The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on January 17, 1963 · Page 5
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 5

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 17, 1963
Page 5
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Ann Landers Daddykins Will Miss Daughter Dear Ann Landers: I'm a father who is ready to tear the remaining hairs out of my head. How can I get my 16-year-old to stop wearing my clothes? You are probably thinking all sons like to wear their Dad's clothes, but it's not my son I'm writing i.about—it's my daughter. j Shirts, sweat- |ers, sox—every- 4 thing seems to '{wind up on her ;back. Of course nothing fits, but then she says it's not s u p- posed to. It's the style now to wear everything four sizes Ana too big. The teenagers today buy the largest size they can find— except when it comes to jeans and saddle pants. Then they buy the smallest. When I asked my wife where my hunting jacket was last night she said, "Judy wore it to • hay ride." Is there a solution or am I doomed for life?—DADDYKINS Dear Daddykins: Not for life- just until she gets married. And then guess what — you'll miss the annoyance. .Dear Ann Landers: My hobby is repairing Hi-fi and radios. It is fun for me and I also manage to make a little extra money on the side. My workshop was a cozy area off the kitchen. It used to be a butler's pantry, but my wife never used it. Last week she suddenly decided my "junk" would have to go into the basement because it didn't look nice right next to her FAT OVERWEIGHT Available to you without a doctor's prescription, our product called GALAXON. You must lose ugly fat in 7 days or your money back. No strenuous exercise, laxatives, massage or taking of so- called reducing candies, crackers, cookies, or chewing gum. GALA- XON is a tablet and easily swallowed. When you take GALAXON, you still enjoy your meals, still eat the foods you like, but you simply don't have the urge for extra portions because GALAXON depresses your appetite and decreases your desire for food. Your weight must come down, because as your own doctor will tell you, when you eat less, you weigh less. Get rid of excess fat and live longer. GALAXON costs $3.00 and is sold on this GUARANTEE: If not satisfied for any reason just return the package W your druggist and get your full money back. No questions asked. GALAXON is sold with this guarantee by: KAISER DRUG STORE - 420 S. Main. Mail orders filled. kitchen. Without even discussing it with me she moved everything downstairs. Now she has her sewing machine in there and the room is messier than ever. Her patterns, dummies and bolts of material are all over the place. The basement is damp and uncomfortable. The climatic conditions are not good for delicate electronic equipment. I would like your advice—in print, if you please.-DISPLACE PERSON Dear Person: I know nothing about climatic conditions and electronic equipment, but I do mow something about emotional climate and marriage. Your wife had no right to summarily move your equipment to :he basement. Move your stufl back upstairs immediately and make it clear you will not be treated like a small child. Dear Ann Landers: I am 23, a college graduate and hold a responsible position. Two years ago [ started to date Jerry. Last February we became engaged. Jerry and I did not have the same religious background. We decided our marriage would slant a better chance if we each examined the other's religion, attended the other's church and then decided which one would change over. After three months of alternating — attending his church one Sunday, the next Sunday mine— I decided his religion had more solace to offer and agreed to change. I told my parents and they were unhappy but did not make a fuss. Last month Jerry and I broke up. My folks are now insisting that I come back to my original church. I don't want to. What is your opinion?