The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on January 17, 1963 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 4

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 17, 1963
Page 4
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OTTAWA HERALD Page foot Thursday, Jan. 17, 1963 Editorials Not To Be Envied Not to be envied these days are the members of the Kansas Legislature. Besides the usual chores faced every two years in regular session, in their laps this session are a pair of interesting problems, reapportionment and legislative pay. The first was forced on the Legislature by the courts which have indicated members of the august body are a little behind the times in that they haven't followed the state constitution when it comes to setting up districts which give equal representation. It appears we will have first an Alphonse and Gaston situation with one part of the Legislature working generously on reshaping the other. No matter what the final plan, the outcome is sure to mean loss of membership for some of those now sitting in deliberation. The other unenviable task is that of To Your Good Health setting legislative pay. The electorate of Kansas at the last election generously gave the members of the Legislature the right to establish their own pay. At a first glance, one might think they are to be envied for this privilege. Truly, though, they are not. They can be generous with themselves, or they can be tightfisted. On one hand they face the wrath of the voters if they spend too much, or they face contempt if they are too tight, thus disclaiming their own value. Either way, the pay problem will result in new faces two years hence, joining those who ride in on changes brought about by reapportionment. So the present members are not to be envied. Their's is a tough job. And those wishing to survive had better have firm grips on their legislative seats if they want to continue in present offices. Television Log Vein Surgery Simple Dr. Molner By DR. JOSEPH G. MOLNER Dear Dr. Molner: I have varicose veins in both legs but am afraid of surgery. I would have a lot of pain the first day after the operation. I am 58. Please send me a copy of "How to Deal with Varicose Veins." I enclose 20 cents in coin and a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope.—B.A. Your fears are completely normal for anyone who is facing what we call an elective operation, meaning the kind that can be done at the convenience of patient or doctor, or whenever a hospital bed is available. Indeed, I had one myself some time back. When my surgeon called on me the next day, I gave him some crabby comment about being "sick of lying in bed already." He said, "Yes, I know. If you're sick when you come in, you feel so good the day after the operation that it's wonderful. But if you come in feeling well, and the next day you're in bed, you feel terrible." All I could do was comment, "I guess you're right — you big bully." Or words to that effect. Aside from feeling a little bit sore (not as much as after a hard kick in the shins) and resenting being kept in bed, the first day after a varicose vein operation isn't too miserable. Recently I stopped in to see a man who had had an operation en his heart the day before. He was rather white, naturally. The incision was tender if he wiggled •round. But when I asked him how he felt, he grinned cheerfully and said, "Pretty good. And I'm glad the job is done." In his case it was a matter of life and death, •nd the surgery was five times as tedious as for Varicose veins. He went to the hospital for a serious problem and he felt quite comfortable the next day. But when you go for elective surgery