Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 23, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 23, 1907
Page 6
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WIAMTED —Dinins room girl at the WANj^S^Itock loadera at Kansas Portlsnil^'^OeDgient. Plant. Inquire WANXED-^A .place for a boy or girl to work tor board while attending the I<^' .Bnslhess Cpllege. Telephone Main |S5, '. - WtAi^lTED—At once, young lady . wants;roDn^'in private modern house. Address P..8., this office. WANTED—Position as harness rank er. Eleven years experience. Address H this office. : FORlSMt£~~giEAL ESTATE Nice 80 acres hay land fenced, miles -from railroad town; 9 miles from lola. For quick sale %\fiTiU IMiit^er ft Donnell. FOR SALE^—Two eighty-acre lin proved farms rn Allen county. $2-1(10 each. Lineback Brothers, La Hariie FOR SALE-i-EIght room housp, four blocks: from square. $1,800.00, iiart cash. Phone C15. FOR RENT—Modern 8 room hous. with fuiHace. Phone 39. FOE SALE—4 roomed house, water and sewer connections. $50 cash, $12 a montlt.- Grace Arnold, phone S06 foil SAgC-mnmllanmow FOR' SALE-r350..bushels corn. ::50 bushels potatoes. C. F. Justice, south fair grounds. FOR SALE—Fresh cow. 421 Xorth Third.. FOR SALE—Good hea\'y team, wag on and harness. 401 North Kentucky FOK SALE—Good milch cow. 403 Xott^ .Third. FOR''BALE CHEAP— On rs bicycle Crescent make. Just the thing to ride to school. Phone 229. FOR SALE—Milch cow. Inquire G24 North Elm. FOR S.\LE—A two year o'd Short Horn bull. Snyder & Howell. Lr Harpe, Kans. FOR SALE—Good mare with loal Call at 210 West street. FOR-SALE—Moving picture outfit complete, in good condition, price right W .B. Bott, 117 West Madison lola, Kansas.. FOR SALE:—Jersey cow. Hale, R. R. 6. FOR SALE—.V llpht waKon. .siiitabk for dray or huckster. C. D. EaUin. Gas City. FOR iian -WlaoaUainooiifi FOR RE.\T—Good barn, two .stiiils. extta'floDr loft, grain bin. 307 .\or:h Washington. FOR -^RENT— ^^lrnlshed room in mode.i:p house. J> Xorth Sycamore, fhoae IMl: FOR RENT-Two downstairs sleeping rooms for men. 316 South Walnut FOR RENT— 8 room moderh house. Cistern imd city water. .See Napier and Osborne. FOR, RENT—Furnished down stairs rooms/ for housekeeping. 316 South Walnut FOR RENT—Furnished room for man and wife or ladies. Furnace heat; absoiat«)y- modem. 316 South Col- boru;. . > FOR'REJNT—Two furnished sleep^ Ing roome.with bath. 702 East .Madison. Phone 402. FOUND LOST—Between Humboldt and h)Ia, satchel containing black silk dress and aqd other articles. Leave at this office. FOR eXOHAMOE tOOBE OIREOTORY. KNIGHTS OF MACCABEES^ Knights of Maccabees of the Wo^ld meets in K. P. Hall, se^nd and fourth Wednesday nights in each month. ! J. W. Postwalt commander; R.B.Por­ ter, record keeper. W. 0. Camp No. 101 meets In K. of P. Hall every Friday night W. T. Steele, C. C; A H.Davis, Clen Visitors cordially Invited. KyfGHTS OF PTTHIA8.—Neosho Lodge No. 43 meets every Monday night at K. of P. Hall. Visiting brothers Invited. W. S. Thompflou, C.C.; Chris Rltter. K. of R. and 9. M. Wi A ^The M. W. A. Lodge meets every Friday uiglit In ,M. W. A hall. Visiting brothers invited. W. H. Anderson, V.C.; W. A. Cowan, Clerk. ROIAL NEIGITBOKS .