s iiit.-r- »..-Iid ill said e.-Ia!'' wiU t:ik.' imtice Hid ««uiiu (luiirflVf.-; a>i iidiu;;ly. T. N It NSl'O.N, MJl' -!•-•; .\dii;iui--irat;or. iKir;il Published S.;.t. 21., ><ilii-e of .\|i|ioiutnieiit .Vilniini^^trator. State of Kaiisa-. .AlL-u Coiiiit.v, ss. In Ihe iiiatler of :! P.- I slate of Pboebtu K. lianinioiiil. . l.i:e uf .Mien County, Kansas. >oliri' of .\|i|ioiniuieiit. .\'otice is hereby s;iveii, that on the lllh dav of September. .\. 1). J<«08. the^ undersi.mied was liy the I'riiliate Court of .\lleii Coiiiit.v, Kansas, duly apJ liointed and i|ualitied as .-Vdniinistrator of the K.-ltate of Phoebi;i K. Hammond,' late of .ijllen County. i|ecea.seU. AH parties interested in saSd estate will' take notictf and govern themselves accordingly. 9-22-2!>-S. T. N FUNSTON; i \dministrator.

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