—MERCEDES Dear Mercedes: A girl 23 should be allowed to make this decision on her own. Stick to your guns, Girl. Confidential: Valiant Loser On a Great Ticket: Harry Truman said it better than anybody. . . . If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. To learn the bobby-traps of teenage drinking, write for Ann Landers' booklet, "Teenage Drink- ings," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. PFC AND MRS. McINTOSH Vows Read In England Announcement is made of the marriage of Christine Brady, Withybrook, England, to Pfc. Douglas Mclntosh, Augsburg, Germany, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Mclntosh, Quenemo. The bride is the daughter of Mr. James Brady, Dublin, Ireland. She is employed in England. The groom is in the U.S. Army, stationed in Germany. The wedding took place Dec. 8, in the All Saints Church in Withybrook which was decorated with a Christmas tree, pine xnighs and a large white candle. The bride wore a dress of white ace over nylon. Robert Crawford gave the ride away, Kathlyn and Glenda Crawford were bridesmaids and lobert Crawford Jr., acted as >est man. A reception was leld in the church hall. The couple plans to come to Cansas next June when the proem's 3-year tour of duty is completed in Germany. Jaynes Hear «y OfNewBooks Jaycee Jaynes had Miss Nel Jarnaby, city librarian, as peaker at the meeting last evening with Mrs. Terry Cox. She old of new books in the library Mrs. Richard Bryan was co-host ess. The group discussed financia wrojects and made plans to de- iver cookies to the Boys Club monthly project. Mrs. Charles iarnes was a new member pres ent and Mrs. Robert Whitacre was a visitor. Announce Adoption Mr. and Mrs. Claud Brown, 1121 N. Cedar, announce the adoption of a 2-month-old daughter, Rosalie. Whaf an ideal way To Say I Love You.. . My Valentine. Make Your Appointment Early PHONE CH 2-1552 BELLER STUDIO 1525 S. Main Ottawa PLENTY OP PARKING Study Meetings By WMS Circles Women's Missionary Society circles of First Baptist Church leld study meetings yesterday. Esther Greenmun circle morn- Ing session was with Mrs. Wilmer Reynolds, assisted by Mrs. J. S. Peterson. Mrs. Floyd Minnick and Mrs. Charles Quin, Mrs. Quin presided and Mrs. John Pinney gave devotions, using the story of the Woman of Samaria from "Women of the Bible," by Dorothy Canfield Fisher. Mrs. Glenn Moon, guest leader, reviewed, "The Dayuma Story," by Ethel Emily Wallis. The circle voted to contribute $5 to the memorial fund for Mrs. Hattie Boucek who was a member. Eleanor Stimson devotional and program leader was Mrs. Loren Ames whose topic was, "Who Is My Neighbor?" Mrs. Frank Pflug presided and gave a prayer poem, "Another Year." It was decided to roll bandages at the next meeting. Notes of thanks were read from recipients of plates of fruit and cookies delivered at holiday time. Mrs. R. N. Bundy was hostess assisted by Mrs. Fred Henning, Mrs. Guy Monroe and Mrs. Owen Shofner. Eileen James circle had a showing of slides taken of churches and temples by Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Hegberg during a 7-week tour of Europe. Mrs. Hegberg was hostess assisted by Mrs. Harry Holmes, Mrs. F. J. Lundstedt and Mrs. Cecil Wolgast. Mrs. Harold Letchworth opened the meeting with prayer. Mrs J. B. Stewart gave devotions on "Land Marks" of Old Testament times. Music Club Entertained Mike Wallace entertained the Boys Music Club Wednesday evening at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wallace. Members played piano solos and duets. Craig Campbell was awarded the prize for practice hours by the club sponsor, Mrs. R. L. Stevens. Announcement was made concerning National Guild piano audition to be in May. Mrs. Wallace and Mike served refreshments. Eight members and seven guests were present. James Ralston will entertain the club Feb. 20. Westminster Groups Start New Study Three circles of Westminster United Presbyterian Woman's Association began the study of the guide book, "One People of God: God Chooses a People," yesterday. Martha circle met at the home of Mrs. W. B. Smith where the chairman, Mrs. S. S. Bergsma, led devotions, and gave the program assisted by Mrs. C. A. Car penter. Mrs. Robert Spencer was in charge of the ceremony of dedication of gifts, the annual pledges of members. Officers elected were Mrs. Carl Cayot, co-chairman; Mrs. Thomas Michel, secretary • treasurer; and Mrs. Chalmers Clark, dinner chairman. Dorcas circle hostess was Mrs. Max Ward. The chairman, Mrs Harold Crawford, president, lee devotions and dedicated the pledges. Mrs. J. R. Cheney presented the lesson. Mrs. Frank Worthinglon was elected as co-chairman, Mrs. B F. Bowers, secretary - treasurer; and Mrs. Ward and Mrs. Douglas Gleason, dinner co-chairmen Lydia circle meeting was conducted by the chairman, Mrs John Douglass, who dedicated members' pledges. Mrs. John Pinder was hostess and Mrs. Lar ry Williams devotional leader. Mrs. Wallace Hart gave a sum mary of a previous study, "Youth