—lola Camp. No. 3CD, Royal Neighbors, meets second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Mrs. K. A. Waguer, oracle; •Mrs. Mary Hutton, 413 West Street Recorder. CITT WILL BEPAIB PUMP AT POWER HOUSE AT ONCE. THE FIREMEN TO MEET TONIGHT WILL ARR.VNGE TO ATTEND OUTING AT KANSAS CITY. Mrs. I'hundler'.s .tfolher IN III at Humboldt—Personal News .Voles. F. A. A. —Golden Leal Council No. 462. F. A. A. meets Ilrst and third Wednesday nights In each month in K. P. Hall. C. E. I,arey, president; Miss Mable Rhorback, secretary. FRATERNAL BKOTHEBIIOOil^ Fraternal Brotherhood No..380 meets second and fourth Tuesdays of each mouth lu A.O. U. W. Hall. VisiUng members cordialy Invited. W. II. Anderson, president; Golda Elam, secretary. Junior Order United American V» chanifcs.—Meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock in K. P. Hall. All visiting members invited. It. A WIdick, Councelor; C. B. Black, Rec Secretary. Went on Excursion. .V great many Gas City people went | to Kansas City yesterday on the last' pxciiri.lon of the seuson to be run by ihf .Mi.ssouri Pacific Railway comimny. They left early yesterday morning and did not return imtll about .seven o'clock tills morning. .\ number of the young men were not home lu time this morning to report for work. Will Repair Englse. It was (lpcid<'d ill the spfclal meeting of I he city council Saturday evening to act on I III' insiriii'iloiis given them by Minns .\I<l)onnelI of Kansas City anil mak<» ihe' necessary re- jiairs oil the pump In the city piimplnp station. Will Vaughn and .Mr. Sum- Wray O'Neal, of .Chtcaso. £Ti^ pro^ abilities ore. that he will use tb^ snb- Joct, "Popular Fallacies." This Is one of his strongest lecture. He has' however, a number of lectures all of which are so good that it Is hurd to choose between them. His lectiiro, 'Jlacbeth or Seers of Visions," Is a maKterplece and is worthy of a large hearing. Dr. Oneal will he In Tola on the evening of Xovfmb«r 22, and w II lecture in the Presbyterian chiiroh. Frank Crane savs of Dr. Qneal: •'Ernest Wray Oneal is a horn orator. I have he .ird a great many public speakers. I hear one about once In ten yf.ars th .it has the gist of the matter wlih him. On.'»al is one of tlK -se. He has the spark of divine lire." < The Sterling Stanrtfird sa.vs: "Ho is a most thorough master of the l':ngiisiy Kinguage. a bright tliiriker and u ni:i« or jirofoiincl ideas." The second number of the cotirs» s a lecture by Judge Willis Brown if Salt T-nke City. This is a numb r that will be given o nthe evening WAS TOBT CASE COMPROMISED BT CITY'S P.4YMENT OF «w50. ID.VM ACROS RIVER fAUSED PLAIN TIFF'S LAND TO RE FLOODED. December 10. Jiiilfin Brown Is a pow er among the boys but can Interest men and women as well. He has had charge of the Ju\'enlle court of Salt Lake City and will go this wlnt.->r to St. Louis to establish a juvenile court mora went to Chanute this morning I In that cit.v. He has been In the pnb- to buy supplies. Is Horse Traiuer. E. n. .\llstoi yesterday began break ing his newly purchased horse which he will nse on one of his delivery wagons. Mr. Allstot is planning ou putting two horses on the Con- creto route which one of his clerks | baker Brothers Manufactiirin.s: Compa- lic eye for several years and is rec- ngnlzert not only as one. of the greai- 3Kt author!lies of the child pro'Meni 'mt as the most succe.qsful and enter tr.ining lecturer on that subject. .Mr. .r. .M. Stiidebaker of the Studo Premium List .»i for Farmers' Exliibit Are Being Distribiiied Today. / Accepted ll /i -V). / K. II. Toby, a prominent farmer living hoiiih of the city, who recently sued the city of I^ Harpe for $7 .