feeling good at the time but a little sore and tender when you come back from the operating room, it's different. Yes, I know. But while there are some few painful operations that I'd just as soon miss, and by the law of averages probably will, I'm not worried about surgery if I need any more. It's not bad. To get to your case, the unsightliness of the veins, the risk of acute phlebitis and also of ulcers on the ankle and lower leg are factors. I'd rather have a day or two of soreness, and then know that the trouble is behind me. Byjph This And That It was a century ago this month when Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, but somehow news of the event has not fully penetrated Mississippi yet. There should be a great increase in situation comedy on television. Congress is back in session. Friend of ours says he much rather would stay at home, but he is taking his wife to Florida next week because he doesn't want her to feel lonesome from being all by herself. Four Hollywood film stars have died of cancer in recent weeks. Reason for suspicion here that California smog may have more serious consequences than smoking cigarettes. JPH Local man has lost his wife as the result of illness. She got sick of him and went home to mother. The NATO martial alliance is not unlike the marital alliance between a man and woman. If it weren't for the stresses, strains, and spats, there wouldn't be full enjoyment of the periods of serenity in between. It looks like an early spring. One merchant here already has bis Easter window in. Ttere b nothing to stop Kennedys, and now it is Jackie who has been elected to office. She has been voted Best-Dressed Woman of the year. It's similar to going swimming. You stand around and shiver and dread getting into the water. The first plunge feels cold. But then you're in and it's over, and you start hollering to the others on shore, "The water's fine." But they don't believe you until they've plunged in, too. So you won't really believe me. Not until after you've "taken the plunge." Dear Dr. Molner: Will you explain the difference between a rectal polyp and an enlarged papilla in this same area? Does a papilla become malignant?—Mrs. F.S. A polyp is an abnormal growth. A papilla is a perfectly normal thing. Rectal papillae are structures which project from an eighth to a quarter of an inch at the inside outlet of the rectum. (By definition, a papilla can be any normal projection, such as a nipple.) A polyp (an intestinal one, but this does not apply to a polyp in the nose) has a tendency to become malignant and hence requires watchfulness. Enlarged papillae, on the other hand, are swollen due to inflamation or irritation. Since almost any kind of tissue can become malignant, we can't say that papillae can't do so. However, a mere enlargement of a papilla isn't alarming. Of all the problems that pediatricians encounter in children, pinworm is the commonest. To learn the newest methods of treatment for this pest, write Box 158, Dundee, HI., for the booklet, "The Commonest Pest, Pinworm," enclosing a long, self- addressed, stamped envelope and 20 cents in coin to cover handling. Auld Lang Syne 25 YEARS AGO Lee Shelden, 847 Ash, reported someone stole a spare tire from his automobile. Harold J. Lamb was elected president of the Ottawa Country Club. The marriage license business was slow in January, Probate Judge Clive Owen reported. 