in a Troubled World." Mrs. Rob ert Pickens gave the lesson. Of ficers elected were Mrs. Ear Read, co-chairman; Mrs. Gene Ramsey, secretary • treasurer and Mrs. Ted Strain, dinner chair man. Entertains Harmony Club Sara Wollen entertained the larmony Music Club Tuesday ivening at the home of her parents, Dr. and Mrs. Olin Wollen. Members played pinao solos. Celeste Ann Campbell was awarded the prize for practice lours. Mrs. R. L. Stevens, club sponsor, announced the National uild piano auditions to be in VTay. Mrs. Wollen and Sara served refreshments. Eleven members and eight guests were present. Carolyn and Marilyn Wiggins will entertain the club Feb. 19. Prepare For OES Visit Union Chapter No. 15, OES, reviewed ritualistic work last evening at the meeting in Masonic temple in preparation for the official visit, Feb. 1, of the worthy grand matron of Kansas, Mrs. Bernadine Russell, Climax. Mrs, C. J. Pence, worthy matron, presided. Mrs. Don McKelvey was chairman of the refreshment committee which also included Mrs. Harold Bundy and Mrs. Eldon Rader. Mrs. William Ogle decorated the serving table and Mrs Lee Finch was the hostess. Earl Schmanke's home. Mrs. Env enra Mox was assistant hostess. Mrs. Wallen and Mrs. R. J Studebaker were other guests. CWF Circles Study Asia Two Christian Women's Fellowship circles of First Christian church began a study, "Disciples on the Rim of Asia," with emphasis on Hong Kong at meetings yesterday. Ruth circle hostess was Mrs. Don Waymire. Mrs. Archie Clark gave the lesson and Mrs. Lloyd Brown gave devotions. Lydia circle lesson was given by Mrs. Ray Kelly with notes from the study book by other members. Mrs. S. M. Groves was assisted by Mrs. John Mer cer in giving devotions. Plans were made to hem yard- square pieces of white outing flannel for nursing homes at the next meeting and a collection was taken to buy the material. Mrs. 0. E. Dawkins was hostess as sisted by Mrs. Margaret Meade. THE OTTAWA HERAU) Thursday, Jan. 17, 1963 Party Honors Paola Woman Several Ottawans were in Paola last evening for the Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. party honoring Mrs. Mattie ROSCM for her 40 years of service. She began work Jan. 1, 1923, as cashier for the Paola Telephone Co. Miss Roscoe's present position is service representative. In addition to holding her full time office job, Mrs. Roscoe has maintained her home and been active in civic and other community groups. She is past president of the Paola B & PW Club and is second district director of the Kansas Federation. She has held various offices in the Eastern Star and Rebekah lodges, is a member of the Paola Chamber of Commerce in which she is active, and serves on the Miami County Hospital Auxiliary. She is a member of First Christian Church. Socialettes Dr. and Mrs. Harry R. Webster have returned from a trip to Florida. They visited during the holiday season with their daughter, Dorothy Webster, at St. Augustine Beach, and were in other points in the south of the state Upon returning they visited friends in Odom, Ind. Garfield Gardeners had a program of slides, "Nature's Colo- rama," by a guest, Dr. James E. Wallen, last evening at Mrs. PENNEY'S Jan. Clearance Drastic Reductions Ladies' Coats r Drying Wash "IS A BREEZE" with a new Automatic Clod** Clothes Dryer Your clothes come out softer and fluffier in less time than they would in any other type of automatic clothes dryer. This is because gentle Gas dryers use an abundance of freshly heated air to blow the moisture away, and dry Sunshine softness into your wash. NO VENTS are required for Gas Clothes Dryers ... however, Home Economists point out that every dryer should be vented, to carry moisture removed from clothes out of doors. With a Gas Dryer YOU SAVE A OUT OF EVERY CLOTHES DRYING DOLLAR! SM Your Got Dryew Dealer, THE OAS SERVICE CO. Mituni OM lor Hontt, Butiattt tad bdutt/y LITWIN'S Affer Inventory CLEARAWAY $6.88 — $8.90 — $10.98 DRESSES Faff and Winter Styles and Holiday Dresses MISSES — JUNIORS — HALF SIZES REDUCED 3.79-5.00 1 GROUP ODDS AND ENDS Boys' Girls' FOOTWEAR Sizes STRAPS FEW OXFORDS—SLIPONS GROUP TO $29.75 MEN'S Year Round SUITS Sizes 34 to 48! REGULARS! — SHORTS! To $3.98 Ladies' Bouffant SLIPS WHITES! — COLORS! INSULATED RUBBER BOOTS 98 6 85 -10 98 $ 12 PAY CASH — PAY MUCH LESS AT LITWIN'S. Ladies' warm milium lined winter coats. Black, Blue, Grays and Tans. 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