«tiiii. damages which he claims is due him bi-oaiise the city built, a dam acro.«s the river which runs through his farm, making the water liack up ou his land, yesterday accepted $I ,r>."iO and settled the case out of court. Some lime ago the city offered .Mr. Tol)y $1,000 but this he refused. Saturday they off- Wed him more and the case was set- iVl. The settlement seems more than sallsfaciory as it will give the ciiy what they have been asking and allow .Mr. Toby a siilllclent amount for damages which the dam htis done lilm. W.H.ANDERSON, AI torney-at-La w. Notary and Stenographer In Office. Phone 455. H. A. Ewlng, S. A. Card, O. R-Card * EWI.NG, GARD A OARD, • liawyem. Practice in all CouTtS. ' 9% W. Madison. Phoa« StS. • • Die. .McMlLLEN, • Special nitention given to the * • treatment of all Chronic Diseas- * • ea and Dis'-ases of t;hiliUen. • • Telephones: Otn<-o :!:;. Kes. 2:;2. • • Oflice ill .Mrs. Turner".-; Hldg., • • West Maillson. • • ! * Phone ',:,\. lola. Kana. • f>l{. EDITH S. JIAI6H. • Oflice and Residence over Bur- • rell'.^ Drug Store. • Oflice ll .iiirs—10 to 12 a. m., 2 • to 4 p. in., 7 to 8 evenlnga. • Sundays by Appointment • Phone 6X7. . Res. 701. • .DIt O. L. COX, • Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. • Spectacles Properly Kitted. • . Onice A. O. U. W. !!ldg. • • • F. H. MARTIN, . • Practice Limited to Surgeiy. • n; N. Buckeye. Phone r >76. • works. BUSI/tESS OIREOTORY JEU-ELERS. B. F. Pancoast, old reliable jeweler no East street. STAMMER. Complete court at the best school for stammerers In America at one- half price this fall and winter. White for information at once. McKle School for Stammerers, 2705 East 12th Street Kansas City, Mo. K.C. PIambins& Sopply Co 20 K Jackson Phone 65. GENERAL REPAIR SHOP Lmwn Momrmrm Slimrpmnmtl POLAR BEAR The Ftrcs 01 QtnUStT Kv'^ry sack gruaranteed. W. M. Oberdodi AGENT Distilled Water One hundred pounds of Crystal Ice win make 12 gallons of distilled water suitable for family use. Try it lola Ice &ColdSter8feCo FRANK RIDDLE. Mtr. Mrs. Chandler's Mother IlL Mr. and .Mrs. Chandler were yesterday called to Humboldt because of the serious i'lne.';.^ of Mrs. Chandler'.^, mother. A telephone message was received here lolling of her serious Illness. It Is not believed she will recover. Another Barber Shop. Another barber shop was opened up in this city this morning. It will bo modern in every respect, having Iwr chairs. It is located in the Foster biiildin:: formerly occiii)l<'d by Frank Delaney';-, barber shop. Picniced Yeslorday. .\ great many of the young people of this city went to the Taylor farm norih of this city yesterday mornln.2 where they spent the entire day h.iv- Ing a good time. It will be one of the 'asr iiicnfcs of the year, as it is growing late in the .season. Fire Department Tontghl. There wiil he a special meciing of till- lire depurlmeut this evening. The purpose of this special meeting Is to detprmlne who will go to Kansas City on till' outing planned some time ago l! is absolutely iiece.s.sary to know wliii is to go bi'fore all arrangements can b«' made. Personals. ny says of him: "H.ippy Is the boy who meets Judge WiUIs Brown an becomes cliarg.