50 YEARS AGO D. F. Seevers was awarded the contract for a sewer project on King Street. Rev. Charles H. Day went to Wellsville to address a group of Odd Fellows at a banquet. Officer W. K. Langdon of the night police force was off duty because of illness. Prayer For Today The Pharisees and the scribes murmured, saying, "This man receives sinners and eats with them." (Luke 15:2. RSV.) PRAYER: Our Father, we are thankful for the preservation of the words and deeds of Thy Son. We pray that we may heed His words each day, as we strive to become more merciful neighbors. In Thy blessed Son's name we pray. Amen. Ihanuel 4, NBC Thursday DM 4—See Hunt >— Quick Draw McOraw 13—Maglo Ranch 8:15 6—Whlrly Blrdi 8:30 4—Dragnet »—Rebel 13—Dick Harp 5:45 5—News, Walter CronklW 13—Sport* 6:55 13-Weather «:UO 4—Newt 5—Newa B—News 13—Newi 6:10 4—Sports 5-9—Weather 8:16 4—Huntley-Brlnkle; Report 3—Sports 9—News 13—News, waiter CronklU 8:23 5—Speak-Up 6:30 4—Wide Country 8-13—Mister Ed 8—Ozzle and Harriet 7:00 5-13—Perry Mason 9—Donna Reed 1:30 4—Dr. Klldare B—Leave It To Beaver S.-oo 5-13—Twilight Zone 8—My Three Sons 8:30 4—Hazel B—McHales Navy 9:00 4—Andy Wlllamsl 6-13—Nurses 9—Alcoa Premiere 10:00 4-5-9-13—New» 10:10 5-9—Weather 19:18 4—Johnny Carson 5—Movie, Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet" 9—Steve Allen 13—Wetrther 10:20 4-13—Sports 10.25 4—Curious Camera 10: SO 13— lifeline 10:35 13—77 Sunset Strip 11:35 13—Peter Ounn 11:45 B—Man From Cochise 12:00 4—Newi 12:08 —4Movle, "Yellow Bulloon" 12:10 5—Speak Up 12:15 5—Movie, "Rich Man, Poor Girt" 12:45 9—News 1:00 9—Almanac Newsreel 1:05 B—Faith For Our Times 1:30 4—Unity Dally Word Friday 8:55 4—Dally Word 6:00 4—Continental Classroom (Physics) 13—Continental Classroom (Government) 6:25 5—Fisher Family 6:30 4—Operation Alphabet 13— College of the Air 6:88 5—Farm FaeU 7:00 4—Today 5— College of the Air 13—Rush Hour 7:20 7:30 5—Moment of Meditation 7:35 5—Cartoonland 7:45 5—King and Odie 7:50 9—Call to Worship 7:55 9—Newi 8:00 5-13—Captain Kangaroo B—Columbia Lectures 8:30 B—Deputy and Fells »:00 4— Bay When 5—Jack La Lanne 9—Romper Room 13—Calendar 9:25 4—Newi • :30 4—Play Four Hunch 5-13—T Love Lucy 9—Divorce Court 10:00 4—Price I* RljUt 6-13—McCoys Channel 5-13, CBS 10:30 4—Concentration 8-13—Pete and Gladys B—Day In Court 10:80 •—News 10:M . B—Newi 11 tOO 4—First Impression S-13-Love of Lite 0—Jane Wyman 11:28 6-13—NeWi U:30 4—Truth or Consequencei 5-13—Search tot Tomorrow 0—Yours For A Song 11:45 6-13— Ouldlns Ld|M 11:85 4—Newt U:UO Noon 4—High-Noon Cartoon* B—Emie Ford 5-13—News. Weather 12:10 5—Speak TJp 12:15 5—Sports 13—Farm Report 12:20 4—News, Marretr 5—Local Interview 12:30 4—Accent B—Father Knows Best 6-13—As the World Tuitt 1:00 4—Merv Griffin 5-13—Password B—Movie, ''Happy Landing" 1:30 5-V3—House Party 1:88 4—New* COO 4—Loretta Young 5-13—To Tell The Truth 2:25 5-13—News 2:30 4—Best of Groucho 5-13—Millionaire 9—Seven Keys 3:00 4—Match Game 5-13—Secret Storm 0— Queen rcr a Day 1:25 4—News 8:30 4—Make Room For Daddy 5-13—Edge of Night M_VVhr do you Trust? 4:00 4—Funtime B—Cousin. Ken's Karnlval »—Torey and Friends 13—News, Weather 4:16 13—Turban's Land of Magic 4:30 B—Mickey Mouse Club t:u. 4—Sea Hunt 13—Huckleberry Hound B—Torey and Friends 5:19 5—Whirlybirds 5:30 4—Dragnet 8—Rebel 13—Chamber of Commerce •:45 5— Walter Cronklto 13—Sports 5:55 13—Weather • :00 4-5-13—New* 9—New» 6:10 4—Sports B-B—Weather i:15 4—News, Buntley-Brlnkley 6—Sports B—Newt 13—News • :25 6—Speak-Up 6:30 4—International Showtime 5-13—Rawhide 9—Five Fingers 7:30 4—Sine Along With Mitch B—Fllntstones 5-13—Route- M 4:00 B—I'm Dlckeni . . . He'i Fluster 8:30 4—Death Valley Dayi 5—Alfred Hitchcock 9—77 Sunset Strip 13—Story of a Policeman 9:00 4—Bell Telephone 13—Q. E. True 9:30 5-13—Eye Witness B—M Squad •1-5-8-13—New* 10:10 5-8—Weather 10:15 4—Johnny Carson 5—Movie, "Gunman's Walk" B—Steve Allen 13—Weather 10:20 4-1J—SporU 10:30 13—Lifeline 10:33 13—Alfred Hltchock 11:35 