^d wllh his riectri currents of goodwill, honesly, trulp- 'ulness and vigorous manhood, -ucceas with boys I:-, simply marvelou^ The wayward equall.v with the others ^ecm to come under ITie spell of his Dersonnlity and are transformed into ictive agents for the doctrine of a square deal." Quite a number of the friends of his course have tnken blocks of tickets to sell. This fs greatly appreciated by the committee and an iir gent request is heerhy made to all who want to see this course co. to tjko ten or more tickets and .sell 'hem to .vour friends. The tickets sell for one dollar for the four lectures. Sludents get a rate of seventy-five "ems and elilldien of fift.v cents. Urge thf boys to buy th<'iii and you will havo rendiM-eil iliem a life long .-rrvice Picture Show Tonight The new picture show will open tonight. If the work of installing it c-nn can be completed. It is locate.l in Peel's opera house and will be conducted by -Mr. Peet. the owner of the opera house.lf It Is believed that a pic- .^re show will make good in this city Ptliey have more than made good in ilie other cities surrounding lola and It is believed thai they will do si here. SI'KAKS IN PKISOX (H\l'Kf,. (Jnwrinir Hocli Delivers a Brief .\d- dre-s ti> ( iiiiticis. I.'avi nv.orlh. Sept. —(^ov.rnor and .\lr.-<. li.icii are the KU.'SIS of War- Rov Roheils spent .vesle,-.lay visit- 'len lla.sU.ll an<! .Mr--. IIa.-l,(>ll at ihe ^ Ta BXefiANGB— I. C. S. course In mechanical engineering for gasoline engine, stibam boiler or screw cutting lathe. • Address E. C. Ingalls, Rockville, M«>. ,1 Doe» jmr tny ^Let" atgn widk about? teiuuit^'etc.? \Hardly. It's Just nailed up CB.Imi^odr caaing, and Bome peo- pl« aiB^. It while most people donl And Jti^^onder w4iy nobody wants audi WeiX house, domebbdy does want It; iitfl wanta it now. Give a littls IM^fio InformstlOQ through the Boater - real estate eoVumos and Does ft«t^peopIe wli«re yonrra^ant bone* la, and how many rooms It has, ud Juge hov eoiy It is, and how <$keap]y ,TMni .offer it to a gUt-edge yoDU^Ig i^\t^ Aomebody Tliditi omy \ havie yoqr Carpets {Sdeaned by m0m.-: PERFECTION WICK FUME OIL STOVE iim f. lends in Colony. .Mr. and .Mrs. Will Card of fola vis- iicd at Ihe hmiic of .Mr. and .Mrs. .A. Mar;in of ihis diy yrslerday. .Miss tfiia I'oirls leluriied this iiioniiug from Hinn-son, Kansas, where she visited her pareiils over Suiiduy. Miss Vela O.^horne jtiid Miss KIsio P.i.--liop tapi'iil Sunday wlili Olive .Martill vfjicrday. II. F-'eny came in yesterday from he wesi.-rn pan of llie state where he has been working for some lime. I\ (AMP 0\ r\W\KK FLATS. Kunsiis Guardsmen Will Altirk Fort Kilev Itediinlit Tuesday. stale pri>oii ai l.niisiiig. W.'irdcii Ilask'-ll said^hl llie Ki'.f.i that the ;;overnor is licre for tho piirpiisc of I'onslde.'-ini; ilic :ipplifafion of .lohn Collins amoim ot.liiMs for pardon. Is erroneous. "I hav" be<-ii endeavoring for iTonllis l<; ^;ot (ioveruor and Mrs. floch to pay us this visit." said W»ir- den Haskell, '"and their visit is purely n personal one." The govrnor this morning gave audience to three or four prisoners of minor importrmro who are seeking pardons. (•;ovCrnor Iloch and wifr will leave hfre tomorrow. In the absence of Ch;iplain McBryan, Gov.^rnor Hoch addres.sed the prisoners in chapel this morning. lie made an elonnenf address which was iirief. but which juipres.sed the, prison The laHarpe faeket i:i h.'-adqunrlers i'or Lallarpe Souven ii.^ and Japanese china ware. r. F. MOOREIIEAD. Propr. VifTnc Phone 10S.1. DK. R. 0. CHBISTIAX. I'hyfliclan and Snrgeou. Rnoma 7 and 8. Evans Bldg. DK. ^y. B. BEYLMUX. . Physlclar & .Surgeon. OfTlcf: .\. K. Cornei- ot Square. Over K. C. Plumbing Co. '3 Store. Res. Tel r.S. Oflice Tel. 502. Preminm Llsls Today. The premium lists for the La Harpe farmers e.\hibit are being distributed today over tlie city and county. Some of them are being mailed to the surrounding cities where it is hoped that a great many of the farmers will enter their stock and farm products. Ii is believed that this exhibit will excell all previous ones. AVIII .Viteud the Grand Tonight A great many 1^ Harpe peoiile are planning on attending the •Flower of Ihe Ranch." at ihe Orand ihealie this evening. This will be ihe first show of any con.sequence this MMSO'I and the oiirning of the I !irt7 -S season for the Orand . The "Squaw Man." will be the ne.\l altraelion, September 20 !li. Henry Busier no BcUcr. Henry ibisier. who is quarantined in Ihis city, suffering from a severe attack of small pox. is reiiorted as not being so well today. His condition is said to be rapidly becoming critical it is ihoiight to be one of, Ihe worst ca.M's of smtill po.\ there has lieen in soutlieeastern Kansas for a niinibe.'- of mom lis. Covernor Horli and Ihe warden SAFE CONVENIENT ECONOMICAL UTsardMlardaD'tluuvUa ;t, wrtu to THB STANDARD OIL COMPANY. Junclion City. Kas.. Sept. 2.1.— The brigade of Kansas Nailonal Ciiard. consistini; of the Kir,st and Second regiments of infantry, a battery of light artillery and a company of en- giiicer corps, all under 'he command of Ilrij-'adier General Charles P. Drew have been in <:inip on ilie Pawnee J prs greatly, jflais ai l-'ort Riley since Wednesday. The troop.s have put in the time m , , to the pre.~ent in battalion and repi- ^1"'"' •'fienioon and mo.-^t of th.- i menial drill, with occasional period.'' evening, dtiviiii; in the warden's car! of pistol competliion. There has been r'ape. retiiriiiiic: t<i ti.e prison about •loiliiiig out of the routine of the annual en<-aiiiiinieni so far. and the " •lealth of ilie in.nibers of the brigade is good. There is no sickness, and $.'i .0d Beward. only- two acrldents of any character / Sniyed i>r.m my plaee one large have occurred. muley cow. while spot on side and Yesterday evening tlie troops of the 'O'ne wbiti- mi iiiuier side of body. "The Iiinucnce of ihe Home." Rev. J. A. I.4iiighlin. pastor of tlie local Friends church, yesterday morniuf; preached a very interesting sermon on "The Influence of the Home." .\ of lola people came over yesterday to hear the sermon. The sub- jeei was ::bly handled. Phone 302. Iowa riuildlng. UK. GLYX.V, .Speciiilist. Eye. Ear, Nose and Throat Glasses Furnished. • • • * Ofllee Tel. 2.'5!. Rer,. Tel. 2.'*.4%. * G. W. SHADWICK, .V. D. General Practice. • Obstetrics and diseases of child- • ren a specialty. • Office over Steyer's Grocery. • Hours: 8 to 12 a. m., 2 to 4 and • • 7 to 8 p. m. * • RrtS. Tel. IDS. Office Tel. ion. • UK. J. R. PEPPEIt • • Deutist * • Is permanently located over * • E. C. McClaln'.^ Clothing Store. • • and is prcparerl'to do all kinds * • of up-to-dale dental work. • • Evening work by appointment. * DR. r,. TOZER, lolft Infirmary, 202- E. JaekMi, • ' We use X-Ray, Violet Rays, • s * Sialic, Galvanic a'nd Faradia * Electricity .with vibratory stim- • ii * Illation in nervous and chronic/ •-t; * diseases. Phone 386; • » • Otlice Phone 511. " • DB. LEVI J. SEWSOME. *, * Special attention given to the • * treatment ot Disease of Women * * and Children. • * OfOce—SO.'; South Walnut St • :.. • • • * • DR. A. G. KOCn. Surgeon. Office over Post Office. OiAce Plione 218. Residence Phone 8!!. P. L. Lnthrop, • Mrs. Bessie C I ^athrop. • OSTEOPATHIC PIJYSICI.tXS, • Special attention giCen to Dis- • eases of Women and Children. • Oflice over Our Way Restaurant * Oflice 'Phone.