13—Movie, "Glldersleeve's Bad Day' 11:45 B—Man From Chochlse Channel 9, ABC UiM MldnltM 4—New* 4—Movie, "Guilt Is My Shadow' 1 6—Speak Up . U:M 5—Movie, "Belonde Inspiration" B—Almanac Newsreel lf:M 1:08 B—Faith For Our Time* 1:30 4—Unity Dally Word has a real good show coming up 'or this evening, oh Channel 4 at Guests will be Jonathan Winters and Jatte Wyman. The New Christy Minstrels will have their usual contribution, of course. Earlier, Channel 9, at 8.30, "McHale's Navy" sounds interesting. McHale, portrayed by Ernest Borgnine, a prety fine actor, finds himself in a tight situ- Ottawa Herald 1962 FIRST IN KANSAS io«-in a dany necpt mioaay «no Holiday*, •ecoad claw poatM* •* Ottawa, Kaniai. Robert B. Wellington Editor And Publisher •ubicrlptlon raiea to trade area—By mall, one month .85; three month*. |2: •Is month*, 13.75; one year. 17, BubicrlpUoa ratea ouulde trade area —By mall, one month, Sl.M; three month* 14.35; ill monthi. 18.00: on* rear, (15.00. MEMBER or THE ASSOCIATED PREM The AMoelated Pren la entitled •»• cluifYOly to the me for publication ol all the local newa printed In the newa. paper a* wall M all AP paten. KEEN TV SERVICE 114 S. Main CH 2-3490 Tonight's TV ffi It appears that Andy Williams ation and attempts to fomance his way out of it. Steve Allen, on Channel 9, at 10:15, wiU have Tim Conway, comedian as his guest. Late movies will include a 1940 film, "Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet," with Edward G. Robinson. Channel 5, 10:15. The Herald pay* 95 every week for the best news tip turned in by a reader. The Annual Stockholders meeting of... THE FARMERS COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION Richmond, Kansas Will be held at the Richmond High School Gym Jan. 19,1963 Starting 11:30 A.M. UNCH Will be Served and There will be.. REGISTRATION PRIZES For Insurance On dwellings, household goods, buildings and automobile* Sea Dean Berlin, Agent 109 E. Second Phone CH 2-2804 Crushed Tidbits 1 Chunks tfte Del Monte Pineapple Juice 3 46-oz. d Cans v • Baby Beef LIVER •pev ,-ot- Lean Tender Chuck Roost Ottawa Roller Rink Public Sessions Wed. and Fri. 7:30 to 10:00 Sat. nights 8:00 to 11:00 Private Parties CH 2-9704 Mon., Tues. and Thurs. Sun. Matinee: 1:00 to 3:00 Children 12 and under NOW SHOWING Box Office Opens 7:00 p.m. No. 1 — Shown 7:30 Only A NEW-AMD GREAT- MICKEY MONEY. couttMw ncnwa i Laff-A-Day DRIVE A CROOKED ROM tUftlM RUVHvW HvlM^bl Dianne FOSTER Del Monte Cut Green BEANS 9 303 *Cans 49c Shurfine Salad Dressing » 49e Del Monte CATSUP $1 20-oz Btls. Del Monte SWEET PEAS Swift Prem BACON L, 55c Country SAUSAGE Lb49c Smoked HAM HOCKS L b 39c Pood King Margarine 3^ 49e Food King Applesauce 8 Hy Power Tamales 2 Swift's £.«• $1.00 2% 'Cans Holly SUGAR 49e Lb. No. 2 Shown 9:00 Only | Re wed-up Kids in Souped-up Racers! Shurfine Fancy Chunk Tuna Crisp Fresh Celery Kandee YAMS Yellow Onions Red Delicious Apples 29c Large Stalks 2,,.25e Lbs. 2 ,„ 19c 19e Dreft Large Box 34c Del Monte PEACHES 2% Cans RED POTATOES 39e 10-oz. Pkgs. BORN TO SPEED! Mures Syndicate, Inc., 1063. World rights tun "Your're getting warm! That's the letter I wanted two weeks ago!" Hot Rods ROAR, land Hot Tempers, IGNITE! DEVIL ON WHEELS No. 3 — Shown 10:15 Only 10 u> •W Bag Shurfme Leaf Spinach I Shurfine Frozen Caulifl'er Golden Shore Breaded Shrimp *$ g 27 c 5 10-oz. Pkgs. 5*c fa. Morton's Frozen Pot Pies Berry Hill Frozen St'berries OGG'S MARKET 602 Maple We Deliver CH 2-3442 8-oz. Pies 4 10-oz. Pkgs. MODES8 2 Boxes of 12 89o Northern NAPKINS % SO-count paks. 27c CHEER Giant Box 79c IVORY Liquid Reg. Size 37c LUX Liquid Reg. Size S7o COMET 2 Reg. Cans SSe

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