-.\l;iln 4C8. ' * I'.es. 'Phone, 41fi. • , » • • * i .1. L. BABNES, • Attorncy-ot-Law. • 115 West .M.^diso^, fola, Kansati. • * « • • Evans Bros. oam, mimmm. ait Where quality la main consideration, we buy the best. Where demands will Justify, we carry all grades and prices. Wm Sollolt romf TmaMmi lota. brigade had regimental parade. Tolay there was a rilli> eoinpetition on •he naiional range here between a ^eani of the Kansas guard olllcers and 1 team of olHcers from the regular organizations ul Fort Riley. . On Tuesday the K!in.-<a.-4 troops will "cave camp late in the ariernoon and It nicliifall will bivouac sonie \\liere in the bills norili of Riley. W midnight tlu-re will be an assault upon the re- doiibi upon whieh the ar|;lleiy has been flriii?: for the jmst couple of weeks. This a.ssaiilt will be preceded by artillery firing. In which a Fearcli- Uglit will be used, and which will In followed by the Kansas National Guard under the leadership of Hriga- dler General Drew. The day following will see the <-lose of the work ill the attack upon the redoubt, when the'Kansans will make the assault about sundown nfver a heivy artillery firing lu which sharp- nel will be used. On Thursdav the Kansas troops will he mustered, and on Friday wiil depart for ilieir homes S. .\. V»1HPPLi:. Gas City. Kas Here i.s anoiher one of our bargains in ahouse. Three rooms, nice front norch. sooj well, nice location smooth lot. Price for few. days JfiOS. i\tt, cash, balance $10 per month, ^\^lilak- er & Donnell. FDR TRADE—Good gun for bicycle 635 South Third, T. |6. Shannoo Two Big Stores lOLA, KAN5. The Old Way TO SAW WOOD ' Tiy the New Wayt Uaa 6.6.41 It shines itself, is apsUed like Mint, •m not mb, or wash, off and each VKilkatlon wean noatlu. Personals'. Mr. and .Mr.-?. Herbert M.Tilin were the Kuests of .Mr. and .Mrs. Webster of liron.son. yesterday. II. O. Ilif of Whiiita. was in the city lanirday visiting rfiends and Iran.s- -ictiiig some real estate business. W. O. Harlan of Kansas City, was ?allin.:; on tlie local merchants. It. .1 I'plon. of Uronson. was in the '•iiy yesteida.v visiting. LET CLA.H « HinVDEB llEMABE! Crawdad ( howdcr. Dr. D. M. Shivtly Says Is Hie Only Ileal IMsli. BISSIA rOVI -BS ITS TBA( KS. But the Foreign Gfllre Doesn't Deny an EiYort to <;et a Panama Station. St. Petersburg. Sept. 1':: T'le foreign oflice was questioned ye.-.ierday regarding the report published in London that Russia was seeking a coaling station near the Panama canal. The foreign office would not deny outright that land for a coaling station in the Caribbean sea had been acquired by Russia, but said It knew nothing of the mailer. It was pointed out, however, that the regions where Russian needs coaling stations lie in different parts of the world. Russia is ihoioiighly alive to the necessity ot making efforts to obtain points of vantage In the .Mediterranean Red Sea and Indian ocean. The di.s- conifort of coaling in foreign ports In these seas wa^ jiroiight home with I'orce ill the Japanese war. but it was explained that Ihe nature of these ne- otlailons was such that little could le divulged concerning tneni. Did you f.ver iaste a crawdad chowder? Dr. D. .M. Sliively. president of the Western Baseball Association, is ;> c:n\dad fiend as well as a l.ase b:i!i "•an. He has a special recipe for coking them. liere it is: Place a soiipbonr. in a l;eii!e of wa- ler. earrd's. iintatots. onio:is and cai-away se^rls. Hoil iiiuil a gooil broth is made. Tlien. after the craw:!a(!s are elciined. strain the broth from the stoek. so.-ison with salt and cayenne pepper and !• t it bo'I for len ::iiniit's. Then yoit will hav.-^ yoiir "•awi!;i(l oliowi^er. nr. tine .-i dish a.-; ••'liy made, areo'rdiiig to Dr. .miivelv. Call on LiEFFLiER Whtn tieeding anythinj? " in tne Jewelry line. • Livingston £• Ca Contractors and All kinds of work a specialty • Sonth Sycamerfc PhMia lUB, WANTKD—Dinii. once at Cat.Tract. -MRS. KAUMER of K.insas Cltif'^i* ivisiiiiig .Mrs. T. W. Green and Hoses, j .leiikiiis. • ?' •- :,t H. II..MrRI.!X. of Holden. Mo., .was j in; the ciiy ye.'jierday visiting fric^ndK. m KNOBS ANB LATCHES DF GOLD. Goldliold Wlllionalre Git ing Long Bench a Touch of Ln.\ury. l>ong Reach. Calif.. Sept. 2.1— A. D. Meyers, a Goldfleld millionaire, who is having a fine house hiillt here, has ordered all the hardware used on the loors and windows quadruple plated wlih gold from his own mines. He estimates thi." the novelty will cost him $.'i.ftOO. There is only one other house in southern California equlp- ned with gold doorknobs, hinges and latches, and that is the DUrand residence In Pasadena. MASONIC NOTICE: There will be work in the third degree tomorrow evening. A good attendance desired. —J. B. Jones, Secretary. NATURE PROVIDES FOR SICK WOMEN a more potent remedy in the roots and herbs of the tield'tbun was ever produced from drugs. In the gfood old-fashioned days of our grandmothers few drugs were used in medicines and Lydia E. Pinkham, of Lynn,„ in her study of roots and herbs and their power over di-sease discovered aud gave to the women of the world a remedy for their peculiar ills more potent and efHcaciona than any combination of drugs. Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound la an honest, tried and true remedy of unquestionable therapeutio value. During its record of more than thirty years, its long list of aetoal cures of those serious ills peculiar to women, entitles Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound to the respect and confidence of every fair miodod person and every thinking woman. Whei^^' women are troubled with Irregular or |»infnl fnnetioaa, weakness, displacements, -'ilciration or inflammation, backaohe« flatulency, general debility, indigestioii or nervous prostration, ttioj should/remember there is one tried and true remedy, Lydia B. Piak' ham's/Vegetable Compound. Novother remedy in tho country has .such a record of enraa of female/ills, and thousands of women residing in every part of tlie Dnltad States bear willing testimony to the wondei^ul virtue of Lydia E. Piafe' ham's Vegetable compound and what it has done for them. 1 Mrs. Pinkham invites all sick women to write her for advioa. She glided thousands to health. For twenty-jfive 3'ears:she has been ad' sick women free of charge. She is the daughter-int-law of LydiaS. ham and as her assistant for years before her decease advised imdK immediate direction. Address, Lyim, Mass. : < -T::u

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